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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2017 12:00am-1:01am AST

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of america's closest regional manager israel over two hundred were killed and wounded the front part of the ship was just red with blood what happened that day has long been a subject of cover up a mystery now the truth can be revealed the day israel attacked america a major investigation at this time on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello everyone i'm first of all and a warm welcome to this news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes president describes the u.s.
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decision to suspend these are services the turkish citizens as up setting. a top republican senator says donald trump is treating the president seemed like a reality show and could put the u.s. on course for world war three. new footage shows the scale of the refugee crisis this after another boat capsizes drowning twelve refugees ten of them children. catalonians high court asked for extra protection from spanish police as pressure grows on the castle and president not to declare independence. alive he descended and with only sports news as iceland become the smallest nation ever to qualify for the fee for world cup all of that story and more later this news hour. turkey's president has described the u.s. to. to suspend most visa services for turkish citizens as setting the visa freeze
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was in response to an american consulate employee being arrested in istanbul accused of links to last year's failed coup in turkey and immediately suspended its own visa services in the us and is reported so issued a warrant to question a second u.s. consulate worker the u.s. ambassador to turkey says how long the visa suspension last will depend on talks between the two governments medical reports from washington d.c. . after the arrest of a worker at the u.s. embassy in ankara and a warrant issued for another the u.s. took the unusual step of saying they would stop issuing visas for turkish nationals traveling to america turkey quickly followed suit with similar measures but president richard. he did it reluctantly and this is a very sad decision. the embassador has taken a decision and started implementing it so it's a source of sadness. this is just the latest in
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a growing list of diplomatic back and forth the relationship between these two nato allies started souring during the syrian civil war turkey upset the us didn't do enough against the assad government even angrier when the u.s. backed kurdish fighters and later armed them. then last year's coup attempt and it got worse blame to clerics between the golan who lives in the u.s. they wanted him extradited for his alleged role the obama administration refused and the trump administration hasn't moved on it either that was a big issue when he first met president donald trump but that was overshadowed by what happened when he left the oval office. turkish security officers violently attacked what appeared to be peaceful protesters outside the turkish ambassador's residence fifteen of them were indicted in u.s. courts and as a result the u.s. stopped a planned sale of small arms to turkey turkey further angered the u.s. when it agreed to buy a russian missile defense system equipment that wouldn't work with
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a nato has indicated he would be willing to trade americans imprisoned in turkey for golan but given that would be hard to do within the legal system something he really wants the case thrown out against her citizen reza zurab who is awaiting trial in the u.s. for allegedly helping turkey of aid sanctions against iran and it was a matter of wanting it back then wanting the case to go away it wanting him not to testify not wanting any of the details about their role in helping iran evade sanctions coming out in the course of a trial it will be yet another chance for the already frosty relationship to cool even more political hang al-jazeera washington. and is a techie risk specialist he says these disputes threaten to shift the course of the relationship between ankara and washington. economically also in terms of turkey's security infrastructure its membership in nato its reliance on us the nuclear
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umbrella sort of speak all of these are factors that entrenched the two countries into this alliance however as we see more and more often these various parts occurring these disagreements these. sentimental crevices emerging between the two countries that will contribute to a longer term shift of turkey away from the united states. and we will see probably the country seek to rekindle its ties with various other alternatives we have definitely seen president add one voice such intentions but again this is not something turkey can do overnight and any speculation about turkey having now become a russian ally as opposed to its alliance with the us these are exaggerated these things take much longer time and then than that iran is promising
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a crushing response if the u.s. designates its elite revolutionary guard as a terrorist scrape the page was made a week before president donald trump is expected to announce his rejection of the irani clear deal once that happens the u.s. congress can then decide whether to reimpose sanctions a possibility that iran says it's taking very seriously it's a must ravi has this update from tehran. in the last few days the headlines here have been dominated by defiant rhetoric from iranian leaders who say that any actions by the united states to impose new sanctions or to abandon the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal will be met with a strong response at a news conference iran's foreign ministry spokesman. has said that it would be a strategic mistake for the white house to place the country's revolutionary guard corps on a list of terror organizations and that he hoped for a more rational response from the u.s. president the language in recent days from the revolutionary guard itself has been much stronger the chief commander has said that if the united states was to take
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such an action then its bases in the region would be considered strategic targets and that its troops in the region would be given the same status in the eyes of the iranian forces as isis fighters and even as countries who helped negotiate the nuclear dealers the united states not to take any actions to abandon it iran wants people to know that it will meet any new challenges from a position of strength it's posturing on both sides that is putting the obama administration's hard won nuclear deal in jeopardy. an influential republican politician in the u.s. says president trump is treating the office like a reality show and could set the nation on the path to world war senator bob corker the chairman of the foreign relations committee made his comments in a nice paper interview after fights on twitter with the president caucus says he's alarmed and concerned by actions in the oval office from washington alan fischer reports i personally have no bob corker has a reputation as
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a reliable republican which makes his attack on the president even more remarkable in an interview with the new york times he accused donald trump of treating the office of president like a reality show but he warned his reckless threats on twitter could set the u.s. on the path to world war three such is the risk says the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee but he says i know for a fact that every single day at the white house it's a situation of trying to contain him it's not the first time bob corker has spoken out against the president after announcing last week he wasn't going to run for the senate again he felt bold enough to say this i think. sect a teller a certain sector a mattress and. chief of staff kelly. are. those people that help separate our country from chaos that can do it seems to upset president trump he took to twitter to claim that corker begged him to back you merely senate race but he refused that he asked to be secretary of state and was rejected and then you know expected corker to be
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a negative voice corker decided not to let that pass remember this is an open exchange from two senior republicans he responded it's a shame the white house has become an adult daycare center someone obviously missed their shift this morning he then followed up with the interview with the new york times hoping and that more senators will really i go to her program has said and really perhaps put some pressure on the white house to tighten their act and really let some control on this president corker is said to be close to secretary of state rex tillerson who held a news conference last week to reaffirm his support for the president after it was claimed he called mr trump a moron let me tell you what i've learned about this president whom i did not know before taking this office he loves this country he puts americans and america first the smart center court he still has more than a year of his final senate term to run and could cause issues for the president and
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his agenda if his feud with the white house continues and if other senators actually break ranks and express the concerns senator corker insists they also have alan fischer i'll just you know washington let's talk more about this with brad blakeman he's a republican strategist and a former adviser to president george w. bush as you can see he joins us from washington thanks for being with us on the program just how damaging do you think these comments are by senator corker. i don't think they're damaging at all to the president but it's unfortunate because i think it gives fodder to the enemies of america beyond our borders but senator corker i think is a little upset because it's clear he cannot win reelection that's why he's taken himself out of the race for reelection so i think he's a little bit peeved by that upset by it and he's taking it out on the president and it is unfortunate but it's a it's a fight of diminishing returns for him because donald trump will be president long
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after senator corker is gone what do you say that and i know that the senate on the president disputes about whether or not he was running again but sensical cole says that his concerns a shed by needy every senate republican if that is true might they now not be emboldened to come forward and say similar things about the president i don't think so because it's not true and number one number two is they rise and fall with the president next year a third of the senate is up for reelection and the american people are not voting for donald trump they're voting for the entire lower house of representatives and a third of the senate so they're going to have to stand on their own record so i think they rise and fall with the president the republicans they have a majority and wishing the president ill is not going to help their efforts to remain in power does they have a right there to criticize the president to he fails that the president is actually leading the american people into another world war as he puts it he clearly believes that this president is reckless ill informed impulsive unfit for command
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the various other people in high circles in washington who've echoed those. i have not heard those sentiments i've worked in washington for three presidents i live here i work here and i don't i don't hear that i don't think it systemically i think it's isolated but again these people if you looked at past their comments they every one of them seems to have an ax to grind in some way against the president they're not getting their way and so they they're acting out against him but leading us to war i think it's been the last eight years the a-bomb ministration who brought us the disastrous iranian deal and brought us strategic patience with north korea if anything it was obama who set us on a path to war not a president who's been in office less than a year but a president who says things like rocket and we will have no choice but to destroy north korea very provocative and i asked do you appraise personally off the way the president tweets and the way he behaves in public some i do it in some i wish
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he would hold his father but. i think donald trump certainly i think everyone can agree is a president like we've never saw before and that's a comfort and it's also confusion. to try and figure him out but at the end of the day you know when he went after nato. what did nato do they started to pony up more money and be more responsible so this carrot and stick are good cop bad cop. way of the president doing business i think can can be very positive and it also keeps our enemies off guard which i think again is is something that should have been done long ago in america brad blakeman great to have you with us and your thoughts on this story appreciate it thanks so much thank you thank you. and coming up on this al-jazeera news hour the red cross cuts its operations in afghanistan after a series of attacks on its. secret trials begin in nigeria hundreds of
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people accused of being members of book iran. and a very public statement from the v.a. pay is mike pence walks out of an n.f.l. game over the. full details with its books. at least twelve people have drowned boat carrying refugees from the desk capsized ten of those who died with children it is the third such accident since people started fleeing violence in mammals the kind states in august or the sixty people drowned when two boats capsized. on g.m. has more from cox's bizarre in bangladesh. with news that yet another boat full of refugees capsized while it was attempting to cross from me and more to bangladesh comes another reminder of the magnitude of this refugee crisis and the fact that
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we're going to refugees are still trying to flee and come into bangladesh this area you see behind me these people that are here they all crossed by foot into bangladesh just earlier today we've heard horrific tales from them about what happened to them was a woman over there who told us that her husband was executed in the past week by me and large military there's a young boy over here showed us a wound on his leg said he got out when me and my army shot at the group that he was with very sad stories more reminders that this exodus doesn't seem as though it will in anytime soon that's one reason why aid groups humanitarian organizations are so concerned about the plight of these people. and a newly released video by the u.k.'s disasters emergency committee shows the huge scale of the range of crisis large numbers of refugees have been forced to settle in the bayou kali refugee camp that's just one of several in bangladesh around five
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hundred fifty thousand written just arrived in the country from the amar fleeing the military's brutal crackdown in rakhine state there's a national committee of the red cross is reducing its operations in afghanistan seven members of its staff have been killed there this year six died in an attack on an aid convoy in february and last month the physiotherapists was shot dead by one of her patients another four workers have been abducted well earlier we spoke to the head of the i.c.r.c. monica's on a rally she says the decision had to be taken having lost seven precious colleagues and having had three kidnapped. it's clearly something we had not experienced in such a short period of time. in our thirty years in afghanistan we had certainly suffered security events in the past but not of this and tittie and this has
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certainly prompted the situation additionally the last incident that has hit. in the heart of its acceptance in centered there has been helping parents of thousands of the most well noble people in afghanistan certainly triggered. more questions and therefore the decision taken. pressure is increasing on the castle and government to back down from its planned declaration of independence on tuesday france's european affairs minister says her country would not recognize the region if it's seeds from spain meanwhile catalonia is high court as requested extra security from the spanish national police to protect its building in case the decoration goes ahead and a whole has more from barcelona. no matter which side of the independence debate
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one is on this is a sight a few in catalonia would welcome the national police drafted in after a supreme court ruling to guard the high court ahead of tuesday's address to parliament by the region's president carlos preached a moment it's a bit scary to see so many police in the streets because i am used to see them. but i'm not used to seeing so many bodies will not change yet and now they're here now we have them on our doorstep and feeling under siege. these police guys the have really hit us hard and it's i think it's very bad here at the moment a spokesman for the squadron catalonians police force said it had no choice but to accept the supreme court ruling. you know. we don't understand it at all we have been guarding the spear court of catalonia for the last twenty four
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years and there's never been any reaction to our service so we don't understand it and we don't like it but it is a judicial destruction so we accepted. the extremely unusual you might call it provocative site of spain's national police on guard outside this important building in central barcelona is a reminder of just what sensitive times these are as this region and the whole of spain await a possible unilateral declaration of independence by catalonia on monday madrid again made it clear that an independence declaration would have immediate consequences not at. the ready for any circumstances because we are already vaccinated against the fanaticism of most of them all and any hope that he will return to sanity and serenity therefore it's necessary to consider all possible options with worked on all of them one option is to use special constitutional powers to revoke a couple of years of ptolemy if that were to happen they'd be far more to worry
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about than the national police guard outside the high court don't know how al-jazeera barcelona. the vast majority of spaniards outside catalonia are basically opposed to any independence declaration many say the claim by some catalan nationalists that they were the only ones who suffered under franco's thirty six year dictatorship ignores history or insular reports from central spain . across the her i'm a river valley you can see madrid away in the distance. the people here maintain the relics of war in tribute to the vicious history of spain. eighty years ago the forces of fascism try to encircle madrid the battle of her armor is legendary this incline was called suicide hill by the anti fascist brigades twenty thousand died stopping franco from taking the capital. ok so this was eleven and nine hundred thirty seven at ninety one his memory is undimmed. your number their mockery and
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the like of what my mother and i run to a house looking for shelter we thought it was the end of the world we heard the explosions they made a great impression on me i understood then that we were at war. at the local museum you can see how outgunned the empty fascists were faced with the aircraft and tanks at franco's disposal these men and women came from across spain and far beyond to protect york from fascism only two years before the outbreak of world war two. and then i think if we go after madrid was called the heroic city they fought tooth and nail if madrid fell the next poets agree franco would have won the war sooner they want to talk all about this here because it's so important not only for historians what happened here eighty years ago plays directly into the sense of outrage that many spanish people have about what's happening in catalonia right now the capsule as they say are using the campaign for
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independence as a historical crutch to cover up their own sense of entitlement and victim hood the sense that the cats lands were the only people who suffered under franco when actually much of the rest of spain did too. in the nearby town which is nothing like as rich as much of modern catalonia the spanish flags are out in force large parts of spain suffered starvation after the war they will do it but the claims of the council on leadership for special sympathy. look you up in april but here we are sad and worried we can't repeat history during the civil war the town square was washed in blood it wasn't only one region that was suffering. history can be read in more than one way. the legacy of franco is used in catalonia for a new sort of nationalism here though in an age of new european divisions they say it is a reason for unity mournfully al-jazeera in the forum of early kenyan police
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a fight on people protesting against plans to make it harder for the supreme court to a null and election. three protest as was seriously wounded in the capital nairobi a rerun of august presidential vote is due to take place in two and a half weeks after the course nullified hurrican yet his re-election citing irregularities the kenyan national commission on human rights has released new figures saying thirty seven people were killed in the process that followed the august election. we are being killed we're going to guess and shaw said what have we done wrong why is it that when can you also support his stagecoaches they are not tortured or peyton. simoneau coming to kenya is a democratic country and we want to allow people to play around with our rights as citizens we have a right to demonstrate right now one of us has been shot for no reason we are requesting the president to stop giving orders to hamas. let's go to nigeria now
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where trials were due to begin on monday amid great secrecy the more than sixteen hundred people accused of being members of the armed group buckle her on the trials are reportedly being held behind closed doors by civilian court judges at a military facility there are reports that hundreds more will be tried once they finish rights groups say they're worried about the lack of transparency it's estimated around twenty thousand people have been killed and millions displaced during eight years of fighting between government troops and the armed group. we're joined live now by john campbell a former u.s. ambassador to nigeria and senior fellow for africa studies at the council on foreign relations in washington d.c. thanks for being with us on the program how concerned should we be that these mass trials are taking place behind closed doors. well we should be concerned we should be concerned because we will have no independent way of verifying how
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fair the trials are but there are other reasons to be concerned as well i think first of all the numbers to be tried are very large sixteen hundred at least at first there are only four judges that have been chosen to conduct the trials. that means the trials will either be very quick or the whole process will go on for a long time and then finally most of those who are being tried have been detained without charge for a relatively long period of time and one has to question whether or not evidence has been gathered by the authorities or whether their detention was simply arbitrary one argument of the holding the trials in secret behind closed doors a nazi an open course is that some witnesses would have been too frightened to appear in open court i'm give evidence is there an argument for that.
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i don't think there's much of an argument for it no after all one can always make that argument when ever we are talking about a war zone or an area where there's a great deal of where there has been an insurrection. governments need to protect witnesses it's as simple as that the house being of course as we know a lot of pressure all nigeria to defeat book or her role should the international community be welcoming the fact that these trials are going ahead as evidence that nigeria has been doing what it said it was going to do. i think the international community should welcome the fact that the trials are going ahead because at least the trials are each you dish will process up to now most of the detainees have been held without charge and many of the detainees have been held
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for a very long time and the conditions of night in nigeria and places of detention are pretty bad. international for example has estimated that some thousands of detainees have died mostly from disease lack of water lack of food so yes the fact that the trials are going ahead means that there is a judicial process in place it remains to be seen whether it will be fair i. don't appreciate your time thanks for being with us on the sound is there a new south and. and there is still to come on that including. iran is. to punish them for the region independence.
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hanging in the balance. and mickey mouse for the tennis number two. high. in sports. how are we going to get autumn flowing our weather the moment that westerly flow the winds coming in from the atlantic streaming in the fair amount of cloud and rain for some mild weather in the process we'll see a fair bit of wet weather just around the baltic states landing right down towards the black sea as we go on through the next day or so this out west the weather swirling away there just spilling out of finland temperatures getting up well into the mid to high teens across the central parts gets around eighteen celsius for
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london and paris as those winds continue to come in from a westerly direction i think a little more cloud of right as we go on through widens day wetter weather coming down across england the wells brightening up nicely for scotland and ireland having said that for france as we go on through the next. central as if you're pushing over towards ukraine into western russia seeing some cloud of rice south of that is five and dry with the warm sunshine will see the warmth making its way back into madrid once again and that warmer weather coming in of course as we go on through the next few days funny things have just arriving out somewhat back we'll see temperatures around thirty one celsius on tuesday warm sunshine right there across parts of northern africa not quite as warm in benghazi for the top temperature here with twenty three.
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add cattle to your journey with a free hotel stay in transit fees or when you fly with qatar airways to any of our one hundred fifty destinations cattle airways going places together. in the heart of the amazon delivery in families put their lives in peril to harvest brazil not. catching the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge. a. risky new tool in the libya. at this time on al jazeera.
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welcome back under mind at the top stories on al-jazeera a diplomatic dispute between washington and has intensified with turkey issuing a warrant to question a second u.s. consulate official the u.s. has spent a visa services the turkish nationals turkey retaliated by doing the same to american. at least twelve people have drowned off a boat carrying ranger refugees from mammals on the dash capsized ten of those killed were children. high cortisol quested extra security from the spanish national police in case the cattle regional calment declared independence on tuesday. iraq has already taken measures against its semi autonomous kurdish region
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the independence don't it's held last month and now kurdish punished by neighboring iran as well they accused of stemming the flow of the border towns. reports from northern iraq. it's been a tough season for many kurdish farmers and there is concern that this is just the beginning of a series of bad ones. usually produces watermelon string beans and now he has to make choices as the quality of his crops has declined all right. if there was enough plant this land but now we only work on two out of ten. we need to estimate how much water there is before working the land and we have to make a choice if they continue like this we will have to abandon the land. the problem started
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a few months ago when across the border iran closed the dam on the little river which is shared by both countries some here say it all started when the kurdish referendum was first announced but iran says it needs the water for its own domestic consumption. here. farmers couldn't. and most of the harvest went to waste. but since you've been shut down the well. underground water is becoming scarce faced with this problem. third deeper well to save his fish farming business. also depends on the quality of water.
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and clean water don't do that anymore from the first and it goes out from. but this is not sustainable for much longer many subscribers have also gone dry. the water is trickling back again but the flow remains at less than eighty percent of what it used to be those living in the area say they only get three hours of water. you can see where the water level used to be we build these dams. it's primary emergency reaction so we can stock some water that can feed the city and the areas the pumps need a certain level of pressure to function water is not something to be neglected and it's not replaceable i think the crisis will grow. the little zab river also feeds into can lake one of two that produces hydro electricity in the kurdish region here to the level is going down so far negotiations between iran and iraq's kurds
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haven't gone anywhere and kurdish authorities have now been threatening to cut off water supplies to central and southern iraq to provide for their own. but up the coming up in order. from rival palestinian factions fatah and hamas are in cairo the talks on reconciling split the deal brokered by egypt follows a cabinet meeting last week which want to return to work of the unity government but. in the occupied west bank the two sides are even divided over the parameters for the upcoming talks. on the way out of gaza hamas officials not for the first time in recent weeks were exuding optimism the architecture of a deal had been brokered by egypt now it was for hamas and fatah to start work on the details in cairo face to face. we are going to cairo to discuss the mechanism of implementing the two thousand and eleven karo
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agreements we already signed with matter which includes the p.l.o. preparing for elections and forming a unity government. but before the hamas negotiators even left it was clear the other side had different expectations senior. telling al-jazeera nothing had come of the twenty eleven agreement instead but i would present a vision for a unified national strategy for hamas to sign up to the most of this i do they want to have this. ever. this is what the. delivery of services would certainly be welcomed by garzon suffering daily deprivation the divide which began with gun battles ten years ago has combined with the israeli blockade scene gars a slide into economic and humanitarian calamity
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a situation worsened by three conflict with israel in which thousands of palestinians died this year palestinian president mahmoud abbas imposed restrictions on salaries and electricity supplies increasing the pressure on hamas to seek a deal now he's insisting that any agreement prevents hamas is military wing from remaining an external alternative center of power. the buses position is that he refuses the equation whereby the palestinian authority governs overground and hamas governs underground so it seems the issue of arms is on the table even though it wasn't in previous agreements. for all the smiles on the show in gaza last week when the palestinian authority prime minister assembled his cabinet for a formal handover of power this reconciliation remains at a fragile early stage previous attempts to end the split have ended in failure there is early momentum this time not least as a result of egypt's intervention but now comes the harder test of thrashing out
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longstanding divisions in direct negotiations are a force that. al-jazeera has been cleared of accusations of anti semitism and bias by britain's communications regular called ratings address complaints made against al-jazeera as investigative units which produced the on the cover series the low pay it exposed the israeli embassy campaign to smear bush's citizens who are critical of israel and its policy. reports. in a four part series broadcast in january al-jazeera is investigative unit expose these really government's attempts to influence british democracy thank you so we. think. the headlines at eleven o'clock israel's ambassador to the u.k. has apologized after a senior diplomat was caught on camera saying he wanted to take down the foreign office minister duncan alan duncan is a strong critic of jewish settlements and israeli senior political officer and
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a british civil servant were forced to resign the diplomat to question no longer as seems to be a functionary of the embassy in london. that whatever whatever he may jackie had been doing he's come that can be said to be well and truly bloody following that the pro israel media began to attack al-jazeera complaints were made to offer calm britain's office of communications the regulatory body is charged with ensuring broadcasters are fair and balanced al-jazeera english is required to uphold its standards the films were accused of being anti-semitic that they infringe the privacy of pro israeli advocates that they were unfair and biased off com launched an investigation and after nine months fully vindicated the work of algiers investigative unit it rejected every complaint clayton swisher al-jazeera doha. british prime minister to reason may says the amount the u.k. will have to pay to exit the european union won't be known for sure until the
12:40 am
country leaves speaking to parliament she said the final details of britain's withdrawal be agreed at the end of the negotiating process in march twenty ninth. reports indicate brussels could demand as much as eighty billion dollars from the u.k. to satisfy commitments made under the treaties. i'm going to merkel is to cap germany's refugee intake at two hundred thousand a year as she tries to unite our coalition partners following last month's election the german chancellor made the announcement alongside horsy hoffa the leader of coalition partner c.s.u. bavaria one of the strongest critics of her refugee policies calls christian democrats are being forced to pursue coalition ago she with several parties after a worse than expected election result if it were me in before noon. i'm happy that we found a compromise we didn't make it easy for ourselves yesterday for many hours we discussed all facets of asylum law refugee law and immigration law in detail we
12:41 am
also analyzed the current situation and it was clear that it is all about an overall concept an overall concept and a regulator a framework for migration a court in sarajevo has acquitted a bosnian commander of war crimes now storage and another military veteran were found not guilty of crimes against three sir prisoners of war who were murdered in one thousand nine hundred two. the ruling through both celebration and condemnation in bosnia when he bosnian muslims regard the former commando as a hero for leading the defense of srebrenica during the war the families of bosnian serbs killed in the war have you are rich and his troops as criminals walked out of the hearing in protest there's been of course has more from sarajevo. former commander of wars in amin's the brennan center said auditor is not a guilty of killing three captive serb soldiers in one thousand nine hundred two this is the first instance verdict of delivered by the bosnian state court in
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sarajevo it is possible to appeal on these verdicts in june two thousand and six thought it was sentenced by the court in hague two years in prison for failing to prevent the murder and inhumane treatment of sir prisoners he was immediately released because he had already served the time but the un court's appeal chamber overturned the verdict and cleared him in june two thousand and fifteen he traveled to switzerland where he was arrested on a warrant issued by serbia claiming that he committed war crimes but dismissed authorities extradited him to bosnia-herzegovina where he was also under investigation for war crimes which he denies the trial started in january two thousand and sixteen many bosniaks to see orator as a hero for his role in defending civil and it's before domestic or in one thousand nine hundred five but many bosnian serbs see him as the man responsible for killing soldiers who are surrendered to a bosnian army unit under his command india's top court has temporarily banned the sale of firecrackers in the capital delhi the decision was made ahead of devalue the hindu festival of lights with worries over an increase in pollution deval is
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traditionally a shut in with the public setting off a five caucus two schools were forced to close its vehicle emissions smoke from farms and the fumes from fireworks ticketed to devotees of west pollution tragedies . an estimated twenty thousand people have fled wildfires in the western united states which have destroyed at least fifteen hundred homes and businesses one person has been killed by the fires which have devastated large areas of the wine producing regions of northern california winds of more than one hundred kilometers an hour have been feeding the flames a state of emergency has been declared in three counties. for two decades the villa lorraine a refuge in colombia has sheltered abused animals drug lords all the circus but now environmental authorities say the facility must close. this is hit before it stalls shot. jupiter delight you might appear to have the same of
12:44 am
a cat in the wild around this adopted mother he's no more try to house. he's one of many exotic animals that shelters that. are unique animal refuge and. trade which connects them all is that they were abused in the past. or on their own she had fun with her head on molly or now. you want to get a circus rode a lion and a tiger one lion was crippled they broke his power by a lashes another line was crossed like more and more animals kept arriving because they see the lack of space to life for twenty six years i have done the work of the state run there in this is. the list though at one time police handed over a steady supply of animals many seized from drug lords. i cry out of anger and impotence when i see them so abused so by
12:45 am
a lated by human beings but those. revenues from three private schools have helped finance the facility supermarkets provide fruits and veggies lend the remains of their livestock for the big cats be alerting us found there has long been praised anyone encouraging our work by tory so much so to deserve a statue paid for by a former governor but those days are long gone and now current tell authorities insist it's time to close the refuge. police have now stopped bringing new animals following this season by their local environmental authority said. these places need to have conditions that are sanitary for the city and suitable for the animals. the fact that this was allowed to legally it's a shame for the city and can't continue indefinitely just because we let it happen
12:46 am
you know at that moment the quantum level meant they could put that up in cuba smaller animals should be released but many of the older or disabled creatures could be euthanized. that it's unacceptable that they'd kill them outright took care of them for so many years keeping up with for twenty years to just have them side about his life just because you're lame you're not supposed to live. that question mark hangs over all of the an emotive yellow to know that i'm a promise is to keep fighting for them and this sanctuary from animal cruelty by listening . still has all this while holocaust child and jill citizenship could bring down australia's government by the end of the week. is spain juan martin del potro gets off to a winning start at the shanghai most as he to has those details coming up.
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business update brought to you by always going places together. with.
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business update brought to you by cats are always going places together. again a three day hearing is about to start in australia's high court which could cause the government to fall by the end of the week seven members of parliament have been found to be in breach of the constitution because they have joe citizenship could find themselves forced from office under thomas explains from prison. as a senator for australia's green party there is so walters as much time in the capital canberra as a home in queensland that's changed waters resigned in july after finding out that
12:49 am
she held canadian citizenship as well as australian a clause in australia's constitution citizens of foreign powers from parliament that implicitly includes those with due. both waters parents are australian and they brought her to australia as a baby but she was born in canada and canada automatically gives citizenship to anyone born in the country waters hadn't known so she hadn't renounced it. when i found that i was canadian really. my work not finished and i want to keep going. since attention focused on the clause seven m.p.'s have been found to be jewel citizens not all have resigned some think not knowing another country consider them citizens when the clause shouldn't apply this week australia's highest court what's will decide if they're right did take the constitution strictly and saying simply that you have the status of being
12:50 am
a national is enough to have you disqualified or is it going to say well so long as you didn't know once you found out you were made yet they took steps to renounce that's enough and we'll let you stay parliament. the case could bring down the government but to be joyce's australia's deputy prime minister he was born in australia but his father was born in new zealand and his nationality also passed automatically to his son australia's government has a parliamentary majority of one if the court finds barnaby joyce election with unconstitutional then either the candidate who came second to him would be elected in his place or the be a by election which choice would lose if either happened australia's government would fall. australia's prime minister says his legal advice is that not knowing is excuse enough for his deputy and the other dual nationality and he's butler waters disagrees she expects the high court will find her election was unconstitutional
12:51 am
having now announced her canadian citizenship waters' aims to be legally elected at the next federal election in two years' time her absence until then means for her a political career break joyce's absence could break the government andrew thomas al-jazeera britain it is time to get a sporting action his piece of felicity thank you very much iceland have become the smallest nation ever to qualify for a fee for world cup they earned their place at russia twenty eighteen with a two no victory over kosovo on monday gibson's first half goal and a second half strike by goodman seven meant iceland would top group european qualification ahead of croatia as for the croats they will attempt to qualify via the play offs now. be finished in dramatic fashion on monday the republic of ireland booked a playoff spot thanks to a one zero win over wales in cardiff but james maclean's goal was not enough to
12:52 am
stop serbia from topping the group and booking a ticket to russia wales are eliminated now the middletons finished third in the last world cup but need a miracle to reach the finals in russia they've struggled throughout qualifying and need to beat sweden by seven goals on tuesday to reach the playoffs and keep their hopes alive al-jazeera is really willing reports from amsterdam. the future was bright the future was orange when the netherlands finished third in the last world cup in brazil robin van persie is famous header in a five one humiliation of spain gave them a lift off but three years of misery of following a failure to reach the expanded european championships now that looks certain to miss out on next year's world cup team need to beat sweden by seven clear goals what do you think has gone wrong over these past three years well we all here are thinking about that how we can improve everything. but the federation.
12:53 am
has still got some good young players coming up so hopefully they fill the gap. needs but the young talent hasn't been there for hiddink an assistant route hulet whose team were beaten four know by france in august nor was it for such a pretty decisive because hiddink. thirty three year old all your bobbin is shouldered the burden but not given up or talked about international retirement yet . it isn't about me it's about the squad it's about the team together we have to get a good result i really hope the stadium will be packed and then we have to present ourselves in a really good manner it won't be long before next it's the international stage and he'll be hard to replace like the legends before him in the one nine hundred seventy s. the netherlands brand of total football mesmerized and influence generations to come with a great course at the center of it. in the world had a better reputation for producing young talent than. with the
12:54 am
national but like the national have gone backwards where have the darts legends gone for it's parent has been watching and reporting on them since the glorious seventy's era they still think we are a team like with bullet from buster reichardt and we don't have those players like iceland why like. why like norway so play like iceland and don't play like italy or spain there was a subdued atmosphere not the disappointment not anger people here except that same will miss out on a world cup for the first time in sixteen years and most just want to forget about football for now we can believe in fairy tales no no there is no very tale and last we can play them but we don't. that one is coming up on tuesday as far as monday goes there were nine matches in european world cup qualifying and as you now know iceland and serbia are through well the republic of ireland and croatia are headed for the playoffs and spain wrapped up group g.
12:55 am
with a one zero win in israel the italians were hoping for an upset win in that one but will now have to settle for a play off themselves to spite a one nil win in albania there was also a nice follow when their fall macedonia against liechtenstein australia all syria could take one step closer to the world cup finals on tuesday they play the second leg of their asian group a qualifying playoff in sydney the team's forty one one draw in malaysia on thursday a win or even a low scoring draw would see australia reach the next play off against a team from central america which is likely to be either panama or honduras but a last saw a high scoring draw would go in syria's favor as the war ravaged country aims for a first ever world cup appearance. we've been playing outside our country and now we're playing in australia there's more than five thousand fans who are syria and i would like to thank the syrian community who welcomed us at the
12:56 am
airport we were surprised and overwhelmed by the number and on social media they say that people have bought more than fifteen thousand tickets people from the syrian community god willing we will meet their expectations for us since the objective is clear when we first. start thinking about school lines and. anything other than just joining. the opposition nothing in the tricky situation you know the football is receding but i mean a coach you're paying insists he's not out of touch with the sport the seventy two year old hasn't been involved in football since leaving by and after he didn't with the club that was at the end of the twenty twelve thirteen season but he believes he can turn the fortunes of the club around following the second of carlo and. it was reached a month after unfasten most i think i know how to handle this team how to work with them and i have to make this clear despite the difficult situation i'm confident
12:57 am
that we will get back on track and that the team which has potential and quality will show a different face. let's move on to some tennis news now and form a shanghai masters finest juan martin del potro as the battle is way through he's opening round match at this year's event del potro who reached the finals here in twenty thirteen. the last really of georgia in three sets the school in that won six two three six and six four. world number two roger federer would be forgiven for thinking he had a mickey mouse job the. best dad dancing at a special fan events in shanghai as he joined the disney star will be putting some of that shuffling to good use when he plays in the round of thirty two after receiving a bye. that's all the support from a lot more coming up again later felicity. now the final twenty seven thousand nobel prize has been announced with us academic richard thaler winning the award
12:58 am
for economics the university of chicago is awarded for his work on how human nature can distort rational markets he says one point one million dollar prize money as irrationally as possible. from this news out join us again in a couple of minutes. why the sky why should be no borders up here one only horizons. as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the
12:59 am
world's better that way. it is a right for all of us to go where we need to go to feel the things we want to feel . to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know that travel goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. to travel is a right for. remember that this world is full of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. cats are always going places together. reefs the rain forests of the sea we continue on our current way we won't have whole race within twenty thirty years from now so you're essentially trying to recreate the
1:00 am
ecosystem but under controlled conditions the night is so developed still that doesn't answer the decline of the great barrier it's still sizeable but we've got to start mail and we need to get everyone behind the solution tag no i think it's time on all dizzy or. else this is the opportunity to understand the very right way where there. is and we don't leave our. president one describes a us decision to suspend visa services for turkish citizens as. hello again i'm going to see paul and they see is al jazeera live from london.


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