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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm AST

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no one i can stop thinking of other than the bullies in my life others are exploited and a symbol of central government by the should and carry on something that goes against the morals of got along beside you as a on the capital a nationalist perspective the believe the present banished culture and catalonia has lost full fight at this time on al-jazeera wild. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. man. this is al-jazeera.
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eleanor and taylor this is the news hour live from london coming up. the catalan president says catalonia has the right to become its own state but stopped short of declaring independence. kenya's opposition leader now says he's withdrawing from the presidential election rerun. in liberia where polls are just closing as a country votes to elect their next president. ten dead more than one hundred people injured and twenty thousand evacuated as wildfires spread in the u.s. state of california. with the latest sports news including syrians world cup dreams come to an end they're beaten in extra time by australia who are one step closer to russia twenty eight to.
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begin in spain where in the past the catalan president praised him on that catalonia has earned the right to become its own state but stopped short of declaring independence outright in a speech for the catalan parliament to call for a deescalation of tension and said he was ready for dialogue with the spanish government he said millions of catalan citizens believe catalonia should have its own state and that he had a clear mandate to declare independence the government has room to act on any attempt to divide the country. as president it's my responsibility to declare that catalonia should become an independent state in the shape of a report. we asked the parliament to suspend any effects of the declaration of independence so that we can have dialogue and so that we can find the necessary solution we need to lower tensions and show our will and commitment to meet the demands of the catalan people we're covering the story from both sides lawrence lee
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is in madrid but first let's go to jonah whole who's outside the catalan parliament in barcelona so what does this do this declaration that suspend the effects of independence to negotiate where does that put us. puts us in a bit of a holding pattern really lauren and a holding pattern with no timeframe on it because mr policeman has not given any sense of how long he expects this period of dialogue to last if indeed madrid accepts the idea of dialogue at all. will be a lot of people of course will be very disappointed that there wasn't an outcry declaration of independence but there'll be a lot of people possibly a lot more people who'd be very relieved at this point because whether they supported independence or nocht a lot of people didn't want it to happen in this way a dramatic gesture and open defiance of threats from madrid that would have invited potentially catastrophic consequences here in catalonia at least there is time now
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for tensions to deescalate that is to put them on said was one of his key goals here let me bring in sanya she's a lecturer in international politics at the university of barcelona asone we spoke earlier. what do you make of what happened here is it a good outcome do you think i'm not sure there were any good or wrong outcomes today but i would say it's a soft onset which as i have understood from the president's words it's cutting it continues and it's past independence it's not going to stop but it's not going to happen today or tonight so as you just said many people was waiting for that but i think it's going to give some time for potential mediation now what is not clear is that spain keeps rejecting it and now i think it's going to be their turn for the spanish government to say if they want to take this lead and sit down and talk what we know they'll be some sort of an event tomorrow in madrid when we might hear more
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but do you think they've had. thoughts conversations about what is a plan b. in other words if madrid were to simply say no as they have as you say you said in the past unless you completely and utterly drop this claim for independence will be no talk what i mean is that. then we would be again in the very high peak of the conflict which is the worst place where all the artists can be not only catalonia also spain and my biggest concern is that it seems that spain is not really aware that it's also in a big problem it's not only cut along this problem because whatever happens as a government as a state you do have a problem there with the region with a huge part of people who are now requesting for more action to happen. probably tomorrow in madrid opposition is going to feel high years saying look he didn't go for the more ten spot so it's our turn to dialogue and i think the opposition is
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going to be stronger in this sense in pushing for mediation ok so you're going to have to leave it there for the time being thanks so much for that insight and that is where we leave things for the time being anywhere outside the couple only in parliament a period now of time for talk to happen and the absolute declaration of independence put off jonah hill in boston a thank you lawrence lee is live outside the spanish parliament in madrid to put him on no wants to talk and he's to talk want to talk to madrid but he also wants to have perhaps international mediation how do you think this is going to play out in the next few days. well immediately lauren the answer is not particularly well. open hand of friendship to madrid coming so it was spoken in spanish as we were saying is not being reciprocated understand of the moment by madrid one of the national newspapers here in literally in the last thirty seconds the spanish government has said it regards the speech as
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a declaration of independence and so if anybody thought that it would lead madrid to have a change of heart or turn around and say oh yes all right let's have a political negotiation after all it seems like that that was wrong let's bring in . an m.p. and rick about say yeah from the center left party thank you very much for telling me so you think. the spanish prime minister will not be impressed with. you know spain many people. between. independence and the possibility of suspension of catalonian if. so i think put them on move on. possibility of a negotiation some kind of dialogue mediation and i think you know should should try to whole. thing was.
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catalonia as well as one small victory because this is a political negotiation not a legal as painless of course is. needed now in the long is well enough. many people here. i think. they can solve the problem is with negotiation some kind of mediation. it's the case that the european commission put pressure on. step back don't do it today. but step back and leave. who now are the people to say to the spanish government you know have to step back as well from
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your position and you must negotiate he says that scenario in language that he can understand well if you can. reach a political solution and now i think a little bit late because. of this party i really. of the problems. in a d.m. many other people are the parties of mediation. important powers should. thank you very much indeed for your time one very final thought of course of the european union wanted to say this but it's governments you need to do is sort this out the way to say it is it's about stability and unity in a year in which the the far right and forces of separation been fought off the last thing they want is a divided spain at the end of twenty seventeen. thank you very much indeed. kenya's
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opposition leader has withdrawn from the presidential election just over two weeks before the rerun is scheduled to take place in a statement announcing the move he said his withdrawal would allow the electoral commission enough time to introduce reforms to help deliver a more credible election have been numerous protests. incumbent president. as the winner of the almost eight election. on the twenty sixth will go ahead despite his decision. in the presidential election. first follow the notification of the presidential election and if organs turn to seventeen and the subsequent because it bent by the commission of the undersigned as presidential candidate and the running mate for the first election that you have . for twenty six of top twenty seventeen here by the draw kind of which are
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we immediate effect one the senate's going to katherine sawyer in nairobi see do we have a clear idea as to why i made this move given that he had actually argued for and went to court to get a new election. absolutely but let me just first start by saying lauren or the electoral commission i.e. b.c. are currently in a crisis meeting with their lawyers to i guess try and understand what happens next try and understand what happens to the election that they are planning for the twenty sixth that's it and back to your answer yes. went to court and with the petition and the court and all the electors a lot of people are asking then why should he take ten years through all this he's going to withdraw but he has said that the reason why he's the withdrawing his candidature is because the election commission has not been listening to the
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demands of the opposition have been making for example the opposition has been saying that they need some individuals within the a.b.c. the electoral commission who oversaw the last election removed they also once sat in companies that were charged with transmission of the result as well as printing ballot papers replaced so clearly that has not happened the electoral commission saying that there really is very little time for implementing some of these demands which they call and reasonable. saying that he then will not participate in a fraudulent election election that that in giving him a level of playing ground and i've been speaking to about what this means going forward obviously people are very concerned asking ok will there really be an election on the twenty sixth either there is no election what's going to happen thereafter so we really are lauren in unchartered territory the constitution is
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very unclear about what happens now the constitution doesn't even in these age a situation where a reelection is not held within this sixty days stipulated by the low i've been speaking to lawyers who say that what is really needed now is a to go back to the supreme court really for clarity and there action because right now everything really is up in the air thank you very much. much more on this news hour from london including why a military crackdown isn't the only reason that muslim refugees are fleeing me in mar. rebuilding after i saw we visit northern iraq to see that it's not just the towns that are still bearing the scars from the group's legacy. and sport argentina face the prospect of missing out on a first world cup since the one nine hundred seventy.
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homes have just closed for voters to cast their ballots in liberia's presidential election ellen johnson sirleaf is stepping down after two terms in office the nobel peace prize winner was africa's first female elected head of state twenty candidates are taking part in the poll including former football star george we're going to dress has more from the capital monrovia. the tunnel for the election was very impressive. enthusiastic and passionate about the next administration they want to see a new government that can address the critical issues in their lives funding infrastructure like roads health care education and of course building relative fees in liberia over the last twelve years or so now and also because. of their homes very early in the morning to be on the queues. for hours and get into the ballot box they were told that they came to the wrong place and
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they would not be allowed to vote the election commission stepped in quickly to address some of these issues and other polling stations the boarding process went to. the house of representatives elections that are seventy three seats up for grabs and the president whoever wins must have two percent of the vote in order to avoid a runoff election results are expected to be announced on the twenty fifth of october and not beyond in case of runoff then. for the runoff of the top two contenders to the presidential. west and. joins us from washington d.c. thank you for being with us so huge number of candidates here do you see anyone emerging as. i think it's really hard to say who is going to win so soon there will definitely be a runoff because there are twenty candidates but i would say that the two prominent
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candidates are obviously georgia. who is in international soccer player he run against johnson sirleaf in two thousand and five he almost won the election so he's running again with a running mate who is a woman. and there is also dr joseph who is the current vice president of ellen johnson sirleaf who is running under the banner the you need to party so these are in my opinion the two candidates who might go into a runoff in a couple of weeks and if the winds are going to huge amount on their plate and they get to work through some of the issues that are still big and not very easy even after the kind of the progress that happened in austria years. so i would say that the first major challenge that the new president will have is to rebuild the health system you might remember a couple of years ago when the outbreak raged through liberia over five thousand iberians lost their lives and due to the able outbreak the entire health system
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collapsed so the new president will have to to rebuild that health system also. has been a donor driven country for decades so the economy will have to be rebuilt infrastructure will have to be rebuilt the education system as well so even though ellen johnson sirleaf was able to keep stability and peace over those past twelve years the new president will have. big shoes to fill but also will have a lot of challenges on his plate you mentioned big shoes to fill tell us a little bit about the legacy of johnson's family. well so there are some some obvious ones she's the first african elected women president and of all a nobel prize winner someone who was able to win the confidence of the trust of her people after fourteen years of civil war so this is huge on the international scene
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however within liberia i think that the feelings are are mixed. the corruption has been rampant in liberia over the past ten years there have been allegations of nepotism. and so those are are some of the dark sides of an endurance and certainly some rule but again she was able to maintain peace and stability in a country that just came out of the civil war i think that's a huge feat can be taken mara thank you very much indeed for sharing your thoughts on know the elections in liberia thank you thank you. you know nation says eleven thousand people crossed from me in mind to bangladesh on monday as numbers of refugees continue to grow the u.n. high commission for refugees says it's on full alert over the influx of ranger into bangladesh becomes a major color immunization campaign gets underway near cox's bazaar and protecting
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newly arrived refugees all in half a million people have fled me in ma in the past six weeks after a violent government crackdown haven't come june as the latest from cox's bias are in bangladesh which is near the border with me and. a dramatic increase in the number of our hindu refugees crossing from me and more into bangladesh the u.n.h.c.r. is said they are investigating reports that at least ten thousand more refugees have crossed from me and more into bangladesh in the past few days it is hard to confirm these numbers exactly but in local media reports since yesterday many local government officials have said that in different areas that thousands of refugees have come in and that there has definitely been a surge since last week when the numbers of ranger refugees that were crossing per day from me an hour into bangladesh had waned now in the camps that we have been visiting conditions are extremely dire today in this makeshift camp it's the start
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of a cholera immunization campaign the reason for that groups like the w.h.o. and unicef in coordination with the bangladeshi health ministry they're trying to take these measures preventive didley to vaccinate the many refugees against cholera now in this first phase which begins today we're told that it is expected that at least six hundred and fifty thousand refugees will be vaccinated after that phase ins next week then another phase will begin a bit later more will be vaccinated you know conditions in these camps are absolutely atrocious they are extremely unhygenic and that's one of the reasons aid workers and health workers have been concerned that there could be a full on health crisis and there could be epidemic spreading and the disease is spreading if they don't get this under control. but human rights organizations are warning that hunger is also forcing muslim refugees to free man ma as well as the police crackdown aid agencies fear that a lack of food is leading to another wave of displacement arab women and reports.
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this was meant to be an interfaith prayer rally but it quickly became clear it was a show of support for a government facing international condemnation over its handling of the revenger crisis about thirty thousand people attended this gathering in yangon organized by and sons who cheese national league for democracy but in iraq and state in the country's north a military campaign continues it's already forced more than half a million rohingya to flee to bangladesh in the last six weeks un has described it as ethnic cleansing and all say they're leaving not just due to violence but hunger al-jazeera attained this video from a hinge a community leaders in young gone they say this was filmed on sunday in monk in rockland state here a man says they are moving and they have no food left to eat he asked the children
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not to cry who say they're sad about leaving their villages. from we meet or hinge a community leader who says he was sent other videos from rocket science but he dung township which the u.k. based aid organization burma human rights network says is facing severe food shortages here a woman says they aren't allowed to go to the market and have a shortage of food and medicine she pleads for help. over the last ten days what we're hearing from people is that the reason they are flowing is that they have run out of food there are only two raisins in security and food a lack of food is exacerbating the situation for the mostly poor communities in northern iraq i'm reliant on aid they say is just not reaching them service say that up to eleven thousand rohingya fled neymar to bangladesh on monday alone and that many more refugees are on the way the united nations has been urging all for
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eighty's to allow humanitarian aid access to the conflict zone people. running out of food this is the lean season at the moment and people don't have access to their fields all have us is the fishing don't have access to markets and they're simply running out of food and we're getting reports now people are free not from violence but from extremely difficult circumstances in extreme isolation in their villages and they're taking a very desperate decision to leave the international organization for migration estimated that up to one hundred thousand rohini just may be at or heading to the border to cross into bangladesh and it's clear that hope doesn't arrive for him to communities who remain in need they'll have no choice but to leave to. al-jazeera gone turkey's president says that agents of infiltrated united states embassies overseas as a diplomatic crisis between the two countries deepens friendship tired one blames
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the dispute on the u.s. ambassador to turkey saying john bass acted unilaterally in suspending visa services after the arrest of an american consulate worker at a one speaking in belgrade but he's holding talks with the serbian president on the economy and infrastructure projects. we didn't start this the united states is responsible and the fact that the high level administrator didn't have any discussions with our foreign minister is a topic that i find strange what's made it complicated is that an ambassador in ankara made that kind of decision and said i made it in the name of my country. the united states should ask him how dare you harm turkish us relations if my ambassador did such a thing we wouldn't keep him in the post not for one minute more. wildfires have killed at least eleven people in northern california as blazes whipped up by high winds and bone dry conditions destroyed houses businesses and wineries tens of
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thousands of people have been forced to evacuate the state's governor has declared a state of emergency has more from los angeles. and inferno in the california wine country multiple blazes burning out of control in the northern part of the state. with the same just makes me so. i put it on these people ok more than twenty major fires are burning with nearly thirty thousand hectors already scorched it's being called the worst fire event in twenty five years thousands of homes and other buildings have been destroyed including a hilton hotel that burned for hours in the famous napa valley wine country carefully tended vineyards have been reduced to ash at the senior allo winery even the wine bottles were blackened and melted by the heat at least twenty thousand people have been evacuated from nearby communities including patients at two
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hospitals california highway patrol helicopters searched for people trapped on roads with no way to safety making more than forty rescues the fires sprang up quickly vand by winds gusting up to eighty kilometers per hour and aided by extremely low humid heat i know these kind of conditions the rest is just a stream of new stars and that's what happens out last night and this morning that a plan that's going online to have these explosive missions in southern california a major blaser erupted in the hills above anaheim home to the disneyland amusement park and windsor very unpredictable the fire can create its own environment its own weather pattern so it it it varies so what we do is is we've been doing a fire dance or fall or fire following throughout the day as the fire moves forward we move with it meteorologists say the winds have begun to die down giving hope that thousands of firefighters can get the situation under control rob reynolds
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i'll just zero in los angeles. still to come in this hour. news from london where air raids on a yemen neck continuing despite a united nations consultation over the war torn country. will tell you why south korea's military is even more important this year. and in sports nick kyrgios is booed off the court at the shanghai masters tennis he doesn't meet up with. welcome back as we look at the levant and western parts of asia you see behind me that area of cloud moving through the caucuses so the risk of showers for georgia and armenia during the course of wednesday following conditions around the eastern side of the mediterranean and so it is cooling off now across iraq and down into
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kuwait and southern parts of iran heading into thursday we got one of two showers around the southern side of the caspian sea but tehran should be draw and find baghdad thirty two degrees as a mice on here in the arabian peninsula there's a breeze just starting to blow down through the gulf and that's going to help the humidity which remains high during the summer months but usually drops off in the first or second week of october and that's what we're seeing that air temperature itself still pretty high at thirty nine degrees pretty hot on the other side the potential to make of that after forty dropping marginally to head into thursday and a fair bit of cloud for coastal parts yemen and into about let's head into southern parts of africa where it has been pretty lively of the last twenty four hours this massive cloud which has gone through associated with a circulation of low pressure has given some large rainfall totals in many areas and so if it johannesburg as it went through produce a very stormy weather indeed that system is now pushing out into the indian ocean so quite a conditions expected and we're looking at highs of twenty two in jo'burg. trying
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to recreate the ecosystem but under control. conditions the minute you go to the dollar store that doesn't this was a decline of the great barrier to sizable but we're going to start we'll get everyone behind the solution tag know this time on hold is iraq. we here to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we cover the story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of this story we have presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the field covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks have been and what happens there matters.
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on the top stories now najera catalonia as president says the region has earned the right to become its own state but he stopped short of declaring independence he made the comments in a delayed address to the question on parliament. kenya's opposition leader rather didn't go has withdrawn from an upcoming rerun of the presidential election be held later this month. and polls have closed in liberia's presidential election the vote was the nobel peace prize winner and johnson sirleaf stepped down after two terms in office. u.s. backed syrian kurdish fighters are preparing for a final push to retake neighborhoods still held by eisel in the city of rocca the loss of raka the group self-proclaimed capital would be
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a strategic blow for the armed group officials from the kurdish led syrian democratic forces so they believe the last phase will take between seven and ten days the kurdish led forces launched the offensive against arsenal in iraq or in early june one of the cover of airstrikes by the u.s. led coalition. and both syrian government forces and s.t.'s fighters are continuing to battle arsenal in dairies or prominence as the last major arsenal stronghold in eastern syria russian backed syrian troops have been pushing along the western bank of the euphrates river with s.t.'s fighters on the eastern bank. turkey's prime minister says his country's military operations in syria's it live province are to prevent a wave of migration into turkey the military buildup is continuing on to his border with syria where a major operation is expected to his supporting a campaign to secure the city of elim and the rebels last stronghold in the country but civilians there are still living in fear as one of our ports this is
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a turkish base in the southern town of ray highly sitting on top of a hill virt overlook syria the base is surrounded by tanks and artillery it's quiet here for the time being what's behind these hills convoys of the free syrian army are crossing into syria head of a major military campaign. turkey says the cross border campaign is part of the deal to secure the city's mostly controlled by hate. if former al-qaeda affiliate. the group rejects a recent deal between turkey iran and russia to set up a deescalation zone in the province. civilians are concerned about a major confrontation between the turkish army and yes we reject any
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intervention right now and the campaign has any benefits from muslims and that's fine. if it takes into ed lib usefully and include the nation would hate the idea of a sham that's fine but if enter the country along with the forsee fighters that are not good or. it is the only province in syria still under rebel control but the opposition is losing ground government troops backed by russia say they are determined to take back its live syrian and russian warplanes have recently increased their. dozens of civilians were killed turkey says his ultimate goal is to any threats coming from rebel kurdish factions operating on its border but it's unclear at this stage whether turkey would stay longer in northern syria or will hand over the administration of civilian opposition body once the problem is clear don't pay at the end of shell fighters. i
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still may have been defeated in most of northern iraq but the scars from the armed groups legacy overwhelming it's expected to take four years and up to four billion dollars to rebuild towns destroyed under its rule many places are deserted and three million people are living in temporary shelters across the region to report who has camp in northern iraq. around two hundred thousand people were living in tel aviv or when i saw to control in two thousand and fourteen but the town is virtually deserted now since their victory over i saw here at the end of august the iraqi military had been searching the bomb factories set up in what were once private homes. they're destroying improvised explosive devices. and removing rubble. this is tell us as main hospital i saw built tunnels here it's fighters piled the mud inside the rooms in order to avoid detection from the sky.
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we have just started the second phase to clear the town from my booby trapped houses the work continues and will take time to open roads and houses in order to bring life back to the town. many of the families from selloff are among the approximately three million people living in camps like this one the stories they tell you are often shocking and a reminder of how terrifying their life and i still must have been if i still had ever discovered yes seen mohamad had been a policeman they would have killed him. he says i still captured and decapitated dozens of his colleagues until after. he suddenly will be scarred for life he's almost blown off one and strike targeted and i saw a position last year. when the military operations began i still kept forcing people to relocate who were taken to
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a place close to their headquarters a few days later an airstrike hit the building a piece of shrapnel blew my son's arm off. you seen says he's home until after has been completely destroyed he doesn't know how long he and his family will have to live in the camp he's just grateful that his son is still alive chance trafford al-jazeera sunshine camp northern iraq. the u.n. special envoy for yemen has briefed security council members on the latest situation in the water country is the first consultation since a united nations report said both the saudi led coalition and. it caused the deaths of hundreds of children but air raids have continued and survivors are struggling to cope. reports. the site of what used to be mohammed's home brings back painful memories. this is where three members of his family died in a near strike but i want. all of
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a sudden i heard the air raid the house was hit my rocket was totally destroyed shelling continued to russian my family home where i saw my mother she told us our house was hit my father my brother and sister were killed their bodies were torn into small pieces the house was reduced to ashes if you look at it now you'd never think a house once stood there. not many people can afford a house and had to many here are displaced from the war and live in wooden structures which barely protect them from the elements this village is close to the saudi border we are fighting between pro-government forces and who the rebels continues is the same area where there strike at a refugee camp killed more than forty people. about there had. the fighter jet targeted by neighbor's home he was a fisherman came home with a small catch not even worth two dollars he asked his son to go get some water he started to prepare said breakfast to his children but they were taken by surprise the house was shelled by a war about seven thirty or eight in
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a morning by the time we came the house was destroyed it was reduced to ashes we couldn't even find a trace of their bodies. it's not a unique story as the saudi led coalition has continued to dog to the rebels since two thousand and fifteen. and many more than ten thousand victims of the war have been civilians as more words are used to describe a manmade crisis which has resulted in the world's worst cholera outbreak malnutrition and famine like conditions. many yemenis have already lost all of what little they had some of the others there. there's been violence between police and public sector workers in france who are on strike over labor reforms members of nine unions are protesting as president in one year in the course plans to streamline the civil service reforms will allow employers to hire and fire workers more easily but is unable companies to negotiate directly with employees over working conditions. a report from the british government has found deep seated
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inequalities in all sectors of u.k. society the racial disparity audit was started in twenty sixteen by prime minister two reason may to examine how people of different races and backgrounds are treated in britain today for britain reports. in the eighteen nineties charles booth's maps of the rich and poor areas of victorian london showed the glaring inequalities of the age but more than a century later at a round table in downing street britain's prime minister admits that inequality remains endemic nationally employment rates are higher for white people than ethnic minorities but the gap between the two in the north of thirteen point six percent is significantly wider than that in the south that nine percent black caribbean children are excluded from school at least three times at the rate of white pupils but chinese pupils excel at primary school with seventy one percent reaching the expected standard for reading writing and math well though just thirteen percent of
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white roma and traveller children achieve the required great. the newly collated statistics confirm that in almost every aspect of society a person's racial and economic background profoundly affects the opportunities and treatment they receive it's not overt racism in vats people are saying i don't want to black person working for me but it's more of a subtle things around ok will this person have the right communication skills to race amaze racial disparities orders had been due to report its conclusions in july but then in june came a tragedy which turned the widespread concern about equality international outrage the ground for tough. almost eighty people were killed and in the midst of recriminations about cost cutting and social housing a shocking reality emerged that in one of the u.k.'s richest boroughs the numerous safety concerns raised by some of its poorest residents had apparently been ignored
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or dismissed by authorities to some i doesn't need to do an already on rice look at yourselves and how you treat us and try and work out why you do that rather than constantly coming in and doing all day it's what lives are like because our lives will only chime if you change if you treat us differently. britain's prime minister has echoed that call and demanded that if disparities cannot be explained they must be changed better data should mean accountability and reform but charles booth probably also thought that a century ago paul brennan al-jazeera london nuclear armed north korea has marked the seventy second anniversary of the founding of the ruling workers' party there were concerns the regime would use the day for another missile test and it after rear the army put on a show to get people to look at the hardware at its disposal to counteract the
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north's military threat brian reports from city of year young. it's a timely opportunity for south korea to show off its military hardware given the current standoff with north korea. and. we are doing our best to show the strength and resolve of the army through this festival we believe it gives the public trust of the army the equipment is being boosted with the biggest increase in military spending in decades south korea says it wants dialogue with north korea but it must be accompanied by a strong military the aim is not to rely so heavily on the u.s. for its security but to develop its own answer to north korea's missile and nuclear threat. south korea is bringing forward plans to strengthen its military it wants the ability to carry out preemptive strikes against north korean missile sites and if it ever comes under missile attack to have the weapons to respond with
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what it calls a massive punishment and retaliation strike. north korea is marking the anniversary of the founding of the ruling workers' party of korea and there'd been fears of another missile test but it didn't happen changes in the party leadership ahead of the event have led to speculation that north korean leader kim jong un may be concentrating more on the economy instead of his weapons program. for most of the people at this festival in south korea security comes through strength. the city of good young is home to the headquarters for all of south korea's armed forces and nearly half the people are employees of the military or their dependents in this area the soldiers are friends for old and young girl like. that of north korea she was offered
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a range of military hardware so i hope we can also show our capabilities. i've been worried but i think if we have a quip in like this we would win against north korea. without nuclear weapons of its own building up formidable conventional forces is seen as a deterrent to conflict but it also ups the stakes should hostilities break out rob mcbride al jazeera here young south korea. want to come on the news hour including canada cracks down on pictures at the wild her selling prices in east asia. and sport will be live in amsterdam where the netherlands world cup hopes could be about to end.
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you again american jin singh is thought to have a wide range of health benefits such as learning blood sugar levels and reducing stress but it's illegal to pick the plant in canada and officials are warning that pitching is on the rise as prices for the medicinal hub soar in east asia but no luck has more commercial. so it's a very nice. we can see butternuts on patrol not far from canada's capital city ottawa john francois du bois is looking for wild american gin saying it's an endangered species and record prices for the plant in east asia are attracting poachers if mr dubois finds any gin saying he knows where to focus his surveillance and we're using a lot of technologies and that's what the poachers there's no they may be walking
9:47 pm
in the forest and it may be some cameras live cameras that will receive the live pictures on our cell phones conservation officers across canada seas many kilos of illegal wild gin sing every year poachers can spend five years in jail but with a global market worth more than two billion dollars a year illegal harvesting is getting more organized and difficult to police just like the trade in the world's other endangered species interpol estimates that wildlife crime is the fourth most lucrative crime out there after illegal drugs after human trafficking after counterfeiting the fourth most valuable is wildlife this is big time crime canada as well ginseng population is under threat even though farmers in ontario are legally growing what is essentially the same plant in east asia in traditional medicine well ginseng is more desirable and it's domestically grown cousin that's not what scientists in toronto have found though in clinical trials researchers at st michael's hospital have discovered farm jin
9:48 pm
singh has positive health impacts that the wild plant does not have we have very enthusiastic we continue we're talking to growers who want to make but think of the formula for diabetes may be full of blood but i should and be a very optimistic john francoise dubois even spends many of his weekends combing the woods for a plant that poachers have helped push to the brink of extinction he has his eye firmly on the future especially i would like to someday come here with my son is now two and a half years old and maybe come back and say you know you can see here there's wilds and sing there well while americans in saying and it's here because we did something for it. canada's jensen protector remains vigilant and committed to what is essentially a passion not just his job then you're lucky you're. never going to sports news let's go to peter and. thank you very much it's
9:49 pm
a huge night of world cup qualification games across europe and the americas as teams look to secure the final automatic spot at next year's fifa world cup the netherlands finished third at the last tournament in brazil but need to beat sweden seven mill in order to go through winnings is live in amsterdam league good evening to you the dutch need to win by seven clear goals so with that in mind how fair would it be for us to suggest that they're not really expecting a miracle tonight now america's expected there is a general acceptance by the people of understanding of the people of the netherlands that they are not going to the world cup they're going to miss out on it for the first time in sixteen years i'm aware to be in a crisis like this without football since ninety ninety when i missed out on so consecutive world cups i cannot be expected to put seven goals possibly not win by seven goal margin despite the fact that are involved in the captain clearly has that effect on games and can get things started there off against
9:50 pm
a team that has shown themselves to be more than capable in a tough group involving france as well as wayne let's not forget about suede that this could turn out to have been a more important game for them because they can still technically win the group in france so they pop up so they are desperate to get a good result as well which just might the netherlands task even harder i think part of time this march is finished are we looking to the future having to start again lead the other thing of course is that the dutch have lost in a world cup final on three previous occasions in twenty four team in brazil they finished food they didn't qualify for the euro is in twenty sixteen it doesn't look like they're qualifying for russia twenty eighteen what is wrong in dutch football . well the starting point is we can overcome these things unnecessarily is the team sheet the play is all simply not good enough the doctor's always been known for its stars in the seventy's yes it was a wonderful time but you have people like you are in court and then you go into piles like boston and coleman the stars have just kept on coming and the only man
9:51 pm
they've got now we've all been he's thirty three this boy has lost international crime you might decide to retire with the world cup started from supply on the new young players are not coming through and it's only not coming through quickly enough yes i actually still producing some but they're not in the national team yet the same is being mismanaged there's been sightings of damages whether it's blatant or haitink africa says that he's done very well it. is a fraud so he hasn't really there are lots of problems for the don't need to start again the winnings in amsterdam will speak to again a little bit later on let's check in on the latest calls from the rest of the matches in europe right now nine games have kicked off most obviously on the dutch swedish fixture but there is a lot of at stake in other games as well with portugal host switzerland and greece and both needed to give you know chasing second spot in group h. . syria's unlikely dream of reaching the fee for world cup for the first time has come to an end after they were beaten by australia in sydney this playoff was tied
9:52 pm
one one after the first leg but the syrians surged ahead with a goal in just the seventh minute their advantage did not last for long as tim cahill got the go back from him for the home side seven minutes later so with the time leveller to two it took extra time to decide this game and thirty seven year old cahill turned the hero for the socceroos again with the winning goal they know advanced to a playoff with either the usa panama or honduras andrew thomas was at that game in sydney. going into this game not many of the syrians a chance against australia much higher ranked on home ground syria remember a country in the midst of a civil war and yet they fought and they fought and i thought and even in the last three minutes when it looked as though the money. that would have taken them to russia rather than australia of course syrians coming out of the ground disappointed but they have pride and i think i talked to some friends.
9:53 pm
and this is the furthest i've come to. hope to god next time they can go all the way back to bed very well to be quite disappointing the fact that they did we really want to. have known i was left. australia aunts going to russia yet they still have another to get through but i think leap forward on that road i could pretty good pretty. well. despite the loss large crowds gathered in damascus to celebrate syria's run in the qualifying competition sadly for these supporters they will have to wait for at least another four years to appear at a first ever world. the prospect of a world cup without missy and argentina could also become a reality later herself america's twenty eighteen qualification battle reaches and
9:54 pm
argentina will meet ecuador in quito and if they fail to win it could mean the aim for the self american team reports from when i was. one last training session before the match that will decide whether the runners up at the last world cup will make it to russia next year. is one of the few fans who came all the way to i say sad to see even a messy train he says he still has faith with only one pill to go all the i brought my son and told him let's go and see the team i believe in the team we will qualify in the end once the ball starts to go inside it won't stop argentina has been struggling to qualify for the world cup next year in its last four matches the team has failed to score a single goal the two time world cup winners head into the final round of regional qualifiers in sixth place outside the top four positions which grant automatic
9:55 pm
qualification i win against it while the order is a must overall argentinians are disappointed and frustrated with the national team and many say that they're not emotionally ready to cope with the fact that they could not make it to the world cup but it's not just ports that people are worried about but the repercussions that not qualifying could have in the argentine football association that is already broke. not being in the world cup could mean millions of dollars in lost revenue. from the sponsors from the t.v. and from fifa before or after will be i least ten years less. that they have now for alexander argentinians will have to do a lot of rethinking if argentina fails to win on tuesday during august. and even for france because there was a lot of critics. for being second this. i think.
9:56 pm
i mean. being the second best. and with argentina out russia will be left without. for some the world's best football player in. the world cup has already been organized it's not for messi or for cristiana rinaldo but for russia they have invested so much money in it so having the top players there is crucial i also think it shows up in football because we would have never thought that messi could end up not playing in the world cup. but there is one match on tuesday in the high altitudes of keep that could change. millions here i waiting to watch what they say will be the miracle that could put argentina back in the game. when the sidings. so as it stands brazil are the only team from south america to qualify so for three other teams will book automatic spot you can see
9:57 pm
there that you're a go are currently the team that is in pole position chile colombia and peru battling it out argentina down the sixth position or how it works in south america is that the top four will go to the world cup automatically the first place team that's currently peru will play a two match playoff against new zealand now let's move on to baseball the l.a. dodgers have swept they way into the next stage of major league baseball's playoffs the arizona diamondbacks had a sellout crowd trying to keep them in the nationally division series but the dodgers struck three home runs were a three one victory that saw them clinch the best of five series. just forty eight hours after finishing runner up in beijing the curial says exits at the shanghai masters in controversial fashion for the second year in a row after warnings for an obscene eighty and four smashing a ball into the crowd the australian lost the opening set of his match to steve johnson and decided to stop playing he declined any medical help but has since tweeted that he had a stomach bug and
9:58 pm
a shoulder injury. and that's all the sport for now will have another update later thanks we turn a quick reminder you can watch catch up with all the sports and news are checking out our website the address for that is dot com details of events in catalonia today that's it for me ever there's news that maryanne demasi will be here with another full roundup of the day's news in just a couple minutes thanks for watching. hyperfocus it oh is it allison when they're on line me what in hurricane the
9:59 pm
winnings for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that you care has to address or if you join us on sat i'm a member of a kook love one but we struck up a relationship base is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of their pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera a new television station in afghanistan is turning the focus on women it's on t.v. they are on camera in the guest chair and in the control room the founder of zone t.v. says this project couldn't wait this theme is for those mothers on both the sort and those wife's living in afghanistan there's always talking about their vice but they didn't see anything in a nation where education was forbidden for girls as recently as two thousand and one and network just for women is a mark of progress there's also a very real element of danger of course we are threatened but because just sit in the corner of our homes we have to go forward and develop ourselves and help bring
10:00 pm
peace and stability to our country what are you seeing like how i might a suspected terrorist people of all faiths fell victim to a suicide bomber in manchester but if the bomb was indiscriminate was the placing of blame this is nothing to do with us this is about an individual who's psycho you know nobody could do this unless they were completely unhinged how much just as muslims responded to challenging questions in the aftermath of a deadly attack people in power manchester united at this time on al-jazeera. catalonians president says his region has earned the right to declare independence but first he wants dialogue with spain.


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