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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 11, 2017 10:00am-10:34am AST

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allison when they're on line we were in hurricane winds full almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on set. but we struck up a relationship based is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. zero. with every new. strains government holds an emergency cabinet meeting after council on years
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leaders signs a symbolic declaration of secession but calls for talks. no i'm fully back to watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha also coming up kenya in political limbo the palm and is expected to debate the upcoming presidential election rerun after opposition candidate right hold out at least fifteen people are dead after three days of wildfires in the u.s. state of california we'll tell you the story of one family's narrow escape and going full go guy i knew exhibition in paris tries to capture the magic and mayhem of one of france's most famous scientists. an extraordinary cabinet meeting is expected to be held this hour in the spanish capital madrid it comes just hours after. catalonia called for talks to resolve the
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country's worst place a crisis in decades late tuesday congress put him on to put its independence bit on hold by suspending the declaration join a whole report. he arrived at the parliament building bristling with expectation a heavy police presence into the weighty announcement to come but carlos demobbed president of catalonia is regional government stopped short of a full declaration of independence. as president it's my responsibility to declare that catalonia should become an independent state in the shape of a problem. should become the words greeted with browsing applause in the chamber before the independent state party was put on hold. we asked the parliament to suspend any effects of the declaration of independence so that we can have dialogue and so that we can find the necessary solution we need to lower tensions and show
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our will and commitment to meet the demands of the catalan people the reaction in madrid came swiftly and this course. that the speech that the catalan president has made today is a speech by a person who doesn't know where he is where he's going or with whom he wants to go the government cannot accept that the catalan referendum be validated because it's been suspended by the constitutional court. having consistently refused to talk one centrist politician suggested the time may have come for the government to compromise i think the better way they can solve the problem is with that negotiation some kind as i said of mediation. a disappointment perhaps to some staunch secessionists tonight would be their night but sweet relief to many who fear the consequences of an upright declaration of independence after threats from madrid and the flight of top companies from catalonia since the referendum on
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october the first. place if you lose you know living. alone of the faithful who gathered to watch the speech on a big screens left deflated but accepted it always was not lost i'm happy that he's given time in order for people to things we really don't understand the situation we're going to what does it mean what the president just said so assigned declaration but independence deferred which demands speech stipulated no timeline for talks with madrid the drama of catalonia is independence that has played out in this parliament building for nearly one hundred years isn't over yet jonah hill al-jazeera barcelona we have correspondents covering both sides of the story is in barcelona but first let's go to laurin sydney in the spanish capital madrid so lawrence after more than ten days of tension the ball has now been kicked in madrid scored what are we expecting from this emergency cabinet meeting what's the
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government's next move likely to be. well i think attack probably there's a mixture and you see this in the public just as well as the political class here of really anger and incredulity is so what the catalan government actually tried to do last night and it was summed up really in the comments by the deputy prime minister who said that clearly they think here that pushed them on doesn't really know what he's doing i think they see weakness in that position he tried to bridge this divide between the two partners in the independence movement the far left which ones in the putting them straight away and the much more conservative ruling parts of it which wanted it deferred and it tried to sort of bridge that by saying yes we're going to do it but we're just not going to do it yet and so they sense weakness which they will try to exploit and so what might attack look like clearly i think they're not going to try to arrest him from the look of immediately which had been threatened what i think there's every chance they might do if the cabinet agrees to it this morning and the prime minister announces it later on is to invoke
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article one five five of the constitution which would be to take back his powers to madrid's and they would say look in our opinion the council on presidents and governments have proved themselves incapable and incompetent of running their own affairs by trying to make up law as they go along they don't know what they're doing and so we have no choice but to do this clearly that would be seen as entirely unacceptable in an escalation on the council and sides but i think it gives a sense of where they are as of last night that was saying there's no room whatsoever to negotiate with these people all right lawrence thank you very much for that let's check in with. sonia there's no denying that last night was a big climb down for what's the feeling this morning. well thought it was certainly seen as a climb down but not altogether a surprising one either many people indeed at the rally the die was at last night's
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which televised that. thousands of people there who were waiting for the president's address was saying the word of the opinion that mr preacher want had taken the right decision had made the right decision his comments had certainly heartened the crowd but they applauded when he said when he paid tribute to everyone who contributed to the to the votes of the first of october the one that was declared illegal by the spanish government but they also said this is a good tactic on which to preach it wants a pardon if you look at the some of the papers this morning taking a look at this one in particular this is a left wing paper independent is saying how he's poor mr preacher what has caused the dialogue comparing that with the spanish national which paper which has been really voicing the opinion of the government in this they're saying that mr preacher want to talk to is in fact a new trap so that really goes to show exactly where both of the divides are really
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coming from there they believe here in catalonia the session is for those who are in favor of a referendum that mr preacher want is playing a very clever game but certainly those who are against independence and against a referendum they're not trusting him one bit ali sonia gago in barcelona thank you very much for that we're also following big political developments in kenya the parliament there is expected to be to debate the upcoming presidential election after the main opposition leader pulled out. withdrew his candidacy saying electoral officials had failed to make necessary changes and called for countrywide protest to reforms president kenyatta says the poll will still go ahead in just over two weeks catherine sawyer reports from nairobi. well indeed. the. unprecedented times in kenya the only other candidate expected to be on the
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ballot paper for the election rerun late in the month has pulled out. his not opposition coalition say they will not participate in a poll they feel is predetermined one where the same individuals and companies that oversaw the last election are still in place. for. almost a full year with. going to have to. really . have a big liberal to help reduce the. interest of the. interest of the people ok. in the world of hurt. believe that all reversed. but judging from the bench in front of the liberals did you. talk. to. supporters have been
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staging demonstrations against the electoral commission. and calling for elektra forms commission officials say some of the opposition demands are and reasonable and there is simply no time to implement them the political situation in the country is worrying many i'm afraid of what fellas i think have moved on i am a strong feeling that kenyans. never accepted that peace is. this and that. in order of political conflict that. people would accept that and. already. everywhere that this tension everywhere. kenya is in uncharted territory politically and constitutionally the law isn't clear on what happens in a situation like this the constitution does not envision an eventuality where no reelection is held within
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a sixty day legal timeline which expires at the end of the month lawyer save no election is held by the deadline there will be a constitutional crisis president who has been busy campaigning he says he's ready for an election we always. should he be declared the winner and induced anyway then the legitimacy of his presidency will inevitably be questioned many kenyans are feel full about what the political grandstanding between the two sides is doing to the country tensions are high the economy is struggling the country is very much in limbo catteries zero nairobi kenya. and other world news the u.s. has come out in defense of his ambassador to turkey after the turkish president said his government is no longer recognizes a diplomat is the latest move in the escalating diplomatic dispute between the nato allies and reports from washington. another day of tough talk between the u.s.
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and its nato ally turkey now the u.s. says this all started when two turks who work for the u.s. embassy were arrested in the third one was questioned in response they said they were no longer going to issue visas out of turkey for travel to america turkey responded with the exact same action now we're hearing from recipe tayyip erdogan the turkish president trying to seems find a way out of this blaming the ambassador not the trump administration unit community lives in canada that. it is interesting that an ambassador in ankara makes decisions and says he is doing so in the name of his government if that's the case we have nothing to talk about with the high ranking officials in the united states but if that's not the case and the ambassador took this decision on his own they should keep that in basket or in that position even for a minute so did investor john bass go rogue well not so much according to the state department this was coordinated with the state department it was coordinated with
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the white house and coordinate coordinated with the n.s.c. the goal of some official ambassador john bass is not going to be a concern for turkey much longer he is moving he's been nominated to the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan and at the state department sear fish will say they did notify the turkish officials that this was coming down the pipeline still not doing anything to ease the tension between these two traditional allies that it had a frosty relationship as of late to us b. one bombers have flown over the korean peninsula in a show of force against north korea they were accompanied by planes from the japanese and south korean military this comes amid heightened tensions around north korea's nuclear and missile programs kyung and launch a series of ballistic missiles in late september volleying to destroy the u.s. if provoked. ne united states the death toll from northern california wildfires continues to rise thousands of people have evacuated their homes many are returning to find their houses are no longer there al-jazeera take a broad met one family who had
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a narrow escape. adam and lydia gediman were the last people to get out of their neighborhood i thought that i could attempt to save save our houses which is happening down so i attempted for another fifteen twenty minutes just hosing down the whole the whole fence line everything everything i could touch the hose and until i couldn't see any more. the disaster in northern california claimed at least fifteen lives and more than two thousand buildings and at this point fire officials offer no predictions as to when they might have the fires here contained it wasn't just the speed of the flames or the incredible heat that devastated this community it was also the fact that in the age of the smart phone people here say that they seem to have almost no warning at all adam and lydia say they got lucky their baby woke up at one of the morning and you could hear explosions in the background we don't know what it was but it was the trees never exploding and you didn't receive any kind of war now
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a long there is nothing so i really never tells message no there is nothing now the gammons are telling the cost to have a baseball card collection point about twenty thousand dollars worth actually i'd tell collection of my five thousand star wars collection of my five thousand and that's all gone all of this right here a scene repeated throughout the state today as residents return to sift through the ashes jake aboard al-jazeera santa rosa california. still ahead on al-jazeera a major cholera immunization campaign begins in bangladesh as ranger muslims continue to arrive from myanmar plus. i share a dream of kurdish independence crossing borders in iraq and iran. with . the with. i know there is
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still wet and windy for many of us in the northern half of europe you can see from the satellite picture we have a very mobile picture old lorain spreading from the atlantic and gradually tracking its way eastwards it is giving us some rather heavy downpours and dragging in some far fresher but in the south is still rather warm we're looking at around nineteen in bucharest that one for us down in madrid we're up at twenty eight and that would weather does push a little bit further north woods there as we head into thursday so that means force in vienna there should be more in the way of woman whether it will be up at twenty two and bucharest will be up it's twenty one still low for the northern part of the still going to be that rather blustery role that damp weather to contend with cross the other side of the mediterranean largely it's fine and dry there all refuse showers in the mediterranean but it just drifting a little bit further towards the south a may just graze the coast time but really we're looking at the exceptions rather than the rule for most of us is drawing it's fine and the temperatures now are
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dropping twenty nine is a maximum there in cairo and further west we're looking at around thirty in the bats over the next few days in morocco they're over some of the mountains they could be a few more showers for the south in the showers here gradually retreating now southwards will see them go quite heavy over south sudan with.
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you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories spain's government is holding an emergency cabinet meeting in madrid after koslow news leader called for talks to resolve the country's worst political crisis in decades on tuesday collins put him on step back from announcing full independence for cuts ammonia and signed a symbolic declaration instead a move which has been rejected by spanish but the spanish government. kenya's quantum end is expected to debate a bill proposing changes to the constitutional election law after the main opposition leader of the presidential election rerun later this month. has coffee a countrywide protest. forms present or says
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a vote will still go ahead and at least fifteen people are dead in the u.s. state of california as wildfires continue to spread for a third day of course of state's famous wine country and a force more than twenty thousand people from their homes. iraq's prime minister has formally declared victory over i saw in one of his last remaining strongholds the armed group has been pushed out of how we join and its surrounding areas hyderabadi says the fight against isis has now shifted to the border with syria the only stretch of land that is still under the group's control and you don't get me and i'm really happy i. feel that a coup i declared today the end of all military operations and with cook the liberation of all intent and the liberation of the mountains as well. in the mountains of humbling these mountains were never liberated at all even during the previous regime the tops of these mountains were never fully controlled today and
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our forces minutes to reach the mountain peaks and wiped out these mountains the governments of iraq turkey and iran have joined ranks in announcing new measures against iraq's kurdish regional government this follows last month controversial referendum on the future kurdish secession from iraq the non-binding vote was supported by kurds in neighboring countries and as john stratford finds out from. northern iraq the facts of the referendum can be felt across the border in iran as well. these are all new recruits members of the armed wing of the iranian kurdish party that's been demanding greater rights for kurds in iran for more than seventy years. the democratic party of iranian p.t.k. is banned in iran but the kurdish regional government of northern iraq has helped fund the party and allowed its members to train here since the one nine hundred ninety s. . its fighters have served alongside the iraqi peshmerga helping the iraqi army and
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the international coalition in the battle against leisel its ultimate aim is the same as the iraqi kurds a future independent state. the p.k.i. claims it has thousands of fighters based in the mountains that border iran. as well as military training the recruits it's all what the policy say is unknown sectarian politics and state building and it fully supports the referendum that was held in the kurdish region of northern iraq on a future session. i as a kurdish woman who lived as a member of iranian society feel the oppression of the iranian regime against us as kurds in iraq as a permanent and as a cut have been oppressed twice by the iranian regime that's why i have joined this party i believe that through this party i will reach my goals there are at least five million kurds in iran and many of them came out on the streets in towns and cities across the border celebrating the referendum that was held here in northern
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iraq a referendum that the iraqi government and neighboring countries including iran say was illegal and risks further destabilizing this region. these pictures uploaded on you tube are said to show some of those celebrations p.t. k.-i says according to social media reports iranian police arrested around three hundred people came out and supported the kurdish referendum in iraq. but kurds will not destabilize security in the region if the region's government suppression against the kurds that has created the instability when there is an independent kurdish region in iraq it will be a motive for other kurdish nations in other parts of the region like the kurds in iran turkey and syria more than ninety two percent of those who voted in the iraqi kurdish referendum said yes to future suspension from iraq. despite the threats from the government should baghdad and korea and iran these iranian kurds share the
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same dream stuff that al-jazeera jack built in iraq. the united states is offering millions of dollars for information about two senior hezbollah officials the u.s. government accuses. and forwards of playing key roles in hezbollah attacks targeting u.s. citizens show cory's accuse of being involved in a major attack in beirut in one nine hundred eighty three that killed two hundred forty one u.s. service personnel it has more from washington. the trumpet ministration is ramping up the rhetoric when it comes to iran it is signaling that it will begin to crack down on the armed wing of hezbollah which the united states says is backed by iran now the u.s. state department declared hezbollah a terrorist group in the late one nine hundred ninety s. but now the trumpet ministration is launching a new campaign to undermine the group's political legitimacy it's important to
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recall that hezbollah hasn't developed its military and terrorist capabilities on its own it has become the global threat it is today for one reason tehran's deep and abiding assistance the iranian regime has built and bankrolled has the lot to film of instability throughout the region and across the world now this is all part of a wider u.s. strategy on iran the president has until the end of the week to recertify iran's compliance under the terms of the twenty fifteen agreement to limit iran's nuclear program it is widely believed that the president will announce that the deal no longer serves u.s. interests but will stop short of calling on congress to reimpose sanctions one of the world's biggest cholera immunization campaigns is underway in bangladesh nine hundred thousand doses of the vaccine have been prepared to protect local communities and refugees who fled violence and man march and reports from a refugee camp in bangladesh has called suspicious. for these were him to refugees
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who've been exposed to so much violence and who still don't feel safe this is an attempt to at least keep them healthy. a massive cholera vaccination campaign led by bangladesh his ministry of health and supported by groups like the world health organization and unicef. the goal is to vaccinate six hundred fifty thousand people during the first phase many in this makeshift camp are happy it's happening but say far more needs to be done in a funny little bitty the water is too far away that's a problem and people are suffering there are just too many people here and that's why it's so dirty everyone is getting see. more than half a million refugees have fled from me and more to bangladesh in just six weeks at the sheffield cut to camp the signs of overcrowding are everywhere aid workers worry that extremely unhygenic conditions in camps like this one could make an
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already awful situation even worse which in turn could lead to a full blown health crisis among the many causes of concern are thousands of diarrhea cases reported and treated just in the past week and when you see like thousands of people are suffering from the idea that actually gives you an indication that the locked us up life situation as well as less antigens situation is not in good shape and if we don't react if we don't take the preventive measures things may go really wrong. shortages of food water and shelter all indicate how dire things have become recently and we have just talked with a number of people and among nine out of them ninety percent have said that they're leaving on a one minute pardon so the situation is really bad but everybody here down here is working really hard to make that humans. with very little clean water at their disposal life which is already hard only gets harder especially in
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such severe heat good obama made sure she and her children were vaccinated but that has done little to lessen her worries. you know right after home there are very few toilets here in a period of three to five days it becomes full and unusable it stinks a lot there are too many people here we can live without eating once or twice a day but we can't live without being able to use the toilets struggling to survive is nothing new for these refugees and it's likely their struggle won't end anytime soon. drama dizzier at the shop you're like cut a refugee camp in cox's bazar on the dish australia has moved offered to move refugees from its manners island camp in papua new guinea to another detention center on the island of now all the man is camp is to close at the end of this month after a court in papua new guinea ruled that holding people there was unconstitutional
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seven hundred ninety one people are currently being detained on minors and another three hundred seventy one are now rule the offshore prisons have been criticised by refugee advocates and made widespread reports of abuse now paul gauguin is one of france's most famous artists best known for his paintings of life in french polynesia his distinctive style also influenced a younger generation of artists from picasso to matisse but his time in the south pacific is still somewhat of a taboo for many people in france now trash about like spain's. paul gauguin has struggled for artistic recognition all his life the frenchman's bold use of color and abstract depictions of reality shocked nineteenth century art lovers but today he's considered a trailblazer a new exhibition in paris is prestigious group l.a. celebrates one of the world's most famous post-impressionist. his art totally surprised it was like nothing else at the time it was without concessions
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it was wild in fact he often called himself wild it really shocked people some people supported them but it wasn't until the start of the twentieth century that people realized he was such a revolutionary. go-go was fascinated with tribal arts and other cultures when success in europe eluded him he left for france as colonies in the south pacific it's a period that has come to define him but not without controversy the paintings created by go guy into haiti are some of his most popular he was obviously captivated by the people and the colors but some critics say that this period of his life has become so rare manta sized in france the perhaps it ignores some uncomfortable realities. tahiti was under french colonial rule and the artist enjoyed many of the systems privileges he married a thirteen year old girl and had numerous lovers of a similar age but these aspects of go-go's life are rarely discussed in france.
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a new film about his time in thai he has been attacked by those who say to avoid some hard truths. professor starr's x. written extensively about gauguin he says criticizing french culture and the colonial past is simply to hear the history of colonization deal very touchy issue in france much more than in the u.k. or the us for many people in the heat you guys nothing but a. drunkard who basically looted. pretty nation and the haitian culture and art to make a living. how google chose to live it is unlikely to matter to the millions of people who enjoys art but others may find it enriching to have a clearer picture of the man behind the paintings natasha butler al-jazeera paris.
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hello again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera spain's government is holding an emergency cabinet meeting in madrid after catalonia as leader called for talks to resolve the country's worst political crisis in decades on tuesday konitz bridgeman stepped back from announcing full independence hall catalonia and signed a symbolic declaration instead a move rejected by the spanish government kenya spahn amended expected to debate a bill proposing changes to the constitutional election law after the main opposition leader pulled out of the presidential election rerun later this month. has called for countrywide protest reforms president hu kenyatta says the vote will still go ahead. at least fifteen people are dead in the u.s. state of california as wildfires continue to spread for a third day the fires have scorched the state's famous wine country and forced more than twenty thousand people from their homes iraq's prime minister has formally
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declared victory over i saw in one of its last remaining strongholds the armed group has been pushed out of how we are and its surrounding areas hyderabadi says a fight against isaw has now shifted to the border with syria the only stretch of land that is still under the group's control. well i mean if you don't get me and i'm going to. i declare today the end of all military operations and wissam kirkuk the liberation of all intent and the liberation of the mountains as well. in the mountains of humbling these mountains we never liberated at all even during the previous regime the tops of these mountains were never fully controlled today no forces minister reached the mountain peaks and wiped out these mountains the u.s. ambassador has defended its ambassador the u.s. rather has defended its ambassador to turkey after the turkish president said his government is no longer recognizes the envoy. blamed ambassador john vause for the
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diplomatic dispute between the two countries he suggested by. suspending these a services in turkey and one of the world's biggest color immunization campaigns is underway in bangladesh to prevent a major outbreak nine hundred thousand those dozes of the vaccine have been prepared to protect local communities and ranger muslims fleeing myanmar inside story is next on al-jazeera famous. zero. where every us. the people of liberia have voted to elect a new president in the country's first democratic transfer of power in seven decades twenty candidates competing to replace nobel laureate ellen johnson sirleaf but the road ahead is.


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