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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2017 3:00am-3:33am AST

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to make the next profit devastating economies devastating ecosystems putting a price on the protection of nature green economy is sound good but it was all about privatizing nature should our environment be for sale but we're trying to do this destroy people to stabilize the country we're giving them a financial incentive to do that pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. president says washington's decision to halt those visas services is saddening as a diplomatic spat intensifies over the rest of us consul employee and istanbul.
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hello i'm richelle carey thank you for joining me a mass trial of more than sixteen hundred suspects is under way in nigeria rights groups warn they're being denied due process. catalunya high court asked for extra protection from spanish police as pressure grows on the regional president not to declare independence. and in washington a war of words between president trump and a key republican senator. turkey's president has described the u.s. decision to suspend most basic services for turkish citizens as upsetting the phrase in response to the arrest of a u.s. consulate employee in istanbul accused of links to last year's failed coup and immediately imposed tit for tat measure suspending its own bases services in the us particle hain reports from washington d.c.
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. after the arrest of a worker at the u.s. embassy in ankara and a warrant issued for another the us took the unusual step of saying they would stop issuing visas for some turkish nationals traveling to america the first explanation was posted by the u.s. ambassador to turkey on twitter we don't know if these arrests are singular events or if we should expect other turkish staff members to be arrested turkey quickly followed suit with similar measures but president rich a type one said he did it reluctantly and on kind of this is a very sad decision and the ambassador has taken a decision and started implementing it so it's a source of sadness. this is just the latest in a growing list of diplomatic back and forth the relationship between these two nato allies started souring during the syrian civil war turkey upset the u.s. didn't do enough against the assad government even angrier when the u.s. backed kurdish fighters and later armed them. then last year's coup attempt and it
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got worse blame to cleric for two of the golan who lives in the u.s. they wanted him extradited for his alleged role the obama administration refused and the trump administration hasn't moved on it either that was a big issue when he first met president donald trump but that was overshadowed by what happened when he left the oval office. turkish security officers violently attacked what appeared to be peaceful protesters outside the turkish ambassador's residence fifteen of them were indicted in u.s. courts and as a result the u.s. stopped a planned sale of small arms to turkey turkey further angered the u.s. when it agreed to buy a russian missile defense system equipment that wouldn't work within nato has indicated he would be willing to trade americans imprisoned in turkey for good lawn but given that would be hard to do within the legal system something he really wants the case thrown out against her citizen reza zurab who is awaiting trial in
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the u.s. for allegedly helping turkey of aid sanctions against iran and it's less a matter of wanting it back than wanting the case to go away it wanting him not to testify not wanting any of the details about their role in helping iran evade sanctions coming out in the course of a trial it will be yet another chance for the old already frosty relationship to cool even more political hay in al-jazeera washington. and is a turkey risk specialist he says that is threatening the long term relationship between ankara and washington. it can all maqui also in terms of the security infrastructure its membership in the nato its reliance on us the nuclear umbrella so to speak all of these are factors that entrenched the two countries into this alliance however as we see more and more often these various spots occurring these disagreements these. sentimental crevices emerging between the two
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countries that will contribute to a longer term shift of turkey away from the united states. and we will see probably the countries seek to rekindle its ties with various other alternatives we have definitely seen president avoid such inventions but again this is not something turkey can do overnight and any speculation about turkey having now become a russian ally as opposed to its alliance with the us these are exaggerated these things take much longer time than than the more than sixteen hundred people are facing mass trials in nigeria accused of being members of the rebel group boko haram on the trials are being held behind closed doors at a military facility right script say they're worried about the lack of transparency it's estimated twenty thousand people have been killed and millions displaced turn eight years of fighting between government troops and the on group john campbell is
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a former u.s. ambassador to nigeria he says the international community needs to keep a close eye on a jury's judicial process. we should be concerned because we will have no independent way of verifying how fair the trials are but there are other reasons to be concerned as well i think first of all the numbers to be tried are very large sixteen hundred at least at first there are only four judges that have been chosen to conduct the trials. that means the trials will either be very quick or the whole process will go on for a long time and then finally most of those who are being tried have been detained without charge for a relatively long period of time and one has to question whether or not evidence has been gathered by the authorities or whether their detention was simply
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arbitrary the conditions of night in nigeria and places of detention are pretty bad amnesty international for example has estimated that some thousands of detainees have died mostly from disease lack of water lack of food so yes the fact that the trials are going ahead means that there is a judicial process in place it remains to be seen whether it will be fair at least twelve or henge refugees have drowned after their boat capsized on its way from me in mar to bangladesh ten at the dead were children eight people were rescued it is the third and sit in of her hands are refugees drowning says the latest crackdown by the me and more military began in august hundreds of thousands from the muslim minority group have been forced to leave rakhine state mohamed shampoo has more from cox's bazaar in bangladesh. with news that yet another boat full of refugees
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capsized while it was attempting to cross from me and more to bangladesh comes another reminder of the magnitude of this refugee crisis and the fact that her hands are refugees are still trying to flee and come into bangladesh this area you see behind me these people that are here they all crossed by foot into bangladesh just earlier today we've heard horrific tales from them about what happened to them was a woman over there who told us that her husband was executed in the past week by me and mars military there's a young boy over here showed us a wound on his legs that he got out when the me and my army shot at the group that he was with very sad stories more reminders that this exodus doesn't seem as though it will in anytime soon that's one reason why aid groups humanitarian organizations are so concerned about the plight of these people. better start british prime
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minister pardon me interests amaze says the amount the u.k. will have to pay to exit the e.u. will not be known until the country leaves an address to parliament may said the final details of britain's withdrawal date will be agreed to at the end of the negotiating process that's in march two thousand and nineteen reports indicate brussels could demand as much as eighty billion dollars from the u.k. to satisfy commitments made under a new treaty the german chancellor says a deal limiting intake of refugees will help forge a new government coalition markel has announced a cap on new arrivals of two hundred thousand a year it's an attempt to unite the conservative bloc after unprecedented losses in last month's election immigration is seen as one of the biggest hurdles to forming a government pressure is increasing on the catalogue of government to back down from its planned declaration of independence on tuesday france's european affairs minister says her country will not recognize the region if this is scenes from spain china hall has more from our salon. no matter which side of the independence
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debate one is on this is a sight a few in catalonia would welcome the national police drafted in after a supreme court ruling to guard the high court ahead of tuesday's address to parliament by the region's president carlos preached a moment it's a bit scary to see. it in the streets because i am used to see them. used to see so many bodies we actually see yes and now they're here. we have them on our doorstep and it's like feeling under siege. these police. have really hit us hard and it's i think it's very bad here at the moment a spokesman for the squadron catalonians police force said it had no choice but to accept the supreme court ruling. we don't understand it at all we have being guardian disappear court of catalonia for the last twenty four
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years and there's never been any aeration to our service so we don't understand it and we don't like it but it is a judicial distraction so we accepted. them with us while the extremely unusual you might call it provocative site of spain's national police on guard outside this important building in central barcelona is a reminder of just what sensitive times these are as this region and the whole of spain await a possible unilateral declaration of independence by catalonia on monday madrid again made it clear that an independence declaration would have immediate consequences. not at those. who are ready for any circumstances because we are already vaccinated against the fanaticism of mr pews them all and any hope that he will return to sanity and serenity therefore it's necessary to consider all possible options with worked on all of them one option is to use special
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constitutional powers to revoke ptolemy if that were to happen there'd be far more to worry about than the national police guard outside the high court do you know how al-jazeera barcelona i am edges of armed police on the streets of catalonia and the violence during last week's vote echo the dark years of francisco franco's dictatorship many say the claim by some carillon nationalists that they were the only ones who suffered under franco ignores history and the vast majority of spaniards outside catalonia are bitterly opposed to any independence declaration or islay reports from central spain. across the her on the river valley you can see madrid away in the distance. the people here maintain the relics of war in tribute to the vicious history of spain. eighty years ago the forces of fascism try to encircle madrid the battle for rama is legendary this incline was called suicide hill by the anti fascist brigades twenty thousand died stopping franco from taking
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the capital. basis was eleven and nine hundred thirty seven and ninety one his memory is undimmed. your number there more coriander like of what my mother and i run to a house looking for shelter we thought it was the end of the world we heard the explosions they made a great impression on me i understood then that we were at war. at the local museum you can see how outgunned the empty fascists were faced with the aircraft and tanks at franco's disposal these men and women came from across spain and far beyond to protect york from fascism only two years before the outbreak of world war two. and then i think if we get it after that madrid was called the heroic city they fought tooth and nail if madrid fell the next poets agree franco would have won the war sooner they want to talk all about this here because it's so important not only for historians what happened here eighty years
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ago plays directly into the sense of outrage that many spanish people have about what's happening in catalonia right now the capsule as they say are using the campaign for independence as a historical crutch to cover up their own sense of entitlement and victimhood the sense that the cat's lands were the only people who suffered under franco when actually much of the rest of spain did too. in the nearby town which is nothing like as rich as much of modern catalonia the spanish flags are out in force large parts of spain suffered starvation after the war they will do it but the claims of the council are leadership for special sympathy and i look you up in april but here we are sad and worried we can't repeat history during the civil war the town square was washed in blood it wasn't only one region that was suffering. history can be read in more than one way. the legacy of franco is used in catalonia for a new sort of nationalism here though in an age of new european divisions they say
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it is a reason for unity lawrence lee al jazeera in the forum a valley. still ahead on al-jazeera doubling down on climate change denial the trump administration says it's ending an obama era drive to london emissions from coal fired power plant. iran threatens a crushing response to president to support. a new player. from dusky sunsets savannah. to sunrise the top of metropolis however we're still looking at some very heavy rain pushing its way across vietnam and i will be the case over the next twenty four to thirty six hours but a. cloud. depression that's making its way further west with so some really heavy ready to central and all the parts of vietnam eventually that will slide its way
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a little further west woods into laos into me a ma that'll be the case over the next. still quite a legacy of showers coming in as we go on through weapons day they want to show as to the apostle the philippines southeastern parts of china on the other hand looking fine and dry with some pleasant sunshine. sunshine as showers across the southeast asia have you going to be just around central and southern areas of the philippines labview showers continuing to into borneo much of malaysia seeing some heavy showers the shows if anything just a lot of a little further south which as we go through where to stay still rather unsettled while the. good parts of thailand as i stand up through me i'm obviously the showers continuing to into bangladesh little circulation here just around the goal so i was the on the cars around that east of sod of india must see some wet weather also pushing its way over towards the west and that's mumbai seeing some heavy showers with a top temperature thirty one. the weather sponsored by cats on race. nine
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hundred sixty seven and the six day war was at its height a u.s. spy ship the u.s.s. liberty monitored the conflict from international waters suddenly she was attacked by the warplanes of america's closest regional manager israel over two hundred were killed and wounded the front part of the ship was just read with below what happened that day has long been the subject of cover up a mystery now the truth can be revealed the day israel attacked america a major investigation at this time. they're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories turkey's president has
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described the u.s. decision to suspend most basic services for turkish citizens as upsetting phrases in response to the arrest of a u.s. consulate employee in istanbul ankara has retaliated with its own freeze on visas for u.s. citizens. more than sixteen hundred suspected boko haram fighters are facing mass trials and nigeria the trials are being held behind closed doors at a military facility rights groups say they're worried about the lack of transparency. catalonia high court has requested for extra security from spain's national police on tuesday and the event its regional parliament declares independence. officials in the u.s. state of california say ten people are dead as fast moving wildfire spread mass evacuations have taken place as the wildfires route through northern california's wine producing region flames covered eighty hectares of land in napa county while a second fire burned in neighboring sonoma county strong winds are making the fires
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worse and smoke is drifting into the san francisco bay area. they trumpet ministration as scrapping rolls which limit air pollution from power plants that are the environmental protection agency scott pruitt announced the move in a speech to miners in kentucky he told them the war on coal is over it says the rules known as the clean power plan will be repealed on tuesday the plan was president barack obama's signature piece of environmental policy several u.s. states say they will challenge the top administration decision in court cheney hand works at three fifty oregon international climate campaign group he says advocates are working to stop what he calls an assault on the environment by the top administration by moving to repeal the clean power plan president trump administrator pruitt are continuing to just do the bidding of big polluters instead of actually representing the interests of our communities and our children's health and the environment so this is just the first move in a year long attempt to actually repeal this planet some things can be fought tooth
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and nail on the way the evidence is clear that the clean power plant is a benefit for not only the environment but also for public health and for jobs the estimates were that it would save three thousand six hundred premature deaths tens of thousands of asthma attacks in our kids hundreds of thousands of job hours they're lost every year because people are getting out of attacks and are too sick to go to work on the economic side already in this country there are more than five times as many jobs in clean energy as there are jobs and coal or gas solar jobs are growing at twelve times the rate of the rest of the economy so this idea that there's a war on coal in this is bad for jobs as is the definition of fake news the real war here is a war on the environment the war on public health the war in our children and our communities this administration seems hell bent on continuing to roll back the types of protections we're going to need to not only address the climate crisis but to keep our communities safe from the pollution that's been devastating them for decades. iran is promising a crushing response if the u.s.
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designates its only revolutionary guard as a terrorist group president trump has been promoting a more hawkish straight strategy on iran accusing it of supporting terrorism and exporting violence across the middle east and he say to withdraw u.s. government support for the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal this week iran says it is taking threats of any new sanctions very seriously. our position is very clear we hope that the american authorities will not continue their mistakes or commit such a strategic mistake and impose new sanctions that would declare the revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization if they do that iran's response will be decisive and overwhelming the u.s. will not be able to face the consequences we hope that those who are wise in america will take the right steps and stand against such a decision. it's a mess probably has more from tehran in the last few days the headlines here have been dominated by defiant rhetoric from iranian leaders who say that any actions by
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the united states to impose new sanctions or to abandon the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal will be met with a strong response at a news conference iran's foreign ministry spokesman bufferin cos of me has said that it would be a strategic mistake for the white house to place the country's revolutionary guard corps on a list of terror organizations and that he hoped for a more rational response from the u.s. president the language in recent days from the revolutionary guard itself has been much stronger the chief commander has said that if the united states was to take such an action then its bases in the region would be considered strategic targets and that its troops in the region would be given the same status in the eyes of the iranian forces as isis fighters and even as countries who helped negotiate the nuclear dealers the united states not to take any actions to abandon it iran wants people to know that it will meet any new challenges from a position of strength it's posturing on both sides that is putting the obama administration's hard won nuclear deal in jeopardy. travis wished to withdraw from
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the nuclear deal has to be endorsed by the u.s. senate but the latest target of his eye or on twitter happens to be the influential republican head of the senate foreign relations committee corker says trump is treating the oval office like a reality show and explosive newspaper interview he also said he was alarmed and concerned by the president's actions from washington al-jazeera as alan fischer reports. corker has a reputation as a reliable republican which makes his attack on the president even more remarkable in an interview with the new york times he accused donald trump of treating the office of president like a reality show but he warned his reckless threats on twitter could set the u.s. on the path to world war three such is the risk says the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee that he says i know for a fact that every single day at the white house it's a situation of trying to contain him it's not the first time bob corker has spoken out against the president after announcing last week he wasn't going to run for the
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senate again he felt bold enough to see this i think. secretary tillerson secretary mabus and. chief of staff kelly. are. those people that help separate our country from chaos that kind of seems to upset president trump he took to twitter to claim that corker begged him to back him in the senate race but he refused that he asked to be secretary of state and was rejected and then you know expected corker to be a negative voice corker decided not to let that pass remember this is an open exchange from two senior republicans he responded it's a shame the white house has become an adult daycare center someone obviously missed their shift this morning he then followed up with the interview with the new york times i'm hoping that more senators will really echo what senator porker has said and really perhaps put some pressure on the white house to tighten their act and
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really once in control of this president corker is said to be close to secretary of state rex tillerson who held a news conference last week to reaffirm his support for the president after it was claimed he called mr trump a moron let me tell you what i've learned about this president whom i did not know before taking this office he loves this country he puts americans and america first the smart center corker still has more than a year of his final senate term to run and could cause issues for the president and his agenda if his feud with the white house continues and if other senators actually break ranks and express the concerns senator corker insists the also have alan fischer i'll just you know washington nato says it is increasing its presence in southeast europe in the wake of russia's two thousand and fourteen an accession of crimea from ukraine and a multinational force is to be positioned in romania four thousand armenian troops will be supported by personnel from nine other nato countries. despite accusations
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from moscow that nato is trying to win circle it organization secretary general says the multinational force is evidence of unity. they're not moving well to russia those so they're not mirroring rochelle playing by play in the shoulder by shoulder point but i think we're exposed by exercise we are responding in our way and we do it in the proportion to michoud and defensive way and we have to remember that of course you need to always have full force is we have more forces than they do response force but a whole lot of the you know we need to is to be so strong is to be so. united and so clear and coherent messaging that no adversary tries to know a potential tries to attack. hundreds of civilians are fleeing the iraqi town of a wager to escape the ongoing fighting there and u.s. back to iraqi troops an iranian trained shia militia declared victory over eisel
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there on thursday after a two week offensive but pockets of beisel fighters were still battling for control in the surrounding area with the fall of her wages the only part of iraq that remains under eisel is a stretch along the western border with syria. and he is top court has temporarily banned the sale of firecrackers in the capital new delhi announcement comes headed to wali the hindu festival of lights and worries over air pollution to ali is traditionally a short in with fireworks displays last year though schools were forced to close as vehicle emissions smoke from farms and fumes from fireworks contributed to delhi's worst pollution levels in nearly twenty years. kenyan police have fired on a crowd protesting against a proposal to make it harder for the supreme court to know election results to people were taken to the hospital and thereby obey with gunshot wounds and august the supreme court and no president who attend a on its re-election citing regularities and iran as to take place in two weeks latest demonstration rights as citizens we have
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a right to demonstrate right now one of us has been shot for no reason we are requesting the president to stop giving orders to hamas. the two thousand and seventeen nobel prize for economics has been won by american richard dollar he's credited with pioneering how human psychology shapes economic decisions alors to professor of behavioral science and economics at the university of chicago who takes home one point one million dollars in prize money out of serious journalism has been vindicated in a landmark ruling issued by britain's office of communications known as off kong the decision address complaints made against al-jazeera as investigative unit which produced the undercover series to lobby broadcast in january that expose the israeli embassies covert campaign to smear british citizens critical of israel and its policies claimed swisher has this report. in a four part series broadcast in january al-jazeera is investigating expose these really government's attempts to influence british democracy thank you so we. think
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. the headlines at eleven o'clock israel's ambassador to the u.k. has apologized after a senior diplomat was caught on camera saying he wanted to take down the foreign office minister as alan duncan alan duncan is a strong critic of jewish settlements and israeli senior political officer and a british civil servant was forced to resign the diplomat in question no longer has seems to be a functionary of the embassy in london. that whatever whatever he may have been doing has come that can be said to be when in truth blood following that the pro israel media began to attack al-jazeera complaints were made to off calm britain's office of communications. the regulatory body is charged with ensuring broadcasters are fair and balanced al-jazeera english is required to uphold its standards the films were accused of being anti-semitic that they infringe the privacy of pro israeli advocates that they were unfair and biased. off com launched an
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investigation and after nine months fully vindicated the work of algiers investigative unit it rejected every complaint clayton swisher al-jazeera doha. as a quick recap of the top stories on al-jazeera turkey's president has described the u.s. decision to suspend most of a ceasar misses for turkish citizens as upsetting the phrase in response to the arrest of a u.s. consulate employee in istanbul ankara has retaliated with its own phrase on bases for u.s. citizens. more than sixteen hundred suspected boko haram fighters are facing mass trials in nigeria the trials are being held behind closed doors at a military facility rights groups say they're worried about the lack of transparency at least twelve french are refugees have drowned after their boat
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capsized on its way from me in march to bangladesh ten of the dead were children eight people were rescued this is the third incident of her head to refugees drowning since the latest crackdown by the me and more military began in august more than sixty people drowned when two boats capsized last month. british prime minister theresa may says the amount the u.k. will have to pay to exit the e.u. won't be known until the country leaves an address to parliament may said the final details of britain's withdrawal deal will be agreed on at the end of the negotiating process and that's in march of two thousand and eighteen reports indicate brussels could demand as much as eighty billion dollars from the u.k. to satisfy commitments made under a huge treaties the german chancellor says a deal lemonade in the intake of refugees will help forge a new coalition government. has announced a cap on new arrivals of two hundred thousand a year or an attempt to unite the conservative bloc after i'm president of losses
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in last month's election immigration is seen as one of the biggest hurdles to forming a government germany chicken more than one million migrants between two thousand and fifteen and two thousand and sixteen catalonia high court has requested extra security from spain's national police on tuesday and the event its regional parliament declares and dependants. officials in the u.s. state of california say ten people are dead as fast moving wildfire spread across two different regions mass evacuations have taken place as the wildfires move through california's wine producing region covered eighty hectares of land in napa county a second fire burned in neighboring sonoma county. the headline news continues an al-jazeera after inside story keep it here.
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and still picking fake news facebook says it's developed a tool to give users more what they read but it is easy to flush out fiction from fact so how do we deal with this a reality of where does it leave social media this is inside story.


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