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on al-jazeera. a rite of passage preserved through the generations my cousin was laying down there until a screaming she was helpless the woman who after endorses fikile of pain for what fact menai meets the women affected by s.g.m. and those reshaping perception do you think people will abandon the search even through it a bit of the mistake al-jazeera correspondent the current at this time. this is al-jazeera.
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hello i'm barbara sarah this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes thousands rally across spain in catalonia calling for talks to resolve the worsening crisis between the two plus. more than two hundred russian opposition supporters arrested as they mark through transit sixty fifth birthday with protests around the country turkey's president announces an operation to rid the syria's a blip province of an al qaeda linked alliance new orleans prepare is a hurricane made heads for the u.s. gulf coast africa twenty five people in central america. and far as mt i'll have all the day's sport including the netherlands beat ballerinas to keep their faintest helps alive making it to next year's world cup.
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spain's prime minister says he'll make sure that any independence declaration by the catalonia region will not have any effect in an interview with a newspaper and price many other horses cattle and officials push to secede from the country after sunday's referendum will lead to nothing meanwhile tens of thousands of people have rallied in madrid and the barcelona calling for unity as spain suffers its worst political crisis in decades john the hole has more now from barcelona. it's all in the hands apparently at a demonstration in barcelona the fluttering gestures of openness and peace. let's talk they say in spanish and in catalan the language of this region pushing to secede. but not all catalans want to break away many prefer spain united the protest here mirrored by large crowds in the capital madrid what this shows is
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that whatever was happening in government actually should be on the wall for some but by no means all the people within the ranks and alberto have just married at the town hall of frost the square from the regional government headquarters they're happy they say to share their union with calls for national unity in spain i personally think that he must remain united car i also think that everybody has a right to choose what they want to feel when they want to get on board legally because as the crowd gathered outside inside we spoke to catalonia as foreign minister so do will of the people needs to be respected for a single reason there is no alternative to this we tried for years to enter into negotiations with the state not once or into positive manner repression was the only answer and despite this the people went to vote freely the market and
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peacefully and that is what dick polman of catalonia needs to acknowledge we have two projects here one is democracy the other one is repression of violence which one the people. will put a solution that a solution. that. we don't store on the people not just some of the people there didn't just i don't know i think we need a space to express ourselves in the middle of such a polarized situation where both governments are taking us to the brink of disaster on the surface. so some are searching for a way out of this political crisis before it gets worse social media posts suggest a large pro unity demonstration planned for sunday may be disrupted by pro secession groups. isn't the real prospect of more violence jonah hole al-jazeera barcelona. well there is growing concern over the effect the political standoff is having on the spanish economy the fourth largest in the euro zone several companies
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including some of the country's biggest banks have already the sighted to move their headquarters out of catalonia karl penhall reports now from barcelona. in the winding streets of barcelona bike towards a big business but s. their boss says she's worried the hostile political climate could scare off tourists especially those from the rest of spain. all the spanish people. got there and people are spanish people so it's more a problem of the government not enough. tourism earns billions of dollars and sustains thousands of jobs but it's just one part of catalonia is buoyant economy if the region breaks away it'll take twenty percent of spain's g.d.p. with it places like beer store to store a cool signpost this is a former textile mill now a university in state of the art media center it's
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a sign that catalonia has where the tough economic times but is innovative to survive. a rise in is one of those innovators this by a pharmaceutical company is running clinical trials on a new drug for alzheimer's. but it is one of a growing list now moving some operations out of catalonia you cannot risk being in a breakaway republic with no automatic access to the european union we need to have the certainty that that is not going to be a regulatory change in regulatory m.b. with the understudies of the gun but he is on the sponsor of the droid oh so we have the side to move our war. to two hundred years the economic fallout has caused the benchmark ibex thirty five stock index to see saw barcelona trade as active a trade say the market outlook is volatile at best they warn the entire spanish
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economy could crash if wealthy catalonia succeeds in declaring independence if you take their part from the spanish economy it will contract a lot of the g.d.p. it will mean for spain going to depths of one hundred twenty or even one of thirty percent for now the economic wheels are still turning but madrid and barcelona must either reconcile or agree to an amicable divorce if not this political crisis could herald an economic disaster karl penhall al-jazeera barcelona spain. russian police have detained more than two hundred people at anti-government protests around the country. the. in st petersburg sixty people were taken into custody when police moved in to break up a demonstration it was one of at least twenty seven held to coincide with president bush and sixty first birthday the demonstrators are supporters of the opposition
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leader alexina valmy who is currently serving a twenty day jail term for a challenge of reports from moscow where police were more restrained in their handling of the protests. saturday was a test for alexei navalny and the test for russia's security forces on the day president putin turned sixty five the opposition leader wanted supporters to demand his release from twenty days it minister to detention and for him to be allowed to run in next year's presidential elections he's going in the band of independent candidate they want the person who are the. top to bottom line talk about the real russian problems i love my country very much this is why i am here the method of ruling. i wrote. and. new generation is great. but while unsanctioned rallies earlier in the year trail many thousands
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of people not nearly so many came this time perhaps the awful weather kept people away moscow at least but perhaps to get the message this time with less focus on the corruption that blight so many russians lives and more focus on the family herself and maybe a student here than in previous demonstrations at the time mostly young russian tourists very very vocal the. motives fables i must say the. incident person must resign. since novelli was sentenced on october the second. for organizing an authorized rallies there have been numerous raids and searches at his campaign offices around the country or support for a month. and whereas in moscow or thorazine is appear to be trying new softer tactics letting protesters shout their slogans with a minimum of the rest in other cities like san petersburg it was the same old
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treatments with riot police wrestling people to the ground and throwing them into waiting vans will have to wait for future demos to see if this dip in attendance marks a long term waning of support for number only and also to see if authorities favor the moscow police approach or same petersburg's reach allan's zero moscow league is a russia analyst that i.h.s. global information strategy company she says the kremlin is more interested in managing the protests than stamping them out completely. i think from the government perspective we really have to accept one fact that these protests are happening also because the government to decree what the authorities are along this to happen this is a very good too to sort of measured the level of discontent social discontent amongst the public how many people are ready to come out on the street risking their jobs most of the time to jobs our government or public sector jobs which
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means there will be record questions for some as well so do these orders also have to be cautious because they cannot afford to have a large number of people on the street because this will encourage others to come out so it's quite interesting it's basically the government allowing some protests to happen but so the reasonable number of people manageable levels not something that we've seen in two thousand and twelve. well still to come on the news hour of bangladesh's prime minister promises her continued support for the will hinge on. why puerto ricans are worried that post arak and repeal the rebuilding efforts come with ulterior motives and women's tennis has a new world number one that details that later in sport.
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but first turkey has announced the launch of a major operation in syria's province isn't sending its own forces into it lead but it is backing syrian rebel groups from the turkish side of the border turkish president richard type air the han says turkish soldiers haven't yet entered the area much of it is controlled by through here al shabab and alliance of factions spearheaded by a former al-qaeda affiliate. kark america. we have opened up a space in our region with operation euphrates shield and now we are making if is to take a step forward by maintaining security and. today there is a serious operation and it loop and it will continue because we have our brothers who came to it live fleeing violence in aleppo we can tell them whatever happens happens you can either die or survive we have to extend a hand to our brothers now this step has been taken and it is under way. as from how barak has more now from gaziantep on turkey's border with syria. this is what
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we know so far the turkish military sending reinforcement of that i highly border crossing with hundreds of free syrian fighters also present in the area phase one of this bit of offensive will be the free syrian army leading the fight to take on to have either in it live face to will be the turkish military crossing into it live to secure the city this is part of a deal that was signed with iran and what with iran and russia in a stand last month but with turkey's involvement in syria this could pose many challenges for the turkish military first of all because to have the same is one of the most powerful rebel factions operating inside syria they have issued a statement warning that any attack against them with be met with stiff resistance warning all those who try to dislodge them from it live to pay a heavy price the second major deal challenge for the turkish military is basically
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the town of a three an all the border with. turkey which where there is significant presence of the s.d.f. which is a coalition of turkish fighters i think minister planners in the turkish military will trying it out just try could delicate balance between the need to take on to hire some of the same time but also to prevent any attacks by the s.d.f. as the operation starts. well it's good for iraq now and the fight against the group has been forced from the northern town of how we just are the fighting continues in surrounding villages but the kurdish peshmerga say hundreds of isis fighters have surrendered and pro-government forces advance child stratford reports now from the business in northern iraq. shia militia forces and the iraqi army target eisel fighters close to the town of. the battle for what was isis last stronghold in northern iraq is over the fight is still occupy villages to the
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west of the city i saw has been using car bombs to attack the advancing pro-government troops. we destroyed this car bomb before it hit our convoy now our troops continue towards the village of riyadh which is strategic because it will help us secure the center of how we judge but there are many ideas ahead. and i still set fire to oil wells to try and make accurate coalition air strikes against them difficult most of these men are fighters with the iranian backed shia militia known as popular mobilization forces or. the eisel sign reads we are hitting you hard you persians who reject the true faith. turned this building into a surreal to impose that distorted interpretation of law. when they saw we were approaching a towards a building and fled. villages welcomed the pro-government troops thank
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god you have liberated us says this man. a few kilometers away kurdish peshmerga make sure no i saw fighters scape it was thursday evening when the iraqi prime minister hyderabadi announced that the battle for how we was over now made a kurdish peshmerga defensive position here the peshmerga telling us that the smoke you can see on the horizon here is because shia militia groups in support of the iraqi military are launching fires in lysol controlled areas trying to flush out the last remnants of the actual fighters from this area since the operation against iceland who we just started on september the twenty first the peshmerga say more than two hundred eisel fighters like these have surrendered here i still now only control small areas of iraq near the syrian border government forces in the coalition say they are prepared for what they hope will be their final fight child
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stuff that al jazeera depicts northern iraq two guards have been killed in an attack on a saudi royal palace in jeddah the interior ministry says a saudi man opened fire on security forces guarding the palace he was then shot that. al-jazeera is the man being the release of its journalist mahmoud hussein who's now been in prison in egypt for more than ten months he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos and he's a should he and al-jazeera strongly deny his every fuse to allow him to be transferred for specialist treatment on a broken arm an injury he received while detained he was arrested in the center while visiting his family. bangladesh's prime minister says her government will continue to support range of muslims who fled violence in neighboring me and my sheikh
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a senior says the government plans to build a temporary shelters for the refugees who now number almost half a million with the help of international aid agencies the united nations as warned that it's bracing for a further exodus of refugees from myanmar to bangladesh well access to humanitarian aid is a problem for all those sheltering in bangladesh where conditions are getting worse mohammed jump june has more now from a refugee camp in cox is bizarre. the remainder a few g.'s that you see in this very long line beside me they have been waiting here for hours today they are hungry they are desperate they are waiting for food distribution much needed food distribution and many of the ones we've spoken with they're concerned that by the time they actually get to the tent where the food is being distributed that there won't be enough left over for them this really speaks to the magnitude of this crisis a crisis that the u.n. is calling the most urgent refugee crisis in the world right now conditions in camps like this is the could to prolong camp and cox is bizarre they're absolutely
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appalling nobody expects they're going to get better any time soon now bangladesh's prime minister has said that this country will continue to support these refugees but the fact of the matter is aid groups humanitarian organizations they're very worried about the flow of aid into this country they're worried about the international community not donating enough for this cause and everybody we're talking to just is not seeing that this is going to get better anytime soon. how it can make is heading for the u.s. after wreaking havoc in central america the storm battered costa rica nicaragua honduras and el salvador killing at least twenty five people in flooding and landslides eleven of those people died in nicaragua hundreds of homes were flooded and ten thousand people affected costa rica's president says hurricane made has left half a million people without drinkable water. you have. tractors to
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access the affected areas the insane food water and medicine at the same time who clean up the roads were every can but it's difficult because there's a lot of cloudiness hindering the wood planes have also been sent in to survey the situation. fullname was a tropical storm when it hit nicaragua and costa rica on thursday after sweeping across honduras and el salvador it headed north brushing past mexican beach resorts it's now picking up strength and is expected to hit the u.s. gulf coast as a category two storm on saturday night a state of emergency has been the clarity in alabama louisiana mississippi and parts of florida well evacuation orders have also been issued including for parts of new orleans and that's where than your schwimmer joins us from as so that know when is the hurricane expected to hit. well barbara as you mentioned this storm has picked up strength and speed since it left central america
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so people were expecting it to hit early on sunday morning here it's likely to hit a little bit earlier than anticipated we've just driven back from the east from mississippi gulf to mississippi and there was driving rain and increasingly fierce winds on our way back to new orleans a couple of hours ago so in the next in the next few hours certainly for the people here i'll say they have strong memories of how rikan katrina which struck in two thousand and five killing over one thousand five hundred people and causing massive devastation they are saying that they are better organized this time around they have a history of dealing with the records of tropical storms in the manner of new orleans has been speaking about those preparations. greatest threats though from this particular storm because everyone is different is not necessarily rain but strong winds and storm surge i am ordering a mandatory evacuation of the nation isles lake catherine and irish by you areas of
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the city of new orleans so then as we heard there some areas are being evacuated what else. people doing to prepare. well there's eleven evacuation centers been set up in safe areas on the outskirts of new or some distance from new orleans others are evacuating voluntarily there are some areas where people are being forced to evacuate. really the police have gone in and said you must leave we're in gulfport mississippi where sailors people with sailing boats in the harbor there are being told they must leave by by early evening others have been out really just putting hardboard up on their windows moving anything that the winds may pick up. and they pick up and move other people leaving the area voluntarily so many people just preparing although with a storm like this you never really know exactly when it's going to hit how
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ferocious it's going to be so very difficult whatever you do when it finally does come it can be horrendous it can be very very frightening so people are preparing as best they can but the fear is it may not be enough then you try and there with the latest from new orleans daniel thank you. and of course hurrican it is just the latest to hit that part of the world and now many puerto ricans are worried about what will happen to their communities as they pick up the pieces after hurricane maria they point to residents being forced out of parts of new orleans after hurricane katrina as property developers moved in she had reports. the presence of the u.s. military under emergency contract is to be called the convention center and in the tourist district yet still over two weeks since hurricane maria made landfall almost all for puerto rico is without. ninety percent without electricity. like many neighborhoods we visited no one we spoke to from the low income sound one
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neighborhood of can you imagine kenya that seen any federal personnel helping to rebuild. eventually community leaders did ask the federal emergency management agency for topps to temporarily cover the eight hundred houses here without rubes but when a fraction of that amount was supplied so what the bribes are too small or too. long enough yeah. yeah yeah. yeah has a well organized community infrastructure that's been recognized internationally most recently winning the un's world habitat award. after the hurricanes of one nine hundred twenty six and twenty eight and during the great depression the mangroves around the mountain penya channel was illegally squatted by those fleeing the impoverished countryside for san juan through robust community organization the twenty five thousand residents living here now legally own two hundred acres of this land but their suspicion that authorities will use the aftermath of maria and
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the increased risk of hurricanes and flooding as a result of climate change to get rid of this community altogether. explains why this area is prized by developers who like the residents here have long been waiting for the promised dredging of the club channel intersecting it. will become an ambitious tourism and economic development project that links though a city. that's happened before this was once the low income neighborhood of tokyo and san juan situated near a waterway authorities ever think to the residents claiming it wasn't feasible to live on a flood plain or whether the city then built expensive housing office blocks on the puerto rico coliseum on the same land evan says she will not let that happen to her community and can you. not want that to happen to us that's why we created the land trust to protect ourselves it's well documented that after
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hurricane katrina in new orleans developers swiftly moved into have a low income communities and replaced them with hotels and expensive water from the problems but the residents of. say they're aware of the dangers of post hearkened relief and reconstruction and that they're ready she had her time see al-jazeera. british police say an incident outside a museum in west london was not terrorism related eleven people were injured when a car mounted the pavement outside the natural history museum in south kensington the site is a popular attraction. both with locals and the tourists need barker has more now from the scene. it's been described by british police as an unfortunate traffic incident but it did cause a tremendous amount of alarm when reports of a vehicle mounting the pavement at twenty past two local time first surfaced we now know that around eleven people were treated according to the london ambulance teams
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that were here on site nine of being taken to hospitals but it is the location that perhaps rang alarm bells very early on we're at a key junction a key thora fair here in london next to the victoria and albert museum not far from the science museum and the natural history museum there are also several embassies around here and the police were very quick to arrive on scene some of them armed some of them specialists offices in the last few hours we've seen forensic teams on the ground as well of course the u.k. is no stranger to terrorist related incidents there's been several in london born in manchester a lot of people have lost their lives the most certainly the author on this occasion we're not taking any chances. danish police say that they've recovered the head and legs of a swedish journalist who died after going on an inventor his homemade submarine kimbrough was reported missing after going on a trip with peter madsen an organist her torso washed ashore in copenhagen eleven
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days later madsen says she died after hitting her head on the hatch and he buried her at sea a police say they didn't find any fractures on her school which they found on friday madsen has been charged with killing the journalist incredible story lots more still to come here on the program nepotism and hundreds of millions of dollars in secret bank accounts. being leveled at the president a force for reform or a politician failed promises look at the legacy they bury in president ellen johnson sirleaf. prepares the step down and find out. the japanese formula one.
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hello the incoming season's plunge dancer eastern europe now there it is it's a cold front and the white top has brought rain to the balkans down through northern greece and you can follow the lives you might imagine in here different season that's autumn and you'd be right to think that in fact just clear that away in potential profile and these are the max when temperatures forecast for sunday twelve to fourteen book rest of the vienna. luckily here in spain and portugal still warm in fact it's higher than twenty seven done under lithia and southern portugal most afonso has taken this coup wind in its stride but i think we're fine despite the fact you got rain in this cool area they will be cut off by monday in temperatures start to rise again as the sun gets to work slow process book rescues of the seventeen vienna hasn't moved much at all but italy still looking quite good nevertheless is no doubt about it the season has certainly changed for a good part of northern and eastern europe and that extends out of the eastern med so the winds are going to pick up now really from the central mediterranean across
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the levant temperatures at best are going to be in the middle twenty's all the way from algeria to egypt for the carriages twenty nine other difference really is despite the possibility of onshore clouds and showers for the most part the sun is still out despite the breeze. i provoked it all is it alison whether online we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that new u.k. has to address or if you join us on sept i'm a member of a complex one but we struck up a relationship based is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where ever you are. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera spain's prime minister has ruled out to mediation with catalan officials to resolve the crisis over last weekend's a session for this this by tens of thousands of people gathering in barcelona and
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madrid to call for talks to end the standoff. russian police have detained more than two hundred opposition activists at anti-government protests across the country and turkey says it's backing syrian rebels in a major operation against al-qaeda linked fighters in its labor province. got in susie assists her. up to one of america's largest gun shows less than a week after the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history the three day oaks gun tobar fest in pennsylvania started as calls grow to bad bump stops there are weapon modification that allows semiautomatic rifles to be fired almost the fast as an automatic weapon the last vegas gunman stephen paddock killed fifty eight people and himself when he opened fire at an open air concert with a similar fire on last sunday i don't think there's any legislation that could be passed right now that would stop an evil person from media heinous act not what you
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are but there are over twenty some thousand gun laws on the books and united states of america right now so i would support restrictions on these pumps stark's i see no reason for anyone to have those a war weapon. well meanwhile a makeshift memorial garden has been set up to remember the fifty eight people killed killed unless vegas the area is filling fast with flowers and messages and the council says the site will become a permanent memorial kristen salumi reports. the city of las vegas now has a place where the victims of the october first shooting will be remembered permanently on monday just one day after the shooting to local landscapers felt the need for a community space somewhere people could come together to heal and they asked the city for a place where they could put up a temporary guard and what they got was a plot of land for a permanent memorial and in just
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a few days about four hundred people have come forward to donate time or resources to this memorial and many more have come to us. i think that most of us are here tonight because we're not willing to be fearful and stay home we're going to continue to live our lives we are a community and we came together as a community of people to show our strength and i cry for our city. in terms of the investigation authorities say more than a thousand cases have yet to establish a motive they say they see no evidence of a connection between ice and the gunman himself stephen. rumors about a fact and speculation have not been helpful in the investigation but they are asking the public if they had any facts any information to. sudan's foreign minister has welcomed the lifting of u.s. sanctions against the country but abraham door called for the u.s.
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government to go further removing so that from a blacklist of countries accused of sponsoring terrorism scott heide lawyer reports . joy on the streets of sudan after the u.s. state department announced it was lifting twenty year old economic and trade sanctions it's seen as a move down the path of normalized. in relations some think it'll improve their life as you see the american and sudanese flags flown in a spontaneous popular joyful reaction this is an indication that the sanctions have had a heavy toll on the people and the economy. prices and living costs have fallen a made easier for the needy. the announcement was widely anticipated a process started under president barack obama the u.s. saying the move came after sudan began addressing concerns of fighting terrorism and human rights abuses the sanctions were piling pressure on an already struggling economy and. it's true that the country is facing economic problems however the
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sanctions exacerbated if not complicated the situation it doesn't enable government officials to restructure the economy as it should be there were also assurances that sudan won't enter into arms deals with north korea and it had already diplomatically distance itself from iran but the opposition feels it's the wrong way to go. the lifting of sanctions will not bear any fruit it's only into propaganda but in the end it will have a negative impact on the regime simply because it sent out the wrong message to the people. sudan though will remain on the u.s. list of state sponsors of terrorism so as the relationship between the two countries improves there's still more work to be done it's got harder al-jazeera. last minute campaigning has been taking place in liberia ahead of the presidential election to find a successor to africa's first female head of state twenty candidates are competing to replace ellen johnson sirleaf who is standing down after two terms tuesday's
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vote will be the third since the country's fourteen year civil war reports now from the capital. mount coffee hydroelectricity project is already generating twenty two megawatts of electricity to the power grid. one of liberia's infrastructure success stories. the challenge now is to improve the distribution system to get the electricity to consumers. johnson is forced to use generators. to power his two food processing factories it would be a lot better because one electricity because a lot cheaper but also in terms of labor costs like the liberal liberal it's more efficient if you have electricity the government says it is invested in infrastructure but a lot more could happen that the morrow we are going to highway to the border with guinea the road open up dozens of towns and villages using transporting of goods
12:38 am
and services but many areas in other parts of liberia have waited for him if. it seems like they will continue to wait even longer drive their dreams of good roads fulfill. government to greece they were missed opportunities but a foundation for growth has been laid. the image of our country was restored and then before we can measure them again me works is done with restoring infrastructure and the services are good legacy. building of our country that was. before she came in but the president may also be remembered for promises she hasn't kept a few months ago she admitted to parliament but i fail to corruption. and that's just what many say is restricted to do more as president.
12:39 am
so we have a very. officious and that relationship been accused of stealing tax revenues and. only a few. at the end of the ellen johnson sirleaf you know it's only a few months away no one knows what lies ahead but liberians are already looking forward to the next chapter of that night's. monrovia. the philippine president has accused the opposition of trying to destabilize the government. this comments come after an investigation was launched into his finances prior to his election as president last may now he's supporting the impeachment of the chief judge at the supreme court as well as that of an ombudsman jimmy fallon though that has more now from london the. president will be good to
12:40 am
thirty is accusing opposition members of plotting to this that belies the government detectives says orbits munt conchita carpio morale is and supreme court chief justice lord are part of a wider coalition that includes the liberal party and the leftist movement both were appointed by former president bill. the leader of the opposition liberal party . or ellis office is investigating allegations that secret bank accounts containing hundreds of millions of dollars he acquired in his decades old stint as mayor of davos city in the southern philippines denies the allegations and impeachment complaint filed against supreme court chief justice has been deemed sufficient by congress the majority are allies of the third to. surrender is accused of committing irregularities in her statement of assets and liabilities a document that declares
12:41 am
a government officials personal wealth and those lawyers say the allegations are baseless charges are. the facts and. do not even constitute. under the. ground there to has recently challenged the two government officials to resign with him. the started it i did not start this rock. critic see that it is actions as a ploy to silence them senator let the dba a long time opponent of the curtis policies. on drug trafficking charges a case mostly based on testimonies of convicted illegal drug traffickers. president there came from. decades of being a local political leader without realizing. the nation is different from the city
12:42 am
of buffalo he has become very defensive which. critics say deterrent to is chatting on dangerous grounds they say he's attacking institutions that investigate corruption and bad governance or uganda's ations like the supreme courts and the ombudsman that must remain independent and free from any political interference dogon al-jazeera manila canada's government has agreed to pay compensation to indigenous people taken from their homes as children in the sixty's and placed in care or adopted by non indigenous families it's pledged almost six hundred million dollars for the estimated twenty thousand victims but some survivors a say the compensation payout is not enough it's the government's latest effort to repair ties with the marginalized group. i have great hope that because we reached this point oh. this again will never ever happen in canada
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again these are essential elements to begin to right the wrongs of this dark and painful chapter the sixty school. haiti's government is pushing to reinstate its army more than two decades after former president. this ban that it following a military coup the controversial plan is popular among the country's political and the business classes but critics fear it could see a return to widespread human rights violations of reports now from the capital port au prince. basic training for an army that doesn't yet exist twenty two year old gen mark just is trying to stay in shape but he waits to hear from haiti's defense ministry last month he was one of several hundred haitians who signed up to be part of the country's new army. and listed to serve and defend my country but also one
12:44 am
of my main motivations is that i need a job. thousands of unemployed young men like gen marks you know opportunity in the government's plan to rebuild the army more than two decades after it was disbanded but those who remember he's one history of military coups and human rights abuses see warning signs from the past. what's happening right now is very dangerous it seems like the government is more interested in building a private army for themselves. one hundred twenty men have already received training in ecuador the government insisted a new force would be limited to securing the border and responding to natural disasters however many believe it would also be used to maintain security a task that has largely fallen on the national police and united nations peacekeepers for the past thirteen years. the u.n. mission is known leaves a controversial legacy. in haiti from allegations of rape to introducing color but even its biggest detractors concede minister brought about
12:45 am
a degree of stability in this volatile nation the discussion to reinstate the armed forces has been going on for several years in haiti however for those people who support the plan the debate has taken on new urgency in recent months with the imminent departure of the un peacekeeping force set for october. the men say any security vacuum in haiti is theirs to fill more than twenty years ago they made up the rank and file of haiti's army but though they lost their jobs they never quite lay down their weapons they are armed and also we have political clout particularly . after. having a new army without us will be a catastrophe there are thousands of us and we are ready to defend our rights and the arguments over the shape of the new military will continue but while far from prosperous the last ten years have brought some relief to haiti's most violent neighborhoods. the everest test with the country's security must build towards the
12:46 am
goal of sustainable peace. port au prince haiti. still ahead in this news hour the men's final at the china open is set the world number one will be there and will tell you who will be standing in his way and. nine hundred sixty seven and the six day war was at its height a u.s. spy ship the u.s.s. liberty monitored the conflict from international waters suddenly she was attacked by the warplanes of america's closest regional manager israel over two hundred were killed and wounded from partnership which just read with what happened that day has long been the subject of cover up a mystery now the truth can be revealed the day israel attacked america a major investigation. this time on al jazeera and monday put it well on. u.s.
12:47 am
and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to full dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. and now here is far with the sport. barbara thank you so much the nettle and have kept their slim hopes of reaching next year's world cup alive spy beating valorous
12:48 am
three one on saturday they face and near impossible task they need to beat sweden who they trailed by three points by seven goals in their final match to make the playoffs if they fail it marks a huge slam considering they finished third at the last world cup. friends are guaranteed a playoff spot to at the very least a beating after beating bowl garia there is a two horse race to finish top of group b. both switzerland and portugal one on saturday with the swiss three points ahead with one game to go and with greece winning and. losing the greeks second in group h. and currently hold a playoff spot belgium are already through. nigeria have become the first team in africa to qualify they sealed qualification from group b. beating zambia one thanks to a goal from arsenal's alex it will be less good news for another of the continent's heavyweights gone they were held by uganda nil nil it means a win for egypt over congo on sunday will guarantee the pharaoh's qualify it as
12:49 am
group winners are top of group c. after their win walton is here to see as wins sees them top of group a lewis hamilton is continuing his charge towards another formula one title the mercedes driver will start from pole position for sunday's japanese grand prix hamilton top the time sheets in saturday's qualifying session at suzuka sebastian vettel by thirty four points in the driver's championship with five races meaning that it was third in qualifying but will move to second after about three quarters was penalised. and tonight is there is to be a new name at the top of the women's world rankings simona halep will replace garbin will go through as world number one after beating austin pengo in straight sets to reach her fifth final this season at the china open twenty six year old how it is the first rumanian player to achieve the milestone caroline garcia in sunday's final. for sure it is the best day in my life the dream is through now
12:50 am
and all the work that. i had during these years everything every challenge every desire so i'm really happy that i could do this it's a magic day for me and i just want to enjoy it at maximum. rafa nadal is through to the venice final the world number one was made to work hard to get a third seed grigori but he came through in three sets and will now face australia's next curial in our sunday show piece and major league baseball playoffs are in full swing with all weight remaining teams in action on friday in their bid to reach the world series the cleveland indians are favorites for many but they've had to fight hard against the new york yankees phillies home and reports. the cleveland indians had one twenty two game strike during the regular season they've been the team to beat heading into the playoffs and the new york yankees look like they may do just that in game two of the american league division series.
12:51 am
the yankees had struck an eight trade lead by the fifth inning before a grand slam home up from francesco lyndall so the indians trial by just a single run. jay bruce leveled things up at tight fitting lee in the eighth inning. it would take two extra innings before cleveland clinched the game night to pull ahead in the best of five series you. see i'm not going to ranking those but that was this it was an honor to be a part of this game i mean you can see why you don't want to talk about our guys why do you it was a bad day out as well for the yankees fees rivals the boston red sox they will base and i too by the houston astros and the other american league division series.
12:52 am
the asteroid's can clinch the series on sunday u.s. congressman steve scalise threw out the ceremonial sos pitch before the washington nationals playoff with the chicago cubs skellies was shot and seriously wounded in june while practicing for charity by spoken. these nationals had little else to celebrate after that beating three nothing by the defending world series champions in their season opener. and the m i don't is out in the national league series with the amazon a diamondbacks with a wind that despite star pitcher clayton kershaw giving up five runs. just in time to the i managed five r.b.i. runs batted in that gave the dodgers a nice if victories and won nothing series lead the least home in al-jazeera. and i tell you support for now it's now back to barbara in london for a thank you the u.n.
12:53 am
secretary general antonio good parish has travelled to burb you and then tea in the caribbean to see the damage left by hurricane last months ninety five percent of all the infrastructure in barbuda was destroyed by hurricane or about eighteen hundred residents who were forced to evacuate to nearby antigo or the secretary general joins us live now live from antigua source thank you so much for being with us on the program the statistics are pretty shocking tell us what you saw when you went on the ground yourself what is the level of devastation. we seem to have lost the line from a pair of those in the caribbean zones form into hell. there is a low yes we can hear you please go on sir last alone no no no we can hear you please go on tell us what you found. i saw
12:54 am
a pair of eyes was formed into hell total devastation as as you mentioned the. winds of six hundred kilometers per hour for thirty seven hours and this is the longest such level resistance which means that we are really facing huge impacts of climate change in these hurricanes in these natural disasters they have tripled in intensity in the last and the number in the last thirty years and the economic impacts as a multiplier was multiplied by five it is not clear that there is a link between climate change and this intensity multiplication and devastation caused by hurricane in the caribbean and around the world i will ask you that in more detail of that later but first just focusing on the same area the u.n. launched an appeal for about one hundred fourteen million dollars and unfortunately the response has been quite poor why do you think that is and what more can the
12:55 am
u.n. do to help these islands to help this region. well exactly the reason of my visit to barbara to munich is exactly to raise awareness to put pressure on international community for a stronger humanitarian aid now and also for a stronger aid in relation to the reconstruction and the building resilience in the islands of the caribbean as we magine that in the next few years since will get worse and worse the world bank is promoting a van or a meeting in the context of their annual meeting and i urge the international community to fully support these caribbean states there are small islands they are sometimes completely destroyed they are pressing five many of them as middle income countries they have no access to grants or to soft loans this needs to be revisited and i think it's essential for the international community to be able to help these
12:56 am
states allowing them to reconstruct and overcoming the enormous difficulties that they face not only because of the natural disasters but because of the i levels of that that they already had before they need international solidarity they have not contributed to climate change but they are the first victims of. domestic impacts of climate change and you have said that you almost hope that this of these examples of extreme weather will convince many people who are still skeptical about climate change and of course the person everyone thinks of when that topic is raised is donald trump the u.s. says said it will withdraw from the paris climate deal i mean i appreciate your optimistic that you hope that the link will be made but have you seen any evidence that more and more of these hurricanes actually do cause a change in the way the government and people behave and how they see climate change. well some people say that we
12:57 am
always have hurricanes and that is true but never with these frequency and this intensity the scientific explanation is very simple more c o two in the atmosphere means warmer water wherever what it means more evaporation more vapor in the atmosphere and so when these go over the oceans. their intensity is turbocharged and instead of this updating they become more and more devastating and when they reach land they destroy we have seen and by the border ninety five percent of whatever was built in in the island it is clear there is a link between. our atmosphere one way armor oceans and more devastating more frequent and more intense natural disasters and i understand you
12:58 am
will be visiting dominica to see the situation as they are tomorrow for the moment un secretary general antonio the terrorists are thank you so much for having being with us here on al-jazeera. and that is it for this a news hour much more on our website and i will of course have more news for you in just a few minutes to stay with us here on al-jazeera. the a. with. the the earth.
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a rite of passage preserved through the generations my cousin was laying down there until a screaming she was helpless the woman have to endorse this faculty of pain for one that menai meets the women affected by s.g.m. and those reshaping perception do you think people will abandon this event through any better than to take al-jazeera correspondent the current and this time. the spanish prime minister turns down mediation as thousands rally across spain and catalonia calling for talks to resolve the worsening crisis between them.


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