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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm AST

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what we've seen is that one one one power line going down ten thousand people can move power maybe more one color panel go about that's not the same so not only is transforming power transforming the grid a real chance to make the system more stormers only and to make energy cheaper in some cases but it's also put a lot of people back to work which can go to addressing some of the longer term crises like what are we going to dealing up so i mean the biggest challenge we have is that in the u.s. we are going it's actually in the opposite direction that we have an administration that he's advocating for more force if you are a more into the sation of gas and coal and oil. isn't range with the interests of the big oil companies so so i want to go back to the question of how do we actually get in this excerpt was exactly that action that we should go on that rebuilding of the greed and he's a sack levi that we need to encourage but he comes to go back to rebuild the island and supported occasion and is to do shows on the island so they can develop the
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talent that would be necessary you know going forward over the next decade or two but we also need to recognize that we have to build bridges and alliances with those that are fighting the very forces that are going to oppose these kind of changes in puerto rico so it's good that we have confidence in ourselves that we can under these ourselves alone we have to reach out to the people in this state not just in the party can they ask whatever beyond who have a share in today's economic justice in renewables in challenge in this administration in that white house in the direction that he's taking in the u.s. if the u.s. is going there or they think that the recall is rebuilt the real effort to recall is not going to go there on the other direction that we want it either so we have to build political power and indication an organization. is happy i think that is a perfect place to in this conversation we cannot do this ourselves alone and i heard is about to jump in and agree. with that unfortunately we're out of time for
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this part of the program a big thank you char gaston of course our community if you want to leave us with the last word that we give a last word to angela today who tweeted to remind us that puerto ricans are us that is and she says help them they are americans that shouldn't be a discussion while side until next time the online. a new level of luxury has arrived. an experience that will transform the way. some of us remain. but none come breaking. it is.
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the ultimate truth is the story. with the conducting business sharing the special journey with. you the things to. the feeling that. someone. somewhere. centuries in the sky. to see you speak. first to us. as only we're going places together. the ingredient that bring smiles is also the number one culprit in the global health crisis cardiovascular disease. number one killer already o.c. the hardest part is just to say we thank you. but there is that all the same if we throw that sugar in response this is
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a problem no i biz time. this is al jazeera. and live from. their headquarters in doha i'm come out santamaria welcome to the new script the saudi the coalition and the hutu rebels in
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yemen have been added to and united nations blacklist the one which singles on birds for killing and wounding children in the theater of war is another indictment on the conflict in yemen where upwards of thirteen hundred children been killed in the past year looking into that u.n. report in detail also on the grid a little known group thrust onto the world stage at a time of global euclide tensions as i can the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons won this year's nobel peace prize and award for the group of course but also a message from the nobel committee that the risk of nuclear weapons being used is greater than it has been for a long time and one of the north korea is the main threat iran is being questioned to the united states with donald trump now actively threatening to remove the u.s. from the iran nuclear deal will explore what that would mean for a deal which was widely seen as a win win as never sat comfortably with this u.s. person. gregg's it breaks it and now the trending in spain is captured like that
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i'll be telling you more about the online reaction tonight peace prize to me out jane is great as. your with the news grid live on air and streaming online through facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com aid groups and human rights advocates have been saying it for months haven't by but now the united nations has joined in the condemnation of both sides of the war in yemen and this time it is specifically yemen's children they are talking about. u.n. report on children in conflict and where yemen is concerned it says all sides there is the saudi led coalition and the who the rebels are killing and maiming thousands of yemeni children although the u.n. also says coalition forces have taken action to improve child protection so let's start with what the u.n. representative for children had to say just a few hours ago the report now really access
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a warning to buying gaijin with parties and addressing foundations we're working to prevent violations and improve the dire plight of children caught up in armed conflict that they can be children like they should and not the innocent victims of despicable acts as we said this accusation against the saudis and the hooty as part of a wider report on children and conflicts mike hanna sent us this report from u.n. headquarters in new york the report focuses on children in conflict across the globe in countries ranging from afghanistan to colombia to syria mali myanmar and all the list itself showing how widespread the problem is of children caught up in all recruited to armed action. there were three thousand five hundred twelve child casualties in afghanistan alone the highest recorded in one country and in yemen a total of one thousand three hundred and forty child casualties were recorded of which the report says the saudi led military coalition was responsible for six
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hundred and eighty three in addition the coalition is held accountable for the destruction of a large number of schools and hospitals. the saudi led coalition was originally named in the two thousand and thirteen blacklist this well but was controversially removed by the then secretary general ban ki-moon pending a review that was never completed u.n. aids confirmed this happened after the saudi government had threatened to withdraw its funding to the united nations we are told the current secretary general carefully vetted personally and endorsers this report this year there's a change in the format of the report and next one the blacklist which contains the names of the perpetrators has been divided into two sections section a contains the names of nations and non-state actors guilty of acts against children but those that have been subsequently found to have attempted to improve the protection of
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children during the reporting period have been moved into section b. the saudi led military coalition is in this category along with the afghan national police and the somali national army this may not be enough to avert what is likely to be strong protest from the saudi government in coming hours mike hanna al-jazeera united nations so here is my want to share in our senior political analysts to talk through this and other issues now and when children are involved when it becomes about the killing and maiming of children that should make a difference shouldn't it but after how many years of war now that we've seen here in yemen and in other conflicts why doesn't it. there's no doubt that children have been you know the foremost victims of war and yes the list is long in africa out of the congo in into afghanistan and syria and yemen and it is
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every every child's life is precious i think what is muzi if you will here is the fact that listing of saudi arabia of course along with syria these are members of the united nations so dear a.b.n. the united arab emirates the members of the coalition in yemen are members of the human rights council of the united nations in fact as your report just stated saudi arabia was reported then after it blackmailed the united nations last year in order to be a member even a chair of a pound of human rights council so for those countries to be implicated in those sorts of crimes against children to be a cold chill during killers like and so in the case of saudi arabia in the first draft of the report i think of course is a very dangerous thing but the question for us is will they be held in accountable by the very united nations to which they belong or not because the taliban.
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and others are not members of the united nations i think here the question is whether the united nations will hold accountable its members that are accused of being child killers and just had a quick question before i move on to something else from one of our viewers on facebook now that has just said why is saudi still on the human rights commission i mean that's not something you or i could directly but it is interesting that it is still there. well you know it's a very funny thinks is just was founded ten years ago you have to be part of a grouping of educated offical group inc to be voted in and in asia of course saudi arabia bought itself the seat at the united nations in order to be unseated you need two thirds of the e.u. and general assembly to be unseated the only country that was unseated before it was like a duff gadhafi regime over libya i think it's probably going to be very hard to get two thirds of the u.n. general assembly to unseat saudi arabia especially if it continues to buy its way
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through various countries in asia and africa. stay with me want to get your views on another development in the middle east and that is for other use the reports that the u.s. military's going to halt some of its joint exercises with its gulf allies because of the ongoing diplomatic crisis here we've had a u.s. central command spokesperson say we are opting out of some military exercises out of respect for the concept of inclusiveness and shared regional interests we will continue to encourage all partners to work together to will dispose of common solutions that enable security and stability in the region no one can you translate that for me because that's all terribly diplomatic in a spat which is not very diplomatic these days. well you know if this is probably the last that we hear from the united states since it's the buckle and the beginning of the gulf crisis when president trump one went on his own. vibrate if you will against qatar ever since then for the last three or four months the united
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states has backtracked and has been trying to resolve this question diplomatically and in the process putting diplomatic heat of all sorts on saudi arabia and the united arab emirates to dissolve this conflict this dumb conflict i should say diplomatically so since then secretary of state matters have went to the met with a car that is given his support and supported diplomatic solution the same thing for a secular state rex tillerson even the u.s. in the u.s. senate senator corker the head of the foreign relations committee has put a hold on all approvals for arms sales to the gulf countries until this crisis is resolved so you could say that the central command is the as the latter or the latest example of americans trying to put pressure on the gulf countries in order to resolve this issue diplomatically notably pressure on saudi arabia and the
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united arab emirates now and pleasure as always thanks so much for joining us in this diplomatic crisis as we talk about has gone on for four months now and it's all been collated in wow just now there we go. oh my i pad froze anyway there's a page there you can see that gulf crisis your questions are answered it goes back to basics the whole thing how it began it's in for graham pics and video reports still frozen anyway and is the latest updates to keep you updated so have a look for all about how the gulf crisis at al-jazeera dot com and get in touch with us as well he got the contact details right now hash tag joe news grid whichever platform you choose to use it might be twitter at a.j. english we put our call out there you can tweet directly they were just make sure you put a hash tag in your tweet and we'll have a look for that the facebook live stream is up and running at facebook dot com slash a.j. newsgroup had some questions and already from there thank you to you and on whatsapp we have plus nine seven four five or one triple one four nine that is comments and questions but do. video and picture if you've got to help us tell the
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stories on the news grid let's move on for now the issue of nuclear weapons in the spotlight for two reasons this friday one because donald trump is now threatening to pull the united states from the iran nuclear deal leaving all sorts of questions about a return of sanctions even the future of the whole deal but also because in all slowed the norwegian nobel committee awarded its annual peace prize to a group which is made banning nuclear weapons its sole purpose it is i can the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons and the timing of that is interesting when you consider the recent rising tensions between the u.s. and north korea not to mention the war of words that has made the nuclear threat all the more real be phillips as our report the announcement from the ways capital of the new we nobel committee has decided to award the nobel peace prize for twenty seventeen to the international compay and to abolish new weapons i can i can the geneva
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based coalition of campaigning groups for more than one hundred countries has promoted a treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons. this is a time of great global tension. my fear. to unspeakable horror the specter of nuclear conflict looms large once more if there's ever a time for states to declare their opposition to nuclear weapons that moment now. with north korea's repeated nuclear weapons tests and its trading of insults with the united states war seems a more real possibility now than at any time since the cold war the united. nations but if it is forced to defend itself. we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea donald trump is also threatening to take the united
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states out of the iran nuclear agreement the negotiations for the nuclear treaty were boycotted by the americans but the other nuclear weapons states britain france china russia israel india and pakistan also say they won't sign the message we are sending is to remind them of the commitments that they have made that say so are. to work for nuclear free. these weapons of fire and fury have not been used in anger since one thousand nine hundred forty five but the haunting images of hiroshima and nagasaki still testament to their horror. al-jazeera london we've got here mr burton go on to talk about this now he was a chemical weapons advisor to the ngos working in syria and iraq joining us from skype in the u.k.
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thank you for your time the idea of giving this award this very prestigious very international award to a group that none of us had really heard of appointed sort of move from the nobel committee to say this is a group which is devoting itself to this thing this issue and you the rest of the world should be as well. well it is an interesting decision are you considering twenty thirty in when you know the peace prizes given to the united nations appropriation of chemical weapons and that was a shock to anna nicole's chemical weapons was prevalent today where you have been consulted whole war i think everybody wants a nuclear free world but anything that is done to try and support that you know is to be applauded however as you quite rightly said it is annoying each other and actions who are not supporting this by the by and and of course the moment we're coming up on gets right. to world peace with the north koreans developing
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a new channel capable missed all and potentially points you born last to hit the u.s. and that would create. something very good to highlight these issues but it is the turn on t.v. and the other four members of the new chiller capable nation really are going to start the future on getting rid of nuclear weapons are suspect i'm glad you brought up the previous one of your p c w because as you say that was a surprise and but it is good to highlight i guess and what it doesn't have all the an ash if you like of a big name receiving the award it is good for these groups to be heard of isn't it maybe just relate to us what you experienced with their p.c. doubling the work they did. now think you're absolutely right there and these groups are doing for man and for the n.p.c.
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of the who rule you the chemical weapon go most of all from syria back in twenty thirteen deliberate your our new threat for the bolton the so-called islamic states are using chemical weapons today and we need a producer back in islam to try and remove chemical weapons from terrorist groups and we know that the so-called islamic states and generally terrorists are very keen to try and get a whole new can of material to pass on their own sunni devices so it is one should approach these groups in their recognition by them and then bought a piece of se is is as follows the money that they will get will help them separate and by having one hundred twenty countries who claim they will on a treaty is affluent that means the less likely the groups like the so-called islamic states will get have only the material however. doesn't want to be too cynical but it is very marks the russians in the americans who will decide the
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future of nuclear capability as your reporter on the back seat those who need to feel a nation have been a peace since the second world war very much on with the need for us on the horizon but it is the threat from states like north korea and possibly iran as well that is most frightening and that is where the leaders who sent and strong really need to step forward to make sure the threats of nuclear war is kept the absolute minimum but i don't want to underwrite or undermine what height can be achieved and i think the support them and we wish them every success in the future.


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