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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 9, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm AST

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address or if you join us on sad. but. a relationship is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a stream and one of your pitches might make the next join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. turkey arrests a second u.s. consular official both countries suspend visa services as a diplomatic dispute intensifies. hello i'm maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up at
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least twelve ranger refugees drowned ten of them children as another boat capsizes trying to cross from me on mt to bangladesh the red cross dramatically cuts its operations in afghanistan after a series of attacks against its members. and spain's government called in the national police to guard casamance key court as it increases pressure on regional leaders to back down on independence. a diplomatic dispute between washington and ankara is intensifying after reports that turkey has issued a detention warrant for a second u.s. consulate worker last week another american consular employee was arrested in istanbul over allegations of links to last year's failed coup in turkey the turkish lira has dropshot reasons both countries suspended visa services for each of his nationals. mohammad reports. in the latest sign offering diplomatic
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relations between two nato allies the us say it was suspending the issuing of visas to turkish nationals twenty four hours later turkey retaliated through its embassy in washington with a statement that effectively immunise the want released by the united states with some exceptions the move effectively blocks turks from traveling to the united states and americans to turkey and definitively. the americans say. or or at least they're warning. at all with. regard to the american interest the dispute comes just days after a u.s. consulate employee who was arrested on charges of espionage and alleged attempts to damage the constitutional order in turkey. attack each national is also accused of
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having links with the cleric for. the u.s. denies those charges turkey has also expressed deep frustration over its fruitless calls for the united states to extradite. he's accused of plotting the field july two into sixteen coup but denies any involvement in the world as others have also indicated the coup was a scheme but who planned it who was involved in it. thousands of people have been detained in a cock down since the failed coup including u.s. citizens tuckey remains a valuable nato ally it is home to the indian. to dick military facility for the u.s. in the war against isel turkey is also part of the u.s. led coalition against isis but on close ties with washington us three and over u.s. support to the syrian kurdish fighters the y.p.
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. the viewed by turkey as an extension of the ultimate would kurdish worker's purty be k.k. to the us though the white p.d. is the most effective fighting force against eisel mohammed oh i'll just say. well tension between the u.s. and turkey started when washington backed kurdish fighters and their offensive against isis in syria that was under the obama administration turkey considers those forces an extension of the kurdistan workers' party or p k k which is waged insurgency within turkey for over three decades more recently a u.s. grand jury indicted fifteen turkish security officials for fighting with protesters during president russia type but a once trip to washington may do on describe the indictments a scandalous thousands of americans have been detained in turkey over alleged links or land a muslim a u.s. base muslim cleric who ankara accuses of being behind last year's failed coup also
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even a personal appeal from president trump is convinced to want to release them let's go live now to us state and defense department correspondent patty cohen of course she's in washington d.c. so clearly these tensions have been building up for some time what do these latest tit for tat tit for tat measures mean for and current washington. well i think the biggest impact is going to be on countries both countries citizens they won't be able to necessarily travel between the countries tourism is going to take a hit obviously that's vital to the turkish economy and important to point out that tourism international tourism into the united states since president trump took office is also on the way down so this could have an economic impact the bigger question is what's the next step if they continue down this path and we've seen it turkey of the u.s. makes a step turkey takes another step and it just keeps building so what are they building to let's not forget these countries are supposed to be very strong allies and as he mentioned the u.s. needs turkey's cooperation when it comes to its base when it comes to the fight
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against the islamic state of iraq of all bond so it's not clear right now where this goes but it is clear that it is going to continue to escalate now one thing that's important to point out is they say the turkish have asked even under president obama for for too little on the cleric to be returned to turkey the ballot ministration said there wasn't enough evidence that he was involved in the coup which he denies and so they wouldn't send him back the trip administration says they are looking at it they are looking at evidence but the idea they've that's been floated of a prisoner swap they said that's not something the u.s. is even remotely interested in so what about the visa restrictions themselves any indication as to how long they might be in place for. no there's absolutely no indication again the biggest question is ok what's next we've seen things like the turkish president came here those peaceful protesters were beaten by those security guards garrity guards were indicted so the u.s.
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responds by cutting off any sort of weapons sales that were in the pipeline a small arms weapons that were supposed to go to the security forces so we see this continuing to happen over the last two years the u.s. takes a step turkey responds u.s. turkey responds it's become a pattern so it's not at all clear that this is the end point will look and see what happens next but so far no indication that it's going to calm down or that it could escalate but it if it follows the pattern it's been on that this will be the last we hear of such a dispute between the u.s. and the turks thanks very much patty calling in washington d.c. . at least twelve people have drowned after a boat carrying were hanjour refugees from myanmar to bangladesh capsized ten of those who died with children and it's the third such incidents as people started fleeing violence and myanmar's rankine state in august more than sixty people drowned when two boats capsized last month. from cox's bazar in bangladesh.
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with news that yet another boat full of refugees capsized while it was attempting to cross from me and more to bangladesh comes another reminder of the magnitude of this refugee crisis and the fact that her hands are refugees are still trying to flee and come into bangladesh this area you see behind me these people that are here they all crossed by foot into bangladesh just earlier today we've heard horrific tales from them about what happened to them was a woman over there who told us that her husband was executed in the past week by me and mars military there's a young boy over here showed us a wound on his leg said he got out when me and more army shot at the group that he was with very sad stories more reminders that this exodus doesn't seem as though it will end anytime soon that's one reason why aid groups humanitarian organizations
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are so concerned about the plight of these people and national committee of the red cross says it will win changed its operations in afghanistan seven members of its stuff have been killed that this year six died in an attack on an aid convoy in february and last month a physiotherapist was shot dead by one of her patients and now the four way is have been abducted but the right cross says it will not be leaving the country altogether exposure to release has become. our greatest challenge and concern. we know that there is no zero risk in afghanistan and we are not aiming at that we don't want to build. differently our security than we have always done our security is builds on acceptance and dialogue and that set the nz. meaning meaningful service is that can be provided to
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the people. at least ten people have been killed in air strikes in syria as a province despite it being part of a deescalation zone though chaotic scenes in a popular market town of marked al gnomon in the aftermath of the bombing. sources say on the ground that the strikes were launched by the syrian government warplanes but the most the victims are believed to be civilians. iraqi forces have launched a mine clearing operation in how to driving i still fighters out of the city u.s. back to iraqi government troops and iranian trained popular mobilization forces declared victory over the group on thursday after a two week offensive since the military operation began thousands of civilians have fled the city including hundreds of men who were thought to be fighters with the fall of how we judge the only area in iraq that remains on the ice a stretch along the western border with syria. while iraq has taken measures against it semi autonomous kurdish region for last month's independence vote
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farmers there say they're now being punished by neighboring iran as well as a stem the flow of water to border towns on the abdel-hamid reports. it's been a tough season for many kurdish farmers and there is concern that this is just the beginning of a series of bad ones. usually produces watermelon string beans and now he has to make choices as the quality of his crops has declined. if there was enough i could plant this land but now we only work on two out of ten acres we need to estimate how much water there is before working the land and we have to make a choice if they continue like this we will have to abandon the land. the problem started a few months ago when across the border iran closed the dam on the little river which is shared by both countries some here say it all started when the kurdish
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referendum was first announced but iran says it for its own domestic consumption. here it meant that during the summer season farmers couldn't. and most of the harvest went to waste. but. well. underground water is becoming scarce faced with this problem but hunt third deeper well to save his fish farming business. the lack of water. on the size also depends on the quality of water. and clean water don't do that anymore from the first and it goes out from.
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but this is not sustainable for much longer many subscribers have also gone dry. the water is trickling back again but the flow remains at less than eighty percent of what it used to those living in the area say they only get three hours of water . you can see with the water level used to be we build these dams. it's primary emergency reaction so we can stock some water that can feed the city and the areas the pumps need a certain level of pressure to function water is not something to be neglected and it's not replaceable i think the cross will grow. the little zab river also feeds into can lake one of two that produces hydro electricity in the kurdish region here to the level is going down so far negotiations between iran and iraq's kurds haven't gone anywhere and kurdish authorities have now been threatening to cut off water supplies to central and southern iraq to provide for their own but at the
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coming al-jazeera in order. for you this half hour there is investigative programs indicated in four landmark rulings in the u.k. . and in hong kong and they are next exhibition where we meet the young talent representing the next generation of artists. hello there let's start off with a look at the weather over vietnam because we have a storm that's working its way towards us and then today we're expecting it to make landfall and when it does it's going to disintegrate fairly readily give us a lot of very heavy rain and i do think the problem from the system is going to be the rain rather than the winds they shouldn't be too strong certainly
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a lot of heavy rain across this region that we've. already seen some places reporting over one hundred millimeters so this rain on top of that could well give us a problem with the widespread flooding that system gradually disintegrates as i mentioned as it works its way towards the west but behind it still plenty of wind bringing in plenty of moisture so expect more heavy showers here over the next few days meanwhile if we head out towards the west we've been watching this little circulation here is very near called cutter and it's gradually going to be running its way towards the northwest over the next day or so so one chews day heavy rains here and then that gradually pushes its way north west woods as we head through wednesday very sharp showers out of this other showers elsewhere not quite as intense but still for the southern half of india really we can expect some sunshine and a few outbreaks of rain for further north in new delhi it's dry but still hot thirty five now here in doha the temperatures are easing and they'll continue to do so over the next few days.
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on counting the cost us billionaire president donald trump wants the cop taxes but how will his plan impact ordinary americans just plain vs crap saloni of the economic implications plus comic given what's behind the collapse of australia's auto industry counting the costs at this time. with al-jazeera is eyes and ears on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories forty fortieth's that's incredibly to. welcome back you're watching out is there a quick recap of the top stories this hour a diplomatic dispute between washington and ankara has intensified with turkey
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arresting a second u.s. consulate official the u.s. suspended visas to turkish nationals turkey retaliated by doing the same to american visitors at least twelve people have drowned after a boat carrying ranger refugees from myanmar to bangladesh capsized ten of those killed were children. and the international committee of the red cross says it will reduce its operations in afghanistan after seven members of its staff were killed there this year. now spain's deputy prime minister is warning that the government will act on any catalan declaration of independence president is due to address the regional parliament on tuesday and the government is worried it will vote to unilaterally declare independence catalonia as high court as oss the spanish national police to provide extra security at the building in case the declaration goes ahead. you know yes but you know if the country on president declares unilateral independence we will have to take measures and that decision will be made by the government of spain will try to have other political groups join us but
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as i'm saying that declaration will have a response let's go live now to jonah hollies in barcelona for us jonah what is the significance of this move to bring the national police in to guard the court well arguably i think it has greater symbolic significance than political significance look at them they're lined up these police vans outside the high court building here in catalonia it's a substantially unusual sight to see the national police on the streets of barcelona it's a provocative site so they do anybody in favor of independence here and it really points to the level of anticipation that there is now in spain and here in catalonia ahead of the announcement the speech due from colors demand in the parliament on tuesday evening in which it is thought possible anyway that he may declare independence from spain and the consequences of that well nobody can
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quite be sure but amongst them would be that state institutions like this court would change hands pretty quickly which is why the president of this court asked the supreme court to approve the presence here of national police standing alongside the squadron that's the catalonians own police force in anticipation of what may happen the morning after as it were so it's a judicial decision this not a political decision but having said that the use of section one five five that constitutional clause it's never been used before you heard the prime minister there the deputy prime minister rather it's still very much on the table the possibility that spain may revoke this region's autonomy in the immediate aftermath of any declaration of independence you know how difficult will it be for catalonia as leaders to follow through on its pledge to declare independence and you look at that the pressure that continues to mount on. well it's anybody's anybody's guess frankly what they're thinking now in terms of
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what the next move is there's a huge amount of pressure on them from their own supporters of course there's pressure on them from the nine hundred people who were injured in police violence during the referendum there to do something to do nothing and simply walk away would be extremely difficult for them but there is a lot of pressure as you say building against this decision economic pressure fifteen companies including two huge banks have moved their legal headquarters out of catalonia in anticipation of it into independence move that would see this place taken out of essentially out of the you out of the single market the french have said they wouldn't recognize any declaration of independence the e.u. has said likewise so there is a huge amount of pressure bearing from both sides on these leaders but what mr poynter amount may do on tuesday night is anybody's guess thank you very much john holl in barcelona. angela merkel is to capture families refugee intake at two hundred thousand a year in an attempt to unite coalition partners after last month's election
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a german chancellor may be announcement alongside horst c. hoffa leader of coalition partners c.s.u. bavaria one of the strongest critics of merkel's refugee policies merkel's christian democrats have been forced to pursue coalition of nations with several parties following a worse than expected election result. before i mean in before noon or miss i'm happy that we found a compromise we didn't make it easy for ourselves yesterday for many hours we discussed all facets of asylum law refugee law and immigration law in detail we also analyzed the current situation and it was clear that it is all about an overall concept an overall concept and a regulator a framework for migration. accordance area ever has acquitted a bosnian commander of war crimes now sorority and another military veteran were found not guilty of crimes against three serb prisoners of war who were murdered in one thousand nine hundred two in srebrenica the ruling was greeted by both celebration and condemnation in bosnia many bosnian muslims regard the former
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commander as a hero for leading the defense of strep a need to cheering the war but families of bosnian serbs killed in the war if you are rich and his troops as criminals walked out of the hearing in protest as mina calls has more from sorry of. former commander of was in ami instead and he sent us at all is not guilty of killing three captive serbs olders in one thousand nine hundred two this is the first instance verdict to delivered by the bosnian state court in sarajevo it is possible to appeal on the subject in june two thousand and six so it was sentenced by the court in hague two years in prison for failing to prevent the and inhumane treatment of prisoners he was immediately released because he had already served the time but the un court's appeal chamber overturn the verdict and cleared him in june two thousand and fifteen he traveled to switzerland where he was arrested on a warrant issued by serbia claiming that he committed war crimes by the space authorities extradited him to bosnia and herzegovina where he was also under
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investigation for war crimes which he denies the trial started in january two thousand and sixteen many see or each as a hero for his role in defending said and it said before the mess occurred in one thousand nine hundred five but many bows and serbs see him as the man responsible for killing soldiers who surrenders to a boy as an army unit under his command. kenyan police have fired on people protesting against proposed changes that would make it harder for the supreme court to a now an election. the. key protesters were taken to hospital in the capital nairobi with gunshot wounds a rerun of august presidential vote is due to take place in two and a half weeks after the cotton aleph either here or kenya at israel action citing irregularities the latest demonstration came as a rights group released new figures saying thirty seven people were killed in the protests that followed the orchestra election. we are being killed we're being tear gas and shell said what have we done wrong why is it that when can yasser
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supporters stagecoaches they are not tortured or beaten. so no comment kenya is a democratic country and we want to allow people to play around with our rights as citizens we have a right to demonstrate right now one of us has been shot for no reason we are requesting the president to stop giving orders to harm us. there are reports that secret trials have begun in nigeria for more than six thousand people accused of being members of the armed group around the mass trials are reportedly being held behind closed doors by civilian judges at a military facility rights groups say they are worried about the lack of transparency it's estimated around twenty thousand people have been killed and millions displaced during eight years of fighting between government troops and the armed group. algeria's journalism has been vindicated in four landmark rulings issued by britain's office of communications known as off called the decisions address complaints made against al-jazeera as investigative unit which produced the
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undercover series the lobby is exposing israeli embassies kovacs campaign to smear pressure citizens critical of israel and its policies clayton swisher has this report. in a four part series broadcast in january al-jazeera is investigative unit expose these really government's attempts to influence british democracy he said because. the headlines at eleven o'clock israel's ambassador to the u.k. has apologized after a senior diplomat was caught on camera saying he wanted to take down the foreign office minister ellen duncan island balcony was a strong critic of jewish settlements and israeli senior political officer and a british civil servant were forced to resign the diplomats who question no don't just seems to be a functionary of the embassy in london that whatever whatever he may jackie had been doing he's come that can be said to be in but in truth the blood following that the pro israel media began to attack al-jazeera complaints were made to off
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calm britain's office of communications the regulatory body is charged with ensuring broadcasters are fair and balanced al-jazeera english is required to uphold its standards the films were accused of being anti-semitic that they infringe the privacy of pro israeli advocates that they were unfair and biased off com launched an investigation and after nine months fully vindicated the work of algiers investigative unit it rejected every complaint clayton swisher al-jazeera doha have been mass evacuations in northern california as wildfires blame the wind but using region flames covered eighty hectares of land and now i count a while a second five thousand in neighboring sonoma county on the five also being a fourth hit area still no word on the extent of the damage but pictures show some people being hospitalized strong winds and making a fire as was and smoke is drifting into the san francisco bay area. a japanese
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both what it says is the final video of the brother of north korean leader kim jong un before his death in malaysia in february kim jong nam died after the highly toxic v.x. nerve agent was smeared in his face as he waited for a flight to women a colony on trial in malaysia for the killing. the final nobel prize winner of twenty seven thousand has been announced with u.s. academic richard thaler winning the award for economics failure as a professor of behavioral science at university of chicago is rewarded for his work on how human nature can distort rational markets fail owens one point one million dollars in prize money and says he'll spend it as rationally as possible. hong kong's next exhibition emerging artists are getting a platform to showcase their work the fare presents creations by seventy artists from around the world but has developed a part in reports it's also an unusual event phone call
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a city which mostly caters to the well heeled and well established in the art world . it's being called the arts fair for everyone you'll see established art experts those experiencing their first exhibit are technophiles curious about the app that makes a drawing come alive and the south african artist says it's not just the visitors who gain a unique perspective it actually just opens our eyes to different cultures to different ways of working to different materials to different kind of gazes into. other works the fair features work from nineteen different countries but it's these watercolors from a local painter that have captured the imagination of many. few people in hong kong include people in the outdoor sketches mycenae paint the landscape but can a cup just people in that daily lives. she bought two pieces is a good way of expressing your heart because you can draw whatever you like on
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a blank piece of paper and so at the front of it to draw what's unusual about kenny is not just his age he's twelve or his talent but that is thriving in a society where academics and material wealth are valued above creativity his father an architect turned art teacher encouraged him to showcase his work he will . after. the way to doing the work have a good fit. better than just learning from which to chose which style but these learning opportunities are few and far between despite hong kong being a destination for international art collectors and buyers many are say the focus is on high end high profile events and there's very little attention given to nurturing young talents and creativity that's the theme of this artist's charcoal in ink piece depicting faceless hong kong students eating pineapple buns
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a local snack i used as a metaphor for force feeding education system so they're hoping it's about transition from the home we're richer society and now we're able to have more creativity is in our individual life organizers say the event not only gives artists exposure but will also allow the art world to see the city in a new light if you go paul in our jazeera hong kong where you can find more everything we're covering news and features as well as their home. the stories making headlines this hour a diplomatic dispute between washington and anchor is intensifying with turkey issuing a detention warrant for a second u.s. consulate worker the turkish lira has dropped sharply since both countries
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suspended visa services for each other's nationals present type but one is called the halting of visas very upsetting u.s. state department correspondent patty call hi and how small the biggest impact is going to be on countries both countries citizens they won't be able to necessarily travel between the countries tourism is going to take a hit obviously that's vital to the turkish economy and important to point out that tourism international tourism into the united states since president took office is also on the way down so this could have an economic impact the bigger question is what's the next step if they continue down this path and we've seen it turkey or the u.s. makes a step turkey takes another step and it just keeps building so what are they building to let's not forget these countries are supposed to be very strong allies at least twelve people have drowned after a boat carrying ranger refugees from myanmar to bangladesh capsized ten of those who died with children and this is the third such incident since people started fleeing violence in myanmar as rankine state in august more than sixty people
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drowned when two boats capsized last month. the international committee of the red cross says it will reduce its operations in afghanistan to seven members of its staff were killed there this year six died in an attack on an aid convoy in february and last month a physiotherapist was shot dead by one of her patients and all the four workers have been abducted. at least ten people have been killed in as strikes in syria as a live province despite it being part of a deescalation zone the strikes hit the popular market town of marjah. sources that say the strikes were launched by syrian government warplanes. iraqi forces of launched an operation to clear mines left i still in how we after the armed group was driven out of the city last week during the two week offensive thousands of civilians and i still fight has fled the city. when i was the top
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stories more news coming up in twenty five minutes after counting the cost. of this is counting the cost of our desire your weekly look at the world of business and finance this week. to economics u.s. president donald trump puts forward his plan to cut taxes for america's wealthy and big business. tax is one of the reasons pitting catalonia against spain ne reason.


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