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tv   The Listening Post 2017 Ep 36  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2017 5:32pm-6:00pm AST

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for that there is an atmosphere of hostility towards those who disagree with the idea of independence seven people have died in a gas tanker explosion in the gun a in the capital accra forty others were injured the explosion triggered a second blast they happen near a transport terminal and close to hospitals for university students the army in the democratic republic of congo say rebel fighters and boast of boston attack villages it's unclear how many were killed the fighting is continuing in the beni territory in the province of north kivu security forces blame the attack on ugandan rebels called the allied democratic forces or a.t.f. . campaigning has now ended ahead of liberia's presidential election on tuesday twenty candidates are in the running to succeed africa's first elected female president ellen johnson sirleaf they include the vice president a businessman and a former world football of the year. more than one hundred thousand homes are without power in the u.s. states of mississippi and alabama tropical storm nate moves inland from the u.s.
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gulf coast nate was downgraded from a hurry can shortly after making its second u.s. landfall in mississippi it killed at least thirty people in central america those are the headlines the news continues after the listening post. by. an indian mining company is heading to australia to build one of the world's biggest mines will it be an economic but now or an ecological disaster. at this time and how does it. go down but always a referendum. on the. point. of your at the listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week catalonia you know the journalism is problematic when some of
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the journalists want their own bosses fired vietnam where many bloggers are challenging the state controlled news narrative and are paying the price indian journalists taking on nationalist voices say they're getting cease and desist death threats via whatsapp fight this violence something lies and america's biggest pro-gun lobby group doing its thing online. we're taking a second crack this week at the politicized polarized coverage coming out of spain in the aftermath of the independence referendum in catalonia hundreds of would be voters were left injured in a brutal police response to an electoral process the spanish government called unconstitutional that provoked another round of largely partisan coverage the tone and content of which depended on the news source whether the report was coming from outlets based in the dread or barcelona journalists at the madrid based national broadcaster t.v.
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or calling out their own bosses for one sided reporting on the catalonian side the coverage on the publicly funded t.v. three was similarly biased the rival channels do have one thing in common the way they're run a legal change made five years ago allows both governments to directly appoint the heads of their publicly owned t.v. channels politicians may like that but the resulting journalism leaves much to be desired our starting point this week once again is the catalonian capital barcelona . one assessing journalism it's not just what you see it's what you don't see open and shut case in point catalonian television and international news outlets all led with images of police battling and in some cases bloodying people trying to vote in barcelona madrid stayed on t.v. we started with this. did not want to stop it but i think there will be another.
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channel showed what looked like a stand on skirmishes nothing more police breaking a door down carting away ballot boxes not swinging their baton zz at people and the first voice spaniards heard apart from the anchor do own a t.v. was an official one from madrid. but offended. me and. yet it does unemployment in november they are t.v. began with the political side of the story comments from the deputy prime minister instead of starting with the events and got the loan they all took the natural order of this new story this signed greater importance to the government in madrid even though the story was about the lonely and it's a constant subversion is the celestial but. they could not follow every detail of t.v. coverage however i did see a spanish policeman helping a man with his son having seen him this i don't buy and i don't know whether this
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is the oldest it's great that the police are considerate with children but to elevate one single story into a heroic act on a day when almost nine hundred people were injured could be seen as a bit unbalanced this. journalists tend to be skeptical creatures so newsrooms can be hotbeds of discontent but you will seldom see a revolt as public as the want to t.v. . the hash tag says very go enza spanish for shame t.v. employees in madrid waved those signs at their senior producers who issue editorial orders and who remained in their seats. as a protest for any thought or course of the protest was not organized it was spontaneous it made absolutely clear to the management that we do not condone this behavior we feel ashamed we are seeing things of the channels state television
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which should be the first to tell the public what is happening actually relinquished that obligation together they have chosen not to report on an extremely serious matter one of the biggest constitutional crises of recent years that's why we are calling for the resignation of the head of news so many muslims and. which brings us to how t.v. head of news. got the job up until two thousand and twelve if the spanish government wanted to appoint a new director of t.v. it require the consent of two thirds of parliament a rule meant to ensure a consensual approach in the running of public broadcasting in spain the government of prime minister mariano it off or as popular party changed that reverting back to the days when the government could make that appointment unilaterally and stack the journalistic back in its face. another million settlers fully resourced politicians should not be able to appoint the directors of public television. they should be
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chosen by an independent professional body which rewards professionalism not their willingness to follow a particular political agenda t.v. is acting as press officer for the government in madrid and t.v. three is acting as a press officer for the catalonian a government that had been sent there. well we have all of the legs in that. because that rule change did not just the fact madrid and the way t.v. he was run it also allowed the regional government in barcelona to appoint its own man to run t.v. three the publicly funded broadcaster in catalonia t.v. three and its sister news channel three twenty four have a clear pro independence bytes reflecting the position of catalonian president call a speech tomorrow three twenty four is not above taking the story from referendum day and decorating it with a rousing soundtrack taking dramatic license mellow dramatic license with the.
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absolute value response that i think. professionally that. if that. you believe in a sort of another. profession and even more than. when put to money came to my work interest in january two thousand and sixteen one of his friends and i actually former miss new partner was appointed director of the catalan brain this year actually. very pro in the pen then movement journalist with us and just west point very rector of. the current director of the t.v. he was the chief information officer of. the thailand but the the popular
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meaning that he has a clear political profile. and the consequence is what we have no idea. if you look at the government in madrid made a mistake putting the party faithful in charge of the state broadcaster it wasn't just that they were jeopardizing a basic civil right they were compromising a public service. it's a service that belongs to the people that is paid for by the people. many of the staff for t.v. have complained about the polarization of the news and their loss of audience it shows that people have noticed what is happening there and the vacuum left by t.v. is being filled by lost dollars that i don't understand the last sixteen. is a privately owned center left channel that launched just over a decade ago and has seen its audience share explode from six percent to twenty five percent compared to t.v. and t.v. three its approach to this story has been much more balanced. they have tried to be
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what they see there to be neutral or balanced and they've got attacks by the most independent. i'm. going to vote. but also by the most conservative sectors of our society of particular interest is that position will fall very powerful arms to the press and there and then you go to the center but i mean. you're not one of the law. was that a good idea he doesn't share of the independent this nor devastation of. the government of madrid and he's been accused by both sides of being. precise. one final point on t.v. for the second straight week we contacted spain's publicly funded broadcaster to give it a chance to respond to its critics once again it declined for all intents and
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purposes t.v. is saying of its coverage no comment the way a politician. can from where the body of the future of journalism at least in spain is coming to an end we've reached the stage where journalists are soldiers. fighting in the trenches working for a particular course when reporting the news journalists should be stateless they shouldn't raise any specific flag they should actually raise all of them and be at the service of all of them not just one set of the that the us national or. other media stories that are on our radar this week stop us if you've heard this one before from facebook we're working to fix this issue and deeply regret the confusion this caused or this from google will continue to make algorithmic
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improvements to prevent this from happening both companies had some explaining to do after torrents of misinformation on that mass shooting in las vegas ricocheted across the web the fake news included details of the shooter's identity his political leanings and even what news channels he supposedly favored facebook users were sharing the tiriel from sites that any facebook editor in the us would know are bogus including the notorious gateway pundit as well as the ultra right anonymous image board for a chat and for chance output was also turning up in google searches facebook and google are under increasing scrutiny in the u.s. over their handling of political advertisements and bogus news during last year's presidential election campaign one of turkey's leading journalists now living in exile has had an interesting couple of weeks one development could see him extradited back to turkey where he's wanted by the authorities the other could land him a nobel peace prize on september twenty eighth turkish prosecutors urged the government
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in an korea to issue an arrest warrant through interpol for jan doing the former editor in chief of the newspaper jim hood who is now living in germany prosecutors' accused of spreading propaganda for the outlawed p k k the kurdistan workers party in a speech he made last year due in daraa. said pro-government journalists were colluding with the state by supporting military operations in kurdish areas in southern turkey the story of a possible extradition came one day after doing daryn the newspaper who worked for were shortlisted for this year's nobel peace prize in india at least a half dozen journalists say they are at risk after being subjected to death threats delivered to them on the whatsapp messaging service deeksha sharma a reporter for the quint news website says she received multiple messages threatening her with rape and murder after she had written an article in which she urged you tube to take down a rap video that had gone viral one that normalizes raped five others journalists
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at the hindu newspaper and the t.v. and first post all say they received similar messages from unidentified senders one threat written in hindi referred specifically to a journalist murdered last month after she wrote extensively on the rise of hindu nationalism under the government of prime minister narendra modi why was gordie lang cash killed the message asked because she was a journalist she was anti nationalist and anti hindu if anyone dares to write anything against modi or his party they will not be spared they will be eliminated according to a recently published book the ruling b j p party has created an online army of trolls known as yod ha's warriors who target critical reporting against the modi government many of those troll accounts are followed by modi himself for which the prime minister has been roundly criticized southeast asia is a region rich for media watchers this week we're looking at vietnam ever since the reunification of north and south back in one thousand nine hundred eighty five the
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ruling communists of let a one party state and control over the media is near absolute but vietnam's bloggers have been putting that control to the test challenging mainstream media outlets pushing them to cover topics and issues the party has declared off limits blogs messaging apps and facebook all carry stories. would otherwise have gone on told and with seventy percent of the population now online the bloggers are finding a ready made audience they've also attracted the attention and the ire of the authorities facing a mix of old laws and new ones intimidation and close trials many have been disciplined silenced or put away last year alone eighteen bloggers and activists were jailed for listening post mean actually ravi now in the supine state of vietnam's mainstream news media and the government's attempts to silence the country's block. cuba china north korea vietnam the four surviving one party communist states in the
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world the vietnamese media landscape is both similar to and distinct from those of its coming his contemporaries on one hand there are numerous privately owned media outlets in vietnam on the other hand however the constitution mandates that all media be strictly controlled by the state the guardians of ownership to quote meet the people's demand for information serving the course of construction and defense of the fatherland. so how does the state control the media actually there is no pre-publication censorship rather we have a model of self-censorship the editors in chief of all media outlets are members of the communist party and are appointed by the state governing body they are responsible for content control the ministry of information and communications does give directions on what news should be delivered and how but these are not rigid directions and sometimes media agencies can negotiate with the state. because
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mainstream media in vietnam is monopolized by the state independent bloggers play a very important role they have in recent years push the boundaries of press freedom and ways it would just not be allowed by the state it has in the long. actually pushed the mainstream media to at least look into directions that they hadn't looked before. one such news story broke just over a year ago in april two thousand and sixteen a toxic waste spill that polluted a long stretch of vietnam suppose. the story was particularly problematic for the government in hanoi the spill had been caused by a taiwanese steel plant that had been set up as part of a rapid industrial development which one that many had warned was coming at huge environmental and human cost it took a month of bloggers covering fish deaths and protests in the region before mainstream media picked up the news. digest got no deal yet probably got the job
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on it back over the past decade vietnam has seen a dramatic increase in numbers of internet users more than half of the country's ninety million people are online many are accessing the web through their phones and one in three vietnamese is on facebook. political blogging however is a dangerous activity. and one high was among the first bloggers in vietnam he taught under the name and soon after he began posting political content he came under official scrutiny after threats intimidation a show trial and six years in jail he was eventually expelled and now lives in exile in the united states. i started blogging around two thousand and six posting photos of my trips across vietnam during my travels i thought of poverty corruption and how local officials abused their power so on my blog i shared some of my political views with my friends we discussed topics relevant to our country's
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problems we also started discussing the idea of using blogs for journalism as one of how to break the centralization of power in the state press. and energized a growing legion of bloggers indeed we spoke with one of them via whatsapp we have not used her name here out of concern for her safety she spoke to us about the impact we and had on her and other bloggers. and was very brave. and. he was first arrested on trumped up tax evasion charges in two thousand and eight and held for four years and right when he was going to be released they threw new charges and the state charges at him and while in prison he
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suffered extraordinary abuses now that he's been released has been able to relate just exactly how political prisoners are treated in vietnam and it's it's among the most abysmal in the region. the latest figures for bloggers behind bars comes from a two thousand and fifteen. study produced by the washington based national endowment for democracy it lists eighteen bloggers and online activists in jail they include human rights blogger tran who and we took sentence for sixteen years on charges of conducting propaganda against the state also on the list who is really and human whose blog sam who is one of the most popular in the country with several million followers he has been in prison since two thousand and thirteen without trial since that two thousand and fifteen study other bloggers have been imprisoned not you coin wrote on social issues and was among those to write about last year's toxic waste spill she was arrested eight months ago accused of propagandizing against the
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state and now awaits a trial the authorities are yet to set a date for and just two months ago another two bloggers hongbin and two enough were also arrested. nuns laws governing online media are numerous and vague control of the internet is tight with access to many websites blocked behind what has come to be known as the bamboo firewall online content is closely monitored for postings on readline topics. the valid i get to boot topics are actually not that obvious it depends on the timing and perceived impact of the topics for example back in two thousand and twelve a farmer shot and injured six policemen who had come to a victim from his land surprisingly many mainstream outlets covered the incident they even supported the farmer look at the media do that well it makes me think the authorities have a certain flexibility if they think the media dialogue can help promote issues of governance of course i do see other cases for instance collective land disputes
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which could spark big protests against the government in those cases the media would be much more reserved and i think that and you have a. sensitive issues according to the state include the treatment of detainees by plates for example when police beat people to death in police station if dories would be absolutely perhaps it also cases of coersion when the state is taking land from farmers and they protect such information could only reach the people through bloggers willing to write about such matters and. many of vietnam's bloggers now write on facebook and the authorities have followed them there the government speeches access to the social media site on and off at will in may this year facebook's head of global policy management met with vietnam's minister of information and communications bench an agreement for facebook to coordinate with vietnamese officials to limit quote illegal and offensive material for vietnam's bloggers the net is tightening the problem is that
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as independent bloggers have gained prominence the state has struck back and increasingly where you probably had a much more vigorous blogging environment by two thousand and nine two thousand and ten when the authorities were still a bit slow on the uptake over the last six or seven years right there's been this vigorous campaign to harass to surveil and in instances jay. some of these independent voices let's you but what if you're like your political junkie thank you for the same very interesting film a few i mean if. they feel. you have. to say what you want to thank you i feel like also you can feel it but actually i do but i think the police station and you have to ask that question they get to give. you the but. i did ask you. if your facebook account. which they were betting did we
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learn many things about your life your family life your. life your business and they were trying to find some way to let you. finally that dreadful shooting in las vegas this past week the left roughly sixty people dead and another five hundred injured it's the kind of story that drives the u.s. gun control debate to the top of the news agenda for a few days at least and silences again temporarily the powerful pro firearms lobby group the national rifle association at times like this the n.r.a. tends to lie low to let the media storm pass we're ending our program with an example of what the n.r.a. usually does on behalf of american gun owners and online video posted four months ago that's basically a call to arms we're going to cut the ad with a few comments disarming ones from people who aren't buying what the n.r.a.
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is selling we'll see you next time you're at the listening. they use their media to assassinate real news they use their schools to teach children that their president is another hitler they use their movie stars and singers and comedy shows and award shows to repeat their narrative over and over again. and then they use their ex president to endorse the resistance all to make them march make them protest make them scream racism and sexism and seen a phobia and homophobia and. just smash windows burn cars shut down interstates and airports bully and terrorize the law abiding until the only option left is for the police to do their jobs and stop the madness.
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and when that happens they'll use it as an excuse for their outrage the only way we stop this the only way we save our country and our freedom is to fight this violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth. to. the nature of news as it breaks recall pentagon way. of our quick to
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destroy during the hurricane with detailed coverage this is what you mean when you go to find a raid by the nigerian army hundreds like these have been just for in the past few months from around the world there are also hundreds of thousands of arabs that have arrived here in recent years fleeing the eyesore they feel very let down by the baghdad government. facing realities your president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent audit that audit hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt. here the story. on talk to al-jazeera at this time. zero. where ever you. might provoke a tape or is it
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a listen when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that u.k. has to address or if you join us on sat i'm a member of the ku klux klan but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.


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