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tv   Laos On The Borders Of Empire  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2017 6:32am-7:00am AST

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bloodshed and chaos across the middle east that is why we must put an end to iran's continued aggression and nuclear ambitions they have not lived up to the spirit of their agreement iraqi forces have captured the town of the surrounding area it was i saw last stronghold in northern iraq the military says some fighting still going on to the north and east of the town where i solicit around it with the capture of the only area that remains under eisel control in iraq it's a stretch along the western border with syria hundreds of people have gathered in las vegas to remember a police officer who was killed in sunday's shooting at a country music festival thirty four year old charleston hartfield was off duty during the incident he was among fifty eight victims of gunman stephen paddock it was the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history the un has ended its peacekeeping mission in haiti after thirteen years troops lowered their flag in
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a ceremony attended by haiti's president blue helmets have seen the country through political crises and natural disasters but some peacekeepers were accused of causing a cholera outbreak and sexually abusing young women well those were the headlines that he was continue on al-jazeera after people in power station thanks so much of my fam. it's not just phones contributing to sound phones bumper profits if we look at the us economy the moment it does seem to be in pretty good shape up until around two thousand and five greek debt levels were basically stable we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. one of the world's few remaining calm in the states now us is also one of asia's poorest countries heavily reliant on foreign investment especially from adjacent china but what is our sacrificing in return of
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a helping hand which john. the golden triangle last. for many years a popular destination for western tourists. but they are no longer the visitors here. the chinese are the most recent foreigners to fall in love with the lazy golden waters of the me home river. in less than a year
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a brand new city has sprung up on its shores. a chinese enclave in laos interrogatory. it's a city without a man but it does have a casino. he poses tourists and hire a local guide. were the only one left out of. many people come to say. you're smart you know we did everything here. we've yeah the same thing by government you know maybe nine years we have got. space or sort maybe have our own direction document we do everything ourselves we have security we have i mean you have to be because the men have control and not control me but which i mean chinese on what country now is just going to chinese
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country but you know. already by. that's i mean deep. in this all to official town with pleasure and gambling rule the king romans casino and hotel pays tribute to emperors from a paul i go era. people visit from china and some from thailand both countries would. family is mostly illegal. it's an adult theme park point during the day with a fake historical district and even a zoo. down the stairs so right now we make the big suing not spinning yet so you get to keep them. right here. with us from town. like best to one side tigers on the other. these two endangered species
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a coveted by chinese cool maize and smugglers. and animal rights activists claim this suit is in fact a thinly veiled meat supply of working to provide delicacies for the chinese pilot . what you are or what you're going to. offer to the evil dark they're going to get out. oh. oh oh they're going ok i should have. but you know not to do if you do a low go go go as we were we going to do not only go to. court she was going to get. the flu look over your shoulder to the position you're not going to. the restaurant owner will do anything for his customers and he doesn't have to fear the rule of law to achieve your goal.
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or told you what. to look old see above to look to the incident of he went over the only one of the rooms the only way. so. the golden triangle special economic zone is special indeed. in twenty fourteen china became the main investor in laos spending five billion dollars that conned of money with plenty of leverage with the old dorothy's. illegal wildlife trafficking is rampant and there's little incentive for anyone involved here to cover all tracks but it's not just wildlife and tourism the chinese are also involved in transportation real estate energy generation and even agriculture.
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the nor the non skate is slowly being reshaped. with the support of the government chinese businesses a farming tens of thousands of hectares. they've even converted rice paddies into an on a plantation. two years ago and his wife and children crossed off the country to seek his fortune in folk province. he now works on a plantation. taking a debit into a turn in miami. now that dollars aided by dividing by thought it was done. on the dinner. she went on and they thought it was. soul of him or dad or you and i did.
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tavish enough. but my left foot. my local head and yeah mommy delivery of batman on a human they don't want looking like japan. because you're down and in. the hole you did it. several times a week one sprays the trees with mr swords. you know all. these party folks are supplied to him and the other works for chinese formula. one is given no instructions or protection. dorma total not on a moron. but also harder than i did killing
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jon i didn't mark. i want to tear my own off. the whole if the whole. one knows he isn't danger in his health and dots of his children. but in order to get here he went to detect and can no longer afford to leave. nearby we meet one's neighbor keown. his body was damaged by just the sides. of the months of spraying he felt. now he's too weak and sick to work. instead he fills his days tending to his going.
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to hear. her lung cancer but this year where. we're going to turn one on and you know we want to hear what you're going online or words about. i'm alone again washing. down. to almost one hundred twenty. was so badly poisoned doctors had to remove part of his liver. thousands of other plantation workers equally poorly protected and come into contact with toxic products on a daily basis. products they say a found at every stage of the production process. it's hard to accurately
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estimate just how many workers opponent will from these pesticides. but it's a question if you're living a rural development consultant has been trying to launch a. rocket that could be a way around this way. is a whole can we get through this whole do you think. we join him in his backyard on the banks of the meeker river if we climb it down here. i think. really chinese bananas but. anyway he gives a backdrop of the mekong. he struggled to obtain solid information about the frequency of poison and. bananas as a seventy just dana something that's come up over the last five or six years and at this stage we we haven't got a lot of information about you know how many people are dying in the really long term impacts we know there are some but it's very hard to quantify this amount
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firstly because. the use of the chemicals it doesn't kill people instantly they take you know it may be over two or three years they using these chemicals all the time and it builds up toxins in their body especially in their liver apparently ok and then after that they they get sick and of course maybe some of them die. although cases of poisoning on the rise continue to rent the chinese companies tempted by generous. to the chinese to grow bananas you're receiving the equivalent or around about twelve or thirteen hundred euros per day and you know that's a better income than you would get just from growing rice and you don't have to do anything so of course it's really a great opportunity for people to rent their land at the chinese to grow bananas of course the bananas also they need water so they often like a good mix to rivers like the make or other streams and so a lot of the runoff from the chemicals goes into the streams. in laos criticizing
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the chinese presence can land you in jail. to measure the pollution we call. over to time with fisherman can speak freely. these locals. just opposite the button on a plantation. to get a clearer picture we go fishing with mr somebody. will . come to fall out of. the middle of a. black.
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hole. a local association claims that of the ninety six species of fish found in this river thirteen are now endangered. by. the young. today. empty as they often are.
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going to. the polluted make home is no longer. a wild river but a greater threat than pesticides is also nooning a major network of dams under construction. we return to laos. with thousands of kilometers of waterways has the potential to offer electricity to much of southeast asia. and levon dams are already being built and therefore the ninety one some of the projects are in the planning phase. once again chinese companies are in charge. we say the lawman them tar one of the wildest rivers in laos. and that's the year this valley
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will be enjoying life. at first are both dry the seams optimistic about repeating the official line about the benefits of developing the. plan. to cut and impact. on timing. but after talking for a few minutes he begins to sound a more skeptical know. where we're heading what. good. it could. say. ok. we reach one of the few going to choose that hasn't already been fully in fact i took. a traditional
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community where women work on the looms while the men fish and sail around the coast. it's a peaceful place where the economy is entirely dependent on the river. but when we mention the concern across everyone's face. good morning. but. the point i'm on. now to hit. me.
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up with. a new film. the people of the. green but it's too late to turn things around. it seems impossible to stand in the way. they come.
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everyone is leaving. family. them only to flee the area before their homes are submerged by floodwaters. it feels like the dam is chasing everyone away. further down the river we come across a semi desert to village and off to stop off again. a few villages still refuse to accept the inevitable but have camped out here despite the risks. and all the heavy. lady. of the family less than. one man office to show us around.
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he says he's been resisting the clearance program and that his house is one of the last still standing. among. many. in the know. it while getting a look at your polo pony you hope hope and then you. do on you know when you take home here. for now he can't bring himself to leave. but he admits he eventually be forced to accept the deal offered by the chinese company to abandon his home and belongings in return for compensation.
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to. me. and. could. the exodus continues. but
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it's nearly finished. as many as ten thousand have had to bow to the chinese companies to moms. dismantling their homes and this five hundred million dollars project. and there's even over whether electricity generated by every villagers in the new homes. to be exported to china and. the land of a million elephants is fast becoming a chinese province an unofficial colony but as regions turn towards beijing they'll have to be mindful of the mistakes of one famous border town boateng was the first
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special economic zone constructed here and a decade ago it was a powerful symbol of the new partnership between china and laos but it wasn't without problems. in a rush to attract development the government built a gold rush economy here revolving around casinos. most of them went bust in twenty eleven when the chinese ministry of foreign affairs shut down access amid reports that chinese visitors who couldn't pay their gambling debts were being locked up. now town officials say investment has finally returning one of them offered to show us around what. they are. if one. doesn't know. what.
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she's reluctant to answer questions about the town's troubled past she tells us she's busy and she hands us over to one of her male employees you know you want to get tons out he speaks english. a mind a comes along to keep him on message. we ask to see a view of the city but the tallest building turns out to be empty back in the boom years it was said to be a casino you know where you went in disguise you know where you know yeah i knew you would you know. all you do you know. so it's a look at you know you want. which could all change more like drunk fome fome fome fome. fome coming to me. with a question your whole. rushing to live on with something that she
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changes that if i get a moment i'm going to be conscious and you miss doing. something wrong. done which you don't. think you should have done i certainly was. coming to the sound of your engine limits i didn't let you go now it's into. the way take charge now with more the jesuit inclusion just polje vientiane week new york feels she wore. one too this is like the whole home. it's clear that china's rapid advance across laos is set to continue whatever the consequences for the people who live here but as they come face to face with the effects of such fast paced development it does beg questions as to how long the
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chinese will remain welcome guests or if they'll eventually come to be seen as just the latest in a long line of foreign columnists have taken more from this poor country than they've given back. the a in the way. what are you seeing like our mind a suspected terrorist thank people of all faiths fell victim to a suicide bomber in manchester but if the bomb was indiscriminate was the placing of blame this is nothing to do with us this is about an individual who's psycho you know that nobody could do this unless they were completely unhinged now manchester's muslims responded to challenging questions in the aftermath of the.
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people in power manchester united at this time on al jazeera one of the really special things that working for others here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know it's very challenging they believe but to be there because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended used to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel in favor good audiences across the globe. for the congolese the journey to work all the more means unimaginable hardship i prefer to live out the standard my god can to chance a good life and live on a dangerous journey through the jungle i fell into the rails and nearly died. our children go to school and live because of the prank risking it all the
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democratic republic of congo at this time on al-jazeera egypt is now china's third biggest trading partner in africa more than ten thousand chinese are living in cairo i wanted to see the permits in september one thousand nine hundred five i came with my friends to egypt many started a small traders but are now successful in business should do when i began to do business in two thousand and three or two thousand and four at the time it was small but then it began to expanding al-jazeera world meets the growing chinese community in egypt egypt made in china at this time. ok u.n. report on children and conflict to shop be critical of the saddam.


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