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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2017 10:00pm-10:34pm AST

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because we have extensive network people will come to us and actually share the information with a team into. it when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on saturday. but. this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag stream and one of your pitches might make the actual join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. saudi arabia rejects the figures in a u.n. report blaming it for the deaths of hundreds of children in yemen.
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and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up spain apologizes for a violent police crackdown on catalonian secessionists it still takes the region's head of place to count on charges of sedition. celebrating nuclear disarmament the nobel peace prize is awarded to a campaign group calling for a global ban plus. i'm horrible tassel reporting. transit in zambia find out why thousands of people are fleeing the democratic republic of congo and coming here. saudi arabia's ambassador to the u.n. has rejected the figures in a u.n. report on the number of children its military campaign in yemen has killed according to the u.n. the saudi led coalition was responsible for six hundred eighty three child
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casualties in twenty sixteen and four thirty eight verified attacks on schools and hospitals abdullah described the findings as misleading we reject the united misleading information and figures contained in the report and we express our strong reservation with respect to this information. at the same time we have with the kingdom of saudi arabia's and the members of the coalition respect for commitment to and compliance with all our obligations under the rules and principles of international law international humanitarian law and international human rights law we exercise the maximum degree of care and precaution to avoid civilian harm. the regrettable effects of this conflict are a direct result of the haughty and forces loyal to former president signing a use of immoral and illegal actions that put this in billion population at risk
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well let's cross live to mike hanna who is at the united nations for us mike i suppose this would have been a bigger story if you'd agreed with the u.n. reports pretty much what we expected him to say yes indeed it was though a balanced response a denial of the figures produced in the u.n. report but at the same time a commitment to continue working together with the u.n. we did see in that un report that the saudi led coalition had committed to improve protection for children in yemen and to the u.n. report found that some steps had been taken towards ensuring this but at the same time the saudi and best best of dismissing the figures at the u.n. quoted extensively in its report and attribute all accountability to the opposition who the lead party still though this reaction very different from when the report came out last year when the saudi coalition was on that blacklist as well then
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saudi arabia reacted angrily threatening to withdraw funding from the u.n. unless it was removed then secretary-general removed. the saudi coalition from the blacklist pending review or review that never happened so a very different situation and perhaps a more calm atmosphere greeted the release of this annual report and my previous criticism of saudi arabia by the u.n. led to some rumor that there was talk of a withdrawing funding but do you think this particular report will have an effect on relations between the saudis and the u.s. . well the saudi ambassador was absolutely adamant to not the u.n. draft of the support also expressed the hope that the relationship between saudi and the u.n. would continue saying that it had been a very collaborative relationship in recent months but at the same time it may not all be over yet because in that report it's made very clear that despite
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introducing these measures there are still an acceptable actions being committed and i quote from the report despite these measures grave violations against children continued at an acceptable he high levels in twenty sixteen so the writer of the report in the report itself making very clear that although collaboration has been acknowledged with saudi arabia the only country and the coalition it heads must still be held accountable for violence against children in yemen very good to get your thoughts mike mike hanna there with the latest from the u.n. . the spanish government's official representative and catalonia has apologized for the violent response by place during the banisters session referendum on sunday catalan health authorities say around nine hundred people were injured as
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a result of the police action but the apology didn't stop the spanish authorities from bringing the region's head of place before a court in madrid on charges of sedition from barcelona how pinhole has more. support g.'s go it was a little lukewarm the spanish government spokesman said he was sorry for the hundreds of catalan voters injured by national police and civil guard riot units but he said they were just following orders those orders to stop sunday's referendum from happening at all can direct from madrid on this. i said this very clearly before they were following an order they weren't order to avoid in legal vote they were ordered to seize ballot boxes if there were incidents and there were if people were injured evidently we are almost sorry other than those words there was no hint of madrid softening its stance on friday catalonia as police chief only weeks ago hailed a hero became the villain appearing in court in the dritte major just stepped up
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arrow commander of the regional muscles disquieted a force was lauded for his swift response in august to the attacks in barcelona in madrid prosecutors accused him of sedition or inciting a rebellion for failing to quash support for catalan secession. the process session leaders of two of catalonia civic and grassroots organizations face the same charges prosecutors say the leaders revved up crowds around cattle and government offices on september the twentieth and the human blockade hampered raids by national and civil guard police under orders from government leaders in madrid. is that i invoke the right not to make a statement because i don't recognize this court's competence in relation to the crime we are accused of sedition because we are convinced we have not committed any kind of crime as the crisis lurches on there's a whiff of disarray among cattle and procession politicians some want to call
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a potentially historic parliamentary meeting for monday that debate could lead to a full blown declaration of independence others favor rescheduling it until tuesday and yet more sensing they may have overplayed their hand suggest catalonia may not yet be ready for independence at all call pennell al-jazeera barcelona spain and on to nuclear weapons organization has been awarded this year's nobel peace prize international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons or i can is based in geneva the u.n. secretary general welcomed the unexpected decision tweeting that now more than ever we need a world without nuclear weapons and to fill it. the announcement from norway's capital. the no we know committee has decided to award the nobel peace prize for twenty seventeen to the international
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campaign to abolish new player weapons i can i can but you need a base coalition of campaigning groups for more than one hundred countries has promoted a treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons. this is the time of great global tension. where fear could all easily lead us to unspeakable horror the specter of nuclear conflict looms large once more if there's ever a time for states to declare their opposition to nuclear weapons that moment now. with north korea's repeated nuclear weapons tests and its trading of insults with the united states uclear war seems a more real possibility now than at any time since the cold war the united states has great strength and patience but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies
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we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea donald trump is also threatening to take the united states out of the iran nuclear agreement the negotiations for the nuclear treaty were boycotted by the americans but the other nuclear weapons states britain france china russia israel india and pakistan also say they won't sign the message we are sending is to remind them of the commitments that they have already made that say also are obliged to work for nuclear free world. these weapons of fire and fury have not been used in anger since one thousand nine hundred forty five but the haunting images of hiroshima and nagasaki still testament to their horror to be phillips al-jazeera london well earlier this week i can executive director tweeted that
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donald trump was. speaking after the. diplomatic language made clear her concerns about the u.s. president. the election of president donald trump has made a lot of people feel very uncomfortable with the fact that he alone can authorize the use of nuclear weapons and there's nothing people can do to stop it. or you can be with a tweet. who seems to be taking rational decisions very quickly. sort of not listening to expertise is it just puts a spotlight on a spotlight on what the nuclear weapons really mean. there are no right hands whether for the wrong weapons meanwhile trance reported plan to decertify the iranian nuclear deal is being greeted with dismay the european commission says the deal is working and that all sides should stick to their commitments russia's
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foreign minister is also backing the deal telling reporters during a visit to kazakstan that it's very important to preserve the agreement in its current form it does decertify the pact that he's described as the worst deal ever negotiated congress would have sixty days to decide whether to reimpose sanctions on iran donald trump had this to say on iran when he met military leaders at the white house. we must not allow iran to obtain to obtain nuclear weapons the iranian regime supports terrorism and exports violence bloodshed and chaos across the middle east that is why we must put an end to iran's continued aggression and nuclear ambitions they have not lived up to the spirit of their agreement. still to come the un is bracing for exodus overhead. but conditions for those violence.
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and a hundred sixty art galleries all under one roof we showcase the best of london's. hello it was stormy home thursday it's been windy since and windy sort of the descriptive word i think for most of northern europe for the next few days if not weeks it's all tomorrow after all now this is a cult front that's brought with it therefore colder weather has been extend all way down through france and particular spain and portugal where as you'll see in a second it's still sort of late summer but this cold air means that overnight precipitation over the outlets in the tirol will be of snow and eventually i think that it's a balkan as well for the next couple of nights that leaves us with a saturday of twelve degrees at best in berlin seventeen in london with the wind
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brisk westerly and rain not snow but there is of course still detention for snow in the cold air in the high grounds to say down the balkans and this is green here this rain to bulgaria romania talked. and also the rain down in greece and probably western turkey will be a big change the feel of things as of late i said going in that direction which means you got twenty seven sunny degrees in madrid portugal's doing just as well so we're talking about most of europe but not all of europe but that windy weather will spread down through the chain to the eastern side of the med bring a few showers with venture to cyprus and levant and windy weather to libya. capital capital which makes a great if. when nature is transformed into a commodity big business takes a new interest climb landscapes protecting landscapes it's
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a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature but at what risk banks of course don't do that because they have the heart protection of nature they do that because they see a business of pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. the top story on al-jazeera saudi arabia's ambassador to the un has rejected the figures in the un report on the number of children its military campaign in yemen has killed catalonia places appeared in court in madrid facing accusations of sedition following sunday's unofficial independence referendum the geneva based
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anti nuclear weapons organization i cound has been awarded this year's nobel peace prize. the united states has lifted its economic sanctions against sudan has had sanctions against the african nation for twenty years a u.s. official cited improved human rights and progress on counterterrorism as reasons behind the move easing of sanctions began under the obama administration it was opposed by human rights groups. the united nations is concerned the growing violence in the democratic republic of congo is worsening the region's refugee crisis and outbreak of violence in the southeast has driven more than three thousand people over the border into zambia in the last month. a transit center. in northern zambia. doesn't know if his wife is dead or alive they were
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separated when they village was attacked in the democratic republic of congo the security forces were fighting against militia groups in the area in the chaos he grabbed his children and ran it took them weeks to walk to the zambian border agent he says traumatized his children. people are dying their hands in his with machetes pregnant women had the unborn babies cause. they burnt our homes they burnt our crops i said if we stay you know we will die. other refugees also say they were forced to flee ethnic clashes aid workers of course this the largest influx of congolese refugees into zambia in the past five years. say. displaced more than one so you can have been refugees and so on there before and had referred to in the whole that you would be safe and secure for them to stay but they have been displaced you have again their arrive tired exhausted.
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and in need of shelter and lifesaving humanitarian and the united nations refugee agency says on average between sixty and one hundred people crossing into zambia each day sixty percent of the new arrivals are children the most recent arrivals day in communal structures until more resources are available on average for families in this one area people get two meals a day one in the morning and one in the evening them in the by what the women do the cooking aid workers say there are more than three thousand registered refugees in this transit center and more are still coming. at the end of the day another bus arrives from the border with sixteen families people hope some of their friends neighbors and relatives are inside. it would mean there are life and are relatively safe in zambia and unfortunately. his wife isn't on the bus either but he hopes she still trying to get to zambia or she managed to reach tens in the gander the united nations is warning if the security situation in neighboring gets worse the
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humanitarian needs on both sides of the border will become more dire. al-jazeera challenging. iran is also bracing itself for. a hinge a muslim refugees from. already more than half a million have arrived in bangladesh since the end of august playing a military crackdown in the. they can rock i it's been denounced as ethnic cleansing now mark claims it's contacting separatist armed fighters but aid organizations say the security forces and weirdest image of lantus have torched hundreds of revenge of villages and driven people from their homes. this is not just the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world right now as of today it's also one of the most heart rending so i met. an eleven
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year old boy in a unicef therapeutic feeding center he was cradling in his arms his severely acutely malnourished two and a half year old sister his mother the boy and the boy's four siblings had set off on a journey lasting i think nine days fleeing violence and the burning of their village the mother died on the journey mystical boy is now in sole charge of his four siblings mohammed job june house more from cox's bazaar in bangladesh. you hear the word appalling use so much to describe conditions that they were hinder refugees are trying to survive in makeshift camps like this one in cox's bazaar which is on fungal dishes border with me and more let me try to tell you why that is first of all the weather it's brutally hot brutally humid then you have the rains you must remember this is still monsoon season and that means that when more
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rains comes the conditions can get more unsanitary that's one of the reasons why aid workers are so afraid that epidemics could break out here at any time why they are trying to prevent that and you have the fact that i mean look at how these these tents are constructed all that these people have to survive the elements with tarp wood and other materials it's very difficult to survive conditions like this when you only have few materials like that it's a real concern and everybody that we've been speaking with be they refugees who arrived in the past month be they refugees who arrived in the past few days especially the aid workers all sounding the alarm bells all saying that they expect that things are only going to get worse. a funeral with full military honors. who died in a german hospital on tuesday the age of eighty three. was a champion of the kurdish independence struggle president of iraq for nine years
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until twenty four. three days after the body of. it was an iraqi aircraft that carried. president but it was the kurdish flag his body was wrapped in a message clearly saying. he was a kurdish leader. it was his successor iraq's current president and childhood friend who lay defers followed by kurdish president. at times his political foe and at other times and. then it was iran's foreign minister followed by iraqi officials but the big absence was iraq's prime minister. perhaps a reflection of the current tensions between the central government and the kurds following to vote for. but this was
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a day for his people. i'm very sad after he was sick kurdistan had many sorrows we lost many soldiers in the war now we're all friends he created a women's battalion in the america i'm very proud to be part of it. this grief in so many people lined the streets as his body was carried through the city kurdish authorities had declared a seven warning. here people have been lining up throughout the city to say their last good bye. this is how they refer to him. in kurdish. an affectionate term that was given to tell about me by his friends one that he carried throughout his career. has been waiting from early morning near de burgh place like many here he regrets the demise of tell about me just as iraq's kurds
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are facing turbulent times. if he was still alive the kurds would get independence now the turks iran and the west are all against the vote we don't want to close the borders the situation will be different if he was still here in two thousand and twelve taliban he said this was not to call for independence stating that neighboring countries will close the borders five years later iraqi kurds have never been so close to secession the predictions of taliban in the pragmatist now a very real threat hanging over the kurdish region but at the. government has filed a lawsuit to dissolve the main opposition party its leader. arrested and charged with treason last month. national rescue party says his detention was politically motivated and denies trying to overthrow the government prime minister hun sen has
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been accused of cracking down on opponents ahead of next year's general election. the small pacific island new way has created a massive marine sanctuary and its waters in an attempt to stop overfishing the remote islands north of new zealand is only two hundred sixty square kilometers but the new protected marine zone is five hundred times that size roughly the area of grace the premier. says it will stop the depletion of fish stocks and help preserve the oceanic environment for future generations. without announcement by new way was made at an international conference about oceans being hosted by the european union on the mediterranean island nation of malta as well as overfishing one of the main issues being discussed today meeting is water pollution the philippines is one of the world's worst offenders when it comes to dumping waste in the sea general allen
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reports from the capital manila. every warning sign checks his fish pen has been a fisherman almost all of his life and has recently moved to manila fishing has always been difficult in the provinces but he says it's far more challenging in the capital. the third it is not so strong to be a fish ben has no garbage unlike when the waters are high garbage is everywhere the stench is overwhelming hundreds of filipino fishermen depend on manila bay for their livelihood they admit it is not and they do you know place for fishing is one of the most polluted areas in manila but they are left with no choice. greenpeace says cleanup activities in manila bay show that disposable plastics used just once are winnability causes of pollution it says this situation is similar all across the country with giant companies and their costumers polluting oceans with their
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plastic waste in the philippines where the majority of people live below the poverty line. families are pushed to buy cheap goods in small quantities the so-called sashay economy response to the needs of for the new consumers but it is also made the country the third biggest polluter oceans based on the greenpeace thirty china and indonesia ranked first and second we don't have the in our like an infrastructure to manage our waste we have a good law the logical solid waste management law but we feel that it's not implemented properly in in all our levels of the government the government admits a national policy must be in place that. this is going to. sunset over manila bay are spectacular but the philippine capital is gaining an
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unwanted reputation for its wasted potential jamaluddin duggan i'm just here in manila. one of the world's biggest contemporary art fairs has opened in london with one hundred sixty galleries all vying for the attention of collectors across the world is a chance for lovers to see a massive range of top name altus all under one roof but emerging artists excluded child angela has no. big brand names they dominate markets and the market is no exception jeff koons picasso goga this is the blue chip stock on show that frees london in the last ten years the number of international affairs has leapt from ten to over two hundred disrupting traditional gallery sales the three days frees hosts one hundred sixty galleries under one roof it's a chance to see the maximum number of works in the minimum time we're talking tens
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of thousands of visitors to come and see and see any any one standard not fair as opposed to a couple of thousand then might visit a gallery show during during its entire two months duration freeze can feel a little bit like a shopping mall exclusive but impersonal these stands can cost anywhere from sixty thousand dollars put on a figure that can cripple small galleries but others just need to make one sale to cover their costs like this one i keep airing for one point two million dollars. as buyers migrate affaires commercial galleries are closing. but without a physical space the gallery isn't allowed to exhibit it freeze as a result emerging artists a missing out on vital exposure it's very difficult for the smaller more bespoke organizations to survive because it's usually a handful of people. there are models being promoted whereby you know single spaces where lots of galleries can share facilities but that loses your identity for
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artists michael piper's identity is key his work place with pop culture yes. he's built his own brand but with no help from the gallery talent comes in useful to people who don't stock successful ones you know it's sort of like you got to have a real belief in your voice and what you've got to say so. actually being ignored worked out well for me because it forced me to look at other avenues the big thing for me was actually going on instagram so as some doors closed the internet opens others transforming the art world into a global marketing operation charlie rangel al-jazeera london. get plenty more news features and pictures on our website al-jazeera dot com. before we go let's take another look at the main stories making the news saudi
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arabia's ambassador to the un has rejected the figure in a u.n. report on the number of children its military campaign in yemen has killed according to un figures the coalition was responsible for six hundred eighty three child casualties in twenty sixteen and four thirty eight verified attacks on schools and hospitals. described the findings as misleading we reject the integrated misleading information and figures of squinting in the report and we express our stronger as a relation with respect to this information at the same time we have a firm the kingdom of saudi arabia is and the members of the coalition respect for commitment to and compliance with all our obligations under the rules and principles of international law international humanitarian law and international human rights law. the spanish government's official representative in catalonia has apologized for the violent response by police during the bouncer session referendum
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on sunday it comes as catalonia as head of police appeared in court in madrid facing accusations of sedition cattle and health authorities say around nine hundred people were injured as a result of the police action. the geneva based and to nuclear weapons organization i can has been awarded this year's nobel peace prize the u.n. secretary general welcomed the unexpected decision tweeting that now it's more than ever we need a world without nuclear weapons u.s. president donald trump's plan to do. certify the iranian nuclear deal is being greeted with international criticism the european commission says the deal is working while russia's foreign minister says it's important to preserve the agreement united states has lifted its economic sanctions against sudan after twenty years u.s. officials cited improved human rights and progress on counterterrorism in the african nation as reasons behind the. united nations says it's gracing for
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a further exodus of range of muslim refugees from already over half a million range or have arrived in bangladesh since the end of august that's all for now our friends next with features on the drugs for in the philippines donald trump mental health. how does the philippine government justify its controversial drug war which is left thousands dead all of the country's foreign minister and later all speak with two mental health experts who say donald trump is psychologically unfit for office and the danger to the world.


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