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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm AST

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just as muslims responded to challenging questions in the aftermath of the. people in power manchester united at this time. egypt is now china's third biggest trading partner in africa more than ten thousand chinese are living in cairo i wanted to see the payments in september one thousand nine hundred five i came with my friends to egypt many started as small traders but are now successful in business shifting when i began to do business in two thousand and three or two thousand and four at the time it was small but then it began to expand al-jazeera well meets the growing chinese community in egypt egypt made in china at this time. this is al-jazeera.
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well again i'm peter w. watching the news live from the headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes people from all over spain pour into the heart of caseloads. jolly barcelona where as pro secessionist leaders prepare possibly to declare independence this week right here to our crowd that's gathered in defiance they'll box they say instead with a unity of space. former al qaeda linked fighters a battle to the death against syrian rebels backed by turkey. the worst mass shooting in u.s. history courses a spike in the last vegas gun industry plus. i'm reporting and many of the children fleeing violence in the democratic republic of congo are children i'll tell you how some of them are trying to survive in a new country. top
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story thousands are marching in barcelona against council lonia splitting from the rest of spain people have traveled from all over the country to the heart of the region saying they represent the silent majority opposed to catalan independence it's been a week since a referendum on succession triggered a constitutional crisis the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy says he'll do whatever it takes to keep spain united including removing catalonia as autonomous status is for the. we have to return to legality and the key is to do so quickly and go back to normal that have the absolute reassurance that the government will prevent any declaration of independence from turning into something spain will continue to be spain it will continue being spain for a long time to join a whole following that story for us today in barcelona jonah what's the atmosphere like there today. extraordinary feat not quite simply an extraordinary for
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catalonia this is that exuberant crowd to see it spanish flags you don't often see a spanish flag flying in catalonia i told the people in this region who are opposed to independence may well be a numerical majority has been silent they say over years by the suppression of the some of dominant narrative which is for independence if it is against it are not always welcome when they're welcomed to die this crowd is a loud it is enormous people from other parts of spain but a lot of them battle lines from this region from this city barcelona and the message here is we don't want independence the message that you see on banners here being held off is let's come to our senses well let me bring in now a politician a catalonian politics me along to the particle down you'll see it had seats in the parliament it is. opposed to independence or unionist party in other words tony
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thanks for joining us you think tony. your movement your party and this crowd can stop independence it's not only my party or the people that he's out here which is a beautiful day of celebration of the most i think also. that all movement of the got on government without any legal support without any lazy in this funny framework that we have all created and we all vote that they need to step down they need to say look i got it wrong step back from that position you ninety six scuse me step back from that position and say look i'm not going to go. towards a unilateral declaration of independence that's not the way and then we can decide a dialogue on what's the best space for about the only a we think within the space within spain or ultimately tony explain to me why you are opposed to the idea of independence for many for many reasons who god the media that we've lived since
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nine hundred seventy eight when the constitution was. voted by the way by ninety percent of cotton and i also feel today we have to leave the video the more prosperity freedom that we have to ever leave going out of the utopian project that the european union has said going out of spain doesn't lead anywhere i don't think that building more borders you see that also in the u.k. you see that many places i think we need to be in the strong going to do i think we need to believe that the way the game's over any of these still words building better transnational what's your message tony to the people who did come out and vote last weekend a lot of catalonians of course two million who passionately believe in independence what's your message to them my message is that there are ways to express your opinion by respecting the laws that we have all agreed on the way is look if i don't like what these present. they are arrangement with this pain looks like i
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need a large majority to do that they don't have me then they having bones. in the got on bottom and by violating. the law and that's that's why we have all these people here because they also want to remain god the only one who remains funny and they want to remain you to be and it's very simple it's not as funny as you please and it's simply a vindication of the rights and the freedoms that this punishment vision gives johnny thanks very much for your thoughts they are one of the young politicians didn't count on you who isn't in favor of independence in this crowd behind a very vocal very large very. very unusual thing to see here they are hoping to turn the tide on this drive for independents that may just may this week to come see independent independents leaders here declaring unilaterally catalonians independence from spain that's not something the people here want to see. jonah many thanks. an alliance led by former al qaeda linked
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fighters is promising a fierce battle against those who entered its territory in syria's italy province. released a statement after the free syrian army the f.s.a. crossed into the area from turkey on saturday is the dominant force in italy brand is made up of several armed factions it includes opposition groups that were pushed into it live after syrian government forces raid took aleppo last december took his soldiers are back in the f.s.a. from the border but they've not yet entered the province. is on the turkey syria border for us this hour what's going on across the border as far as we can tell. p.s. how are we know so funny that the military buildup continues paving the way for what could potentially be one of the biggest military operations to be taken by the turkish military inside syria the free syrian army factions which are going into
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a sort of spearhead of this military operation have crossed into syria and these are basically pro turkey factions now the turkish military is conducting surveillance in the area sharing intelligence gathering where they took over where the free syrian army we don't know what is happening now in the buffer zone or the no man's land area which is why after there are a highly border crossing that's where with things that are free so your army is going to launch its offensive to take on the heavier that hey at the heavy the shan which is the most powerful viable opposition group based in there so just to nail this down for a session this is still a deployment as of yet it is not an actual military operation. it is it is a deployment it is a buildup they still underway waitin for the final decision to start the military campaign but as i said we there are little details that we know so far about this
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whole operation which is basically of the free syrian army is going to take on the hay at the hague shand they need more reinforcements more backing because on their own is absolutely no way that can take on a at the head of the sham which has thousands of very well trained and very well armed fighters across the province of it led by the turkish president others have made this quietly yesterday that this is going to be a serious military campaign for the turkish government when the campaign starts if it starts is one of the key issues here identifying who the rebels are because i mean historically they've always had this revolving door policy almost when it comes. two arms territory and indeed purse people who pledge allegiance to different factions here. you're right because they had to have. a coalition of different groups led by. which was formerly known
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as the north this is a group led by mohammed. the most powerful now rebel commander in. syria the problem for the turkish government for the russians and the iranians is basically a done to apply those who and if the russians decide at a certain stage of this operation to back the free syrian army with the potential for civilian casualties could stoke the ante sentiment and to russian anti turkish sentiment in those areas in which is going to be an extremely delicate operation but that also raises the question of what happens next even if they manage to vector that to. who is going to fill in the void and who's going to take over these are questions that. we have no answers for for the time being. thanks
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very much. still to cover for you here on the news including hurrican needs has been downgraded to a tropical storm after making landfall in the united states. and a celebration of democracy in south korea almost a year after huge street protests brought down the president. while scenes in costa rica as they booked their spot in the twenty four world cup details in the sports news in about thirty five. against tanker explosion in ghana has killed at least six people and injured thirty five others in the capital city. across the blast led to a second fire this county lopez has a story. too much of the film nobody would know the blast was overpowering witnesses looked at the towering flames and disbelief and awful warning.
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ghana's government says a tanker caught fire at a gas filling station the flames spread across the street to another gas station triggering a second explosion. with all the fear of confusion people ran to safety oh . look at my hands this witness was injured as he made his escape i want to thank you it's like a sound man overflight you know like that man that like this isn't the first time ghana has gone through a similar situation in two thousand and fifteen a blast at a gas station killed at least ninety people al-jazeera is correspondent am a boateng covers the region she says these type of explosions are not uncommon this deadly blasts could lead to changes. and we're seeing what. i feel very kind of. made here to go to him occurring it's
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a question that's been asked before but this tragedy could make the issue a priority got him up as well the young al-jazeera. the u.n. refugee agency says almost two thirds of refugees arriving in zambia from the democratic republic of congo are children some across in the border alone and it's worried they'll be more of them because of insecurity within the republic however much hassle reports now from come banging in this m.b. i'm bored. leon with song and his brother are making a door for their new home it's a temporary structure at a refugee transit center in zambia the teenagers walk for weeks from democratic republic of congo where security forces are fighting different militia groups they say some adults try to discourage them from making a dangerous journey but they kept on moving. even. my parents were both killed when the village was the only thing i could do was run and leave the country i was told. bad people won't follow the money i worked for
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a long time i missed my parents but at least i'm alive and safe in the united nations refugee agency says sixty percent of refugees crossing into zambia are children dozens making the journey alone others come with relatives because they got separated from their parents during the conflict so you have children who have fled because they have lost their parents and they have experienced the killing of their parents and you have children who come here because they came home to empty homes and then you have children who came here and telling us the story. u.n. officials say on average between sixty and one hundred people are coming to get every day this group has just arrived the women say they couldn't leave the unaccompanied children behind to die or get up ducted by the militia the border is only a few meters away children who come alone sometimes waits in neighboring villages hoping their parents they can wait for days they can wait for weeks sometimes they
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never hear from their families again the refugees transit center in chile is filling up fast there are nearly four thousand registered refugees the minutes here in the aids are huge aid workers say unaccompanied or separated children need to be placed in foster homes many are traumatized others show signs of my nutrition these kids are waiting for their mother to join them they crossed the border together but their mother was rushed to hospital because she's about to give birth she told them she will come and find them but they don't know how long that could take but now they are alone in a new country. al-jazeera compound zambia. the police in russia have to taint more than two hundred sixty people of anti-government protests across twenty seven cities. god offices in st petersburg broke up demonstrations against vladimir putin supporters of the opposition leader alexina valmy held rallies to mark mr putin the sixty fifth
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birthday challenge reports now from moscow with more restraint. saturday was a test for alexei navalny and the test for russia's security forces on the day president putin turned sixty five the opposition leader wanted supporters to demand his release from twenty days it minister to detention and for him to be allowed to run in next year's presidential elections he's going the been an independent candidate on the person who. talks about what talk about the real russian problems i love my country very much this is why i am here for a week. i wrote. and. generation is great. but while unsanctioned rallies earlier in the year drew many thousands of people not nearly so many came this time perhaps the awful weather kept people away
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moscow at least but perhaps so to get the message this time with less focus on the corruption that blight so many russians lives and more focus on the valley herself and maybe a student did it on previous demonstrations mostly young russian tourists very very vocal to. say. the. incident must resign. since novelli was sentenced on october the second organizing unauthorized rallies there have been numerous raids and searches at his campaign offices around the country one or. more of moment. and whereas in moscow orthorexic he's appeared to be trying new softer tactics letting protesters shout their slogans with a minimum of arrests in other cities like san petersburg it was the same old treatment with riot police wrestling people to the ground and throwing them into waiting vans will have to wait for future demos to see if this dip in attendance
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marks a long term waning of support for me and also to see a full thorough tease favor the moscow police approach or same petersburg's or italians out to zero moscow. people unless vegas held a march to remember the fifty eight victims of last sunday's mass shooting. they sang and prayed for those who died as well as survivors and the emergency services they called for tighter gun control laws the us vice president mike pence paid tribute to the emergency services at a prayer meeting. we find hope in the medical professionals in this community the doctors the surgeons the nurses the e m t's across las vegas who swiss professionalism compassion and expert care prevented an even wider tragedy well the momentum is growing in the us to regulate or ban a device that help the gun fire hundreds of bullets every minute despite the uproar
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in america a gun taurus and culture continues to thrive in las vegas kristen salumi. the guns are real the ammunition non-lethal rubber bullets for about one hundred dollars you too can experience what it's like to shoot and get shot at here at the las vegas gun fights shooting range. paper targets are the lowest form of firearms training you don't move they don't react they certainly don't shoot back. but. the idea is to simulate a real gun battle in the fear in the adrenaline rush it inspires when you see a weapon pointed at you. must biggest gun fights are just one aspect of the city's thriving gun tourism
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industry which also includes places like battlefield vegas to get ready for a shooting range where guests can fire automatic weapons and even drive a tank over a car. but. literally it's become a very very popular attraction without a machine gun vegas is one of the few establishment is to shut down after fifty eight people were shot and killed at an outdoor concert expressed support for limited gun control measures there's absolutely no reason for an average citizen who wants to have a gun to have one hundred round magazine. ok there is no reason for them to be able to buy. accessories for the gun which makes the gun almost fully automatic there's just no reason for according to economist jeffrey watt ups half of the economic activity in las vegas comes from tourism i think that it's in our long run best interest. to deal with this problem so that.
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tourists feel more secure and more safe. but for many here feeling more safe means having a gun and knowing how to use it. the person behind a gun is the problem not the guns. it indeterminate as fired me to just really want to be more trained the owner of las vegas fight says six hundred people signed up for his gun training class this week kristen salumi al-jazeera las vegas nevada . erica nate has been downgraded to a tropical storm as it moves inland from the u.s. gulf coast it made its second u.s. landfall as a category one system in the state of mississippi just a few hours ago newt has already killed at least thirty people across central america. the reports now from your search. the hurrican mate with winds of up to one hundred thirty five kilometers an hour with increasing speed as it worked its
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way north to the gulf of mexico it finally made landfall fairly close to the mouth of the mississippi river and it will bring with it heavy rains and increasingly strong winds here feel that they have made sufficient precautions to withstand this very strong winds these are people who have suffered. and tropical storms in the recent years the most notable being hurricane katrina in two thousand and five when billions of dollars worth of damage was caused by something like a thousand eight hundred people killed a great deal of investment has gone into those our defenses so it's really now a case of working through the night watching and waiting to see what kind of damage needs to be assessed in the with the light of day and whether those defenses have in fact been effective u.n. secretary general says the caribbean islands battered by hurricanes are the victims of climate change and tony good terrorists travel to and and to see the devastation
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for himself caused by hurricanes and maria ninety five percent of the infrastructure in barbuda was damaged mr terra should mit's he's never seen that level of destruction before. the reason of my visit to barbara. is exactly to raise awareness to put pressure on international community for a stronger humanitarian aid now and also for a stronger aid in relation to the reconstruction and the building resilience in the islands of the caribbean as we manage in that in the next few years seems will get worse than worst the world bank is promoting donor meeting in the context of their annual meeting and i urge the international community to fully support these caribbean states there are small islands they are sometimes completely destroyed they are pressing five many of them as middle income countries they have no access to grants or to soft loans these needs to be revisited and i think it's essential
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for the international community to be able to help these states allowing them to reconstruct and overcoming the enormous difficulties that they face not only because of the natural disasters but because of the i levels of depth that they already had before they need international solidarity they have not contributed to climate change but they are the first victims of these dramatic impacts of climate change in a few moments we'll have the weather for you with everton but also still held head on al-jazeera a tight race in liberia to find a replacement for africa's first elected female president. and find out how china is cleaning up the dirty work of recycling electronic waste. in sport there's more protests during the american national anthem this time in the n.h.l. .
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through tranquil radio. and along came free with tips and information cantelupe. well as i would like to say what makes up to over the next couple of days you can clearly see the position of the storm the tropical storm now making its way just across the mississippi alabama border and it will continue to drive its way further north which of these was as we go on through the next couple days very very quickly it is moving at thirty seven kilometers per hour if anything that forward speed has if anything gather strength sustained winds of around one hundred ten kilometers per hour and gusts to one hundred forty kilometers per hour by the end of sunday we expect the storm to have made its way across kentucky pushing across tennessee by the time we come to the end of monday looks to be into new england so it really is moving at quite a lick and what is good news because nowhere will see those strong winds for via long now we will see the heavy and flooding rains again for that long through
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mindless sunday we are looking at it making its way across tennessee and kentucky then pushing up across the tennessee valley into the appalachians and then as we go on through the next couple days it will make its way through new england and beyond just take a look further west denver twenty four degrees celsius on sunday the time we come to monday temperatures fall to four degrees celsius so some wintry weather still there in the forecast by this stage you can see night clearing new york and also new england. the weather sponsored by the time riis. in the heart of the amazon libyan family is the fan lives in peril to harvest brazil nuts. but it's getting the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge. risking a tool then libya. at this time on
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al-jazeera. the big breaking news story can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions and you're trying to provide the best most accurate pop today's information as quickly as you can. it's when he comes on being scene pin you realize you witness history in the making.
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the al-jazeera news hour live from doha the headlines thousands are marching in barcelona against catalonia and secession from spain pro independence groups are also expected to hold counter-demonstrations the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy is threatening to suspend the region's autonomy if he does go ahead and declare independence. six people have died in a gas tanker explosion in gun his capital across thirty five others were injured as the explosion triggered a second blast they happened to a transport terminal in close to hospitals used by university students at the university of ghana. and on coalition led by former. idling fighters is promising a fierce battle against those who entered its territory in a province in syria turkey is sending troops to back the free syrian army which crossed into the province on saturday. ok let's get more on that story for you joining us on the news are held tonight young he's a military specialist and a professor at the top university of economics and technology he's in ankara helton . what's the turkish military trying to achieve across the border in italy
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a province here hello can you hear me held in it's peter darby here in doha yes i get yes i can hear you just now ok i was asking you what the turkish military is hoping to achieve here. yeah peter actual the. operation goes break to the astana meetings and want to go roughly a month ago between turkey russia and iran so according to that agreement turkey is supposed to establish a deescalation zone in libya russia saw the on the theater in italy russia really reinforced support from the air and to turkish artillery support from the ground to the few syrian army to exit get to the off the
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line at the extremists journalists who are called people in it there after that after this clearing to eat the turkey is supposed to open the escalation zone and secure the zone in and out of it the responsible to vill be out by russian military or if this deployment is about to become a major military operation on the part of ankara how do they manage it properly without say increasing anti russian sentiment how do they identify who to target who to go after and crucially how do they end up with this being the deescalation zone that those peace talks that you mentioned and i stana the delegates to those peace talks said this is a deescalation zone this is not another theater of war. yeah actually peter you just defined the situation properly because it did escalation were establishing a deescalation zone is
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a kind of ambiguous political objective for the military but for the time being i just want to be clear that turkey has not signed it is troops on the ground to it live just uses the artillery there but at the moment any moment it is possible to sent turkish troops. to from play free syrian army will be responsible but after than in a very ambiguous situation is different sheets showing any enemy or friend turkish military execute it is operation in eat them so it is big difficulty for the turkish military lots of threats and this also trolls the press to i mean the difficulty of the operation for the time being but as a result turkey aims to permanent and other refugee flow from
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syria to turkey millions of refuge of well educational the p.k. k. link organisation y. p.g. to come to the turkish border it is going to be a kind of preventive operation for the two for turkey in all the us ok very briefly you used the word ambiguous there for the military planners not so much the politicians but for the military planners in circle is there another potential source of ambiguity here because in their military minds there is a direct connection between the p.k. k. and it live province and that's something that is unique to the turkish relationship with this conflict. exactly you really define improper very yes p.v. i.p.g. is so much connected to the p.k. care which has been big to turkey for the last thirty years so it is inacceptable for the form turkey's post predicted that lead to p.k. k.
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come to the next the turkey's warden province off turkey so it's kind of preventive military operation from the turkish understanding. there in ankara good to talk to you thanks very much for your time today. two guards have been killed and three injured after an attack on a saudi oil palace in jeddah the interior ministry says a saudi man opened fire on security forces guarding the al salam palace he was then shot dead earlier this week saudi police raided hideouts of a group they say is linked to eisele killing two people and arresting a further five. campaigning in liberia's presidential election ends in less than a few hours time twenty candidates are in the running to succeed africa's first elected female president ellen johnson sirleaf they include vice president a businessman and a former world footballer of the year when interest reports now from the capital city monrovia. ended it various presidential and parliamentary elections resign
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a last minute effort to win over voters their range from the flamboyant to the everyday person. one thing they have in common is that they stand on issues look and sound the same. and this is forcing many voters to narrow their choices down to old allegiances tribe region and personality. facts of the population not. candidate developmental. many political observers believe that voters are not asking the right questions which is really. born democracy is. a is a product of the country's broken education system. she and her neighbor take turns
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teaching their children the little the no chris let's not use. my children the sick. i mean. the literacy rate here is about thirty percent. some candidates have promised better life and ideas from poverty reduction to education and providing infrastructure one thing what the one so far is a campaign. only to record itself i mean market development program that emerged from. the election hopes. the election commission is confident of successful elections that could lead to a transition from one democratic government to another for the first time in more than forty as one of the challenges we had of course were. some
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part of our country a difficult to reach because. we were blessed to have the all male here who graciously agreed to provide. us a presidential aspirant more than fifty percent of the both to avoid the run for legislators though a simple majority. of sudan's foreign minister has welcomed the decision by the u.s. to lift sanctions but he has called for washington to go further and to remove saddam from a list of countries accused of sponsoring terrorism. joy on the streets of sudan after the u.s. state department announced it was lifting twenty year old economic and trade sanctions it's seen as a move down the path of normalizing relations some think it'll improve their lives as you see the american and sudanese flags flown in a spontaneous popular joyful reaction this is an indication that the sanctions have
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had a heavy toll on the people and the economy. prices and living costs have made. the announcement was widely anticipated a process started under president barack obama the u.s. saying the move came after sudan began addressing concerns of fighting terrorism and human rights abuses the sanctions were piling pressure on an already struggling economy. it's true that the country is facing economic problems however the sanctions exacerbated if not complicated the situation it doesn't enable government officials to restructure the economy as it should be. there were also assurances that sudan won't enter into arms deals with north korea and it had already diplomatically distance itself from iran but the opposition feels it's the wrong way to go. and the lifting of sanctions will not bear any fruit it's only into propaganda but in the end it will have a negative impact on the regime simply because it sent out the wrong message to the
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people. sudan though will remain on the u.s. list of state sponsors of terrorism so as the relationship between the two countries improves there's still more work to be done it's got harder al-jazeera. now young jobless people in south africa developing a do it yourself attitude the unemployment rate is at a fourteen year high forcing some creative thinking tanya page reports now from johannesburg. as well it is owned is a natural salesman he gets by selling goods from the back of his friends be eco becomes a problem now of survival to say now if i don't do this why am i going to you know and then that's when the crime mindset starts coming in that's when the negative things starts coming in so we need to always try and keep in mind in a positive state you know their main product is homemade a type of pickle i told him i'm bringing in the best actor in town and i want him
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to come and have a look was early it is. many young people have no choice but to create their own opportunities south africa's unemployment rate is the worst it's been for fourteen years thirty eight percent of fifteen to thirty four year olds can't get a job africa's most industrialized economy expanded by only zero point three percent last year due to a drought low commodity prices and weak demand for its main exports despite lots of promises neither government nor the private sector is creating enough jobs so many do lose hope but there are some initiatives aimed at teaching young people how to be an. and how to foster their own entrepreneurial spirit this is the team pretty faced of all teenage is a pitching a business plan and the idea is that they can't rely on anyone else to for for their ambitions the festival was created by a young entrepreneur. for me it's not about
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a degree it's not about waiting for financing from some government governmental institution is about looking at what you have in making that work for you right now with contacts and mentoring some of last year's winners at the festival and now exporting their products and employing other people entrepreneurship why not solve south africa's youth unemployment problem but it is creating jobs and perhaps more importantly hope tiny a page out as they are johannesburg iranian president has delivered a message to the u.s. leader donald trump saying the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal is irreversible house and rouhani says iran has reaped benefits from the deal that not even ten donald trump's could rollback sanctions on iran's oil exports and other industries have been lifted as part of the agreement president trump a sentence that he may quote decertify the deal next week ambrose i got. today
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of the united states violates the nuclear deal the entire world will condemn america not iran. hold that we have managed to stabilize our nuclear rights our people would always defend that as their inalienable right we have proven that's an illegal right at the united nations and in the world of diplomacy . a prominent lawyer says she's no longer representing the hollywood film producer harvey weinstein on accusations he sexually harassed women a third board member of his film company has also quit the oscar winning producer has taken an indefinite leave of absence a report in the new york times says he settled eight sexual harassment cases in three decades weinstein has apologized since the report came out and says he will now get therapy. haiti's government is pushing to reinstate it's more than two decades after it was disbanded following a military coup the controversial plan is popular with some but critics say it could see a return of human rights violations
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a report from the capital port au prince. basic training for an army that doesn't yet exist twenty two year old john mark just is trying to stay in shape but he waits to hear from haiti's defense ministry last month he was one of several hundred haitians who signed up to be part of the country's new army. and listed to serve and defend my country but also one of my main motivations is that i need a job. thousands of unemployed young men like john marks you know opportunity in the government's plan to rebuild the army more than two decades after it was disbanded but remember he's wrong history of military coups and human rights abuses see warning signs from the past. what's happening right now is very dangerous it seems like the government is more interested in building a private army for themselves. one hundred twenty men have already received training in ecuador the government insisted
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a new force would be limited to securing the border and responding to natural disasters however many believe it would also be used to maintain security a task that has largely fallen on the national police and united nations peacekeepers for the past thirteen years the new the u.n. mission is known leaves a controversial legacy in haiti from allegations of rape to introducing color but even its biggest detractors concede minister brought about a degree of stability in this volatile nation the discussion to reinstate the armed forces has been going on for several years in haiti however for those people who support the plan the debate has taken on new urgency in recent months with the imminent departure of the un peacekeeping force set for october. these men say any security vacuum in haiti is theirs to fill more than twenty years ago they made up the rank and file of haiti's army but though they lost their jobs they never quite laid down their weapons they are armed and also we have political clout.
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to have a new army without us will be a catastrophe there are thousands of us and we are ready to defend our rights. arguments over the shape of the new military will continue but while far from prosperous the last ten years have brought some relief to haiti's most violent neighborhoods. the everest test with the country's security must go towards the goal of sustainable peace. port au prince haiti. japan's major political parties have taken part in the life to be debated head of snap elections in just two weeks prime minister shinzo says his government supports the u.s. stance on north korea was all options on the table took us popular governor the recall quickly represented her opposition party where she launched just over a week ago she criticized economic policies saying they were. felt outside of tokyo she's pledged to phase out nuclear power by twenty thirty. asia's middle class is
1:45 pm
getting richer that means they're buying more electronic goods which ultimately have to be thrown away china is now the world's biggest recycler so called the waste but the industry has a bad reputation is a dream brought in. the village of darya who in northeast china was once part of a burgeoning illegal industry it's still survives just three years unskilled local people made a living picking apart electronic waste by hand extracting metals like gold silver and copper and anything else that offered value oblivious of the dangers to their health or to the villages water and soil this contamination will last for years. slowly these on regulated workshops have started to close as we took these pictures a local government official appeared and unusually for china he agreed to an on the
1:46 pm
spot interview he said that what they are in the dark for the state is getting strict and strict on all types of pollution which are harmful to human beings as a result of these new regulations a lot of workshops here cannot survive. for decades places like this existed for one reason only the dirty and dangerous job of processing electronic waste but recently the government started to close down some of these illegal workshops and everyone is now being moved to a new official recycling plant just down the road where we're told conditions are not safe. while this illicit trade survives much of the hazardous work now happens in the waste processing centers. this is one of more than one hundred now operating across the country handling mostly t.v. . drilled the part by hand it is still dirty work but
1:47 pm
here at least workers have a measure of protection from the dust and toxic fumes more and more recycling workshops are being forced to move into such purpose built facilities. that china has made a great deal of progress on the treatment of waste in the past decade at this plant we are now able to process more than eighty million households electrical appliances that year and as the middle class in china and the rest of asia continues to grow so too will the work load of plants like this one. adrian brown al-jazeera in china. still to come here on al-jazeera the latest from formula one where lewis hamilton is getting close to his fourth world title details when we come back. how we face the rain forest of the sea we continue on our current way we won't have
1:48 pm
whole race within twenty thirty forty years from now so your sense they are trying to recreate the ecosystem but under controlled conditions the main goal is so the ballot bowl still doesn't answer the climate the great barrier is still sizeable but we're going to start now and we need to get everyone behind the solution tag no at this time on all does iraq the story that had the greatest impact on me would probably be the american a messy past thirty four miners died and we when there were no plan a few television things being right on that spot at that time to this is some of the times the story of the story and films and stuff like that tonight i want this to be over in malaysia like al-jazeera english because the news is not fanfare and you don't miss any of the news or any of it you can watch my life.
1:49 pm
there is a festive mood in the south korean capital nearly a year after it was at the center of mass protests leading to the president's done full world mcbride reports from so on what precisely is cheering people up there. the people have taken the streets once more this time in the name of. people like jim suntech who was a protest a real year ago now a street performer. parenting to all different types of people were gathered here especially the young in felt like a revolution taking place. the protest was sparked by corruption allegations against then president park in hay that eventually led to her downfall it's almost
1:50 pm
three years since the scandal broke bringing out people onto the streets both for and against party and hate and as her impeachment proceeded so the struggle between them became ever more bitter and divisive. at its height hundreds of thousands took part in candlelit vigil as as the country teetered on the verge of chaos that south korea's democracy was strong enough to survive it is reason enough to celebrate a variety of street art performances and happenings from the amusing. to the confusing. but with the goal of trying to help heal a bruise society drawing on the experience. it's natural that freedom and human rights should feed into our we hope that through this bestival we can restore a sense that we are not strangers but all want unity. economic problems and the
1:51 pm
lurking danger of a conflict over north korea persist but this offers a welcome break. the atmosphere so lively with so much happening. since the protests last year south korea has become more open for its citizens. the festival marks the end of an extended autumn holiday and in the coming days south koreans will return to work and to their own going troubles but that's tomorrow right al-jazeera so. thank you very much. formula one why lewis hamilton has taken a giant step towards his fourth world title after winning the japanese gone. driver side. from poa dominated the race the circuit edging out max first stop and daniel ricardo alytus nearest rival sebastian vettel had to drop out of the race off the engine problem britain has now extended his lead to
1:52 pm
fifty nine points and could become the wall champion if he wins the united states. and vettel finishes lower than. it was i was just holding behind but it didn't go very close a couple times particularly at the end with a safety car so the b.s.c. and then we started. had a bit of traffic so you got it right out very very close one on another than they have kept their slim hopes of reaching next year's world cup alive despite beating three one on saturday they face in near impossible task they need to be a swede in the who they trailed by three points by seven goals in the final match to make the playoffs if they fell it marks a huge slump considering they finished third at the last world cup. it was difficult game the good thing is that we were winning one one three but we needed more goals we didn't do that. the other team as long as it stays one seems to be
1:53 pm
believing in a good result and after one one. became worse but it was a penalty and the three won so the only good thing tonight was the three one. granted as a playoff spot at the very least off the beaten bulgaria there's a two horse race to finish top of group b. at both switzerland and portugal one on saturday with the swiss three points ahead that with one game to go and with greece winning at here's a could be no losing the greeks sit second in group h. and currently hold a playoff spot belgium are already through. and these were the scenes at costa rica thousands took the street to celebrate our their country secured their spot in the world cup but a late equaliser from kendall what sin they gave them a one one draw against endure us this means
1:54 pm
a twenty four team call to finalists john mexico as the second team to qualify from the north central american and caribbean region. on nigeria have become the first team to call five from africa they seal the qualification from group three beating zambia one nail thanks to a goal from arsenal's alex it will be well listen good news for another of the continent's heavyweights ghana they were held uganda nil nil it means the win for egypt over congo on sunday will guarantee the pharaoh's qualify as group winners moral call are top of group c. after though when watching his victory means they currently top group a all to major league baseball where the washington nationals have made a great comeback have to be the defending world series champions chicago cubs and tie the series that won all that and the sanchez has more. things were looking bleak for washington in their home stadium on saturday somewhat similar to game one where they failed to score some most of the games the hosts trialled they
1:55 pm
were down three run up until the eighth inning. that's why the fortunes changed the e.u. . twenty four year old bryce harper has an impressive and crucial to run to tie the game. ryan zimmerman looks to have bounced back from an injury plagued ten to sixteen because. we will be he added a three run home run moments later it's a lift the nationals to the six three comeback victory against the well there is champion the series of now tied at one one. we lost a game they beat us we go home at one and one and we had king time to and then jay coming up not bad really interesting series well played on both sides and i cannot be happier than i am with our guys right now. over in los angeles the dodgers
1:56 pm
hosted the arizona diamondbacks but not standard it's got off to a sluggish start to check the data was arizona took the lead up until the fourth inning when the dodgers began to make that comeback. they overturned the deficits leap the game seven to the fifth inning and the going to win it eight five the sunshine is now holding to nothing lead in the back to five national league division series everyone on our team contributed tonight. austin barnes a couple big hits and just picked the quality of at bat you look at the fifth inning that we put on those guys and stressed and logan big and bad you know ya see us continue to shine on these first two games. and all up and down the line of the night it was the bottom part of your that really picked us up big time tonight and they are now on the brink of advancing to the national league championship series
1:57 pm
for the second straight season tatyana what is there. to end it with the pittsburgh penguins sally cup defense is back on track after they got their first win of the season over the nashville predators and a rematch of last year's final a bikini model in the open the scoring for the defending champions after sixty six seconds. stopped twenty six shots posting his sixth korea shutout jay ryan reaves and all the field a four nil victory. protest during the american national anthem have spread to the n.h.l. tampa bay lightning has j.t. brown raised his fist to the head of the game against a florida panthers the move started last season when an n.f.l. player calling copper nickel and melted during the anthem and to protest against racial injustice. and of course just before we go give you
1:58 pm
a quick update on tennis there were caroline garcia has just won the china tennis open remember she beat simona halep just one day after their mania became the wald number one tennis player that's all for me back to you santa many thanks talk folly is in this chair in about three minutes to check out the web site al jazeera dot com you'll find a lot of top stories swept up and updated. but a little later on today i will see you very soon.
1:59 pm
it. was murder. it's the end of the breeding season as we take a ferry through the straits of magellan to magdalen island today the island is a penguin colony sanctuary with access to tourists accompanied by foot nine percent penguin expert cloudy old boy we learned the penguin colonies in south america are under threat climate change is one reason it is well documented that changing rain patterns or spend was to abandon fly the nest warmer ocean temperatures have diminished the quantity and quality of fish for the penguins who were swim further
2:00 pm
and further away to feed their young overfishing and ocean contamination especially plastics are also killing penguins what are you seeing like our mind a suspected terrorist people of all faiths fell victim to a suicide bomber in manchester but if the bomb was indiscriminate was the placing of blame this is nothing to do with us this is about an individual who's psycho you know nobody could do this unless they were completely unhinged how much just as muslims responded to challenging questions in the aftermath of the. people in power manchester united at this time. marching for the unity of spain thousands take to the three top.


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