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yes i guess if i think about it that you know my mother doesn't have a good word to google to find them you know there's when are you going you know what is really great ok for me i think i can hear you just. got accomplished jumping in there we were noisy because there isn't much of that because there's no noise they do see. the where they got i mean that's. going to connect with them for most of where this is the one of my that's the best thing. ramiro we'll have to wait it out another four days before being able to continue. you are. at three thousand eight hundred meters above sea level past the capital of the n.d.s.
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also suffers from flooding. young alan made it back to class but was one week late. he and his father both flew home with help from the government. not to pour your money and can only pull will get. shattered rather because they are. not in a house where they stand with his truck stuck in the embers and edgar has no vehicle and has to earn a living doing odd jobs. for the money and what open or my story asking him one ten years for this kind of it's made me stand today by me for me despite its natural beauty year after year the rains in bolivia continue to have an impact on people's lives.
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from the family home of the students navigating dangerous rapids from the time we depart to the time we finish our scares to the fisherman dicing with death. i'm afraid of falling i'm afraid of dying but if i don't go by coffee my family needs the men who go to the extreme just to make a living. but you have to be a strong swimmer otherwise it's safe and risking it all vietnam at this time on al-jazeera. business update brought to you by catalog they always going places together with the with. with. with.
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with. with business update brought to you by catalog always going places together a rite of passage through the generations my cousin was laying down there i'm still a screaming she was helpless the woman who after indoors it goes far cold of pain for what that menai meets the women affected by it at g.m. and those reshaping perception do you think people will abandon this idea what about didn't take al-jazeera correspondent the con and this time.
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this is al jazeera. alarms the whole ramadan you're watching the al-jazeera news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes fatah and hamas in cairo for talks on a palestinian unity government to end a decade of distrust and disagreement. head of a key speech in catalonia as leader pressure mounts against plans to break away from spain we have the latest from barcelona. also in liberia for the country's presidential election voting is underway. i'm going to get your ask about the latest sports sneezing clay doing syrian fans gather in sydney as the team looks to continue that i'm liking running towards of well.
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good to have you with us on the news hour we start in the middle east where negotiators from rival palestinian political movements fatah and hamas are in cairo for talks on reconciling their decade long split now it follows last week's palestinian authority cabinet meeting attended by both sides now the first to be held in gaza in the three years the split began in the aftermath of hamas as election victory in two thousand and six well in two thousand and seven defeated fattah in street battles taking full control of the gaza strip since then attempts at reconciliation of broken down within weeks or even months and talks in cairo are designed to implement steps agreed in a deal signed six years ago also in the egyptian capital but divisive issues remain to be resolved from finding employment for both groups personnel to the future of
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hamas is powerful military wing lots of issues to get through a force that joins me now from ramallah to try and clear that up of course ramallah in the occupied west bank and as we wait for detail of what agreements might be reached harry one really wonders how the public is reacting to this potential two day meeting. well that's right in fact it could last three days until thursday we're getting the sense from people here that there is some potential optimism that maybe this time even in spite of all the failures that have taken place over the last ten years maybe this time there is a bit more momentum i think that's for one thing because of the fact that hamas has dissolved its administered committee in gaza it has allowed the palestinian authority to come back in and start to take over power once again so there is
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already some momentum in that respect egypt of course is very much behind this and pushing this very hard so there is this external factor trying to get both of these sides on board and so we went out and spoke to a few people in the streets of ramallah a little bit earlier on and this is what they had to say. was that the situation remains the same that the talks what was going to happen it can't get worse than it was. since all our time on the field hopefully there will be reconciliation it would result in achievements for all palestinians. on the planet it's better if there's reconciliation for fattah and hamas and all of us it would reflect on us and on the people in gaza economically and mentally. now of course the ten years of division the ten years of israeli blockade have been a lot more consequential for the people inside gaza the unemployment rate for instance is more than forty percent there the economy has taken a massive hit and
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a lot of people have lost a lot of hope in the interim and so there is perhaps both a little bit more skepticism from people that our teams there spoken to today about the propensity of the likelihood of these two factions which are often criticized by by as a pair by people who've lost so much in gaza as well as the fact that people there are so desperate the situation is so bad that they really want to see this work this time around and of course hurry the whole issue of conversations that are going to happen between hamas and fatah have a much wider implications in the region a regional capitals whether it be televisa cairo riyadh will all be watching very carefully because they all have a vested interest in you might say either finding a solution to the palestinian problem if these two sides can find common ground. well that's right there is i think obviously a regional aspect to all of this the egyptian involvement the fact that the
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americans have been pretty muted in what until recently was still extremely. very strong condemnation of hamas donald trump calling it a terrorist group which needed to be driven out of the middle east's just a few months ago with this reconciliation effort going on his middle east envoy jason green again saying that hamas would needs to change its ways but in a fairly muted way so there is some i think regional support for this reconciliation attempt the question though is exactly what form it will take and how sustainable it could be if it is just a question of the facts are that the palestinian authority providing services running the day to day administration of the gaza strip and allowing hamas to retain its military wing in some relatively quiet way that could hold for a while but at some stage for there to be full palestinian unity
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a bus that was in president's been saying he doesn't want to see a lebanon style situation with a powerful alternative center of power in terms of military wing alongside a civilian administration we were speaking to a senior executive committee that the secretary general of the executive committee yesterday and he was saying that that wouldn't be acceptable as well that there has to be in the long run a unity of purpose a unity of strategy between these two long divided sides whatever happens in the shorter term to try and get momentum for this reconciliation at some stage those more difficult questions will have to be resolved as well or leave it there for now and of course come back to you as we get more news lines coming out of that meeting for the moment thank you. no it doesn't have the visit lecturer at the very city university told al jazeera earlier about what he believes are the three main hurdles in reaching any agreement one is security whether hemmer's will give
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up its own security or not and i think that there will not and if the p.a. will insist on that this is going to be a break the whole attempts will break the second is politics the two sides have big serious differences in politics so if they try to unify the two sides in the p.l.o. structure then they will fail and the third one is election if they will try to go for election i have doubts that they will be able to agree and these are the major three challenges and i think this time they might avoid going into these difficult issues and make progress on the rest which is a step in the right direction and probably go slowly to check on the possibilities of other issues in the future let's move to europe now in spain where there has to be an announcement about the future of the country's catalonia region and its leader who to morrow has arrived in the regional parliament in barcelona may be
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preparing to make a unilateral declaration of independence but the spanish government has warned it will act on any attempt to divide the country journal reports from barcelona. no matter which side of the independence debate one is on this is a sight a few in catalonia would welcome the national police drafted in after a supreme court ruling to guard the high court ahead of tuesday's address to parliament by the region's president carlos preached a moment it's a bit scary to see. it in the streets because i am used to see them. used to see so many bodies we actually see yes and now they're here. we have them on our doorstep and it's like feeling under siege. these police. have really hit us hard and it's i think it's very bad here at the moment
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a spokesman for the squadron catalonians police force said it had no choice but to accept the supreme court ruling. you know. we don't understand it at all we have been guarding the spear court of catalonia for the last twenty four years and there's never been any reason to doubt our service so we don't understand it and we don't like it but it is a judicial distraction so we accepted. the extremely unusual you might call it provocative site of spain's national police on guard outside this important building in central barcelona is a reminder of just what sensitive times these are as this region and the whole of spain await a possible unilateral declaration of independence by catalonia on monday madrid again made it clear that an independence declaration would have immediate consequences. not at the. ready for any circumstances because we
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are already vaccinated against the fanaticism of most of them all and any hope that he will return to sanity and serenity therefore it's necessary to consider all possible options worked on all of them one option is to use special constitutional powers to revoke. if that were to happen would be far more to worry about than the national police. the high court during the whole al-jazeera barcelona well let's cross over live. in barcelona there is a very tight should you choose the meeting speeches just talk us through the order of events and when we can expect to the real players to say what they have to say. well in a sense there have been hints already coming from even within the government saying that perhaps what is going to be taken now all that's going to be possibly taken now is it's perhaps more of a symbolic. announcement of independence but the the governing body of parliament
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is already meeting to discuss the legality of the referendum results as well but as jonah but shouldn't in his report the spanish government representatives here in catalonia are very much ready for whatever it is that they are going to announce they they are preparing themselves for this and they are doing this they say in the name of protecting the democratic rights of people here of cattle and to do not want to secede and just a few moments ago i spoke with the spanish government to look at this is what he had to say. look you know. there's no point talking about mediation between the state itself and another part of the state has a legal judicial and democratic one that needs to be respected if someone steps outside of these legal boundaries they need to come back to them. once that's taking place then we can establish dialogue but we cannot accept a path that generates conflict as a way to talk to each other the spanish government asks the catalan president to
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reflect on this and return to legality if not he would have to answer to the judicial team not to the spanish government it. couldn't of escape the pro catalonia camp of the two main issues or two main events that have happened during the vote that we saw just a few weeks ago one was the huge crowds that came onto the streets of barcelona saying that they want a united spain and also the economic impact of that is pending or could pending and damage not just catalonia but the spanish state itself. well indeed and these are certainly issues that have caused a lot of debate but some people some procession to say this is just a way of bullying catalonia into not going ahead with a declaration of independence but as you as you rightly said at the impact has been already very real the spanish stock market has suffered due to the instability that
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this may have provoked you've had multinationals and banks already leaving their legal headquarters and transferring them to other cities in spain it would appear that the capital and president has put himself into a very risky situation and of course there are differing voices within the government you have those who particularly from the left wing side of the castle and government the couple in parliament who would like mr ricci want to just go ahead and do this even if it's just as a strategy to get parties to talk to the table but the problem with that is that it really doesn't have a lot of traction with others who have more of a centrist or all right of the government to solve it even the the mayor of barcelona who herself she's actually from a platform of social justice left wing kind of platform and she's even saying that this is not the right time but what is absolutely necessary right now is dialogue and not to do something that could cause irreparable damage to her or for the member will be with the song of course come back to barcelona that's where we get
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more word from the regional parliament thank you. plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including there's been yet another dramatic increase in the number of refugees fleeing violence and persecution in plus. traps and bombs like. we take a look at what's being done to bring the former i still held town back to life. in sport iceland's a viking chant is ringing out in reykjavik again find out why they took. the polls opened in liberia where voters will choose a new president after twelve years of africa's first elected female leader nobel peace prize winner ellen johnson sirleaf is stepping down after two terms in office
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twenty candidates are taking part in the election including former football star george where. joins me now live from the liberian capital monrovia in the day the voting stations were getting ready it does seem that everybody is now beginning to. like that the moment. well basically the previous station we were at things were going smoothly voting are started but we have moved now to painesville some thirty miles from where we were just an hour ago. there has been some confusion as to how and why. right behind me a lot of crowd has been gathered says mourning and a lot of them my angry that when they queue up to move to the ballot box to vote they were told that they were not on their names are not on the register so it's a little bit confusing but an election official here told me that things started
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looking up and in the next one or two hours they'll be. to clear everything and then voting will continue to progress as they wanted to be now here with me to discuss the level of activity what has been happening since boarding time is mr christopher. senior associate for africa of the national democratic institute and d i tell us about your own observations so far of the voting process across liberia you've been monitoring the selections this morning that's correct i've been monitoring the elections i was. at st patrick's high school lutheran high school in singapore and then before coming here i'm also part of the n.t. idol a geisha which has. about thirty four international observers deployed in our fifteen countries of the country what did you see so far so far from what i've seen personally and what is been told to me by my colleagues in the counties voting started on time many of the police stations we also see in the enthusiasm.
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of the liberian people who've come out because in many of the police is the lines are pretty long and as the big goes by all of these liberians who come out would have the opportunity to really vote for the candidate of their choice now we've seen a little problems here and there in some of the polling stations like people not finding their names on the register people queuing up and they were told that the this is not the right place for them to come and vote do you think what from what you're hearing from across the field you think this is something to be worried about will it impact on the outcome of elections eventually i think that especially in the main cities in the big towns where the. polling sites in the same prison that an effort should be done to indicate who very early on which lines the need to stand so they're not standing on the lawn on the wrong line but i also think that some of the issues that happen at the beginning when people couldn't find their names on the list the good news is that they were still allowed to vote and their
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names were then. down on the provision least that was to be lifted by the neck by the election commission for that purpose hopefully this is going to be set up by the end of the day everybody who wanted to vote and who is regis that should be given the opportunity to. thank you mr christopher farmer young senior associate for africa of the national democratic institute now here is an area where some of the two top candidates are voting of course the vice president. of course mr we are who expected to be voting in a matter of minutes but the enthusiasm like mr frum you just said is very very high liberia's and really are passionate about this election with met some physically challenged individuals who braved the elements who braved the distance to come and cast their votes and despite the problems they were having in accessing
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the polling boxes still insisted on voting so in some areas things are looking good in others complaints here and there by voters are not seeing the names of the register say oh well we'll leave it over the course come back to you throughout the day as we see voting progress in like there is a presidential election. staying on the african continent two people have been killed in an attack there university in kenya a gunman opened fire on vehicles carrying staff and students to vassar's technical university in quali county staff members died and two police officers and a driver wounded the attackers thought to be al shabaab fighters. there are reports of a dramatic increase in the number of the hinge of refugees fleeing ongoing violence and there have been an lol in recent days but of ten thousand people have crossed into bangladesh all monday and huff a million have left me
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a. bigot and six weeks ago. in southern bangladesh near the border with me about. a dramatic increase in the number of our hindu refugees crossing from me and more into bangladesh the u.n.h.c.r. i said they are investigating reports that at least ten thousand more refugees have crossed from me and more into bangladesh in the past few days it is hard to confirm these numbers exactly but in local media reports since yesterday many local government officials have said that in different areas the thousands of refugees have come in and that there has definitely been a surge since last week when the numbers of ranger refugees that were crossing per day from me an hour into bangladesh had waned now in the camps that we have been visiting conditions are extremely dire today in this makeshift camp it's the start of a cholera immunization campaign the reason for that groups like the w.h.o.
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and unicef in coordination with the bangladeshi health ministry they're trying to take these measures preventive didley to vaccinate many refugees against cholera now in this first phase which begins today we're told that it is expected that at least six hundred and fifty thousand refugees will be vaccinated after that phase in next week then another phase will begin a bit later more will be vaccinated you know conditions in these camps are absolutely atrocious they are extremely unhygenic and that's one of the reasons aid workers and health workers have been concerned that there could be a full on health crisis. there could be epidemic spreading and the disease is spreading if they don't get this under control. the military buildup continues in turkey's border with syria where a major operation is expected that turkey is supporting a campaign to secure the city of idlib the rebels last stronghold in the country but civilians still live in fear as hashim harbor reports this is
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a turkish base in the southern town of ray hadley sitting on top of a hill that overlooks syria the base is surrounded by tanks and artillery it's quiet here for the time being but behind these hills convoys of the free syrian army are crossing into syria ahead of a major military campaign. turkey says the cross border campaign is part of the deal to secure. the city's mostly controlled by hate. a former al qaeda affiliate. the group rejects a recent deal between turkey iran and russia to set up a deescalation zone in the province. civilians are concerned about a major confrontation between the turkish army and yes we reject any
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intervention right now and the campaign has any benefits from muslims and that's fine. if it takes into edler peacefully and in court the nation would hate the idea of a sham that's fine but if enter the country along with their fancy fighters they're not good or. is the only province in syria still under rebel control but the opposition is losing ground government troops backed by russia say they are determined to take back it live syrian and russian warplanes have recently increased their airstrikes dozens of civilians were killed turkey says his ultimate goal is to any threats coming from rebel kurdish factions operating on its border but it's unclear at this stage whether turkey will stay longer in northern syria or will hand over the administration of civilian opposition body once the province is cleared of high definition fighters. are the
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time. now u.s. bank syrian kurdish fighters are preparing for a final push to retake neighborhoods still held by ice all in the city of raka it was once the group's self-proclaimed capital the operation to retake the city with the backing of u.s. air support has been ongoing since june. and both syrian government forces and s.d.f. fighters are continuing to battle isley india a province now it's the last major ice or stronghold in the eastern part of syria russian backed syrian troops have been pushing along the western bank of the euphrates river with s.t.'s fighters on the eastern bank. hundreds of civilians are fleeing the iraqi town of how we just to escape the fighting there the u.s. backed iraqi troops and iranian trained shia militia declared victory over eisel there on thursday after a two week offensive but pockets of fighters are still battling for control in the
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surrounding areas the fall of how we means i suppose the only remaining territory in iraq is a stretch along its western border with syria. leisel may have been defeated in most of northern iraq but the scars it's left are overwhelming it's expected to take four years up to four billion dollars to rebuild towns destroyed during the group's rule many of them are deserted and three million people are living in temporary shelters across the region charles stratford reports now from hudson sharm come. around two hundred thousand people were living in thailand for when i still took control in two thousand and fourteen but the town is virtually deserted now. since their victory over i saw here at the end of august the iraqi military had been searching the bomb factories set up in what once private homes. they're destroying improvised explosive devices. and removing rubble.
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this is tell us as main hospital eisel built tunnels here its fighters piled the mud inside the rooms in order to avoid detection from the sky but. we have just started the second phase to clear the town from my trap house as the work continues and will take time to open roads and houses in order to bring life back to the town . many of the families from selloffs are among the approximately three million people living in camps like this one the stories they tell you are often shocking and a reminder of how terrifying their life and i still must have been if i still had ever discovered your scene muhammad had been a policeman they would have killed him. he says i still captured and decapitated dozens of his colleagues until after. he suddenly will be scarred for life he was blown off one and strike targeted and i saw a position last year. when the military operations began
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i still kept forcing people to relocate were taken to a place close to their headquarters a few days later an airstrike hit the building a piece of shrapnel blew my son's arm off. you seen since his home until after it has been completely destroyed he doesn't know how long he and his family will have to live in the camp he's just grateful that his son is still alive chance trafford al-jazeera sunshine camp northern iraq. the u.n. special envoy for yemen is briefing security council members on the latest situation in the country where war has caused a humanitarian catastrophe it's the first consultations since the united nations report blamed the salad at coalition for causing the deaths of hundreds of children but air strikes have continued and survivors are struggling to cope binge of it all falls. the sight of what used to be mohammed's home brings back painful memories.
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this is where three members of his family died in an airstrike but i want. all of a sudden i heard the air raid the house was hit my rocket was totally destroyed shelling continued to russian my family home where i saw my mother she told us our house was hit my father my brother and sister were killed their bodies were torn into small pieces the house was reduced to ashes if you look at it now you never think a house once stood there. not many people can afford a house and had to many here are displaced from the war and live in wooden structures which barely protect them from the elements this village is close to the saudi border we are fighting between pro-government forces and who the rebels continues is the same area where there strike at a refugee camp killed more than forty people. about there had. a fighter jet targeted by a neighbor's home he was a fisherman when it came home with a small catch not even worth two dollars he asked his son to go get some water he
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started to prepare said breakfast with his children but they were taken by surprise the house was shelled by a warplane about seven thirty or eight and i morning by the time we came the house was destroyed it was reduced to ashes we couldn't even find a trace of their bodies. it's not a unique story as the saudi led coalition has continued to dog to the rebel since two thousand and fifteen. and many of more than ten thousand victims of the war have been civilians as more words are used to describe a manmade crisis which has resulted in the world's worst cholera outbreak malnutrition and famine like conditions. many yemenis have already lost all of what little they had some of enjoy weighed out of their. well in a few moments we'll have the weather with richard but still ahead here on al-jazeera. with the wind driven event this fire changed behavior very rapidly it is moving throughout the area is one hundred people missing twenty thousand evacuated as wildfires spread throughout the u.s. state of california. plus canada cracks down on poachers of
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a wild herb that is selling for record prices in east asia. and in sporting sweep in major league baseball as the playoff picture becomes clearer joe will have the details. from the clear blue sky of the doha morning. to the fresh autumn breeze in the city of love. i think we take a look at the current situation across southern africa more specifically south africa now it's october we're getting into the period of more change to weather conditions and we certainly seen a very active weather system going through south africa over the last twenty four hours given some very large rainfall totals more than just rainfall totals we've also seen some very very strong winds and across the country schools problems the
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shots coming from johannesburg but you've had similar problems reported in durban got quite strong winds we've got steady winds of about forty k.p.h. but you can see the damage calls from this system as it went through well certainly it's probably early in the season to see such an active low pressure center still given the threat of some showers for durban as i say it's looking pretty disturbed there at the moment but this whole system moves into the indian ocean region and so if you look at the forecast there through wednesday the system itself should be away from any small area of land will have one or two showers affecting parts of madagascar but otherwise at that stage where they should generally be settling down so we've got some fine conditions across much of the country and johannesburg back into some sunshine twenty five degrees durban twenty two and those winds certainly on the way at. the weather sponsored by cat time he's.
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with bureaus running six continents across the globe. i would use eras correspondents live in bringing the stories they tell of was done nothing but good news from the bottom of the letter c m. we're at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian refugees i'll just zero fluent in world news are always the rain forests of the sea we continue on our current way we won't have whole race within twenty thirty forty years from now so you're essentially trying to recreate the ecosystem but under controlled conditions the night though is so good the ballot bowl still doesn't answer the decline of the great barrier still saveable but we've got to start now and we need to get everyone behind the solution tag no i think it's time on hold as iraq.
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welcome back to the al-jazeera news our lives the whole robin a reminder of our top stories negotiators from rival palestinian political movements fatah and hamas are in cairo for talks on reconciling that decade long split it follows last week's palestinian authority cabinet meeting attended by both sides first to be held in three years also catalonia as regional leader sheilds puja man has just arrived at the parliament in barcelona where he's due to make a speech on the future of the region it's believed he could make a declaration of independence but spain's deputy prime minister has warned that madrid will and on any attempt to divide the country. also polls open in liberia to
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elect a new leader after twelve years president ellen johnson sirleaf africa's first elected female leader is stepping down after two terms in office twenty candidates are competing to replace her. go to north america where wildfires in the u.s. state of california have left ten people dead and more than one hundred missing over a thousand homes and businesses have been destroyed in the northern wind producing region in southern part five thousand homes have been evacuated as fire crews struggle to control the blaze the governor of california has declared a state of emergency in seven counties well rob reynolds has more from los angeles much of california is burning or at risk of going up in flames from north to south in the most populous us state more than twenty major fires are burning with nearly thirty thousand hectors already scorched thousands of homes and other buildings.


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