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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2017 3:00am-3:33am AST

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and the health costs. china's communist party is holding its annual congress what will it mean for the country and its people. on al-jazeera. on counting the cost us billionaire president donald trump wants to cut taxes but how will his plan impact only americans explain versus catalonia the economic implications plus calm again what's behind the collapse of australia's auto industry counting the cost at this time. turkish forces back the free syrian army in an operation to drive out a former al qaeda affiliate from its basti in that country's northwest.
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of mathison this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a massive explosion at a gas station and gone as capital forces residents to flee for their lives. rallying for unity but spain's prime minister rules out talks of the crisis deepens after catalonia his vote to break away. out of can nato get stronger as it nears the u.s. gulf coast it's already killed dozens across central america. and we begin in syria would turkey has announced it starting a big operation in libya province isn't sending in its own forces but it's providing logistical and intelligence support to syrian rebel groups in the country's northwest much of it live is controlled by talk show. it's an alliance of
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factions spearheaded by the former al qaeda affiliate turkish president of egypt a about of one says he won't allow the rebel alliance to thrive along its border but. we have opened up a space in our region with operation euphrates shield and now we are making efforts to take a step forward by maintaining security in a lab today there is a serious operation in adlib and it will continue because we have our brothers there who came to fleeing violence in aleppo we can't tell them whatever happens happens you can either die or survive we have to extend a hand to our brothers now this step has been taken and it is under way. has more from gaza on tap on turkey's border with syria. this is what we know so far the turkish military standing reinforcement of their i highly border crossing with hundreds of free syrian fighters also present in the area phase one of this offensive will be the free syrian army leading the fight to take on. in its live
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phase two will be the turkish military crossing into it live to secure the city this is part of a deal that was signed with iran and with iran and russia in a stand last month but with turkey's involvement in syria this could pose many challenges for the turkish with the first of all because to have the same is one of the most powerful rebel factions operating inside syria they have issued a statement warning that any attack against them with be met with stiff resistance warning all those who try to dislodge them from it live to pay a heavy price the second major challenge for the turkish military is basically the town of a three in all the border with. turkey which is where there is a significant presence of the s.d.f. which is a coalition of turkish fighters i think military planners in the turkish military will trying it out just like a delicate balance between the need to take on to hire some of the same time but
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also to prevent any attacks. as the operation starts henri barkey is a professor of international relations at lehigh university and he says turkey is supporting the operation is mainly for domestic security concerns we have to look at this operation that turkey is mounting more as as a domestic politics issue and also one that has to do with the united states turkey united states have now fallen quite apart of each other because of american support for the white b.g. for the syrian kurds in their struggle against the islamic state and the turks have been to. to stop that to block to have to convince americans not to do it but they have this by by aligning itself with iran and russia i think what the turks are trying to do is to send a message through to washington but i'm afraid washington is not in a mood to listen to that to that message secondly mr had one has been threatening
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to go into syria for a long time he's been threatening to go into iraq following the referendum in northern iraq so he's been in the turkish press has been full of stories of imminent military action by by turkey and everybody has been expecting some kind of military action so there's a way in which you can argue that the in the operation will kind of satisfy this this jingoistic urge that has emerged in turkey and add one will be able to say yes we are doing military operations and of course they will be successful in his in his book so this is it may be that the. intervention is a side show for both domestic politics and especially u.s. takesh relations ok let's talk about the fight against i saw in iraq the groups being forced from the northern town of how we are all the fighting continues in
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surrounding villages kurdish peshmerga forces who fought alongside iraqi forces say hundreds of hours of fighters have surrendered as pro-government forces advance charles traffic reports from davis in northern iraq. shia militia forces of the iraqi army target eisel fighters close to the town of who we are. the battle for what was i saw last urban stronghold in northern iraq is over the fight is still occupy villages to the west of the city i saw has been using car bombs to attack the advancing pro-government troops relative we destroyed this car bomb before it hit our convoy now our troops continue to was the village a free out which is strategic because it will help us secure the center of how we judge but there are many idees ahead. i still set fire to oil wells to try and make accurate coalition air strikes against them difficult most of these men are fighters with the iran backed shia militia known as popular mobilization forces
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ohashi the xabi. the eisel sign reads we are hitting you hard you persians who reject the true faith. i still turned this building into a surreal local to impose that distorted interpretation of laws and society when they saw we were approaching a top of the building and. villages welcomed the pro-government troops thank god you have liberated us says this man a few kilometers away kurdish peshmerga make sure no i saw fighters escape it was thursday evening when the iraqi prime minister hyderabadi announced that the battle for how we was over now made a kurdish peshmerga defensive position here the peshmerga telling us that the smoke you can see on the horizon here is because shia militia groups in support of the iraqi military are lighting fires in i still controlled areas trying to flush out
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the last remnants of the actual fighters from this area since the operation against eisel and how we just started on september the twenty first the peshmerga say well than two hundred i saw fighters like these have surrendered here. i shall now only control small areas of iraq near the syrian border government forces in the coalition say they are prepared for what they hope will be their final fight. al jazeera debate northern iraq where many of those kurdish peshmerga forces say they support a session referendum which was held in the kurdish region last month the hundred spoke to some of the soldiers in the labia. the daily grind learning military tactics against elusive enemies under the baking sun this training session is about detecting suspects and suspicious vehicles. make sure no one is wearing
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a suicide vest and the car is not rigged says the trainer a threat to soldiers here know all too well many of them were children at the time when just going to the market in this part of iraq near the border with syria could be a deadly trap there all sunni muslim arabs proudly serving under the kurdish banner . we saw with the kurds did and what the government did the kurdish areas are safe there is no security in places like baghdad we prefer to be with them and i also need to do the same. there is a sense of newfound purpose and identity among the soldiers here. ever since the fall of saddam hussein in two thousand and three this area was taken by various armed groups including and i and the tribes here frustrated by the lack of support from the central government in baghdad had only one choice left just seek protection from the kurds. and. the man i career soldier
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still remembers when it was too dangerous for anyone in uniform to be on the streets he survive several attempts. i said yes to the referendum and yes to independence i used to say my country is iraq united. but after the central government ignored us and let iceland areas i changed my mind. the tribal leader to kurdish president masoud barzani for help now they fully backed the referendum for secession and. joining the kurds doesn't mean we forgo all arab roots but it's the kurds who represent the real. sectarian with baghdad we are less than nothing not even second class citizens. this border area was controlled by the iraqi government in baghdad up until two thousand and fourteen when the kurds ever arrived. prime minister threatening to retake control
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of similar areas but increasing numbers of sudanese are calling for further disapprobation. there is no other choice but the division of iraq each live in the area. unity is an illusion of the arab countries there is no more. sectarianism and we are aiming for a sunni autonomy. the kurdish. other minorities. their place in the iraq after saddam hussein every flexion up to failures of the baghdad government to be inclusive and it's difficult to see how the iraqi flag will be raised here once again. two guards have been killed after an attack on a saudi royal palace in jeddah the interior ministry says a saudi man opened fire on security forces guarding the palace he was then shot dead earlier this week police raided hideouts of
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a group they say is linked to weisel killing two people and arresting five ghana's government. explosion in the capital and caused casualties what this is say a tanker exploded at a station that sells liquefied natural gas flames then spread to a petrol station across the street it happened at atomic junction near the university of ghana. she says these types of explosions are. this is an extremely busy part of the this is the busy interchange and it's one of the main routes out of the city it's an area known as a comic. buildings people in the street. city many more casualties that we've been hearing as emergency services. really establish what hospital i mean there is also of course a number of students. going to universities and people talking about this
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explosion being kilometers around i think this is going to be very interesting as events on sunday because there's probably going to be a lot of and quite a lot of anger because this is something that's becoming very worrying and. we had twelve people were killed in a gas explosion in the city june twenty fifth ever in the cards of more than a hundred people and they tried on a fuel station. people. on the distribution of gas and fuel save for that kind of. major incident in the carling. spain's prime minister is ruling out a mediation to resolve a political crisis after separatist leaders in catalonia held a session referendum. says he may use the constitution to suspend catalonia has
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autonomy if leaders declare independence earlier tens of thousands of people have rallied in the dreaded barcelona to call for unity and they've urged both sides to hold talks on a whole reports. it's all in the hands apparently at a demonstration in barcelona the fluttering gestures of openness and peace. let's talk they say in spanish and in catalonia the language of this region pushing to secede. but not all cracking lines want to break away many prefer spain you know into the protest here mirrored by large crowds in the capital madrid what this shows is that whatever was happening next week the un. but. the people who live. under and alberto who just married at the town hall across the square from the regional government headquarters happy they say to share their
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union with calls for national unity in spain i personally think it is a must when you know. i also think everybody has a right to choose what they want to feel when you want to be run by me even. as the crowd gathered outside inside we spoke to catalonia as foreign minister so do will of the people needs to be respected for a single reason there is no alternative to this we tried for years to enter into negotiations with the state no one church into positive manner repression was the only answer and despite this the people went to vote freely the market peacefully and that is what the. needs to acknowledge we have two projects here one is democracy the other one is repression of violence which one the people. will find a solution that solution. that. the people not to suffer the people there
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didn't just i think we need a space to express ourselves in the middle of such a polarized situation where both governments are taking us to the brink of disaster . so searching for a way out of this political crisis before it gets worse social media posts suggest a pro unity demonstration planned for sunday may be disrupted by pro secession groups the real prospect of more violence jonah how al-jazeera barcelona still ahead and al jazeera. i will tell you why the russians took to the streets in the day their president celebrates his birthday. in las vegas we visit a place that's a reminder of just how different america's gun culture is.
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from a fresh breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. i thought the rain had eased a bit in vietnam but if anything is going to pick up once more there's a constant feed of this. and warm air through the south china sea into the far southwest of china into vietnam and beyond that the darker green suggest heavier rain once again now the heaviest was in central vietnam. most of china still looking dry except for northern sichuan and that like to beijing where rain is developing once well but if you're in hong kong you're right on the edge of the cloudy particularly humid air at the moment. of course the rain should be showing itself more frequently for the sas now there are huge gaps in the satellite view but showers form over land as the day progresses and temperatures rise but they do tend to drift out over the ocean and the general drift takes a more towards thailand singapore. malaysia. you'll notice that java isn't
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particularly well catered for in showers in the forecast it's not quite right season but look how close it is got. to rain anyway jakarta and the monsoon here vols and disappearing out of the way through india if anything is pushing back up again through nagpal possibly as far as go jet in the next day or so now officially of course the monsoon season ended in gujarat. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. let's not count all the capital which makes the credit. when nature is transformed into a commodity big business takes in the interests of buying landscapes protecting landscapes it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature but at what risk banks of course don't do that because they have the higher protection. because to see your
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business crossing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. you're watching a reminder of our top stories this hour turkey says it's backing syrian rebels in a large operation against former al qaeda linked fighters in the province turkish president about of and says he won't allow the rebel alliance to thrive along this border. government says people have been injured after a gas tanker explosion in the capital at the blast happened i'd a station selling liquefied gas flames then spread to a petrol station across the street. spain's prime minister has ruled mediation to
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resolve a political crisis after separatist leaders in catalonia held a referendum to secede from spain. says he may use the constitution to suspend catalonia as autonomy if leaders declare independence ok governors in the southern united states are urging people to take shelter from how to can nate ahead of its expected landfall on saturday night evacuation orders have been in place along coastal areas of louisiana mississippi and alabama on saturday the mayor of new orleans has declared a state of emergency systems already hit parts of central america killing twenty five people. in new orleans followed the winds are beginning to pick up now what are the conditions like there. well they certainly are we've heard the winds are about one hundred thirty a little over one hundred thirty kilometers an hour the outer reaches of the hurricane although he has made landfall now around the mouth of the mississippi
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river where we had bands of the hurricane hitting this area a few hours ago with very strong winds and very intense rainfall people have been taking precautions as you mentioned dorothy's also warning about. in and around alabama just to add to their worries the people here have been watching the approach of this horrific and now for a couple of days a scene the devastation the loss of life that you mentioned in central america so as you can imagine there is certainly some anxiety as the effects of the hurricane approach approach here in louisiana and louisiana in new orleans. they're still assessing the devastation in central america more than twenty people were killed and there was extensive damage after two weeks of almost constant rainfall before the storm. then picked up speed through the gulf of mexico before making landfall on the southeastern coast of the united states as
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a category two hurricane with winds of more than one hundred fifty kilometers an hour it is critical. everyone. who's been told to evacuate or would like to do so that they do it now those invulnerable areas were moved to evacuation centers while others prepared for uncertainty stocked up with provisions neal to be doing gulfport mississippi like sailors all along the gulf coast was his boat as best he could as the storm approached residents boarded up properties and secured anything the winds might carry away but it's difficult to prepare when you don't know exactly when or where it's going to strike or how ferocious the hurricane is going to be when it does finally hit it's always stronger and far more frightening than anything you might have prepared for memories here is still strong of hurrican katrina in two thousand and five which left about one thousand eight hundred people dead and caused an estimated one hundred eight billion dollars worth
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of damage. that better prepared this time i want to be really clear we have sufficient part was power and manpower to handle this threat if the rain totals remain as forecasts and the people of the u.s. gulf coast with plenty of recent hurrican experience hope that nate is listening daniel the mayor of new orleans there giving very calm press conference which he has been doing over the last couple of days how do you think that the people there are confident that the emergency services do have everything under control. well i think that i think certainly hope for the authorities have gone to great lengths to try to reassure people. of the roots of the speed of this hurricane it changes direction it changes wind speed you never know quite where it's going to hit it exactly when it's going to hit so there is a great deal of anxiety at the same time it has to be said that the people around
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certainly here in new orleans have a reputation they're very proud of the defying the odds of partying in the face of the record we've seen people out on the coast surfing the record approaches so that says something i think about the attitude that some people have here all those yes certainly very concerned very worried but hopeful that those measures that have been put in place with those memories of hurricane katrina will be effective but again the storm is approaching and there is a sense of trepidation there is a curfew in place here in new orleans it's dark it's seven twenty at nights here now so really it's a case of battening down the hatches waiting to see what happens overnight and what the damage will be like tomorrow morning. thank you very much indeed. police in russia have detained more than two hundred sixty people at an anti government protests across the country.
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has been one of twenty seven cities where officers have broken up demonstrations against president vladimir putin he's been marking his sixty fifth birthday rallies have been held by supporters of opposition leader alexei novell me it's currently serving a twenty day jail term rory challenge reports from moscow where police have been more restrained. saturday was a test for alexei in a valley and a test for russia's security forces on the day president putin turned sixty five the opposition leader wanted supporters to demand his release from twenty days administrative detention and for him to be allowed to run in next year's presidential elections he's going independent independent candidate they want to close a. top to bottom talk about the real russian parliament i love my country very much this is why i am here for a week. i wrote. but while unsanctioned rallies earlier in the year drew many
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thousands of people not nearly so many came this time perhaps the awful weather kept people away moscow at least but perhaps so to get the message this time with less focus on the corruption that blight so many russians lives and more focus on the value herself and maybe a student did it on previous demonstration that the mostly young russian tourists are very vocal to. say. that i'm so close it must resign. since novelli was sentenced on october the second organizing unauthorized rallies there have been numerous raids and searches at his campaign offices around the country were. born. and whereas in moscow orthorexic he's appeared to be trying new softer tactics letting protesters shout their slogans with a minimum of arrests in other cities like san petersburg it was the same old
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treatment with riot police wrestling people to the ground and throwing them into waiting vans will have to wait for future demos to see if this dip in attendance marks a long term waning of support for me and also to see if dorothy's favor the moscow police approach force in petersburg or italians how to zero moscow. bangladesh's prime minister says her government will continue to support range of muslims who fled violence in neighboring me and more she says the government plans to build temporary shelters for almost a million refugees the un has warned that expecting a further exodus of refugees from me and to bangladesh. campaigning ends on sunday ahead of elections in liberia to find a successor to president ellen johnson sirleaf a nobel prize winner who standing down after the election on tuesday will be the third since the civil war there are twenty candidates including vice president joseph buckeye johnson sirleaf became africa's first female president when she was
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elected in two thousand and five. momentum is growing in the u.s. to regulate or ban a device that helped a gunman fire hundreds of bullets a minute into a concert in las vegas killing fifty eight people but even in the city that experience that deadly shooting a gun to resume culture continues to thrive kristen salumi explains. the guns are real the ammunition non-lethal rubber bullets for about one hundred dollars you too can experience what it's like to shoot and get shot at here at the las vegas gun fights shooting range. paper targets are the lowest form of firearms training they don't react they certainly don't shoot back.
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the idea is to simulate a real gun battle in the fear and the adrenaline rush it inspires when you see a weapon pointed at you. last vegas gun fights are just one aspect of the city's thriving gun tourism industry which also includes places like battlefield vegas. get ready for a shooting range where guests can fire automatic weapons and even drive a tank over a car. literally it's become a very very popular tradition without a doubt machine gun vegas is one of the few establishment to shut down after fifty eight people were shot and killed at an outdoor concert expressed support for limited gun control measures there's absolutely no reason for an average citizen who wants to have a gun to have one hundred round magazine ok there is no reason for them to be able to buy. excess reese that the gun which makes the gun almost fully
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automatic there's just no reason for. according to economist jeffrey watt ups half of the economic activity in las vegas comes from tourism think that it's in our long run best interest. to deal with this problem so that. tourists feel more secure and more safe. but for many here feeling more safe means having a gun and knowing how to use it. the person behind the gun is the problem. it indeterminate inspired me to just really want to be more trained the owner of las vegas fight says six hundred people signed up for his gun training class this week christine for me al jazeera las vegas nevada. this is al jazeera these are the top stories turkey says it's backing syrian rebels
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in a large operation against former al qaeda linked fighters in that province turkish president. says he won't allow the rebel alliance to thrive along his country's border. we have opened up a space in our region with operation euphrates shield and now we are making efforts to take a step forward by maintaining security in a lab today there is a serious operation in italy and it will continue because we have our brothers there who came to fleeing violence in aleppo we can tell them whatever happens happens you can either die or survive we have to extend a hand to our brothers now this step has been taken and it is under way by still has been pushed out of the northern iraqi town of but fighting continues in surrounding villages kurdish peshmerga forces have been fighting alongside iraqi troops they say hundreds of isaw fighters have surrendered ahead of a pro-government advance group now only controls small areas of iraq near the
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syrian border two gods have been killed after not attack on a saudi royal palace in jeddah the interior ministry says a saudi man opened fire on security forces guarding the al salam palace he was then shot dead. government says people have been injured by a gas tanker explosion in the capital acra witnesses say a tanker exploded at the station that sells liquefied natural gas flames then spread to a petrol station across the street it happened at atomic junction near the university of ghana. sprains prime minister has ruled out mediation to resolve a political crisis off the separatist leaders in catalonia how to referendum to secede from spain not an overhaul is as he may use the constitution to suspend catalonia as autonomy if leaders declare independence governors in the southern united states are urging people to take shelter from what it can nate ahead of his expected landfall on saturday night evacuation orders have been in place along
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coastal areas of louisiana mississippi and alabama on saturday the mayor of new orleans has declared a state of emergency those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story line that. saudi arabia and russia have been rivals for decades and on opposite sides on many issues the saudi story is it suggests a new relationship why now and what does it mean for the middle age this is the inside story.


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