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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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training starts lightly but the pace picks up quickly as these grannies work out a long lifetime of frustration. at eighty five years old intombi sword what trains as hard as anyone and. i feel so good i feel fresh i punch this side and this side like this and like that i really love this i don't like things like soccer because i will bring these ladies are tough and i take their training very seriously. they feel a bit more confident and feel more energetic they feel more alive. and. this is al jazeera.
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hello again i'm peter w. watching the news hour live from my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. in barcelona where as secessionist leaders prepare possibly to declare independence this week a huge crowd has gathered in defiance marching instead for spanish unity. also this hour former al qaeda linked fighters promise a battle to the death against syrian rebels backed by turkey plus. a giant fireball billows into the sky over the gunney and capital after an explosion at a gas station several people were killed also ahead. restoring roads coliseum it's only finds help returning its ancient monuments back to their former glory. and i'm fond of how much with all the sports news including louis hallett and with the japanese gone private take a huge step for clenching his balls. well championship title.
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thousands are marching in barcelona against catalonia splitting from the rest of spain people have traveled from all over the country right to the heart of the region saying they represent the silent majority opposed to catalan independence it's been a week since that referendum on succession triggered a constitutional crisis the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy says he'll do whatever it takes to keep spain united including removing catalonia as autonomous status. we have to return to legality and the key is to do so quickly and go back to normal to have the absolute reassurance that the government will prevent any declaration of independence from turning into something spain will continue to be spain and it will continue being spain for a long time. john hall is our correspondent in barcelona jonah good afternoon what
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are the chances here that they will just say we are now independent. well i mean you know that's the question everybody would like an answer to peter it becomes a very difficult one even to speculate about because goodness knows what's in the minds of those process session is leaders in the regional government here in catalonia particular when they look at the size of the crowds that have turned out here today will be it ok many people have come in from other parts of spain but the majority are catalonians the talk is of well certainly hundreds of thousands perhaps five five or six hundred thousand people and they of course believe that they are the silent majority that their voices have not been heard their opinions not accounted for that there is an atmosphere of hostility towards those who disagree with the idea of independence but they believe they do have the numbers they are in fact the majority and a referendum polls tend to bear that out so the big message here on saturday and
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sunday rather from this crowd is we're not all behind you and if you want to go in unilaterally declare independence we found our voices now with out on the streets a little earlier on i spoke to an opposition politician politician. tony ramos and he's from the party field out on the else which is in the parliament here in opposes independence i asked him what the message was from him and from the people in this this crowd towards those who did come out and vote last weekend towards those who do passionately believe in independence here's what he had to say. my message is that there are ways to express your opinion by respecting the laws that we have all agreed on the way he's looking by them like what he's present they are arrangement with spain looks like i need a large majority to do that they don't have it then they having their views in the got on bottom and by violating and sabotaging. and that's that's why we have all
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these people here because they also want to remain god that they want to remain spanish and they want to remain you to be and it's very simple it's not smiley's nationalism it's simply a vindication of the rights and the freedoms that this punishment should give jonah obviously such a divisive a big divisive issue there across the country but is there a middle ground that madrid and barcelona could work with. well i mean that's interesting because on saturday there were big demos also here in barcelona and in madrid and all over the country a slightly different tone and tenor to them to this protest on sunday on saturday they were talking about dialogue they were calling the politicians to come around the table to take the heat out of this crisis and talk about next steps so that if you like is the middle ground it's not what mariano rajoy the prime minister demands that the leaders here simply give up any claim to independence before
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another step forward can be taken and nor is it that unilateral declaration of independence that would ask for in a very deep and dangerous constitutional crisis in a country that of course let's not forget has no civil war in the past so is there a middle ground well maybe it is a middle ground that revolves around dialogue but at this point peter that no one is showing any signs of giving in in that direction the prime minister as i say says there'll be no talk unless independence calls are dropped altogether that's not something the secessionists here are apparently anyway planning to do jonah many thanks. and i'm coalition led by former al qaeda linked fighters is promising a fierce battle against those who enter its territory in a province in syria. is responding to an offensive by the f.s.a. the free syrian army now turkey is backing the operation from its side of the border and they have opened fire from there. miss me. it up of several armed factions now it includes opposition groups that were pushed into it live after
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syrian government forces retook aleppo last december the f.s.a. crossed the border from turkey into the province on saturday. is on the turkey syria border for us fashion as far as you know has this deployment now turned into an operation. yes the operation is under way and by the way peter as we speak the turkish president. is the living god speech of the members of the ark party and he's basically saying that the reason why the turkish army is interfering now is to repair to the national security of turkey basically referring to the year for it is still the start of the two thousand and fifteen explaining the reason why the turkish government had to start this process more than an operation to repair. i say i'm sorry from entertaining permanent positions on the border with turkey and saying that now turkey is also going on the same campaign to
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try to secure the border area but as we're going to see in this report moving deeper into syria could be very delicate for the turkish military. turkish artillery shelling heya to hit a sham positions inside syria. the former al-qaeda affiliate groups controlled most of province and this border area is the focal point of what turkish authorities refer to as a serious campaign. and the free syrian army is sending reinforcements to that i had. the starting point for the new cross border campaign. thank you but which has thousands of fighters is vowing to fight to the death news of the new campaign is raising concerns for civilians in there. if the
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turkish army enters back by russian planes they have committed a massacre a few days ago and that is for sure and acceptable to me and to any muslim who rejects the presence of occupiers in our country. the russians are the first and last and i mean of the syrian people are backing bashar al assad how can they be supporting the syrian people. the new push by turkey comes after an agreement with russia and iran last month to set up a deescalation zone in. the turkish army will be operating in the city while the russians will be deployed outside of the province it is one of four deescalation zones the others are the asker's of the capital damascus that are on the border with jordan and northern parts of helm's. what established after iran russia and turkey decided to set aside their differences and find
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a permanent solution to the syrian conflict. do you get the sense that for the military planners in ankara they will have to finesse this if only by the by the day perhaps because turkey's had its fingers burnt before it lost seventy people not so very long ago. indeed and this explains why and now they are trying to. put this whole operation into different phases days one is the basic one the free syrian army moves into the area and takes on a at the head of the fighters for the time being it seems that the turkish military will be conducting surveillance reconnaissance missions and sharing intelligence where the free syrian army phase two will be when the turkish military crosses into syria. permanent post inside syria for as long as the the escalations agreement continues but as you know but as you know peter the head of the sham is
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the most powerful faction now operating in the last the are convinced to hand over their weapons or at least pull out from there we're likely to see some heavy fighting in the coming days and it is something that the turkish military is definitely going to take into consideration fashion thank you the army in the democratic republic of congo say rebel fighters of ambushed a bus and sank villages in the country's east it's unclear how many people have been killed the fighting is continuing in the beni territory in north kivu province security forces blame the attack on ugandan rebels called the allied democratic forces or a.d.f. congolese soldiers have been trying for years to wipe out numerous groups in that area. plus more news on the sports still to come here on the news hour for you including a tight race in liberia to find a replacement for africa's first elected female president. and thousands of homes
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are without power this tropical storm nate lashes the united states. wild scenes in costa rica as they took their spot on the twenty fifth of. sportsmen's with santa in about thirty five minutes. the gas tanker explosion in ghana has killed at least six people and injured thirty five others in the capital acra the blast led to a second fire as catchy love has not explained. to much of the film there nobody would doubt the blast was overpowering witnesses looked at the towering flames in disbelief. and most wanted. gone as government says a tanker caught fire at a gas filling station in graph the flames spread across the street to another gas station triggering a second explosion. but all the fear confusion people ran to safety and so.
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look at my hands this witness was injured as he made his escape i want to thank you it's like a stunt man overflight you know like that man that like this isn't the first time ghana has gone through a similar situation in two thousand and fifteen a blast at a gas station killed at least ninety people al-jazeera is corresponded amma boateng covers the region she says these type of explosions are not uncommon this deadly blasts could lead to changes people already beyond what. i feel prepared that kind of boy be made to go to in the going it's a question that's been asked before but this tragedy could make the issue a priority got him up a civilian out of zero. staying in africa campaigning in liberia's presidential election on tuesday has just come to
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a close twenty candidates are in the running to succeed africa's first elected female president ellen johnson sirleaf now they include the vice president a businessman and a former world football of the year but it was reports from the capital monrovia. candidates for liberia presidential and parliamentary elections i know last minute effort to win over voters their range from the flamboyant to the everyday person. one thing they have in common though is that they stand on issues look and sound the same and this is forcing many voters to narrow their choices down to all the allegiances of tribal region and personality. fact the population not growing. candidates with developmental. platforms many political observers believe that voters are not asking the right
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questions which is really tragedy. corney is a product of the country's broken education system. she and her neighbor take turns teaching their children the little the no. literacy rate is about thirty percent. some candidates have promised better life. from poverty reduction to education and providing infrastructure one thing what the one so far is a complete. record itself.
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that emerged from. the election commission is confident of successful elections that could lead to a transition from one democratic government to another for the first time in more than forty as. one of the challenges we had of course were. some part of our country difficult to reach because. we were blessed to have the mail here will graciously agreed to provide air support or transport. a presidential aspirant needs to win more than fifty percent of the vote to avoid a runoff for legislators though a simple majority will do. but it greece. what rovio. military has been accused of carrying out atrocities against the. states denied by
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the me and my government in a makeshift camp in cox's bazaar in neighboring bangladesh and how much i'm jus met one young refugee who survived an attack by the army on the same day that human rights watch said mass killings were being carried out. despite the relief his family tries to provide eighteen year old ranger refugee muhammad is still haunted for a while his mother and siblings try to give him a brief respite from the extreme heat and humidity but no matter how much medicine is given or the number of bandages applied his scars both physical and psychological will remain. he took us out from home and tied our hands behind our backs they pulled us along the roads and kicked as they pulled us through the village through the jungle and took us to join another group of people that they made as lie down on top of one another mohammad all says when soldiers from me and mars army began shooting at them he was hit
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twice in the back. at first he pretended to be dead but then again when i opened my eyes to see if they'd left a note when i opened my eyes they saw me and shot me here two of his brothers were killed in the army's attack on mungo village and state on august twenty seventh mohammed all was convinced he also would not survive a mood in the clinton level and i thought i would die so i prayed i thought to myself i'm not going to see my relatives anymore mohamed tools brother sure if i was desperate to get him some help they're going to doctors but they're not doctors we couldn't find any doctor there was military everywhere so i couldn't go to the pharmacy and get him any medicine people were telling me i should go break down the door of the pharmacy and bring him medicine but i couldn't go there because of the military. tells us that in addition to his two brothers who were killed dozens more of his relatives were also executed during the attack a recent report by human rights watch included interviews with witnesses and
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survivors who told the organization that me and morris military didn't just carry out mass killings that day but that they also sexually assaulted stabbed and beat villagers who were gathering for safety in a residential compound and while the u.n. has called the actions of man mars military a textbook example of ethnic cleansing man or as government has categorically denied carrying out any atrocities against the ranger. or mohammad tools heartbroken mother there is no time to dwell on the past taking care of her family even in conditions as miserable as these is her priority as a living why didn't they when i see my sons williams i don't feel like going back to our village and also i set fire to a high end they set fire and everywhere we saw that we had no choice but to leave they may have been able to leave the violence behind but for mohammed it's clear the horror of what he lived through will never really go away. at the tank ali
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refugee camp in cox's bazaar on the river. in the u.s. more than one hundred thousand homes in mississippi and alabama without power as tropical storm nate moves inland from the u.s. gulf coast knew it was being downgraded from a hurry can shortly after making a second u.s. landfall in mississippi it killed at least thirty people in central america warnings of dangerous storm surges remain along the gulf coast for the latest let's take you live now to new orleans and our correspondent daniel daniel how bad has it been. well i think peter mostly a huge sigh of relief here in new orleans i'm in a neighborhood which was hit very hard by hurricane katrina in two thousand and five when something like a thousand eight hundred two were killed and billions of dollars worth of damage was done almost no sign of damage here the levees the investment put in the flood defenses seems to have held out here as you mentioned there have been power cuts in
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many parts of the region in louisiana mississippi and alabama but it does seem as though the flood damage was minimal people are getting are getting up early sunday morning here people are out and about assessing the damage but certainly here in new orleans it seems to be minimal people out and about now to sort of resuming their lives seeing what damage has been done for those people who live outside the levee system they ok are they the people who lost power. some of those people lost power many of those people were evacuated as a precaution they will be returning to their home of this morning i think the big contrast here really is you mentioned the damage the devastation caused in central america it hit central america when it was still a tropical storm it was a category one hurricane when it hit the gulf coast of the united states and i think really because of the investment here because the situation here is obviously
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very different the damage was minimal a smaller storm caused far greater damage in central america twenty eight people confirmed dead a huge damage to property so i think the contrast is quite stark that i mean there is still a tropical storm here moving inland but the been issuing its speed as it goes so life here very much everything returning to normal as i say huge sigh of relief all around with those power outages being rectified daniel thank you the u.n. secretary general says the caribbean islands battered by hurricanes are the victims of climate change and travel to and tika and domini come to see the devastation for himself caused by the ria ninety five percent of the infrastructure was damaged and could terrorists he's never seen that level of destruction before. the reason of my visit. is exactly to raise awareness to put pressure on international
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community for stronger humanitarian aid now and also for a stronger aid in relation to the reconstruction and the building resilience in the islands of the caribbean as we manage and that in the next few years seems will get worse than worst the world bank promoting. meeting in the context of their annual meeting and i urge the international community to fully support these caribbean states there are small islands they are sometimes completely destroyed they are pressing five many of them as middle income countries they have no access to grants or to soft loans these needs to be revisited and i think it's essential for the international community to be able to help these states allowing them to reconstruct and overcoming the enormous difficulties that they face not only because of the natural disasters but because of the i levels of depth that they already had before they need international solidarity they have not contributed to
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climate change but they are the first victims of these. impacts of climate change ok will stay with weather forecasters after where i think you look at night once again pater's changing so quickly just three hours ago we had sustained winds of one hundred ten kilometers per hour down to seventy five and falling so by the time we come to the next few hours it's going to be a tropical depression here we go you can see the system here still swirling away just stood around alabama now it's going to continue sweeping its way further north as i sweep because it really is going at a fair old lake thirty seven kilometers per hour and you can see the sustained winds of seventy five kilometers per hour by the end of today it will be a tropical depression by the end of tomorrow it won't even be that so we're looking at more rainfall event than a wind event since terms of rain we'll have a look at these numbers seventy one millimeters afraid. just one hour and in the space of just ten minutes we had twenty four millimeters of rain come down as
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almost an inch in old money so little wonder we have seen some of those flooding pictures of the flooding rains they will continue lotsa trouble who morris chair and warmth as well right up the eastern side of north america are we getting up into the mid twenty's here me twenty two for denver i highlight denver because they'll be something of a wintry shock by the time we come to monday we're down to just three degrees struggling to get above freezing so difficult to know how to dress when this sort of thing happens big change in conditions here that wet weather the wind the stormy weather that will make its way across the northeastern corner through new jersey through new york as we go on through the course of monday it will all be gone by the time we come to choose day and starting to dry up peter. everson thanks very much still ahead on al-jazeera i'm reporting from zambia many of the children fleeing violence in the democratic republic of congo are children i'll tell you how some of them are trying to survive in a new country. also ahead china tries to clean up its jesse reputation with his
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electronic waste disposal industry. and this was news the protester in the american national anthem this time of the n.h.l. . an indian mining company is heading to australia to build one of the world's biggest mines will it be an economic bonanza or an ecological disaster. at this time i doubt is if. it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government to my real. oh is it alison when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on set
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i'm a member of a complex one but we struck up a relationship base is a dialogue tweet us with hostile into a stream and one of your pitches might make the next shot join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back you're with al-jazeera peter in doha with the news out today our top stories thousands are marching in barcelona against catalan secession from spain people have traveled from across the country they say they represent the silent majority the prime minister mariano rajoy is threatening to suspend the regions or
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tanami if leaders declare independence. turkish forces are fired artillery from its border with syria they are backing the f.s.a. the free syrian army which is in the province of it live to fight an alliance led by a former al qaeda linked group there now the coalition. has promised retaliation. six people have died in the gas tanker explosion in the gun encountered probably forty others were injured the explosion triggered a second blast now they happened near a transport terminal and close to hospitals combing housing university students. let's get more on our top story the march for spanish unity the vice president of the catalan civil society spoke at the rally in called on the regional leaders to abandon their secession plans. i mean this is not a confrontation between catalonia and spain or between catalan people and spanish people it's mainly a problem of the cattle on people and we have to solve it that's why we asked
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president. made an unreasonable liberation of independence because the cattle aren't people will be the first to be affected. let's talk now to enrico the lead to col he's a historian and an expert on cattle and nationalism he joins us from barcelona and with a light to col if mariano rajoy goes ahead and suspends autonomy as it stands today anyway will that make the crisis better or worse. i think it will make the crisis. worse in the long term it might have a success on a very short term basis but. while the demonstration today is very impressive. as a pushback. it's not clear that how much of that demonstration but people from catalonia or people from all of spain who have come in so it's up in the air. it's up in the air is it up in the air in part because of the way the central
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government arguably mishandled it because if you have catalonian police squaring off against spanish firemen it doesn't look good those pictures flashed around the world this seems to have been a stunning silence from brussels when they shouldn't have been and on top of that accusations of we got this wrong aimed at the central government in madrid. the central government took believed erroneously that this was a top bottom process that this was a dynamic that was being. orchestrated from above and that if you could cut off a few heads you'd solve the problem unfortunately. because it made it is a mass movement that is largely fuelled through social media that's what generated the large demonstrations up to now and that's what generated part of this
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demonstration what makes the current demonstration impressive is that until until now this political sector could raise more than forty thousand people in barcelona . there is one report just in the past half hour saying there are three hundred fifty thousand people on the streets of spain as you and i are having this conversation that anger that commitment to what they want to achieve that will be very difficult surely to to lessen for anyone involved in this debate that's a political rather level so if you're if you're the people who want independence in barcelona if you're the people in madrid who do not want independence for castillo . how do the how do they make this less difficult less awkward. my take on the subject is that the central government has followed this policy counting on full of spanish electoral support it's
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a minority government unstable and wants to recover an absolute majority the same thing happens on the catalan side it's a minority government backed by radical independent tests in the catalan parliament neither side wants to yield and there is no clear benefit for either side in terms of who the political leadership is for coming to any kind of agreement so that's what i what i mean when i say i don't think the future is. positive in. me on a short term basis you can cancel the autonomy then you have to conduct elections that last back on those elections is going to be even more difficult to handle than the current situation. in iraq this leader called thank you skelton's first minister says she's not currently seeking another referendum on leaving the united kingdom just yet sme in brazil nicholas sturgeon's s.n.p. the scottish national party had called on her to delay demanding
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a new vote until at least the twenty twentieth's that wouldn't give any further consideration to the timing until brakes and the thames of basic become clearer to we've got a clear lane of say about what all that means for scotland it doesn't mean i will stop making the case for scotland being independent protests have been held across australia against the country's biggest coal mining project crowds gathered on beaches and in the cities demanding the government stop the plans indian mining giant adani is promising to create thousands of jobs but environmentalists say it'll contribute to global warming and destroy the great barrier reef. this would be the biggest call mine ever built in australia and one of the biggest ever built in the well it's a massive project and all the ships would be all of this car would be exploited out through the barrier reef so the risk of the rate and about thirty percent of the barrier reef unfortunately is already dead from wild warming but you add an
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enormous risk such as this so that by through the ship's yanks or the rate but also of course this guy was getting burned and that is going to contribute significantly so long. it's a place of madness at a time when the rest of the world is trying to move away from fossil fuels seven people have died of being a fever in the indian city of sydney go to over eight hundred people tested positive for the tropical disease there and ten new cases were reported in the last week hospitals are overflowing with patients people sharing beds and floors because of the outbreak think if it is common in india and the number of cases generally peaks during the monsoon rains season. the un refugee agency says almost two thirds of refugees arriving in zambia from the democratic republic of congo are children some across in the border alone and it's worried they'll be more of them because of insecurity within the republic hiraman tasa reports now from come bungay on the
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zambian border. leon muscle and his brother are making a door for the home it's a temporary structure at a refugee transiting to in zambia the teenagers work for weeks from democratic republic of congo where security forces are fighting different militia groups they say some adults try to discourage them from making a dangerous journey but they kept on living in our tenth even thin. my parents were both killed when the village was the only thing i could do was run and leave the country i was told. bad people won't fall in line and i walked for a long time i missed my parents but at least i'm alive and safe in the united nations refugee agency says sixty percent of refugees crossing into zambia are children dozens making the journey alone others come with relatives because they got separated from their parents during the conflict so you have children who have
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fled because they have lost their parents and they have experienced the killing of their parents and you have children who come here because they came home to empty homes and then you have children who came here and telling us the story for street treatments and fear for adoption u.n. officials say on average between sixty and one hundred people are coming to get every day this group has just arrived the women say they couldn't leave the unaccompanied children behind to die or get updated by the militia the d r c a border is only a few meters away children who come alone sometimes waits in neighboring villages hoping their parents they can wait for days they can wait for weeks sometimes they never hear from their families again the refugees try to center in chilling is filling up fast they are nearly four thousand registered refugees the humanitarian needs are huge aid workers say unaccompanied or separated children need to be placed in foster homes many are traumatized others show signs of my nutrition these
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kids are waiting for their mother to join them they crossed the border together but their mother was rushed to hospital because she's about to give birth she told them she will come and find them but they don't know how long that could take but now they are alone in a new country. al-jazeera compound zambia. back to the u.s. the people unless we held a march to remember the fifty eight victims of last sunday's mass shooting. they sang and prayed for those who died as well as survivors and the rescuers and they called for tighter gun control laws. the u.s. vice president mike pence paid tribute to the emergency services at a press office. we find hope in the medical professionals in this community the doctors the surgeons the nurses the e m t's across las vegas who swift professionalism compassion and expert care prevented an even wider tragedy well that meant some appears to be growing in the u.s.
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to regulate or ban a device that helped the gunman fire hundreds of bullets every minute despite the uproar a gun taurus and culture does continue to thrive in last vegas has kristen salumi. the guns are real the ammunition non-lethal rubber bullets for about one hundred dollars you too can experience what it's like to shoot and get shot ad here at the las vegas gun fights shooting range. paper targets are the lowest form of firearms training you don't move they don't react they certainly don't shoot back. but. the idea is to simulate a real gun battle in the fear and the adrenaline rush it inspires when you see a weapon pointed at you.
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last vegas gun fights are just one aspect of the city's thriving gun tourism industry which also includes places like battlefield vegas to get ready for a shooting range where guests can fire automatic weapons and even drive a tank over a car. but. literally it's become a very very popular attraction without a machine gun vegas is one of the few establishment is to shut down after fifty eight people were shot and killed at an outdoor concert expressed support for limited gun control measures there's absolutely no reason for an average citizen who wants to have a gun to have one hundred round magazine. ok there is no reason for them to be abal to buy. accessories for the gun which makes the gun almost fully automatic there's just no reason for according to economist jeffrey watt ups half of the economic activity in las vegas comes from tourism think that it's in our long run
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best interest. to deal with this problem so that. tourists feel more secure and more safe but for many here feeling more safe means having a gun and knowing how to use it. the person behind the gun is the problem not the gun so i felt like it in deter me as fired me to just really want to be more trained the owner of las vegas fight says six hundred people signed up for his gun training class this week christine for me al jazeera las vegas nevada. just middle class is getting wealthier that means they're buying more electronic goods which ultimately have to be thrown away china is now the world's biggest recycler of so-called waste with the industry does have a poor reputation it really brown reports. the village of darya in northeast china was once part of a burgeoning illegal industry it still survives just three years
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on skilled local people made a living picking apart electronic waste by hand extracting metals like gold silver and copper and anything else that offered value. oblivious of the dangers to their health or to the villages water and soil this contamination will last for years slowly these unregulated workshops have started to close as we took these pictures a local government official appeared and unusually for china he agreed to an on the spot interview he said that what they are in the dark for the state is getting stricter and stricter on all types of pollution which are harmful to human beings as a result of these new regulations a lot of workshops here cannot survive. for decades places like this existed for one reason only the dirty and dangerous job of processing electronic waste but
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recently the government started to close down some of these illegal workshops and everyone is now being moved to a new official recycling plant just down the road where we're told conditions are much safer. while this illicit trade survives much of the hazardous work now happens in either waste processing centers. this is one of more than one hundred now operating across the country handling mostly t.v. . drilled the part by hand it is still dirty work but here at least workers have a measure of protection from the dust and toxic fumes more and more recycling workshops are being forced to move into such purpose built facilities. that china has made a great deal of progress on the treatment of electronic waste in the past decade at this plant we are now able to process more than eighty million households
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electrical appliances that year and as the middle class in china and the rest of asia continues to grow so too will the work load of plants like this one. adrian brown al-jazeera in china. still to come here on al-jazeera a year after mass protest brought down a president south koreans are back on the streets for the happy of these. making statements off the catwalk it's of these fashion industry pitches in to help with the colossal task of restoring links and monuments. and of sports figures there's been a surprise in the china open final find out what happened with santa when we come back. when we managed the financial system between one nine hundred forty five and one nine hundred seventy one there was not a single financial crisis anywhere in the world and then in one thousand seven
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hundred the bank has lobbied and they said no no no we don't need controls you know the market will discipline us banks love to make loans to sovereigns why because behind the sovereign a millions of taxpayers we can see reaction to the liberalization of finance just as we saw it in the one nine hundred twenty s. and it's going to be going to already is ugly in many parts of the world where people are saying if my government went look after my interests then i would look for a stronger if he's a fascist i don't care if he promises to secure the stability of my life and my people i will vote for him i think that's where we're heading and i don't think our leaders have the vision to understand that's the threat that we face.
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welcome back there's a festive mood in south korea's capital nearly a year after it was at the center of mass protests leading to the president's downfall rup mcbride reports from seoul on what's been cheering people up. the people have taken the streets once more this time in the name of. people like jim suntech who was a protester a year ago now a street performer. parenting all different types of people were gathered here especially the young in felt like a revolution taking place. the protest was sparked by corruption allegations against then president park in hay that eventually led to her downfall it's almost three years since the scandal broke bringing out people onto the streets both for
4:46 pm
and against party and hate and as her impeachment proceeded so the struggle between them became ever more bitter and divisive. at its height hundreds of thousands took part in candlelit vigil as as the country teetered on the verge of chaos that south korea's democracy was strong enough to survive it is reason enough to celebrate a variety of street art performances and happenings from the amusing. to the confusing. but with the goal of trying to help heal a bruised society drawing on the experience. it's natural that freedom and human rights should feed into our we hope that through this bestival we can restore a sense that we are not strangers but all want unity. economic problems and the lurking danger of a conflict over north korea persist but this offers
4:47 pm
a welcome break. the atmosphere so lively with so much happening. since the protests last year south korea has become more open for its citizens. the festival marks the end of an extended autumn holiday and in the coming days south koreans will return to work and to their own going troubles but that's tomorrow bright al-jazeera so. lewis hamilton doing really rather well. thank you very much . peter mentioned how much and has taken a giant step or two was his fourth world title by winning the japanese gone pray it was a race that saw his main rival horizon rust and vettel take a major hit in his title hopes malik has more. lewis hamilton is closing in on the formula one world title after starting in poland the japanese grand prix he got off to a smooth start. the same couldn't be said for his main title rival sebastian vettel
4:48 pm
he lost places quickly reporting an engine failure looking forward to the german had to retire and that five leaving his once promising title challenge in tatters. with vettel out of the picture the red bull driver is down your cardio and next step and became hamilton's main threat the four time world champion vettel who is leading the championship as recently as august left to wonder what could have been . in the end hamilton held of the competition beating the step into second and ricardo into third it's the fourth win in japan for the briton to behind michael schumacher who has six. the mistake he's driving now has a fifty nine point lead over vettel with only four races left and he can secure the title by winning the next race for us to complete it vettel finishes lower than fourth today the rebels just seem to be rapid in the race.
4:49 pm
but still i was able to just hold him behind but it didn't go very close a couple times. britain's most successful olympic track and field athlete most far with fifteen on hand to support his countryman. has a fourth world title hamilton in the history books as his country's most successful f one driver of all time so i'll just. put one now in the netherlands have kept their slim hopes of reaching next year's world cup alive while just by. three one on saturday they face and near impossible task they need to be sweden so they trailed by three points up by seven goals in their final match to make the playoffs if they fail it marks a huge slump considering they finished third at the last world cup it was difficult game the good thing is that we winning one one three but we needed more goals we
4:50 pm
didn't do that. the other team as long as it stays one seems to be believing in a good result and after one one. became worse but it was a penalty and the three won so the only good thing tonight was to see one. of france are guaranteed a playoff spot at the very least after beating vogue area there's a two horse race set to finish top of group b. both switzerland and portugal one on saturday it with the swiss at three points ahead with one game to go with greece winning and bosnia has a goal well we know losing the greeks sit second in group h. and currently hold the pale. at the streets of san jose to celebrate off the costa rica secure their spot in the world cup the late equaliser from candle what's and gave them a one one draw against hunter this muzi two thousand and fourteen quarter finalist to mexico as the second team to qualify from the north central american and
4:51 pm
caribbean region. on i gerry i have become the first team to call five from africa and they sealed a close case of from group b. beating zambia one nil thanks to a goal from arsenal's alex it will be less good news for another of the continent's heavyweights gone and they were held up by uganda nil nil it means a win for egypt over congo later will guarantee the pharaoh's vocals as group winners. tennis a wall the bar off on a dime has just beaten nick to win his six title of the season at the china open but only a day after simona halep secured the number one ranking as she has lost in the final to caroline garcia garcia who also won last week's one open and defeated their armenian six four seven six at the front two and will now move into the top ten for the first time in her career. will officially say call her as the top of
4:52 pm
the new rankings are released on monday. to major league baseball now where the washington nationals have made a great comeback to beat the defending world series champions chicago cups and to tie the series at one all to tell us sanchez has more. things were looking bleak for washington in their home stadium on saturday somewhat similar to game one where they failed to score so most of the games the hosts child they were down three run until the eighth inning. the first sounds whether fortunes changed. twenty four year old bryce harper hit an impressive and crucial to run homer to tie the game. ryan zimmerman looks to have bounced back from an injury plagued twenty sixteen exposed.
4:53 pm
he added a three run home run moments later to lift the nationals to a six three comeback victory against the world series champions the series is now tied at one one. we lost a game they beat us we go home at one and one and we have time to and then jake coming up not bad really interesting series well played on both sides and i cannot be happier than i am with our guys right now. over in los angeles the dodgers hosted the arizona diamondbacks but not standard it's got off to a sluggish start to extract the data and that was the result it took the lead up until the fourth inning when the dodgers begun to make that comeback. they overturned the deficit to leap to game seven two in the fifth inning and they don't want to win it five the sanction is now hold a two nothing lead in the back to five national league division series everyone on
4:54 pm
our team contributed tonight. austin barnes a couple big hits and just the quality of it that you look at the fifth inning that we put on those guys and stressed and logan big and bad you know ya see us continue to shine these first two games and all up and down the line up but tonight it was the bottom part of the war that really picked us up big time tonight and they are now on the brink of advancing to the national league championship series for the second straight season tatyana contrary to their. own alternative the pittsburgh penguins stanley cup defense is back on track after they got the first win of the season beating the national prejudice or nail in a rematch of last year's final even to malkin opened the scoring for the defending champions off a sixty six second maryse top twenty six posting his six korea shutout. process during the american national anthem have spread to the n.h.l.
4:55 pm
top of a lightning for it j.t. brown raised his face to head of a game against the florida panthers the most thought of last season when n.f.l. player calling kaepernick now during the anthem. you protest against racial into this. and that for me peter simon talks later thank you now some of the biggest names in italian fashion are restoring ancient roman monuments to their former glory the government is turning to private businesses to help pay for the huge cost of renovating sites like the coliseum now after four years new areas of the building have been opened to the public needs parker went to take a look. it's a steep climb to the top of the coliseum commissioned by the emperor of a speccy and in the years seventy two for the past forty years the fourth and fifth levels have been locked away from view until now welcome to the ancient cheap seats that probably wouldn't offer the best view of the regular bloodbath down
4:56 pm
below but they do offer a sensational view of the city. the opening of the upper levels is the result of a four year epic restoration project the outside's also been strengthened and spray clean to remove generations of grime the cost a colossal thirty million dollars and there's still more work to do the sheer scale of rome's archaeological heritage poses a huge financial burden for the city and for the country the vast costs involved frequently exceed state budgets. ticket sales help but revenues don't go far enough that's where high end italian fashion comes to the rescue the coliseums renovation was largely paid for by the billionaire owner of todd's luxury footwear company. in follows a three million dollars renovation of one of rome's main tourist attractions the
4:57 pm
trevi fountain paid for by clothes company fendi. and the spanish steps restored last year with more than a million dollars from jury designer ball gary when we had to celebrate there were one hundred thirty new very three we wanted to create something really special for disney very serene and that's why we thought to pay tribute to the sea today where our founder and also created so much richness you know where. the financial helps largely welcomed by it's of these cash strapped government but there are some concerns about bigger tally and companies using the renovations as a branding exercise. there's a real risk of commercializing ancient monuments but the brands we chose last year were chosen carefully we haven't seen any signs of companies abusing their patronage. italians are intensely proud of their rich cultural heritage but preserving it comes at
4:58 pm
a huge cost that for now only italy's big businesses are able to cover. the. road. ok that was a broadcast that was will finish it where we started it live pictures coming to us out of barcelona one report saying three hundred fifty thousand people are on the streets for and against catalonia secession marianna hall is saying he may or may freeze the process where it is today. president wants to cut taxes but how will his. americans explain. the economic implications plus comic given what's behind the collapse of australia's history counting the cost at this time. four
4:59 pm
years japanese have gone into the country's lush force for what they call. or forced baby thirteen years ago dr lee was one of the first to conduct research on forest bathing he concluded that the essential oils the trees produce to protect themselves from germs and bugs can boost the human immune system. a lot of financial side or essential oil is found in the forests my research has shown that forest trying to size reduces stress hormones. in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe the forest of medicine. optimism has faded. khan's elected leaders are divided. attention grows as fear is that a crackdown is imminent the targets the activists who forward for democracy dividing. five of the six part series filmed of
5:00 pm
a five years. china's democracy experiment at this time on al-jazeera. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al jazeera. former al qaeda linked fighters promised a battle to the death against syrian rebels backed by turkey.


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