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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2017 5:00am-6:00am AST

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documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera i really feel liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i would that's what his job. this is al-jazeera. carry this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes turkey's president says washington's decision to halt the service is a sad thing as the diplomatic spat intensifies. a mass trial of more than sixteen
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hundred suspects is underway in nigeria rights groups warn there being tonight due process. more than ten people are dead in california as firefighters battled more than a dozen wildfires. governments then parliamentary majority under strain as the top court begins a hearing on whether several m.p.'s should be thrown out. and becomes a small us nation ever to qualify for the fee for world cup. turkey's president has described the u.s. decision to suspend most basic services for turkish citizens as citing the freezes in response to the arrest of a u.s. consular employee in istanbul accused of links to last year's failed coup immediately says imposed tit for tat measures suspending its own bases services in
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the us. ports in washington d.c. . after the arrest of a worker at the u.s. embassy in ankara and a warrant issued for another the us took the unusual step of saying they would stop issuing visas for some turkish nationals traveling to america the first explanation was posted by the u.s. ambassador to turkey on twitter we don't know if these arrests are singular events or if we should expect other turkish staff members to be arrested turkey quickly followed suit with similar measures by president rich a type one said he did it reluctantly and on kind of this is a very sad decision and the ambassador has taken a decision and started implementing it so it's a source of sadness this is just the latest in a growing list of diplomatic back and forth the relationship between these two nato allies started souring during the syrian civil war turkey upset the u.s. didn't do enough against the assad government even angrier when the u.s.
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backed kurdish fighters and later armed them. then last year's coup attempt and it got worse blame to cleric for two of the golan who lives in the u.s. they wanted him extradited for his alleged role the obama administration refused and the trump administration hasn't moved on it either that was a big issue when he first met president donald trump but that was overshadowed by what happened when he left the oval office. turkish security officers violently attacked what appeared to be peaceful protesters outside the turkish ambassador's residence fifteen of them were indicted in u.s. courts and as a result the u.s. stopped a planned sale of small arms to turkey turkey further angered the u.s. when it agreed to buy a russian missile defense system equipment that wouldn't work within nato has indicated he would be willing to trade americans imprisoned in turkey for golan but given that would be hard to do within the legal system something he really wants
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the case thrown out against her citizen reza zurab who was awaiting trial in the u.s. for allegedly helping turkey. they'd sanctions against iran if it was a matter of wanting it back than wanting the case to go away it wanting him not to testify not wanting any of the details about their role in helping iran evade sanctions coming out in the course of a trial it will be yet another chance for the ole ready frosty relationship to cool even more practical al-jazeera washington or honest promising to give a crushing response at the u.s. to designate its revolutionary guard as a terrorist group president trump this been promoting a more hawkish strategy on iran accusing it of supporting terrorism and exporting violence across the middle east has to do withdraw u.s. government support for the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal this week it's a matter of he has more from tehran. in the last few days the headlines here have been dominated by defiant rhetoric from iranian leaders who say that any actions by
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the united states to impose new sanctions or to abandon the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal will be met with a strong response at a news conference iran's foreign ministry spokesman buckram kasumi has said that it would be a strategic mistake for the white house to place the country's revolutionary guard corps on a list of terror organizations and that he hoped for a more rational response from the u.s. president to meet him. position is very clear we hope that the american authorities will not continue their mistakes or commit such a strategic mistake and impose new sanctions that will declare the revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization if they do that iran's response will be decisive and overwhelming the u.s. will not be able to face the consequences we hope that those who are wise in america will take the right steps and stand against such a decision the language in recent days from the revolutionary guard itself has been much stronger the chief commander has said that if the united states was to take such an action then its bases in the region would be considered strategic targets
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and that its troops in the region would be given the same status in the eyes of the iranian forces as i saw fighters and even as countries who helped negotiate the nuclear dealers the united states not to take any actions to abandon it iran wants people to know that it will need any new challenges from a position of strength it's posturing on both sides that is putting the obama administration's hard one nuclear deal in jeopardy. travis' wish to withdraw from the nuclear deal has to be endorsed by the u.s. senate this latest target on twitter happens to be the influential republican head of the senate foreign relations committee bob corker says trump is treating the oval office like a reality show and explosive newspaper interview he said he was alarmed and concerned by the president's actions from washington al-jazeera as alan fischer reports personally have corker has a reputation as a reliable republican which makes his attack on the president even more remarkable in an interview with the new york times he accused donald trump of treating the
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office of president like a reality show but he warns his reckless threats on twitter could set the u.s. on the path to world war three such is the risk says the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee but he says i know for a fact that every single day at the white house it's a situation of trying to contain him it's not the first time bob corker has spoken out against the president after announcing last week he wasn't going to run for the senate again he felt bold enough to see this i think. secretary tillerson secretary mabus and. chief of staff kelly. are. those people that help separate our country from chaos that candor seems to upset president trump he took to twitter to claim that corker begged him to back him in the senate race but he refused that he asked to be secretary of state and was rejected and then you know expected corker to be a negative voice corker decided not to let that past remember this is an open exchange from two senior republicans he responded it's
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a shame the white house has become an adult daycare center someone obviously missed their shift this morning he then followed up with the interview with the new york times hoping and that more senators will really i go to her program has said and really perhaps put some pressure on the white house to tighten their act and really let some control and this president corker is said to be close to secretary of state rex tillerson who held a news conference last week to reaffirm his support for the president after it was claimed he called mr trump a moron let me tell you what i've learned about this president whom i did not know before taking this office he loves this country he puts americans and america first a smart center corker still has more than a year of his final senate term to run and could cause issues for the president and his agenda if his feud with the white house continues and if other senators actually break ranks and express the concerns senator corker insists they also have
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alan fischer i'll just you know washington. officials in the u.s. state of california say ten people had been killed in fast moving wildfires there's been massive evacuations as the fire moves through the state's northern wind producing region two wineries and fifteen hundred homes have been destroyed in that fire claims covered eighty hectares of land in napa county while a second fire burned in neighboring sonoma center is a police department along with our fellow law enforcement officers throughout the county in the region as well as firefighters have been engaged in continual evacuation and rescue efforts those efforts are still ongoing we do still have new fires flaring up within the city meanwhile in southern california a wildfire has spread over more than two thousand hectares and burned at least six buildings authorities in the area are expanding
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a back you ation orders and called on residents to heed their warnings or than sixteen hundred people are facing mass trials in nigeria accused of being members of the rebel group boko rom the trials are being held behind closed doors at a military facility rights groups say they're worried about the lack of transparency that's estimated twenty thousand people had been killed and millions displaced during eight years of fighting between government troops and the armed groups john campbell is a former u.s. ambassador to nigeria he says the international community needs to keep a close eye and i'm sure he is judicial process. we should be concerned because we will have no independent way of verifying how fair the trials are but there are other reasons to be concerned as well i think first of all the numbers to be tried are very large sixteen hundred at least at first there are only four judges that have been chosen to conduct the trials. that
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means the trials will either be very quick or the whole process will go on for a long time and then finally most of those who are being tried have been detained without charge for a relatively long period of time and one has to question whether or not evidence has been gathered by the authorities or whether their detention was simply arbitrary the conditions of night in nigeria and places of detention are pretty bad amnesty international for example has estimated that some thousands of detainees have died mostly from disease lack of water lack of food so yes the fact that the trials are going ahead means that there is a judicial process in place it remains to be seen whether it will be fair.
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zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has re shuffled his cabinet and a bid to bolster party support for his wife grace of god they resigned to reassign ten members of his cabinet and fire the finance minister has a high profile contender for a party leadership earlier this divided over who should succeed mugabe intends to stand in the election next year at the age of ninety four. at least twelve are ahead are refugees have drowned after their boat capsized on its way from me in mar to bangladesh ten of the dead children eight people were rescued it is the third incident ever a head to refugees drowning since the latest crackdown by the myanmar military began in august hundreds of thousands from the muslim minority group have been forced to leave for kind state mohammad has more from cox's bazaar and bangladesh with the news that yet another boat full of refugees capsized while it was
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attempting to cross for me and more to bangladesh comes another reminder of the magnitude of this refugee crisis and the fact that our hands are refugees are still trying to flee and come into bangladesh this area you see behind me these people that are here they all crossed by foot into bangladesh just earlier today we've heard horrific tales from them about what happened to them was a woman over there who told us that her husband was executed in the past week by me and mars' military there's a young boy over here showed us a wound on his leg said he got out when the me and more army shot at the group that he was with very sad stories more reminders that this exodus doesn't seem as though it will in anytime soon that's one reason why aid groups humanitarian organizations are so concerned about the plight of these people. plenty more head and the news hour and clothing. and bombs are cleared from tal afar we'll take
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a look at what's being done to bring the former eisel helltown back to life. high court asked for extra protection from spanish police as pressure grows on the regional president not to declare independence and sport iceland becomes the smallest nation ever to qualify for the world cup. united nations security council has banned member nations from allowing for north korea link ships to talk of assholes were used to transport prohibited goods to the country it comes as a. seventy second anniversary of the founding of the ruling workers' party all in south korea there's a military show force underway at the army headquarters and pride joins us live from the military festival and gal young let's start with the north korea that as we said they're marking this anniversary of the ruling party while it still seems
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to be top of mind at the u.n. is trying to trying to contain north korea what's the latest. that's right this is a very important day in the north korean calendar it was a day we show when we were expecting another missile test from north korea that didn't happen in fact there hasn't been a missile test by north korea for nearly a month now the speculation is possibly they are holding off for a week or so when the communist party congress of china gets underway in beijing as a way of upstaging xi jinping we will see but yes this is an important day and preceding this there has been an important gathering of the workers party of career in pyongyang which north korea watches have been. trying to see any shifts in the power structure at the top of the leadership in north korea and interestingly they believe that. the seating arrangement with a country like north korea because it is so opaque at times you are reduced to
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seeing who is sitting next to whom but interestingly the two senior figures who are in charge of the party and also the economy were given greater prominence than the person who is in charge of the military so this is being interpreted possibly as a sign of confidence on the part of north korea that it has advanced so far on its military development it can now concentrate on the economy alternatively it could be a sign that its economy is really in trouble because of the sanctions and it really is staving off some sort of collapse as you mentioned there for the bad news for north korea with regard to its sanctions with the prohibition of these ships calling at any point ports of member states some of these vessels that supply waters between north korea and neighboring states have been suspected of getting around the sanctions so this does seem to be a further tightening of the sanctions screw richelle let's talk about where you are right now this military festival south korea tell us more about that about the
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display there. this is a military festival it takes place once a year right in the heart of the south korean peninsula it's a chance for the south korean defense forces to show off their hardware and you get a sense talking to people here that it through the current time it does come as a reassurance people tell us they see the north koreans parading their guns their weapons missiles through the central and it's nice seeing their own stuff and they are seeing new and material new hardware this is part of the policy of president of south korea of building up south korea's defense capability not to be so reliant upon the americans he announced big increases in the defense budget over the summer the aim is to try to have the kind of ability to say launch a preemptive strike on their own against a missile site in north korea all is
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a way of deterrence now is a liberal he has said since he came to power that he wants dialogue with the north but that must be accompanied he says by keeping up a strong military in south korea very much a policy of walking softly but with a big stick which ok. and south korea thanks rob the japanese broadcaster has shown what it says is the final video of the half brother of north korean leader kim jong un before his death in malaysia and february third . kim jong nam lying on a stretcher in an area next to a lift at kuala lumpur airport he died after the highly toxic v.x. nerve agent was smeared on his face as he waited for a flight to women are currently on trial in malaysia for that killing. nato says it's increasing its presence in southeast europe in the wake of russia's two thousand and fourteen annexation of crimea from ukraine and a multinational force has to be positioned in romania four thousand armenian troops
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will be supported by personnel from not nine other nato countries the move comes despite accusations from moscow the nato is trying to encircle it the organization secretary general says the multinational force is evidence of unity do not mirroring what russia does so they're not mirroring rochelle playing by play in the shoulder by shoulder tank but i think we're exposed by exercise we are responding in our way and we do it in the proportionate michoud and defensive way and we have to remember that of course you need to always have full of own forces we have more forces than the nato response force but the whole of the you know with nato is to be so strong is to be so. united and so clear and coherent no messaging that no other city tries to know a potential adversary tries to attack nato pressures increasing on the cattle on government to back down from its planned declaration of independence on tuesday
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france's european affairs minister says her country would not recognize the region if it's a seeds from spain meanwhile catalonia is high court has requested extra security from the spanish national police outside the building in case that declaration goes ahead john hall has more from barcelona. no matter which side of the independence debate one is on this is a sight a few in catalonia would welcome the national police drafted in after a supreme court ruling to guard the high court ahead of tuesday's address to parliament by the region's president carlos preached a moment it's a bit scary to see. it in the streets because i am used to see them. used to see so many bodies we actually see yes and now they're here. we have them on our doorstep and it's like feeling under siege. these police. have really hit us hard and it's i think it's very bad here at the moment
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a spokesman for the squadron catalonians police force said it had no choice but to accept the supreme court ruling. we don't understand it at all we have been guarding the spear court of catalonia for the last twenty four years and there's never been any relation to our service so we don't understand it and we don't like it but it is a judicial destruction so we accepted. them with us while the extremely unusual you might call it provocative site of spain's national police on guard outside this important building in central barcelona is a reminder of just what sensitive times these are as this region and the whole of spain await a possible unilateral declaration of independence by catalonia on monday madrid again made it clear that an independence declaration would have immediate consequences. not. ready for any circumstances because we
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are already vaccinated against the fanaticism of most of them all and any hope that he will return to sanity and serenity therefore it's necessary to consider all possible options with worked on all of them one option is to use special constitutional powers to revoke catalonia ptolemy if that were to happen there'd be far more to worry about than the national police guard outside the high court during the whole al jazeera barcelona the images of armed police on the streets of catalonia and the violence during last week's vote echo the dark hair so francisco franco stick tator shit and he said the claim by some catalan nationalists that they were the only ones who suffered under franco ignores history and the vast majority of spaniards outside catalonia are bitterly a plough opposed to any independence declaration lawrence lee reports from central spain. across the her on the river valley you can see madrid away in the distance.
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the people here maintain the relics of war in tribute to the vicious history of spain. eighty years ago the forces of fascism try to encircle madrid the battle of her rama is legendary this incline was called suicide hill by the anti fascist brigades twenty thousand died stopping franco from taking the capital cases was eleven in one thousand thirty seven ninety one his memory is undimmed. my mother and i ran to a house looking for shelter we thought it was the end of the world we heard the explosions. they made a great impression on me i understood then that we were at war. or the local museum you can see how outgunned the n.t. fascists were faced with the aircraft and tanks at franco's disposal these men and women came from across spain and far beyond to protect york from fascism only two
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years before the outbreak of world war two. and then i think if we get it after that madrid was called the heroic city they fought tooth and nail if madrid fell the next poets agree franco would have won the war sooner they want to talk all about this here because it's so important not only for historians what happened here eighty years ago plays directly into the sense of outrage that many spanish people have about what's happening in catalonia right now the capsule as they say are using the campaign for independence as a historical crutch to cover up their own sense of entitlement and victimhood the sense that the cats lands were the only people who suffered under franco when actually much of the rest of spain did too. in the nearby town which is nothing like as rich as much of modern catalonia the spanish flags are out in force large parts of spain suffered starvation after the war they willed it but the claims of the catalan leadership for special sympathy. up in april but here we are sad and
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worried we can't repeat history during the civil war the town square was washed in blood it wasn't only one region that was suffering history can be read in more than one way the legacy of franco is used in catalonia for a new sort of nationalism here though in an age of new european divisions they say it is a reason for unity lawrence lee al-jazeera in the forum of early. british prime minister tree some may says the amount the u.k. will have to pay to exit the e.u. won't be known until the country leaves an address to parliament and they said the final details of britain's withdrawal will be agreed on at the end of the go shopping process and that's march two thousand one thousand ports indicate brussels could demand as much as eighty billion dollars from the u.k. to satisfy commitments made under treaties. hundreds of civilians are fleeing the iraqi town of a wager to escape the ongoing fighting there goes back to iraqi troops and iranian trained shia militia declared victory over i school there on thursday after
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a two week offensive the pockets of eisel fighters are still battling for control in the surrounding area the fall of who each of means isis only remaining territory in iraq is a stretch along its western border with syria it's expected to take four years that up to four billion dollars to rebuild towns from northern iraq destroyed under eisel rule many of them are deserted and three million people are living in temporary shelters all across the region trapping reports of house and camp. around two hundred thousand people living in telephone when i saw control in two thousand and fourteen. but the town is virtually deserted now. since their victory over i still here at the end of august the iraqi military had been searching the bomb factories set up in what were once private homes. there destroying improvised explosive devices. and removing rubble. this is tell us as
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main hospital i saw built tunnels here its fighters piled the mud inside the rooms in order to avoid detection from the sky to get them out of the thirty minutes we have just started the second phase to clear the town from my i.d.'s and booby trap houses the work continues and will take time to open roads and houses in order to bring life back to the town. many of the families from selloff are among the approximately three million people living in camps like this one the stories they tell you are often shocking and a reminder of how terrifying their life and i still must have been if i still had ever discovered yes seen muhammad had been a policeman they would have killed him. he says i still captured and decapitated dozens of his colleagues until after. he suddenly will be scarred for life he's always blown off one and strike targeted and i saw a position last year. when the military operations began
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i still kept forcing people to relocate were taken to a place close to their headquarters a few days later an airstrike hit the building a piece of shrapnel blew my son's arm off. you seen since his home until after has been completely destroyed he doesn't know how long he and his family will have to live in the camp he's just grateful that his son is still alive chance trafford al-jazeera sunshine camp northern iraq. remembering a revolutionary latin america marks the fiftieth anniversary of their. hollywood heavyweights praise the protests over sexual harassment allegation. by people who have all the details.
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and if. however we're still looking at some very heavy rain pushing its way across vietnam and i will be the case over the next twenty four to thirty six hours but a. cloud is depression that's making its way further west with so some really heavy ready to central and all the piles of vietnam eventually that will slide its way a little further west woods into laos into where mia ma not only the case over the next day also still quite a legacy of showers coming in as we go on through way to stay they want to show us to the positive the philippines southeastern parts of china on the other hand looking fine and dry with some pleasant sunshine but sunshine is showers across southeast asia. pipes going to be just around central and southern areas of the philippines lively showers continuing to into borneo much of. anything just lot of
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a little further south was as we go through where to stay still rather on settle. up into good parts of thailand and stand up through me a model see the showers continuing to into bangladesh little circulation here just around the goal so i was the on the cause around that east of sot of india must see some wet weather also pushing its way over towards the west and that's mumbai seeing some heavy showers with a top temperature thirty one. the weather sponsored by qatar and weighs. on counting the cost u.s. billionaire president donald trump wants to cut taxes but how will his plan impact ordinary americans spain versus catalonia the economic implications plus cama given what's behind the collapse of australia's auto industry counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.
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we are witnessing around the world this hungry money which is only looking at how to make the next profit devastating economies devastating ecosystems putting a price on the protection of nature green economy is sound good but it was all about privatized sation of nature should our environment be for sale what we're trying to do this destroyed people to stabilize the country by giving them a financial incentive to do that pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera let's recap top stories this hour turkey's president has
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described to us decision to suspend. turkish citizens as upsetting freezes in response to the arrest of a u.s. consular employee and istanbul has retaliated with its own free for u.s. citizens. more than six hundred suspected boko ron fighters are facing mass trials in nigeria trials are being held behind closed doors at a military facility rights groups say they're worried about the lack of transparency. officials in the u.s. state of california say ten people have been killed and fast moving wildfires about twenty thousand people have been told to leave their homes in the northern wind producing region and evacuation orders are being expanded as another fire spreads through orange county that's in the south our state. ministration is taking aim at yet another obama era climate change initiative and the environmental protection
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agency says rules limiting pollution from power plants are to be scrapped as an esterbrook reports plans are already under way for a long court battle to force officials to back down. calling an end to the war on coal scott pruitt administrator of the u.s. environmental protection agency says he'll issue new rules to repeal the clean power plants in the parish climate according to the move comes just months after president donald trump announced the u.s. will pull out of the paris climate accord during a visit to the big coal mining state of kentucky on monday pruitt's the rule was really about picking winners and losers regulatory power should not be used by regulatory bodies to pick winners and losers environmental groups argue the plan is about saving lives the estimates were that it would save three thousand six hundred premature deaths tens of thousands of asthma attacks in our kids hundreds of thousands of job hours they're lost every year because people are getting out of attacks and are too sick to go to work the clean power plant is part of the clean
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air act and was put in place by president barack obama to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by twenty thirty it sets emission targets for each state in line with the amount of energy they use and gives them flexibility in meeting those targets but the plan has been a sore point with the fossil fuel industry president trump a climate change skeptic made a campaign promise to revive u.s. coal and support other fossil fuels vowing to scrap the clean power plant and withdraw from the paris climate accord pruitt was the ideal u.s. administrator to help him carry out that mission as attorney general of oklahoma pruitt joined attorney generals from two dozen states in a suit challenging the obama administration's efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions it's unclear if true it will replace the clean power plan with another rule the e.p.a. is likely to face legal challenges from environmental groups over the repeal and one such group the natural resources defense council says it's already
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contemplating a lawsuit diane estabrook al-jazeera washington and his top court has temporarily banned the sale of firecrackers in the capital new delhi. the announcement comes ahead to wallie the hindu festival of lights and henri's over air pollution traditionally assured and with fireworks displays last year those schools were forced to close his vehicle emissions smoke from barmes and fumes from fireworks contributed to the delhi force pollution levels for nearly twenty years. sixteen children including ten and friends have died in medical college in northern india and just twenty four hours the. medical college made headlines back in august when sixty three children died in a single week due to lack of oxygen doctors say the patients were already critical when they arrived in the hospital liberians are preparing to go to the polls for tuesday's presidential election ellen johnson sirleaf africa's first female
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president is to step down after two terms in office election marks the west african nation's first democratic transfer of power since one nine hundred forty four the german chancellor says a deal limiting the intake of refugees will help forge a new government coalition. has announced a cap on new arrivals of two hundred thousand a year it's an attempt to unite the conservative bloc after unprecedented losses in last month's election immigration is seen as one of the biggest hurdles to forming a government for many chicken more than one million migrants between two thousand and fifteen and two thousand and sixteen. if i mean he didn't. miss i'm happy that we found a compromise we didn't make it easy for ourselves yesterday for many hours as we discussed all facets of asylum refugee law and immigration nor in detail we also analyzed the current situation and it was clear that his all about an overall concept an overall concept and a regulator framework for migration. journalism has been vindicated in
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a landmark ruling issued by britain's office of communications down as off a decision address complaints made against al jazeera investigative unit which produced the undercover series the lobby broadcast in january it exposed the israeli embassies covert campaign to smear british citizens critical israel and its policies claimed swisher has this report in a four part series broadcast in january al-jazeera is investigating expose the israeli government's attempts to influence british democracy because he said he was reading. the headlines at eleven o'clock israel's ambassador to the u.k. has apologized after a senior diplomat was caught on camera saying he wanted to take down the foreign office minister duncan island duncan is a strong critic of jewish settlements and israeli senior political officer and a british civil servant was forced to resign the diplomat in question no longer seems to be
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a functionary of the embassy in london. that whatever whatever he may have been doing here he's come it can be said to be let in true blood following that the pro israel media began to attack al-jazeera complaints were made to offer calm britain's office of communications. the regulatory body is charged with ensuring broadcasters are fair and balanced al-jazeera english is required to uphold its standards the films were accused of being anti-semitic that they infringe the privacy of pro israeli advocates that they were unfair and biased. off com launched an investigation and after nine months fully vindicated the work of algiers investigative unit it rejected every complaint clayton swisher al-jazeera doha. al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist mahmud hussein who's now been in prison in egypt for nearly ten months he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which al-jazeera strongly denies authorities have refused to allow him
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to be transferred for a specialist treatment on a broken arm an injury he received while detained he was arrested in december while visiting his family australia's highest court has begun a hearing into whether seven m.p.'s should be thrown out of parliament they had dual citizenship when they were elected which is ban of the constitution if the court rules against the m.p.'s the ruling party could lose its already slim grip on power and her thomas reports. as a senator for australia's green party the recent quarters spent as much time in the capital canberra as a home in queensland that's changed waters resigned in july after finding out that she held canadian citizenship as well as australian a clause in australia's constitution balls citizens of foreign powers from parliament that implicitly includes those with due. both waters parents are australian and they brought her to australia as
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a baby but she was born in canada and canada automatically gives citizenship to anyone born in the country waters hadn't known so she hadn't renounced it. when i found that i was canadian i was really sad because my work's not finished and i want to keep going. since attention focused on the clause seven m.p.'s have been found to be jule citizens not all have resigned some think not knowing another country consider them citizens a clause shouldn't apply this week australia's high school it's will decide if their right really did take the constitution strictly and saying simply that you have the status of being a national is enough to have you disqualified or is it going to say well so long as you didn't know once you found out you were made yet they took steps to renounce that's enough and we'll let you stay parliament. the case could bring down the government but to be joyce's australia's deputy prime minister he was born in
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australia but his father was born in new zealand and his nationality also passed automatically to his son australia's government has a parliamentary majority of one if the court finds barnaby joyce election with unconstitutional then either the candidate who came second to him would be elected in his place or the be a by election which choice could lose if either happens australian government would . australia's prime minister says his legal advice is that not knowing is excuse enough but his deputy and the other jewel nationality in peace but in the recent water this disagrees she expects the high court will find her election was unconstitutional having now we're now stuck in eighteen citizenship walton's imes to be legally elected at the mixed federal election in two years' time her absence until win means for her a political career break joyce's absence could break the government after thomas
5:42 am
al-jazeera. countries across latin america have been marking the fiftieth anniversary of the death of their the argentinian doctor turned communist revolutionary was known for his role in the one nine hundred fifty nine cuban revolution we fought alongside fidelis castro he was killed in bolivia and then to sixty seven and a gun by the cia trained unit of the local army. president evo morales led tributes in the town work of air as a body was put on display and condemned the u.s. . they criticized this event it's not treacherous to remember those who wanted to free our country so today we see how it changes words mean even more when che said our entire nation is a battle cry against imperialism and a call for the peoples unity against the great enemy of mankind today the attack venezuela just like they attacked afghanistan yesterday. third largest city in colombia is home to an animal refuge like no other for two decades abused animals
5:43 am
drug lords or the circus had been sheltered in. the city of cali but now environmental authorities say the refuge must close. orts. jupiter delight you might appear to have the same of a cat in the wild around this adopted mother he's no more try to house. is one of many exotic animals that shelters or. animal refuge and. trade which connects them all is that they were abused in the past. or on their own with a head on circus grow a lion and a tiger one lion was crippled they broke his power by lashes another line was crossed side more and more animals kept arriving because the sea legs a space to house wildlife for twenty six years i have done the work of the state at one time police handed over a steady supply of animals many seized from drug lords. i
5:44 am
cry out of anger and impotence when i see them so abused so by a lated by human beings but their. revenues from three private schools have helped finance the facility supermarkets provide fruits and veggies lend the remains of their livestock for the big cats the alerting us found there has long been praised courage in our work by the tories so much so to deserve a statue paid for by a former governor but those days are long gone and now current. it's time to close the refuge. police have now stopped bringing you an e-mail is following at this season by the local environmental authority said. that they need these places need to have conditions that are sanitary for the city and suitable for the animals the
5:45 am
fact that this was allowed to legally it's a shame for the city and can't continue indefinitely just because we let it happen you know that the corn made out of all my thank you for the people smaller animals should be released but many of the older or disabled creatures could be euthanized . i mean. it's unacceptable that they killed them outright took care of them for so many years keeping up with for twenty years to just have them decide about his life just because you're lame you're not supposed to live. that question mark hangs over all of the animals. and a promise is to keep fighting for them and this sanctuary from animal cruelty. movie legend spiral straight. among those speaking out against a major hollywood producer who has been fired over allegations of sexual harassment harvey weinstein is being accused of decades of inappropriate behavior towards
5:46 am
women tom ackerman reports. harvey weinstein one fame fortune and academy awards by being one of hollywood's most daring film producers but within days of a new york times report chronicling his alleged misconduct with women weinstein was fired by the company that bears his name weinstein issued a blanket apology for his behavior since then more women have come forward to recount their experiences with weinstein all of them unpleasant and he immediately . exposed himself and. but you know began pleasuring himself and i just stood there dumbfounded at the scandalous show in the spotlight on what used to be known in hollywood as the casting couch where powerful figures exploited those below them in the industry many of hollywood's biggest names have remained silent since the scandal broke but meryl streep was among the first of the industry's elite to condemn weinstein's long rumored offenses saying the behavior
5:47 am
is inexcusable but the abuse of power familiar the women of hollywood are not alone more and more women in the u.s. media are coming forward with their own stories of abuse one woman who successfully sued fox news over alleged terrorist mut by the company's top executives says it's because of a wall of silence i think that we find strength in numbers so if we knew that it was happening to more than just one person probably more of us it speak up but in silicon valley this year several high profile executives including the c.e.o. of over trevor kalanick have been either fired resigned or apologized for harassing or tolerating sexual harassment more companies have been cracking down on such behavior and not only in fear of legal penalties when we talk about what's appropriate in terms of reputational risk you know these allegations of harrison and are very serious and can hurt that back in hollywood another of weinstein's
5:48 am
alleged victims calling on women in the industry to act against what she called a massage and his dick power structure that needs to be brought down tom ackerman al-jazeera. and american economists famed for encouraging sensible decisions with their personal money and health as well as public policy has won this year's nobel prize for economics which with all are serious that people are predictably irrational and often act in ways that don't make economic sense so he came up with the idea of nudging where people are subtly guided to do what's right for them now they'll committee says sollars forecasts help people to recognise marketing tricks and to avoid bad decisions the private sector has access to all of these same tools and doesn't always good for good. and so i would say. if this prize does anything i hope it draws more attention
5:49 am
to the power of choice architecture and the responsibility that comes with it. still had the sport army welling's in arms the don where the netherlands for both sides needs a bit swayed by seven goals the world cup hearts alive it's unlikely to happen so we'll look at what's gone wrong in the dutch football.
5:50 am
the u.s. sports network e.s.p.n. suspended one of its anchors for controversial tweets smell help criticize the
5:51 am
owner of the dallas cowboys football team after he told players they would not be allowed to play if they disrespected the flag as he said and tell players had been kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial inequality last month hill had tweeted that president trump was a white supremacist wrestler sport here's peter thank you very much with a population of just over three hundred thirty thousand iceland have become the smallest nation ever to qualify for a fee for world cup and they play said russia twenty eighteen on monday by beating costs of zero to no. since first off goal in the second half strike by goodman seven and she with a victory on the night it means iceland top group in european qualification ahead of croatia group d. finished in dramatic fashion on monday the republic of ireland the booked a playoff spot thanks to a one zero win over wales in cardiff but james maclean's goal was not enough to stop serbia from topping the group and booking a ticket to russia wales already lemonade they were nine matches in european world
5:52 am
cup qualifying on monday as you know no iceland and serbia are through while the republic of ireland and croatia are headed for the playoffs and spain wrapped up group g. with a one zero win in israel the italians were hoping for an upset win in that one but will now have to settle for a play of themselves despite a wonder when they knew there was also a nice four no women for macedonia against liechtenstein the middletons finished third in the last world cup but need a miracle to reach the finals in russia they've struggled throughout qualifying and need to beat sweden by saving goals on tuesday to reach the playoffs and keep their hopes alive al-jazeera is really willing to reports from amsterdam. the future was bright the future was orange when the netherlands finished third in the last world cup in brazil robin van persie is famous header in a five one humiliation of spain gave them a lift off but three years of misery of following a failure to reach the expanded european championships now that looks certain to
5:53 am
miss out on next year's world cup. you need to beat sweden by seven clear goals what do you think has gone wrong over these past four years well we're all here. thinking about that how we can improve everything. but the federation. still got some good young players are coming up so hopefully they fill the gap well we need but the young talent hasn't been there for hitting an assistant it whose team were beaten for no by france in august nor was it pretty decisive because hitting. thirty three year old all your bobbin his shoulder the burden but not given up or talked about international retirement yet. it isn't about me it's about the squad it's about the team and together we have to get a good result i really hope the stadium will be packed and then we have to present ourselves in a really good manner it won't be long before next it's the international stage and
5:54 am
he'll be hard to replace like the legends before him in the one nine hundred seventy s. the netherlands brand of total football mesmerized and influence generations to come with the great court at the center of it. in the world had a better reputation for producing young talent than i x. here in. the national but like the national have gone backwards where have the docs legends gone for it's parent has been watching and reporting on them since the glorious seventy's era they still think we are a team like from buster reichardt and we don't have those players like iceland why like sheriff here where like norway so play like iceland and don't play like italy or spain there was a subdued atmosphere not the disappointment not anger people here except that same will miss out on a world cup for the first time in sixteen years and most just want to forget about football for now we can believe in fairy tales now we know there is no very tail
5:55 am
and last we can pay them but we don't. australia or syria could take one step closer to the world cup finals on tuesday they play the second leg of their asian group qualifying play off that one taking place in sydney the teams for task a one one draw in malaysia on thursday a win or even a low schooling draw would see australia reach the next play off against a team from central america which is likely to be either panama or honduras but a loss or a high scoring draw would go in syria's favor as the war ravaged country aims for the first ever world cup appearance. most of them when we've been playing outside our country and now we're playing in australia there's more than five thousand fans who are syrian i would like to thank the syrian community who welcomed us at the airport we were surprised and overwhelmed by the number and on social media they say that people have bought more than fifteen thousand tickets
5:56 am
people from the syrian community god willing we will meet their expectations. for us it's the objective is clear we when we first. start thinking about school loans and. anything other than just join. the opposition enough to get into tricky situations they know i test cricket is becoming more and more common on the international circuit pakistan and sri lanka all battling it out in dubai in just such an affair and the match is evenly poised heading into the fifth day sri lanka were in big trouble at the start of play as they resumed their second innings on thirty four four five they were carrying a first innings lead of two hundred twenty but the pakistani bonus work hard to dismiss their opponents for just ninety six second time around pakistan was set three hundred seventeen for victory but they batsman also found that during tough they would took three wickets as the pakistanis slumped to fifty two four five but
5:57 am
the spirit of showing from such a feat and captain suffers are made so pakistan reach one hundred ninety eight for five at the close of play they still need one hundred nineteen more runs for victory. to major league baseball and despite an incredibly rare feat on the night the boston red sox have been knocked out in the playoffs for the second year in a row they were beaten by the used an astros in game four of the american league division series on monday the game was tied three three in the eighth inning then the asters went ahead thanks to josh reddick at that point the red sox were fined three down and they season in jeopardy a twenty year old rookie raffle denver's hit an inside the park homerun in the ninth inning to get boston within one run of their opponents it was only the food inside the park homer in the red sox history the last coming in the world series in one thousand nine hundred sixteen despite this last gasp effort east and won the
5:58 am
game five food to clinch the series three one and advance to the american league championship series. and that's all the sport for me another update coming up later . and that's all for me for this news hour i'm richelle carey do you keep it here though on the other side of the break my colleague elizabeth will join us. the sky why should be no borders up here. only horizons. as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is a right football of us to go where we need to go to feel with things we want to fail. to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be
5:59 am
treated we do this because we know the trouble goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. to travel is a right for. remember that this world is full of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. cats are always going places together. oh is it allison where on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that u.p.a. has to address or if you join us on sat i'm a member of the ku klux but we struck up a relationship that this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera egypt is now china's biggest trading
6:00 am
partner in africa more than ten thousand chinese a living in cairo i wanted to see the permits in september one thousand nine hundred five i came with my friends to egypt many started a small traders but are now successful in business too and i began to do business in two thousand and three or two thousand and four at the time it was small but then it began to expand in al-jazeera well meets the growing chinese community in egypt egypt made in china at this time. he's president says washington's decision to hold most of these services as saddening as a diplomatic spat intensifies.


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