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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 9, 2017 2:00am-3:01am AST

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but then it began to expand into al-jazeera well meets the growing chinese community in egypt egypt made in china at this time. in the haunch of the amazon the believe in family is putting mines in peril to harvest brazil not. catching the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge. risky new tool. at this time on al jazeera. this is al jazeera.
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hello i'm rob matheson and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the rising tensions the u.s. says it will stop handing out short term visas to visitors from turkey now turkey says it will do the same thing to the u.s. . another boat tragedy involving will hinge or refugees fleeing me and mark two people are dead several others missing. finding their voice catalonia as the silent majority speak out against a break from spain. remembering memorials across latin america fifty years after the death of a revolutionary i call. that we begin this news hour with a rapidly escalating diplomatic dispute between turkey and the u.s.
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in the last few hours has said it won't process visas for u.s. citizens who want to travel from the u.s. . to turkey the only ones it will hand out will be for people who want to move to turkey permanently it's come shortly after the u.s. made a similar announcement about some u.s. visas for turks a few days ago a u.s. consulate employee was arrested in istanbul they've been charged with having links to businessman for till the golan the government blames golan for last year's failed coup ok for more we can speak to diane estabrook in washington d.c. diane give us some of the background to what's been happening. well as you mentioned that this has been going on it's really been escalating over the past few days this started as you mentioned after this employee who worked for the consulate was arrested supposedly for having ties to this cleric who's been living here in the united states for about twenty years and there's been pressure on the u.s.
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to extradite google and the problem is that it's not all that simple if the u.s. were to extradite him he could potentially challenge this in court now this u.s. consulate employee isn't the only person who's been arrested and detained in turkey there are about a dozen other americans who have been arrested as well one include is a nasa scientist another is a christian missionary vice president mike pence and secretary of state rex tillerson have been trying to negotiate the release of the the missionaries but have not been successful to date so now we've seen this is a consulate employer arrested and then this diplomatic to for tat over these visas so it's a sticky situation and not quite sure when this might all be resolved dive and i think for a much indeed. well tensions have been brewing between the u.s. and turkey ever since the attempt to overthrow president of egypt in july twenty
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sixth seen turkey's been trying to force its nato ally to extradite to google and ankara as arrested about a dozen american nationals for alleged links to the golan movement as part of a crackdown against plotters several attempts by washington to seek the release of its citizens have failed more than fifty thousand people have been jailed one hundred fifty thousand have been sacked from their jobs in turkey since that botched coup which killed two hundred and forty nine people. and is chief editor of washington hati it's an english turkish news portal and he's joining us now from washington d.c. thank you very much indeed for your time is this particularly focused on fatah or golan or other wider issues at stake here. if it will likely learn is an important factor and turkey has been asking for his extra dition but there are other issues for example there is an iranian turkish businessman results are up has
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been arrested for about eighteen months. when he arrived in miami and he basically for a few years created this mechanism to weight iranian sanctions but he also had very close ties with the misurata donz government at the time and the recent indictment of also accused one of mr ira dance cause confidante former minister so also results are up and the state bank's former. top employee these two people who have been arrested in in new york i'm sure are down also wants them to rule we and this is an other issue that going back and forth between the u.s. and turkey what impact do you think this increase in tensions between the u.s. and turkey is going to have when it comes to conflicts on the ground syria for example as it is a good point
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a case in point with turkey having moved into the provinces just a matter of hours ago. speaking of syria and other big issue between turkey and us current kids been accusing us for helping and supporting syrian kurds fiche the arabs long government basically labels them as terrorist organizations actually very start talking about the problem between the two countries only we cannot stop anywhere there are so many issues and now as you mentioned turkey is seemingly going into italy. this point are very much in unchartered territory as far as we can know there is there is the have not seen such suspension of visas between the countries and now the turkey all sources are spente against the
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us government there is kind of a chicken game between the capitals but that same time because two arab allies nutter allies and allies for about seventy years would call each other and strategic ally of working in many areas across the world this kind of tension this kind of fight between the capitals i think going to escalate and going to. make it turkey which is already there eyes on later in the neighborhood. will make things very much much more difficult for ankara in relation to the case of the tiller girl and how strong is the argument that the turkish government's expectations of what the u.s. government can actually do in terms of the judicial process related to for to look go and are somewhat. over it they have high expectations of that for in fact the
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u.s. government is limited in the amount of action it can take in relation to the cleric . first of all there are number of court cases have been going on in turkey with regards to cool cases. there are more than dozen cases and recently indictments as the indictments are released and the suspects and cool suspects have been. testifying in front of the course there are more and more indications that the gland mormons have been heavily involved with the court and but the problem i think as far as we can see and we can tell from the impression. is receiving from the u.s. offer szell's that u.s. turkish government is unable to tie directly fettle like glenn to
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kuwait and even the the mormon the member of the mormon members of the mormon clearly have been involved with the court and there's once a can point any other one is turkey and the rule of law in turkey have been gotten worse and worse in the index of the rule of law turkey now one of the versed countries in the. rate in the bottom of thailand so even the u.s. government wants to exit or die if they want to exit or died settle like land it's really hard to make that case in front of the federal judge val look at what's going on in turkey with the guards to treatment of the other suspects since the court turned around tanya thank you very much indeed for your time. i am coalition led by former al qaeda linked fighters is promising
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a fierce fight against those who enter its territory. province. is responding to an offensive by the free syrian army or f.s.a. turkey is backing the operation from its side of the border and forces have opened fire from there. is made up of several factions that includes opposition groups that were pushed into it after syrian government forces we took aleppo last december the f.s.a. crossed the border from turkey into a province on saturday. reports. turkish artillery shelling. positions inside syria the former al qaeda affiliated group controlled most of it. and this border area is the focal point of what turkish authorities refer to as a serious campaign. and the free syrian army is sending reinforcements to that i
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had. the starting point for the new border campaign. which has thousands of fighters is vowing to fight to the death news of the new campaign is raising concerns for civilians in. if the turkish army enters back by russian planes they have committed a massacre a few days ago and that is for sure and acceptable to me and to any muslim who rejects the presence of players in our country. the russians are the first and last enemy of the syrian people are backing bashar al assad how can they be supporting the syrian people. the new push by turkey comes after an agreement with russia and iran last month to set up a deescalation zone in. the turkish army will be operating in the city while the russians will be deployed outside the province it is one of four deescalation
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zones the others are the oscars of the capital damascus or the border with jordan a lot of them parts of homes. the zones what established after iran russia and turkey decided to set aside that differences and find a permanent solution to the syrian conflict. the new operation could be part of a broader deal between russia turkey and iran but we don't know who would run one. from the promise and what will become of moderate opposition factions and the thousands of civilians living in the area. plenty more ahead on the news iraq tights race in liberia to find a replacement for africa's first elected female president also thousands of homes
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without power after tropical storm nate lashes the united states. busy day in world cup qualifying we're going to tell you who will join poland next year's finals in russia. another boat packed for the henge refugees escaping violence in iraq and state has capsized at least two people have died when it sank in a river separating me and bangladesh it's unclear how many missing eleven refugees have been rescued the tragedy occurred near a shop on the southern tip of bangladesh this is the third such incident since late august that's when me and maher began a military crackdown in iraq five children died and six at the mouth of the river nuff near cox's bazar in bangladesh on the twenty sixth of september sixty people drowned in a similar accident on the same river more than one hundred were on board the vessel
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when it went down over half a million people have taken shelter in camps in bangladesh to escape the violence which the un has called a textbook example of ethnic cleansing a charge made him denies mohammed has met a young refugee who says he survived an attack by the army on the day human rights watch says mass killings were carried out in rocking. despite the relief his family tries to provide eighteen year old or hindu refugee mohammad is still haunted for a while his mother and siblings try to give him a brief respite from the extreme heat and humidity but no matter how much medicine is given or the number of bandages applied his scars both physical and psychological will remain. he took us out from our
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home and tied our hands behind our backs he pulled us along the road as he pulled us through the village through the jungle and took us to join another group of people and then they made us lie down on top of one another mohammad all says when soldiers from me and mars army began shooting at them he was hit twice in the back . at first he pretended to be dead but then again when i opened my eyes to see if they'd left a note when i opened my eyes they saw me and shot me here two of his brothers were killed in the army's attack on mungo a village in iraq and stayed on august twenty seventh mohammed who was convinced he also would not survive a mood in the clinton road and i thought i would die so i prayed i thought to myself i'm not going to see my relatives anymore mohamed tools brother sure if i was desperate to get him some help they're going to doctors but they're not doctors we couldn't find any doctor there was military everywhere so i couldn't go to the pharmacy and get him any medicine people were telling me i should go break down the door of the pharmacy and bring him medicine but i couldn't go there because of the
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military. tells us that in addition to his two brothers who were killed dozens more of his relatives were also executed during the attack a recent report by human rights watch included interviews with witnesses and survivors who told the organization that me and morris military didn't just carry out mass killings that day but that they also sexually assaulted stabbed and beat villagers who were gathering for safety in a residential compound and while the u.n. has called the actions of man mars military a textbook example of ethnic cleansing man or as government has categorically denied carrying out any atrocities against the rangers. or muhammad tools heartbroken mother there is no time to dwell on the past taking care of her family even in conditions as miserable as these is her priority as a living why didn't they when i see my sons williams i don't feel like going back to our village and also i set fire to a high and they said fine everywhere we saw that and we had no choice but to leave
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they may have been able to leave the violence behind but for mohammed will it's clear the horror of what he lived through will never really go away. at the tank ali refugee camp in cox's bazaar bangladesh aid officials say refugee camps are getting too crowded putting thousands at risk of disease the u.n. has brought in huge doses of a column of action to prevent a possible outbreak the. nine point six million square meters of space. eight hundred eighty nine football stadiums if we can put it in that way so this is huge and all these people are crowded down there they lack facilities there is dire situation there is shortage of water these shortages of like toilet facilities and everything so experiences that we have seen in the past in other such crises
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moments that when people. are always having call it outbreak well simon business is executive director of the international campaign for the way he's joining us from washington d.c. thank you for your time. bangladesh and the aid agencies as we just heard are having to deal with the situation but what pressure do you think might work to put to persuade me and mars government to change its approach or what we're asking for and what we're campaigning for right now is for the united nations and for our governments to put effective pressure on burma's army. to. it's a burmese army which is committing these atrocities against the ranger and forcing these refugees to flee to bangladesh and so we're looking for tough sanctions against the burmese army and its business interests and also a global zimbardo. but as we had
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a muhammad report me i'm absolutely determined to put forward the view that it is none of what none of the accusations that it's facing are correct how do you put pressure on a government when it is so staunchly against that pressure i mean you know. denials mean nothing the evidence is very clear what will cause. the burmese army to listen is when you know we embargo any kind. to the burmese army and when we sanction individual members of the army make it clear to them that they could face prosecution. in that international criminal court and also if we go off their business interests including you know their involvement in the precious gem trade you know we can we can put effective pressure on the burmese army and its business interests and that's what they listen to but business
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interests and the arms trade all mean money. likely is it do you think that commercial organizations are going to want to side with you when the alternative is that they're going to lose out on the cash. well you know we in the past we got most of the major jewelry retailers in the world not to buy gems mined in burma in no so you know we can we can get the do that again you know what jewelry what jury retailers listen to is their own customers and their own shareholders they've listened to in the past and. we're very certain that we can also get these jewelers to cut off at least the boonies ami's flow of money from the gems trade that is an interesting point because it's one thing for an organization
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like yourselves of course to attempt to put pressure on these companies but how much response do you think is there from the customers of these companies and their shareholders is there really that level of interest that would change their minds this time and ring currently. you know just a couple of weeks ago shareholders with approximately thirty billion dollars of assets under management wrote to chevron. demanding that chevron not do business with governments engage in genocide or crimes against humanity right now working with shareholders in other will companies in burma and also shareholders in these jury retailers and these companies listen to their shareholders they also listen to their customers as well and you know we expect that more and more people will be demanding the jewelry retail is not even stuck in the gym is made in burma and we're also going to be researching the business
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interests of the burmese army has and use that as a way of putting pressure on the army to end this abuse and then this ethnic cleansing some of them this executive director of the international campaign for the hinges thank you very much. they are calling themselves the silent majority and they've been out in force in barcelona in spain catalonia region hundreds of thousands of people have traveled from all of the country to make their call for unity exactly one week after catalonia secession vote the referendum has plunged spain into political crisis and is jonah hollow reports both sides are only hardening their positions. barcelona has seen plenty of huge demonstrations but not like this one will see red light yellow the confluence and young lions alongside the spanish national flag region gripped by calls for independence this is a highly unusual show of national unity. some have
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come from other parts of spain but most are from catalonia itself tony rolled down his accomplice and politician opposed to independence we have me proud the best to be here the first very young these. last forty years in the city because he was when it was over and we have money is to build the framework that works for everyone i think that the future belongs to you know i just think that we need to do better from the national brain which will govern ourselves in the world the politician doesn't make sense well but they call themselves the silent majority was their son or representative has the right choices don't feel good about silent noble and so on if they. haven't yet you see how. one woman described an atmosphere of hostility towards those who disagree with the push for independence day psycho highway as if my spanish. is
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what i am. that there was a. right to fight them that had. my. morning rights. and given the opportunity to speak out many embraced it really tired of being the majority and the people to say that we are not we are the majority because the union has a force and come on he says common sense independent schools in this region with its distinct culture and language a centuries old with the stakes of never been higher in the dritte. minister mariano rajoy warns he may use special powers to revoke catalonia tanami the regional government meanwhile is considering a unilateral declaration of independence in the weeks to come but who will follow them these people seem to have found their voices jonah al-jazeera barcelona
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campaigning has officially ended in liberia where voters will soon choose a replacement for president ellen johnson sirleaf vice president joseph leading the base he's got some colorful and controversial company there is legendary footballer george where his running mate is the ex-wife of liberia's former dictator charles taylor almost warlord prince johnson is running for the second time he's accused of ordering the torture and murder of liberian president in one nine hundred ninety and for the country that had africa's first female head of state only one woman is aiming for the top job that's model turned humanitarian cooper twenty contenders are standing and all has more now from the capital monrovia. candidates for liberia's presidential and parliamentary elections zine a last minute effort to win over voters there range from the flamboyant to the everyday person one thing they have in common though is that their stand on issues
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look and sound the same and this is forcing many voters to narrow their choices down to all the allegiances of tribal region and personality. not. candidate developmental. and always. many political observers believe that voters are not asking the right questions. which is really. democracy. is a product of the country's broken education system. she and her neighbor take turns teaching their children the little the know.
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the literacy rate is about thirty percent. some kind it is a better life. from poverty reduction to education and providing infrastructure one thing what the one so far is a complete. record itself. that emerged from. the election commission is confident of successful elections that could lead to a transition from one democratic government to another for the first time in more than forty as one of the challenges we had of course were. some part of our country difficult to reach because. we were blessed to have the
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graciously agreed to provide air support or transport. a presidential aspirant needs to have more than fifty percent of the vote the runoff for legislators though a simple majority will do. what rovio. still ahead in al-jazeera. i'm hardiman reporting from zambia many of the children fleeing violence in the democratic republic of congo are children i'll tell you how some of them are trying to survive in a new country. welcome to the ancient cheap seats the probably would have offered the best view of the regular bloodbath down below but they do offer a sensational view of the city new levels open in rome's coliseum thanks to financing from well heeled residents. and there's another milestone for rafael nadal of the china open tennis details coming up in the sport.
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oh. welcome to look at weather conditions across the americas now in north america this is tropical storm nate weakening slightly as it moves further north but it's got a vast amount of rain within its circulation but it is going very fast and that's a saving grace because for monday there it is giving heavy rain for new york through up into eastern parts of canada you also notice the states have got rain across colorado plateau in starting to snow in places and certainly denver there temperatures of three that's a mix from temperature of three so really cold here house where we've got fine conditions across the west coast san francisco twenty three least on monday dropping a little bit as we head on through into choose a out stage denver scene same out of conditions as rain moves further towards the east and we've got some rain across some of these southern states still as we head
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down into the caribbean we've got a fair few showers across some of the others pretty heavy across more eastern areas as we look at havana cuba there we've got showers and highs of thirty one up through the isthmus of had some very big storms across a good part of mexico and it's still looking pretty unsettled with some heavy showers here continuing as we head into tuesday for south america we've got a frontal system across parts of paraguay into argentina but still in evidence on choose day highs of thirty one in ascension. the rain forest of the sea we continue on a current way we won't have whole race within twenty thirty forty years from. trying to recreate the ecosystem but under controlled conditions this. still isn't going to. the great barrier saveable but we've got to start now and get
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everyone behind the solution no busy time on hold as iraq. well. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to from dr evil face one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war.
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watching all jazeera reminder about top stories this hour turkey says it won't process any visitor visas for u.s. citizens that's after washington suspended nonimmigrant visa services for turks at its missions and all this comes after a u.s. consulate official in turkey was arrested for alleged links to a u.s. based business men whom i'm plotting a coup last year. at least two people have drowned after a boat carrying right into refugees from me a martyr bangladesh capsized it's the third time it's happened since people started escaping violence in the state in august. and hundreds of thousands of people have joined a unity rally in spain's catalonia region one week after a session referendum regional government is considering a unilateral declaration of independence. north korea's leader kim jong un has described the nation's nuclear weapons program as
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a powerful deterrent he also said relations with the u.s. are complicated earlier in a tweet us president donald trump said that quote only one thing would work in dealing with pyongyang didn't specify what that one thing was but he has previously threatened to totally destroy north korea well chums also accused iran of funding north korea's regime under the accord iran has agreed to limit its nuclear program in return for relieving economic sanctions there are reports trump may decertify the deal i believe they're funding north korea i believe they are trading with north korea i believe they are doing things with korea that is totally inappropriate that doesn't pertain to the deal but in my opinion it does because it's called the spirit of it. and you will see what i will be doing in the not too distant future but iran is a bad player and they will be taken care of as
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a bad player at least thirty people have been killed in violence in the northeast of the democratic republic of congo rebels ambushed a group of civilians before fighting the army near the town of benny security forces blame the attack on a ugandan group called the allied democratic forces or a.d.f. human rights watch says at least one thousand people have been killed in violence in the area in the last three years. in the east of the country. the fighting began saturday afternoon the army says attackers ambushed road users killing civilians and then attacked four army posts and in the fighting with the army many hours after that a local m.p. said at least thirty people have been killed the mayor of any said that people who just gave the violence all the attackers killing people with machetes it was a state of massacres around the town of any since twenty fourteen the army blames
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the a.d.f. or ugandan rebel group for their to those rights groups or researches to this it is not the i.d.f. there are various different players involved including some factions of the army itself but that's something that the army denies this is one of several conflicts in congo that at the moment is seemingly getting worse conflicts are escalating in several parts of the country and that follows presidential elections that were meant to happen in december last year not happening the electoral commission says that because it couldn't afford them it didn't have the resources oppositions say it's because president joseph kabila is trying to stay on in power in the international community have expressed concern that the lack of a democratic process could lead to a worse and state of conflict across the country possibly bring it back to the kind of level of conflict that was seen here in the late ninety's and early two thousand . fighting in the democratic republic of congo has forced hundreds of thousands of
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people to flee over four hundred nine hundred thousand in neighboring countries most are in uganda which also houses the world's largest refugee camp but the u.n. isn't getting increasingly worried about zambia more than three thousand refugees have crossed the border in just the last month the new arrivals from the border provinces of hope katanga and two thirds of them are children i don't know tussle reports from come pouring in zambia near the border. and his brother are making a door thank you it's a temporary structure as a refugee transit. from democratic republic of congo where security forces are fighting different militia groups they say some adults try to discourage them from making a dangerous journey but they kept on living in tents even. my parents were both killed when the village was the only thing i could do was run and leave the
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country i was told. bad people won't follow. i walked for a long time i missed my parents but at least i'm alive and safe. the united nations refugee agency says sixty percent of refugees crossing into zambia are children dozens making the journey alone others come with relatives because they got separated from their parents during the conflict so you have children who have fled because they have lost their parents and they have experienced the killing of their parents and you have children who come here because they came home to empty homes and then you have children who came here and telling us the story for street treatments. adoption u.n. officials say on average between sixty and one hundred people are coming to get every day this group has just arrived the women say they couldn't leave the unaccompanied children behind to die or get up ducted by the militia the border is only a few meters away children who come alone sometimes waits in neighboring villages
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hoping their parents they can wait for days they can wait for weeks sometimes they never hear from their families again the refugees try to center in chile is filling up fast there are nearly four thousand registered refugees the minutes here in need are huge aid workers say unaccompanied or separated children need to be placed in foster homes many are traumatized others show signs of my nutrition these kids are waiting for their mother to join them they crossed the border together but their mother was rushed to hospital because she's about to give birth she told them she will come and find them but they don't know how long that could take but now they are alone in a new country. al-jazeera compound zambia. more than one hundred thousand people are without power in the u.s. . the gulf coast it's now been downgraded to a tropical storm has more from new orleans. so a huge sigh of relief certainly here in new orleans where it seems as though the
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flood defenses built in the aftermath of the devastating hurricane katrina of two thousand and five have held out the mississippi river here behind me behaving itself hurrican nate became a category one hurricane but reduced to a tropical storm shortly after making landfall there has been substantial damage in some parts of the region severe flooding certainly in the city of biloxi mississippi and other places people have been out early this morning this sunday morning here assessing the damage to property several tens of thousands of houses with the power out your storage is out trying to restore that as soon as they possibly can so very different story in central america where the tropical storm is it then was hit several countries in the region killing at least twenty five people causing substantial damage the flooding still a parent there as a people working to assess what damage was done in that region very different story
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here there has still been damage but very peaceful morning here here in new orleans people coming out assessing what damage might have been done to their properties and dealing with the little flooding that there has been. people in las vegas are mourning the victims of last week's shooting fifty eight people were killed when a gunman opened fire at a music concert from a nearby hotel room hundreds more were injured or does it as kristen salumi reports . all around las vegas sunday was a day to remember the victims and support the survivors of the largest mass shooting in recent history each cross representing one of the fifty eight people shot and killed in the shadow of the hotel that served as the gunman's perch it's really cool seeing everyone come together people that aren't even from las vegas i'm sure i used to that here. actually came from california to get. more people visit las vegas every month and live here year round and the victims of the
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shooting came from all over the country and as far away as canada that's made this memorial on the vegas strip a popular spot not only for locals but also tourists hoping to pay their respects. a few planned and executed this act of what we can only describe as pure evil local residents took solace at church services and tried to make sense of it all those who experienced the chaos of that night now say they feel lucky to be alive were literally watching it on t.v. and not even ten minutes later you see people running through the casinos like a stampede of animals screaming trampling each other pushing it was surreal never been through anything like it with. they came together to play as well as pray the university of nevada football game began with a tribute and special recognition for first responders. the.
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jones sang the national anthem at the game just as she did at the concert the night of the shooting its takeaway if anyone lost anyone is that they were having fun they were loving our country and they blessed us that night. and. the city scarred but determined to stay strong christian salumi al-jazeera las vegas nevada. countries across latin america have been marking the fiftieth anniversary of the death of. several thousand people have attended the ceremony in the cuban city of santa clara to remember the revolutionary fighter votto became known for his role in the cuban revolution of one thousand nine hundred fifty nine fighting alongside fidel and raul castro this year newman takes a look at his legacy. perhaps no revolutionary has been as romanticized as an install divider or chair as he was known. the arjen time born dr who fought by the del castro side played
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a key role in the cuban revolution he then tried to launch marxist uprisings in the congo and then bolivia where he was captured and executed the images taken after his death in which many say he looked like christ only added to his legend as a left wing martyr. the oscar winning film motorcycle diaries was based on his early years. when he was fourteen harry yes joined chair in the fight for revolution in the cuban mountains for the next twelve years he never left his side until he miraculously managed to escape capture during chase final battle against the bolivian army. we had behind bushes and on a small radio we heard the news the cherry had been captured and killed the wings of our hearts found the yes' says the cheers reputation as a tough but just revolutionary who practiced what he preached was well earned. he felt because he had more education and thus he had
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a great obligations to set the example and always lead by example he never cut himself a break so that he could demand the best from us. today to give out his image has become immortalized especially in cuba some would probably say too much or has become the ultimate revolutionary i call and i must have all the tourists that come to this island his face is absolutely everywhere from these bags to t. shirts as you can see to knapsacks everything you can possibly imagine the kind of image that you give out to himself would probably not have approved of. but he would surely have been proud to know that for the last fifty years cuban schoolchildren have been taught to follow his example every morning and every day they recite this chant. it means pioneers for communism we shall be like. to do the new generations of cubans really believe that we consulted a group we found trying to access
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a wife i signal next to an internet cafe for me it's like a poem that you memorize but you don't act on it very few people actually follow and chase footsteps we all think differently today jay's marxist version of revolution is considered by most as an anachronism yet the consensus here seems to be the chair represents an ideal a selfless rebel unlike so many others did not live to betray his principles and it's that image of che that has never aged you see in human. than john lee anderson is author of the book revolutionary life he says the revolutionary remains the symbol of rebellion around the world. he would probably roll over it is a grave at some of the more consumer pop fetishism associated with him but on the other hand see the interest in him as an emblem of defiance against the status quo
2:46 am
as an opportunity to reinstill new generations with the ideal of revolution i think. you know it's still an unequal world and che has remains an icon to to to in conformity and as i said useful idealism against the status quo around the world to this day is the ultimate of rebellion i think you know in a sense it's a bit like the jesus christ allegory somehow or analogy you know. children are of are you know and americans once upon a time were brought up to revere george washington as this kind of the founding father of americans as as the the boy who would tell no lies and we somehow exemplified the purity of the american nation which you know you learn and you put to one side but you retain this kind of mythological attachment to to this figure i think these are these are figures who provide
2:47 am
a kind of. you know horizon line to societies that need them the idea of purity of purpose and that exemplifies moral values the idea the nobility of sacrifice and i'm reconciled legacy but nonetheless to look at one i think. still ahead in all of us here all the sports the u.s. vice president walks out of an n.f.l. game in his home state of indiana details coming up later. what are you seeing like. a suspected terrorist people of all faiths fell victim to a suicide bomber in manchester but if the bomb was indiscriminate was the placing of blame this is nothing to do with us this is about an individual who's psycho you know nobody could do this unless they were completely unhinged how much just as muslims responded to challenging questions in the aftermath of a deadly attack people in power manchester united at this time want to.
2:48 am
al-jazeera. every us. it's time for the sports and here's. thanks very much paul and are the latest
2:49 am
european team to a qualified for the twenty eighteen world cup in russia they beat montenegro four two one funding european qualifying hole and finish top of group a with twenty five points down mark also made the playoffs after drawing one one with romania. a late goal cost scotland a place in the playoffs despite losing one nil to norway northern ireland still go through from group c. germany of course already one group egypt qualified for the world cup for the first time since one thousand and ninety they beat republic of congo two one at home egypt finish top of group and african qualifying with a game choose their own formula one where lewis hamilton has taken a giant step towards his fourth world title by winning the japanese grand prix it was a race that saw this his main rival ferrari sebastian vettel take a major head in his title hopes so hell malik reports. lewis hamilton is closing in
2:50 am
on the formula one world title after starting in pole of the japanese grand prix he got off to a smooth start. the same couldn't be said for his main title rival sebastian vettel he lost places quickly reporting an engine failure looking forward the german had to retire not five leaving his once promising title challenge in touches. with vettel out of the picture the red bull driver is down your cardio and next stop and became hamilton's main threat the four time world champion vettel who is leading the championship as recently as august left to wonder what could have been worn in the end hamilton held of the competition beating the stockton into second and ricardo into the it's a fourth win in japan for the briton to behind michael schumacher who has six. the mistake he's driving now has a fifty nine point lead over vettel with only four races left and he can secure the title by winning the next race the us concrete vettel finishes lower than fourth
2:51 am
and today the rebels just seem to be rapid in the race tram see we are very quick in the qualifying trim but still i was able to just hold him behind but it demi got very close a couple times. britain's most successful olympic track and field athlete most far with fifteen on hand to support his countryman. has a fourth world title would also put hamilton in the history books as his country's most successful f one driver of all time so have al-jazeera. tennis now in reference al has won the china open for a second time twelve years after his first picture in beijing he beat australia's big cereal six two six one in the final it's indel sixth title in two thousand and seventeen and a seventy fifth of his career on this matter now looks all but set to end the year on top of the men's rankings things change very quickly in a sport that i specially when you are in a good dynamic like i am doing this year so well after serving god too much going
2:52 am
on the far as much as i play the great liberal that we've gotten is they have a flow for this title takes a long time do we need the game to have the thousand five years but that yeah my goodness so does they have a what i would think that this one of the light that they've got a great week let's see what's going on not. just a day after securing the women's number one ranking small to how it lost to caroline garcia garcia who was also champion and won last week defeated the romanian six four seven six in the beijing final the frenchwoman will now move into the top ten for the first time in her career while how a bull officially take over after top when the new rankings are released on. to major league baseball now where the washington nationals have come back to beat defending world series champions the chicago cubs their series is now tied at one game apiece tatiana sanchez reports. things were looking bleak for washington in their home stadium on saturday somewhat similar to game one where
2:53 am
they failed to score the most of the games the hosts trialed they were down three run up until the eighth inning. really. good sounds whether fortunes changed. twenty four year old bryce harper head to the impressive and crucial to run homer to tie the game. ryan zimmerman looks to have bounced back from an injury plagued ten to sixteen goals but. he added a three run home run moments later to lift the nationals to a six three comeback victory against the series champions the series is now tied one one. we lost a game they beat us we go home at one and one and we had king time to and then jay coming up not bad really interesting series well played on both sides and i cannot
2:54 am
be happier than i am with our guys right now. over in los angeles the dodgers hosted the arizona diamondbacks but not standard it's got off to a sluggish start to extract we took the data. that they had was a result it took the lead up until the fourth inning when the dodgers begun to make that comeback. they overturned the deficits leap to game seven to the fifth inning and go on to win it by the sanction is now holding to nothing lead in the back to five national league division series everyone on our team contributed tonight. austin barnes a couple big hits and just the quality of it that you look at the fifth inning that we put on those guys and stressed and logan big and bad you know ya see us continue to shine these first two games and all up and down the line up but tonight it was a bottom part of the order that really picked us up big time tonight and they are
2:55 am
now on the brink of advancing to the national league championship series the second straight season tatyana contract i did their. us vice president of mike pence walked out of and a fellow game after some players now during the national anthem prince was in his home state of indiana to watch the colts play the forty nine years he later tweeted i left today's quotes game because president trump and i will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers our flag or our national anthem and that's all you support for now more later. some of the biggest names in italian fashion are helping to restore ancient roman monuments to their former glory the government is turning to private business to help pay for the huge cost of renovating sites like the coliseum and the barker went to find out why. it's a steep climb to the top of the coliseum commissioned by the emperor of a speccy and in the years seventy two for the past forty years the fourth and fifth
2:56 am
levels have been locked away from view until now welcome to the ancient cheap seats that probably wouldn't offer the best view of the regular bloodbath down below but they do offer a sensational view of the city. the opening of the upper levels is the result of a four year epic restoration project the outside's also been strengthened and spray clean to remove generations of grime the cost a colossal thirty million dollars and there's still more work to do the sheer scale of rome's archaeological heritage poses a huge financial burden for the city and for the country the vast costs involved frequently exceed state budgets. ticket sales help but revenues don't go far enough that's where high end italian fashion comes to the rescue the coliseums renovation was largely paid for by the billionaire owner of luxury footwear company. in
2:57 am
follows a three million dollars renovation of one of rome's main tourist attractions the trevi fountain paid for by clothes company fendi. and the spanish steps restored last year with more than a million dollars from jewelry designer bulgari when we had to celebrate our one hundred thirty three we wanted to create something really special for me and that's to pay tribute to the sea today. creating so much richness in. the financial helps launch the welcome it's of these cash strapped government but there were some concerns about big a tally and companies using the renovations as a branding exercise. as a real risk of commercializing monument but the brands we chose last year with chosen carefully we haven't seen any signs of companies abusing their patronage.
2:58 am
italians are intensely proud of their rich cultural heritage but preserving it comes at a huge cost that for now only the businesses are able to cover. al-jazeera rome and that's it for me rob. thanks for being with me but i'm going to be back in a moment with more of the day's news.
2:59 am
it. was. a new television station in afghanistan is turning the focus on women it's on t.v. they are on camera in the guest chair and in the control room the founder of zone t.v. says this project couldn't wait this team is for those mothers on those to sit on those wife's living in afghanistan there's all this talking about their lives but they didn't see anything in a nation where education was forbidden for girls as recently as two thousand and one a network just for women is a mark of progress there's also a very real element of danger of course we are threatened but the conscious sit in
3:00 am
the corner of our homes we have to go forward and develop ourselves and help bring peace and stability to our country egypt is now china's biggest trading partner in africa more than ten thousand chinese are living in cairo and wanted to see the permits in september one thousand nine hundred five i came with my friends to egypt many started a small traders that are now successful in business and began to do business in two thousand and three or two thousand and four at the time it was small but then it began to expanding al-jazeera well meets the growing chinese community in egypt egypt made in china at this time. rising tensions the u.s. says it will stop handing out short term visas to visitors from turkey now turkey says it will do the same thing to the u.s.
3:01 am
. about this and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the campaign to drive all qaeda linked fighters from it live in syria they promise to fight to the death. finding their voice caught alone is silent majority speak out against a break from space. remembering the morals across latin america fifty years after the death of a revolutionary icon. we're going to begin with that rapidly escalating diplomatic dispute between turkey and the u.s. in the past few hours i'm correct has effectively.


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