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tv   Catalonias Last Bullfight  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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we delve deeper says challenge the status quo expose double standards and debate the contradictions join me mary on sunday for a new season of the show the frank. and up front. at this time well just hearing. news has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. in london area top stories on al-jazeera cattle and president carlos' bridge to laws that the region has the right to become its own state but stopped short of
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declaring outright independence in a speech before the kaplan parliament he called for the escalation of tension and said he was ready for dialogue with the spanish government he said millions of his citizens believe catalonia should have its own stay in that he had a clear mandate to declare independence but wants to negotiate fast. as president it's my responsibility to declare that catalonia should become an independent state in the shape of a republic we asked the parliament to suspend any effects of the declaration of independence so that we can have dialogue and so that we can find the necessary solution we need to lower tensions and show our will and commitment to meet the demands of the catalan people alive now to join hollers outside the catalan parliament in barcelona jonah was this the announcement many people were expecting . well i think a lot of people would have gone away deeply disappointed staunch secessionists to the hope perhaps that this was going to be their night but carla squeezed the
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moment instead deferring independence pending talks with madrid towards a more sort of sustainable and workable and result that's going to be pretty tricky because madrid has of course consistently refused any form of talks until or unless the secessionist give up their claim on independence and there is no sign at this point of compromise. be that as it may though i think sweet relief for an awful lot of people whether they were pro independence or not they were terribly worried about the consequences of a unilateral declaration of independence they were afraid of the threats from madrid who feared that if the messiest of messy break ups well those fears and for now at least independence deferred my thanks very much john hall with all the latest from. the kenyan opposition leader has withdrawn for an upcoming rerun of the presidential election being held later this month in a statement announcing the move the dentist said his withdrawal would give the
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electoral commission enough time to introduce reforms to help deliver a more credible election present here kenyatta was declared the winner of the august vote sparking protests a supreme court there not a fight his victory. in the presidential election. first. followed the notification of the presidential election if organs turn to seventeen and his subsequent because it meant by the commission of the undersigned as presidential candidate and learning made for the first election. for twenty six october twenty seventh didn't you hear the drawer kind of which we read you fred. polls are now closed in liberia where the country's been voting for a new president ellen johnson sirleaf will step down after serving two terms in office the nobel peace prize winner was africa's first female elected head of state
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twenty candidates have taken part in the polls including former football star george we're now the un says eleven thousand people across from me and into bangladesh on monday alone a mass arrival coincides with a cholera immunization campaign underway in a cox's bazar aimed at protecting nearly arrived refugees more than half a million people or fled meon more in the past six weeks after a violent government crackdown. wildfires in the u.s. state of california have left at least thirteen people dead and more than one hundred injured more than a thousand homes and businesses have been destroyed in more than wind energy same region in southern parts five thousand homes have been evacuated as fire crews struggle to control the fires and entire neighborhood in the city of santa rosa was destroyed in the northwest state on the northwest of the state shown by this google earth imagery us by syrian kodesh fight as a preparing for a final push to retake neighborhood still held by i still in rock up the last of the city the group self-proclaimed capital would be
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a strategic blow for the armed group officials from the kurdish led syrian syrian democratic forces say they believe the last phase will take between seven and ten days when al jazeera world is coming out that is going to bring you more news including of course all the latest from spain in twenty five minutes time. the book for.
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on the night of the twenty fifth of september twenty seventh the last bull fight took place at the moment a ring in barcelona. twenty fast on spectators from spain and around the world witnessed the end of over six centuries of spanish history in the region a forgot that don't you. on
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human rights campaigners had lobbied for decades to end the sport in the region and in july twentieth left the catalan parliament voted by a narrow majority to bow to the band came into effect on the first of january twenty twelve. spain's top three matadors took part in this last show but bullfighting polarizes got along society. its opponents hailed the ban as a victory for on human rights but some also saw it as a symbolic rejection of central political power in madrid. catalan separatists that found controversial expression in the independence referendum on the first of october twenty seventh to.
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back in twenty left bullfighting supporters believe the band took away any age old part of their culture. and they carried their matador heroes aloft in the streets of barcelona.
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this is the money that is important. to have. no right to think of anyone i think. my father. except the many. many catalans this like bullfighting some saw the bun as a victory against what they perceive as political subjugation by my body in recent years. they feel they have a separate identity from the rest of spain. the anti bullfighting movement was led by animal rights campaigners who gathered the thousands of signatures needed to bring that the bait to the cattle and parliament. window into detail we know in catalonia you know if your thoughts are you. doing the thing why in your spirit to come in to the car or something money to start you on the content
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a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. they're a group of kids from tanzania halfway around the globe in new york where these children come from those who have the genetic skin condition known as albinism often live in fear of being attacked for the color of their skin al-jazeera first met up with iraq in two thousand and fifteen after attackers chopped off his arm believing it would bring them luck the leases charity works with the shriners hospital for children in philadelphia to provide for said eclipse this is the children's second visit to the united states to replace their original devices which they've outgrown seven year old baracoa is quick to put his new arm to. helping these children as a long term commitment every year they have to return to the united states for fittings and adjustments and every year their connection to their american friends
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gets deeper i think while they're here they realize they're really not different when they're in the dead a dream house which is charity house they feel empowered. a family business handed down from generation to generation but when this funeral director retires will his son continue the tradition i don't think he was actually before just like i don't feel like i was actually built for a difficult choice for an al-jazeera producer caught between two worlds well it's really fight tending to the dead to the living get better an intimate portrait of an industry most and counter only fleetingly al-jazeera correspondent death in the family at this time. hello i'm maryam namazie in london here your headlines now on al-jazeera in the past half hour the catalan president karla's pushed him or has signed a symbolic declaration of independence it follows
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a speech before the catalan parliament in which he called for deescalation attention and said he was ready for dialogue with the spanish government he said the region has earned the right to become its own state but stopped short of declaring outright independence among that the bad luck of the union as president it's my responsibility to declare that cuts a luthier should become an independent state in the shape of a report. we asked the parliament to suspend the effects of the declaration of independence so that we can have dialogue and so that we can form the buses are a solution we need to lower turn sions and show our will and commitment to meet the demands of the catalan people the kenyan opposition leader rai dinger is withdrawn from an upcoming rerun of the presidential election being held later this month in a statement announcing the move a dentist said his withdrawal from the race would give the electoral commission enough time to introduce reforms to help deliver a more credible election present to her kenyatta was declared the winner of the
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orcas eight vote but sparking protests the supremes court then mollified his victory citing irregularities polls have now closed in liberia where the country's been voting for a new president ellen johnson sirleaf will step down after serving two terms in office the nobel peace prize winner was africa's first female elected head of state twenty candidates have taken part in the poll including the former football star george weah the u.n. says eleven thousand people have crossed from myanmar into bangladesh on monday alone the un the mass arrival coincides with a cholera immunization campaign underway need cox's bizarre aimed at protecting newly arrived refugees or than half a million people have fled me and more in the past six weeks after a violent government crackdown. and wildfires in the u.s. state of california is left at least thirteen people dead and more than one hundred injured more than a thousand homes and businesses have been destroyed in the northern wind producing
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region in southern parts five thousand homes have been evacuated as five crews struggle to control the fine as well as the headlines much more coming up for you in the news hour in twenty five minutes time but there are wild now continues. bullfighting has been banned in the got the lonia region of the north east of spain since january twenty twelve. it came about largely as a result of an animal rights campaign but some commentators believe it also has a political dimension. that the law knew a strong identity separating it in the minds of its people from the rest of spain
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and many saw the glory that the bullfighting show as a relic of the old regime of general franco. got the lonia he's also one of the wealthiest regions of space generating considerable tax revenues for the government but even it has not been immune to the effects of the two thousand and eight doable recession austerity policies have hit the economy and both fighting is an entire industry comic downturn and the ban have had a domino effect on the breeders on transport and even on matador cost to make. a man of. i don't know sort of the out of another mother. that is. this will blow their hair gay alexander a little they got their own yeah. she left off
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by newell i was cut out on a good looking. guy when you have your case young mothers are or would be the end they got to him with the name of yes going on but the little as you like about them or their lie you will see another thought is wrong. to plant their question as she looks and down this by an aussie no again no curiosity ability and most people like to be that this give the needed our help a lot at the lonely. tatyana
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business he poked with the most of those probably most got of medical memoirs for your school memorial to the boy i was gonna say michael north end of the thread that i asked back in full set not to realized just in the just doesn't order under laws thing going with the script will rock audience you know in last mrs or on us in k. i guess that we've been doing the wrong kinds in my list. other than a younger guy you and i you know about the gig in the d.n.a. and wolf in our own few no glad o.e. put on it into. a book or cia and the list of the new guys so they got the nice into that for going to be honest as i can do this by name for one feel that i don't use that they're not of the us on my list but i guess i got them into a study that they knew of cannot i mean diddly remained until they were out of the horrors that was there in that call me as a spy merely. for because daughter of theirs i'm from the east and there knows
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nothing i was disguised in uniform symbol of the lisp i know yeah but i thought all of us through this by merely i mean in. a lot of i used a lot of stuff yes that's my thought i don't know yes well i mean does. it bother me and get well yes just a thought on the on total seat when only my thoughts in a c.q. are they while being made on not they were left with them into another but i watch
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it doing that and if you mean it's full numb and does not appear as thought about an assault at all in this week's human when you've got a fun day the year. it's on by a lot of k. here and get up to india that's the. form of the bloody that said a lobby that can open even more than it is. but i. thought i would indeed come in to look at it with. a look at the. embed of this helicopter in that they could ask. him better the. depth of the. vehicle.
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it will taste less personas get in the. aisle didn't. get it started. but in the process of the few on. this one not for my. stuff but. as a father who lives in. this panhandle course i case the fifth. i said yes complete but again. we're very lucky that i don't. see it in a mass forth that's nice by now i mean it's been like this the last and i suspect
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the last of the pick up lost. interest now for them in the soup and. the second i meet up with i mean it's nothing. they can look up a something. and throw it into a stylus pen you know. and when i got them yet i mean i said we'll just interest any money starts getting. and. incidentally. and. i want to. get them in and i want to. get their money. and. another. from about that i will be. there.
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but i don't know. about the good. and. the present but you know what it's like i'm one of the. reason to fame and it is the demand. i mean there's an argument you. say get i'm going to comment the way that. i started it
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i mean. that i think they're. going ok i want everything out of emotion and i don't. know. everything and i don't i say the name out of. the story and i don't. what if i stuck a student beside his side and if i said. you know what all. i have and they are going to be an asshole they also give us nothing stuff that is they are evil but does that mean that if i don't think of it that i will but i don't know it with as a whole but i think i. might when the boil but i'm not quite there yet but i said i thought both of us have because i mean how do you actually put up with out of. them up with a thought on a bike you know. they said that was i was going to think about the me of the body know what i mean them and they go up i think on the wonders of what it created it
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knows i'm not i mean. is it's nice if i can do this how do i. get them one on one and and what about. in the name. was ok in the same thing which i will tell you if you focus at all my know whether. she had been there or divorced sculptress come up with you that i don't know this young and i will send me to this event that i think it's unjust they say but that. the we. know that the bait over bull fighting raged on there were demonstrations in september twenty sixth seen after door was killed
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in madrid sparking calls for a nationwide ban. then in october twenty sixth spain's constitutional court overturned the capital on a raging both separatist and animal rights campaign you. know the large. sport or symbol of separatism. bullfighting divided got the lonia now got the lonia could divide spain.
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hello there we've got a lot of showers over australia at the moment and actually a fair amount of thunder and lightning mixed in with those showers as well the whole system is gradually edging its way towards the east and it's bringing us some heavy downpours as it does so so expect to see some downpours in alice springs and for adelaide there on wednesday and then if the system sweeps its way east with it's going to turn a fair amount cooler behind it so one thursday then adelaide will only be getting to seventeen matching the temperature we're expecting in melbourne at least here it's dry that rain will be working its way through parts of new south wales and just about making its way into brisbane there after the west generally a lot quieter hippa twenty two degrees as we head across towards new zealand the thing fairly miserable so far this week but things will improve lots of cloud lots of rain already that's trying to clear away and behind it things are beginning to clear up it's still going to be quite windy during the day on wednesday but even the winds will ease as we head into thursday and then most of us will have
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a following day on thursday there should be a good deal of sunshine around as well now further north there is a lot of rain here and some of it very very heavy is galloping its way away from the korean peninsula edging its way east with heavy downpours expected in the northern parts of japan there on thursday but still lots of cloud still expected to follow it with. the rain forests of the sea we continue on our current way we won't have a whole race within twenty thirty years from say your century trying to recreate the ecosystem but under controlled conditions the main goal is to become a stone house on. the corner of the great barrier reef is still a sizeable but we're going to start now i mean you get everyone behind the solution techno at this time on the edges iraq.
11:59 pm
we are witnessing around the word this hungry money which is only looking at how to
12:00 am
make the next profit devastating economies devastating ecosystems putting a price on the protection of nature green economy is sound good but it was all about privatizing of nature should our environment be for sale what we're trying to do this destroyed people to stabilize the country by giving them a financial incentive to do that pricing the planet at this time on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera.


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