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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 7, 2017 10:00pm-10:33pm AST

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has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it every day but the message is simplistic you have the brain a good logical rational person crazy monsters and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not hold well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint trying to bring mainstream media narratives of this time on al-jazeera. more than two hundred russian opposition supporters arrested as they mark sixty fifth birthday with protests around the country.
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hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program let's talk the message from catalogues who fear the region's fight for independence will end badly and their call was echoed across spain where thousands more turned out appealing for you to turkey and the free syrian army launched an offensive to drive a former al qaeda group from one of syria's four deescalation zones and hurrican native races towards the u.s. gulf coast after killing at least twenty five people across central america. hello thank you for joining us russian police have detained more than two hundred people at anti-government protests around the country. uh.
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in st petersburg sixty people were taken into custody when police moved in to break up a demonstration it was one of at least a twenty seven held to coincide with president vladimir putin's sixty fifth birthday the demonstrators are supporters of opposition leader alexina valmy who is currently serving a twenty day jail term or a challenge reports from moscow where thousands more protesters rallied against the government. saturday was a test for alexei navalny and a test for russia's security forces on the day president putin turned sixty five the opposition leader wanted supporters to demand his release from twenty days administrative detention and for him to be allowed to run in next year's presidential elections he's going in the band of independent candidate they want the person who are the. top to bottom line talk about the real russian problems i love my country very much this is why i am here the method of ruling. i wrote
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they are soviet and. new generation is growing. the botswana unsanctioned rallies earlier in the year drew many thousands of people not nearly so many came this time perhaps the awful weather kept people away with moscow at least but perhaps to get the message this time with less focus on the corruption the blight so many russians lives and more focus on the bounty himself and maybe a student did it on previous demonstrations mostly young russian tourists very very vocal the shocking of the time i didn't fables i didn't say any of the poems. themselves person must resign. since novelli was sentenced on october the second for organizing unauthorized rallies there have been numerous raids and searches at his campaign offices around the country but also for one moment and whereas in
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moscow or thorazine he's appeared to be trying new softer tactics letting protesters shout their slogans with a minimum of the rest in other cities like some petersburg it was the same old treatments with riot police wrestling people to the ground and throwing them into waiting vans will have to wait for future demos to see if this deep in attendance marks a long term waning of support for the number only and also to see if authorities favor the moscow police approach or simply it is books for each islands how to zero moscow. when they live give or d.n. is a russia analyst that a i h s a global information strategy company she says the kremlin is more interested in managing the protests than stumping them out completely. i think from the government perspective we really have to accept one fact that these protests are happening also because the government to decree what the authorities are along
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this to happen this is a very good tool to sort of measure the level of discontent social discontent amongst the public how many people are ready to come out on the street risking their jobs most of the time to jobs our government our public sector jobs which means there will be recreations of some buttons as well so did they do the authorities also have to be cautious because they cannot afford to have a large number of people on the streets because this will encourage others to come out so it's quite interesting it's basically the government allowing some protests to happen but so the reasonable number of people manageable levels not something that we've seen in two thousand and twelve. tens of thousands of people have rallied in madrid and barcelona to call for unity as spain suffers its worst political crisis in decades the demonstrators want talks
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to be held between officials from the northeastern region of catalonia which is pushing for a succession and spanish leaders who say last weekend's referendum on a split from spain was illegal john a hole is in barcelona. it's all in the hands apparently at a demonstration in barcelona the fluttering gestures of openness and peace. let's talk they say in spanish and in catalonia the language of this region pushing to secede. but not all catalans want to break away many prefer spain united the protest here mirrored by large crowds in the capital madrid what this shows is that whatever was happening has been actually for the on the way some but by no means the people with the. phone and and alberto have just married at the town hall of course the square from the regional government headquarters they're happy
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they say to share their union with calls for national unity in spain i personally think that it must mean you know. i also think that everybody has a right to choose what they want to feel where they want to go on. leaving us as the crowd gathered outside inside we spoke to catalonia as foreign minister so do will of the people needs to be respected for a single reason there is no alternative to this we tried for years to enter into negotiations with the state no one shirt into positive manner repression was the only answer and despite this the people went to vote freely the market and peacefully and that is what the problem of catalonia needs to acknowledge we have two projects here one is democracy the other one is repression or violence which
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one the people. will put a solution that a solution. that. we don't store on the people not just some of the people you know didn't just i don't know i think we need a space to express ourselves in the middle of such a polarized situation where both. governments are taking us to the brink of disaster when the stars. are searching for a way out of this political crisis before it gets worse social media posts suggest a large pro unity demonstration planned for sunday may be disrupted by process session groups raising the warrior the prospect of more violence join a whole al-jazeera barcelona well there's also growing concern over the effect that the political standoff is having on the spanish economy which is the fourth largest in the eurozone several companies including some of the country's biggest banks have already decided to relocate their operations out of catalonia called panel reports now from barcelona. in the winding streets of barcelona bike tours
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a big business but s. their boss says she's worried the hostile political climate could scare off tourists especially those from the rest of spain all the spanish people. got there and people are spanish people so it's more a problem of the government not enough. tourism earns billions of dollars and sustains thousands of jobs but it's just one part of catalonia is buoyant economy if the region breaks away it will take twenty percent of spain's g.d.p. with it places like this are historical sign post this is a former textile mill now a university in state of the art media center it's a sign that catalonia has where the tough economic times but is innovative to survive. a rise in is one of those innovators this by
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a pharmaceutical company is running clinical trials on a new drug for alzheimer's. but it is one of a growing list now moving some operations out of catalonia you cannot risk being in a breakaway republic with no automatic access to the european union we need to have the certainty that there is not going to be a regulatory change in regulatory m.b. with the understudies of the company as i'm a sponsor of the droid so we have decided to move our war. to madrid yes the economic fallout has caused the benchmark ibex thirty five stock index to see saw barcelona traders activity trade say the market outlook is volatile best they warn the entire spanish economy could crash if wealthy catalonia succeeds in declaring independence if you take that part from the spanish economy it will construct a lot of the g.d.p. it will mean for spain going through of one hundred twenty or even one of thirty
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percent for now the economic wheels are still turning but madrid and barcelona must either reconcile or agree to an amicable divorce if not this political crisis could herald an economic disaster karl penhall al-jazeera barcelona spain turkey has announced the launch of a major operation in syria as the province and car isn't sending its own forces into it but it is backing syrian rebel groups from the turkish side of the border turkish president richard type out of the hand says turkish soldiers haven't yet entered the area much of a glib is controlled by her hero xan an alliance of factions spearheaded by a former al-qaeda affiliate has more now from. turkey's border with syria. this is what we know so far the turkish military standing reinforcement of their highly border crossing with hundreds of free syrian fighters also present in
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the area phase one of this offensive will be the free syrian army leading the fight to take on. in phase two will be the turkish military crossing into it live to secure the city this is part of a deal that was signed with iran and iran and russia in a. last month but with turkey's involvement in syria this could pose many challenges for the first of all because to have this is one of the most powerful rebel factions. inside syria they have issued a statement warning that any attack against them with be met with stiff resistance warning all those who try to dislodge them from it live to pay a heavy price the second major challenge for the turkish military is basically the town of all the border with. turkey which is where there is
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a significant presence of the s.d.f. which is a coalition of turkish fighters i think minister the turkish military. trying to strike a delicate balance between the need to take on. the same time but also to prevent any attacks. as the operations. still to come in this half hour a car hits pedestrians near london z.m. injuring several people and sparking fears of an attack and south africa's unemployed young people are encouraged to create jobs for. hello the incoming season's plunge dancer eastern europe now there it is it's a cult front and the white top has brought rain to the balkans down through
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northern greece and you can follow the lives you might imagine in here different season that's autumn and you'd be right to think that in fact just clear that away in potential profile on these early next when temperatures forecast for sunday twelve to fourteen book rest of the vienna luckily here in spain and portugal still warm in fact it's higher than twenty seven don and ilithyia and southern portugal most afonso has taken this coup wind in its stride but i think we're fine despite the fact you got rain in this cool area they will be cut off by monday in temperatures start to rise again as the sun gets to work slow process book rescue to seventeen vienna hasn't moved much at all but italy still looking quite good never less is no doubt about it the season has certainly changed for a good part of northern and eastern europe and that extends out of the eastern med so the winds are going to pick up now really from the central mediterranean across the levant temperatures at best are going to be in the middle twenty's all the way from algeria to egypt for the carriages twenty nine other difference really is
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despite the possibility of onshore clouds and showers for the most part the sun is still out despite the breeze. egypt is now china's but biggest trading partner in africa more than ten thousand chinese are living in cairo i wanted to see the permits in september one thousand nine hundred five i came with my friends to egypt many started a small traders but are now successful in business shifting and i began to do business in two thousand and three or two thousand and four at the time it was small but then it began to expand in al-jazeera well meets the growing chinese community in egypt egypt made in china at this time.
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the reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the russian police have detained more than two hundred opposition activists at anti-government protests across the country tens of thousands of people have gathered in madrid and barcelona are calling for talks to try to solve the political crisis triggered by last weekend's secession vote in catalonia and turkey says it's backing syrian rebels in a major operation against al-qaeda linked fighters in labor province. well staying in syria i saw this facing the feat in the city of raka there's been intense fighting over the past few months but syrian kurdish forces say they are getting closer to victory the armed group overran iraq in two thousand and thirteen turning it into the defacto capital of itself the clear caliph it kathy lopez had a young reports. the fight is on.
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i still is losing its last bit of what it once called its capital. kurdish forces overran most of rock a weeks ago and now they're closing in on the few remaining eisel fighters and. we are now in iraq and we are proud that are kooks from two directions of united their confrontations and there are a lot of civilians in the area. abandoned neighborhoods debris and dust are what's left in some parts of the syrian city i still took over iraq on two thousand and thirteen the syrian democratic forces began the offensive to push them out nearly a year ago but the syrian kurdish fighters have been at the forefront but some foreign volunteers have joined them motivated by their own reasons to take up arms against eisel years of the movie. russia says its airstrikes have killed scores of isis fighters in nearby duros or where the group is still trying to cling to power
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. but civilians have been caught in the crossfire the syrian observatory for human rights as more than two hundred have been killed including women and children heartbreaking stories every day it is hard to need one single family who have fled recently iraq and there is or who did not have a family member killed on the way to safety the defeat of eisel fighters is expected in vaca among the destroyed buildings and rubble kurdish fighters say it's just a matter of time before they declare victory. now to zero . bangladesh's prime minister says her government will continue to support rohingya muslims who have fled the violence in neighboring shake has seen us says the government plans to build a temporary shelters for refugees who now number almost
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a million with the help of international aid agencies the united nations has warned that it's bracing for a further exodus of refugees from e.m.r. to bangladesh well access to humanitarian aid is a problem for all those sheltering in bangladesh where conditions are actually getting worse muhammad john june has more now from a refugee camp in. the render a few days that you see in this very long line beside me they have been waiting here for hours today they are hungry they are desperate they are waiting for food distribution much needed food distribution and many of the ones we've spoken with they're concerned that by the time they actually get to the tent where the food is being distributed that there won't be enough left over for them this really speaks to the magnitude of this crisis a crisis that the u.n. is calling the most urgent refugee crisis in the world right now conditions in camps like this is the could to prolong camp and cox's are there absolutely appalling nobody expects they're going to get better any time soon now bangladesh's
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prime minister has said that this country will can. when you to support these refugees the fact of the matter is aid groups military organizations they're very worried about the flow of aid into this country they're worried about the international community not donating enough for this cause and everybody we're talking to just is not seeing that this is going to get better anytime soon. hurrican mate is heading for the u.s. after wreaking havoc in central america the storm has already killed more than a dozen people in nicaragua and costa rica forcing the costa rican government to the clear a national emergency it calls heavy rain and flooding doris and they'll salvador killing at least four people there as it headed north it's now picking up strength and it's expected to hit the u.s. gulf coast as a category two storm on saturday night well a state of emergency has been declared in the u.s. states of alabama louisiana mississippi and parts of florida evacuation orders have
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been issued and some of them are mandatory for areas of new orleans which was devastated by hurricane katrina in two thousand and five david moore so reports now on the damage that mate has already left behind in central america. nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere tropical storm nate has just made it that much poorer three thousand homes destroyed communications cut the force of the storm ripped boats from the sea and left part holes large enough to consume cars. that centers on this bus were so panicked escape was the only thing on their minds made pummeled central america with heavy rains during the week . the flood has taken away almost everything that all these people had in their home they had breakfast in the morning but not had lunch nor a dinner because everything was taken away from them were waiting for any help that would be well received so many children are crying with hunger. in neighboring
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coast the storm left at least seven people dead and some five thousand people were forced to leave their homes the western province of quanah cost they was the hardest hit schools across the country were closed for two days deaths were also reported farther north in honduras and el salvador. now neda's swing in north and picking up strength as it heads towards the u.s. gulf coast in preparation new orleans mayor declared a state of emergency the current forecast indicate three to six inches of rain over the duration of the system which is going to be thirty six to forty eight hours and potential double that. although overall rainfall may not be as high as other tropical events short durations of rain as we can see can produce flooding we are particularly mindful in this regard for this particular storm of coastal flooding because of the potential storm surge for those areas of the city that are outside of the levee system. yet another deadly storm in the americas leaving
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a path of destruction in its wake david mercer al-jazeera. well the u.s. vice president mike pence has been in puerto rico trying to reassure people on the hurricane hit island that they haven't been forgotten many of its three point four million residents are still struggling to get basic necessities. before you. could say we are with. you tomorrow we need we need you. thank you. thank. you. british police say an incidental side a museum in west london was not terrorism related eleven people were injured when
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a car mounted the pavement outside the natural history museum in south kensington the site is a popular attraction both with locals and tourists barker has more now from the scene but it's pretty described by british police as an unfortunate traffic incident but it did cause a tremendous amount of alarm when reports of a vehicle mounting the pavement at twenty past two local time first surfaced we now know that around eleven people were treated according to the london ambulance teams that were here on site nine of being taken to hospitals but it is the location that perhaps rang alarm bells very early on we're at a key junction a key thoroughfare here in london next to the victoria and albert museum not far from the science museum and the natural history museum there are also several embassies around here and the police were very quick to arrive on scene some of them armed some of them specialist officers in the last few hours we've seen
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forensic teams on the ground as well of course the u.k. is no stranger to terrorist related incidents there's been several in london one in manchester a lot of people have lost their lives the most certainly the or thirty's on this occasion we're not taking any chances. danish police say that they've recovered the head and legs of a swedish journalist who died after going on an inventor's homemade submarine kim was reported missing after going on a trip with peter madsen in august her torso washed ashore in copenhagen eleven days later madsen says she died after hitting her head on the hatch and that he buried her at sea but police say didn't find any fractures on her skull which they found on friday batson has been charged with killing the journalist. one of hollywood's leading studios has launched an inquiry into one of its founders following allegations of sexual harassment academy award winning producer harvey
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weinstein has taken an indefinite leave of absence after a report by the new york times said he settled eight sexual harassment cases over three decades he has apologized since the report came out and says that he will seek therapy the weinstein company says its lawyers are investigating the allegations. last minute campaigning has taken place in the liberia ahead of a presidential election to find the successor to africa's first female head of state twenty candidates are competing to replace ellen johnson sirleaf who is standing down after two terms to use those votes will be the third since the country's fourteen year civil war off minute recess more now from liberia's capital monrovia. the leading candidates and of course the sitting vice president for most of the world with one of the leading businessman seventeen other candidates who are trying to. get themselves voted into that office apart from the presidential
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election that is also seventy three there are also seventy three seats of parliament up for grabs under this election now the focus of the politicians now is to get themselves into power but very few people in liberia actually are asking questions as to how are they going to deal with the numerous issues this country is facing at the moment the president of liberia ellen johnson sirleaf admitted that corruption has not been properly tyco there are issues of under-development properties widespread educational system needs some lifting up and. these comes into power after the next vote would be coming to time one the international community the united nations non-governmental organizations who have supported liberia all the way for reconstruction after the civil war moving out all. of them are moving out so the question is being asked is how can the next president of liberia without this much support from the international community and
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international organizations to rule a country that doesn't have much to go on in terms of reconstruction in terms of development in terms of poverty reduction. unemployment in south africa is at a fourteen year high with almost forty percent of young people unable to find work but an entrepreneurial spirit is keeping food on the table for some and their hopes of a better future a lot tanya page has more now from johannesburg. well it is on dirt is a natural salesman he gets by selling goods from the back of his principia coal becomes a problem in our survival to say now if i don't do this what am i going to do you know and then that's when the crime mindset starts coming in that's when the negative things and starts coming in so we need to always try and keep your mind in a positive state you know their main product is homemade archer a type of pickle i told him i'm bringing in the best at your in town and i want him to come and have a look was early it is like many young people have no choice but to create their
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own opportunities south africa's unemployment rate is the worst it's been for fourteen years thirty eight percent of fifteen to thirty four year olds can't get a job africa's most industrialized economy expanded by only zero point three percent last year due to a drought locum audigy prices and weak demand for its main exports as a pint lots of promises neither government nor the private sector is creating enough jobs so many do lose hope but there are some initiatives aimed at teaching young people how to be employable and how to foster their own entrepreneurial spirit this is the time in print your festival where teenage is a pitching never this plan the idea is that they can't rely on anyone else to fulfill their ambitions the festival was created by a young entrepreneur to cause a joy for me it's not about
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a degree it's not about waiting for financing from some government governmental institution is about looking at what you have in making that work for you right now with context and mentoring some of last year's winners at the festival and now exporting their products and employing other people on the premiership may not solve south africa's youth unemployment problem but it is creating jobs. and perhaps more importantly hope tiny a page out of zero johannesburg. and you can get much more on that story and everything else that we have been covering on our website the page on your screens right now the address of course al jazeera dot com our latest news and several opinion pieces from around the world. now the top stories on al-jazeera russian police have detained more than two
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hundred opposition activists at anti-government protests around the country in st petersburg sixty people were detained when police moved in to break up the demonstration it was one of at least twenty seven held to coincide with president vladimir putin's sixty fifth birthday tens of thousands of people have gathered in the cities of madrid and barcelona as tensions rise over catalonia secession vote there calling for talks to diffuse the political crisis which could see the wealthy northeastern region split from the rest of spain catalan officials say their regional parliament will abide by the results of sunday's referendum in which an overwhelming majority of people voted for independence. vitt people of the will of the people needs to be respected for a single reason there is no alternative to this we tried for years to enter into negotiations with the state no once you're in a positive manner repression was the only answer and despite this the people went
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to vote freely the markedly in peacefully and that is what the parliament of catalonia needs to acknowledge we have two projects here one is democracy the other one is repression of violence which one the people. turkey's president richard type at the hand says a major operation against al-qaeda linked fighters has been launched in a deliberate province and car isn't sending its own forces into it labor but it is backing syrian rebel groups from the turkish side of the border much of a glib is controlled by al shabab an alliance of factions led by a former al-qaeda affiliate turkey russia and the ra and want him out because it's blocking efforts on the ground to make it leave escalations. bangladesh's prime minister says her government will continue to support her hinge of muslims who fled the violence in neighboring nehemiah shake
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a senior says the government plans to build temporary shelters for the refugees who now number almost a million with the help of international aid agencies those are the headlines i'm going to have more news for you in half an hour stay with us coming up next it's the listening post thanks for watching by. the the the the. question for the.


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