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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 7, 2017 5:00am-6:01am AST

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sugar the ingredients that bring smiles but it's also the number one culprit in the global health crisis cardiovascular disease our number one killer already o.c. the hardest part is just the distance we think of our path but there are plenty of years that all the same if we prove that sugar in place those risk factors this is a problem no i bestowed on old. this is al jazeera.
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and i'm right matheson and this is the news hour live from coming up in the next sixty minutes we exercise the maximum degree of care and precaution to avoid civilian saudi arabia rejects the figures in a u.n. report blaming its for the deaths of hundreds of children in yemen. and a real one not enough there's another major storm battering the central americas and the caribbean. spain apologizes for the violence police crackdown and secessionists about the political deadlock continues. the nobel peace prize is given to a group whose sole mission is to abolish nuclear weapons.
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saudi arabia's ambassador to the un has rejected accusations that his country is towards child casualties and his war in yemen united nations says hundreds of children have been killed or injured in attacks on schools and hospitals both the coalition and who feel levels are being blamed my kind of reports from the u.n. . report. against children by government. some twenty zones of conflict along with over eleven thousand violations by non-state groups but in a carrot and stick approach the format of the report has been altered those states or non-state perpetrators that have been gauged with the un and committed to improving protection for children are placed in a separate blacklist from those parties that have shown no remorse or concern about their actions the saudi led military coalition in yemen is placed in this category
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what became of vanden clear he said there were some listed parties even through many years to three years that had generally been attempting to put in place may shows that i mean they had acknowledged the problem the creation of the category maybe an attempt to persuade perpetrators that there is political value in engaging with the u.n. but critics contend it could also be a patent attempt to diminish the saudi anger that followed the military coalition's inclusion in last year's blacklist frankly. the facts speak for themselves the numbers except in response the saudi ambassador said the coalition was committed to working with the u.n. but rejected what he called inaccurate figures quoted in the report we exercise the maximum degree of care and precaution to avoid civilian harm that regrettable
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effects of this conflict are a direct result of the horsey and forces loyal to former president signing. use of immoral and illegal actions that put this in billion population at risk while acknowledging that the saudi coalition had committed to measures protecting children in yemen but insisted the saudi coalition still has charges to answer in her report virginia said dangers to children in yemen show little sign of diminishing i urge the coalition to improve these measures she said the dangers to children in yemen remain an acceptable a high in two thousand and sixteen the question is a threat to children in conflict zones like yemen less today than it was during the reporting period last year amidst yet another round of claim and counter-claim the answer would appear to be no mike hanna al-jazeera united nations when it came as
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a senior campaigner for. global civic advocacy he says the real priority in yemen should be helping civilians in. political argument over the numbers is obfuscation that's not what's important what's important is that millions of human needs are in need and there are very simple procedures and diplomatic pressure that can be placed on the saudi led coalition and that the rebels to make sure that you many civilians have the relief they need that there is some form of accountability and that there's greater mediation for political discourse to end the conflict and that's the real priority here they're very simple steps that can be taken to remediate some of the needs of the many civilians that includes opening the airport in santa putting cranes and data getting some you know reporters in greater humanitarian access to many parts of the country and that should be the real focus not an argument over whose numbers are more accurate last week the human rights council at the united nations voted to empanel a group of investigators to investigate work crimes in yemen that's significant
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because there have been numerous serial reports of violations of international humanitarian law and those investigators will get to the bottom of those who are crimes this week we see a blacklist come out that names all parties to the conflict the saudi led coalition you many forces who the rebels and also al qaeda in the arabian peninsula so that's an important step towards accountability also important is this fall the u.s. congress both the house and the senate are likely to vote on issues related to the u.s. in support of the saudi led coalition and u.s. arm deals with saudi arabia the u.k. is also position to do something similar and that diplomatic leverage from traditional saudi allies the u.s. the u.k. and others in europe will be critical to making sure that humanitarian aid gets into the country that the conflict comes to an end and ultimately there's some accountability for the work rhymes we've seen drugstore nate is getting stronger as it approaches the u.s. gulf coast that's caused the deaths of at least twenty five people as it passed through countries in central america and costa rica at least seven people have been
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killed and fifty missing flooding has forced at least five thousand people from their homes. well this was the scene in nicaragua a bus full of people barely scrambled to safety the government's declared a state of emergency there the vice president says at least eleven people have been killed because of the storm in el salvador two people have been killed due to mudslides caused by tropical storm nate and in honduras three people have died in floods and landslides nate is due to hit the u.s. state of louisiana later on saturday the man of the city of new orleans has declared a state of emergency. says his city is preparing for the storm as it gets stronger i want to reiterate this to the people the city you know as we have been through this many many times there is no need to panic we're encouraging the public to do all they can to prepare as we do in every weather event you have to have a plan you have to repaired it to protect your personal property it is the
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cooperation of the citizens that make these events work really well with a great first responders who as you can see a well prepared and well organized. more than three million mexicans were affected by last month's earthquake which hit the impoverished southern states and shop us thousands of people whose houses were destroyed are still waiting for government assistance john heilemann has been to chop us and sent this report. natalie's been homeless for a month now that's more than half her life the seven september earthquake in south mexico destroyed more than one hundred houses in her village including her families since then her mother data has been waiting for government help to rebuild that even though they haven't given us a specific time some say in a bit of this in december we have no certainty especially because officials have told us we're not on the list to get help. thank you government list of destroyed
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houses is everything here authorities have spent a month throwing it up and placed around six and a half thousand dollars to each family whose home is on it many are worried that there's has been missed down especially those in smaller communities who didn't receive a visit from government experts like eighty two year old petrovna she and her family is sleeping outside their home they're worried it could collapse at any moment. we're frightened of paypal about the mosquitoes about danger we're waiting for help saying how long we can last outside my mom doesn't want to do this any longer. this earthquake was overshadowed by one which shook mexico city shortly after but federal authorities still arrived in force that hasn't stopped widespread doubts on whether they'll come through for residents makes conserv learnt from bitter experience that disaster funds often don't get to where they're needed even
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in the midst of situations like this one there's a long track record of government officials misusing or simply stealing public money and social development ministry. it's called donating earthquake relief but an investigation by a news media site and then geo just before the disaster found that it a previously disappeared millions of dollars meant for the poor how are you going to assure people that the federal government isn't going to misuse or steal this money. the best way is to work as we're doing it's very simple money doesn't pass through the hands of the government and it goes directly to a credit card with the name of the person that. is the rainy season goes on the newly homeless here have little choice but to trust that this time things will be different john home and does it a chopper's got to learn is regional the president has met community leaders in barcelona to discuss their next move after sunday's referendum the group includes
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lawyers academics and members of the barcelona football club catalan separatist leaders say they're planning to go ahead with secession despite a ban from the spanish central government the prime minister mariano rajoy has rejected any talks on the matter but madrid has apologized for the violent response by police during this is session vote local health authorities say around nine hundred people were injured. reports from barcelona. i suppose. it was a little lukewarm the spanish government spokesman said he was sorry for the hundreds of cattle and voters injured by national police and civil guard riot units but he said they were just following orders those orders to stop sunday's referendum from happening at all direct from madrid on. and i said this very clearly before they were following an order they went order to avoid in legal vote. ballot boxes if there were incidents and there were if people were injured evidently we are sorry
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other than those words there was no hint at madrid softening its stance. on friday catalonia as police chief only weeks ago hailed a hero became the villain appearing in court in madrid major just stepped up arrow commander of the regional muscles disquieted a force was lauded for his swift response in august to the attacks in barcelona in madrid prosecutors accused him of sedition or inciting a rebellion for failing to quash support for catalan secession the process asian leaders of two of catalonia civic and grassroots organizations face the same charges prosecutors say the leaders revved up crowds around cattle and government offices on september the twentieth and the human blockade hampered raids by national and civil guard police under orders from government leaders in madrid.
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is that i invoke the right not to make a statement because i don't recognize this court's competence in relation to the crime we are accused of sedition because we are convinced we have not committed any kind of crime as the crisis lurches on there's a whiff of disarray among cattle and process sessions politicians some want to call a potentially historic parliamentary meeting for monday that debate could lead to a full blown declaration of independence others favor rescheduling it until tuesday and yet more sensing they may have overplayed their hand suggest catalonia may not yet be ready for independence at all call pennell al-jazeera barcelona spain. the u.s. military pulled out of joint exercises in the gulf as a result of the ongoing diplomatic crisis targeting qatar a spokesman is quoted as saying we're operating out of some military exercises respect for the concept of inclusiveness and shared regional interests we will
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continue to encourage all partners to work together towards the sort of common solutions that enable security and stability in the region. a senior political analyst. says the u.s. is putting more pressure on the gulf states to settle their differences. you know in the beginning the central command said that there are that the gulf crisis does not have any effect on its operations against eisel and so on so on so forth but certainly when it comes to military exercises and you need to do it with the countries of the region of the gulf region and you have a fifth fleet and by her a in central command in doha qatar it's just very difficult to do it when the parties are in disagreement and basically are you know at the state of conflict so i think what's happening here is really putting a lot of psychological political diplomatic and operational pressure on the saudis
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and the i'm right these due to backtrack and sometimes as they say you know when it rains it pours and clearly there's been a lot of pressure on saudi arabia whether as far as its war in iraq its human rights record or are on the question of qatar on the question of the support of terror and the american congress the so-called just are a lot and all the like so i think there's more pressure on the riyadh and i would be at this point in time by the americans to dissolve this issue and i think the central command is part and parcel of course of that piracy and i think in so many ways before the end of the year we'll probably see more pressure from the trump administration to get this thing settled in some way or another and the nuclear weapons organization has been awarded this year's nobel peace prize the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons or icon is based in geneva want to be full of supports the announcement from the ways capital for the new we each
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nobel committee has decided to avoid the nobel peace price for twenty seventeen. to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons i can i kept the geneva based coalition of campaigning groups for more than one hundred countries has promoted a treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons. this is a time of great global tension where fear. to unspeakable horror the specter of nuclear conflict looms large once more if there's ever a time for states to declare their opposition to nuclear weapons that moment is now . with north korea's repeated nuclear weapons tests and its trading of insults with the united states war seems
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a more real possibility now than at any time since the cold war the united states has great strength and patients but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea donald trump is also threatening to take the united states out of the iran nuclear agreement the negotiations for the nuclear treaty were boycotted by the americans but the other nuclear weapons states britain france china russia israel india and pakistan also say they won't sign the message we are sending is to remind them of the commitments that they have already made that say also are obliged to work for nuclear free world. these weapons of fire and fury have not been used in anger since one thousand nine hundred forty five but the haunting
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images of hiroshima and nagasaki still testament to their horror. al-jazeera london . well earlier this week icons executive director tweeted that donald trump was more on speaking after the award she was more diplomatic the election of president donald trump has made a lot of people feel very uncomfortable with the fact that he alone can authorize the use of nuclear weapons and there's nothing people can do to stop him. so you can be with a tweet. who seems to be taking rational decisions very quickly. sort of not listening to expertise is it just puts a spotlight on a spotlight on what this nuclear weapons really mean. there are no right hands whether for the wrong weapons. plenty more ahead on the news our lawsuit in the u.s. sets up a clash between conscience and contraception. a final farewell for
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a former iraqi president and champion of kurdish independence it's plus. spain booked their spot at the world cup we'll tell you how in school. the philippine president is being accused of trying to cover up allegations of corruption within his family by supporting the impeachment of the chief judge in the supreme court and an on board sman president going to turn to dissenting voices want to impeach him alan dogon has more from manila my president will be good that there to is accusing opposition members of plotting to this that belies the government detectives says orbits munt conchita carpio morale is and supreme court chief justice lawyer decide endl are part of a wider coalition that includes the liberal party and the leftist movement both
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were appointed by former president beneath the leader of the opposition liberal party or ellis is office is investigating allegations that secret bank accounts containing hundreds of millions of dollars he acquired in his decades old stint as mayor of davos city in the southern philippines there to denies the allegations and impeachment complaint filed against supreme court chief justice today no has been deemed sufficient by congress the majority are allies of the. sit and there is accused of committing irregularities in her statement of assets and liabilities a document that declares a government official's personal wealth said and his lawyers say the allegations are baseless the charges are. they are absolutely without the facts and. do not even
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constitute. their day has recently challenged the two government officials to resign with him. at least i did not start this. critics see the actions as a ploy to silence them senator let the biba a long time opponent to take this policies. on drug trafficking charges. mostly testimonies of convicted illegal drug traffickers. came from. a decades of being a local political leader without realizing the nation is different from the city of buffalo he has become very defensive which. critics say dude. on dangerous ground he's attacking institutions that investigate corruption and bad
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governance organizations like the supreme courts and the ombudsman that independent and free from any political interference. which is author and professor of political science at the university in manila he's joining us from there thank you very much for being with us what do you think this case and others similar to it tell us about the justice system in the philippines. well i mean for critics of president it's there at that there's a sense that we are seeing a specter of furthur in the ism that you're seeing a gradual and she ation of institutional checks and balances the lower house of the philippine congress is seen more or less as a rubber stamp for the president the impeachment complaint against chief justice serenity's actually being pushed forward by the place of the president in the lower house and also by one of the larger former president gloria macapagal arroyo who was under investigation for corruption to pay previous presidency so in many ways
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we could see i mean some people see this as an attempt by the president and he's left to silence any kind of criticism and to take independent figures who are in charge of key institutions of the state whether it's the supreme court or whether it's the on which men office and i mean the other thing we have to keep in mind is present that there is a classic populist whenever populous come under criticism they come under attack they take the offensive in their offensive always is to portray their critics as the enemy of the people as the ending of the state as part of a plot a conspiracy to bring him down and he has somehow a convincing argument that this for supporters to put forward because both the on with cement and the chief justice of the supreme court were appointed by the previous president and therefore they are being portrayed as the extension of the previous administration if not the previous regime to bring them to the territory in the station so by deploying this rhetoric of conspiracy and sabotage present a tear at the ace trying to push back against allegations of corruption against
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himself and his family but how is this playing with the people of the philippines as you say he's a populist president he was swept to power on on the basis of his plans to get rid of the drug problem in the philippines which has. dealt with very strongly how are the people of the philippines dealing with. well let's force people are concerned i mean the surveys show that the president is still popular around eighty percent approval rating but i think that's quite normal in the philippines presidents tend to have this level of popularity in their first two two years in the office but i think that people are actually themself kind of confused because the reality is that this silly thing justice system has also been under criticism for its failure to dispense with justice to ensure accountability within the state institutions so when the president declared that thrice that top billing was my office or the supremes court it tends to resonate with some section of the society who are losing confidence or losing patience with the inefficacy of the
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philippine state institutions including its judicial system i think the same logic applies to those people who support the president's blood the water and drugs which has led to thousands of killings because people believe that these institutions are either selective they're biased or inefficient or politically motivated so when the president is attacking them with my office and the supreme court office it's actually resonates with certain section of the society there is a lot of comment about this from human rights organizations around the world but why do you think the reasons are greater global pressure from other governments on the territory government to become more transparent if nothing else in the way that it deals with things like this. well i mean first of all present that there are these not the only prominent i would say the right leaning populace around the world i mean you can start the donald trump in the united states and go around the world there are a lot of these figures who are emerging around the world this is part of a broader trend that of course the human rights and international community have been warry the bot i mean the other thing is that president do therapy in the past
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few months has also managed to get more cooperation and more sympathy from the western countries particularly the united states and australia precisely because of security considerations as you may know in soudan philippines and mean that now you have the threat of isis the specter of isis so countries like australia and the united states who tended to be more critical of the third human rights record are not allowed to be more quiet on that issue precisely because they want to get there at this cooperation on what they believe is the number one priority right now which is the threat of transnational terrorism and declared himself has openly welcomed that in fact he has announced recently that western countries are no longer raising human rights issues perhaps with the exception of the european union because everyone is concerned with the i.c.c. in mindanao so he has also very deftly used security issues in order to push aside our allied issues like human rights which are done and thank you very much indeed. our funeral with full military honors has been held in northern iraq for the
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veteran kurdish leader. the former iraqi president died on tuesday. three. reports. after. it was an iraqi aircraft that carried. president but it was the. his body was wrapped in a message clearly saying. he was a kurdish. it was. president. childhood friend who. followed by kurdish president. at times his political and at other times. then it was iran's foreign minister followed by iraqi officials but the big absence was iraq's prime minister hyderabadi perhaps a reflection of the current tensions between the central government and the kurds
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following to vote for secession. but this was a day for his people generations of kurds who grew up during his time. i'm very sad after he was sick kurdistan had many sorrows we lost many soldiers in the war now we're all friends he created a women's battalion and. i'm very proud to be part of it. this grievance of the many people lined the streets of his body was carried through the city kurdish authorities had declared a seven day mourning period certainly the mood is somebody here people have been lining up throughout the city to say their last good bye to mom this is how they refer to him ma'am uncle in kurdish. an affectionate term that was given to tell about me by his friends one that he carried throughout his career. has been waiting from early morning near de burgh
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place like many here he regrets the demise of tell about any just as iraq's kurds are facing turbulent times many are not the. if he was still a long life the kurds would get independence now the turks iran and the west are all against the fight we don't want to close the borders the situation will be different if he was still here in two thousand and twelve taliban he said this was not to call for independence stating that neighboring countries will close the borders five years later iraqi kurds have never been so close to secession the predictions of taliban either pragmatist now a very real threat hanging over the kurdish region but at the. still ahead an al-jazeera anger in many countries after more hints that u.s. president donald trump is preparing to decertify their raney a nuclear deal. tourists are flocking to this current corner of south korea's
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capital this is restored houses but not everyone's happy. and one of barcelona's biggest stars assigns a contract quite like no other details in sport. from a fresh coast to breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. how the heavy rain that was falling in south west to chopstick the hind end i was moved westward so it'll probably be a wet day in north vietnam but the trend is for that rain to become lighter to the cloud to disappear for hong kong to come back into the sunshine and thirty four degrees which is compatible with a good part of central and southern china even up in sichuan to go a long way north of where you pick up what is now once again developing rain but of course the rainy season should be coming into malaysia and indonesia and it is more
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or less this is a daytime pictures and you see over land of the temperature rises showers fall but they quite often just drift cross the ocean overnight and end up for example in the wet recently same is true of singapore not in the forecast to anywhere in southeast asia then could well get significant shouter the next day or so they certainly reach java jakarta's been wet from last couple of days and you're back in the forecast rain as well. now the monsoon rain over india as it goes away tends to pulse if you know again it's currently pulsing back up again looks like an incoming monsoon so you know look a wet day in poor this is saturday but time to get to sunday you could well find the cloud shield even goes back of a good year out officially i had to monsoon. the weather sponsored by qatar and face. a rite of passage through the generations my cousin was laying down there i'm still a screaming she was helpless the woman have to endorse this faculty of pain for
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what that menai meets the women affected by s.g.m. and those reshaping perception do you think people will abandon this thread about to those take al-jazeera correspondent. this time. al-jazeera. every us.
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you're watching all just a reminder of our top stories this hour saudi arabia's ambassador to the u.n. has rejected accusations that his country has a lax attitude towards child casualties in its war in yemen united nations says hundreds of children have been killed or injured and attacks on schools and hospitals by both the coalition and what. tropical storm nate is getting stronger as it approaches the u.s. gulf coast and caused the deaths of at least twenty five people as it passed through central america. the geneva based on thousand nuclear weapons organization i can has been awarded this year's nobel peace prize the u.n. secretary general welcomed the unexpected decision tweeting that now more than ever we need a world without nuclear weapons. u.s.
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president donald trump's plan to decertify the iranian nuclear deal has been criticized by many governments european commission says iran is complying with the agreement and that all sides should stick to their commitments russia's foreign minister is also supporting the deal from washington d.c. tom ackerman reports. in typical style the u.s. president heightened suspense over the fate of the landmark nuclear deal with iran when he posed with senior military officials cryptically he said maybe it's the calm before the storm donald trump wouldn't explain what he was referring to iran but again he made clear his distaste for what he's condemned as an embarrassing deal made by his predecessor barack obama we must put an end to iran's aggression and nuclear. vision's they have not lived up to the spirit of their agreement as to the letter of the deal his administration has twice certified to the u.s.
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congress that iran is fundamentally complying with the terms earlier this week defense secretary james mattis said holding iran to it was in america's security interest i believe at this point in time absent indications to the contrary it is something the president should consider staying with but if he does refuse to certify it donald trump could force congress to make the next move it has sixty days to review its options and those include sanctions the u.s. president's allies in congress say their aim is to force iran back to the bargaining table i'm saying that we need a new and broader approach that looks at fixing the problems with the deal and confronting iran to campaign for a purely aggression in the region that may involved were imposed sanctions but there's no reason we shouldn't give some time for diplomacy to work with iran's foreign minister told al jazeera that by withdrawing trump would be damaging u.s. credibility so i believe did i just say it would be much better off if the united
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states agreed to abide by that be because if it didn't the international community would never trust any commitment by the united states even those who say the deal is bad acknowledge that renewing sanctions would have an economic impact on the united states boeing one of america's biggest employers has signed twenty billion dollars in orders from iranian airlines it's warned that one hundred thousand american jobs are in jeopardy if sanctions are re-imposed trump is also at odds with his allies including the british those embassy here pointedly tweeted the nuclear deal it's working we'll all be listening closely when the president makes his announcement next week a few days before the resort of occasion deadline tom ackerman al-jazeera washington. but joining me on skype from virginia is to to parse it he's president of the national iranian american council and author of losing an enemy obama iran
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and the triumph of democracy thank you very much for being with us so this out of occasion moves to the decision to congress what do you think donald trump is trying to achieve with this i think the fundamental incentive or driving force behind trump is not actually that there's anything wrong with a deal or anything that he believes the iranians have violated as you pointed out in the package he has already certified that iran is in compliance twice that i as certified of iran is in compliance eight times in a row now with this comes down to broadly is that donald trump is obsessed with the idea of doing anything that obama has achieved and he's going to congress in order to make sure that congress will share the blame of the disaster that will follow once they impose sanctions on iran in the event that they do imposed sanctions do you think that that word to bring iran back to the table or what action would iran
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take under those circumstances sanctions didn't bring iran to the table in the first time and it won't bring them this time either the idea that the united states could get a better deal than with the obama administration and its european allies and she twenty fifteen by offering less and demanding more is an absolute fantasy what this will end up doing is that it will destroy a perfectly working the all right now and create an international crisis that unfortunately might bring the united states and iran back towards a path toward what do you think is the role of the other signatories to this deal in this situation. without exception every other signatory to this agreement is baffled and extremely opposed to the trumpet ministrations approach here and believe and have explicitly stated that this deal
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is working what is happening right now isn't even the europeans are preparing to take on much tougher issues for instance potentially blocking mechanisms against new american sanctions and would target european companies that are trading with iran what this is doing essentially is that it's creating a conflict between the united states and europe it is not bringing iran to the table or bringing about a better deal iran's president hassan rouhani has said his country would respond decisively and resolutely of the u.s. walked out on the deal we just heard and in tom's piece there that boeing has signed a twenty billion dollars in orders from iranian airlines what do you think is going to happen to deals like that well this is going to be a major dial another truck because as much as he hates obama's achievements at the same time he is very sensitive about job creation in the united states to boeing
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the i'm according to boeing will create roughly one hundred thousand jobs in the united states in the manufacturing industry which is something that is very important to trump so it's not clear trump really has thought this through clearly . we have heard rumors that he's been trying to find a way of killing the deal but keeping the boeing deal it seems that he has no understanding of what is realistic in international relations in a wider context what do you think what message do you think this situation sends to other countries in the world with whom the u.s. would want to do deals like for example north korea. part of the reason why several of the senior members of the trump administration are opposed to these are difficult they may be critical of the deal but they're still opposed to trump the certifying it is precisely because of their fear that it will render any possibility for
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a diplomatic solution with north korea impossible because why would anyone trust the united states after an eight on its word in the monitor trump is doing right now again it would be a different story if the iranians were cheating but they're not they're actually living up to the you know in a way that has been certified eight times by the i.a.e.a. so to cure the iran of these circumstances really does damage america's ability to negotiate anything similar to this with future countries to deposit as president of the national iranian american council thank you very much for your time thank you so much for having me. the american civil liberties union is suing the trumpet ministration off to have rolled back measures on birth control employers will now be exempt from providing health insurance to their employees that covers contraceptives but measures aimed at protecting religious freedom the lawsuit claims the change would be unconstitutional diane estabrook reports. it's
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a move that could impact millions of american women the trump administration is rolling back on obamacare mandate requiring insurance coverage for contraception the white house said effective immediately a new rule allows employers to refuse contraception coverage based on religious or moral reasons this is a president who supports the first amendment supports the freedom of religion i don't understand why that should be an issue the american civil liberties union was quick to respond it filed a suit in san francisco saying the rule violates the separation of church and state and discriminates against women but while the courts may exempt some employers from providing contraceptive coverage their workers might still get it anyway really they play the duty on the government to step up to the plate to provide a way for you know the people who potentially stand to lose and then to get that
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coverage in another gesture to the religious right attorney general jeff sessions issued a number of broad guidelines aimed at protecting religious freedom one says religious organizations should be able to hire workers whose religious beliefs are consistent with theirs critics say that could allow some employers to discriminate against the l g b t community and others but for president trump the guidelines are a reaffirmation of the commitment he made to evangelical voters who swept him into office and who he continues to court free speech does not end at the steps of a cathedral or a synagogue or any other house of worship we are giving our churches their voices back we are giving them back in the highest form. with this executive order we also make clear that the federal government will never ever penalize any person for their protests did religious beliefs but these moves could set the
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administration up for another long battle in federal court diane estabrook al-jazeera washington rabbi jack marline is president of the interfaith alliance and he says the new roles or role the actions that president has taken have flown in the face of the guarantees of conscience for americans let these decisions it's done have placed the religious convictions of dispute over the legal rights of the many. one of the things that's slightly confusing to me is as one who's outside the us is that i was under the impression that. the right to religious freedom in the u.s. was covered by the first amendment of the u.s. constitution and why do you think that sessions has felt it necessary to bring in what appears to be an additional layer of comment on this but i think that this is part of the promises that were made to the base that elected president trump to
5:45 am
office there is a belief on the part of some people in the united states including some in the evangelical community and it may be that attorney general sessions is among them that they're fidelity to what they understand to be the law of god supersedes the rights and guarantees of the constitution the first amendment indeed guarantees religious freedom and also prohibits the government from establishing any religion or religion at all on its behalf on the citizens of the united states that's clearly been violated here. a gun show that was shadowed for this weekend at a las vegas casino has been canceled the organizers say it didn't seem prudent in light of sunday's mass shooting which left fifty eight people dead gun homicides have become a common cause of death in the u.s. but the federal government still does not fund research into gun control jake award reports a few facts are clear the u.s.
5:46 am
leads the world in gun violence it has the most relaxed gun laws of any developed economy and americans own more guns than anyone else but there's almost no good data on gun violence in the u.s. because the government does not fund gun research here. since one thousand nine hundred ninety six congress has forbidden the centers for disease control which tracks all threats to human health from pursuing any research that might advocate for gun control essentially killing the study of gun violence but researchers have found new methods of measuring the effects of so many guns siddarth size part of a stanford research group that uses computing power to model the effect of so-called right to carry laws on the states that passed legislators have argued that carrying a weapon or to determine a crime but that is not what the math shows. a right to carry law is increased crime unless specifically there's pretty robust findings that violent crime would
5:47 am
increase between thirteen fifteen percent every year tens of thousands of americans die of the loop and that's why the government here has spent billions studying the outbreaks and promoting safety of producing cheap vaccines but guns kill more americans than that and yet the government does not effectively study that's why california is going its own way the california state legislature just put aside five million dollars to establish a california firearm violence research center at u.c. davis to study the unique side effects of guns in america by frank zimring of u.c. berkeley says research about california could reveal truths about the nation so if you can get the answers in sacramento california you have answers that are probably going to apply for the rest of the country and the rest of the organized world perhaps it's the first step to truly understand the risks in
5:48 am
a country that has more guns than people jake aboard al-jazeera berkeley california . the body of a missing u.s. soldier has been found two days after an ambush of a military patrol in niger the soldier is one of four u.s. troops killed in an attack by suspected i saw linked fighters the attack happened two hundred kilometers north of the capital in the. al jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist mahmud hussein who's now been in prison in egypt for more than ten months is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al-jazeera strongly deny he was arrested in december while visiting his family south korea's capital seoul is scattered with skyscrapers that were built during a time of rapid economic growth after the one nine hundred fifty s. korean war it was a period known as the miracle on the han river but there's now a push to preserve some of the older homes that might have been forgotten i think
5:49 am
over when to see some of them in this bustling metropolis in the shadow of skyscrapers these houses known as hummocks are a slice of days gone by traditionally made from wood with tiled roofs they're designed to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter but as south korea modernized many moved out preferring the convenience of new apartment buildings. there are not many handouts left because most collaborative have not been reserved to take special interest to preserve them. turned this old hanukkah into a guest house with modern amenities and international touches from british designer wallpaper to arabic style tiles it's one of a number of new businesses that are turning rundown neighborhoods into trendy hotspots and changing the face of the place eighty three year old park junge salk has called home for fifteen years. it's really more this many bars and restaurants have opened up in this area especially this year and the residents have
5:50 am
sold their houses and left. professor leak studies gentrification in seoul he says some of the residents felt forced to leave this area become so expensive. because it is it used to be. appalled to stay in this area others didn't appreciate being turned into a tourist attraction even though he was writing a. story that became a huge issue as couple of. a couple of years at another nearby village tourists are encouraged to visit quietly one more inconvenience is that these hanukkah's can be difficult to maintain and require specialized repairs but the city government wants to preserve them and offer special subsidies and loans to owners reuse says it's all about striking the right balance so more of these houses don't disappear on
5:51 am
a porch on a cut it is important to preserve coexistence and conservation and come up with ways to interpret the hammock in a modern way to share with people. taking the old and reimagining it for the new generation to enjoy kathy novak al-jazeera soul. still ahead on al-jazeera. the woman all around the world. really apologized for. the part. an apology from an n.f.l. player accused of making sexist remarks more on that later in the program.
5:52 am
right. this is a really fabulous news from one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in but something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone well often working around the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well.
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and it's time for the sport. thanks very much spain have qualified for next year's world cup in russia they put on a ruthless display to beat albania three nil and you know is ko and tara with the goals gerard piqué was booed by home fans every time he touched the ball following his support for last sunday's referendum on catalan independence it didn't matter though spain go through as group g. winners the euro two thousand and sixteen semifinalists wales beat georgia away tom lawrence getting the goal in a one nil win but when moves them one point behind group leaders serbia with a game to go that's because serbia suffered a huge blow losing to austria three two that result is a huge boost to the republic of ireland who are only two points behind and can also still qualify automatically after their win and group g. italy will head to the playoffs they drew against macedonia in group i iceland are
5:54 am
at the top after beating turkey croatia are second two points behind with a game hands. ahead of kept our two thousand and twenty two says the regional blockade poses no risk to the world cup going ahead katter's land air and sea routes have been closed off since june after bahrain egypt saudi arabia and the united arab emirates cut off diplomatic ties with the country but world cup supreme committee had house and all the while he says projects relating to the tournament are progressing as planned in relation to the unilateral illegal blockade that is currently under when it first was imposed upon us we immediately instigated our a our plan b. as you know every project contingency plans and we've had contingency plans in place from the from from from the very start once the blockade came into play we contacted them a contract or as we put in place alternative supply chains we sourced alternative materials from alternative suppliers and i'm very happy to say that our project
5:55 am
schedule is on time and there's no and there's no significant impact on our projects barcelona's team captain andres iniesta has signed a lifetime contract with the club the thirty three year old is second on their all time appearance list taking the field six hundred thirty nine times his first team debut coming back in two thousand and two and he's helped the club seal a lot of honors winning the league eight times in addition to four champions league titles. today is the very special day for me the same way it was when it was confirmed i was sitting here in my home to be able to keep dreaming of achieving important things for this club my club a club has seen me grow up and overall it is a privilege to me to be able to be captain of this club. the i.o.c. has for visually suspended the brazilian olympic committee and has frozen payments to the body the move comes a day after the arrest of carlos newsman brazil's olympic committee president he
5:56 am
was arrested as part of his investigation into a vote buying scandal the probe is linked to rio's awarding of the twenty sixteen olympics newsman has also been suspended as i.o.c. honorary member and withdrawn from the tokyo two thousand and twenty coordination commission. lewis hamilton has said the fastest time in practice ahead of sunday's japanese grand prix mercedes drivers looking to extend his championship lead over sebastian vettel he was one of only five drivers to set a time locked in a wet second practice session at suzuka. among the victims truck. and i'll player cam newton has apologised on social media after being accused of being sexist towards a female reporter the carolina panthers quarterback said during a press conference that it was funny to hear a female talk about football when question by jordan rod drink from a local newspaper the league condemn the twenty eight year old's comments as plain
5:57 am
wrong and disrespectful one sponsor has dropped newton from their books. during this whole process i've already lost sponsors and counseling and i realized that the joke was really on me. and i learned a valuable lesson from that to. young people see this now that you learned something from this. don't be like me. be better. to the reporters. journalist. to the. to the daughters sisters and the women all around the world i sincerely apologize and hope that you can find the kind of heart. well number one rafa nadal isn't slowing down as we approach the end of the international tennis season the spaniard advanced to the semifinals of the china open on friday by beating sixty
5:58 am
john isner in straight sets that as i his sixth title of the season and will face before that so on a how busy looking to take the world number one women's ranking from garbage she needs to reach the final and she's one game away after beating daria catskill. and that's all your sport for now more later and of course you can get lots more background on pictures and news from our correspondents all over the world on the website that's dot com i just you know. john is going to be here in a couple of minutes with all the latest on robotics and like. a new level of luxury has arrived. an experience that will transform the way you try. our impeccable service remains but now comes breaking heat is
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a. revolutionary business clients. the old pharmacy for the sea the finest. weather conducting business or sharing especially. with the first of. the surf line that. saddam was. trying so well. centuries in the school introducing to speak. first to this news. as o'reilly's going places together. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage that they put out every day but the message is a simplistic you have the brain of a good logical rational person the crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide
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the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera and under put it well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. fleeing to safety dozens of dead and thousands affected as another major storm
6:01 am
battered central america.


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