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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2017 8:00pm-8:34pm AST

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we're able to bring a different perspective to global that. when you peel away. the military and the financial dog and you see the people in those policies are affecting. the emotional face of the situation they're living in. and identify with the story. on counting us billionaire president donald trump wants to cut taxes but how will his plan impact ordinary americans plain versus catalonia the economic implications comma given what's behind the collapse of the auto industry counting the cost at this time on a. unity
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not separation tens of thousands of people rally in barcelona they say they don't want catalonia to split from spain. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program turkey flexes its military might along the border with syria as part of an operation to rid the province of al qaeda linked fighters safety standards under the spotlight in ghana after a massive gas explosion killed seven people and injure is that dozens more blasts campaigning over it's time for the voters to decide who will be the leader of africa's old the street public. they're calling themselves the silent majority and they've been out in force in barcelona their message they want catalonia to stay part of spain hundreds of
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thousands of people traveled from all over the country to make their call for unity exactly one week after catalonia as a session vote the referendum has plunged spain into a political crisis and as john a whole reports both sides are only hardening their positions. has seen plenty of huge demonstrations but not like this one will see red light yellow the cleveland city and flying alongside the spanish national flag region gripped by calls for independence this is a highly unusual show of national unity. some have come from other parts of spain but most are from catalonia itself tony rolled down his accomplice and politician opposed to independence we have me proud the best to be here the first very young days. of the last forty years in a city because he was when it was over and we have money is to build the framework
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that works for everyone i think that the future belongs to you know i just think that we need to move to better transnational brain which will govern ourselves in the world the body vision doesn't make sense the world but they call themselves the silent majority was their son or representative has the right choices have not been a good while silent noble and surely this was. what was behind one moment described an atmosphere of hostility towards those who disagree with the push for independence day it's like oh i was my spanish and that was what i. that there was i. had a right to bite the hand that my. morning practice. and given the opportunity to speak out many embraced it eagerly tired of being to
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my dirty deeds and the people to say that we're not we're the majority because the union has a force and come on he's common sense independent schools in this region with its distinct culture and language a centuries old but the stakes of never been higher in madrid prime minister mariano rajoy warns he may use a spare. powers to revoke catalonians autonomy the regional government meanwhile is considering a unilateral declaration of independence in the weeks to come but who will follow them not these people who seem to have found their voices i don't know how al-jazeera pass alone on alliance led by former al qaeda linked fighters is promising a fierce battle against those who enter its territory in syria's province. released the statement after the free syrian army or the f.s.a. crossed into the area from turkey on saturday they're being backed by turkish
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soldiers reports. near the turkish syrian border. turkish artillery shelling heya to hit a sham positions inside syria the former al qaeda affiliated group controlled most of province and this border area is the focal point of what turkish authorities refer to as a serious campaign. and the free syrian army is sending reinforcements to that i had. the starting point for the new cross border campaign. but which has thousands of fighters is vowing to fight to the death news of the new campaign is raising concerns for civilians in there if the turkish army enters back by russian planes they have committed a massacre a few days ago in our midst that is for sure and acceptable to me and to any muslim
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who rejects the presence of those in our country. the russians are the first and last anomie of the syrian people are backing bashar al assad how can they be supporting the syrian people. the new push by turkey comes after an agreement with russia and iran last month to set up a deescalation zone in. the turkish army will be operating in the city while the russians will be deployed outside of the province it is one of four deescalation zones the others are the asker's of the capital damascus or the border with jordan a lot of parts of homes. what established after iran russia and turkey decided to set aside their differences and find a permanent solution to the syrian conflict. the new operation could be part of a broader deal between russia turkey and iran but we don't know who would run one
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state at the hague a sham quietus victor from the promise and what will become of moderate opposition factions and the thousands of civilians living in the area. the army and democratic republic of congo says rebel fighters of ambushed a bus and attacked the villages in the country's east it's unclear how many have been killed in the fighting which took place in the beni territory in north kivu province security forces blame the attack on ugandan rebels called the ally the democratic forces or the a.d.f. well al jazeera is malcolm webb joins us live now from vienna that's in the best of the country. give a little bit of an overview tell us a little bit more about what's actually happening on the ground. we heard of the fighting is still going on right now but this started yesterday afternoon
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saturday afternoon when the attackers the rebels ambushed a bus reportedly can really killing civilians inside it as well as wishing several other road users and killing them a local m.p. said that he thought at least thirty people have been killed and the mayor of benny said eyewitnesses who the skate survivors it escaped from the violence said they saw these attackers killing civilians with machetes after ambushing road users the army spokesman told us that they'd attacked four military posts in the army had been engaged with a fight in a fight with them ever since right up until now and just remind us a little bit or tell us more about the allied democratic forces the a.d.f. why they exactly. they were all you've got the rebel group who were defeated by the ugandan government in the ninety nine season and then at that point fled to eastern congo and been holed up in the eastern congo ever since
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but in twenty fourteen they suffered a major defeat by the congolese army the army since then blame them for a series of massacres that have happened around the town of burnie about seven hundred people have been killed since twenty four seeing typically in attacks that happen at night villages a killed civilians are killed and then the attackers disappear the army says that this is the idea that rights groups and researches dispute that they say it's not the i.d.f. that the attackers come from a mixture of different places villages say they speak sometimes congolese languages or even languages from neighboring uganda and rwanda and some people allege that there are actually factions of the army involved but that's something that the army denies and malcolm of course it was meant to be an election in the r.c.f. think last year we got postponed for a variety of reasons how is that connected to the violence that we're seeing now. whichever conflict across congo seem to have got worse since that preselection
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presidential election was meant to happen in december the government said it couldn't afford to run an election didn't have the resources that opposition say president joseph kabila is simply trying to stay in power on the end of his second constitutional term something he hasn't spoken about and self in the electoral commission say they're trying to organize an election maybe for later this year possibly the following year but there are a number of people that we speak to here think that there are people that don't want the election to happen actually benefit from an increased state of conflict in congress or the motive among certain groups or factions to china escalate these conflicts at the moment the international community has expressed concern that not having elections could bring congo back to the kind of level of conflict that was seen here in the late one nine hundred ninety eight in the early two thousand when several neighboring countries were also involved and there was what was called africa's world war there though the concern is that without any democratic process
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that kind of violence could return which would of course be a tragedy malcolm web with the latest from all of us thank you. now ghana's government has pledged to improve safety standards in the country's energy sector after an explosion killed seven people in the capital it happened after a fuel tanker caught fire at a gas station in accra reports. the fire burned for nearly twelve hours in ghana's capital accra workers were offloading a tanker of liquefied petroleum gas when there was an explosion the gas storage depos just meters from a fuel station which also caught fire. too hot to become the blast was felt kilometers away causing panic and confusion students in a nearby school and university hospitals were all evacuated people in the immediate area just. everybody. everybody.
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and we had. i could you see it in what i saw was a huge fire everything was yellow writes me so it's all very huge so i run back to legoland the emergency services were quick to cordon off the area controlling the crowds of onlookers many of whom have been there for hours still an unknown amount of gas in this time so the fire service is slowly releasing what's left just to avoid any possible further explosions now this latest incident has once again raised questions about the nature of gas and fuel distribution in this country according to go on as energy minister there have been eight such incidents in the past three years including one in twenty fifteen which killed more than ninety people when a fuel station court fire proposals on the table. to the safety. of
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the country name of safety. and make sure the stations maintain the. proposals to make sure that there is a gasoline die resection rather than tankers coming in. heavily populated people say they're tired of all the talk and want action not just from the political leaders but also from those involved in the industry i'm of watching al-jazeera across. still ahead on the program. i'm not reporting from. the children. in the democratic republic of congo children i'll tell you how some of them are trying to survive in a new country. and the loss will tell you how political frustration has turned into an artistic expression in south korea.
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i was still seeing some showers moving across turkey at the moment little area driving across the black sea that will produce a little bit of wet weather for turkey and will make its way into eastern parts as we go through monday was just knocking over towards the caspian sea as we head on into tuesday becoming a little more extensive once again but for much of the middle east it's dry fine and sunny warm sunshine coming through hot sunshine at thirty six ounces and hotter still here in doha with a high of around thirty eight degrees i would add he gets up to thirty six the shine for many that a bit of cloud around the gulf of aden shouldn't be too bad so want to light showers just cropping up here meanwhile we're looking at heavy showers for eastern parts of south africa over the next little area cloud here making its way through the eastern cape another one drives through as we go on through monday really heavy
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rain across the eastern side of south africa we're also seeing some rather wet weather the choose day that rain really gathering and there's the possibility of some localized flooding but the seasonal rains well they're making their way further south was across the democratic republic of congo central africa has a chance of one of two showers there into kenya and the issue of. the possibility area.
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and a reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera hundreds of thousands of people have taken part in a rally in barcelona against independence from spain an alliance led by former al qaeda linked fighters is promising a fierce battle against those who enter its territory and syria's leave the province and rebel fighters have ambushed a bus and attacked villages in eastern democratic republic of congo a local mayor says at least twenty two people are missing.
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the u.n. has brought in huge doses of a color a vaccine to stop a looming health crisis in bangladesh hundreds of thousands of refugees are taking shelter in cox's bazar which is. border with me and mine and they're fleeing violence in myanmar's northern rakhine state aid officials say camps are getting too crowded putting thousands at risk of disease. the. nine point six million square meters of space which is equivalent to eight hundred eighty nine football stadiums if we can put it in that way so this is huge and all these people are crowded down there they lack facilities there is dire situation there is shortage of water and the instructors of like toilet facilities and everything so based on our experiences that we have seen in the past in other such crises moments that when people are conscious tidiness such a place there is always this fisk of having cholera outbreak on me and my eyes
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military forces have been accused of carrying out atrocities against range of muslims the un has warned me and its actions amount to s. think cleansing but the government denies that charge al-jazeera is mohammad just june reports from a makeshift refugee camp in bangladesh where he's met one young man who survived an attack by the army. despite the relief his family tries to provide eighteen year old or hindu refugee mohammed is still haunted for a while his mother and siblings try to give him a brief respite from the extreme heat and humidity but no matter how much medicine is given or the number of bandages applied his scars both physical and psychological will remain. they took us out from our home and tied our hands behind our backs they pulled us along the roads and kicked as they pulled us through the village through the jungle and took us to join another group of people they made as lie down on top of one another mohammad all
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says when soldiers from me and mars army began shooting at them he was hit twice in the back. at first he pretended to be dead but then again when i opened my eyes to see if they'd left a note when i opened my eyes they saw me and shot me here two of his brothers were killed in the army's attack on mano a village in rakhine state on august twenty seventh mohammed was convinced he also would not survive a mood in the clinton who i thought i would die so i prayed i thought to myself i'm not going to see my relatives anymore mohamed tools brother sure if i was desperate to get him some help they're going to doctors but they're not doctors we couldn't find any doctor there was military everywhere so i couldn't go to the pharmacy and get him any medicine people were telling me i should go break down the door of the pharmacy and bring him medicine but i couldn't go there because of the military i'm sure if tells us that in addition to his two brothers who were killed dozens more of his relatives were also executed during the attack
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a recent report by human rights watch included interviews with witnesses and survivors who told the organization that me and morris military didn't just carry out mass killings that day but that they also sexually assaulted stabbed and beat villagers who were gathering for safety in a residential compound and while the un has called the actions of man mars military a textbook example of ethnic cleansing man or his government has categorically denied carrying out any atrocities against the rangers. or muhammad tools heartbroken mother there is no time to dwell on the past taking care of her family even in conditions as miserable as these is her priority as a living i didn't know when i see my son's wings i don't feel like going back to my village also i set fire to our home they said if i ever where we saw that and we had no choice but to leave they may have been able to leave the violence behind but for mohammed will it's clear the horror of what he lived through will never really
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go away. at the tank ali refugee camp in cox's bazaar bangladesh more than three thousand refugees of crossed from the deer see into zambia in the past month that's the largest influx in five years almost two thirds of them are children some are crossing the border alone and arriving with signs of trauma and long attrition head on with us every ports now from compound on zambia's border with the r.c. one. and his brother are making a door with a new home it's a temporary structure at a refugee transit center in zambia the teenagers walk for weeks from democratic republic of congo where security forces are fighting different militia groups they say some adults try to discourage them from making a dangerous journey but they kept on moving. my parents were both killed when the village was the only thing i could do was run and leave the
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country i was told. bad people won't fall in love i walked for a long time and missed my parents but at least i'm alive and safe in zambia the united nations refugee agency says sixty percent of refugees crossing into zambia are children dozens making the journey alone others come with relatives because they got separated from their parents during the conflict to have children who have fled because they have lost their parents and they have experienced the killing of their parents and you have children who come here because they came home to empty homes and then you have children who came here and telling us the story for street treatments for adoption u.n. officials say on average between sixty and one hundred people are coming to get every day this group has just arrived the women say they couldn't leave the unaccompanied children behind to die or get updated by the militia the d r c a border is only a few meters away children who come alone sometimes waits in neighboring villages
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hoping their parents they can wait for days they can wait for weeks sometimes they never hear from their families again the refugees trying to center in chile is filling up fast there are nearly four thousand registered refugees the minutes here in the needs are huge aid workers say unaccompanied or separated children need to be placed in foster homes many are traumatized others show signs of my nutrition these kids are waiting for their mother to join them they crossed the border together but their mother was rushed to hospital because she's about to give birth she told them she will come and find them but they don't know how long that could take for now they are alone in a new country. al-jazeera compound zambia. liberians will elect a new parliament and president on tuesday twenty candidates are seeking to replace africa's first female head of state ellen johnson sirleaf the contenders include the vice president an ex warlord and the former world footballer of the year after
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the address reports from liberia's capital monrovia. candidates for liberia's presidential and parliamentary elections zine a last minute effort to win over voters their range from the flamboyant to the everyday person one thing they have in common though is that they stand on issues look and sound the same and this is forcing many voters to narrow their choices down to all the allegiances of tribal region and personality. facts of the population not. candidates with developmental. programs or with platforms many political observers believe that voters are not asking the right questions which is really tragedy.
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corney is a product of the country's broken education system. she and her neighbor take turns teaching their children the little the know. the literacy rate is about thirty percent. some kind it is a better life for liberians from poverty reduction to education and providing infrastructure one thing that seem to have worked well so far is a campaigning. only to record itself. from. the election commission is confident of successful elections that could lead to
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a transition from one democratic government to another for the first time in more than forty as. one of the challenges we had of course were. part of our country difficult to reach because. we were blessed to have the all male the graciously agreed to provide air support transport. a presidential aspirant needs to win more than fifty percent of the vote the runoff for legislators though a simple majority will do. what drove you. the u.n. secretary general has told al jazeera that caribbean islands battered by hurricanes are the victims of climate change and tanika carriage travel to barb you there and keith and dominica to see the devastation caused by hurricanes irma and maria ninety five percent of infrastructure in barbuda load was damaged and with tara
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said minutes he's never seen that level of destruction before the reason of my visit to. munich is exactly to raise awareness to put pressure on international community for a stronger humanitarian aid now and also for a stronger aid in relation to the reconstruction and the building resilience in the islands of the caribbean as we manage in that in the next few years seems will get worse than worst the world bank is promoting. meeting in the context of their annual meeting and i urge the international community to fully support these caribbean states they are small islands they are sometimes completely destroyed they are pressing five many of them as middle income countries they have no access to grants or to soft loans this needs to be revisited and i think it's essential for the international community to be able to help these states allowing them to reconstruct and overcoming the enormous difficulties that they face not only
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because of the natural disasters but because of the i levels of depth that they already had before they need international solidarity they have not contributed to climate change but they are the first victims of these dramatic impacts of climate change. japan's major political parties have taken part in the live t.v. debate ahead of snap elections in two weeks the candidates discuss the crisis in north korea and prime minister shinzo are best says his government supports the u.s. stance with all options on the table tokyo's a popular governor. who launched her party a week ago criticised economic policies and pledged to phase out nuclear power by twenty thirty. well there's a festive mood in south korea's capital seoul nearly a year after it was at the center of mass protests leading to the president's downfall rob mcbride reports on what exactly it is that's cheering people up. the
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people of taken the streets once more all this time even a little. people like tech who was a protest a real year ago now a street performer. parenting the new item all different types of people were gathered here especially the young in felt like a revolution taking place. the protest was sparked by corruption allegations against then president park in hay that eventually led to her downfall it's almost three years since the scandal broke bringing out people onto the streets both for and against the party and hate and as her impeachment proceeded so the struggle between them became ever more bitter and divisive. at its height hundreds of thousands took part in candlelit vigil as as the country teetered on the verge of chaos that south korea's democracy was strong enough to survive it is reason enough
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to celebrate a variety of street art performances and happenings from the amusing. to the confusing. but with the goal of trying to help heal a bruise society drawing on the experience. it's natural their freedom and human rights should feed into our we hope that through this bestival we can restore a sense that we are not strangers but all want unity economic problems and the lurking danger of a conflict over north korea persist but this offers a welcome break. the atmosphere so lively with so much happening. since the protests last year has become more open for its citizens. the festival marks the end of an extended autumn holiday and in the coming days south koreans will return to work and to their own going troubles but that's tomorrow bride
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al-jazeera sold. now a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera hundreds of thousands of people waving spanish and catalan flags have rallied in barcelona against independence from spain it's been a week since a referendum cattle answer session triggered a political standoff spain's prime minister mariano rajoy is hardening his position he's ruled out mediation and says he's prepared to suspend the catalonians autonomous status if independence is declared. we have to return to legality in the keys to do so quickly and go back to normal have the absolute reassurance that the government will prevent any declaration of independence from turning into something spain will continue to be spain it will continue being spain for
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a long time. an alliance led by former al qaeda linked fighters is promising a fierce battle against those who enter its territory in syria's province that here i'll show released a statement after the free syrian army or the f.s.a. crossed into the area from turkey on saturday as part of an operation to take the province the f.s.a. is being backed by turkish soldiers gunners government has pledged to improve safety standards in the country's energy sector after an explosion killed seven people in the capital it happened after a fuel tanker court fire at a gas station in accra. the army in the democratic republic of congo says rebel fighters have ambushed a bus and attacked villages in north kivu a local mayor says at least twenty two people are missing security forces blamed the attack on ugandan rebels called the ally the democratic forces or a.d.f. . the un has brought in huge doses of
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a color of vaccine to stop. bangladesh hundreds of thousands of for him to refugees are taking shelter in cox's bazar close to the border with me and mark they're fleeing violence in myanmar as a northern rakhine state aid official say camps are getting too crowded thousands are at risk of disease that sit inside story next the news hour after that but i. took assurance on the border with syria and for supporting what is a serious military operation against my own kind of fighters but could this be the beginning of more directly into the war and what will be the cost of inside story.


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