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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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but the back. of. a rite of passage preserved through the generations my cousin was laying down there until the screaming she was helpless the woman who after indoors as if i call of pain for what. needs the women affected by it at g.m. and those reshaping perception loosing people will abandon the search even through it a bit of a mistake al-jazeera correspondent the kind this time. this is al jazeera.
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and on welcome i'm peter w. watching the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. than a week nobel committee has decided to award the nobel peace prize for twenty seventeen to the international contained to abolish new player weapons. a peace prize and a warning more needs to be done to rid the world of nuclear weapons plus. we must not allow iran to attain to obtain nuclear weapons. president trump drops his strongest hint yet that the u.s. will withdraw its support for the iran nuclear deal. u.s. commanders ordered a hole to some joint military exercises with gulf allies because of the diplomatic crisis targets in qatar. the body of iraq's former presidential out taliban champion of the kurdish independence struggle arrives in his hometown where
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he'll be laid to rest. and on time hamas now have the latest post news including argentina on the verge of missing the first world cup nine hundred seventy after failing to win again and caught a fine. our top story the nobel peace prize has just been awarded to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons the announcement came in the last hour. the norwegian nobel committee has decided to award the nobel peace prize for twenty seventeen to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons i can. the organization is receiving the award for its work to draw attention to the catastrophic
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humanitarian consequences of any use of nuclear weapons and for its groundbreaking efforts to achieve a treaty based probation on such weapons live now to washington diplomatic out of the james bay is james was this a surprise. i think it's always a surprise the award of the nobel peace prize they do not tell you who they are debating they do not tell you who their nominations are and so we always get a figure or an organization announced this organization is a group of civil society organizations that has grown since it was set up in two thousand and seven four hundred sixty eight partner organizations now in over one hundred countries and the whole effort is an effort to try and ban nuclear
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weapons and they've achieved quite a bit obviously we're nowhere near banning nuclear weapons and the most powerful countries in the world are opposed to that but they have managed to get a nuclear weapon ban treaty in place open for signature when the world leaders arrived in new york as they normally do at the end of september and fifty three countries have now signed that treaty but as i say the most important part most powerful countries in the world particularly the five permanent members of the u.n. security council have not signed i think they believe that for their own defense and the taron purposes they're not going to sign this treaty and don't believe they should sign this treaty nevertheless this has been welcomed the award by the executive secretary of i can bitterest fin this is what she had to say the treaty is meant to make it harder to justify nuclear weapons to make it uncomfortable for
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states to continue with the status quo to put more pressure on that isn't going to happen overnight of course but it's a huge boost to all the people the head of worth on this issue for a very long time the new generations that are mobilizing around this issue through our campaign and other work. it's a huge signal that this is worthy to work on and this is something that is needed and it's appreciated it. clearly james the nobel committee and indeed i can they're sending a very strong signal but specifically to do with the trumpet ministration how predisposed would they be to hear the message i think it's interesting to see some of the things that have been said recently by beatrice finch she's the executive secretary of i can it's not clear whether she's the person or go and collect the nobel peace prize let me just give you a few comments by looking at her twitter feed and this was i think in response to
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what may have been said by the secretary of state rex tillerson by donald trump in the last twenty four hours she tweeted donald trump is a moron so if she does pick up the nobel peace prize if we get unguarded language like that it could be particularly unusual speech this nobel award not specifically to do with the trumpet ministration but given the growing crisis with north korea a nuclear crisis on the korean peninsula and the fact that the u.s. president is signaling that he may pull out of the iran nuclear deal the world facing two similar ten years nuclear emergency is and i think the timing of this award by the nobel committee given that is not a coincidence james many thanks torch relay for i'm sure let's get more on that for you joining us live on skype as henrik or doll director of the peace research institute in or slow henry cordell given the optics of where we are as of today
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when it comes to nuclear aspirations the nuclear debate which countries do you think will really listen to this and which countries won't absorb the central key message. first of all i would like to say that we're extremely happy to see the price of going to the abolition campaign for nuclear weapons i think this is going to we have a process now within the un a lot of countries have signed up more than fifty countries so the treaty will come into effect i think this crisis also putting a lot of pressure on the states that have so far decided to stand on the sidelines including all the major countries and obviously all the nuclear powers but how do you think crucially the united states north korea iran all the nuclear powers pakistan india the u.k. france how will they react. they will most likely to react negatively obviously there is no sign that this campaign will immediately lead to any change
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in policies in these countries what we can hope for is that this campaign will lead to us of increasing normal development within the fuels field of nuclear weapons just as previous crisis to to the to both biological and chemical weapons to and mines and cluster munitions have led to a larger international complains and to be increasing stigma in using such weapons what we hope is is also that this is sending a clear signal to stay simple now in dire an agreement and of course also to north korea underlining the importance of international negotiations and the international legal frameworks for the control. of the fight for evolution ok you've touched on two of the biggest issues there iran and north korea will come into north korea in just a moment firstly iran what do you want the trumpet ministration to do when it comes
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to decertifying or not its place in the one plus six arrangement with tehran. what was reopened is of course that this price is going to strengthen the forces that would like to maintain the agreement and of course the the us is the state now that tests contributed to two brings up uncertainty is into that game but we do hope that the trumpet of the statement will reconsider its position and contributes to the agreement and and this has implications again also for the signals that were sending north korea and as to those implications for north korea what's the knock on effect here because if the one plus six becomes one plus five are you washington pulls the plug on its involvement some people are saying well the one plus five carries on as is because iran has stayed true to the strictures of the deal the
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deal was you reduce nuclear enrichment by ninety eight percent tehran has done that so the signal the distilled signal to pyongyang from that's a question then becomes what precisely. the importance of a holding iran agreement is precisely that and there is no reason why it shouldn't be possible to uphold the agreement even if the us should decide to leave it the problem is of course what kind of signals that is sending to north korea and the mixed signals coming out of the u.s. and this region now as to whether or not the u.s. would be able in to negotiate and engage in diplomatic discussions with north korea henrich that in all slip thank you very much well russia says it hopes the u.s. will make a quote balanced decision on whether to remain engaged in the landmark international deal to curb iran's nuclear program as we've just been hearing donald trump is
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accusing iran of not living up to the spirits of the deal that goes back to twenty fifteen and he is expected to refuse to endorse it as show jeweled next week. we must not allow iran to attain to obtain nuclear weapons the iranian regime supports terrorism and exports violence bloodshed and chaos across the middle east that is why we must put an end to iran's continued aggression and nuclear ambitions they have not lived up to the spirit of their agreement well the story really something of a jigsaw for you statement to cool him with more now from washington. just saw twenty four hours ago secretary of defense jim mattis tell the u.s. congress that he thinks that it's in the u.s. national security interest to stay in the iran deal and at the time that many people thought he was speaking to an audience of one president donald trump but if you really look back in now with this reporting that president may have found what
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he sees as a loophole where he can decertify but the not push congress to reimpose sanctions there is satisfying his base mattis is a key voice he is respected on capitol hill and you're starting to see some republicans especially within the leadership say basically it will quote they uses the toothpaste is always an overt out of the bottle the money has been given to iran the sanctions have been lifted if they were to reimpose sanction they know the allies would blame them for and walked away from the nuclear deal and it's not at all clear that the allies would follow suit and which would mean the same sions were somewhat toothless so it's not confirmed that the republicans will go along but it's also important to point out when ever things go in the congress anything could happen lobby matters so you will be faced with a choice between the pro israeli government lobby and all of the l. eyes and other countries like china and russia who said we signed this deal we're not renegotiating so there will be pressure on congress not to mention the fact that the trump administration cannot point to any evidence that iran isn't living
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up to their part of the deal the i.a.e.a. has said they're in one hundred percent compliance to get around that the trump administration keeps saying but the agreement said that iran would and this is important they say quote the deal they said positively contribute to regional and international peace and security the deal does the agreement doesn't say that it doesn't say iran will contribute it says the agreement will contribute they can't quite square that peg when you ask them about it so there might have a shaky argument but if they do this that it goes to congress to decide if they scuttle the deal at least from a u.s. perspective. those were news comment and analysis still to come for you here on the news hour including new stories killing and injuring children in the war in yemen the u.n. criticizes both the saudi led coalition and the rebels plus. this vote is more than a presidential possession. the high life. in central park new york coming up i'll tell you which president. and the sports news with son
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a football milestone for india as they host a fever tournament for the first time. the associated press is today reporting that the u.s. military is halting some joint exercises with its gulf allies over the ongoing diplomatic crisis targeting catto a u.s. central command spokesman has been quoted as saying we are opting out of some military exercises out of respect for the concept of inclusiveness and shared regional interests will continue to encourage all partners to work together toward the sort of common solutions that enable security and stability in the region joining us now here in the studio. analyst at the doha institute arab center for research and policy studies you met with people very close to mattis general mattis mad dog matters what were they saying to you but actually they said that. the
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station was not really happy when the president actually tried to mediate between especially between their. man and i mean of qatar during their famous phone call and he did not the president i'm talking to he did not actually have. the sort of. that he was expecting actually the sort of flexibility that he was expecting from his closest allies here we are talking about mohammed bin so man and mamma desired that all of of up. i think the president was quite. quite upset by the lack of responsiveness by these two allies and he wanted very much actually as he promised during the press conference with the emir of kuwait when he was actually trying to do give the impression that if he get involved directly personally and this this crisis he would be sold and get overnight that did not have been i think
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under president discovered the limits of his part in this and this crisis was the difference between opting out and abdicating your responsibilities if you will the u.s. administration well i think. and i think they like this this actually is seeing some sort of i think you have the president is. came to the conclusion of his closest advisers because you know i mean that the position of the president has shifted throughout the crisis from the very beginning until now at the very beginning he was closer to the saudis and the monarchies concerning this crisis and you remember his famous tweets at that time today i think he came to the conclusion actually that he's having too many crises in the korean peninsula he's having this crisis now developing with iran we're still expecting the president today i mean to come up with an argument on the nuclear deal with iran and we have also the war on
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. the crisis actually is is another crisis for him which is which might actually harm but it has a force to deal with with all these things so i think he'll. explain is actually why he he came to the conclusion that if we solve this crisis. it would serve the interests of the united states and its efforts to deal with all these issues officially obviously believes this is totally and utterly manufactured it is a fake crosses given the saudi reaction to donald trump being in riyadh before the crisis kicked off well the saudis now take this as an opportunity to exert more leverage within the loyalties that have exposed themselves within the g.c.c. there's been a through i think that as you said even the u.s. officers now they don't really understand what this crisis is really about and this is something that i was personally taught because since qatar signed memorandum of
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understanding with qatar the visit of secretary of state their lives son. actually there was nothing else to talk about because this was the main issue that was raised against qatar by the blockade in cantonese that is supporting terrorism and now qatar has signed them on the understanding with the americans whereas the other parties are poor percodan can't. has not have not done that. so i think. in many way that in fact it's manufactured and it's maybe it's not about that it's about. finishing some unfinished business from the time of the arab spring and i supported key point of view no sense when i think i supported the revolutions absolutely but is this donald trump reacting to what mattis is telling him is matters driving this or is it donald trump just vocalizing or is his other advisors well i think since he got this in the into this i think he started to take things
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personally that i promised to solve this crisis and he said that i can do it over the phone but he could then they never actually this is something that i think upset him to an extent and now also there is something else here we have seen thing sell mine yesterday visiting more school and here we are seeing somehow the saudis may be winning up to the russians that is something the americans i mean they might not like that very much because if it shows that says the saudis could not get what they wanted from the americans on the qatar crisis and on the case with qatar the are actually trying to reach out to those who are very much against the interests of the united states and the entire region don't forget that americans were not were not really a pleased by the visit by said i mean to the gulf region in order to try to with it in this crisis so i think that complicate things in my opinion rather than. the
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other we are ok thank you very much thank you. both sides in the conflict in yemen are being strongly criticized in the united nations annual report on children and conflict the saudi arabia look coalition and who see rebels jointly accused of killing and maiming yemeni children although the u.n. also says coalition forces have taken action to improve child protection mike hanna has more now from u.n. headquarters in new york. the report focuses on children in conflict across the globe in countries ranging from afghanistan to colombia to syria mali myanmar and war the list itself showing how widespread the problem is of children caught up in or recruited to armed action there were three thousand five hundred twelve child casualties in afghanistan alone the highest recorded in one country and in yemen a total of one thousand three hundred and forty child casualties were recorded of which the report says the saudi led military coalition was responsible for six
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hundred and eighty three in addition the coalition is held accountable for the destruction of a large number of schools and hospitals. the saudi led coalition was originally named in the two thousand and thirteen blacklist as well but was controversially removed by the then secretary general ban ki-moon pending a review that was never completed u.n. aides confirmed this happened after the saudi government had threatened to withdraw its funding to the united nations we are told the current secretary general carefully vetted personally and endorsers this report this year there's a change in the format of the report an x one the black list which contains the names of the perpetrators has been divided into two sections section a contains the names of nations and non-state actors guilty of acts against children but those that have been subsequently found to have attempted to improve the protection of children during the reporting period have been moved into section b.
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the saudi led military coalition is in this category along with the afghan national police and the somali national army this may not be enough to avert what is likely to be strong protest from the saudi government in coming hours mike hanna al-jazeera united nations. joining us here on the news hakim smadi he's the editor of the yemen post he joins us from the capital sana'a hakeem must madi what effect what impact of the un efforts had on the ground very little as of now over the last forty eight hours seventeen civilians have been killed among them children it will mean so very little effect apologise for that we've lost that skype line to sun i will try and go back to if we can before the end of this program tell you what i think we've got back
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to guess there let's give it one more go hakeem must marry a speech it'll be here in the studio in doha just go with us bear with us here we're having some problems with the skype line to you but we'll carry on our conversation you were explaining to us what impact if any these u.n. moves have had on the ground. as of an hour at least seventeen civilians have been killed among them actually. over the last forty eight hours very little effect. has took place because of this you have no stats yes saudis blacklisted but yemenis want to see something in action rather than words they are see believe dr levy heaviest price of seventy four and the problem is the world is ignoring that word a lot yet not follow words have been earth for the last two and a half years in yemen and those words have resulted in over twelve thousand
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civilians be killed only by the airstrikes in the clashes a little lower than those who were children who were killed by the siege children. who died because of hunger children who died because of the epidemic of course so there are many ways children could die and words will not yet up especially when it comes to yemen that we. start where it is disastrous and if your only can only lead to the worst we're looking at some pictures that take us back maybe six eight weeks it looks absolutely appalling i mean there may be one or two of the casualties in this war optimism it would feel has gone hope it feels has gone as well. when you know all the way down there's no way to go on the out so yes people are hopeless yes people are waiting to eventually. get justice for their loved ones but they get. this war needs to and it's useless right
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now we have an eighteen months both sides have stalled thought no military improvement for both sides so it's clear that this war cannot be solved militarily so all sides should give people a chance to survive give peace a chance we tried to negotiate and the u.n. and should have a stronger role especially the gulf nations have a stronger role and put it you have back i say sure ok we'll leave it there mari there in sana'a thank you very much. one of the most prominent leaders to rest. was iraqi president from two thousand and five to twenty four he was widely respected as a mediator between iraq's. communities. and a hospital in germany. where the funeral is taking place clearly
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a day of reflection and pausing for thought how will he be remembered. one of the. kurds many of the people. they want to give.
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this referendum. i think will be one of certainly continue on the path that the kurds are taking at the moment even though it has to be said that in the rift run up to the referendum there was a certain faction in his. party one that he has created with others of his childhood friends there was. the timing of the river and i'm thinking that was the moment view of the regional situation it was better. but then at the end of the day the old rallied behind
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the vote and everybody sort of but in the city for example the turnout was among the lowest. about fifty five percent and i think you will have those the helm of his party now trying to continue with his message a message that he has always been the man who could stand up to his adversary. and he was always the man who would speak out even sometimes against certain stances taken by the kurds. thanks very much. now in a few moments we'll have the very latest weather for you with rob but also still ahead here on al-jazeera. i'm having a tough night appointing a refugee trying to enter in that area find out why thousands of people are fleeing the democratic republic of congo and coming up. also had the fallout from catalonia
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secession referendum the head of the regional police is before a judge in madrid plus. the women all around the world of syria apologize for hope that you can find a common heart. and apology from an n.f.l. player accused of making sexist remarks more on that later in the program. by the skyline of a nation harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera. this time yesterday we were watching a swirl of clouds which had brought a wind warning to germany and that wind warning was off damaging winds and it was justified the wind strengths and however measured this is you know ground level hundred fifteen kilometers per hour that the strongest winds are probably a bit further east and certainly got to poland krakow so one hundred now this
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caused widespread damage in cities and on mountains where winds are actually two hundred kilometers per hour or more to places this is not far away from burlington so this is after mass territory a lot of roofs ripped off trees down but it was worse than that if you really unfortunate trees came down on top of your car there were seven fatalities all is a direct result of this we're looking here and here krakow are both cities affected now things have improved since they're in the winds and they're not as strong on the whole systems opened up a little bit and spread its influence a long way south in fact wind warnings for today down in croatia on the adriatic coast but following on the still some pretty cold and windy weather for germany the cold front itself a long way science for all this is colder air is more ominous and maybe early winter in fact if you look at the over life forecast down the out in the higher ground in the balkans the significant amount of snow yet to come. the weather
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sponsored by the time race. optimism has faded. khans elected leaders are divided. attention grows as fear is that a crackdown is imminent the targets the activists who flew it for democracy dividing com caught part five of the six part series filmed of a five years. on china's democracy experiment at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. you wherever you are.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera news arpita dobby in doha with a program today our top stories the nobel peace prize has been awarded to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons the panel in oslo praised the group for working to prohibit use of the weapons it comes amid rising tensions of course around north korea's nuclear program. russia says it hopes the u.s. will make a quote balanced decision on whether to remain engaged in the landmark international deal to curb iran's nuclear ambitions president on the trump has accused iran of not living up to the spirit of the twenty fifteen. and the associated press is
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reporting that the u.s. is halting some joint military exercises with gulf allies over the ongoing diplomatic crisis targeting cattle u.s. central command says it's encouraging all partners to work together for the security and the stability of the entire region. let's get more now on comments about the iranian nuclear deal modules where he joins us now on set he is an associate professor of contemporary history of the middle east at cattle university what do you think donald trump's about to do and why i think donald trump let's go back a little bit to his campaign. the time he was working his campaign that he formed a team which basically the main task for that team is to look at to look at the options and given the president what are the options to word the nuclear the the time he went to the white house this team came with time to the white house and are working far away from department of state and printed on and the cia so basically
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he has his team who are advising him on how to deal with the nuclear issue what happened in the. last two months that iran has this did two of his missiles two thousand kilometers and that is the missiles which basically led to. impose sanctions on iran by the. administration so after that explain that iranian test. did start seriously to look at the options and to have measures against iran and i think why does he say however just interrupt you for a second why does donald trump say it's an embarrassment to the united states no one else involved in that equation of one plus six says we are embarrassed by it not anyone else who signed up to the deal three years ago two reasons one he is not convinced that the united states had to be part of this deed and he believed that. barack obama was not in a good shape to enter the deal and that part of and the mining of barack obama
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foreign policy that's part of this campaign the second reason. let's remember his his his following the republican rhetoric against iran so basically he is also more closed to the israeli rhetoric toward iran so basically those two reasons makes us believe that he's basically wanted to make something serious or to take see the systems throughout the nuclear the other potential consequences to him pulling out of this deal even if even if congress says yes we will draw and then everyone else involved in the deal as it stands at the moment says yes we will accept that or the potential consequences in pyongyang because it pyongyang wants to be engaged in a dialogue north korea kim jong il and might then turn around and say well hang on why should we talk to you because we can't trust you because you signed up to this deal and now you're walking away that's what he said to mr nation three weeks ago that you are giving a bad signal to north korea not to be engaged with us from the department of state
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so basically look this is that a bilateral deep in. it's not a bilateral it's not from between washington and tehran this is international deal and even if the united states decided to woodrow this this we will have one indicator the united states have another measure want to take it against iran and basically taking iran to the first circle of being a rogue state and being demonized iran more and more before international community it's a bit let's not forget that the maximum other countries want from the from the nuclear deal which is ten years until two thousand and twenty five is actually to openly. open the door before more about some details this is what. announced in the united nations so the others are convinced that is an amazing option we should not miss it does the deal live or die on what mr trump does very soon even if congress says yes we support you and we walk away to know this will add more complication to the
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implementation of the deal which will cause more problems to the iranian government and make it difficult to deliver to its people this is to improve iranian economy and if. it is state imposed sanctions this will make the job of honey very difficult ok we have to give them a job where we thank you so much later. the united nations coordinator for emergency relief says the lack of access to me in ma is quote unacceptable more than half a million range of muslims have escaped violence in the northern state of rakhine since late august mark local taxes refugees a dying on the way to bangladesh this is not just the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world right now as of today it's also. one of the most heart rending. so i met and eleven year old boy in a unicef therapeutic feeding center he was cradling in his arms his severely
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acutely malnourished two and a half year old sister his mother the boy and the boy's four siblings had set off on a journey lasting i think nine days fleeing violence and the burning of their village the mother died on the journey. missile boy is now in so much force a feelings. ok listing my colleague mohammed june who's at the coup to prolong refugee camp in cox's bazar across the border in bangladesh mohammed we know the stage where there are more. from rakhine state inside bangladesh than there all left in me and. peter if we're not at that stage yet it certainly seems as though we will be soon it's hard to gauge the numbers because there are still according to aid workers thousands possibly tens of
1:39 pm
thousands that are trying to leave me and mark that are coming in daily every other day i can tell you that the conditions that we're seeing in the camps that we visited are among the worst that i have ever witnessed reporting on refugee crises this is seemingly on ending misery on an almost unfathomable scale now everybody that we've spoken with all the refugees be they recent arrivals who have gotten here in the past few days or if they have come in the last few months they all say that there is no way that they would feel safe trying to go back to me and more trying to return to iraq and this is something that we've been asking you when officials and other aid workers about it keeps coming up there are bangladesh government officials that have met with me and more government officials they are trying to create some sort of mechanism by which. refugees could possibly return to rock on but this is
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a process that is going to be riddled with complications and the refugees that we speak with say they don't want to return they didn't want to leave home in the first place they had to leave because they feared for their lives they were under attack by the military but we've heard so many horrific tales. women that say that they encountered rape we met an eighteen year old boy today that told us that that man or army aligned him and several other relatives up in his village shop him he narrowly escaped with his live people shot with three bullets and then got medical care and came here we've heard brutal stories one after one after another and all the refugees say there is no way that they could go back at a time like this they are convinced that if they even were to attempt to go back that their lives would end in a very brutal way peter mohammed thanks very much. top story in europe
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this the parliament in catalonia will meet on monday in defiance of a court injunction and a done by the authorities in the truth need to say they'll make a decision on independence the speaker of castle in his palm and says he's funny central government has put freedom of expression in danger. this is an act of extreme seriousness because it contains the freedom of expression of members of catalonia parliament this shows the total incapacity of the spanish government to resolve political problems in a political way we repeat what we've always said that we will not allow the parliament to be censored. meanwhile catalonians police chief has walked free from court after attending a hearing in the spanish capital madrid joseph repairer was accused of sedition along with three other suspects he's being blamed for failing to protect spanish national police from protesters before the succession referendum on sunday let's go live now to barcelona and our correspondent. clearly the imagery of that very
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strong a police chief in the dock. indeed and by no means is this line of investigation over for mr but instead what it has indicated is that. he has not had any question measures applied to him which would have involved removal of his passport or even detention but so far they have left him all three but he's still not out of that dark as you mentioned there peter but still the entry continues to go on and there are questions now whether parliament will actually the parliament would meet on monday as well these are questions that are going to be settled later on on friday by the governing body of the. parliament also what has been coming out recently just in the past hour as well is that the president of catalonia which of wanton self has
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said that he wants to address parliament on choose day again this is something that has to be formalized by the governing body but it's also indicating just how the. the lines of changing for them as well the president's party itself has already been out on the airwaves this morning addressing. various media outlets here in catalonia that perhaps now is not the right time for independence to be declared and i think also what's pushing that on is just to see the economic reactions from two of catalonia is biggest banks on thursday already making moves to move their legal entities outside of the region itself again this morning there was another consideration by a major catalan company for they share the maker of sparkling wine that they would consider also moving out of the region itself as well so all of these are very important sounders for exactly how big businesses in this region are reacting to
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the potential instability that an abrupt secession would. play itself out here and again from the president's ruling party they are saying that they do not want to provoke a situation of independence if it is going to have any irrepairable problems and issues certainly a disaster they think it might be to do that not just for the region for the country and also there and we've lost the line there to go but we did get enough time to get a sense of where that escalating crisis is heading next we move on to the refugee crisis in central africa about four hundred thousand people have fled fighting in burundi to the democratic republic of congo in the past two years now the exodus followed burundi's president announcing he would run for a third term our reporter malcolm webb reports now from a refugee camp in the d.r. c first however is that a transit center in north and zambia. doesn't know if his
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wife is dead or alive they were separated when they village was attacked in the democratic republic of congo a security forces were fighting militia groups in the area in the chaos he grabbed his children and ran it took them weeks to walk to the zambian border a journey he says traumatized his children. but people are dying their hands in his with machetes pregnant women have the unborn babies come out of the tunnels. i said if we stay year we will die. other refugees also say they were forced to flee ethnic clashes aid workers of course this the largest influx of congolese refugees into zambia in the past five years. say. this place more than one so you can have been refugees and before and had referred to in the hold that it would be safe and secure for them to stay where they have been
1:46 pm
displaced yet again their arrive tired exhausted. and in need of shelter and lifesaving humanitarian and the united nations refugee agency says on average between sixty and one hundred people crossing into zambia each day sixty percent of the new arrivals are children the most recent arrivals day and communal structures until more resources are available on average for families in this one area people get a day one in the morning and one in the evening the men fix the firewood the women do the cooking aid workers say there are more than three thousand registered refugees in this transit center and more are still coming. at the end of the day another bus arrives from the border with sixteen families people hope some of their friends neighbors and relatives are inside. it would mean there are life and are relatively safe in zambia and unfortunately. his wife isn't on the bus either but he hopes she still trying to get to zambia or she managed to reach tens in the
1:47 pm
ghana the united nations is warning if the security situation in neighboring gets worse the humanitarian needs on both sides of the border will become more dire. al-jazeera challenging zambia well with more from a transit camp in viera in the two yasi. recently arrived refugees are meant to stay in this camp for only three days but everyone we've spoken to has been here for months some people arrived as early as january the refugee camp where they're meant to be moved to after here is full to this place is overcrowded some people sleep here on the floor at night luckier ones are crowded into tents like this when fighting broke out in the town of era last week hundreds more who were camped outside the gates were allowed inside for their safety but that means now this camp is meant to seven hundred people of more than a thousand inside and the insecurity meant food rations are cut people are now here surviving on one meal
1:48 pm
a day everyone says that they are hungry and that the conditions of very poor. still ahead here on al-jazeera two more teens book spalted next year's fee for a world cup in russia son i will have the details when we come back.
1:49 pm
thank you very much and p. tell argentinian football fans are staring at the real prospect of their team missing out on a fifa world cup but for the first time since nineteen seventy call the store
1:50 pm
against pirouette on means they are out of the call fine positions with one game remaining in south america argentina made the final of the twenty fourteen world cup but the last time someone in their position missed in next tournament was chicas lavaca and nine hundred sixty six. argentina's calls was made more paralysed by chile who'd jumped above them in the standings by beating ecuador alex sanchez with a late winner i stayed in contention by beating colombia while vins well drew with europe why so here is what it all means with one game to play in next week in south america only the top four teams all to magically a qualify brazil's already booked their spot europe wide chile and colombia are currently in the position to join them the fifth place team will go into the playoffs but with new zealand that's currently appearing with argentina behind in six argentina go to the high altitude of ecuador for that crucial final game.
1:51 pm
you know where you get it and it would be very unfair if a group rose committed disease players can't get to a world cup surely we are going to realize that if we convert twenty percent of the chances we create we will be there in russia. to teams from europe who will be in russia next year reigning champions germany along with england both booked their spots on thursday germany got there by beating northern ireland's about him sandra wagner and joshua he make wrapped up the three one when germany with nine wins from nine games to finish top of group c. . all england needed a stoppage time a goal from hurricane to be a slovenia one nail ensure their tickets england are top of group effort with one game to go then are called five for every world cup since missing out in one thousand nine hundred ninety four well ten of the thirty two teams for russia twenty eight hundred have now being decided costa rica are could have joined the
1:52 pm
list later but they've been delayed by twenty four hours their home qualifier against him doris has been pushed to sasha day due to a tropical storm that killed at least twenty two people across central america. well the first ever fifa tournament will be to be held in india is kicking off this friday the under seventeen world cup for male youth it's being contested from twenty four teams from across the globe six indian cities are hosting games in attempt to boost interest for football in a country known for its love for cricket this world cup is really a game changer for indian football i think a lot has happened so far the i said it started there is more interest in football the national team is doing well so this is really the icing on the cake in this team no matter what happens in this world cup is going to be the core of india's team in the future i also think the kind of facilities that have been made the training side that have been made the interest is being generated this is huge for
1:53 pm
indian football. barcelona president joe said. says the club wants to help build bridges of dialogue between the spanish government and leaders in catalonia on tuesday barcelona joined a general strike in protest of violence and the aftermath of the catalonia referendum a few days earlier they were forced to play their matches behind closed doors. but a lot of demands respect as an institution that is so committed to the values of dialogue and peaceful coexistence the club feels that all public manifestations need to contribute to the building of bridges for dialogue that is necessary in this context while respecting the freedoms and expression of the catalan people in order to overcome the crisis it is indispensable for all of us to come together and use our social functions to act responsibly in our case we shall defend in the bed such institutional dialogue where it might be needed while in the sporting sense we shall continue to compete in our different disciplines. to formula one now and it
1:54 pm
is hamilton has set the fastest time in practice ahead of sunday's japanese going to play the mercy this driver is looking to extend his championship in need of a sebastian vettel he was one of only five drivers to set time lapse in a wet second practice session at suzuka. among the victims on track. and i felt cam newton has apologised on social media after being accused of being sexist towards a female reporter the carolina panthers quarterback said during a press conference that it was funny to hear a female talk about football when questioned by jordan from a local newspaper where the league condemned the twenty eight year old's comments as plain wrong and this respectful one sponsor had dropped from their books. during this process of already sponsors now. i realize it's a joke it's really only. learned
1:55 pm
a valuable lesson from that to. young people see this oh that you learned something from this. don't you like me. to the core. to this. to the. super. to. sister. the woman. through apology. from the countess. while i accept his apology well that's a major league baseball where the cleveland indians have dominated the new york yankees in the opening game of the american league divisional series trevor boy it was the start of the game he struck out eight batters as the yankees were shut out for nothing in years one but in the best of the five series. ten twelve number one rough on the dollar isn't slowing down as we approach the end
1:56 pm
of the international tennis season the spaniard advanced to the semifinals of the china open on friday by beating sixty that on eyes then straight sets and is eyeing his sixth title of the season and will face grigor dimitrov next. and also spot from a hundred back to peter some of talk later thanks very much. many americans look back fondly on the era of president kennedy j.f.k. it's a hundred years since president kennedy was born and some of his belongings from the white house are up for auction kristensen the takes a peek into his family's glamorous lifestyle. they were an american version of a royal family john f. kennedy with his wife jackie and their two young children were the symbol of the nation's vibrancy the kennedy era now remembered fondly as camelot camelot was the term used to describe
1:57 pm
a lot of the joy of life that seemed to come with the kennedy family somehow the kennedys sort of rolled with the punches so to speak and dealt with it in an elegant intelligent fashion and a much beloved now from j.f.k. flight jacket to jackie o's lace veil a new york auction house is hoping to capitalize on what at least appears to have been a simpler time a time when the country was more united. perhaps never so united as in grief after the young president's assassination in one nine hundred sixty three the auction includes two swords that hung above the president's casket in the white house and the lace veil strikingly similar to one the first lady wore to her husband's funeral and a meeting with the pope having come directly from her secretary it's sort of impossible to know was this could she have had a second one you don't really know that was so we're taking the cautious view and
1:58 pm
saying you know it could well be that one but we can't say conclusively but with the president speedboat swim trunks and cigars also available the auction house is betting bidders will pay big for their own piece of camelot kristen salumi al jazeera new york. that's it for me peace they'll be able to stay with us with every couple of top stories when we come back at the top of the hour we will see very soon by.
1:59 pm
large measure. for years japanese have gone into countries lush course for what they call. green or forest bathing thirteen years ago dr ching li was one of the first to conduct research on forest bathing he concluded that the essential oils the trees produce to protect themselves from germs and bugs can boost the human immune system what a lot of fine to side or essential oil is found in the forests my research has shown that far as trying to size reduces stress hormones and relaxes us in the
2:00 pm
future the time may come when doctors prescribe the forest instead of medicine. with. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. than a week nobel committee has decided to award the nobel peace prize for twenty seven.


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