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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 11, 2017 12:00am-1:00am AST

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just only looking at how to make the next profit devastating economies devastating ecosystems putting a price on the protection of nature green economy is sound good but it was all about privatized sation of nature should our environment be for sale but we're trying to do this destroy people that stabilize the country by giving them a financial incentive to do that pricing the planet at this time on al jazeera. this is al jazeera.
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hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up catalonia as president signs a symbolic document declaring independence but says first he wants dialogue with spain. kenya's opposition leader shocks the nation announcing he's withdrawing from the rerun of august election. a major cholera immunization campaign begins in bangladesh as hunger drives more range of muslims from myanmar. and wildfires raging across california killing at least thirteen people and destroying entire neighborhoods. just a minute with all the sports news as three time for you the world cup runs up the little ones will not be going to mix year's tournament in russia all of that and more later this news.
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spain's prime minister has called an extraordinary cabinet meeting on wednesday morning after catalonia as president declared independence from spain. to more immediately suspended it allow time for dialogue with madrid but an hour ago he did sign a symbolic declaration in barcelona before that he called for deescalation attention in a speech to the catalan parliament he said millions of cattle and citizens believe catalonia should have its own state and that he has a clear mandate to declare independence but is going to negotiate. as president it's my responsibility to declare that catalonia should become an independent state in the shape of a republic we asked the parliament to suspend any effects of the declaration of independence so that we can have dialogue and so that we can find the necessary solution we need to lower turn sions and show our will and commitment to meet the demands of the catalan people well in the last half hour spain's deputy prime
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minister has responded to that speech and she had stern words for the catalan leader. well this was not. that the speech that the catalan president has made today is a speech by a person who doesn't know where he is where he's going or with whom he wants to go the government cannot accept that the catalan referendum be validated because it's been suspended by the constitutional court the results from october the first cannot be accepted because that was an illegal and fraudulent act without any guarantees. oh are covering a story of course from biased sides with lawrence lee who's in madrid first though let's speak to jonah is outside the catalan parliament in barcelona and so it seems as a both sides are digging their heels in a spanish deputy prime minister is just completely dismissive of what we've heard from callers purged them all so far tonight. well certainly i think everybody was expecting
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a quick and easy capitulation from madrid in response to this they weren't going to get it i think it's been a night that would have disappointed an awful lot of people a lot of staunch secessionists here in barcelona employees indeed who would have come to this parliament hoping expecting that this was going to be their night they were speeches written in preparation for an actual declaration of independence something intervened at the very last minute to cause mr demand to change his mind he informed them when he arrived here and there was an hour long delay while speeches were rewritten and a lot of those m.p.'s particular on the far left in the corporate party. not at all happy about that all of that said though i think sweet relief for a lot more people whether they supported independence or not who were very worried about the potential consequences of a unilateral declaration of independence who were very worried fearful even of threats from madrid who were very worried about the the messiest of messy break ups
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as this would inevitably be between catalonia and spain well those fears those. worries and indeed catalonia independence deferred for now let me bring in my guest john lopez from pompey university a professor of political science we've been speaking about this all evening i wonder what insight you may have gained inside the building there as to what it was that happened what this last minute intervention may have been what i can imagine different possibilities for the first. two but to have a new actor a new international actor that has a right had the last we need. to mediate. any idea who you know. that they have arrived. for. answer that these are going to produce at the last minute and he also has changed the mind of the president and i would say that is. to push at the last minute to accept.
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i would say. this is something that probably they couldn't prepare. it has been very mother ate i would say suffered a forced moderation of the far left he's taken it seems to me an extraordinary chance here this was the moment for independence the biggest the best moment there has been to make a declaration if there was ever going to be one he's he's taken that moment away in the hope of talks with madrid talks that madrid has showed no sign whatsoever of offering them what happens if that doesn't come to pass i mean you can't press replay and suddenly declare independence a month or six months from now if they don't i think that probably the solution comes from the internationalists here i mean the international actors has to press my read to another to make. the kind of.
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to go to a new chapter of relationships that can include. a new referendum. yes i was going to ask you about that because he talked in his speech today about the scottish referendum he talked about how in one of the oldest democracies on the planet they were able to hold a civilized referendum in which both sides were able to have their say do you think that's really the end goal here that's what he would most like to achieve i think at least from the catalan society definitely will be the best solution because in the middle i mean this solution has the eighty percent of support in the hope that only eighty percent want to vote in the current edition of framework so by sure this would be the best solution in catalonia it's true that there are difficulties to prove that in this punish context but yeah i think that we could be. other words dream of independence for those who wish it is still alive but possibly here the door still just a little to a legal constitutional separation i think that if this legal separation is not
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possible you know it's not possible at all independence is still going to gain a little more support among the population and so it's increase of this process. even increase in the next month if nothing happens in madrid ok jamel of us like so much for your insights there were a lot to getting switched off people are heading away from this parliament building after a night that really hasn't turned out the way many people arrived here earlier on expecting thank you very much john all with all the latest from barcelona lawrence lee is live now outside the spanish parliament in madrid and lawrence we know that there is an important cabinet meeting coming up on wednesday any indications as to what the government and of course what prime minister might do next. i think at the moment they're still trying to calibrate exactly what the details of their response
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going to be but i think what we can say with some certainty is that they are bewildered they regard it as a joke which was that which was actually the very word a joke and a farce that the spanish international affairs secretary said an al-jazeera earlier on the idea the catalans can declare independence then and then immediately suspend it they say there is no legal framework for this whatsoever the making it up as they go along that's what the deputy prime minister said too i think i think what they've seen basically is colors put them on get stuck in the middle of the far left side of the catholic independence movement which wants independence now and the much more conservative side which has become frightened of the detail in the misty things that they didn't want to talk about business is leaving leaving the european union the european commission saying you won't be in the e.u. and all this sort of thing and put them on they think is try to bridge that by saying yes we're going to go independent but just not yet and i think we're going
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to try to do now is exploits what they see as a weakness inside that capital and movements so their initial position has been to say there is no basis on that whatsoever that we're absolutely not going to have anything to do with it and then there are meetings tonight between all of the parties or so to the opposition and the ruling popular party they've been talking there's an emergency cabinet meeting tomorrow morning as you say in the prime minister is due to speak on wednesday afternoon and it may become a bit clearer by then specifically a bit more detail about what they want but the big question of course is whether in the same way that we think the european union put pressure on the catalans to step back the same european union is actually now going to put pressure on the spanish to say they've given a b. you need to give it to yes because it as you say i suppose they're in the point of view of the spanish government is somewhat boxed in but then they'll say it's in madrid's interest to resolve this rupture as well said perhaps they can only rule out negotiations for so long. well yeah and i think that the point is inside the
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european union spain is a sort of a moderates force is not a leading player it's on the periphery it's somewhere in the middle but if you look at what's happened over the last twelve months in the european union they've had a series of potential shoppes of ever verted the austrian election last november the dutch elections which is on the far right my come out on top of them didn't was marine le pen going to it in france no she didn't return to power in germany john claude younker the president of the european commission gave a speech a couple of weeks ago he was crowing saying the center is back the wind is a bit behind us we can now push forward in european unity and the last thing they could have expected the last in the ever believe could happen is a spanker self falling apart and prevent another fracture in the you right at the end of the year and so the message not tomorrow but in the coming weeks because it is open ended from the european union to spain is going to be you need to think about the consequences of your action if you don't talk to the catalans at all because if they do go then we've got a broken country just when we thought we're actually putting it all back together
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again thank you very much with all the latest from madrid also want to cleanse think with everything that's going on sigler has more from the streets of boston. after paying tribute to everyone who participated in the first of october mr feature moment then said that the results that came from that should in fact a fact a declaration of independence that drew rules of delight from the crowd but then he delivered the blow that he in fact would abandon the notion of an independence declaration in favor of proceeding with dialogue with working with european partners and moving the situation forward that then drew a very distinctive groan of disappointment from the crowds around who had been heartened by what mr preacher want had said and he turned out to see the president to live this address no doubt many of them now really disappointed disheartened
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by that result in the face of so much pressure that the preacher not just from the spanish government not just from the security forces but also pressure from europe just up until the moment he was set to make the address there was even another reminder from the council president saying that he hoped that mr richard would not take a result of it surprises that dialogue was the only way forward clearly missed. that goal this evening. want to tell you about in his news out from london voting wraps up in liberia's presidential election by the choices included a former rebel leader awards ex-wife and a football star. the air raids in yemen a continuing despite both sides being blacklisted by the united nations for killing children. and in sports syria's world cup dreams come to an.
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hour kenya's president says the rerun of august presidential election will go ahead in just over two weeks' time despite the opposition leader raul or dango withdrawing from the race announcing the move a dentist said his withdrawal would give the electoral commission enough time to introduce reforms to help deliver a more credible vote catherine sawyer reports from nairobi. well indeed. then the variable unprecedented times in kenya the only other kind of data expected to be on the ballot paper for the election rerun late in the month has pulled out. his nasa opposition coalition says it will not participate in a poll they feel is predetermined one where the same individuals and companies that
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oversaw the last election are still in place. and i were. both wrong almost foldable. going to have to put up three and. have a big liberal to follow. in the rest of the. employees with the feet ok live in the world of hurt. believe that old with the best. church in the full extension hundred villages did you have to talk. to. opposition supporters have been staging demonstrations against the electoral commission. and calling for elektra forms commission officials say some of the opposition demands are and reasonable
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and there is simply no time to implement them the political situation in the country is worrying many i'm afraid of what fellas i think have moved on i am a strong feeling that kenyans. never accepted that peace is pheromones. and that. in order political conflict. people would accept that and. already. everywhere kenya is in uncharted territory politically and constitutionally the law isn't clear on what happens in a situation like this the constitution does not envision an eventuality where no reelection is held within a sixty day legal timeline which expires at the end of the month lawyer save no election is held by the deadline there will be a constitutional crisis president who has been busy campaigning he says his ready
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for an election with all without trial. should he be declared the winner in any way then the legitimacy of his presidency will inevitably be questioned many kenyans are fearful about what the political grandstanding between the two sides is doing to the country tensions are high the economy is struggling the country is very much in limbo cattery al-jazeera nairobi kenya. closed in liberia's presidential election which is expected to be the country's first democratic transfer of power in seven decades twenty candidates are seeking to replace ellen johnson sirleaf africa's first female president in two thousand and five two years after the end of a brutal fourteen year conflict from monrovia. oh yeah africa's first female president ellen johnson sirleaf. the noble prize winner. after serving two terms. at this polling station
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the process was largely orderly. but. as the process began. the situation in this polling scenting painesville delayed the casting of ballots for hours. and he queued up for two hours but says she was turned back at the ballot box. they said i cannot vote so i was here i went to one where i was redirected to another they don't want me to vote i will go home as. a man living with disability can vote but was not impressed with the arrangements and one of the genes i want to see change in public buildings school buildings the disabled people to enter easily we should have access and be part of decision making. the election commission said it has worked hard to address most of the complaints the result today i think i should
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have my preparation though we have i want to two. problems this is just over women and i think we are heading for success hundreds of those of us also deployed for the vote. liberians are passionate about this election to choose a new president and seventy three legislators people queued up for hours before polling stations open. these elections are not only about who will succeed ellen johnson sirleaf after years in power now also about things liberia has been passionate about roads health care education and building upon the existing plans but whoever wins this election will also have to want ready to unite liberia still divided by the war and by the politics of the last one year. presidential candidates will need more than fifty percent of the vote to win outright some of
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the of a say a runoff may be required i mean greece al-jazeera monrovia. human rights organizations are warning that hunger as well as a police crackdown is now forcing muslim refugees to flee me and ma this video obtained by al-jazeera shows ranger refugees inside iraq and state in western myanmar why people are fleeing villages because of an increasing lack of food will and half a million rand you have crossed into bangladesh since late august initially fleeing a climb down a limb communities by security forces one of the world's biggest color immunization campaigns is underway bangladesh in response to the rangel crisis nine hundred thousand doses of the vaccine a been prepared to protect new arrived refugees and local communities mohammed reports from sheffield a refugee camp in the caucasus bazaar. for these were him to refugees
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who've been exposed to so much violence and who still don't feel safe this is an attempt to at least keep them healthy. a massive cholera vaccination campaign led by bangladesh his ministry of health and supported by groups like the world health organization and unicef the goal is to vaccinate six hundred fifty thousand people during the first phase many in this makeshift camp are happy it's happening but say far more needs to be done in. order is too far away that's a problem and people are suffering there are just too many people here and that's why it's so dirty everyone is getting sick more than half a million refugees have fled from me and more to bangladesh in just six weeks at the shell feel like cut to camp the signs of overcrowding are everywhere. aid workers worry that extremely unhygenic conditions in camps like this one could make an already awful situation even worse which in turn could lead to
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a full blown health crisis among the many causes of concern are thousands of diarrhea cases reported and treated just in the past week and when you see like thousands of people are suffering from the idea that actually gives you an indication that the locked us up life situation as well as less anguish and situation is not in good shape and if we don't react if we don't think the preventive measures things may go really wrong. shortages of food water and shelter all indicate how dire things have become recently and we have just talked with a number of people and among nineteen out of them ninety percent have said that they're leaving on a one man party so the situation is really bad but everybody here down here is working really hard to make that humans. with very little clean water at their disposal life which is already hard only gets harder especially in
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such severe heat good obama made sure she and her children were vaccinated but that has done little to lessen her worries. now that after home there are very few toilets here in a period of three to five days it becomes full and unusable it stinks and not there are too many people here we can live without eating once or twice a day but we can't live without being able to use the toilets struggling to survive is nothing new for these refugees and it's likely their struggle won't end any time soon mama drama dizzee into at the sheffield like qatar refugee camp in cox's bazaar on the dish. the death toll from wildfires raging around california has now risen to at least fifteen wept up by high winds and dry conditions the flames have destroyed as many as two thousand houses businesses and wineries tens of thousands of people have been forced to evacuate and the state governor has declared
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a state of emergency reports from los angeles. and inferno in the california wine country multiple blazes burning out of control in the northern part of the state i think what happened over here and the destruction there is it just makes me so upset. i put up these people be ok more than twenty major fires are burning with nearly thirty thousand hectors already scorched it's being called the worst fire event in twenty five years thousands of homes and other buildings have been destroyed including a hilton hotel that burned for hours in the famous napa valley wine country carefully tended vineyards have been reduced to ash at the senior allo winery even the wine bottles were blackened and melted by the heat at least twenty thousand people have been evacuated from nearby communities including patients at two hospitals california highway patrol helicopters searched for people trapped on
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roads with no way to safety making more than forty rescues. the fires sprang up quickly then by winds gusting up to eighty kilometers per hour and aided by extremely low humid heat to these kind of conditions the rest is just a stream of new stars and that's what happens out last night and this morning the plan that's going to realign i have these explosive conditions in southern california a major blaze erupted in the hills above anaheim home to the disneyland amusement park and winds are very unpredictable the fire can create its own environment its own weather pattern so it it it varies so what we do is we've been doing a fire dance or fall or fire following throughout the day as the fire moves forward we move with it meteorologists say the winds have begun to die down giving hope that thousands of firefighters get the situation under control rob reynolds
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al-jazeera los angeles. when entire neighborhood has been destroyed in the city of santa rosa in northwest california the extent of the damage was highlighted by a google earth imagery this incredible off the shot raised by the california highway patrol shows but streets near a local park and school and neighborhood was one of the areas under forced evacuation the authorities say most of the homes that were reduced to ash and rubble. let's go live now to jacob ortiz in santa rosa for us and jacob the destruction in those google images very much reflected in the scenes around you tell us what happened to that neighborhood. marinade it is certainly a surreal scene here a lot of the sort of trappings of normal life are still going on the traffic lights are clicking on and off the highway traffic continues to go by but in these pockets of santa rosa it is just total destruction this conference and hotel center really
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destroyed behind me with such destructive force that big heavy rocks come rolling down the hillside and up on the hill behind me a three story hotel run by the hilton group has been utterly destroyed there was absolutely nothing left of it so the the really the theme here seems to have been the speed with which this fire swept through this this place and people were not only taken by surprise they were taken by such surprise they actually fled the scene on foot often times so really a very surreal scene here in california indeed and how assets guying elsewhere to contain the fire as. well too to those of us who've been following wildfires in this part of the country we thought that the the the rainy conditions that that really set records this past winter would be a good thing for fire prevention efforts the problem is it created so much vegetation during the hot dry summer that as you've heard many experts point out it created conditions for
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a single lightning strike which is what they think may have set this off to just create devastation so at this point there really typically of the fire officials estimate a percentage of containment they'll say five percent ten percent you know the amount of the area that they think they have contained at this point they're offering no projections at all there are no percentages posted there's nothing they're talking about in terms of of a plan or a prediction about when this might be finished and so at this point containment is not at all clear and they're seeing new fires continuing to pop up so hopefully the well. in the dies down we're still feeling it today and the humidity can rise a little bit that would really help a great deal but at this point the really is no sense of the end of this inside hard yakka community even reduced to rubble that thank you very much for telling us more about what's been happening in santa rosa california. most henri's to bring you this hour trying to ministration takes its first steps towards repealing the president obama's clean power plan why deep seated inequality still exist in u.k.
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society today. and in sport argentina face the prospect of missing out on their first well cup since nine hundred seventy. hello there is still wet and windy for many of us in the northern half of europe you can see from the satellite picture we have a very mobile picture old the rain spreading from the atlantic and gradually tracking its way eastwards and it's giving us some rather heavy downpours and dragging in some far fresher air but in the south is still rather warm we're looking at around nineteen in bucharest there and forced down in madrid we're up at twenty eight and that woman weather does push a little bit further north woods there as we head into thursday so that means forcing vienna there should be more in the way of woman weather will be up at twenty two and bucharest will be up it's twenty one still low for the northern part
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of the still going to be that rather blustery role that damp weather to contend with across the other side of the mediterranean largely it's fine and dry there all refuse showers in the mediterranean that it just drifting a little bit further towards the south a may just graze the coast at time but really we're looking at the exceptions rather than the rule for most of us is drawing it's fine and the temperatures now are dropping twenty nine is the maximum there in cairo and further west we're looking at around thirty in the bats over the next few days and. or there over some of the mountains they could be a few more showers further south in the showers here were gradually retreating now southwards will see them though quite heavy over south sudan you're. what are you seeing like how am i a suspected terrorist people of all faiths from victim to suicide bomber in manchester but if the bomb was indiscriminate was the placing of blame this is
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nothing to do with us this is about an individual who's psycho you know nobody could do this unless they were completely unhinged how much just as muslims responded to challenging questions in the aftermath of the. people in power manchester united but this time when i. discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the globe. powerful documentaries ever tell you this is hurting us this is literally killing off and we need to stop would you then listen to bates and discussions and you tell me the one thing you'd like the us to do and gauge and gauge and not for more on the fire challenge your perceptions.
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back you're watching the news hour these are the stories that are making headlines catalonia as president i was pleased them all as signed a symbolic document declaring independence after telling the catalan parliament the region is on the right to become its own state but he says he wants dialogue with spain fust. kenya's opposition leader raul dangar is shocked the country by withdrawing from an upcoming rerun of the presidential election set to take place later this month and voting is wrapped up in liberia's election to replace africa's first female president. now the un special envoy for yemen has accused the country's warring it is of refusing to end the fighting because they don't want to lose their wealth or that power last week a nice nation's report said both the saudi led coalition and who see rebels have
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caused the deaths of hundreds of children but the air raids are still going on as is on the bench of a reports. the site of what used to be mohammed's home brings back painful memories . this is where three members of his family died in the near strike but i want. all of a sudden i heard the air raid the house was hit my rocket was totally destroyed shelling continued to rush my family home where i saw my mother she told us our house was hit my father my brother and sister were killed their bodies were torn into small pieces the house was reduced to ashes if you look at it now you'd never think a house once stood there. not many people can afford a house in. many here are displaced from the war and live in wooden structures which barely protect them from the elements this village is close to the saudi border we are fighting between pro-government forces and who the rebels continues is the same area where there strike at a refugee camp killed more than forty people. about there had the fighter jet
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targeted by neighbor's home he was a fisherman came home with a small catch not even worth two dollars he asked his son to go get some water he started to prepare some breakfast with his children but they were taken by surprise the house was shelled by a wall about seven thirty or eight in a morning by the time we came the house was destroyed it was reduced to ashes we couldn't even find a trace of their bodies. it's not a unique story as the saudi led coalition has continued to dog to the rebels since two thousand and fifteen. and many more than ten thousand victims of the war have been civilians as more words are used to describe a manmade crisis which has resulted in the world's worst cholera outbreak malnutrition and famine like conditions. many yemenis have already lost all of what little they had some of the drug out of their. u.s. back syrian kurdish fighters are preparing for a final push to retake neighborhoods still held by i.c.l. in the city of raka the loss of rock of the group south proclaimed capital would be
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a strategic blow for ice officials from the kurdish that syrian democratic forces say they believe the last phase will take between seven and ten days the kurdish led forces launched the offensive against isis ill in iraq early june under the cover of as strikes by the u.s. led coalition the u.s. state department has said that is deeply disturbing that turkey question a local american embassy employees for the weekend erast sparked a diplomatic crisis with both countries suspending visa services for each of the citizens speaking during a trip to serbia turkish president. blame the disputes on the us ambassador to turkey he said john bass acted unilaterally in suspending these a services and they would no longer recognize him as the us representative well the u.s. state department is offering a seven million dollar reward for the capture of two hezbollah officials in an effort to crack down on the group the lebanese group has been designated a terrorist organization by the us the reward is being offered for the head of
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hezbollah as external security organization and a top military operative a state department official said the people of iran is suffering as a result of their government's support of the organization it's important to recall that hezbollah hasn't developed its military and terrorist capabilities on its own it has become the global threat it is today for one reason tehran's deep and abiding assistance the iranian regime has built and bankrolled has a lot of film of instability throughout the region and across the world this is all come at the expense of the iranian people whose resources are being diverted to support hezbollah's bloody cause. and at the expense of lebanon which is suffered grievously from iran and hezbollah's deadly partnership. drama administration is taking its first step to repeal with clean power plant brac a bomb as a landmark climate change will aimed at reducing the use of fossil fuels scott
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pruitt head of the environmental protection agency has signed a notice intending to repeal the plan the e.p.a. says it violates federal law and would cost consumers thirty three billion dollars a replacement for the plan has not been presented. when it was announced by president obama in two thousand and fifteen the clean power plant sought to reduce pollution from power plants it required states to cut carbon dioxide emissions by thirty two percent below two thousand and five levels by twenty thirty pushing them away from coal under obama the environmental protection agency said the plan could prevent up to one hundred fifty thousand asmer attacks in children and up to six thousand six hundred premise deaths over all. of more on all this means let's speak to ben long stress he's a senior attorney for the climate and clean air program the natural resources defense council he joins us live from washington d.c. thank you very much for speaking to us so on what grounds would you potentially
12:38 am
challenge the repeal of brac a bomb is a measure. well the clean air act the u.s. law under which president obama acted and which governs trumps e.p.a. administrator scott pruitt requires that the us act to reduce carbon pollution that is threatening. the health and well being of americans and people everywhere. if all all signals indicate at the moment that the. e.p.a. would simply. create out a do nothing repeal plan. instead of taking a real action and if they do that we will take them to court and we believe that the u.s. courts will scrutinize that action very closely and will reverse that action.
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even if president obama's power plan is repealed many states were already moving away from coal power for economic reasons so i suppose with or without this measure coal doesn't really have a future doesn't it you're absolutely right that market forces in the us as well as utilities understanding that there will eventually be strong carbon pollution standards in the u.s. mean that we're not making any new investments in coal and in fact. clean energy sources like wind and solar are becoming less and less expensive and more and more attractive. and can i put it to you the argument that we've consistently had from scott prove it that the obama administration essentially overstepped its legal authority in efforts to limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plants what do
12:40 am
you say to that argument. well i think that's. completely false then rubble protection agency. set up rules that would create the best system of emission reduction and that's what what the law requires an e.p.a. did that by considering the ways that states and power companies were actually. the actions that they were actually were taking to reduce pollution and that's completely reasonable under the law the approach that it appears that scott pruitt prefers. is likely to achieve only minimal emission reductions and in fact in some cases we could see emissions increase we don't think that's consistent with a long all right well thank you very much appreciate your thoughts on this story it was very good to get your perspective bennelong strath thank you
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a report by brazilian congressman. has recommended president sheltie should not face trial for obstruction of justice and membership to a criminal organization arguing the charges are unfounded mr and rhonda an ally of the president also recommended charges against two other ministers stemming from the same corruption case involving bribes paid by meat packing company should also be shelved and there's been violence between police and public sector workers in france who are on strike over labor reforms members of nine unions of protesting against present emanuel plans to streamline the civil service there are forms will allow employers to hire and fire workers more easily as well as enable companies to negotiate directly with employees of the working conditions. a report from the british government has found deep seated inequalities in all sectors of u.k. society the racial disparity audit was started in two thousand and sixteen by prime
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minister two reason may take sam in how people of different races and backgrounds are treated in britain today paul brennan reports. in the eighteen nineties charles booth's maps of the rich and poor areas of victorian london showed the glaring inequalities of the age but more than a century later at a round table in downing street britain's prime minister admits that inequality remains endemic nationally employment rates are higher for white people than ethnic minorities but the gap between the two in the north of thirteen point six percent is significantly wider than that in the south at nine percent black caribbean children are excluded from school at least three times at the rate of white pupils but chinese pupils excel at primary school with seventy one percent reaching the expected standard for reading writing and math although just thirteen percent of white roma and traveller children achieve the required grade the newly collated
12:43 am
statistics confirm that in almost every aspect of society a person's racial and economic background profoundly affects the opportunities and treatment they receive it's not overt racism in vats people are saying i don't want to black person working for me but it's more of a subtle things around ok will this person have a right communication skills to racism is racial disparities orders have been due to report its conclusions in july but then in june came a tragedy which turned the widespread concern about equality international outrage . the ground for tough. almost eighty people were killed and in the midst of recriminations about cost cutting and social housing a shocking reality emerged that in one of the u.k.'s richest barrus the numerous safety concerns raised by some of its poorest residents had apparently been ignored
12:44 am
or dismissed by authorities to some why does it need to do an already on rice look at your south and how you treat and try and work out why you do that rather than constantly coming in and doing all day it's what lives are like because our lives will only china if you china if you treat us differently. britain's prime minister has echoed that call and demanded that if disparities cannot be explained they must be changed better data should mean accountability and reform but charles booth probably also thought that a century ago paul brennan al-jazeera london. in turn day's time japan goes to the polls to vote for a new government by mr they called the early election hoping to take advantage of good poll ratings and an opposition in disarray but it's not florence merely reports from tokyo the emergence of two new political parties could upset his plans
12:45 am
. campaigning is underway for japan's snap elections prime minister shinzo r.b.a. whose liberal democratic party holds a two thirds majority with a coalition partner has kickstarted his bid to stay in office. i would like to create a society where everybody has a chance. when abhi announced an early election weeks ago he said it was to give his government a strong mandate to handle any national crisis the country might face. his words now seem prescient given the latest corporate scandal to hit japan just as he's trying to revive the country's flag economy kobe steel the country's third biggest steelmaker admitted on sunday to fabricating data to show its products met customer specifications the company's it mission follows similar scandals by big japanese brand names including toshiba which have reported inflated profits abbay is also expected to face a strong challenge from the newly formed party of hope founded by tokyo governor.
12:46 am
she's not running for parliament but is leading the campaign to draw voters away from the ruling party which has been plagued by domestic scandals. let's put an end to politics dominated by opting. out although the party of hope is seen as the biggest challenger to the ruling party an early election could work against it and in our base favor. if. one can wreak a was running for tokyo governor i had great expectations and voted for her but now i don't feel the same when it comes to who to vote for i might still want to vote for kerry kate but looks like a safe option to you i'm still struggling to decide. the upcoming elections also take place just as the country faces an escalating security threat from north korea the ruling party in the hope party both to seek to revise japan's pacifist constitution to allow the country's military to take a more active role a small minority however including the new left leaning constitutional democratic
12:47 am
party of japan oppose a constitutional revision but could still take votes away the mergence of two new political parties has made this election a lot less predictable and if the ruling party fails to win even a simple majority analysts say that will put pressure on all day to resign it's a gamble the prime minister has judged is worth taking florence three al-jazeera tokyo. at this hour they carry else's booed off the court as shanghai mosque has details the coming up with peta. business update brought to you by cats are always going places together.
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business updates brought to you by cats are always going places together.
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ages and now with this phone. thank you very much three time fee for world cup runners up the middle innings will not feature at russia twenty eighteen after failing to qualify the dutch needed to beat sweden by seven goals on tuesday but could only win two nil robin school of both but the dutch goal difference was inferior to that of sweden you progress to a playoff match robert announced his retirement from international football after the game. winning season in amsterdam for us league good to have you with us again hell dark a day is this for dutch football even though they did have to pull off something of a miracle against the swedes but the bottom line is a very hard one for the dog to paper over by our not going to be part of the twenty world cup when you consider the reputation of the. world cups throughout the policy
12:50 am
decades not least finalists in twenty ten four years ago or twenty fourteen of course and to not be there it's so hard to stomach sweden of course will fight on by we're hoping to finish top of the group or france finish top unswayed and instead from going into a plan which will be difficult for them because there are some very strong teams very today's players. alive their fans were happy with just about for the netherlands it's a case of having to watch the tournament without that same down that's never easy and i and robin has also announced his retirement from international football how much will he's presence be missed. well his presence was exemplified by what he did in the match against sweden where he was absolutely seen in the first half the energy that that man brings on to the field as captain he was an inspiration to others but the sweetest prize just couldn't
12:51 am
cope with and we've seen this throughout the last few years for a country that i've never seen a plan quite like our involvement and that's one of the things that might seem so difficult so replied i can't replace him like for like i need to bring for young talent the netherlands so i can have a team that can compete to try and get in the next european championships and the next world cup but for vova himself you can see why a player at thirty three would do he wants to extend his bomb unit career we don't know what. it was a good way to go out with it so it goes even though it wasn't the best penalty for the first go it was a brilliant second go and he's been a magnificent player for the netherlands you winnings in amsterdam thank you so much for joining us portugal are on their way to a fourth straight world cup appearance the picture is better for them of course they beat switzerland two no on tuesday to book a spot in russia as for the swiss they will have to try and qualify in the playoffs . and in all they were nine games across the european continent on tuesday in
12:52 am
france when group a after the swedes lost in the netherlands so we didn't will head to the playoffs just like the swiss who were beaten by the portuguese and group c. was already won by belgium but greece ensured a crack at a playoff by hammering gibraltar in group h. . the prospect of a world cup without leno messi and argentina could also become a reality later as south americans twenty eight hundred qualification battle reaches an end origen tina will meet ecuador in quito and if they fail to win it could mean the end for the south american team reports from when i saw this. one last training session before the match that will decide whether the runners up at the last world cup will make it to russia next year. is one of the few fans who came all the way to i say to see messi train he says he still has faith with only one pill to go although i brought my son and told him let's go and see the team i
12:53 am
believe in the team we will qualify in the end once the ball starts to go inside it won't stop argentina has been struggling to qualify for the world cup next year in its last four matches the team has failed to score a single goal the two time world cup winners head into the final round of regional qualifiers in sixth place outside the top four positions which grant automatic qualification i win against it while the order is a must overall argentinians are disappointed and frustrated with the national team and many say that they're not emotionally ready to cope with the fact that they could not make it to the world cup but it's not just sports that people are worried about but the report card shows that not qualifying could have been the argentine football association that is already broke. not being in the world cup could mean millions of dollars in lost revenue. from the sponsors from the t.v.
12:54 am
and from fee for before or after will be i missed ten years or less. that they have now for alexander argentinians will have to do a lot of rethinking if argentina fails to win on tuesday during august. and even for five because there was a lot of critics and. for being this they were running to. being the second best. and with argentina out russia will be left without. for some the world's best football player in. the world cup has already been organized it's not for messi or for christiana rinaldo but for russia. so much money in it so having the top players there is crucial i also think it shows up in football because we would have never thought that messi could end up not
12:55 am
playing in the world cup. but there is one much on tuesday in the high altitudes of keep that could change. millions here to watch what they say will be the miracle that could put argentina back in the game. the last round of south american world cup qualifying matches kick off in just over ninety minutes time at the moment brazil on their way to russia twenty eighteen but the fight is from second to fits what because in south america two three and four will go to the world cup automatically while the first place team that's peru at the moment they will go into a playoff against new zealand argentina you can see they in six position they are currently out of the running so they need to win it is very important from their point of point of view otherwise they will miss miss out on the world cup for the first time since one thousand nine hundred seventy now syria is another story altogether their world cup dream has come to an end they were beaten by australia
12:56 am
in sydney the playoff was tied at one one after the first leg but the syrians surged ahead with a goal in just the seventh minute tim cahill got to go back from the home side seven minutes later the thirty seven year old cahill would go on to lift the winner for the socceroos in extra time they now advance to a playoff with either the usa panama or honduras andrew thomas was at the game in sydney. going into this game not many gave the syrians a chance against australia much higher ranked on home ground syria remember a country in the midst of a civil war and yet they fought and they fought and they fought and even in the last three minutes when it looked as though the one. that would have taken them to russia rather than australia of course syrians coming out of the ground were disappointed but they have pride and i think i talked to some friends.
12:57 am
and this is the further. hope to go out next time they can go all the way back it was very well to be quite disappointing the fact that they could we. have never left. australia on it's going to russia yet they still have another playoff to get through but i think leap forward on that road i could pretty good. despite the last large crowds gathered in damascus to celebrate syria's run in the qualifying competition sadly for the supporters the team will have to wait at least another four years to appear at a first ever world cup. from football to tennis just forty eight hours after finishing runner up in beijing the curious has exited the shanghai masters in controversial fashion for the second year in a row after warnings for an obscene as he and for smashing
12:58 am
a ball into the crowd the australian lost the opening set always match to steve johnson i decided to stop playing he declined any medical help but has since tweeted that he had a stomach bug and a shoulder injury. marian that's all the support from the mother up again later looking forward to it thank you very much peta well that's it for now but remember those oh you knew on our website al jazeera dot com is way to go for all the latest but of course there is a full coming up as well so you could just stay tuned i'll be back in a couple minutes.
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