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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2017 12:00pm-12:34pm AST

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with every. type of book as a whole is it a lesson whether online we were in hurricane winds full almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on set. but. a relationship is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. former al qaeda linked fighters vowed to fight to the death as free syrian army rebels backed by turkey prepared to launch a major operation in northwest sydney province.
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watching al jazeera live from doha also ahead i have pictures here from boston and i where they are more protests as a crisis caused by catalonia secession vote from spain deep in this hurricane nate is downgraded to a tropical storm as it makes landfall in the u.s. causing major damage in south america and the worst mass shooting in recent u.s. history causes a spike in the las vegas gun industry. unarmed coalition led by former al qaeda linked fighters is promising fierce fighting against those who enter its territory in syria as it lay province. released
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a statement condemning a military operation by turkey and the free syrian army or f.s.a. the coalition is made up of several armed factions including opposition groups that were pushed into it live after government forces retook aleppo last december f.s.a. forces crossed into a province from turkey on saturday they're being backed by turkish forces from turkey's border let's get the latest from hashem miles was in gaziantep on the turkey syria border for us hashim what's the latest on this operation has it actually begun. well what we can say for the time being is that the buildup continues all the border in the right highly border crossing called jill because a that's where there's a buildup of reinforcements from the turkish army and also the free syrian army sending more reinforcements some of those factions operating under the umbrella of the free syrian army is inside syria we don't know now what is happening particularly in that buffer zone or no man's land but we do know that the turkish
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military is carrying out conducting some surveillance missions recall it's also trying to gather more information that would share it with the f.s.a. to pave the way for the major military operation which is likely to start any time soon and take all that ahead of it which is the most powerful rebel opposition groups operating in their lives what is the ultimate goal of this operation hashem as far as turkey is concerned what's the end goal what's at stake here. well talk is find a dealer last month with iran and russia to set up a deescalation zone in its live and the deal suggests that the turkish army will be monitoring that the escalation zone inside its leverage with obviously they would have to ensure there's no one carrying guns and they're there to her share should have no presence in the area the russians will ensure from outside of the province
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of lives particular with their force that this new movement major movement of rebel opposition groups. from towards any government position is east west and south so this is quite a delicate military operation where the turkish government with turkey iran and russia have to call today to now there's a political aspect of this operation but we don't know details about it which is basically the moment you're implementing the deescalation zone who is going to run what kind of role will the free syrian army have and are we going to expect the the whole u.s. which has gained major ground in live to suddenly say you know what we're ready to pull out because if they pull out the absolutely have nowhere to go the government now has gained major territory in different parts of the country and the rebels practically speaking are left with only one area to operate which is it ok hashem thank you for that live for us and the other turkey syria border. in other world
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news thousands are again marching in barcelona protesting this time against catalonia secession a vote from spain pro independence schools out are expected to hold counter demonstrations in the city spain's prime minister mariano rajoy has ruled out mediation to resolve the crisis and says he may suspend catalonia as autonomy if its leaders declare independence. do whatever it takes to keep spain unite it is the middle of almost. we have to return to legality and the key is to do so quickly and go back to normal have the absolute reassurance that the government will prevent any declaration of independence from turning into something new spain will continue to be spain it will continue been spain for a long time. live to sunny eggo in barcelona sunny i see huge crowds out on the streets a battle on today. absolutely i. would
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be in agreement with. very much jill. so the nationalistic even though this was. the center right political civilization there are some you said from. the with some of these. there was. going. to be. just. secession points. but this is something that would be told to. the invoking of taking control so you. could just.
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take the decision. process. the spanish the should. find the stuff mostly what would tend to do we would use to the whole course of the session then that's when the spanish government would go to the senate to invoke those emergency trolls as well but that of course would just be one element. a situation which made you. want to shift each side is big and you would be left in the middle of this many who feel very distraught about the way that this whole situation has caused has exploded if you will they feel very much. and as we saw today. and that has been a voice of the. past to be the way that this situation this crisis is to be a result of the chance from the crowd behind you they getting louder thank you very much we'll be checking in with you again throughout the day here on al-jazeera in
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madrid and barcelona for us moving on and have detained more than two hundred sixty people out on tigerman protests in twenty seven cities. offices in st petersburg broke up demonstrations against rodney a protein supporters of opposition leader alexina vonnie held the rallies to mark putin sixty fifth birthday or a challenge reports from moscow where police have been more restrained. saturday was a test for alexei navalny and the test for russia's security forces on the day president putin turned sixty five the opposition leader wanted supporters to demand his release from twenty days administrative detention and for him to be allowed to run in next year's presidential elections he's going the been an independent candidate they want the person. top to bottom talk about the real russian problems
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i love my country very much this is why i am here for a week. i wrote. and. new generation is great. but while unsanctioned rallies earlier in the year drew many thousands of people not nearly so many came this time perhaps the awful weather kept people away moscow at least but perhaps so to get the message this time with less focus on the corruption that blight so many russians lives and more focus on the valley herself and maybe a student getting on previous demonstrations mostly young russian tourists very vocal. in saying person must resign. since novelli was sentenced on october the second an authorised rallies there have been numerous raids and searches at his campaign
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offices around the country but also. for a moment. and whereas in moscow thora t. has appeared to be trying new softer tactics letting protesters shout their slogans with a minimum of arrests in other cities like san petersburg it was the same old treatments with riot police wrestling people to the ground and throwing them into waiting vans will have to wait for future demos to see if this dip in attendance marks a long term waning of support from the valley. and also to see of course dorothy's favor the moscow police approach the horse and petersburg's challenge how to zero moscow. is a russian. i. try to g. company she says the kremlin is more interested in managing the protests then stamping them out completely. i think from the government perspective we really have to accept one fact that these protests are happening also because the
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government to a degree with the authorities are along this to happen this is a very good to shoot sort of measure the level of discontent social discontent amongst the public how many people are ready to come out on the streets risking their jobs most of the time to jobs our government or public sector jobs which means there will be questions for some time so did the focus also have to be cautious because they cannot afford to have a large number of people in the street because the votes are going to come out so it's is quite interesting it's basically the government allowing some protests to happen but so the reasonable number of people manageable levels not something that we've seen in two thousand and twelve. a gas tanker explosion in ghana has scaled a number of people in the capital the blast led to a second fire causing fight in witnesses to run to safety catch a lopez holiday on reports. of two more to the bomb didn't know what he would the
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blast was overpowering two witnesses looked at the towering flames in disbelief and most have already. gone as government says a tanker caught fire at a gas filling station and the flames spread across the street to another gas station triggering a second explosion. with all the fear confusion people ran to safety once. we got more votes this witness was injured as he made his escape and frank was like a son over flying like but none of them like the government says people were hurt and killed in the actual explosion but it's unclear how many this isn't the first time ghana has gone through a similar situation in two thousand and fifteen a blast at a gas station killed at least ninety people al-jazeera is corresponded ama boateng covers the region she says these type of explosions are not uncommon this deadly
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blasts could lead to changes people and we're beyond what. may be to be sure i feel very kind of the only people that made it to go to look going it's a question that's been asked before but this tragedy could make the issue a priority got him up as well the young knowledge is zero. still ahead on al-jazeera a tight race in liberia to find a replacement for africa's first elected female president and a year after mass protests brought down a president soccer he ends up back on the streets for a more joyous reason to stay with us. with. with you. we got those peping upper crust southeast asia and we have seen some very big
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downpours as a result of that we're not going to forty six millimeters of rain in twenty four hours and some very very wet weather to get out of indonesia the showers the sink in the way a little further southwards now we are still seeing some very heavy rain up towards thailand still some beefy showers coming through here but not as wet as it has been recently you can see bangkok still seeing some rather lively downpours over the next day or so the philippines also looking rather will see that wet weather across borneo continuing in the showers scraping a little further south was over the next day or two into much of indonesia may well we're seeing some useful right making its way across new south wales just diving data process out the eastern corner of australia rather lively ones here sydney no actually seeing that much as this system made its way through but anyway we do get is of course of some benefit go from their way through september to snow higher than around eighteen adelaide and for melbourne a similar temperature to that for perth it will be fine and dry those temperatures
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they will pick up as we go on through the week twenty. to twenty one in melbourne and we get up to twenty five in adelaide. optimism has faded. khan's elected leaders are divided. attention grows as fears that a crackdown is imminent the targets the activists who fought for democracy dividing. the tribes of the six part series filmed over five years. china's democracy experiment at this time on al-jazeera.
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the again you're watching al-jazeera i remind of our top stories this hour and coalition led by former al kind of entices is promising fierce fighting against those who enter its territory in syria sidley province turkey sending troops to back the free syrian army which cost into the province on saturday. thousands have taken to the streets so boss alone against scott alone years secession from spain prime minister mariano rajoy is threatening to suspend the region's autonomy if its leaders declare independence and a gas tanker explosion in ghana has killed several people in the capital and it was followed by a second blast the explosions happened near a transport terminal and close to apostles for university students. staying in
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africa campaigning in liberia's presidential and parliamentary vote has come to a close twenty candidates are seeking to replace africa's first elected female president ellen johnson sirleaf the contenders include the vice president a businesswoman and a former world footballer of the year i made a report from the role of the. candidate is presidential and parliamentary elections i know last minute effort to win over voters there ranged from the flamboyant to the everyday person. one thing they have in common though is that they stand on issues look and sound the same and this is forcing many voters to narrow their choices down to all the allegiances of tribal region and personality we seen. the population not. candidates with developmental. and all with.
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many political observers believe that voters are not asking the right questions which is really. a newborn democracy. to corney is a product of the country's broken education system. she and her neighbor take turns teaching their children the little the know this let's not use. my children the sick. i mean the. literacy rate here is about thirty percent. some candidates have promised better life and ideas from poverty reduction to education and providing infrastructure one thing the center of what the one so far is a campaign. only to record itself remarkable
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development program that emerged from. the election hopes. the election commission is confident of successful elections that could lead to a transition from one democratic government to another for the first time in more than forty as. one of the challenges we had of course were. some part of our country difficult to reach because. we were blessed to have the graciously agreed to provide support or transport. a presidential aspirant needs to have more than fifty percent of the vote to avoid a runoff for legislators though a simple majority will do. so dance foreign minister has welcomed the decision by the u.s. to lift sanctions but he has called for washington to go further and remove him
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from a list of countries accused of sponsoring terrorism. joy on the streets of sudan after the u.s. state department announced it was lifting twenty year old economic and trade sanctions it's seen as a move down the path of normalizing relations some think it improved their lives as you see the american and sudanese flags flown in a spontaneous popular joyful reaction this is an indication that the sanctions have had a heavy toll on the people and the economy. prices and living costs have fallen a made easier for the needy. the announcement was widely anticipated a process started under president barack obama the u.s. saying the move came after sudan began addressing concerns of fighting terrorism and human rights abuses the sanctions were piling pressure on an already struggling economy and. it's true that the country is facing economic problems however the
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sanctions exacerbated if not complicated the situation it doesn't enable government officials to restructure the economy as it should be there were also assurances that sudan won't enter into arms deals with north korea and it had already diplomatically distance itself from iran but the opposition feels it's the wrong way to go. the lifting of sanctions will not bear any fruit it's only into propaganda but in the end it will have a negative impact on the regime simply because it sent out the wrong message to the people. sudan though will remain on the u.s. list of state sponsors of terrorism so as the relationship between the two countries improves there's still more work to be done it's got harder al-jazeera hurricane nate has been downgraded to a tropical storm as it moves inland from the u.s. gulf coast it made its second u.s. landfall as a category one system in the state of mississippi a few hours ago now it has already killed at least thirty people in central america
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danielle china reports from new orleans. the hurrican mates with winds of up to one hundred thirty five kilometers an hour was increasing speed as it worked its way north to the gulf of mexico it finally made landfall fairly close to the mouth of the mississippi river and it will bring with it heavy rains and increasingly strong winds here feel that they have made sufficient precautions to withstand this very strong winds these are people who have suffered. a tropical storm in the recent years the most notable being hurricane katrina in two thousand and five when billions of dollars worth of damage was caused by something like a thousand eight hundred people killed a great deal of investment has gone into those defenses so it's really now a case of working through the night watching and waiting to see what kind of damage needs to be assessed in the with the light of day and whether those defenses have in fact been effective. the u.n.
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secretary general says the caribbean islands recently battered by hurricanes are the victims of climate change and tony a terrorist travel to bob you to antigua and dominica to see the devastation caused by hurricanes and ninety five percent of infrastructure in barbados destroyed and with terry says he's never seen that level of destruction before. the reason of my visit to. munich is exactly to raise awareness to put pressure on international community for a stronger humanitarian aid now and also for a stronger aid in relation to the reconstruction and the building resilience in the islands of the caribbean as we magine that in the next few years sings will get worse than worst the world bank is promoting. meeting in the context of their annual meeting and i urge the international community to fully support these caribbean states there are small islands they are sometimes completely destroyed
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they are pressing five many of them as middle income countries they have no access to grants or to soft loans this needs to be revisited and i think it's essential for the international community to be able to help these states allowing them to reconstruct and overcoming the enormous difficulties that they face not only because of the natural disasters but because of the i levels of depth that they already had before they need international solidarity they have not contributed to climate change but they are the first victims of these. impacts of climate change now people in las vegas have held a march to remember the fifteen victims of last sunday's mashing. they sang and prayed for those who died as well as the survivors and emergency services and the call for tighter gun control laws u.s. vice president mike pence paid tribute to the emergency services at
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a prayer said. we find hope in the medical professionals in this community the doctors the surgeons the nurses the trees across las vegas who swish professionalism compassion and expert care prevented an even wider tragedy. despite the uproar over the killings the gun tourism katra continues to thrive in las vegas christensen omi reports. the guns are real the ammunition non-lethal rubber bullets for about one hundred dollars you too can experience what it's like to shoot and get shot at here at the las vegas gun fights shooting range. paper targets are the lowest form of firearms training you don't move they don't react they certainly don't shoot back. but. the idea is to simulate
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a real gun battle in the fear in the adrenaline rush it inspires when you see a weapon pointed at you. must vegas gun fights are just one aspect of the city's thriving gun tourism industry which also includes places like battlefield vegas looks to be getting ready for a shooting range where guests can fire automatic weapons and even drive a tank over a car. but. literally it's become a very very popular tradition without a machine gun vegas is one of the few establishment is to shut down after fifty eight people were shot and killed at an outdoor concert expressed support for limited gun control measures there's absolutely no reason for an average citizen who wants to have a gun to have one hundred round magazine. ok there is no reason for them to be able to buy. access research
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a gun which makes the gun almost fully automatic there's just no reason for according to economist jeffrey watt ups half of the economic activity in las vegas comes from tourism think that it's in our long run best interest to to deal with this problem so that. so that tourists feel more secure more safe but for many here feeling more safe means having a gun and knowing how to use it. the person behind the gun is the problem not the gun so i felt like it in deter me inspired me to just really want to be more trained the owner of las vegas fight says six hundred people signed up for his gun training class this week kristopher me al-jazeera las vegas nevada. protests have been held across australia against the country's largest coal mine projects people gathered on beaches and in cities demanding the government stop the proposed mine environmentalist say it would contribute to global warming and
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destroy the great barrier reef this would be the biggest call mine ever built in australia and one of the biggest ever built in the well it's a massive project and all of the ships would be all of this go would be exploited out through the barrier so the risks there are a lot of that thirty per cent of the barrier reef unfortunately is already dead from wild warming so you add an enormous risk such as this so that by through the ships going through the race but also of course this guy was getting it and that is going to contribute significantly so long as. it's a place of madness at a time when the rest of the world is trying to move away from fossil fuels. there's a festive mood in south korea's capital nearly a year after it was at the center of mass protests leading to the president's
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downfall rob mcbride reports from seoul on what's cheering people up ok well we don't seem to have that report for you hopefully we'll have it next hour on al-jazeera in the meantime if you want to. find out more about the stories we're covering today check out our website al-jazeera dot com the very latest on all of our top stories including turkey backing rebels in syria to launch an operation in the northwestern province of. all those stories and much more on our web site al-jazeera com. hello again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera an armed coalition led by former al qaeda linked fighters is promising fierce fighting against those who enter its territory in syria's italy province turkey has been
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sending more troops to its border with their backing the free syrian army which crossed into the province on saturday. on the turkey syria border with more. we're getting reports of rounds being fired from inside syria we don't know exactly what is what is happening or what kind of engagement is this particular moment but there's been a military build up over the last few days all the border. in other news six people have died in a gas tanker explosion in gunness capital accra forty others were injured the explosion triggered a second blast see happen near a transport terminal and close to haas holds four university students. these are live pictures from barcelona where foundations are marching this sunday against scotland secession from spain the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy is
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threatening to suspend the region's autonomy if its leaders declare independence is ruled out mediation after last week's referendum on secession. police in russia have detained more than two hundred sixty people are anti-government protests in twenty seven cities. offices in st petersburg broke up demonstrations against vladimir putin supporters of the opposition leader alex in a volley held the rallies to mock hootin sixty fifth birthday glory chalons has more from moscow. we don't have that report for you but i will move on now to liberia where campaigning is coming to a close in presidential and parliamentary elections twenty candidates competing to replace president johnson sirleaf was standing down after two terms the contenders include the vice president a businessman and
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a former world footballer of the year hurricane nate has been downgraded to a tropical storm as it moves inland from the u.s. gulf coast sit made its second landfall as a category one system in the sate of mississippi nato has already killed at least sixty people in central america the u.n. secretary general says the caribbean islands recently battered by hurricanes the victims of climate change antonio terrace traveled to bob and dominica to see the devastation caused by hurricanes and maria ninety percent ninety five percent of infrastructure environmental was destroyed and good terrorism is his never seen that level of destruction before. those are the headlines for you on al-jazeera coming up next year it's a documentary walk on china's democracy experiment to stay with us.
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witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. tens of thousands of demonstrations erupt across china each year driven by anger over corruption and the illegal sale of communal land most protests failed to make an impact but in two thousand and eleven one village defied the odds. was. last concert religious rose up demanding the return of their land calling for their leaders to step down after decades of corruption at the out. and made a crackdown activist shits implore died in police custody. but who can achieve the unthinkable the right to choose their own videos.


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