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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 11, 2017 7:00am-7:34am AST

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and that day has long been the subject of a cover up a mystery now the truth can be revealed the day israel attacked america a major investigation at this time on al-jazeera. this is a really fabulous news from one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in. something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone. often working round the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. steps back from an immediate declaration of independence but madrid says.
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welcome to life in my head and me and it's a problem i had. kenya's opposition leader with from the presidential election. says the election commission give him a fair chunk. of the escalating diplomatic between the united states and turkey. and assesses the damage as. the us state the day. his leader has stepped back from declaring independence instead calling for talks to resolve spain's was political crisis and decades. did sign a symbolic declaration but it's unclear if it has any legal status john holl reports from barcelona. he arrived to the parliament building bristling with
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expectation a heavy police presence into the weighty announcement to come but carlos president of catalonia is regional government stopped short of a full declaration of independence. as president it's my responsibility to declare that catalonia should become an independent state in the shape of a public. should become the words greeted with rounds in applause in the chamber before the independent state party was put on hold. we asked the parliament to suspend any effects of the declaration of independence so that we can have dialogue and so that we can find the necessary solution we need to lower tensions and show our will and commitment to meet the demands of the catalan people the reaction in madrid came swiftly and this course not kato you're pretty and i you know that the speech that the catalan president has made today is a speech by
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a person who doesn't know where he is where he's going or with whom he wants to go the government cannot accept that the catalan referendum be validated because it's been suspended by the constitutional court. having consistently refused to talk one centrist politician suggested the time may have come for the government to compromise i think the better way they can solve the problem is with that negotiation some kind as i said of mediation. a disappointment perhaps to some staunch secessionists tonight would be their night but sweet relief to many who fear the consequences of an outright declaration of independence after threats from madrid and the flight of top companies from catalonia since the referendum on october the first. place if you lose your living there was this last alone of the faithful who gathered to watch the speech on the big screens left deflated but accepted it always was not lost i'm happy that he's given. in order for people
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things we really don't understand the situation we can say what does it mean what the president just said so assigned declaration but independence deferred which demands speech stipulated no timeline for talks with madrid the drama of catalonia is independence that has played out in this parliament building for nearly one hundred years isn't over yet jonah hill al jazeera barcelona. has more from madrid on the spanish government's response. if the cattle and government thought that by extending the hand of friendship to spain as they would have put it they might have got the spanish government to reply in kind by green open negotiations it looks like that was a completely vain hope the response from the spanish government already tonight here has been acids and immediate so they have said what on earth of the catalans doing announcing independence and yet immediately suspending it they say has no
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legal basis a popular policy the ruling party spokesman described to me as a joke and a farce he said there was absolutely no grounds on which they could negotiate at all then the deputy prime minister spoke and she said that there would be an emergency cabinet meeting on wednesday morning during which the spanish government response would be clarified and the prime minister's been meeting people from all the opposition parties to discuss a sort of power spanish parliamentary response to what the catalans of said now clearly the catalans hope that by acting in this way they will have says some extent appease the european union and the that they hope perhaps the european union will now put some pressure on spain and say well look the catalans have done this now you must come to the table and negotiate in the same way but as is the moment there is no sign whatsoever that the spanish government to do anything of the sort let's move on to other news now and as being and now the twist and kenya's presidential election but the opposition leader. what the drawing from the vote
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when you run for the president says the poll will still go ahead in just over two weeks identifications the electoral commission of failing to make the changes necessary for a credible outcome catherine solo reports from nairobi all indications that the elections given for. the. unprecedented times in kenya the only other candidate expected to be on the ballot paper for the election rerun late in the month has pulled out. and his nasa opposition coalition says it will not participate in a poll they feel is predetermined one where the same individuals and companies that oversaw the last election are still in place. for. almost a whole different. culture. that's going to. bring
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them to. have available to. them. in this battle. over into the people ok. in the world of. believe that all reversed. but judging from the bench in front of the elections did you have to talk. to. opposition supporters have been staging demonstrations against the electoral commission. and calling for elektra forms commission officials say some of the opposition demands are and reasonable and there is simply no time to implement them the political situation in the country is worrying many i'm afraid of what families i think have moved on i am a strong feeling that. they've accepted that species. and
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that. in order. that. people would accept that and. already. everywhere everywhere kenya is in uncharted territory politically and constitutionally the law isn't clear on what happens in a situation like this the constitution does not envision an eventuality where no reelection is held within a sixty day legal timeline which expires at the end of the month lawyer save no election is held by the deadline there will be a constitutional crisis president who has been busy campaigning he says he's ready for an election with all without trial. should he be declared the winner in induced anyway then the legitimacy of his presidency will inevitably be questioned many kenyans are fearful about what the political grandstanding between the two sides is
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doing to the country tensions are high the economy is struggling the country is very much in limbo catherine al-jazeera nairobi kenya. washington has come out in defense of us ambassador to turkey after the turkish president said his government no longer recognizes the diplomat as the latest move in the escalating dispute between the nato allies as reports from washington d.c. . another day of tough talk between the u.s. and its nato ally turkey now the u.s. says this all started when two turks who work for the u.s. embassy were arrested in the third one was questioned in response they said they were no longer going to issue visas out of turkey for travel to america turkey responded with the exact same action now we're hearing from recipe tayyip erdogan the turkish president trying to hit the seams find a way out of this blaming the ambassador not the troubled ministration unit you know lives. it is interesting that an ambassador in ankara makes decisions and says
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he is doing so in the name of his government if that's the case we have nothing to talk about with the high ranking officials in the united states but if that's not the case and the ambassador took this decision on his own they should keep that in basket or in that position even for a minute so did investor john bass go rogue well not so much according to the state department this was coordinated with the state department it was coordinated with the white house and coordinate coordinated with the n.s.c. the goal of selfish ambassador john bass is not going to be a concern for turkey much longer he is moving he's been nominated to the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan and at the state department sear fish will say they did notify the turkish officials that this was coming down the pipeline still not doing anything to ease the tension between these two traditional allies that had a frosty relationship as of late one of the world's biggest cholera i mean a zation campaigns underway in bonn that they shouldn't feel as of an epidemic nine
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hundred thousand dollars of the vaccine have been prepared to protect local communities and the hangup refugees have fled violence and mohamed reports from a huge a camp and cox is bizarre. for these or hinder refugees who've been exposed to so much violence and who still don't feel safe this is an attempt to at least keep them healthy. a massive cholera vaccination campaign led by bangladesh is ministry of health and supported by groups like the world health organization and unicef the goal is to vaccinate six hundred fifty thousand people during the first phase many in this makeshift camp are happy it's happening but say far more needs to be done. with funny little money the water is too far away that's a problem and people are suffering there are just too many people here and that's why it's so do everyone is getting seen. more than half a million refugees have fled from me and more to bangladesh in just six weeks at
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the sheffield cut to camp the signs of overcrowding are everywhere aid workers worry that extremely unhygenic conditions in camps like this one could make an already awful situation even worse which in turn could lead to a full blown health crisis among the many causes of concern are thousands of diarrhea cases reported and treated just in the past week when you see like thousands of people are suffering from the idea that actually gives you an indication that the locked us up my situation as well as less anguish and situation is not in good shape and if we don't react if we don't take the preventive measures things may go really wrong shortages of food water and shelter all indicate how dire things have become recently and we have just talked with a number of people and among nine out of them ninety percent have said that they're leaving on a one minute pardon so the situation is really bad but everybody here down here is
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working really hard to make that humans. with very little clean water at their disposal life which is already hard only gets harder. especially in such severe heat. made sure she and her children were vaccinated but that has done little to lessen her worries. there are very few toilets here in a period of three to five days it becomes full and unusable it stinks a lot there are too many people here we can live without eating once or twice a day but we can't live without being able to use the toilets struggling to survive is nothing new for these refugees and it's likely their struggle won't end anytime soon. at the shuffle your like a refugee camp in cox's bazar on the dish. at least fifteen people are dead in the u.s. state of california as wildfires continue to spread for
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a third day the fires have scorched the state's famous wine country and first more than twenty thousand people from their homes california authorities say about two thousand buildings have been destroyed the state's governor has declared a state of emergency take a board has more from santa rosa. the fires that began on sunday night were so devastating but also so fast the residents of this community santa rosa california lost not only convention centers and hotels like this not only their structures but in some cases they were so surprised they had to abandon their vehicles and so in block after block you see vehicles like this destroyed the wildfire reach temperatures approaching fifteen hundred degrees celsius which is enough to burn steel and so just a fundamental destruction not just of of property and all the things you see in normal fires but also infrastructure sewage lines cell phone towers all of that gone this is truly a devastated community here in california. to head on the bulletin. soviet era it's
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a very nice habitat. but on patrol in canada where conservation officials are trying to stop this pushing and make to head to extinction and national honor on the line argentina takes the beautiful game to the. kito. from brisk. to the one trying to those of southeast asia. hello there we're still got some heavy downpours plaguing us in parts of turkey fortunately though the showers do seem to have moved away from the eastern part of the mediterranean that means force in lebanon it is an awful lot drier now and that's the way it should stay as we head through the next few days for beirut we're looking at a top temperature on wednesday of around twenty six degrees the showers for the
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north where they're actually beginning to disappear even as we head through wednesday and thursday so even in turkey looks like it should be more or less draw i have a further towards the south and here in doha the winds will be picking up over the next few days the coming down from the northwest so that's a drawing direction bringing in some dry air and it will also be getting things a little bit cooler as well so not so hot we're looking at thirty eight there on thursday an even lower as we head into friday as we head down towards the southern parts of africa here there's been some very violent storms recently we've seen some tornadoes around joburg and now that system was largely moved away from joburg but it's still just clinging on to the southeast corner and durban's now seen the worst of those storms we've seen a lot of flooding here has caused quite a few problems and the winds have brought a fair few trees down as well now this whole system is moving away and behind it it will be a lot calmer force as we head through wednesday nineteen a maximum there have been. the weather sponsored by.
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weather online we were in hurricane. almost like thirty six hours these are the things that. address join us on saturday. but. it. is a dialogue tweet us with a stream and one of your pitches might make. at this time on al-jazeera. to have you with us on al-jazeera these are all top stories. immediate and
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dependence and stead talks with madrid to the political crisis. and will hold an emergency cabinet meeting on wednesday. a rerun of kenya's presidential election will go ahead in just over two weeks despite the. electoral commission of failing to make the changes necessary credible. and at least fifteen people are dead in the u.s. state of california continue to spread for a third day the. state's famous country and. people from their homes. buildings have been destroyed. the united states is offering millions of dollars for information about two senior hezbollah officials the state department says telhami and full of show could have played a key votes and hezbollah attacks targeting u.s. citizens should those accused of being involved in the major attack in beirut in
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one thousand nine hundred three two hundred forty one u.s. service personnel were killed it's important to recall that hezbollah hasn't developed its military and terrorist capabilities on its own it has become the global threat it is today for one reason tehran's deep and abiding assistance the iranian regime has built and bankrolled has a lot of film of instability throughout the region and across the world this is all come at the expense of the iranian people whose resources are being diverted to support hezbollah's bloody cause and at the expense of lebanon which has suffered grievously from iran and hezbollah's deadly partnership assad has sent a savvy as a former iranian diplomat who's negotiated with hezbollah has now and then a specialist at princeton university and he says the u.s. has stepped up its pressure on hezbollah an attempt to counter pat on the growing regional influence it's in part so you have your strategy
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they need you know you in no doubt however that. add your reign you know we are a ship we've got a rush. to the end the our war that's fighting isis has been mining the region they you if you and i believe they would put more pressure and sanctions and a lot of order because they believe these people are the fact that it would in a new role that the reach him. that's why the u.s. is with us latitude in. this strategy more precious actions on your own because of the rain over your role that you see the new statement being. aware that what the u.s.
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is going to do grab the bee we are all right i mean. because the fact of the route. that iran is. also aware. of this is by the. vital palestinian group set that and hamas holding reconciliation talks and cairo follows last week's palestinian authority a cabinet meeting attended by both sides the first to be held in gaza and three years the split began in the aftermath of hamas election victory in two thousand and six some are pushed back out of gaza and a bloody conflict and two thousand and seven households that has more from ramallah in the occupied west bank. well after hamas has decision to dissolve its administrative committee and then the arrival in gaza last week of the palestinian authority government for the handover of ministerial power now we get to the real
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crux of the issue the time when the hard talks have to start face to face between representatives of hamas and fatah in cairo and so far the signs have been relatively positive from both sides i think that's to one extent because of that the fact there is some initial momentum given by what has already happened and also because of egypt's backing of this egypt is very keen to see that there isn't any immediate at least breakdown in this process and that has been reflected in some optimism on the streets here in ramallah and gaza but also through the prism of experience of bitter disappointment over the last ten years. since all our time on the field hopefully there will be reconciliation it would result in achievements for all palestinians. honestly i could not trust them sixty five years of age and i have never seen more untrustworthy people but those to hamas but now the question is exactly how much has to be arranged in these initial talks in cairo
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will it be a case of trying to get to some intermediary situation whereby the p.a. does take full control again in gaza and starts to give services and more prospects for employment the things that people there are so desperate for while putting to one side the more difficult issues the thorny or subjects such as the military wing of hamas such as who exactly polices and how they police the internal security guards as well those are the issues which things of run up against in the past and have caused the divisions two to remain in place certainly president president mahmoud abbas the palestinian authority president has made it clear that he doesn't want to see a hezbollah style arrangement such as that in. lebanon where there is no alternative center of power a military center of power outside a civilian administration and yet hamas has said that is not on the table for talks at all so if there is some arrangement whereby that is not yet broached at some
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stage in the future it will have to be. well polls have closed in liberia's presidential election and their hopes for the first democratic transfer and more than seventy yes twenty candidates the seeking to replace ellen johnson sirleaf of the can africa's first female president in two thousand and five on the capital monrovia reports like no you africa's first female president ellen johnson sirleaf casts a vote on tuesday. the nobel prize winner is standing down after seventy two terms . at this polling station the process was largely orderly. but in other centers tempus flap as the process began the situation in this polling scenting painesville delayed the casting of ballots for hours. and he queued up for two hours but says she was turned back at the ballot box.
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they said i cannot vote so i was here for hours i went to one where i was redirected to another they don't want me to vote i will go home. johnston gave a man living with disability cast his vote but was not impressed with the arrangements and one of the genes i want to see change in public buildings school buildings the disabled people to enter easily we should have access and be part of decision making. the election commission said it has worked hard to address most of the complaints the result today i think. preparation. though we have i want to two. problems. over women and i think we are heading for. hundreds of observers also deployed for the vote. liberians are passionate about this election to choose a new president and seventy three legislative people queued up for hours before
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polling stations open. these elections are not only about who was. after years and now also about things like. roads health care education and building upon the existing plans but whoever wins this election will have to work very hard to unite liberia still divided by the war and by the politics of the last one year. presidential candidates will need more than fifty percent of the vote to win outright some of the of a say a runoff may be required. greece. monrovia. conservation officials and canada a one and potion of american ginseng is on the rise as prices for the medicinal herb and east asia. is thought to have many health benefits like lowering blood sugar levels and reducing stress than a lack has more from. it's
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a very nice. we can see butternuts on patrol not far from canada's capital city ottawa john francois du bois is looking for wild american gin saying it's an endangered species and record prices for the plants in east asia are attracting poachers if mr dubois finds any gin saying he knows where to focus his surveillance and we're using a lot of technologies and that's what the poachers there's no they may be walking in the forest and it may be some cameras live cameras that will receive the live pictures on our cell phones conservation officers across canada sees many kilos of illegal wild gin sing every year poachers can spend five years in jail but with a global market worth more than two billion dollars a year illegal harvesting is getting more organized and difficult to police just like the trade in the world's other endangered species interpol estimates that wildlife crime is the fourth most lucrative crime out there after illegal drugs after human trafficking after counterfeiting the fourth most valuable is wildlife
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this is big time crime canada as well ginseng population is under threat even though farmers in ontario are legally growing what is essentially the same plant in east asia in traditional medicine well ginseng is more desirable and it's domestically grown cousin that's not what scientists in toronto have found though in clinical trials researchers at st michael's hospital have discovered farms in saying it has positive health impacts that the wild plant does not have we have very enthusiastic we continue we're talking to growers who want to make but the code for b. this may be for blood but i say and be a very optimistic john francoise dubois even spends many of his weekends combing the woods for a plant that poachers have helped push to the brink of extinction he has his eye firmly on the future especially i would like to someday come here with my son is now two and a half years old and maybe come back and say you know you can see here the tears
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while dancing their well while americans in saying and it's here because we did something for it. canada's jensen protector remains vigilant and committed to what is essentially a passion not just his job daniel like al-jazeera. now facing a must win game and a fan of ecuador's capital kato argentina's national football team came through on tuesday with a three one when a loss would have kept argentina out of the world cup for the first time in nearly half a century. has reaction. well it really shouldn't have been that difficult but the whole of argentina now happy with things the way they feel they always should have been argentina qualifying for the world cup next year in russia . i'm very happy it's beautiful we're in the world cup. final one of the best in the ward who are going to the world cup my heart is in my mouth it was
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a relatively easy victory in the end three one away to ecuador although they did fall behind in the first minute with an ecuadoran goal but then the man their own hopes and expectations rested a little messy scored the first equaliser and then. the other results also went argentina's way with chile losing with colombia and. everything ready when their way so now the process begins. perform better than they have done in the qualifying campaign in russia next year so the last world cup runners up now in the world cup in russia with growing confidence despite what has been a very difficult qualifying campaign. and again i'm a little proud of the headlines on al-jazeera. has stepped back from declaring immediate and dependence and stead calling for talks with madrid to resolve the
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political crisis a spanish government will hold an emergency cabinet meeting on wednesday. a rerun of kenya's presidential election will go ahead in just over two weeks despite the opposition leader ryle a dingo pulling out as accusing the electoral commission of failing to make the changes necessary for a more credible outcome. washington's come out in defense of its ambassador to turkey john bass after the turkish president said his government no longer recognizes the diplomat bass suspended u.s. visa services to turkish citizens after turkish authorities arrested a us embassy employee and istanbul last week to be responded by suspending you because his services to u.s. citizens and turkish authorities have arrested thirty members of the armed forces over suspected links of the banned glynnis movement the state run news agency says police issued warrants for forty others in the air force navy and army congress says the movement led by the us space cleric by the golan was behind last year's
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failed coup and since then authorities have arrested at least fifty thousand people one of the world's biggest color immunization campaigns is under way involving the base for hunger refugees to prevent a major outbreak nine hundred thousand dollars of the vaccine have been prepared to protect local communities they say fifteen people are dead in the u.s. state of california as wildfires continue to spread for the third day the fires have scorched the state's famous wine country and forced more than twenty thousand people from. california's forestry authorities say about two thousand buildings have been destroyed the state's governor has declared a state of emergency. the united states is offering millions of dollars for information about two senior hezbollah officials the state department says. have played key roles in hezbollah attacks targeting u.s. citizens was accused of being involved in a major attack in beirut in one thousand nine hundred three two hundred forty one u.s.
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service personnel killed rival palestinian groups and hamas reconciliation talks and cairo that follows last week's palestinian authority cabinet meeting attended by both sides the first to be held in gaza and three years those are the headlines the stream is coming up next. facing the reality the president said that there would be a complete audit under present order that order hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt. here there's a story. on talk to our agency. at this time. it's world mental health day and today on the stream we will be talking about a growing mental health crisis among syrian refugees but first what people are discussing online.


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