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tv   Up Front 2017 Ep 28  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2017 10:32pm-11:01pm AST

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the spanish government's official representative in catalonia has apologized for the violent response by police during the session referendum on sunday it comes as catalonia as head of police appeared in court in madrid facing accusations of sedition health authorities say around nine hundred people were injured as a result of the police action the geneva based and to nuclear weapons organization i can has been awarded this year's nobel peace prize the u.n. secretary general welcomed the unexpected decision tweeting that now it's more than ever we need a world without nuclear weapons u.s. president donald trump's plan to do. certify the iranian nuclear deal is being greeted with international criticism the european commission says the deal is working while russia's foreign minister says it's important to preserve the agreement the united states has lifted its economic sanctions against sudan after twenty years u.s. officials cited improved human rights and progress on counterterrorism in the
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african nation as reasons behind the. united nations says it's gracing for a further exodus of range of muslim refugees from already over half a million have arrived in bangladesh in the. next week features on the drugs for in the philippines donald trump. how does the philippine government justify its controversial drug war which has left thousands dead almost a country's foreign minister and later i'll speak with two mental health experts who say donald trump is psychologically unfit for office and the danger to the world.
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alan peter katonah thanks for joining me up front is your country's foreign policy on north korea to isolate the hermit kingdom economically and to abides by u.n. resolutions over its nuclear program because on the one hand you have joined a fair few other countries imposing trade sanctions on north korea on the other you've actually increased imports from exports to the d.p. r. k. this year when president that they're to came into power part of his program is really peace internally with our muslim brothers in the south with the communists and in our region you know so from. having a dialogue with china to getting closer to the sea and that was our objective so when the north korean started the testing of the missiles president that there was
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more prepared you know to play a peacemaker role but the problem is not only with the philippines but with the c.n.n. individual states north korea keeps telling us that the we are our friends they are our friends and they have warm relationships but they don't give an opening to talk of how to stop the nuclear weapons program there you know so what happened is that when the security council did in fact. passed its resolution before that a c. and that by the philippines as chairman a very strong resolution and we have i have communicated to our trade. minister. so we are actually going to start do you know what ari that trade sanctions economically strangulate your isolating north korea could lead to an economic collapse in north korea and a regional humanitarian and refugee crisis that's what worries the chinese it doesn't worry the philippines. ordinarily in
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a different case it would concern us and we'd be more discerning how it affects their people but when you have the north korean leader claiming to have missiles that would reach higher reaches and you'd have his hand on the trigger then you have the united states saying we're watching you and ready to to do anything including your destruction you know there's no room for comfort there's no room to doubt whether or not i hope north korea does not have the nuclear weapons but we can't assume that are you more worried about president trump's finger on the bomb. finger on the boat because both of them have said some pretty fiery controversial things in recent weeks more worried about what the difference is the president has an accountability to the u.s. institutions u.s. congress and the rest of the world far as news he doesn't hear nukes in the space of a few minutes without checking with anyone he can but if north korea also has nukes then no one will win let's talk about the most controversial aspect of your
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government's record in office so far at least in the eyes of the international communities president due to the so-called drug war between three four five six seven thousand dead depending on which figures which study you look at including many innocent children senior police officers admitting to executing suspects planting evidence at crime scenes is it any wonder that the catholic church in your country has described your government's drug war as quote a reign of terror. if you won't believe the filipinos and won't believe philippine surveys let's believe american surveys that p.t.w. the pew they just came out at the survey that seventy eight per cent of filipinos support the crusade against crime corruption and drugs sixty eight percent believe that the drug war is actually working ok why is it because we believe in human rights violations that we believe in killing people no the perception that we're
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strolling to the. to the international community was led by certain human rights groups associated with our opposition and associated with some people in the whole of the in the catholic church but they did not give the international community the correct facts so when the you said you should believe the u.s. and you quote poland i'm not disputing that filipino support president didn't support it i'm not disputing that we're just getting the record the u.s. assistant secretary of state for southeast asia says we have a very sustained and deep concern that the drug war is operating outside the rule of law with a growing number of extra judicial killings is troubling we have raised those concerns the u.s. state department the catholic church they're all just biased against the philippines yes because the point is filipinos will not support human rights violations were very spiritual people whether muslim or christian filipinos believe in the dignity of life if i ask you how many additional killings in the philippines
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in twenty thirteen or twenty twelve or twenty eleven the minimum was eleven thousand five hundred the maximum was sixteen thousand ok every year eleven to sixteen thousand and let me just end it with a regular let me just you is the foreign minister of this government your position is that a few years ago under the last government there were eleven thousand deaths but this year i don't believe any of the numbers about that's not very convenient isn't it that's number one died on the last government nobody died under your government even the human rights groups but the u.s. state department the county. church i want to thank you for your records not all the point the point is that the people did god knows the the past administration changed the definition ok they said it's only extra dish out if you are a union leader if you're really just leave there if you're a journalist if it's ideological so they started reporting fifty one hundred one hundred fifty ok when that that that came in they went back to the old definition and anyone murdered or killed was charge against the drug war but the opposite is
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happening in the country where he would have thirteen to sixteen thousand killings because of drugs not because of the police or the drug war but hold a hold of your own report say thirty eight hundred people have died in anti drug a previous thirty eight hundred people yes you think that's fine. killed by who police officers like limited who've admitted that many of those killings were false killings know that they were dressed up that's absolutely not true filipino police have not visited any two yet if you know police officers have not admitted no to any false can obstinately there are a couple who we are told they have admitted their no they have not admitted because they're guilty of no guilty guy with the couple of policemen who were caught murdering and they're being charged with murder and every single one of the three and a half thousand people who was killed was a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them you didn't prosecute them you didn't show that you showed them one saw and that's not a democratic way of solving crime is it you're absolutely saying it if you're not on the ground come and look so if if i pull
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a gun on you here right now and you shoot me it's your fault hold on hold i forgot i thought i lost i said three hundred thousand people have been killed there not enough thousand people all they all quit all they all criminal drug is how do you know because none of them were tried nobody you arrest somebody put them on trial the philippines is just killing people in the u.s. or even in any country you're surely shown if someone pulls a gun on the police they have to bring them to court first before they fire back the police are doing what they can we trust the philippine police yes the press. it doesn't trust them we don't the filipino president doesn't trust your police you know the trucks the road police in and out saudi said you can do to a president who said you police rid of the most corrupt your corrupt to the cool it's in your system to the well i wrote it in your system as time i checked hyperbole and figures of speech are allowed forty percent of the police in the philippines are corrupt he says is that true or false that's his estimation the chief of police estimation is two percent so who is right for
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a president of the chief of police i can't believe that are your boss under the bus i'm not throwing him under the bus is the president correct forty percent of the philippine police is a simple yes or no answer is he correct in your view if the philippine police are forty percent of them are corrupt when you make an estimation is that a correct estimate of the net nor is it a good rate to estimate that if he may be a study all fifty that's not the point the point is he's trying to clean up the police and he said yesterday the problem find so there's a problem here in trying to clean it up and maybe forty percent maybe less than forty percent but the same police of kill throw it off thousand people you're not saying we should trust the police know that your president and we have searched them we've said we should follow the law which is some sort of regularity but investigate each how many investigations of that into the three and a half thousand killings two and a half thousand there have been fantasizing the rounds of them are being in the gate the most independent observers are said to have not been investigation that's not the rulings that's not true. independent investigators have seen the progress it's the ideological and the by us human rights groups they said there are three
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thousand cases they picked out twenty eight cases no scientific method of picking out twenty eight they only interviewed the families of the death of the alleged pushers they did not interview anyone from the government. so it's not fair to you and then they came up with their findings generalizing the three thousand from the twenty eight without interviewing the other side and then what did their report say that they believe that possession of drugs should be legalized so you tell me is that a kind of group that is there to investigate or sort of be made the judgment for them any country that that's not legalized the possession of drugs is not handling the drug case properly we've invited them to investigate now let me tell you where the confusion comes in western countries use heroin. and also cocaine none of these drugs is associated with violence and pot and all
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you do that you sir it's the drug sellers who fight it out but methamphetamine hydrochloride has been proven by the w.h.o. by the un office on drugs crime to have been annoyed and but you should hand treat these people not just shoot them in the head you're helping fund a yes you'll get nothing from the you will know you but attention that's not true yes you know it's not we're not sexy a million dollars to fifteen million dollars it's not true twenty eighteen but i thought it was in the budget it's going into the buildings and where we're putting up billions worth of drugs centers all around you about it to treat drug addicts yes i'm in there yes but if they have a gun and they're going to shoot at you all through an awful lot of people have you gotten smaller doesn't just not that's not where you think there's a. problem to the philippines and see because you're talking from space with what they're saying now you with the respect of course the u.s. state department steve human rights watch and the philippine catholic church and
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you're saying i'm in space i can learn and i can only give you those references if you're the feeling. there it's safe for an hour and if you were as if i thought them about it you know they said that the philippines struck them both pushers and users i talked to our ambassador and it's a wrong translation then they are not there. it on the subject of wrong message that we're speaking filipino on the subject of wrong translations as foreign minister is it hard for you to do your job and travel around the world when you let me finish the question of a president who says stuff like who jokes about raping a woman who calls the pope the son of a prostitute who calls the u.s. ambassador the gay son of a prostitute that must be hard for you to be the face of a philippine government where the president says he's outrageous offensive thing that's not all filipinos are now than ever because all the things you said was being said by western media which the president did not see the president did say no he did not ok son the father and son the father the way it said the american something. get the f. out of here and what about you know what about joking about the rape of women which
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you know what he was joking he didn't came out and said i didn't mean he did that joke ok no he was talking about what happened in the eighty's and what he said and what the context of it he never jokes about rape it's very much about rape and it's one of the safest place i mean he seems to be understood president the world since mom not in the philippines not in the middle east not in china not in russia not the three point five million filipinos in america. thanks for joining me and i'm frank you very much think like that. next week millions in the americas will celebrate christopher columbus and his legacy but is it one of discovery or destruction from producer lucas radebe this week's reality check. fourteen ninety two column but the ocean yes it's that time of year again come this day millions of children have been taught the tale of the brave navigator brought civilization to the americas the discovery of the new world
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by an intrepid european explorer what's not to celebrate. it turns out there's quite a lot to celebrate first of all you may have sailed the ocean blue but he didn't discover anything new and sophisticated for the. patients had been in the americas for millennia before columbus mother jones and even if we're talking about europeans crossing the atlantic it's still a couple centuries later even if it had discovered something is not exactly the type of character he wanted to roam on actually columbus is a rival for the start of the genocide that would wipe out millions of indigenous people many died because of a devastating cocktail of foreign diseases columbus and his men also massacred those with surprisingly weren't so happy about europeans plundering all their resources who would have thought right and the columbus is went far beyond his reach even one of its fellow explorers at the time he went too far announcing that
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their work was to ravage kill mangal and. that's one hell of a job description turns out it's a pretty accurate one to be organized hunts to kill indigenous people just for their own amusement and chopped off big ears and nose as the locals would in surrender their goal. effectively became the first of a long list of european invaders to massacre natives across the american continent . and he's also credited with being the first to send slaves back to europe from the americas great guy right and well yes some have renamed columbus day as a way to mark the start history calling it indigenous day or day of cultural diversity. of the us states still recognize columbus day as an official holiday so it's about time that we were by the magic surrounding columbus and make sure the text books reflect the sadistic genocidal invader that he really was.
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furious tirades conspiracy fantasies are diversion to fact and an attraction to violence those are some of the common traits of a mentally ill person they also happen to be traits ascribed to the president of the united states in a new book called the dangerous case of donald trump it's an unprecedented and controversial collection of essays. twenty seven psychiatrists and mental health experts all offering a pretty bleak assessment of the president's mental fitness but is it even possible to diagnose trauma from a far in this way or does this new book provide an essential public service for all those concerned about the sovereignty of the most powerful man on earth joining me to discuss this about an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at yale school of medicine and the editor of this new book and betty tang a trauma therapist and one of the contributors to it thanks both for joining me on upfront but really let me begin with you you conceive dove and put together this new book about president trumps mental health you convinced numerous mental health professionals to contribute their assessment all of which together paint
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a very dire picture of the mental state of the president of the united states why did you write this book and in a sentence or two what is the main message of this book i would first say if i may like to make clear that i'm speaking on my own behalf and not representing the views of yale university school of medicine or yale department of psychiatry to answer your question we are a group of mental health experts who have come to a consensus conclusion about an issue that is of vital interest to the public. and that the public has a right to know basically that mr trump in the office of the presidency is a danger to the public and the international community according to a study by experts at the duke university medical center about it around one in four u.s. presidents have had some sort of mental illness while in office why is trump so special and so different to merit this particular book which calls him a danger mental illness itself does not. involved.
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unfitness for duty an incapacity to carry out a duty it's really the specific symptoms the severity of the symptoms and the particular combination of impulsivity recklessness. an inability to accept facts rage reactions an attraction to violence are prone to incite violence all these things are signs of danger but are your contribution to this book unpacks this wider societal impact that trump has had on the us you talk about a strong stress disorder that has spread some still can you say in the book that the trump presidency has been more unsettling in some ways than the events of nine eleven how can the act of one man winning one election cause people trauma is that a bit much a lot of people also. i mean i was curious to me too because it's not a. natural disaster it's not something that's caused anybody any physical harm was
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a peaceful election however people's reactions out of it. insomnia education instability feelings of being high anxiety i mean it doesn't correlate exactly to p.t.s.d. which is what many of my patients suffer from however the reactions need to be paid attention to since so many have suffered from it and i don't see my position as a left or right i see people having a reaction to this election and to this man's aggression of words and and volatility and switching positions constantly as as being not in keeping with the leader of the free world and safety really is the primary concern the trauma therapist to keep. to work with our patients and how to keep them safe and and this is something that's impacting a lot of people in
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a very deep way. the pushbike to this book in your field in your profession has been pretty intense in some ways one prominent psychologist alum from this is a professor emeritus of psychiatry who actually wrote a manual on diagnosing mental disorders he's come out publicly to denounce the very premise the law in the book he says bob behavior is rarely a sign of mental illness psychiatric name calling is a misguided way of countering trump attack on democracy what do you say to him. actually i don't think we're that much in disagreement we are declaring dangerousness which is different from making a diagnosis i am of the camp that believes it is necessary to do a full interview and to to look at all information including any medical conditions any other disorders that could explain or any other factors that could explain the behavior before making a diagnosis so we are not purporting to make
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a diagnosis i have requested that all contributors refrain from making a diagnosis but we are saying that he is a danger and therefore needs to be fully evaluated urgently people is a lot of presidents when narcissists a lot of presidents incited violence a lot of presidents egomania but you know people didn't write books like this people didn't question their fitness for office what makes trump so special is what i'm trying to get of that you've written this book and well i can tell you as an expert on violence that he has shown many signs of dangerousness the most obvious ones might be verbal aggressiveness history of sexual assault incitement of violence out his rallies attraction to violence and powerful weapons provocation of hostile nations and more recently endorsement of violence which happened during charlottesville. which would create
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a culture that generates epidemics of violence. and sparring with another nuclear power. that has an unstable leader and all these things are signs that dangerous betty what would you say to people who say that constantly questioning trumps mental fitness for office is pretty offensive to people who do have some form of mental illness but do their jobs perfectly well you don't pose a threat to anyone does this book risk stigmatizing mentally ill people. i mean one of the contributors jim dillon speaks about the difference between dangerousness and mental illness not all mentally ill people are dangerous and not all dangerous people are mentally ill and i think we as a group are using our expertise to speak out in the ways that we can about the impact of this. individual who is now in this position of power
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but i think at the base he does not hold the qualifications necessary his best qualification is that he's a very very good. self promoter there's been talk of setting up a commission of mental health experts to evaluate every president going forward to provide advice to congress probs about their fitness for office in your opinion if you were asked by congress should donald trump be removed from office based on his mental state should the twenty fifth amendment which discusses what to do if the president has an inability to discharge the powers and duties of his office should the twenty eighth of the main vote what would you say if you were asked that question bundy. well we're merely recommending that procedures be put in place to evaluate as you said every presidential candidate and every president in the same manner that every military officer and every civilian service person is put through that the commander in chief does not is not put to the same test is
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a glaring omission. currently we are advocating for setting up an expert panel to to advise a commission or any legal body but clearly given what you're saying and given this book you put together the conference you held at yale to question some of the stuff surrounding clearly your of the view that there is a case for removing him based on his mental state there are many signs pointing in that direction and so we're calling for an urgent evaluation ok and just one final question if he does have. some sort of mental or psychological evasion review's unstable as he seems to be to many around him even republican senators. how worried should we therefore be that this guy has the nuclear codes on a scale of one to turn how much of that concern you both well that is our critical concern that. this well his condition is actually probably far worse than people are detecting now that mental impairment
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goes deeper and is far more person per base of people can understand when they are untrained and psychological matters and that the worst is yet to come . pretty ten. i think as vanny put it is impulsivity his lack of recognition of consequence in any realm be it from speaking against n.f.l. football players to speaking against ken. it's there's no context to his behavior in his mind his solipsism is quite concerning so i think it's something to be deeply worried about tearing down the league would have to leave it there thank you so much for joining me on outfront that's our show
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up from will be back next. on accounting a cost us billionaire president donald trump wants to cop taxes but how will his plan impact ordinary americans just plain versus catalonia the economic implications plus comic given what's behind the collapse of australia's auto industry counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. news has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife listening post provides
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a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera facing realities the president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent audit that audit hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt. he had a story. on talk to al-jazeera at this time. i'm suited us and on the with the top stories on al-jazeera saudi arabia's ambassador to the un has rejected the figures and a u.n.
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reports on the number of children it's my.


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