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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2017 5:00pm-5:33pm AST

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aarp wood and other materials it's very difficult to survive conditions like this when you only have a few materials like that it's a real concern and everybody that we've been speaking with be they refugees who arrived in the past month be they refugees who arrived in the past few days especially the aid workers all sounding the alarm bells all saying that they expect that things are only going to get worse a funeral with military honors has been held in northern iraq for the veteran kurdish leader bani crowds filled the streets of salaam and he had to pay tribute as a convoy carried his body to the burial site a ton of money was a champion of the kurdish independence struggle and served as president of iraq for nine years up until twenty fourteen he was in a coma and he died in a hospital in germany on tuesday. i mean it is and so many aware that funeral has been taking place today what do you think his political footprints will be hold i mean world leaders were always keen to reach out to him because he was he was a go to guy in some senses.
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changes. the hundreds of people behind me as we were earlier in the city center. where. prayers were being held and. thousands and thousands of people. still hasn't arrived when you speak to those people. who rocks and kurds dignity he. does have a voice a strong voice in baghdad that was during his presidency. and he also said that he is a man who dedicated his life. to kurdish struggle. when he was. of the kurds and he had actually gone a great. way to washington and
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other western capitals and i think that's probably his biggest legacy here some people outside the country. and. they want to remember. though certainly pragmatic pragmatism is a word that comes up over and over in conversations i mean they do remember him like a symbol of the kurdish struggle here a man who went to the frontline who carried out many of. the iraqi army for example . remember him as that as a. sort of national pride but also a man who was able maybe to temper excess national pride sometimes a man who was able to sort of just take from the middle and tell everybody you know . think step by step and i think that's one of. reasons why he managed to bring it
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to baghdad in the after the fall of saddam hussein. i mean at that point they were already a semi autonomous region they had a lot of independence and then they could have chosen that moment to actually break away maybe something that could happen in the very very close future but at that time he was one of the ones who said no we need to give it a. united iraq a chance at the time he was saying listen listen this is not the time for countries look at everywhere in the world you have these big groups he was always pointing the finger at the european union things have changed. also here in iraq there is that referendum. just took place recently but he was he didn't have a voice in that it was his wife speaking on his behalf at the time but many people with. his life. was always his priority
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no matter how long it would take thank you cambodia's government has filed a lawsuit to dissolve the main opposition party. last month. detention is politically motivated critics say the prime minister is cracking down opponents before next year's elections. police in australia have been busy collecting illegal guns fifty one thousand of them have been surrendered during a three month amnesty the prime minister malcolm turnbull things twenty percent of all illegal guns in the country were handed over he says tough gun ownership laws which ban all semiautomatic rifles and shotguns limit the chances of a mass shooting. in las vegas. we've seen that shocking tragedy in last vegas he. had a collection semiautomatic weapons which i person in his position would simply not
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be able to acquire in a strike so we have strict gun control laws well hundreds of people have gathered in las vegas to remember a police officer who was killed in sunday's shooting at a country music festival thirty four year old charleston hartfield was off duty during the attack he was among fifty eight victims of gunman stephen patrick it was the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history in russia at least sixteen bus passengers have died when they were hit by a train their bus broke down and was stuck on a railway crossing some passengers got off and were apparently trying to push the bus clear of the track everyone remaining on the bus mostly from his back a stun died in the crash no one on the train was hurt in the flooded me region near moscow now to the spillover of refugees in central african countries amby of the democratic republic of congo and burundi around four hundred thousand people from the rindy have fled fighting and political unrest in the past two years most
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escaped tanzania the d.l.c. rwanda and zambia but zambia is also giving shelter to thousands of refugees escaping violence in the d.r. see. from exam be in refugee transit center in. doesn't know if his wife is dead or alive they were separated when they village was attacked in the democratic republic of congo as security forces were fighting against militia groups in the area in the chaos he grabbed his children and ran it took them weeks to walk to the zambian border i jenny he says traumatized his children. but people are dying their hands in his cut off with machetes pregnant women had the unborn babies. they've been taught how they burnt up crops i said if we stay you know we will die. other refugees also say they were forced to flee ethnic clashes aid workers have caught this the largest influx of congolese refugees into zambia in the past five years. to say.
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displaced more than one so some even have been refugees and longer before and harder for the aged in the hold that it would be safe and secure for them to stay where they have been displaced yet again their arrive tired exhausted. and in need of shelter and lifesaving humanitarian to get the united nations refugee agency says on average between sixty and one hundred people crossing into zambia each day sixty percent of the new arrivals children the most recent arrivals day in communal structures until more resources are available on average for families in this one area people get a day one in the morning and one in the evening them in the by what the women do the cooking aid workers say there are more than three thousand registered refugees in this transit center and more a still coming. at the end of the day another bus arrives from the border with
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sixteen families people hope some of their friends neighbors and relatives are inside. it would mean their life and i would have to be safe in zambia and unfortunately. his wife isn't on the bus either but he hopes he's still trying to get to zambia she managed to reach tens of ghana the united nations is warning if the security situation in neighboring he gets worse the man a tarion needs on both sides of the border will become more dire. al-jazeera challenging zambia. still to come here on the news of. the woman. was. an apology from an n.f.l. player accused of making sexist remarks more match spokesman trying to come.
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time this was news thank you very much at peace how argentinian football fans are staring at the real prospects of their team missing out on the fifa world cup of for the first time since nine hundred seventy a scoreless draw against milan means they are out of the call fine positions with one game remaining in south america argentina made the final of the twenty fourteen world cup but the last time someone in their position missed the next tournament was because of and nine hundred sixty six. argentina's calls was made more paralysed by chile who jumped above them in the standings by beating ecuador alex
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sanchez with a late winner pargo i stayed in contention by beating colombia while venezuela drew with your wife. so here's what it all means with one game to play next week in south america only the top four teams all to magically qualify brazil's already booked their spot you're watching and colombia currently in the position to join them in the fifth place a team will go into the playoffs new zealand is currently pruitt with argentina behind in six argentina go to the high altitude of ecuador for that crucial final game where you would. it would be very unfair for group are as committed disease players can't get to a world cup surely we are going to realize that if we convert twenty percent of the chances we create we will be there and russia. well two teams from europe will be in russia next year reigning champions germany along with england both booked their
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spot on thursday germany got there by beating northern ireland sebastian rudy sandro of anger and. wrapped up the three one when germany with nine wins from nine games to finish top of group c. . england needed a stoppage time goal of from hurricane to be a slovenia one nail and sure the take it to england are topple group with one game to go they have now called five for every well cup since missing out in one thousand nine hundred ninety four so of the thirty two teams that will compete in russia next year we now know ten of them germany england joining belgium and the host nation from europe brazil also through from south america from asia south korea japan saudi arabia and iran who have all qualified the only team from the north central caribbean region to book their spot so far as mexico. or ten of thirty two teams of full russia twenty eight hundred have now been decided costa rica could have joined the list later but they've been delayed by twenty four hours
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their hold hold against hundred has been pushed to saturday due to the tropical storm that's killed at least twenty two people across central america. for the first photo meant to be held in india is kicking off this friday the under seventeen world cup of four male youth is being contested from twenty four teams from across the globe six indian cities are hosting games in an attempt to boost interest for football in a country known for its love of cricket i think is the world cup is really a game changer for indian football i think a lot has happened so far the i said it started there is more interest in football the national team is doing well so this is really the icing on the cake and this team no matter what happens in this world cup is going to be the core of india's team in the future i also think the kind of facilities that have been made the training side that have been made the interest is being generated this is huge for indian football. the barcelona president just about almost says the club wants to
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help build bridges of dialogue between the spanish government and leaders in catalonia on tuesday barcelona joined a general strike in protest of violence in the aftermath of the catalonia referendum a few days earlier they were forced to play the match behind closed doors of the. bus a lot of demands respect as an institution that is so committed to the values of dialogue and peaceful coexistence the club feels that all public manifestations need to contribute to the building of bridges for dialogue that is necessary in this context while respecting the freedom of expression of the catalan people in order to overcome this crisis it is indispensable for all of us to come together and use our social functions to act responsibly in our case we shall defend and demand such institutional dialogue where it might be needed while in a sporting sense we shall continue to compete in our different disciplines while the i.c.c. has provisionally suspended the brazilian and committee and has frozen payments to
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the body the move comes a day after the arrest of carlos brazil's olympic committee president he was arrested as part of an investigation into voted by a scandal the probe is linked to rio's awarding of the twenty sixteen olympics this man has also been suspended as i.o.c. honorary member and withdrawn from the tokyo twenty twenty coordination commission fell pair cam newton has apologized on social media after being accused of being sexist towards a female reporter he carline up panthers quarterback said during a press conference that it was funny to hear a female talking about football when questions by a jordan or from a local newspaper the league condemned the twenty eight year old comments as plain wrong and this respectful one sponsor had dropped newton from their books. during this whole process i've already lost sponsors and counseling and i realized that the joke was really on me. and i learned
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a valuable lesson from this and to. young people see this oh that you learned something from this. don't be like me. be better than. i am to the reporters to the journalists. to the. super mom. to the daughters sisters and the women all around the world i sincerely apologize and hope that you can find the kind of heart . found that isn't slowing down as we approach the end of the international tennis season and spend to the semifinals of the china opening on friday by beating sixty jon i is this straight sets nadal is eyeing the six title of the season and will face could be going dimitroff next. that's a four man get back to peter simon thank you very much talk tonight many americans
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look back fondly on the ear of president kennedy j.f.k. it's one hundred years since president kennedy was born and some of his belongings from the white house and going up for auction christensen to me takes a peek into his family's glamorous lifestyle. they were an american version of a royal family john f. kennedy with his wife jackie and their two young children were the symbol of the nation's vibrancy the kennedy era now remembered fondly as camelot camelot was the term used to describe a joie de vivre joy of life that seemed to come with the kennedy family somehow the kennedys sort of rolled with the punches so to speak and dealt with it in an elegant intelligent fashion and a much beloved now from j.f.k. flight jacket to jackie o's lace veil
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a new york auction house is hoping to capitalize on what at least appears to have been a simpler time a time when the country was more united. perhaps never so united as in grief after the young president's assassination in one thousand nine hundred sixty three the auction includes two swords that hung above the president's casket in the white house and the lace veil strikingly similar to one the first lady wore to her husband's funeral and a meeting with the pope having come directly from her secretary it's sort of impossible to know was this could she have had a second one you don't really know that so we're taking the cautious view and saying you know it could well be that one but we can't say conclusively but with the president speedboat swim trunks and cigars also available the auction house is betting bidders will pay big for their own piece of camelot kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. lots more news of course and if you want it on the web site al
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jazeera dot com and next we'll get a live update from a u.n. correspondent for that u.n. report about children in areas of war and conflict and find out how that fits into the situation in yemen stay with us for that once he's. in the house era when news coverage consists of a punk jihad line a five second sound bite and an easy solution. delve deeper says challenge the status quo to expose double standards and debate the contradictions join me many on sunday for a new season of the show the frank. and up front. at this time well just hearing. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is
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a simplistic you have the brain of a good logical rational person a crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. the nature of news as it breaks the record and bent on a general way of our great. for doing that are we with detailed coverage this is what you mean when you go to find a race by the nigerian army hundreds like these up against ford in the past few months from around the world there are also hundreds of thousands of arabs that have arrived here in recent years i saw they feel very let down by the baghdad government. nine hundred sixty seven and the six day war was at its height a u.s. spy ship the us. as liberty monitored the conflict from international waters
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suddenly she was attacked by the warplanes of america's closest regional ally israel over two hundred were killed and wounded the front part of the ship was just red with blood what happened that day has long been the subject of cover up a mystery now the truth can be revealed the day israel attacked america a major investigation at this time on al-jazeera. land. bank. we have to assume that this is just the tip of an iceberg. tracking the children.


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