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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 11, 2017 6:00am-6:34am AST

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and evidence is part of genocide the listening provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. his latest steps back from an immediate declaration of independence but the dread says that's not enough.
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for my headquarters. and so i had. kenya's opposition leader withdraws from the presidential election. says the election commission won't give him a fair chance. in the escalating diplomatic round between the united states and turkey. a major cholera campaign begins and. as for one the muslims continue to flee. his leader has stepped back from declaring independence instead of talks to resolve spain's worst political crisis and decades. did sign a symbolic declaration although it's on clear has any legal status john holl
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reports from barcelona. he arrived at the parliament building bristling with expectation a heavy police presence in the weighty announcement to come but congress president of catalonia is regional government stopped short of a full declaration of independence. as president it's my responsibility to declare that catalonia should become an independent state in the shape of a republic. should become the words greeted with browsing approvals in the chamber before the independents. state party was put on hold. we asked the parliament to suspend any effects of the declaration of independence so that we can have dialogue and so that we can find the necessary solution we need to lower tensions and show our will and commitment to meet the demands of the catalan people the reaction in madrid came swiftly as this course. that the speech that the catalan
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president has made today is a speech by a person who doesn't know where he is where he's going or with whom he wants to go the government cannot accept that the catalan referendum be validated because it's been suspended by the constitutional court. having consistently refused to talk one centrist politician suggested the time may have come for the government to compromise i think that when they can solve the problem is with that negotiation some kind as i said of mediation a disappointment perhaps to some staunch secessionists tonight would be their night but sweet relief to many who fear the consequences of an upright declaration of independence after threats from madrid and the flight of top companies from catalonia since the referendum on october the first. they said you don't think it was close if you ask a loan of the faithful who gathered to watch the speech on the big screens left
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deflated but accepted it always was not lost i'm happy that he's given time in order for people things we really don't understand what's the situation what does it mean what. president just said so a signed declaration but independence deferred which demands speech stipulated no timeline for talks with madrid the drama of catalonia is independence that has played out in this parliament building for nearly one hundred years isn't over yet jonah hill al jazeera barcelona. lawrence lee has more from madrid on the spanish government's response to the catalan government thought that by extending the hand of friendship to spain as they would have put say they might have got the spanish government to reply in kind by green open negotiations it looks like that was a completely vain hope the response from the spanish government already tonight here has been asked aides and immediate so they have said what on earth of the
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catalans doing announcing independence and yes immediately suspending it they say has no legal basis a popular party the ruling party spokesman described it to me as a joke and a farce he said there was absolutely no grounds on which they could negotiate at all then the deputy prime minister spoke and she said that there would be an emergency cabinet meeting on wednesday morning during which the spanish government response would be clarified and the prime minister's been meeting people from all the opposition parties to discuss a sort of power spanish parliamentary response to what the catalans of said now clearly the catalans hope that by acting in this way they will have some extent appease the european union and the that they hope perhaps the european union will now put some pressure on spain and say well look the catalans have done this now you must come to the table and negotiate in the same way but as is the moment there is no sign whatsoever that the spanish government to do anything of the sort if move on to other news now there's been another twist in kenya's presidential
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election but opposition they divided don't know where the droid from the vote but the president says the poll will still go ahead in just over two weeks has accused the electoral commission of failing to make the changes necessary for a more credible outcome catherine sawyer reports from nairobi. well into. the. unprecedented times in kenya the only other candidate expected to be on the ballot paper for the election rerun late in the month has pulled out. and he's not opposition coalition say they will not participate in a poll they feel is predetermined one where the same individuals and companies that oversaw the last election are still in place. and i think. almost foldable. going to have to.
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really. have a big liberal to help them. in this battle. over in terms of the people ok. in the world of her. believe that all with the best. but judging from the bench in front of the liberals did you. talk. to. supporters have been staging demonstrations against the electoral commission. and calling for elektra forms commission officials say some of the opposition demands are and reasonable and there is simply no time to implement them the political situation in the country is worrying many i'm afraid of what fellas i think have moved on i am a strong feeling that. they've accepted that peace is. that
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. in the order of political conflict that. people would accept that and. already. everywhere that this tension everywhere. kenya is in uncharted territory politically and constitutionally the law isn't clear on what happens in a situation like this the constitution does not envision an eventuality where no reelection is held within a sixty day legal timeline which expires at the end of the month lawyer save no election is held by the deadline there will be a constitutional crisis president who has been busy campaigning he says he's ready for an election with all the loud trial. should he be declared the winner and induced anyway then the legitimacy of his presidency will inevitably be questioned
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many kenyans are fearful about what the political grandstanding between the two sides is doing to the country tensions are high the economy is struggling the country is very much in limbo catherine. nairobi kenya washington's come out in defense of us ambassador to turkey after the turkish president said her government recognizes the diplomat the latest move in the escalating to spirit between the nato allies as reports from washington d.c. . another day of tough talk between the u.s. and its nato ally turkey now the u.s. says this all started when two turks who work for the u.s. embassy were arrested in the third one was questioned in response they said they were no longer going to issue visas out of turkey for travel to america turkey responded with the exact same action now we're hearing from recipe tayyip erdogan the turkish president trying to hit the seams find a way out of this blaming the ambassador not the trump administration unit can you
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tell if you can assure that. it is interesting that an ambassador in ankara makes decisions and says he is doing so in the name of his government if that's the case we have nothing to talk about with the high ranking officials in the united states but if that's not the case and the ambassador took this decision on his own they should keep that embassador in that position even for a minute so did investor john bass go rogue well not so much according to the state department this was coordinated with the state department it was coordinated with the white house and coordinate cordon ated with the n.s.c. the goal of some official ambassador john bass is not going to be a concern for turkey much longer he is moving he's been nominated to the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan and at the state department senior officials say they did notify the turkish officials that this was coming down the pipeline still not doing anything to ease the tension between these two traditional allies that had a frosty relationship as of late. turkish authorities have arrested thirty members
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of the armed forces of the suspected links to the banned golan a small meant a state run news agency says police issued warrants for forty hours in the air force navy and army corps says the movement led by u.s. based cleric fetter the golan was behind last year's failed coup since then authorities have arrested at least fifty thousand people. the u.n. special envoy for yemen is accusing the country's warring leaders of pushing for power and wealth and state of peace as well as proposing new talks to alleviate the deepening humanitarian crisis mike hanna reports from the united nations in new york. this is the greatest humanitarian disaster in the world that's according to figures presented to the u.n. security council which indicates some twenty two million people in yemen require immediate assistance now nearly one million cases of cholera and more than two thousand people have already died of the disease famine anonyma unprecedented scale
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is a real possibility it is the result of this crisis that has left some fifteen million people lacking adequate access to clean drinking water sanitation and hygiene health services seven million people are faced with the threat of famine and all of this is exacerbated by the largest single year cholera outbreak ever recorded the u.n. special representative. insists that what he calls influential people are not interested in finding solutions as they'll lose power in any settlement. in mcdonough how to. i request the security council to use all its political and economic power to exert pressure on all parties to commit to a path of peace all the parties must come out of their past and transpositions and put an end to hostile rhetoric instead of fighting over yemen let's cooperate for the best interest of the country. in the coming weeks the special representative
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will convene a meeting in london of the u.k. the us saudi arabia and the united arab emirates which together with amman make up what is referred to as the quint charged with the renewing the long dormant political process in yemen the problem though is that two of these states a part of the saudi led coalition and as such themselves parties to the conflict mike hanna al-jazeera united nations one of the world's biggest caller and you know his asian campaigns is underway in bangladesh amid fears of an epidemic nine hundred thousand dollars of the vaccine have been prepared to protect local communities and ahead of refugees who fled violence and. reports from a refugee camp and. for these or hinder refugees who've been exposed to so much violence and who still don't feel safe this is an attempt to at least keep them healthy. a massive cholera vaccination campaign led by bangladesh is ministry
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of health and supported by groups like the world health organization and unicef the goal is to vaccinate six hundred fifty thousand people during the first phase many in this makeshift camp are happy it's happening but say far more needs to be done. the water is too far away that's a problem and people are suffering there are just too many people here and that's why it's so dirty everyone is getting sick. more than half a million refugees have fled from me and more to bangladesh in just six weeks at the sheffield camp the signs of overcrowding are everywhere aid workers worry that extremely unhygenic conditions in camps like this one could make an already awful situation even worse which in turn could lead to a full blown health crisis among the many causes of concern are thousands of diarrhea cases reported and treated just in the past week and when you see like
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thousands of people are suffering from the idea that actually gives you an indication that the locked us up like situation as well as less antigens situation is not in good shape and if we don't react if we don't think the preventive measures things may go really wrong shortages of food water and shelter all indicate how dire things have become recently we have just talked with a number of people and among nine out of them ninety percent have said that they're leaving on a one minute pardon so the situation is really bad but everybody here down here is working really hard to make that humans. with very little clean water at their disposal life which is already hard only gets harder especially in such severe heat good obama made sure she and her children were vaccinated but that has done little to lessen her worries. now that after home there are very few
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toilets here in a period of three to five days it becomes full and unusable it stinks and not there are too many people here we can live without eating once or twice a day but we can't live without being able to use the toilets struggling to survive is nothing new for these refugees and it's likely their struggle won't end any time soon mohammed gentleman dizzee into at the sheffield like qatar refugee camp in cox's bazaar on the dish. still ahead on the bill from a scorched california assess the damage is one cost spread for the u.s. state of the day and celebration the bride to be who you are going to strands gender community won't come to a controversial new bill. with. with . with
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hello there we'll be seeing some very ferocious wildfires in parts of north america recently in fact is the northern part of california where we've seen the worst of those fires and these pictures off from the northern parts of the state now unfortunately it looks like the very strong winds that have fanned the flames still going to be with us over the next few days elsewhere across north america you can see this area of cloud here this is giving us some heavy downpours lots of thunder and lightning too and the whole system is gradually drifting its way eastward so wednesday we're expecting it to over the eastern parts of the u.s. and the eastern parts of canada as well eventually that will begin to clear away as we head through thursday and then more of us will see some drier weather but it will be a bit fresher than it has been so toronto it around seventeen and chicago at around nineteen for the west staying rather windy for us in california even further towards the south and we've seen some very heavy showers across parts of the central americas you can see this bright white area of cloud stretching from mexico
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a long way for the south heavy downpours and persistent rains out of this system more still to come over the next few days generally for the east there will be some showers as well but in between the showers the east and sunshine as well now for the northern parts of argentina and the southern parts of brazil we've had lots of very lively showers recently and there's more to come with. in the hearts of the. family it. isn't even. at this time on al-jazeera.
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to have you with us on al-jazeera and these are all top stories. from declaring immediate independence instead calling for talks with madrid to result of the political crisis the spanish government will hold an emergency cabinet meeting on wednesday. a rerun of kenya's presidential election will go ahead in just over two weeks despite the opposition leader. pulling out. is accusing the electoral commission of failing to make the changes necessary for a credible outcome and turkish president at the line is a blaming the u.s. ambassador and for the growing diplomatic crisis between the two countries but the u.s. state department says and that john best his actions will coordinate with the white
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house. the united states is offering millions of dollars for information about two senior hezbollah officials the state department says and have played key roles and hezbollah attacks targeting u.s. citizens. being involved in the major attack in beirut in one nine hundred eighty three two hundred forty one u.s. service personnel were killed company has more from washington d.c. . the trumpet ministration is ramping up the rhetoric when it comes to iran it is signaling that it will begin to crack down on the armed wing of hezbollah which the united states says is backed by iran now the u.s. state department declared hezbollah a terrorist group in the late one nine hundred ninety s. but now the trumpet ministration is launching a new campaign to undermine the group's political legitimacy it's important to recall that hasn't developed its military and terrorist capabilities on its own it
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has become the global threat it is today for one reason tehran's deep and abiding assistance the iranian regime has built and bankrolled has the lot to film of instability throughout the region and across the world now this is all part of a wider u.s. strategy on iran the president has until the end of the week to recertify iran's compliance under the terms of the twenty fifteen agreement to limit iran's nuclear program it is widely believed that the president will announce that the deal no longer serves u.s. interests but will stop short of calling on congress to reimpose sanctions severe storms in south africa have left at least four people dead and dozens and heavy winds hail of tornadoes and tarantula rain had many parts of the country from durban to johannesburg rising waters left people trapped in their cars on highways and flooded homes and businesses. u.s. government officials say the death toll in puerto rico from hurrican movie has
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reached forty three nearly three weeks after the storm hit the u.s. territory only sixteen percent of the island's electricity services have been restored us president trump is off congress for four point nine billion dollar loan to help cash strapped push recall pay its bills. at least fifteen people are dead in the u.s. state of california as wildfires continue to spread for a third day the fires have scorched the state's famous. swine country and forced more than twenty thousand people from their homes california thought he say about two thousand buildings have been destroyed the state's governor has declared a state of emergency jacob or what has more from santa rosa the fires that began on sunday night were so devastating but also so fast the residents of this community santa rosa california lost not only convention centers and hotels like this not only their structures but in some cases they were so surprised they had to abandon
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their vehicles and so in block after block you see vehicles like this destroyed the wildfire reach temperatures approaching fifteen hundred degrees celsius which is enough to burn steel and so just a fundamental destruction not just of of property and all the things you see in normal fires but also infrastructure sewage lines cell phone towers all of that gone this is truly a devastated community here in california and the mentalist in the u.s. have criticized the trumpet ministration for sending the wrong message on climate change it's taken its first step to repeal the clean power plan rock obama's landmark law and reducing the use of fossil fuels john hendren the polls. president donald trump struck another blow in what environmentalist's call the war on climate control or as his environmental protection agency chief prefers to put it. in his previous job as oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt led more than two
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dozen states in challenging in court a signature climate control rule and acted by then president barack obama the environmental protection agency said we are committed to writing the wrongs of the obama administration by cleaning the regulatory slate the news angered environmentalists it is a historic mistake especially when this country is weakly suffering billions of dollars of economic impact from wildfires hurricanes sea level rise slowly happening over time this is just hugely irresponsible and they are sending the absolute wrong message to the world and to the american people that they're willing to side with polluters over people's public health. scientists suggest this year's recent spate of deadly u.s. hurricanes was fueled by greenhouse gases the fisc power plant is one of two plants in chicago that burned their last batch use of coal in two thousand and twelve when the plant shut down chicago last its two biggest sources of industrial carbon
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dioxide which contributes to global warming the owner midwest generation said the company didn't want to pay for upgrades to comply with expensive federal regulations but there was another reason for years coal has been losing out in competition to cheap been clean natural gas coal workers make up a tiny fraction of the american workforce a report from the department of energy showed that in two thousand and sixteen there were more than four hundred seventy five thousand jobs in wind and solar energy while they were little more than one hundred sixty thousand jobs in the coal industry but as president trump often notes the eastern appalachian mountain region where the industry is based was key to his election victory i've ended the obama administration's war on call and we're putting our wonderful coal miners back to work producing beautiful truly home that's a promise the white house seems intent on keeping john hendren al-jazeera chicago.
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two u.s. b. one bombers have flown over the korean peninsula in a show of force against north korea though accompanied by planes from the japanese and south korean military it comes amid heightened tensions around north korea's nuclear program launched a series of ballistic missiles in late september vowing to destroy the u.s. if provoked togo's government has banned all mid week marches as protests gather steam against the fifty year rule of the family protesters are calling for the resignation of president following your same day he took over from his father in two thousand and five he'd been powerful most for two years the government is proposing a limit of presidential terms but protesters fear this won't be applied to after the next elections and twenty twenty meaning they're saying they could stay in power twenty thirty. a stroller has offered to move refugees from its man asylum camp in papua new guinea to another detention center on the island of know who the man is campers to close at the end of this month after a court in p. and g.
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ruled that holding people there was unconstitutional seven hundred ninety one people are detained on mannus and a further three hundred seventy one on know to the offshore presence have been criticised by refugee advocates amid widespread reports of abuse. brazilian congressional report has recommended president michelle tever shouldn't face trial for obstruction of justice arguing the charges are unfounded the report by congressman boehner faster there and an ally on president tema also recommended the shelving of charges against two other cabinet ministers the charges stem from the same corruption case involving bribes paid by a meat packing company after more than two hundred days of coalition talks dutch politicians have agreed to form a government a major sticking point was migration and issue that dominated the election in march and helped huge welder's far right party finished second prime minister mark rutte
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to refuse to negotiate with wilders the new party the new four party alliance has unveiled a center right agenda. transgender people in greece are hoping a new law will improve their lives parliament's wahoo to allow people to change their gender identity without medical treatment from the age of fifteen but as john psaropoulos reports from athens the move has divided public opinion. has felt trapped in her male body since she was thirteen her family reacted by throwing her out on the street where her life began to unravel like. i wanted to study astronomy i never got the chance i was rejected and thrown out of schools because of my appearance because of a transgender person i was denied the right to education and to follow a career i would love after that i had no choice but to prostitute myself in order to survive it's the only choice i was given routine things like withdrawing money
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from the bank called boarding an airplane are all deals for rafaela because her name and appearance differ from the information on her i.d. card other transgender people of this protest outside parliament face similar problems problems the new law will now solve last april the european court of human rights broke new ground when it ruled that a legal change of gender should not require. sterilization in other words sexual orientation should be determined by how a person feels not by their genitalia greece is one of twenty european countries where the law was in contravention of that ruling but the new law is controversial too because it'll give people the right to determine their own gender at the age of fifteen greek society is strongly family oriented which reinforces traditional gender roles and it is ninety eight percent of the dogs which means that the church is opinion carries weight for the church agrees fully understands the rights of
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each and every person to be different to feel different to be however this is completely different from the legal position of being different as the dominant social norm child psychologists agree. when people search for that broader identity who am i what i my goals what is my sexual interest but this doesn't mean that everyone has found. the sexual orientation by the time the fifteen it's too early to say that a child has settled this issue. has already recognized same sex marriage and says transgender rights also have to be upheld but its political opponents say this bill is a cynical attempt to cultivate nonvoters in view of future elections people like rafael or don't care about the politics though they will rejoice to be able to board planes and perform banking transactions jumps are open last al-jazeera athens.
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there's a prominent with the headlines on. catalonia slater has stepped back from declaring immediate and dependence and stead quine for talks with the political crisis the spanish government will hold an emergency cabinet meeting on wednesday. a rerun of kenya's presidential election will go ahead in just over two weeks despite the opposition leader raul are doing the pulling out then there's accusing the electoral commission of failing to make the changes necessary for a more credible outcome. turkish president of the one is blaming the u.s. ambassador and for the world and diplomatic crisis between the two countries but the u.s. state department says ambassador john bass his actions were coordinated with the white house bassos shadow to leave turkey soon he's been nominated to be the next u.s. ambassador to afghanistan so if you thought he was ever arrested thirty members of
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the armed forces over suspected links to the banned all of this movement the state run news agency says police issued warrants for forty others in the air force navy and army one of the world's biggest cholera immunization campaigns is underway in bangladesh for a hangover fiji's to prevent a major outbreak line hundred thousand doses of the vaccine have been prepared to protect local communities the united states is offering millions of dollars for information about two senior hezbollah officials the state department says and for sure could have played key roles in hezbollah attacks targeting u.s. citizens so who is accused of being involved in a major attack in beirut in one thousand nine hundred three at least fifteen people are dead in the u.s. state of california as wildfires continue to spread for a third day the fires have scorched the state's famous wine country and forced more than twenty thousand people from their homes the state's governor has declared a state of emergency. to us b.
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one bombers have flown over the korean peninsula in a show of force against north korea they were accompanied by planes from the japanese and south korean military it comes amid heightened tensions around north korea's nuclear and missile programs risking it all is coming up next. head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germans a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.


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