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tv   South Koreas Gender Wars  Al Jazeera  October 9, 2017 8:33am-9:01am AST

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and ends up. as the headlines on al-jazeera but do stay with us one o one is coming up next. capital the capital which makes a great if. when nature is transformed into a commodity big business takes a new interest buying landscapes protecting landscapes it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature but at what risk banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature they do that because they see a business of pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. the . women around the world are demanding more respect. but the rise of this new feminism has met a backlash the especially in south korea where men's rights groups are enraged but
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on the. wrong. end of vicious gender as a rupture hunter has. done just that a ghetto monetary. i'm steve on this edition of one on one east we explore how massage is leading to murder in south korea. south korea is one of the most developed nations in asia. but beneath this fast paced progressive facade lies a frightening fact that has one of the highest rates of female homicide in the world. last year one brutal murder stood out it was
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a flashpoint that pushed a deep seated issue to the surface koreas gender inequality. it happened near gangnam station exit number ten in songs busy got in the district . a woman in her early twenty's went to a public toilet during a night out with friends. but a murderer was waiting for. a stranger who wanted to kill a woman any woman. while the murderer waited six men visited the unisex toilet and left on skiing. but when she walked in the palace. she was
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stabbed multiple times and died. he later told police that he killed her because women had mistreated him. the police didn't treat the murder as a hate crime. times which sparked a huge public debate about what the could have led the murderer to target a woman. on the. women's rights groups blamed the country's entrenched massage tens of thousands gathered in seoul and other cities around the country. to post a note on the wall of the gun them station. held candlelight vigils and organized protests.
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and. this sparked counter protests by men's groups claiming men are being unfairly attacked. they argue the murder had nothing to do with massage reporting to police the killer had schizophrenia. station became a hot spot for gender protests and shouting matches that. was . korea's strict defamation laws means that the killers full name cannot be reported but that didn't stop him from talking to the press he showed little remorse. for the.
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war. of them all of them forever. and. he was eventually sentenced to. thirty years in prison. but the conflict between feminist and anti feminist hasn't stopped both sides logged on to south korea's high speed internet and the debate took a more vicious turn. with thirteen of them touching sexist pigs joe you would look at their consultant women over the years so they deserve to be insulted in return. whenever i type all korean men should die a body i think that's not too much. but if i think of the issues women face of the
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patriarchy. then i think i'll cite more. when a radical feminist group called mcgarry and i went on the attack and men's rights groups fought back accusing them of man hating or missing drink. they got into an artist to go mcgillion zur terrorists they go to the surely you don't think make billions or feminine. little like you're not even human. devils you had no interest in commemorating the deceased for you it's a misandry festival. don't you think the young constable going to tell you i don't know shit about what a member of. don't know don't be like us you know cause. there was a perfect storm a gender war borne of deep inequality playing out in the digital age.
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tom haley also known as henri is a captain in the marine corps. she was one of the feminists protesting at gun them station what happened after the gun a murder changed her life. thanks. andy. in a post to support his i saw the post it and realized i had to take it more seriously. women have disadvantages that aren't obvious we need to bring these issues to the surface. tell them it's not their fault it's society's fault so from the c.p. this is why we need feminism that is why the movement needs to become more active. henri is a contributor to the feminist forum galia their tagline is deliberately provocative
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. this is how small. your genitals are. her activities on the forum made her a target when she took to social media to complain about sexism on t.v. she came under attack. soldiers aren't supposed to make a political statement. if she's in the marines. at the same time. this calls for disciplinary action. or people should have reported her come on and let you guys know when i hear about the results. you know. they wanted to attack me. so they collected all the political comments i made on facebook and or pardon me to the ministry of national defense so. they said
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she lacks patriotism has improper political inclinations and expresses hatred towards many well. as punishment her salary was reduced by a third for three months. i received disciplinary measures and my salary was reduced to a month from the attackers felt a sense of accomplishment and treated it like a trophy to pee in a little. flory the real life consequences of her online activities were hard to take because although. before a gun if someone said they were a feminist people would consider them a bit quirky. but after it became extreme and there were threats of bullying if you said you were a feminist. in response or he has decided to quit the marine corps this is her last day. for nine years she strived to be the best
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only one out of seventy four marines is female she was top of her class in the academy and won several accolades. and you could look into the comments didn't affect me emotionally i could disregard them totally you know what hurt me was the way the people within my troop reacted against my supervisor no longer trusted me at all no matter how much i explained they didn't understand who took up with the ticket to. henri isn't the only feminist who has been punished for speaking out others have been sacked one woman was fired from her job at a gaming company because the tweet showing her. wearing this my galea t. shirt to work inflamed some gaming fans are going to do so does that really happen and so that's very surprising in. south korea's minister for gender equality and
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family and its laws may have been broken in that case. that is something we should reflect upon. the south korean government has been trying to improve the country's ranking on gender equality currently one of the worst among developed nations. until two thousand and five korea had legislation that favored men these high juji laws in trying to men as the head of the family and enforced a patriarchal system of inheritance. when they were abolished it wasn't a popular move. there are still preconceived patriarchal perspectives that have not been reformed. the government is trying to control the use in appropriate cases. when feminists feel the
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government isn't protecting them mcgillion steps in their campaigns have shut down a porn sharing website which hosted secretly filmed videos of women. and had this magazine taken off the shelves for its offensive cover. but already and her friends say there are still a long way to go. jungmann jew and kim. have also been attacked online. do you think it's gotten. better after the murder. trial. cook. came up with a book i did which. called i want you. to get what is between henri and her friends they have had more than ten thousand
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massage and they stick comments directed at them online. the attacks aren't just intimidating they forced junk to relive painful experiences. could the. business. there. ok i know what that's what i mean i think a lot of. john has filed more than thirty defamation suits against her online attackers without success. but for kim the comments have become hard to ignore. your computer told on. google to just go up to the bar and i'm only congenial. i don't even want to. go to tanya down there.
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or to be honest so i was. there almost like a little boy. i think. a lot of the news that i did also. don't look at where you. want to sit in. the you know in response to some radical feminists began targeting men sending the same kind of abusive insults and graphic images they call it mirroring what are you trying to achieve mirroring. true true but. those other doesn't put on your. dang good on. his own don't you you don't walk through a wall and then going to this group but bias and or tell you that you don't live
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under the volatile part. of. the. home to get to talk up to the trick you know why they got the good ones hasn't given the true one do. you think that the attacks for men affect their real lives as much as women. oh no oh. no no no no no no. hahaha. you know what's on the clock. but. made their enemy here. male dominated forums retaliated by revealing personal details of the galia members encouraging men to stop and assault the women.
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on the wrong calls himself a men's liberation fighter. he has thousands of followers on twitter he tweets at least a dozen times a day. i am aware that i write things that provoke them. but we can't just watch female chauvinism explodable to cope with my hope. of a resisting force must be established our women your enemy. i think men are their own enemies some men sympathise with feminism too much and
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cause division. the preconception that we should be more considerate of women it doesn't make sense to me. that the middle. hong insists that he has not attacked any woman personally online but he says they have attacked him. i'll break a light bulb in your shake it. i'm from the galia i'm scary be careful when you walk around at night. i've been threatened this way with extremely insulting language when i had to since i've been insulted a lot when i grew numb to it. but with comments that threaten me with terror i feel fear i began to perceive them as people with terrorist tendencies. he's filed defamation suits against him again but the charges were dismissed. fundamentally korean society makes men. there's
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a lot of societal pressure put on men and sacrifices required of like military service. men bear more of the workload and work longer hours. backbones are not only bending but are about to bring. home did not want to reveal much about his personal life but i learned he lives with his parents and works nights at a convenience store. he describes himself as part of korea's working poor. computer as a man i feel like i think. this is my personal experience. what is it that will help the homeless on your income level with her office and. is one of the organizers of a men's rights group he believes powerful women are influencing lawmakers to write
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policies that oppressed men. numbs on that because. men had always considered themselves to be the breadwinner but this began to change. radical feminists took advantage of the situation. in this political atmosphere and lost their place had society. it's about power balance. the seminar he's conducting today it's called the difference between men and women . he was all. mine yeah yeah. yeah. i know. several people in the group do not want their identities revealed but they are from
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all walks of life. among them are two university professors a doctor several younger men and even a woman who chimes in about who is to blame for sexual violence. looking at over. oh you. looked a. little. old. after the meeting i ask why they're here. i mean. you know. from that i don't know. the group has about three thousand members but it seems their ideas are shared by many more across korea according to
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a government survey more than half of men believe that sexual violence happens because women wear revealing clothes. at home which a i find that his wife the breadwinner. so he can be a full time activist. with the cricket. and. it's i mean you don't over the line oh boy. was. i ask why korea needs men's rights when women earn around thirty percent less and are the majority of victims of violent crime. feminists in korea always mention these statistics. but women are being seduced by
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the press to victimize themselves as for attacks against feminists he says it is the result of men feeling disempowered. the rage that men feel. over from their online world to the offline world. his latest mission is to fight changes that would strengthen sexual harassment. and today he's taking that fight to the national assembly. che believes that the new laws encourage false claims and deny men their right to fight back. maybe there are women who will report sexual violence that doesn't actually happen but it's one in ten thousand cases in the two
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. koreas women hotline has been tracking sexual violence complaints since one nine hundred eighty seven. it receives about three thousand calls they are. song run he has worked here more than a decade she says sexual assault is under reported. there aren't many people who report sexual violence in the first place hopes on only one point three percent of women report that to the police. even more shocking are the statistics of how many women are killed in south korea. according to data and two thousand and fifteen a woman is murdered every two to three days on average the new. song believes that the violence is directly linked to massaging mystic attitudes in society. the
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most common way massage is express disapproval islands. but in daily life women are discriminated against it affects all aspects like the recruitment process promotion salary everything. in order to solve violence we need to educate people on gender equality. putting focus on how to make our society more equal making policies for this. i mean. these are the types of policies henri and other feminists are rallying for today. not on the. but. i was. out there. to hand out what.
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i. owe. them and are trying to move things and south korea towards a more equal balance between the sexes. until that happens their anger isn't going to fade away quietly. in india women his oldest seventy are defined there having maybe what i want to use meets these elderly mother. this time without zero. are always the rain forests of the sea we continue on our current way we won't have
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whole race within twenty thirty years from now so you're essentially trying to recreate the ecosystem but under controlled conditions the money is so the ballot bowl still doesn't answer the decline of the great barrier it's still sizeable but we're going to start and we need to get everyone behind the solution tag no at this time on hold as iraq.
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a lot of it is a product in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera the diplomatic dispute is escalating between the united states and turkey ancora says it won't process any visitor visas for u.s. citizens that's off to suspended norm immigrant visa services at its missions in turkey don mr brook.


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