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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2017 7:00am-7:34am AST

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people will abandon this event through any better than to take al-jazeera correspondent the count at this time. optimism has faded. elected leaders undivided. attention grows as fears that a crackdown is imminent the targets the activists who food for democracy divide and conquer. part five of the six part series filmed of a five years. china's democracy experiment and this time on al-jazeera. turkish forces backed the free syrian army in an operation to drive out to form al
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qaida affiliates in the country's northwest. hello i'm down jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a number of people have been killed in a massive explosion at a gas station and donna's capital. makes landfall in the u.s. state of mississippi these are live pictures it's already killed dozens across central america. and we'll tell you what south koreans are celebrating almost a year after a massive street protests brought down the president. has announced that starting an operation in syria's edler province the turkish president reza type on says turkish soldiers haven't yet into the area much of it live is controlled by. an alliance of factions spearheaded by a former al qaida affiliate. on turkey's border with syria. this is
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what we know so far the turkish military standing reinforcement of their highly border crossing with hundreds of free syrian fighters also present in the area phase one of this offensive will be the free syrian army leading the fight to take on the head in live face to will be the turkish military crossing into it live to secure the city this is part of a deal that was signed with iran and with iran and russia in a stand last month but with turkey's involvement in syria this could pose many challenges for the turkish with the first of all because the head of this is one of the most powerful rebel factions operating inside syria they have issued a statement warning that any attack against them with be met with stiff resistance warning all those who try to dislodge them from it live to pay a heavy price the second major challenge for the turkish military is basically the
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town of a free and all the border with. turkey which where there is significant presence of the s.d.f. which is a coalition of turkish fighters i think military planners in the turkish military will trying it out just like a delicate balance between the need to take on. the same time but also to prevent any attacks. as the operation starts well let's get more now on the significance of it live province the region was labeled a deescalation zone last month after an agreement between turkey russia and iran but fighting has continued there the deal is not recognized by a coalition of armed groups who control large parts of it well down to lyons called high. is dominated by fighters from the former al qaeda linked group. it became its key stronghold in twenty fifteen and the area is one of the few crossing still open on the turkish syrian border which is
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a security concern for ankara bordering it led to the north is an area controlled by kurdish y.p. g. forces turkey considers the white b.g. an extension of the kurdistan workers' party or p k k which it says is a terrorist group. well everybody is a professor of international relations at university he says turkey supporting the ad lib campaign is mainly for domestic security concerns we have to look at this operation that turkey is mounting more as a domestic politics issue and also one that has to do with the united states turkey united states have now fallen quite a part of each other because of american support for the white b.g. for the syrian kurds in their struggle against the islamic state and the turks have been trying to to stop that to block tried to convince americans not to do it but they have this by by aligning itself with iran and russia i think what the turks
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are trying to do is to send a message through to washington but i'm afraid washington is not in a mood to listen to that to that message secondly mr i don't has been threatening to go into syria for a long time has been threatening to go into iraq following the referendum in northern iraq so he's been in the turkish press has been full of stories of imminent military action by by turkey and everybody has been expecting some kind of military action so there's a way in which you can argue that the in the operation will kind of satisfy this this jingoistic urge that has emerged in turkey and add one will be able to say yes we are doing military operations and of course they will be successful in his in his book so this is it may be that the. intervention is a side show for both domestic politics and especially us turkish relations let's cross into neighboring iraq and talk about the fight against i so that the armed
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groups been pushed from the northern town of who we are all the fighting continues in surrounding villages the kurdish peshmerga who fought alongside iraqi troops say hundreds of i saw members of surrendered ahead of the pro-government advance his child struck at. shia militia forces in the iraqi army target eisel fighters close to the town of her. the battle for what was i saw last urban stronghold in northern iraq is over the fight is still occupy villages to the west of the city i saw has been using car bombs to attack the advancing pro-government troops relative we destroyed this car bomb before it hit our convoy now our troops continue towards the village of freon which is strategic because it will help us secure the center of how we judge but there are many idees ahead. i still set fire to oil wells to try and make accurate coalition air strikes against
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them difficult most of these men are fighters with the iran backed shia militia known as popular mobilization forces ohashi the xabi. the eisel sign reads we are hitting you hard you persians who reject the true faith. i still turn this building into which there were locals to impose that distorted interpretation of the law. when they saw we were approaching a toss a building and fled. villages welcomed the pro-government troops thank god you have liberated us says this man. a few kilometers away kurdish peshmerga make sure no eisel fighters escape it was thursday evening when the iraqi prime minister hyderabadi announced that the battle for how we was over now met a kurdish peshmerga defensive position here the peshmerga telling us that the smoke you can see on the horizon here is because shia militia groups in support of the
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iraqi military are lighting fires in leisel controlled areas trying to flush out the last remnants of the actual fighters from nice area since the operation against eisel and how we just started on september the twenty first the peshmerga say more than two hundred i saw pointers like these have surrendered here i still now only control small areas of iraq near the syrian border government forces in the coalition say they are prepared for what they hope will be their final fight. al jazeera northern iraq two guards have been killed after an attack on a saudi royal palace in the interior ministry says a saudi man opened fire on security forces guarding the palace he was then shot dead early this week saudi police raided a hideouts of a group they say is linked to eisele killing two people and arresting five ghana's government says a gas tanker explosion followed by a second blast has killed
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a number of people in the capital accra firefighters have now brought the blaze under control but they're battling to extinguish flames from the second explosion it's not clear how many people died. as it was i'm aborting is in a crash he says these types of explosions are not uncommon. this is an extremely easy part of this is a busy interchange and it's one of the main routes out of the city it's an area known as a comic. buildings people in the street. city many more casualties that we've been hearing as emergency services. really establish what happened i mean there is also of course a number of students. going to university. people talking about this explosion being kilometers around i think this is going to be very interesting as events develop on sunday because they're probably going to be a lot of quite
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a lot of anger because this is something that's becoming very worrying. twenty six people were killed in a gas explosion in the city to the twenty fifth ever in the cards of more than a hundred people. people. on the distribution of gas. kind of. in the curling. hurricane nate has made landfall along the u.s. gulf coast these are live pictures from biloxi mississippi about one hundred fifty kilometers east of new orleans evacuation orders have been in place in several states since saturday the mayor of new orleans has declared a state of emergency in eight has already hit parts of central america killing twenty five people one reports from new orleans. the hurricane made with winds of up to one hundred thirty five kilometers an hour was increasing speed as it
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worked its way north to the gulf of mexico it finally made landfall fairly close to the mouth of the mississippi river and it will bring with it heavy rains and increasingly strong winds here feel that they have made sufficient precautions to withstand this very strong winds these are people who have suffered. and fought because storms in the recent years the most notable being hurricane katrina in two thousand and five when billions of dollars worth of damage was caused by something like a thousand eight hundred people killed a great deal of investment has gone into those defenses so it's really now a case of working through the night watching and waiting to see what kind of damage needs to be assessed with the light of day and whether those defenses have in fact been effective the u.n. secretary general antonio has visited the caribbean islands devastated by hurricanes last month he's traveled to bob and. to see the damage ninety five
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percent of all infrastructure in bob you that has been destroyed by. the terrorist hold on to zero the island nations are the first victims of climate change. the reason of my visit to. exactly to raise awareness to put pressure on international community for a stronger. now and also for a stronger aid in relation to the reconstruction and. building resilience in the islands of the caribbean as we manage in that in the next few years seems will get worse than worst the world bank is promoting a meeting in the context of their annual meeting and i urge the international community to fully support these caribbean states there are small islands they are sometimes completely destroyed they are classified many of them as middle income countries they have no access to grants or to soft loans these needs to be
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revisited and i think it's essential for the international community to be able to help these states allowing them to reconstruct and overcoming the enormous difficulties that they face not only because of the natural disasters but because of the i levels of depth that they already had before they need international solidarity they have not contributed to climate change but they are the first victims of these dramatic impacts of climate change. spain's prime minister has warned separatist leaders in catalonia that he's prepared to suspend the region's autonomous status if independence is declared the region held a referendum on secession earlier this month. says he will do whatever it takes to keep spain united if. we have to return to legality and the key is to do so quickly and go back to normal the absolute reassurance that the government will prevent any declaration of independence from
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turning into something spain will continue to be spain and it will continue being spain for a long time. also ruled out mediation to resolve the crisis on saturday tens of thousands of people rallied in madrid and barcelona to call for unity they both sides to hold talks reports. it's all in the hands apparently not a demonstration in barcelona the fluttering gestures of openness and peace. let's talk they say in spanish and in catalonia the language of this region pushing to secede. but not all crap islands want to break away many prefer spain united to protest here mirrored by large crowds in the capital madrid this shows that whatever was happening at the moment next week the on the plane from but by no means the people who make the. phone and the and alberto who just married at the
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town hall across the square from the regional government headquarters happy they say to share their union with calls for national unity in spain i personally think it is a must when you know. i also think everybody has a right to choose what you want to feel where you want to be done. legally. as the crowd gathered outside inside we spoke to. catalonians foreign minister the will of the people needs to be respected for a single reason there is no alternative to this we tried for years to enter into negotiations with the state no one shirt in the positive manner repression was the only answer and despite this the people went to vote. the market peacefully and that is what the parliament of catalonia needs to acknowledge we have two projects here one is democracy the other one is repression of violence
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which one the people. will find a solution but a solution. that. the people of the people there did not just i think we need a space to express ourselves in the middle of such a polarized situation where both governments are taking us to the brink of disaster . so searching for a way out of this political crisis before it gets worse social media posts suggest a large pro unity demonstration planned for sunday may be disrupted by pro secession groups the real prospect of more violence i don't know how al-jazeera barcelona. what's more so to come here in al-jazeera including i told him i'm bringing in the best. to come and have a look. at south african teenagers creating their own jobs in a country with an alarming unemployment rate. i
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will tell you why russians took to the streets the day the president celebrated his birthday and that stay with us. from brisk north and fuel. to the warm tranquil waters of southeast asia. hello it stopped raining along the caspian coastline of iran the clouds going eastwards and it's from the edge of your screen now so it's more or less disappeared leaving behind virtually nothing if you look at the mediterranean there is a cloud building here that's where the next weather is coming from a bit of autumn for a dance through the in the eastern mediterranean probably bringing cloud even rain to the lebanese coast by the end of sunday possibly know then monday otherwise it's still sunshine of course of the wind direction has changed recently to become more of a sudden through iraq thirty seven degrees here is cut off what was briefly
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a northerly not quite sure mob at least an older guy says the gulf states in fact is virtually no with the top here now which means the morning mist and fog zite to occur around us and the eastern side of mom is also possible with this bulge in the monsoon for treats again so i will see that try to return once more for a day or so but beyond that to be much in the way of clouds in the sky in the arabian peninsula whereas in south africa it's still been reading fairly heavily in causal or not tao so as the land of mozambique but forecast finally on sunday shows more sunshine than showers. the weather sponsored by cats i place. in the hash tag era when news coverage consists of a punk jihad line a five second sound bite and an easy solution. to delve deep of them says challenge the status quo expose double standards and debate the contradictions join
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me mad the hot sun for a new season of the show the frank loves us up front. at this time i'll just erupt . welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here on al jazeera turkey says it's backing syrian rebels in a large operation against former al qaeda linked fighters and in the province the turkish president says he won't allow the rebel alliance to thrive along its border . ghana's government says a gas tanker explosion in the capital of crass cause casualties firefighters have
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now brought the blaze under control but they're battling to extinguish flames on the second explosion. and hurricane make has made landfall along the u.s. gulf coast in the light pictures from biloxi mississippi state of emergency has been declared in the states of louisiana alabama and tennessee now it is the fourth major storm to hit the u.s. in less than two months. now unemployment in south africa is at a fourteen year high almost forty percent of young people just can't find work so some of them are becoming entrepreneurs his tiny page. is a natural salesman he gets by selling goods from the back of his brains vehicle becomes a problem now of survival to say no if i don't do this why am i going to you know and then that's when the crime mindset starts coming in that's when the negative things that's coming in so we need to always try and keep your mind in a positive state you know their main product is homemade
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a type of pickle i told him i'm bringing in the best actor in town and i want him to come and have a look. it is. many young people have no choice but to create their own opportunities south africa's unemployment rate is the worst it's been for fourteen years thirty eight percent of fifteen to thirty four year olds can't get a job africa's most industrialized economy expanded by only zero point three piece . last year due to a drought local modesty prices and weak demand for its main exports despite lots of promises neither government nor the private sector is creating enough jobs. many do lose hope but there are some initiatives aimed at teaching young people how to be employable and how to foster their own entrepreneurial spirit this is the thing in print festival where teenage is a pitching their business plan and the idea is that they can't rely on anyone else
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to fulfill their ambitions the festival was created by a young entrepreneur to cause. for me it's not about a degree it's not about waiting for financing from some government governmental institution is about looking at what you have in making that work for you right now with context and mentoring some of last year's winners at the festival and now exporting their products and employing other people entrepreneurship may not solve south africa's youth unemployment problem but it is creating jobs and perhaps more importantly hope tiny a page out of their johannesburg police in russia have the time more than two hundred activists across the country are taking part in opposition rallies in st petersburg sixty people were detained when police moved in to break up the demonstration it was one of at least twenty seven held to coincide with president vladimir putin sixty fifth birthday.
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saturday was a test for alexei in a valley and a test for russia's security forces on the day president putin turned sixty five the opposition leader wanted supporters to demand his release from twenty days administrative detention and for him to be allowed to run in next year's presidential elections he's going the been an independent candidate they want it wasn't being. talked about what talk about the real russian problems i love my country very much this is why i am here for a week. i wrote. and. new generation is growing. but while unsanctioned rallies earlier in the year drew many thousands of people not nearly so many came this time perhaps the awful weather kept people away moscow at least but perhaps so to get the message this time with less focus on the
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corruption that blight so many russians lives and more focus on the value herself and maybe a student did it on previous demonstrations mostly young russian tourists very very vocal to. say. god had. been so close it must resign. since novelli was sentenced on october the second organizing unauthorized rallies there have been numerous raids and searches of his campaign offices around the country for. her. and whereas in moscow orthorexic he's appeared to be trying new softer tactics letting protesters shout their slogans with a minimum of arrests in other cities like san petersburg it was the same old treatments with riot police wrestling people to the ground and throwing them into waiting vans will have to wait for future demos to see if this dip in attendance marks a long term waning of support. and also to see if dorothy's favor the moscow police
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approach or simply it is books for italians how to zero moscow. al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist mahmoud hussein who's now been in prison in egypt for more than ten months he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al-jazeera strongly deny authorities refused to allow him to be transferred for specialist treatment on a broken arm an injury he's received while detained he was arrested in december while visiting his family. one of hollywood's leading studios has launched an inquiry into one of its founders after allegations of sexual harassment by cutting me award winning producer harvey weinstein has taken an indefinite leave of absence after report by the new york times said he settled eight sexual harassment cases over three decades he's apologized since the report came out and says he'll seek therapy the weinstein company says its lawyers are investigating the allegations
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asia's increasingly wealthy middle class has led to more electronic goods being bought and disposed of environmentalists say the region's economic waste has jumped by sixty three percent in the past five years china now has the world's biggest recycling of the waste but industry has a poor reputation as agent brown now reports. the village of darya in northeast china was once part of a burgeoning illegal industry it still survives just three years unskilled local people made a living picking apart electronic waste by hand extracting mentals like gold silver and copper and anything else that offered value oblivious of the dangers to their health or to the villages water and soil this contamination will last for years. slowly these unregulated workshops have started to close as we took these pictures a local government official appeared and unusually for china he agreed to an on the
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spot interview he said that what they are in the dark for the state is getting stricter and stricter on all types of pollution which are harmful to human beings as a result of these new regulations a lot of workshops here cannot survive. for decades places like this existed for one reason only the dirty and dangerous job of processing electronic waste but recently the government started to close down some of these illegal workshops and everyone is now being moved to a new official recycling plant just down the road we're told conditions are much safer. while this illicit trade survives much of the hazardous work now happens in easy ways to processing centers. this is one of more than one hundred now operating across the country handling mostly t.v. . drilled the part by hand it is still dirty work but
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here at least workers have a measure of protection from the dust and toxic fumes more and more recycling workshops are being forced to move into such purpose built facilities. that china has made a great deal of progress on the treatment of waste in the past decade at this plant we are now able to process more than eighty million households electrical appliances that year and as the middle class in china and the rest of asia continues to grow so too will the work load of plants like this one. adrian brown al-jazeera in china south koreans are celebrating the strength of their democracy with a street festival in the capital seoul the carnival is being held almost a year after massive street protests led to the downfall of the president from abroad reports. the people have taken the streets once more this time in the name of. people like jim suntech who was a protester a year ago now
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a street performer. parenting that you are all different types of people were gathered here especially the young in felt like a revolution taking place. the protest was sparked by corruption allegations against then president park in hay that eventually led to her downfall it's almost three years since the scandal broke bringing out people onto the streets both for and against the party and hate and as her impeachment proceeded so the struggle between them became ever more bitter and divisive. at its height hundreds of thousands took part in candlelit vigil as as the country teetered on the verge of chaos that south korea's democracy was strong enough to survive it is reason enough to celebrate a variety of street art performances and happenings from the amusing. to the
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confusing. but with the goal of trying to help heal a bruise society drawing on the experience. it's natural that freedom and human rights should feed into our we hope that through this bestival we can restore a sense that we are not strangers but all want unity. economic problems and the lurking danger of a conflict over north korea persist but this offers a welcome break. the atmosphere so lively with so much happening. since the protests last year south korea has become more open for its citizens. the festival marks the end of an extended autumn holiday and in the coming days south koreans will return to work and to their own going troubles but that's tomorrow bride al-jazeera sold.
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out of the top stories here and al-jazeera turkey says it's backing the syrian rebels in the province of a large operation against an alliance of fighters once linked to al qaida isn't sending its own troops but is providing logistical and intelligence support to rebels in the north west of syria. i saw has been pushed out of the northern iraqi town of how we fighting continues in surrounding villages kurdish peshmerga has had been fighting alongside iraqi troops they say hundreds of are still members of surrendered the head of a pro-government advance two guards have been killed after an attack on a saudi royal palace in jeddah the interior ministry says a saudi man opened fire on security forces got in the palace he was then shot dead early this week saudi police raided hideouts of a group they say is linked to isolate killing two people and arresting five gone as government says a gas tanker explosion followed by a second blast has killed a number of people in the capital accra firefighters are now at the blaze under
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control but they're battling to extinguish flames from the second explosion it's not clear how many people have died. arcanite has made landfall along the u.s. gulf coast these are live pictures from biloxi mississippi that's about a hundred fifty kilometers east of new orleans evacuation orders have been in place in several states since saturday night has already hit parts of central america killing twenty five people. spain's prime minister has warn separatist leaders in catalonia that he's prepared to suspend the region's autonomous status if independence is declared. says he will do whatever it takes to keep spain united. we have to return to legality and the key is to do so quickly and go back to normal have the absolute reassurance that the government will prevent any declaration of independence from turning into something spain will continue to be spain and it will continue being spain for
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a long time. and russia have detained more than two hundred sixty people up until government protests across the country sent petersburg has been one of twenty seven cities where officers have broken up demonstrations against president vladimir putin has been marking the sixty fifth birthday but those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after front. but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife listening provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera how does the philippine government justify its controversial drug war which has left thousands dead all of the country's foreign minister and later i'll speak with two mental health experts who say donald trump is psychologically unfit for office and the danger to the world.


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