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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 7, 2017 7:00am-7:34am AST

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defendants of relief. preparing for the possibility of rule. waiting for invasion but witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera well i think one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place where two worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. in two hours we can get to on jurists in the rest of central america about the same time but more importantly is where those two cultures north and south america meet us to teach it like it's a very important place for all to do it's a big. fleeing to safety dozens of dead and thousands affected as another major storm battered
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central america. alone down joining us out of there alive from doha also coming up spain apologizes from the bottom police crackdown on assessments of the political deadlock remains. the philippine president is accused of a cover up as he acts against officials investigating corruption charges against his family. and plans for a memorial for the victims of sunday's mass shooting in the u.s. city of las vegas. another tropical storm is battering countries in central america night is getting stronger as it approaches the u.s. gulf coast could become a hurricane before it hits new orleans flooding and landslides have killed at least twenty five people across costa rica nicaragua honduras and el salvador that would
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last as more. nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere tropical storm nate has just made it that much poorer three thousand homes destroyed communications cut the force of the storm ripped boats from the sea and left pot holes large enough to consume cars. passengers on this bus were so panicked escape was the only thing on their minds made pummeled central america with heavy rains during the week. the flood has taken away almost everything that all these people had in their home they had breakfast in the morning but not had lunch nor a dinner because everything was taken away from them where waiting for any help that would be well received so many children are crying with hunger. in neighboring coast the storm left at least seven people dead and some five thousand people were forced to leave their homes the western province of going to cost they was the hardest hit schools across the country were closed for two days deaths were also
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reported farther north in honduras and el salvador. now neda's swing in north and picking up strength as it heads towards the u.s. gulf coast in preparation new orleans mayor declared a state of emergency the current forecast indicate three to six inches of rain over the duration of the system which is going to be thirty six to forty eight hours and potential double that. although overall rainfall may not be as high as other tropical events short durations of rain as we can see can produce flooding we are particularly mindful in this regard for this particular storm of coastal flooding because of the potential storm surge for those areas of the city that are outside of the levee system. yet another deadly storm in the americas leaving a path of destruction in its wake david mercer al-jazeera so let's take a look now at the storm's path it started off near the central american coast on
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thursday and brought widespread flooding to nicaragua honduras and el salvador it's now just off the coast of cancun mexico and is gathering strength full cost of the expect the storm will become a category one hurricane before hitting new orleans on saturday or sunday what's also woman is on the center for severe weather research in the u.s. he says one thousand likely to be as devastating as hurricane katrina which hit new orleans in two thousand and five. now it is already picking up strength and it's almost at hurricane strength probably by tomorrow morning in the united states it will be a hurricane and it will be a probably a category one hurricane maybe a category two hurricane as it makes landfall anywhere between louisiana and alabama and about twenty four thirty six hours that's why he's in a very vulnerable city a very low lying city like new orleans to take precautions when
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a tropical storm or soon to be hurricane is coming their way that said name is very unlikely to be as intense as katrina and katrina was a very large storm it was also considerably more intense than it is likely to be but since it's a weather forecast we don't really know exactly there still is a chance maybe it's a ten percent chance that nate could become more intense than forecast and so it's prudent for a low lying city like new orleans to take precautions well ahead of time and the alphabet the company that controls google is sending special balloons to puerto rico to help restore phone service for the island was devastated by hurricane maria last month the u.s. territory has struggled to rebuild communication services since maria hit in twenty thirteen the alphabet announced a test project to use solar powered high altitude balloons to provide internet service in remote regions catalonia is regional president has met community leaders
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in barcelona to discuss what to do next after sunday's referendum the group includes lawyers academics and even members of the boss of the football club council on separatist leaders say they're planning to go ahead with the session despite a ban from the spanish central government the prime minister mariano rajoy has rejected any talks on the matter. but madrid has apologized for the violent response by police during the secession vote local health authorities say there are nine hundred people were injured car panel reports from barcelona. as apologies go it was a little lukewarm the spanish government spokesman said he was sorry for the hundreds of catalan voters injured by national police and civil guard riot units but he said they were just following orders those orders to stop sunday's referendum from happening at all direct from madrid on. and i said this very clearly before they were following an order they weren't order to avoid in
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a legal vote they were ordered to see the ballot boxes if there were incidents and there were if people were injured evidently we are almost sorry other than those words there was no hint of madrid softening its stance on friday catalonia as police chief only weeks ago hailed a hero became the villain appearing in court in madrid major just stepped up arrow commander of the regional muscles disquieted a force was lauded for a swift response in august to the attacks in barcelona in madrid prosecutors accused him of sedition or inciting a rebellion for failing to quash support for catalan secession the process ation leaders of two of catalonia civic and grassroots organizations face the same charges prosecutors say the leaders revved up crowds around cattle and government offices on september the twentieth. and the human blockade hampered raids by national and civil guard police under orders from government leaders in madrid.
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again door lies that i invoked the right not to make a statement because i don't recognize this court's competence in relation to the crime we are accused of sedition because we are convinced we have not committed any kind of crime as the crisis lurches on there's a whiff of disarray among cattle and process session politicians some want to call a potentially historic parliamentary meeting for monday that debate could lead to a full blown declaration of independence others favor rescheduling it until tuesday and yet more sensing they may have overplayed their hand suggest catalonia may not yet be ready for independence at all call pennell al-jazeera barcelona spain hundreds of people have held a rally to demand free and fair elections in serbia as capital opposition leaders accuse the ruling party of tampering with voter lists in the run up to local elections next year vote is seen as
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a test of president alexander who catches rule one presidential elections earlier this year opposition parties hoping to dilute his power in belgrade. the philippine president is being accused of trying to cover up allegations of corruption within his family by supporting the impeachment of the chief judge in the supreme court and a. president in regard to tatars says dissenting voices want to impeach and. has more from manila my girl president of the good that is accusing opposition members of plotting to this that belies the government detectives says. carpio morale is and supreme court chief justice. are part of a wider coalition that includes the liberal party and the leftist movement both were appointed by former president. the leader of the opposition liberal party. or ellis office is investigating allegations that the secret bank accounts containing hundreds of millions of dollars he acquired in his decades old stint as
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mayor of devil city in the southern philippines denies the allegations and impeachment complaint filed against supreme court chief justice has been deemed sufficient by congress the majority are allies of the. surrender is accused of committing irregularities in her statement of assets and liabilities a document that declares a government official's personal wealth. lawyers say the allegations are baseless charges are. absolutely without the facts and. do not even constitute. under the. ground there to has recently challenged the two government officials to resign with him. at the start of it i did not start this rock. critic see that it is actions as
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a ploy to silence them senator line of the biba a long time opponent of the purpose policies. on drug trafficking charges a case mostly based on testimonies of convicted illegal drug traffickers. came from. a decade of being a political leader without realizing it. the nation is different from the city of that has become very defensive which. critics say do their test on dangerous ground they see he's attacking institutions that investigate corruption and bad governance organisations like the supreme court and the ombudsman that must remain independent and free from any political interference again al-jazeera monella saudi arabia's ambassador to the united nations has rejected accusations
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that his country's lacks towards child casualties in its war in yemen the un says hundreds of children have been killed or maimed in attacks on schools and hospitals by both the saudi led coalition and who three rebels mike hanna has more from the u.n. . report lists four thousand recorded violations against children by government forces and some twenty zones of conflict along with over eleven thousand violations by non-state groups but in a carrot and stick approach the format of the report has been altered those states or non-state perpetrators that have engaged with the un and committed to improving protection for children are placed in a separate blacklist from those parties that have shown no remorse or concern about their actions the saudi led military coalition in yemen is placed in this category what became of under and lee clearance he said there were some listed parties even through many years to three years that had generally been attempting to put
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in place may shows that i mean they had acknowledged the problem the creation of the category may be an attempt to persuade perpetrators that there is political value in engaging with the u.n. but critics contend it could also be a patent attempt to diminish the saudi anger that followed the military coalition's inclusion in last year's blacklist frankly. the facts speak for themselves the numbers. in response the saudi ambassador said the coalition was committed to working with the un but rejected what he called inaccurate figures quoted in the report we exercise the maximum degree of care and precaution to avoid civilian harm the regrettable effects of this conflict are a direct result of the whole theory and forces loyal to former president signing. the use of immoral and illegal actions that for the syrian population at risk while
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acknowledging that the saudi coalition had committed to measures protecting children in yemen but insisted the saudi coalition still has charges to answer in her report virginia said that dangers to children in yemen show little sign of diminishing i urge the coalition to improve these measures she said the dangers to children in yemen remain an acceptable a high in two thousand and sixteen the question is a threat to children in conflict zones like yemen less today than it was during the reporting period last year amidst yet another round of claim and counter-claim the answer would appear to be no. mike hanna al-jazeera united nation lots more still to come here not as air including thousands remain homeless in southern mexico last month's earthquake. one hundred sixty art galleries all under one roof we showcase the best of
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a lot more in tennis. by the springtime flower of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. hello dramatic skies have been over northern iran the caspian sea coast over the last week or so have disappeared the white cloud is what represents and that's going through turkmenistan that's where the showers are like to be for the next couple of days leaving behind sunny skies slightly cooler weather arguably to around twenty three sunny degrees baghdad still at thirty six mind you the same is kuwait city and this is sunny skies but if you go back to the coast that's running coast in particular temperatures are the big thing here but the onshore breeze increasing cloud and light into showers is a change has been happening for more few weeks i would say but as i say the wind direction the temperatures slow to change running down through iraq into the gulf
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we've got a northerly recently i think it's more like to be a light southerly come saturday which means more dusty where the temperature was a die hard i would still sit in the middle thirty's or up to forty in mecca and the wind directions and changing hugely of the next day or so but the pulse of the monsoon could give the how do you practice a law for a couple of days so that's what's happening with the declining monsoon whereas you got of course incoming rain south africa's been particularly wet recently in the eastern and over the mozambique border no change that such data looks wet including in jo'burg. the weather sponsored by race. facing realities the president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent audit that audit hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt. here the story. on talk to. at this
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time. of. life. of the top stories. across america. the spanish government has apologized. being investigated. has rejected accusations his
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country. and its war in. las vegas resident laying flowers at a makeshift to remember the fifty eight people who was shot dead by a gunman on sunday the local council says it will declare the site a permanent memorial. to some people who were reflecting at the site. the city. where the victims. will be remembered her minutely on monday just one day after the shooting landscapers. for a community space somewhere people can come together. for a place where they can put up a temporary garden what they got was a plot of land for a permanent memorial and then just. about four hundred people have come forward to
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donate time or resources to. come to. i think that most of us are here tonight because we're not willing to be fearful and we're going to continue to live our lives we are a community and we came together. people to show our strength and our pride for our city. in terms of. back to. millions of women in the u.s. may no longer have access to birth control through their health insurance on the new rules brought in by president donald trump any company that claims to be morally opposed to contraception can now have the benefit removed from them pill
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use cover up it's one of a number of new religious freedoms which trump a promise during his election campaign don estabrook reports. it's a move that could impact millions of american women the trump administration is rolling back on obamacare mandate requiring insurance coverage for contraception the white house said effective immediately a new rule allows employers to refuse contraception coverage based on religious or moral reasons this is a president who supports the first amendment supports the freedom of religion i don't understand why that should be an issue the american civil liberties union was quick to respond it filed a suit in san francisco saying the rule violates the separation of church and state and discriminates against women but while the courts may exempt some employers from providing contraceptive coverage their workers might still get it anyway really they put a duty on the government to step up to the plate to provide
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a way for. the people who potentially stand to lose and then to get that coverage in another gesture to the religious right attorney general jeff sessions issued a number of broad guidelines aimed at protecting religious freedom one says religious organizations should be able to hire workers whose religious beliefs are consistent with theirs critics say that could allow some employers to discriminate against the l g b t community and others but for president trump the guidelines are a reaffirmation of the commitment he made to evangelical voters who swept him into office and who he continues to court free speech does not end at the steps of a cathedral or a synagogue or any other house of worship we are giving our churches their voices back we are giving them back in the highest form. with this executive order
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we also make clear that the federal government will never ever penalize any person for their protests good religious beliefs but these moves could set the administration up for another long battle in federal court diagnosed or broke out zero washington more than three million mexicans were affected by last month's earthquake which hit the impoverished southern states of what haka and chiapas thousands of people whose houses were destroyed are still waiting for government help from home has been to chap us and sent us this report. natalie's been homeless for a month now that's more than half her life the seven september earthquake in south mexico destroyed more than one hundred houses in her village including her family's since then her mother data has been waiting for government help to rebuild everything. they haven't given us a specific time some say in
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a bit others in december we have no certainty especially because officials have told us we're not on the list to get help. that's government list of destroyed houses is everything here authorities have spent a month throwing it up and placed around six and a half thousand dollars to each family whose home is on it many are worried that there's has been missed down especially those in smaller communities who didn't receive a visit from government experts like eighty two year old petrovna she and her family is sleeping outside their home they're worried it could collapse at any moment. we're frightened of paypal about the mosquitoes about day where waiting for help saying how long we can last outside my mom doesn't want to do this any longer. this earthquake was overshadowed by one which shook mexico city shortly after but federal authorities still arrived in force that hasn't stopped widespread
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doubts on whether they'll come through for residents makes conserv learnt from bitter experience that disaster funds often don't get to where they're needed even in the midst of situations like this one there's a long track record of government officials misusing or simply stealing public money and social development ministry is coordinating earthquake relief but an investigation by a news media site and then geo just before the disaster found that it a previously disappeared millions of dollars meant for the poor how are you going to assure people that the federal government isn't going to misuse or steal this my . the best way is to work as we're doing it's very simple the disaster money doesn't pass through the hands of the government it goes directly to a credit card with the name of the person that. is the rainy season goes on the newly homeless here have little choice but to trust that this time things will be different john home and now does it or choppers the u.n.
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says it's braced for a further exodus of range of refugees from bangladesh already have a half a million range across the border since the end of august there are scaping military crackdown in rakhine state has been denounced as ethnic cleansing neymar claims it's fighting separatist groups. united nations is worried that growing violence in the democratic republic of congo is making the region's refugee crisis worse than the five hundred thousand the fed the take shelter in neighboring countries but the central african countries also hosting an equal number of people including thousands who fled the fighting in burundi malcolm webb reports from a transit camp the burned in escapees in the town of iraq. the people in this transit camp of being stuck here for months crammed dirty and there's not enough food it's designed for refugees to stay for a few days before they re threatened here in the democratic republic of congo
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bronstein says she fled her home in neighboring rwanda when men came to her house tied her up and abducted her husband she's heavily pregnant. i saw them carrying him away i was left with our five children then i decided to come here i arrived in february and camped outside the fence for two months before they allowed us to come in. many others here told us they camped outside for a month before they were allowed to come in and register. the un and the government who run the comes to the nearby long term refugee settlements are now full and the transit comes filled up because of a new influx of refugees fleeing violence in the run the earlier this year the camp is within the town of movie or which is close to burundi the borders just a couple of hundred meters down this road and this is where most of the refugees came from just over a week ago a congo leigh's militia came down from these hills and attacked the town they
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fought with the army and at that point all of the refugees who were camped outside were allowed in but the insecurity has caused many more problems since the government troops seem to be in control of the town for now they fought off the attackers with help from u.n. peacekeepers but humanitarian workers pulled out and food supplies were tossed off . to the people in the camp went from eating to meals a day to just one they say the corn flour paste tastes terrible and gives the children diarrhea and everyone says they're hungry the u.n. says it's in the process of opening a new long term settlement since the first one called lucinda became full we had really funding issues because hunting issues but even without you know the little one we're getting we are now developing a new camp and that is the reason why actually listen the camp is overcrowded and the transit center supposed to be started speculative have now become actually
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camps most of broome these refugees fled to tanzania and some to rwanda those that came here to congo say it was the closest border they could reach. and they're the least fortunate struggling to survive in a country that suffers from poverty and conflict as much as their own malcolm webb al-jazeera zero in the democratic republic of congo. one of the world's biggest contemporary art fairs has just opened in london with a hundred and sixty galleries all vying for the attention of collectors across the world al-jazeera is challenging reports. big brand names they dominate markets and the market is no exception jeff koons picasso this is the blue chip stock on show that frees london in the last ten years the number of international says his leapt from ten to over two hundred disrupting traditional gallery sales for three days frees hosts one hundred sixty galleries under one roof
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it's a chance to see the maximum number of works in the minimum time we're talking tens of thousands of visitors to come and see and see any any one standard not fair as opposed to a couple of thousand then might visit a gallery show during during its entire two months duration freeze can feel a little bit like a shopping mall exclusive but in person on the stands can cost anywhere from sixty thousand dollars put on a figure that can cripple small galleries but others just need to make one sale to cover their costs like this one i keep airing for one point two million dollars. as buyers migrate affaires commercial galleries are closing. but without a physical space the gallery isn't allowed to exhibit it freeze as a result emerging artists a missing out on vital exposure it's very difficult for the smaller more bespoke organizations to survive because it's usually
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a handful of people. there are models being promoted whereby you know single spaces where lots of galleries can share facilities but that loses your identity for artists michael piper's identity is key his work place with pop culture yes. he's built his own brand but with no help from the gallery talent comes in useful to people who don't stock successful ones you know it's sort of like you've got to have a real belief in your voice and what you've got to say so. actually worked out well for make that false and to look at other avenues the big thing for me was actually going on instagram so as some do is close the internet opens transforming the wild into a global marketing operation al-jazeera london. a
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quick recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera tropical storm nate has killed at least twenty five people across central america it's expected to become a hurricane by saturday as it heads to cancun and moves into the gulf of mexico nicaragua and costa rica were hit by the storm on thursday you know the mayor of the u.s. city of new orleans has declared a state of emergency as nate approaches the southern united states i want to reiterate this to the people of the city or as we have been through this many many times there is no need to panic we're encouraging the public to do all they can to prepare as we do in every weather event you have to have a plan you have to repair it to protect your personal property it is the cooperation of the citizens that make these events work really well with a great first responders who as you can see a well prepared and well organized alphabet the company that controls google is sending special balloons to puerto rico to help restore phone service after the island was devastated by hurricane maria last month the u.s. territory has struggled to rebuild communication services since maria hit in twenty
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thirteen alphabet announce a test project to use solar powered high altitude balloons to provide internet service in remote regions. catalonia is regional president has met community leaders in barcelona to talk about what to do next after sunday's referendum on succession the group includes lawyers academics and members of the boss and on a football club catalan separatist leaders say they're planning to go ahead with secession despite a ban from spain's central government. the philippine president is being accused of trying to cover up allegations of corruption within his family by supporting the impeachment of the supreme court's chief judge president rodriguez to tattersall's dissenting voices want to impeach him. saudi arabia's ambassador to the united nations has rejected accusations that his country has a lax attitude towards child casualties in its war in yemen the united nations says hundreds of children at been killed or maimed in attacks on schools and hospitals both coalition and who the rebels are being blamed the american civil liberties
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union is suing the trumpet ministration that rolled back measures on birth control and players will now be exempt from providing health insurance that covers contraceptives to their employees but those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera the talked about as if that's the watching. on accounting across the u.s. billionaire president donald trump wants to cut taxes but how will his plan impact ordinary americans spain versus catalonia the economic implications plus cama given what's behind the collapse of australia's auto industry counting the cost at this time. you can. see. chemical weapons it was an unprecedented moment at the united nations general assembly the president of the united states in front of
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