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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm AST

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to get. countdown to catalonia is big announcement the regional leader arrives i did his speech to the council on parliament on the future of the region.
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live from london also coming up kenya's opposition leader rhino dingo announces he's withdrawing from the presidential election rerun. we're in liberia where voting has been taking place all day to choose their country's next president. and ten dead more than a hundred people injured and twenty thousand evacuated as wildfires spread in the u.s. state of california. begin in spain where nonce mint is expected imminently on the future of catalonia as leader carlos bridge them on has held a cabinet meeting and the regional parliament in barcelona is due to give a speech on whether he'll follow through on the referendum vote to split from spain and make a unilateral declaration of independence but the spanish government has warned it
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will act on any attempt to divide the country. we're covering the story from both sides lawrence lee is in madrid but first let's go to jonah hole who's outside the catalan parliament in barcelona as everyone desperate to know whether he'll declare independence or some other kind of form of decision. absolutely lauren a i'm sure there has never been such a spotlight shown on the building behind me here the regional parliament in catalonia bristling with security the local police force the most awesome squad here in big numbers as well as is mr wisdom on himself he arrived about half an hour ago and we expect to hear from him any minute now and the big question of course that everybody wants to know will he or won't he the government hasn't given much of a clue much of a sign as to what may be in his speech you made remember that shortly after the referendum it was announced he would address parliament here on monday and declare independence that was promptly banned by the constitutional court in madrid they
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then rode back and said well he would just address a session on tuesday with a report back on the referendum well he may of course go further than that there is a law in place passed by the parliament here in catalonia at the behest of us to put him on and his coalition that says in the event of a positive result in that referendum a declaration of independence should follow and certainly the two million plus people who voted for it in the referendum will want to see that happen will be very disappointed if they don't but there is as much of a chance one assumes anyway that he will bow to pressure a huge amount of pressure that has built up in the last week or so pressure on the streets here in barcelona even among capitol arms who have come out and said they don't want independence pressure from madrid pressure from the e.u. and indeed economic pressure with lots and lots of companies in the last week moving their legal headquarters outside catalonia will he bowed to that pressure or will he take the risk for which he was put into this job in the first place we'll
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have to wait and see and do you want to if he doesn't have the full blown option what this this thing that's been described to come in japan. and it's like what would that look like you think. well look i mean a lot of people have taken a stab at what may happen to short of independence i don't think anybody knows there isn't a particular formula that works out as independents like per say the suggestion that's been doing the rounds through the course of the day here is that he may choose to make some kind of symbolic statement some sort of reference to catalonia is newly won right to independence but stopped just short of actually declaring that independence and try to leave the door open for talks to take place with madrid which you're going to hear more about from lawrence of course the problem with that is you know in a sense it's a question of who blinks first if he does that well in catalonia and the parliament here has blinked first the the the the impetus rather that is then handed to madrid that's not something he's going to do lightly that's not not something he and his supporters will want to do but it may well be seen as the prudent course of the
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course of action john how frank very much indeed for time being and that's quest out in our sleep is live outside the spanish parliament in madrid so lawrence what kind of a reaction would there be if a full blown independence would that were declared what would the spanish government do. it was such a good question and i think they're trying to figure it out at the moment lots of word faces in the spanish parliament from the government side from the capital unionist side the anti independence side and many others and the thing is they have this entire range of options and all of them frankly on some level or another a pretty awful do they do they send the troops into that you know. last week was already being driven up the motorway there were about the navy boats around around the edges of people it was a twitchy about that that sort of thing which would be the kind of nuclear option if they don't do that do they invoke article one five five which involves taking all the autonomous powers back from catalonia and bringing them to madrid and
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effectively dismantling any sort of sense of catalonia having a working government in mechanisms of its own that wouldn't do anything except prolong the problem through the rest well if they do he becomes a political martyr and surely the independence movement actually grows or do they do what the capital and say they want which is to hold negotiations they absolutely don't want to do that in government here because if they do is accept the core of the catalan argument which is this is that this is a political issue here they're saying it's a legal issue they say the independent reverend it was illegal and therefore they should all be arrested if they if they accept the logic of negotiations it becomes a political issue and in doing so i think they lose some face and they lose some bargaining power on one level the catalans win a victory even before and they go to any negotiation starts and so in the rounds all of it's hopeless for them and the spanish shortly for all the belligerent language in the actions of the police in breaking up the referendum or really in
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quite a weekly ghostface inquisition and i think the catalans know that do you sense that they felt. that you can change a little bit when the business is starting to pull out of catalonia or do you think they felt then that they actually had some ground to maneuver from. i think i think certainly and i think i'm sure the european union and european commission have a hand in all this as well because they clearly hate the idea of catalan independence it's really very much like bricks it in some of its impulse i think really it's a much stronger tool for them to use if you send the police in and you tear gassed people having lunch you know the optics as they call them are absolutely awful if you work behind the scenes and you say to the banks look move out let's just try and get the catalans to to to be against each other and split the movement and so some doubts in their collective minds you're much more likely to actually get the result that you want that way and i do think the silent just the majority.
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i think if anything is going to grow as they get more nervous about the very difficult practical political questions that would arise if they do declare u.d.r. unilateral independence of what happens to their borders where are the rights of spaniards in catalonia or catalans in spain what happens to all the trade agreements with the european union can they use the euro if they're not recognized by the european union then what do they do with i asked him some of these questions like like this last week and they were talking about being like norway or liechtenstein iceland it's exactly the same as brics it and everybody can see the diff the enormous difficulties that the u.k. is now got itself involved in dealing with the european union they would have all the same practical difficulties as that but the it is the sort of idea this intense idea of sovereignty above everything else that's dominating the debate there and if you ask them about the practicalities they really don't want to know you know we're actually thank you very much indeed and thank you know how as well who's keeping an
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eye on things in barcelona for us and we will bring you that speech from catalyst for you jim on a cattle and regional president from the parliament there. live just as soon as it happens. yes and two hours to go now for voters to cast their ballots in liberia's presidential election and then johnson sirleaf is stepping down after two terms in office the nobel peace prize winner was africa's first female elected head of state twenty candidates are taking part in the poll including former football star george where. turkey's president says that agents have infiltrated united states embassies overseas as a diplomatic crisis between the countries deepens. one blames the dispute on the u.s. ambassador to turkey saying john bass acted unilaterally into spending visa services
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after the arrest of an american consulate worker at a one was speaking in belgrade where he's holding talks with the serbian president on the economy and infrastructure projects. we didn't start this the united states is responsible for the fact that the high level administrator is didn't have any discussions with our foreign minister is a topic that i find strange what's made it complicated is that an ambassador in ankara made that kind of decision and said i made it in the name of my country. the united states should ask him how dare you harm turkish u.s. relations if my ambassador did such a thing we wouldn't keep him in the post not for one minute more. united nations says eleven thousand people cross from in mind to bangladesh on monday as numbers of refugees continue to grow the u.n.
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high commission for refugees says it's on full alert over the influx of revenge into bangladesh becomes a major car immunization campaign gets underway near cox's bizarre claim to protecting newly arrived refugees more than half a million people of fed miramar in the past six weeks after a violent government crackdown raman jhoom has the latest from cox's but bizarre in bangladesh near the border with me and mark. a dramatic increase in the number of our hindu refugees crossing from me and maher into bangladesh the u.n.h.c.r. has said they are investigating reports that at least ten thousand more refugees have crossed from me and more into bangladesh in the past few days it is hard to confirm these numbers exactly but in local media reports since yesterday many local government officials have said that in different areas that thousands of refugees have come in and that there has definitely been a surge since last week when the numbers of ranger refugees that were crossing per
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day from me an hour into bangladesh had waned now in the camps that we have been visiting conditions are extremely dire today in this makeshift camp it's the start of a cholera immunization campaign the reason for that groups like the w.h.o. and unicef in coordination with the bangladeshi health ministry they're trying to take these measures preventive didley to vaccinate the many refugees against cholera now in this first phase which begins today we're told that it is expected that at least six hundred and fifty thousand refugees will be vaccinated after that phase ins next week then another phase will begin a bit later more will be vaccinated you know conditions in these camps are absolutely atrocious they are extremely unhygenic and that's one of the reasons aid workers and health workers have been concerned that there could be a full on health crisis and there could be epidemic spreading and the disease is spreading if they don't get this under control. just to bring you up to date on the
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story we've been covering at the session of the catalan parliament where we're expecting to hear from carlos wisdom on the catalan regional president for the first time since that referendum on october the first when the majority who voted voted for secession well that speech that we were expecting at the top of what six hundred g.m.t. has been delayed according to local media by at least forty five minutes to an hour or so we'll bring you that delayed session of the catalan parliament just as soon as it starts callus wisdom on which to expect to hear from him. kenya's opposition leader has withdrawn from the presidential election just over two weeks before the rerun is shuttle to take place in a statement announcing the move he said is withdraw would allow the electoral commission enough time to introduce reforms to help deliver a more credible election that the numerous protests since the electoral body announced incumbent president who can yet or as the winner of the the eight election. the election on to october twenty sixth will go ahead despite
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a digger's decision. withdrawal of candidates in the presidential election. first. followed the notification of the presidential election held in the organs go to seventeen and the subsequent gazette bent by the commission of the undersigned as presidential candidate and the only made for the visualisation the year of. four twenty six october twenty seventh didn't we hear the draw or kind of which are really immediate effects. of what is go to catherine store in nairobi so to the outside world it seems quite a strange decision he went to court to get a new election now he's pulling out explain to us what's going on here. absolutely and a lot of people i've been talking to in the last few hours since that announcement laurean are still trying to understand and wrap their heads around what has really
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happened we've been hearing this statement though for the last in the last few days with the supporters of. officials in the opposition coalition nasa saying that they're going to call the election in fact there's going ahead to say we're not just going to boycott the election there will be no elections so this doesn't quite come as a surprise but still it's really causing a lot of questions about what happens next is there now going to be an election on the twenty sixth if there is no election on the twenty sixth and what's going to happen within if the election is not held within this sixty days deadline that is given by the constitution now the president has hired from him he is campaigning at the coast and he said that the election is going to go on with all we've. got but that is not it's not as simple as that loren because it really puts to question the the legitimacy of his presidency eve he is declared president and polls so
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a lot of people are really concerned there's a lot of worry there's a lot of and satiny about what's going to happen in the press press press conference say that the reason why he's withdrawing his candidate is because. of the issues that he's addressed with the electoral commission have not been addressed for example hugh one fact in individuals within the commission that oversaw the last election removed before the election you also what is that in companies that were involved in the transmission of results as well as printing of balloting as you move through this is not going to happen he said he will not participate in what he sees as a fraudulent election an election where he's not been given a level playing field laurence catherine storyline already thank you. still to come on the program or tell you why south korea's military festival is even more
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important this year. welcome back across central southern parts of china and taiwan where the conditions tearing not too bad is further towards a site where we've got the remnants of as tropical storm or twenty three now this is given a huge amount of rain across parts of vietnam sure to cause some communications issues extending through into laos as well so flash flooding still remains an issue across parts of vietnam and through into laos and eventually that system will disintegrate of a parson miramar so here too we're likely see some very heavy rain heading into thursday share it to fifty gradually tends to diminish meanwhile across more eastern areas looking fine hong kong there pretty warm a thirty five degrees across into south asia the monsoon is still on the slow side
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to retreat to still seeing a fair amount of cloud as far north as mumbai and over an eastern areas it is pretty active kolkata seen some decent rainfall totals and more rain is likely to come here in the forecast so again it could be fairly wet here tonight porson some heavy rain delhi dry and fine crunchy dry and pretty war thirty eight degrees heading into thursday no significant change expected into the arabian peninsula has started to get a breeze coming down through the gulf which means the humidity will drop but it does remain pretty hot here in qatar with highs of thirty nine expected in doha. optimism has faded. khans elected leaders are divided. tension grows as fears that a crackdown is imminent the targets the activists who fought for democracy divide and conquer. part five of a six part series filmed over five years. china's democracy
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experiment at this time on al-jazeera. reminder the top stories here not just an announcement by catalonia is made economists predict a man on the future of the region's relationship with spain has been delayed by an hour it's not not clear why the statement has been pushed back. kenya's opposition leader rhino dingo has withdrawn from an upcoming rerun of the presidential election being held later this month. and polls will close shortly in liberia's presidential election the nobel peace prize winner and johnson sirleaf
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stepped down after two terms in office. wildfires in the u.s. state of california have left ten people dead and more than one hundred injured when a thousand homes and businesses have been destroyed in the northern wind producing region in southern parts five thousand homes have been evacuated as fire crews struggle to control the blaze entire neighborhoods in the city of santa rosa was destroyed in the northwest of the state shown by google earth imagery california highway patrol posted the off the shot of the burnt out streets showing the devastation the wildfires have caused the governor of california has declared a state of emergency in seven counties liberals as more for centuries. much of california is burning or at risk of going up in flames from north to south in the most populous us state more than twenty major fires are burning with nearly thirty thousand hectors already scorched thousands of homes and other buildings have been
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destroyed at least twenty thousand people have been evacuated including patients at two hospitals the fire sprang up quickly fanned by winds gusting up to eighty kilometers per hour and aided by extremely low you middy i know these kind of conditions the rest is just a stream of new stars and that's what happened out last night and this morning the plan that's going online to have these explosive conditions in the famous napa and sonoma county wine country home to some of california's finest vineyards residents were alerted near midnight and told they had only minutes to get out in southern california smoke and flames were visible in a major fire in anaheim the location of disneyland with the wind driven event this fire changed behavior very rapidly and is moving throughout the area so that's why we've expanded evacuation orders and we did ask people to heed those warnings firefighters are spread thin but meteorologists say the winds should die down soon
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giving hope they can get the fires under control rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles u.s. backed syrian kurdish trying to separate bearing for a final push to retake neighborhood still held by i saw in the city of raka and also rucka the group's self-proclaimed capital would be a strategic move for the on group officials from the kurdish led syrian democratic forces so they believe the last phase will take between seven and ten days the kurdish led forces in which the offensive against arsenal in iraq in june under the cover of ass trikes by the u.s. led coalition. turkey's prime minister says his country's military operations in syria's illit province are to prevent a wave of migration into turkey the military buildup is continuing on turkey's border with syria where a major operation is expected to hew supporting a campaign to secure. the rebels' last stronghold in the country but civilians
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there are still living in fear especially of our imports. this is a turkish base in the southern town of ray hadley sitting on top of a hill that overlooks syria the base is surrounded by tanks and artillery it's quiet here for the time being what's behind these hills convoys of the free syrian army crossing into syria the head of a major military campaign. turkey says the cross border campaign is part of a deal to secure the city's mostly controlled by hate. if former al-qaeda affiliate. the group rejects a recent deal between turkey iran and russia to set up a deescalation zone in the province. civilians are concerned about a major confrontation between the turkish army and yes we reject any
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intervention right now and the campaign has any benefits from muslims and that's fine. if it takes into ed lib usefully and inclination with hate that you have a sham that's fine but if enter the country along with the fifty fighters they're not good at or really ject it. is the only province in syria still under rebel control but the opposition is losing ground government troops backed by russia say they are determined to take back it live syrian and russian warplanes have recently increased their airstrikes dozens of civilians were killed turkey says his ultimate goal is to any threats coming from rebel kurdish factions operating on its border but it's unclear at this stage whether turkey will stay longer in northern syria or will hand over the administration of civilian opposition body once the problem is cleared of hay at the n.h.l.
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fighters. north korea unlocks the seventy second anniversary of the founding of the ruling workers' party concerns the regime may use the day for another missile test meanwhile in south korea the military is on charity event to give people a close up look at what it can do to answer north korea's missile and nuclear threat from a private course. it's a timely opportunity for south korea to show off its military hardware given the current standoff with north korea. we are doing our best to show the strengths the results of the army through this festival we believe it gives the public trust of the army. the equipment is being boosted with the biggest increase in military spending in decades south korea says it wants dialogue with north korea but it must
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be accompanied by a strong military the aim is not to rely so heavily on the u.s. for its security but to develop its own answer to north korea's missile a nuclear threat. south korea is bringing forward plans to strengthen its military it wants the ability to carry out preemptive strikes against north korean missile sites and if it ever comes under missile attack to have the weapons to respond with what it calls a massive punishment and retaliation strike. north korea is marking the anniversary of the founding of the ruling workers' party of korea and there'd been fears of another missile test but it didn't happen. changes in the party leadership ahead of the event have led to speculation that north korean leader kim jong un may be concentrating more on the economy instead of his weapons program. for most of
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the people at this festival in south korea security comes through strength. the city of good young is home to the headquarters for all of south korea's armed forces and nearly half the people are employees of the military or their dependents in this area the soldiers are friends for old and younger like. that of north korea she was offered a range of military hardware so i hope we can also show our capabilities. i've been worried but i think if we have a clip in like this we would win against north korea. without nuclear weapons of its own building up formidable conventional forces is seen as a deterrent to conflict but it also ups the stakes should hostilities break out rob mcbride al jazeera here young south korea american gen saying is thought to have a wide range of health benefits such as lowering blood sugar levels and reducing
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stress but it's illegal to pick the plant in canada and officials are warning that poaching is on the rise as prices for the miniscule herd saw in east asia than you like has more not a lot so over here it's a very nice. we can see butternuts on patrol not far from canada's capital city john francois du bois is looking for wild american gin saying it's an endangered species and record prices for the plant in east asia are attracting poachers if mr dubois finds any gin saying he knows where to focus his surveillance and we're using a lot of technologies and that's what the poachers there's no they may be walking in the forest and it may be some cameras live cameras that will receive the live pictures on our cell phones conservation officers across canada seas many kilos of illegal wild gin sing every year poachers can spend five years in jail but with a global market worth more than two billion dollars a year illegal harvesting is getting more organized and difficult to police just
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like the trade in the world's other endangered species interpol estimates that wildlife crime is the fourth most lucrative crime out there after illegal drugs after human trafficking after counterfeiting the fourth most valuable is wildlife this is big time crime canada as well ginseng population is under threat even though farmers in ontario are legally growing what is essentially the same plant in east asia in traditional medicine well ginseng is more desirable and it's domestically grown cousin that's not what scientists in toronto have found though in clinical trials researchers at st michael's hospital have discovered farm jin singh has positive health impacts that the wild plant does not have we have very enthusiastic we continue. talking to growers who want to make but the color formula for diabetes may be full of blood but i should and be a very optimistic john francoise dubois even spends many of his weekends combing
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the woods for a plant that poachers have helped push to the brink of extinction he has his eye firmly on the future especially i would like to someday come here with my son is now two and a half years old and maybe come back and say you know you can see here the tears while dancing their well while americans in saying and it's here because we did something for it. canada's jensen protector remains vigilant and committed to what is essentially a passion not just his job daniel acknowledges era the iraq war and to more for you on our web site the address for that is there dot com and a reminder that the cattle and government has delayed the speech by the cattle and leader that we're expecting we should be seeing it around seventeen g.m.t. there dot com.
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the top stories on our zero announcement by catalonia as mediocre as predicted one on the future of the region's relationship with spain has been delayed it's not clear why the statement has been pushed back a spanish government has warned it will act on any attempt to divide the country. kenya's opposition leader raul odinga has withdrawn from an upcoming rerun of the presidential election we have made this month have been numerous protests since the electoral body announced incumbent president hu kenyatta as the winner of the almost election says his withdrawal will allow the electoral commission enough time to introduce reforms to help deliver a more credible election. with the drone of candidates in the presidential election the first. one of the notification of the presidential election and if all goes down to seventeen and his subsequent visit bent by the commission of the undersigned as he did and then he made for the pleasure election that you have. for
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twenty six of twenty seventeen we have to draw our kind of which are needed for. poles and you to close shortly in liberia where the country is voting for a new president a very we'll see ellen johnson sirleaf step down after two terms in office the nobel peace prize winner was africa's first female elected head of state. turkey's president says that agents have infiltrated united states embassies overseas as a diplomatic crisis between the two countries deepens. one blames the dispute on the u.s. ambassador to turkey saying john bass acted unilaterally in suspending visa services after the arrest of an american consulate worker the u.n. says eleven thousand people across from in mind to bangladesh on monday alone a mass arrival current science with a cholera immunization campaign underway near cox's bazaar which is aimed at
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protecting newly arrived refugees woman half a million people were fed minimal in the past six weeks after a crackdown in record time state. there's been top stories at work on china's democracy experiment is next on a more news for you straight after that thanks so much for watching as you seem for . tens of thousands of demonstrations erupt across china each year driven by anger over corruption and the illegal sale of communal land most protests fail to make an impact but in two thousand and eleven one village defied the odds.


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