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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 7, 2017 2:00am-3:01am AST

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crissy experiment at this time on al-jazeera. in the heart of the amazon believe in families but then lives in peril to harvest brazil nuts. it's getting the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge. risking it tool in libya. at this time on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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hello i'm rob matheson this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes we exercise the maximum degree of care and precaution to avoid civilian. saudi arabia rejects the figures in a u.n. report blaming it for the deaths of hundreds of children in yemen. spain apologizes for a violent police crackdown on cattle on secessionists about the political deadlock continues. to develop peace prizes given to a group whose sole mission is to abolish nuclear weapons and its director is not mincing words. the election of president trump has made a lot of people feel very uncomfortable with the fact that he alone can authorize the use of nuclear weapons and there's nothing people can do to stop them.
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saudi arabia is on. lassiter to the un has rejected accusations that his country has a lax attitude towards child casualties in his war in yemen united nations says hundreds of children have been killed or injured in attacks on schools and hospitals both the saudi led coalition and who three rebels are being blamed by qana reports from the un. the report lists four thousand recorded violations against children by government forces in some twenty zones of conflict along with over eleven thousand violations by non-state groups but in a carrot and stick approach the format of the report has been altered those states or non-state perpetrators that have been gauged with the un and committed to improving protection for children are placed in a separate blacklist from those parties that have shown no remorse or concern about their actions the saudi led military coalition in yemen is placed in this category
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what became of vanden clear he said there were some listed parties even through many years to three years that had generally been attempting to put in place may shows that i mean they had acknowledged the problem the creation of the category may be an attempt to persuade perpetrators that there is political value in engaging with the u.n. but critics contend it could also be a patent attempt to diminish the saudi anger that followed the military coalition's inclusion in last year's blacklist frankly. the facts speak for themselves the numbers except in response the saudi ambassador said the coalition was committed to working with the u.n. but rejected what he called inaccurate figures quoted in the report we exercise the maximum degree of care and precaution to avoid civilian harm. the regrettable effects of this conflict are
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a direct result of the whole theory and forces loyal to former president signed a. use of immoral and illegal actions that put this in million population at risk while acknowledging that the saudi coalition had committed to measures protecting children in yemen but insisted the saudi coalition still has charges to answer in her report virginia said that dangers to children in yemen show little sign of diminishing i urge the coalition to improve these measures she said the dangers to children in yemen remain an acceptable a high in two thousand and sixteen the question is a threat to children in conflict zones like yemen less today than it was during the reporting period last year amidst yet another round of claim and counter-claim the answer would appear to be no mike hanna al-jazeera united nations.
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is a senior campaigner for advice it's a global civic advocacy and he's joining us now from washington d.c. thank you very much indeed for your time what do you make of the fact that it seems to be the scale of the problem that is in dispute rather than the fact that it's happening at all. well i think the context here is critical over the last two and a half years we've seen the worst humanitarian crisis since the second world war evolves and we've seen the world largely ignore that crisis and i think the fact that in that saudi arabia has been listed on the blacklist yesterday is a critical step in bringing accountability in ending the impunity we've seen in the crisis if you look closely the report details six hundred eighty three cases of children being killed or injured the targeting of schools the targeting of hospitals and it lists all parties to the conflict is accountable and put on the blacklist more generally in the conflict we see hundreds of thousands of people who are suffering from cholera millions displaced from their homes and as many as
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seventeen million who do not know where their next meal is coming these are catastrophic numbers and every step towards accountability is significant how much of a part of the problem is the fact that in any conflict it is always the the figures that become more difficult to establish we're using numbers from the u.n. we're using numbers that are being those numbers are being disputed by the saudi led coalition and yet one would imagine it's actually very difficult to get any sense of the actual scale of the problem here and that must cause a great deal of difficulty as perhaps we're seeing. well i think a political argument over the numbers is obfuscation that's not what's important what's important is that millions of human needs are in need and there are very simple procedures and diplomatic pressure that can be placed on the saudi led coalition and the rebels to make sure that you many civilians have the relief they
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need that there is some form of accountability and that there's greater mediation for political discourse to end the conflict and that's the real priority here they're very simple steps that can be taken to remediate some of the needs of the many civilians that includes opening the airport in sana putting cranes in who data getting stuck you know reporters in greater humanitarian access to many parts of the country and that should be the real focus not an argument over whose numbers are more accurate so who's the best place to put that pressure on and what kind of pressure should be placed on it that would have any effect on both sides in the conflict. well this is a very significant moment last week when human rights council at the united nations voted to empanel a group of investigators to investigate work crimes in yemen that's significant because there have been numerous serial reports of violations of international humanitarian law and those investigators will get to the bottom of those who are crimes and this week we see a blacklist come out that names all parties to the conflict the saudi led coalition you many forces who the rebels and also al qaeda in the arabian peninsula so that's
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an important step towards accountability also important is this for the u.s. congress both the house and the senate are likely to vote on issues related to the u.s. in support of the saudi led coalition and u.s. arm deals with saudi arabia the u.k. is also position to do something similar and that diplomatic leverage from traditional saudi allies the u.s. the u.k. and others in europe will be critical to making sure that humanitarian aid gets into the country that the conflict comes to an end and ultimately there's some accountability for the work we've seen you were talking about that team of experts that was to be allowed into yemen to document and find details about the aguilar legations war crimes committed by both sides but given this report do you think that the saudi led coalition and the who these are actually going to be willing to let those experts in. well i can't speculate on whether they'd be willing but but it's the role of the international community to ensure that they get there one of the problems is that is that for two and
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a half years this is been an invisible conflict and i want to reiterate that the u.n. has called this the greatest humanitarian catastrophe since the second world war and so it's the role of the international community to make sure that this invisible conflict becomes visible because the more people around the world see the more horrified they are seven hundred fifty thousand avaaz members members the organization i work for have asked for arms deals with saudi arabia to be stopped until the conflict comes to an end tens of thousands of donated in a fundraiser to make sure that we can get journalists into the country to tell the stories of people all over the world know exactly what's going on and the longer we can build that public pressure the longer the sooner people realize that this is a man made crisis this is a crisis we have the power to end and with effective diplomatic pressure from the u.s. from the u.k. from the secretary general the work can be brought to an end to a peaceful negotiated political solution good to get your opinion on this nic thank you very much indeed. the spanish government has apologized for the violent
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response by police during the secession referendum in catalonia on sunday local health authorities say around nine hundred people were injured senior police officials from the region have appeared in court in madrid open hole reports from barcelona. its apologies go it was a little lukewarm the spanish government spokesman said he was sorry for the hundreds of catalan voters injured by national police and civil guard riot units but he said they were just following orders those orders to stop sunday's referendum from happening at all direct from madrid on. and i said this very clearly before they were following an order they weren't order to avoid in a legal vote they were ordered to seize ballot boxes if there were incidents and there were people who were injured evidently we are almost sorry other than those words there was no hint of madrid softening its stance on friday catalonia as
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police chief only weeks ago hailed a hero became the villain appearing in court in madrid. major just stepped up arrow commander of the regional muscles disquieted a force was lauded for a swift response in august to the attacks in barcelona in madrid prosecutors accused him of sedition or inciting a rebellion for failing to quash support for catalan secession the process ation leaders of two of catalonia civic and grassroots organizations face the same charges prosecutors say the leaders revved up crowds around cattle and government offices on september the twentieth and the human blockade hampered raids by national and civil guard police under orders from government leaders in madrid. i invoked the right not to make a statement because i don't recognize this court's competence in relation to the crime we are accused of sedition because we are convinced we have not committed any kind of crime as the crisis lurches on there's
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a whiff of disarray among cattle and process sessions politicians some want to call a potentially historic parliamentary meeting for monday that debate could lead to a full blown declaration of independence others favor rescheduling it until tuesday and yet more sensing they may have overplayed their hand suggest catalonia may not yet be ready for independence at all call pennell al-jazeera barcelona spain u.s. president donald trump plan to decertify the iranian nuclear deal has been criticized by many governments the european commission says iran is complying with the agreement and that all sides should stick to their commitments russia's foreign minister is also supporting the deal from washington d.c. tom ackerman reports. in typical style the u.s. president heightened suspense over the fate of the landmark nuclear deal with iran when he posed with senior military officials cryptically he said maybe it's the
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calm before the storm donald trump wouldn't explain whether he was referring to iran but again he made clear his distaste for what he's condemned as an embarrassing deal made by his predecessor barack obama we must put an end to iran's continued aggression and nuclear ambitions they have not lived up to the spirit of their agreement as to the letter of the deal his administration has twice certified to the u.s. congress that iran is fundamentally complying with the terms earlier this week defense secretary james mattis said holding iran to it was in america's security interest i believe at this point in time absent indications to the contrary it is something the president should consider staying with but if he does refuse to certify it donald trump could force congress to make the next move it has sixty days to review its options and those include sanctions the u.s.
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president's allies in congress say their aim is to force iran back to the bargaining table i'm saying that we need a new and broader approach that looks at fixing the problems with the deal and confronting iran to campaign for a purely aggression in the region that may involved were imposed sanctions but there's no reason we shouldn't have some time for diplomacy to work with iran's foreign minister told al jazeera that by withdrawing trump would be damaging u.s. credibility so i believe did i just say it would be much better off if the united states agreed to abide by that b. because if it didn't. the international community would never trust any commitment by the united states even those who say the deal is bad acknowledge that renewing sanctions would have an economic impact on the united states boeing were. of america's biggest employers has signed twenty billion dollars in orders from iranian airlines it's warned that one hundred thousand american jobs are in
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jeopardy if sanctions are re-imposed trump is also at odds with his allies including the british embassy here pointedly tweeted the nuclear deal it's working we'll all be listening closely when the president makes his announcement next week a few days before the recertify cation deadline tom ackerman al jazeera washington the u.s. military has pulled out of joint exercises in the gulf as a result of the ongoing diplomatic crisis targeting qatar a spokesman is quoted as saying we are opting out of some military exercises out of respect for the concept of inclusiveness and shared regional interests we would encourage to continue to encourage all partners to work together toward the sort of common solutions that enable security and stability in the region well as it is senior political analyst marwan bashar says the u.s. is putting more pressure on the gulf states to settle their differences. you know in the beginning the central command said that there are that the gulf crisis does not have any effect on its operations against eisel and so on so on so forth but
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certainly when it comes to military exercises and you need to do it with the countries of the region of the gulf region and you have a fifth fleet and by her a and central command in doha qatar it's not very difficult to do it when the parties are in disagreement and basically are you know at the state of conflict so i think what's happening here is really putting a lot of psychological political diplomatic and operational pressure on the saudis and the m.r.i. to backtrack and sometimes as they say you know when it rains it pours and clearly there's been a lot of pressure on saudi arabia whether as far as its war in iraq it's human rights record or on the question of qatar on the question of the support of terror and the american congress the so-called just a lot and all the like so i think there's more pressure on riyadh and i would be at
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this point in time by the americans to dissolve this issue and i think the central command is part and parcel of course of that piracy and i think in so many ways before the end of the year we'll probably see more pressure from the trump administration to get this thing settled in some way or another the body of a missing u.s. soldiers been found two days after an ambush of a militia patrol in niger the soldiers one of four u.s. troops and four knowledge of forces killed in an attack by suspected fighters linked to eisele the attack happens two hundred kilometers north of the capital niamey u.s. and niger forces were leaving a meeting with tribal elders when they were fired upon. more than three million mexicans have been affected by last month's earthquake which hit the impoverished south southern states or scott and shop us thousands of people whose houses were destroyed are still waiting for government assistance john heilemann has been to
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shop us i sent this report. natalie's been homeless for a month now that's more than half her life the seven september earthquake in south mexico destroyed more than one hundred houses in her village including her family's since then her mother data has been waiting for government help to rebuild that even though they haven't given us a specific time some say in a bit of this in december we have no certainty especially because officials have told us we're not on the list to get help. thank you government list of destroyed houses is everything here authorities have spent a month throwing it up and placed around six and a half thousand dollars to each family whose home is on it many are worried that there's has been missed especially those in smaller communities who didn't receive a visit from government experts like eighty two year old petrovna she and her family is sleeping outside their home they're worried it could collapse at any
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moment. we're frightened of paypal about the mosquito about dang we're waiting for help saying how long we can last outside my mom doesn't want to do this any longer. this earthquake was overshadowed by one which shook mexico city shortly after but federal authorities still arrived in force that hasn't stopped widespread doubts on whether they'll come through for residents makes conserv learn from bitter experience that disaster funds often don't get to where they're needed even in the midst of situations like this one there's a long track record of government officials misusing or simply stealing public money and social development. history is cool donating earthquake relief but an investigation by a news media site and then geo just before the disaster found that it a previously disappeared millions of dollars meant for the poor how are you going to assure people that the federal government isn't going to steal this money.
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the best way is to work as we're doing it's very simple the disaster money doesn't pass through the hands of the government and it goes directly to a credit card with the name of the person that. is the rainy season goes on the newly homeless here have little choice but to trust that this time things will be different john home and. choppers plenty more ahead in the news are a final farewell for a former iraqi president and champion of kurdish independence plus. there are more guns than people in the u.s. yet no funding for research into gun control one state is looking to change that. and spain booked their spot at the world cup we're going to tell you how in this sport.
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nuclear weapons organization has been awarded this year's nobel peace prize to be philips has more on the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons or icon and this year's award the announcement from the always capital of the new we know the committee has decided to award the nobel peace price for twenty seventeen to the international companion to polish new weapons i can't i can't but you need a base coalition of campaigning groups for more than one hundred countries has promoted a treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons. this is a time of great global tension my fear could all easily lead us to unspeakable horror the specter of nuclear conflict. if there's ever a time for states to declare their opposition to nuclear weapons that moment now.
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with north korea's repeated nuclear weapons tests and its trading of insults with the united states war seems a more real possibility now than at any time since the cold war the united states has great strength and patience but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea donald trump is also threatening to take the united states out of the iran nuclear agreement the negotiations for the nuclear treaty were boycotted by the americans but the other nuclear weapons states britain france china russia israel india and pakistan also say they won't sign the message we are sending is to remind them of the commitments that they have already made that say also are obliged to work
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for nuclear free world. these weapons of fire and fury have not been used in anger since one thousand nine hundred forty five but the haunting images of hiroshima and nagasaki still testament to their horror to be phillips al-jazeera london earlier this week i can see executive director tweeted that donald trump was a moron speaking after the award she used more diplomatic language but made clear her concerns about the u.s. president. the election of president donald trump has made a lot of people feel very uncomfortable with the fact that he alone can authorize the use of nuclear weapons and there's nothing people can do to stop. a man that you can beat with a tweet. who seems to be taking bastion decisions very quickly. and it's sort of not listening to expertise is it just puts a spotlight on
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a spotlight on what this nuclear weapons really mean. there are no right hands for the wrong weapons the u.n. says it's braced for a further exodus of range of refugees from miramar to bangladesh already over half a million or injured have crossed the borders since the end of august scaping a military crackdown in the miramar state of iraq and has been denounced as ethnic cleansing remark claims it's fighting separatist fighters but aid organizations say security forces and buddhist vigilantes have torched hundreds of writing to villages and driven people from their homes or homage i'm jim has more from cox's bazar in bangladesh near the border with me and my. you hear the word appalling use so much to describe conditions that they were hinder refugees are trying to survive in makeshift camps like this one in cox's bazaar which is on bangladesh's border with me and more let me try to tell you why that is first of all the weather it's
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brutally hot brutally humid then you have the rains you must remember this is still monsoon season and that means that when more rains comes the conditions can get more unsanitary that's one of the reasons why aid workers are so afraid that epidemics could break out here at any time why they are trying to prevent that and you have the fact that i mean look at how these these tents are constructed all that these people have to survive the elements with tarp wood and other materials it's very difficult to survive conditions like this when you only have a few materials like that it's a real concern and everybody that we've been speaking with be they refugees who arrived in the past month be they refugees who arrived in the past few days especially the aid workers all sounding the alarm bells all saying that they expected things are only going to get worse a funeral with full military honors has been held in northern iraq for the veteran kodesh leader. the former iraqi president died on tuesday at the age of eighty
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three of the reports. three days after his then the body of jealous taliban the evidence of even mia it was an iraqi aircraft that carried to iraq's first post said that his team president but it was the kurdish flag his body was wrapped in a message clearly saying gelatin about me was that could you should you hold. it was his successor iraq's current president fled mass to end childhood friend who lay defers to be followed by kurdish president there's only at times his political full and at other times an ally. then it was iran's foreign minister followed by iraqi officials but the big absence was iraq's prime minister hyderabadi perhaps a reflection of the current tensions between the central government and the kurds following to vote for secession. but this was a day for his people the generations of kurds who grew up during his.
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i'm very sad after he was sick kurdistan had many sorrows we lost many soldiers in the war now we're all friends he created a women's battalion in the. i'm very proud to be part of it. this grievance of the many people lined the streets as his body was carried through the city kurdish authorities had declared a seven day mourning period certainly the mood is somebody here people have been lining up throughout the city to say their last good bye to mom this is how they refer to him ma'am in kurdish. and affectionate terms that was given to tell about me by his friends one that he carried throughout his career. has been waiting from early morning near de burgh place like many here he regrets the demise of tell about any just as iraq's kurds
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are facing turbulent times many are now at the mire if he was still a long life the kurds would get independence now the turks iran and the west are all against the fight we don't want to close the borders the situation will be different if he was still here in two thousand and twelve taliban he said this was not to call for independence stating that neighboring countries will close the borders five years later iraqi kurds have never been so close to secession to predictions of taliban either pragmatist now a very real threat hanging over the kurdish region but at the. still ahead an al-jazeera lawsuit in the u.s. sets up a clash between conscience and contraception. hundred sixty odd galleries all under one roof we should case the best of london's frieze art fair. what about on his biggest star signs
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a contract like no other details in sports. hello he stopped snowing in montana and the big shot of the kansas and moving up towards the midwest that's this line of cloud here that probably mr magic change is going to happen on the gulf coast later in the weekend in the immediate future then we've got these shouting at city illinois and just across the canadian border is well ahead of it still quite warm in the mid twenty's in new york and washington behind its doors cause it was denver's at twenty three but the temperatures for montana but seattle's for teens who are around about single figures out of salt for most of them tired but look what's happening down in the gulf coast rain's coming in now this is ahead of a developing hurricane by the time we get to the early hours of sunday it will probably make landfall quite close to new orleans now beyond that can't be certain
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where it'll go his main risk is not from wind as is often the case it's from the amount of rain but it's little bit too far i had to say how dangerous it will be i think it's fairly quick moving it's not a huge storm so it will be unpleasant but probably no worse than that but watch this space further south it's currently revolving somewhere near the coast of honduras in this massive cloud here and its main immediate risk is imagine rain it could bring up towards the yucatan before it goes into the gulf of mexico this is a wet area including parts of jamaica and cuba. harley's the rain forests of the sea we continue on our current way we won't have whole race within twenty thirty forty years from now so you're essentially trying to recreate the ecosystem but under controlled conditions the my goal is so the balance is still doesn't answer the decline of the great barrier still sizeable but
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we've got to start now and we need to get everyone behind the solution tag know at this time on hold as iraq and discover the wealth of award winning programming from around the globe and. powerful documentaries there that tell you that hurting us this is literally killing off and we needed to stop would you then listen to bates and discussions and you tell me the one thing you'd like the us to do and gauge ungated and gauge and not pour more fuel on the fire challenge your perceptions.
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour saudi arabia's ambassador to the u.n. has rejected accusations that his country has lax attitude towards child casualties in its war in yemen united nations says hundreds of children have been killed or injured in attacks on schools and hospitals by both the saudi led coalition and who think rebels. the spanish government has apologized for the violent response by police during the secession referendum in catalonia on sunday senior police officials from the region have appeared in court in madrid they're being investigated for sedition. the geneva based clear weapons organization i can and has been awarded this year's nobel peace prize the u.n. secretary general welcomed the unexpected decision tweeting that now more than ever we need a world without nuclear weapons. the american civil liberties union is suing the
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trumpet ministration after it rolled back measures on birth control employers will now be exempt from providing health insurance to their employees that covers contraceptives and measure is aimed at protecting religious freedom the lawsuit claims the change would be unconstitutional to books in washington d.c. for us diane give us some context here what's what's the main story about this. well there is a lot at stake here since the affordable care act went into effect about seven years ago roughly sixty two million american women have been getting contraception paid for through their insurance companies so how many people might be affected by this it's unknown what this rule would say is that a company whether it's a nonprofit or a for profit company could contest paying for that coverage on religious or moral reasons now over the last few years there's been a handful of companies about three percent of religious non-profits who contested
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this the white house says that's about maybe one hundred twenty thousand people so not that many people would be affected by it but the a.c.l.u. and other organizations like planned parenthood worry that other employers might now might now step up to the plate and say they don't want to cover contraception for moral or religious reasons the a.c.l.u. says this blatantly discriminates against women and violates the separation of church and state i think again for context just give us some indication about why this issue this clash between health care and religious conservatives in the u.s. has been going on for as far as i remember about a decade or so. yeah it hasn't you know this is something that really you know the religious community says that in some cases this could be contraception and paying for contraception is something that could. stop a child from being born it's could it's a form of birth control it's
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a very hotly contested issue here in the u.s. among some religious communities and the evangelical community backed president trump last year during the election because he promised to roll back the affordable care act he plans to roll back contraception coverage and also roll back roe v wade and so this for the president is a way to appeal to that evangelical base especially at a time when he's been unsuccessful in repealing the a ca and and going after roe v wade so it's very important to the evangelical base which is one of those groups that got president elected and is very important to him donvan hi thanks very much indeed let's talk to rabbi jack money he's the president of the interfaith alliance and he's joining us on skype from alexandria in virginia as diane was saying there contraception that issue seems to be that the center central factor of this
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particular debate but is it wider than this oh it's much lighter than that well not quite as much notice today is that the true general sessions today issued guidelines that essentially allow for all sorts of religious discrimination on the basis of the claim of closely held religious beliefs attorney general jets such as this not just awful. my apologies i apologize for interrupting you but i was just i just wanted to ask you about one particular thing the attorney general said has been quoted as saying that the freedom of u.s. citizens is an extra kabillion linked with their religious freedom as a people it is protected both the freedom to worship and the freedom not to believe given the statement that we've heard today is that still true do you think i don't think it's true as far as turnage general sessions is concerned and i think the actions that president has taken have flown in the face of the guarantees of
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conscience for americans let these decisions it's done have placed the religious convictions of dispute over the legal rights of the many one of the things that's slightly confusing to me is as one who's outside the us is that i was under the impression that the right to religious freedom in the u.s. was covered by the first amendment of the us constitution and why do you think that sessions has felt it necessary to bring in what appears to be an additional layer of comment on this but i think that this is part of the promises that were made to the base that elected president trump to office there is a belief on the part of some people in the united states including some in the evangelical community and it may be that attorney general sessions is among them that they're fidelity to what they understand to be the law of god supersedes the
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rights and guarantees of the constitution the first amendment indeed guarantees religious freedom it also has the government from establishing any religion or religion at all. on the citizens of the united states that's clearly been violated here and if i understand it correctly in the constitution there as an inference all the know what not a statement that church and state are separate how do you think this statement from sessions affect that. well that statement about the separation of church and state actually comes from thomas jefferson one of the founders of our country and one of the authors of the constitution. i think that what attorney general sessions has done here is begun to tear down that wall and he and the president began to build a different wall a wall that separates those americans who enjoy these universal freedoms and those
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americans did not because they don't form too particular religious or political perspective rabbi jack tony thank you very much indeed for your time thank you the u.s. government has imposed on additional eighty percent import duty on passenger jets made by a canadian company body a new levy follows last week's decision by the us to introduce a two hundred and twenty percent tariff on the manufacturer somebody a has described the penalties as absurd it's american competitor boeing has accused it of getting in the legal subsidies and selling planes at very low prices a gun show that was shuttled for this weekend at a las vegas casino has been canceled organizers say it didn't seem prudent in light of sunday's mass shooting which left fifty eight people dead gun homicides have become a common cause of death in the u.s. but the federal government still does not fund research into gun control the state
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of california is looking to change that as jake award reports. a few facts are clear the u.s. leads the world in gun violence it has the most relaxed gun laws of any developed economy and americans own more guns than anyone else but there's almost no good data on gun violence in the us because the government does not fund gun research here since one thousand nine hundred ninety six congress has forbidden the centers for disease control which tracks all threats to human health from pursuing any research that might advocate for gun control essentially killing the study of gun violence but researchers have found new methods of measuring the effects of so many guns siddarth size part of a stanford research group that uses computing power to model the effect of so-called right to carry laws on the states that passed legislators have argued that carrying a weapon or to determine
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a crime but that is not what the math shows. a right to carry law is increased crime unless specifically there's pretty robust findings that violent crime would increase between thirteen fifteen percent every year tens of thousands of americans die of the loop and that's why the government here has spent billions studying the outbreaks and promoting safety in producing cheap vaccines but guns kill more americans than that and yet the government does not effectively study that's why california is going its own way the california state legislature just put aside five million dollars to establish a california firearm violence research center at u.c. davis to study the unique side effects of guns in america by frank zimring of u.c. berkeley says research about california could reveal truths about the nation so if you can get the answers in sacramento california you have answers that are probably going to apply for the rest of the country and the rest of the organized world
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perhaps it's the first step to truly understand the risks in a country that has more guns than people. jake aboard berkeley california three men have been arrested for allegedly plotting isola inspired attacks in new york city last year authorities say the plan included bombing times square and the subway system and shooting people at culture venues the suspects a u.s. citizen a canadian and a filipino could face life in prison if convicted. the u.n. is worried the growing violence in the democratic republic of congo is making the region's refugee crisis worse the sea is already host to more than four hundred seventy thousand refugees including hundreds of thousands who fled fighting in burundi in the past two years but even more people have fled the sea to take refuge in neighboring countries about four hundred ninety thousand have left the most
2:43 am
recent outbreak of violence has driven more than three thousand people over the border into zambia now in a moment we'll hear from marco maya but a refugee camp in oviedo in the d.r. see first how to reports from a transit center and shelling again northern sound via. doesn't know if his wife is dead or alive they were separated when they village was attacked in the democratic republic of congo a security forces were fighting against militia groups in the area in the chaos he grabbed his children and ran it took them weeks to walk to the zambian border a journey he says traumatized his children. but people are dying their hands in his cut off with machetes pregnant women have the unborn babies come out of the tunnels they found. they burnt up crops i said if we stay year we will die other refugees also said they were forced to flee ethnic clashes aid workers of course this the largest influx of congolese refugees into zambia in the past five years. say.
2:44 am
displaced more than one so some even have been refugees and before and had referred to in the hold that it would be safe and secure for them to stay where they have been displaced yet again their arrive tired exhausted. and in need of shelter and lifesaving humanitarian and the united nations refugee agency says on average between sixty and one hundred people crossing into zambia each day sixty percent of the new arrivals are children the most recent arrivals day and communal structures until more resources are available on average for families in this one area people get a day one in the morning and one in the evening them in the by what the women do the cooking aid workers say there are more than three thousand registered refugees in this transit center and more are still coming. at the end of the day another bus
2:45 am
arrives from the border with sixteen families people hope some of their friends neighbors and relatives are inside. it would mean there are life and are relatively safe in zambia and unfortunately. his wife isn't on the bus either but he hopes she still try. to get to send them or she managed to reach tens in the end the united nations is warning if the security situation in neighboring gets was the humanitarian needs on both sides of the border will become more dire. al-jazeera challenging sending. people in this transit camp of being stuck here for a month is crammed it dirty and there's not enough food it's designed for refugees to stay for a few days before they're resettled here in the democratic republic of congo francine says she fled her home in neighboring grundy when men came to her house tied her up and abducted her husband she's heavily pregnant when you got home. i
2:46 am
saw them carrying him away i was left with all five children then i decided to come here i arrived in february and camped outside the fence for two months before they allowed us to come in. many others here told us they camped outside for a month before they were allowed to come in and register. the un and the government who run the comes to the nearby long term refugee settlement are now full and the transit comes filled up because of a new influx of refugees fleeing violence in the run the earlier this year the camp is within the town of move era which is close to burundi the borders just a couple of hundred meters down this road and this is where most of the refugees came from just over a week ago a congolese militia came down from these hills and attacked the town they fought with the army and at that point all of the refugees who were camped outside were allowed in with the insecurity has caused many more problems since the government
2:47 am
troops seem to be in control of the town for now they fought off the attackers with help from u.n. peacekeepers but humanitarian workers pulled out and food supplies were tossed off . and the people in the camp went from eating to meals a day to just one they say the corn flour paste tastes terrible and gives the children diarrhea and everyone says they're hungry the u.n. says it's in the process of opening a new long term settlement since the first one called loose and became full we had really funding issues because lending issues but even without you know the little plan we're getting we are now developing a new camp and that is the reason why actually listen the camp is overcrowded and the transit center is supposed to be transit facilities have now become actually camps most of bruni's refugees fled to tanzania and some to rwanda those that came here to congo say it was the closest border they could reach and they're the least
2:48 am
fortunate struggling to survive in a country that suffers from poverty and conflict as much as their own malcolm webb al-jazeera zero in the democratic republic of congo. sudan has welcomed the u.s. decision to lift some economic sanctions against it they were imposed in one thousand nine hundred seventy over allegations of support for armed groups the u.s. says there's been improved human rights and progress in counterterrorism efforts in sudan the decision for sanctions relief began under the obama administration al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist mahmoud hussain who's now been in prison in egypt for more than ten months is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny it was arrested in december while visiting his family one of the world's biggest contemporary art fairs has opened in london with one hundred sixty galleries all vying for the attention of collectors across the world it's a chance for art lovers to see
2:49 am
a massive range of top name artists all under one roof in merging artists say they're being excluded john angela reports. big brand names they dominate markets and the market is no exception jeff koons picasso goga this is the blue chip stock on show that frees london in the last ten years the number of international affairs has leapt from ten to over two hundred disrupting traditional gallery sales the three days freeze hosts one hundred sixty galleries under one roof it's a chance to see the maximum number of works in the minimum time we're talking tens of thousands of visitors to come and see and see any any one standard not fair as opposed to a couple of thousand they might visit a gallery show during during its entire two months duration freeze can feel a little bit like a shopping mall exclusive but impersonal they stand anywhere from sixty thousand
2:50 am
dollars put on a figure that can cripple small galleries but others just need to make one sale to cover their costs like this one i keep airing for one point two million dollars. as buyers migrate affaires commercial galleries are closing. but without a physical space the gallery isn't allowed to exhibit it freeze as a result emerging artists a missing out on vital exposure it's very difficult for the smaller more bespoke organizations to survive because it's usually a handful of people. there are models being promoted whereby you know single spaces where lots of galleries can share facilities but that loses your identity for artists michael piper's identity is key his work place with pop culture yes. he's built his own brand but with no help from the gallery talent comes in useful
2:51 am
to people who don't stock successful ones you know it's sort of like you've got to have a real belief in your voice and what you've got to say so. actually being ignored worked out well for me to look at other avenues the big thing for me was actually going on instagram so as some do is close the internet opens transforming the wild into a global marketing operation al-jazeera london still ahead and al-jazeera. the women all around the world. really apologize. from atlanta on. an apology from an n.f.l. player accuser making sexist remarks more later in the program.
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with. with. the supporters forum. thanks very much spain have qualified for next year's world cup in russia they put on a ruthless display to beat albania three nil rodriguez marino is ko and tara with the goals gerard piqué was booed by home fans every time he touched the ball following his support for last sunday's referendum on cattle and independence it didn't matter though spain go through as group g. winners the euro two thousand and sixteen semifinalists wales beat georgia away tom lawrence getting the goal in a one nil win but when moves them one point behind group leaders serbia with a game to go that's because serbia suffered a huge blow losing to austria three two that result is a huge boost to the republic of ireland who are only two points behind and can also
2:54 am
still qualify automatically after their win and group g. italy will head to the playoffs they drew against macedonia a group i iceland are at the top after beating turkey croatia are second two points behind with a game hands. ahead of kept our two thousand and twenty two says the regional blockade poses no risk to the world cup going ahead katter's land air and sea routes have been closed off since june after bahrain egypt saudi arabia and the united arab emirates cut off diplomatic ties with the country but world cup supreme committee had house and all the while he says projects relating to the tournament are progressing as planned in relation to the unilateral illegal blockade that is currently under the first was imposed upon us we immediately instigated our a our plan b. as you know every project contingency plans and we've had contingency plans in place from from from from the very start once the blockade came into play we contacted them a contract or as we put in place alternative supply chains we sourced alternative
2:55 am
materials from alternative suppliers and i'm very happy to say that our project schedule is on time and there's no and there's no significant impact on our projects barcelona's team captain andres iniesta has signed a lifetime contract with the club the thirty three year old is second on their all time appearance list taking the field six hundred thirty nine times his first team debut coming back in two thousand and two and he's helped the club seal a lot of honors winning the league eight times in addition to four champions league titles. today is a very special day for me the same way it was when it was confirmed i was sitting here in my home to be able to keep dreaming of achieving important things for this club my club a club has seen me grow up and overall it is a privilege to me to be able to be captain of this club. the i.o.c. has for visually suspended the brazilian olympic committee and has frozen payments to the body the move comes
2:56 am
a day after the arrest of carlos newsman brazil's olympic committee president he was arrested as part of his investigation into a vote buying scandal the probe is linked to rio's awarding of the twenty sixteen olympics newsman has also been suspended as i.o.c. honorary member and withdrawn from the tokyo two thousand and twenty coordination commission. lewis hamilton has set the fastest time in practice ahead of sunday's japanese grand prix mercedes drivers looking to extend his championship lead over sebastian vettel he was one of only five drivers to set a timeline in a wet second practice session at suzuka. among the victims truck. and i'll player cam newton has apologized on social media after being accused of being sexist towards a female reporter the carolina panthers quarterback said during a press conference that it was funny to hear a female talk about football when questioned by jordan rodriguez from
2:57 am
a local newspaper the league condemned the twenty eight year old's comments as plain wrong and disrespectful one sponsor has dropped newton from their books during this whole process i've already lost fans through some counseling and i realize that the job is really only. learn a valuable lesson from this that you. young people she. told that you learn something from this why. don't you like me. to the record. journalist. to the daughter sister. the woman. surely apology. from the fantasy. world the one rafa nadal isn't slowing down as we approach the end of the international tennis season the spaniard advanced to the
2:58 am
semifinals of the china open on friday by beating sixteen john isner in straight sets that al azhar his sixth title this season and all these people you're next. simona halep is looking to take the world number one women's ranking from darby she needs to reach the final and she's one game away after beating daria pads. and that's all your sport for now more later and i'll be back in a moment with more of the day's news and see that.
2:59 am
a new television station in afghanistan is turning the focus on women it's on t.v. they are on camera in the guest chair and in the control room the founder of zone t.v. says this project couldn't wait this thing is for those mothers on both the son and those wife living in afghanistan there's always talking about their vice but they didn't see anything in a nation where education was forbidden for girls as recently as two thousand and one and network just for women is a mark of progress there's also a very real element of danger of course we are threatened but because just sit in
3:00 am
the corner of our homes we have to go forward and develop ourselves and help bring peace and stability to our country. a right of passage through the generations my cousin was laying down there screaming she was helpless the woman who after endorses facal of pain for what that menai needs the women affected by it at g.m. and those reshaping perception do you think people will abandon this thread about to take al-jazeera correspondent the kind of this time. we exercise the maximum degree of care and precaution to avoid civilian harm saudi arabia rejects the figures in a u.n. .


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