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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2017 10:00pm-10:34pm AST

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danger of course we are threatened but be conscious that in the corner of our homes we have to go forward and develop ourselves and help bring peace and stability to our country what are you seeing like our mind a suspected terrorist people of all faiths fell victim to a suicide bomber in manchester but if the bomb was indiscriminate was the placing of blame this is nothing to do with us this is about an individual who's psycho you know nobody could do this unless they were completely unhinged how much just as muslims responded to challenging questions in the aftermath of the. people in power manchester united at this time on al-jazeera. catalonia as president says his region has the right to declare independence but first he wants dialogue with fang.
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hello i'm maryanne demasi in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up kenya's opposition leader announces he's withdrawing from the rerun of the presidential election. voting draws to a close in liberia's presidential election where the choices include a former rebel leader awards ex-wife and a football star. and thirteen dead twenty thousand evacuated and hundreds of homes destroyed as wildfires spreading in california. in a highly anticipated speech the catalan president has said his region has the right to become its own state but he stopped short of declaring independence outright
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addressing the catalan parliament carlos' bridge to call for a deescalation of tension and said he was ready for a dialogue with the spanish government he said millions of catalan citizens believe lonia should have its own state and he had a clear mandate to declare independence but was willing to negotiate. and when the . as president it's my responsibility to declare that catalonia should become an independent state in the shape of a republic we asked the parliament to suspend any effects of the declaration of independence so that we can have dialogue and so that we can find the necessary solution we need to love attentions and show our will and commitment to meet the demands of the catalan people. of course we're covering the story from both sides with lawrence lee in madrid first though let's speak to jonah hill who is outside the catalan parliament in barcelona also this was in the promised declaration of independence that talked about in the aftermath of
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a yes vote what is he calling for now. well it's sort of independence deferred if you like my. pending talks with madrid dialogue with madrid towards a more sort of sustainable solution acceptable to all sides it sounds very good the problem is of course that madrid have consistently refused to countenance the idea of any sort of dialogue until or unless the catalonians drop their demand for independence what he said he hasn't dropped his demands for independence the question will be whether the time has come and pressure is sufficient for madrid to feel like a compromise mr pleads to molt so this was a historic moment the consequences and effects of it go beyond our country and perhaps realizing that gave him and his coalition and his coalition partners pause for thought well let's bring in my guest now john lopez from. university
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a political scientist we've been together all evening you listen to the speech. now the other parties have been having their say what have they been saying cope in particular the far left partners of it they're not happy about this other you know they are upset on these appointed because they thought that this was a moment to the republic but they also have said that they will will go on fighting for the independence and they have accepted their there this meeting of the president could have a lot of supporters supporters of the political party there are also a lot of grassroots supporters of this sort of civic movement that has a lot of support for independents here people are going to be disappointed and they wanted a big night they wanted a big declaration through things mass we may be. people have to change the calendar in some sense because people today old tonight is going to go to bed disappointed by that they said they would say that one of the roles one of their functions of this social movement is precisely to explain things in
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a reasonable way and i think that their leadership of the social movement is strong enough to explain. people that they have to wait for how long is the big question how long do they have to wait there was no time line in this speech no i mean it's true that the other process is. we think about six months in fact they lost because there is a law that incision approving the parliament he tells about six months of transition so we don't know yet this is going to start to count just right now but this is a period of time that i think it reasonable for the people to wait for and drama relief do you think among the other very large number of catalonians who either didn't want independence or would least wanted it to happen in a more considered way with the acknowledgement and perhaps even support of madrid yeah there's also this another possibility is to make again a referendum in this case organized by the spanish estate but this is also very
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difficult because here we are talking of a period of time of six months or one year i mean we cannot expect a change of government in this so short period of time i mean we are talking of five or six years maybe but it is going to be difficult for these people to expect a referendum that maybe is not going to to to happen. thank you very much for your thoughts well you know that's where we do things now the parliament is still in session the deputies the m.p.'s and parties still having their say on what they heard from mr police the more they're not what everybody expected or feared but a sort of middle ground that at least gives pause for thought and a bit of time in the hope that madrid will feel pressured to compromise thank you very much john all with all the latest from barcelona. is outside the spanish parliament in madrid now and so as jonah was saying there a shift in tone from carla as him or he is now calling for mediation but how does
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madrid feel about that. if the catalans thought that by speaking in this way and by thinking that they were extending the hand of friendship to madrid for negotiations in the hope that they could perhaps get the government to madrid through to to coax them or to bounce them in some level into altering their position and negotiating politically with them i think the all the early signs are that they were completely wrong. jose garcia who is the international affairs secretary for the ruling people's party has agreed to give a statement not an interview to al-jazeera here his position on. yes there can be no negotiations without the constitution and catalonia today's not independent what we've seen today. chapter two or reality. are installed we saw a referendum we had all we soldiers are involved so that there were no. their
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constitutional court rule out that referendum to have any validity we saw their generation and independence with us and suspension in time we are seeing these are far as we know legal or political consequences thank you so no negotiations at all . which is just. and that is all they are prepared to say at the moment that they've said they give us a statement and no more but clearly many questions follow from this that they won't give an answer to the moments will they for example we think they probably won't invoke article one five five which i could threaten to do which is to bring back cuts alone years autonomous powers to madrid and it reimpose direct rule on catalonia but the biggest question of all and i think this is one really that the european union now has to address is if it was the case that the e.u. lends on the catalans and said you need to step back this is not the time show some
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states statesmanship knowledge will base say that you have the. the right to independence but you don't want to do it not because you want to negotiate it then by extension full so the european union to say to the governments in madrid as they have done ok now it's your turn you need to take a step back from your entrenched position and speak to the catalans on some level but you heard what the man said at the moment they regard the referendum having been legitimates illegal they appear to be suggesting there are no grounds whatsoever on which the games and they go and so in that sense seen from the points of view of madrid the crisis is not over because they have rejected everything the colors put them on said in barcelona yes that is the message and we got it loud and clear it was very keen to get away from you. lawrence lee in madrid thank you.
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kenya's president says the rerun of the election will go ahead in just over two weeks' time despite the opposition leader withdrawing in a statement announcing the move a dangerous that is very droll would give the electoral commission enough time to introduce reforms to help deliver a more credible election present a hurricane yet oh he was declared the winner of the august sparking protests as you bring court then another fight is victory. in the presidential election. one of the notification of the presidential election. under seventeen and the subsequent because it went by the commission. for. the. four. hundred seventeen. we needed for. catherine so he sent us this update from nairobi. we
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really are in uncharted territory both constitutionally and politically the constitution is not very clear about what happens in a situation like this it doesn't even envisage what happens in the situation where an election is not held within this six a reelection really is not held within the fixity days that have been provided by the law so a lot of people really very concerned a wondering what's going to happen next is there even going to be an election on the twenty sixth and if there is no election then what president hu king arthur has been campaigning at the kenyan coast and he said that there's going to be an end election and he's going to be in it whether it's present or not but that is it's not as simple as that because. he. is declared winner and opposed and this really puts to question the legitimacy of he's
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a president i've also been talking to some lawyers who have who have cited a ruling that was made in two thousand and thirteen by the supreme court when riley again filed a petition a presidential petition and the judges then said that if a candidate a with a droll then a fresh election has to be called other lawyers and constitution a constitutional expert i've been hearing repeatedly saying that the best solution now though is really to go back to the supreme court to sort of get a sense of direction and clarity because right now everything really is up in the air. all voting is wrapped up in liberia's presidential election but those still in line at the polls are being allowed to cast their ballots vote is the first democratic transfer of power in seventy three years ellen johnson sirleaf is stepping down after two terms in office in a belt peace prize when i was africa's first female elected head of state twenty
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candidates are taking part in the poll including former football star george we're . and interest has more from monrovia. the tunnel for the election was very impressive as liberians were enthusiastic and passionate about the next administration they want to see a new government that can address the critical issues in their lives funding infrastructure like roads health care education and of course building upon the relative peace in liberia over the last five years or so now anger also because a lot of voters left their homes very early in the morning to be on the queues queued up for hours and get into the ballot box they were told that they came to the wrong place and they would not be allowed to vote in the election commission stepped in quickly to address some of these issues and other polling stations the boarding process went on smoothly now the house of representatives elections that
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are seventy three seats how progress and the president whoever wins must have two percent of the vote in order to avoid a runoff election results are expected to be announced on the twenty fifth of october and not beyond in case of run off then. later for the runoff of the top two contenders to the presidential seal. warnings hunger is now forcing. the violence. right to choose their own gender identity but the government is divided opinion. is still wet and windy for many of us in the northern half of europe you can see from the satellite picture we have
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a very mobile. spreading from the atlantic and gradually tracking its way eastward it is giving us some or all the heavy downpours and dragging in so far fresher but in the south it's still. raul the warm we're looking at around nineteen in bucharest there and forest down in madrid we're up at twenty eight and that would weather does push a little bit further north woods there as we head into thursday so that means force in vienna there should be more in the way of woman weather will be up at twenty two and bucharest will be up it's twenty one still low for the northern parts this still going to be that rather blustery damp weather to contend with cross the other side of the mediterranean largely it's fine and dry there all refuse showers in the mediterranean that are just drifting a little bit further towards the south a may just graze the coast time but really we're looking at the exceptions rather than the rule for most of us is drawing it's fine and the temperatures now are dropping twenty nine is the maximum there in cairo for the west we're looking at around thirty in the bats over the next few days in morocco they're over some of
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the mountains they could be a few more showers further south in the showers here would gradually retreating now southwards will see them though quite heavy over south sudan. with. and age old part of spanish culture over i can't stop thinking of all the bullies in my life others are explored and a symbol of central government by when. something goes against the morals of got along. with the couple a nationalist perspective you believe the present punish culture. catalonia fight this time on al-jazeera world.
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welcome back a quick recap the stories making headlines this hour catalonia as president says the region has the right to become its own state but he stopped short of declaring independence from his early anticipated speech to the catalan parliament saying he wants a dialogue with spang first kenya's opposition leader ryder a dingo as shocked the country by withdrawing from an upcoming rerun of the presidential election later this month. and voting is wrapped up in liberia's election but those still in line at the polls are being allowed to cost the ballots . now human rights organizations are warning that hunger is forcing random muslims to flee me and ma more than half a million refugees have crossed into bangladesh since late august escaping a campaign against them by the myanmar military as well as the police crackdown aid
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agencies fear that a lack of food has now led to another wave of displacement. reports from young gone . this was meant to be an interfaith prayer rally but it quickly became clear it was a show of support for a government facing international condemnation over its handling of the revenger crisis about thirty thousand people attended this gathering in yangon organized by an sung's who cheese national league for democracy but in iraq and state in the country's north a military campaign continues it's already forced more than half a million rohingya to flee to bangladesh in the last six weeks un has described it as ethnic cleansing and all say they're leaving not just due to violence but hunger al-jazeera attain this video from a hinge a community leaders in young gone they say this was filmed on sunday in monk in
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rockland state here a man says they are moving and they have no food left to eat he asked the children not to cry who say they're sad about leaving their villages. from we meet or hinge a community leader who says he was sent other videos from raw kinds but he dung township which the u.k. based aid organization burma human rights network says is facing severe food shortages here a woman says they aren't allowed to go to the market and have a shortage of food and medicine she pleads for help. over the last ten days what we're hearing from people is that the reason they are flowing is that they have run out of food there are only two raisins in security and food a lack of food is exacerbating the situation for the mostly poor communities in northern iraq i'm reliant on aid they say is just not reaching them service say that up to eleven thousand rohingya fled me martin bangladesh on monday alone and
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that many more refugees are on the way the united nations has been urging all for a cheese to allow humanitarian aid access to the conflict zone people. running out of food this is the lean season at the moment and people don't have access to their fields all have us is the fishing don't have access to markets and they're simply running out of food and we're getting reports from our people who are really not from violence but from extremely difficult circumstances in extreme isolation in their villages and they're taking a very desperate decision to leave the international organization for migration estimated that up to one hundred thousand rohini just may be at or heading to the border to cross into bangladesh and it's clear that hope doesn't arrive for him to communities who remain in need they'll have no choice but to leave to. al jazeera young gone. u.s. bank syrian fighters are preparing for
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a final push to retake neighborhoods still held by i.c.l. in the city of raka the loss of rock of the group self-proclaimed capital would be a strategic blow five officials from the kurdish led syrian democratic forces say they believe the last phase will take between seven and ten days the kurdish led forces launched the offensive against iceland rocker in early june under the cover of as strikes by the u.s. led coalition meanwhile both syrian government forces and s.t.'s fighters are continuing to battle i still in there as all provinces well this is the last major i saw stronghold in eastern syria russian backed syrian troops have also been pushing along the western bank of the euphrates river with s.t.'s fighters on the east and bank now i saw may have been defeated in most of northern iraq but the scars from the armed groups legacy are overwhelming it's expected to take four years and up to four billion dollars to rebuild towns destroyed under its rule many places are deserted and three million people in living in temporary shelters across
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the region charles stratford reports from her sunshine camp in northern iraq around two hundred thousand people were living in thailand for when i still took control in two thousand and fourteen. but the town is virtually deserted now since their victory over i still here at the end of august the iraqi military has been searching the bomb factories set up in what were once private homes. there destroying improvised explosive devices. and removing rubble. this is tell us his main hospital i saw built tunnels here its fighters piled the mud inside the rooms in order to avoid detection from the sky. we have just started the second phase to clear the town from my booby trapped houses the work continues and will take time to open roads and houses in order to bring life back to the town. many of the families from selloffs are among the approximately three
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million people living in camps like this one the stories they tell you are often shocking and a reminder of how terrifying their life and i still must have been if i still had ever discovered yes seen muhammad had been a policeman they would have killed him. he says i still captured and decapitated dozens of his colleagues until after he suddenly will be scarred for life his arm was blown off one and strike targeted and i saw a position last year. when the military operations began i still kept forcing people to relocate we were taken to a place close to their headquarters a few days later an airstrike hit the building a piece of shrapnel blew my son's arm off. you seen since his home until after it has been completely destroyed he doesn't know how long he and his family
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will have to live in the camp he's just grateful that his son is still alive chance trafford al-jazeera sunshine camp northern iraq. now the u.s. state department is saying that it's deeply disturbing that turkey questioned a local american embassy employee of the weekend they respond to diplomatic crisis with both countries suspending visa services for each other citizens speaking during a trip to serbia turkish president russia type two on blame the dispute on the us ambassador to turkey he said john bass acted unilaterally in suspending these services they would no longer recognize him as the u.s. representative. wildfires have killed at least thirteen people in northern california as blazes whipped up by high winds and bone dry conditions destroyed houses businesses and wineries tens of thousands of people have been forced to evacuate the state's governor has also declared a state of emergency rob reynolds has more from los angeles. and inferno in the
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california wine country multiple blazes burning out of control in the northern part of the state seeing what happened over here and the destruction in the devastation just makes me so upset. i believe that these people be ok here more than twenty major fires are burning with nearly thirty thousand hectors already scorched it's being called the worst fire of it in twenty five years thousands of homes and other buildings have been destroyed including a hilton hotel that burned for hours in the famous napa valley wine country carefully tended vineyards have been reduced to ashes at the low winery even the wine bottles were blackened melted by the heat at least twenty thousand people have been evacuated from nearby communities including patients at two hospitals. california highway patrol helicopter searched for people trapped on roads with no
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way to safety making more than forty rescues the fires sprang up quickly vand by winds gusting up to eighty kilometers per hour and aided by extremely low humid heat and of these kind of conditions the rest is just a stream of new stars and that's what happens out last night and this morning the plan that's going to be online to have these explosive conditions in southern california a major blazer erupted in the hills above anaheim home to the disneyland amusement park in windsor very unpredictable the fire can create its own environment its own weather pattern so it it it varies so what we do is we've been doing a fire dance or fall or fire following throughout the day as the fire moves forward we move with it meteorologists say the winds have begun to die down giving hope that thousands of firefighters will get the situation under control rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles. well the entire neighborhood has been destroyed in the city
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of santa rosa in northwest california a cent of the damage was highlighted by google imagery this incredible off the shot released by the california highway patrol shows but douse trees near a local park and a school and they put it was one of the areas on the forced evacuation the authorities say most of the homes that were reduced to ash and rubble. we want to take you live now to the white house where this year's n.h.l. ice hockey champion penguins a car in meeting the u.s. president in recognition of their stanley cup victory now this comes after winning the title seventeen and this comes of the twenty seven winning n.b.a. basketball side the golden state warriors were disinvited by donald trump who withdrew the invite after several players made it clear that they would not attend the traditional celebration ceremony in protest at what they believed to be racially motivated comments and policy by the president. of.
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how the coalition government in greece has voted to allow people to change their gender identity without medical treatment a bill became law by a narrow majority it allows people to make their choice on gender from the age of fifteen and move as divided public opinion in greece as johns or office reports from athens. has felt trapped in her male body since she was thirteen her family reacted by throwing her out on the street where her life began to unravel like. i wanted to study astronomy i never got the chance i was rejected and thrown out of schools because of my appearance because of a transgender person i was denied the right to education and to follow a career i would love after that i had no choice but to prostitute myself in order to survive it's the only choice i was given routine things like withdrawing money from the bank called boarding an airplane are all deals for rafaela because her name and appearance differ from the information on her i.d.
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card other transgender people at this protest outside parliament faced similar problems problems the new law will now solve last april the european court of human rights broke new ground when it ruled that a legal change of gender should not require surgical sex change or sterilization in other words sexual orientation should be determined by how a person feels not by their genitalia greece is one of twenty european countries where the law was in contravention of that ruling but the new law is controversial too because it'll give people the right to determine their own gender at the age of fifteen greek society is strongly family oriented which reinforces traditional gender roles and it is ninety eight percent of the dogs which means that the church is opinion carries weight they are for the church agrees we understand the right of each and every person to be different to feel different to be however this is
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completely different from the legal position of being different as the dominant social norm child psychologists agree. it is when people search for that broader identity who am i what i my goals what is my sexual interest but this doesn't mean that everyone has found. sexual orientation by the time they're fifteen it's too early to say that a child has settled this issue. has already recognized same sex marriage and says transgender rights also have to be upheld but its political opponents say this bill is a cynical attempt to cultivate nonvoters in view of future elections people like rafael or don't care about the politics though they will rejoice to be able to board planes and perform banking transactions jumps are open last al-jazeera athens.
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so quick we have the top stories now a catalan present karla's page them all says the region is earn the right to become its own state but stopped short of declaring independence in a speech before the catalan parliament he called for deescalation attention saying he's ready for dialogue with the spanish government. as president it's my responsibility to declare that catalonia should become an independent state in the shape of a republic we asked the parliament to suspend any effects of the declaration of independence so that we can have dialogue and so that we can find the necessary solution we need to lower tensions and show our will and commitment to meet the demands of the catalan people. and our other top stories kenya's president says the rerun of the presidential election will go ahead in just over two weeks' time despite the opposition leader raw a dingo withdrawing and then this as a withdrawal would give the electoral commission enough time to introduce reforms to help deliver a more credible election present her kenyatta was declared the winner of the august
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sparking protests a supreme court fight as victory citing irregularities. ovaltine is wrapped up in liberia's presidential election but those still in line at the polls are being allowed to cost their ballots a vote is the first democratic transfer of power there in seventy three years ellen johnson sirleaf is stepping down after two terms in office the nobel peace prize winner was africa's first female elected head of state u.s. backed syrian fighters a preparing for a final push to retake neighborhood still held by i.c.l. in the city of raka the loss of rock of the group self-proclaimed capital would be a strategic blow for the armed group officials from the kurdish led syrian democratic forces say they believe the last phase will take between seven and seven in ten days and wildfires in the u.s. state of california of left at least thirteen people dead and more than one hundred injured more than two thousand homes and businesses have been destroyed in the
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northern wind producing region in southern parts five thousand homes have been evacuated as fire crews struggle to control the blaze. was the top stories more news coming up a bit later on after the stream which is next. it's world mental health day and today on the strain we will be talking about mental health crisis among syrian refugees but first what people are discussing.


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