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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 11, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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going places together. new yorkers are very receptive. because it is such an international city they're very interested and that global perspective. this is al-jazeera.
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alarms they'll rob and this is the al-jazeera news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes breaking news coming out of kenya where their parliament has just declared the presidential election should be officially over after opposition leader rollo dingo withdrew from the twenty sixth of october rerun. also an emergency cabinet meeting in madrid it comes after catalonia as president stopped short of announcing full independence from spain we're expecting an announcement from the prime minister will be going there live plus. around the kitchen i like outside and it's really windy and i open the back door and the smoke just hits me there's nothing left that's the reality for some of the victims of this latest round of california wildfires. also fan turn getting fatter a new report paints a grim picture of the health of children worldwide. i'm joining with only days sports news messi has helped argentina avoid well cup oblivion bought the u.s.
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a y.b. at russia twenty eighteen after a shocking loss to trinidad and tobago. welcome to the news hour we begin in africa and in kenya where the parliament has passed a controversial amendment to the election laws and other reform states that have. when the candidate withdrawals from a repeat presidential election the other candidate would automatically when it's been heavily criticized by the opposition whose legislators boycotted the vote on choose state the main opposition leader rylan noting that withdrew his candidacy citing a lack of electoral reform well for me is following these events for us from nairobi some clarity from the courts in turn this is going to create more controversy
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perhaps in the streets and definitely amongst the two presidential candidates. but so much at this point rison exactly how the constitution and the political laws are interpreted now the passing of the bill by parliament allows for two controversial things one as you had said earlier is an ally. in this case would be declared a president because he's a contender he is your poem is opposition a railer didn't go withdrew from the election and the other is how elections and the telling of results are conducted especially with regard to any disputed election in this case they would then resort to a manual telling which would then reduce intervention by the supreme court if there was any difficulty in determining a winner at this point the difficulty for many kenyans is that there's no clarity
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around what will happen going forward there are possibly three scenarios one is that aurukun are to is declared president because he's the remaining candidate after a dingo has a wrist rule the other is that elections do happen on the twenty six of the toba and because working out is the major contender he would win and of course would be to keep president in that scenario as well and a third which the opposition is pushing for is that they would be fresh nominations and fresh. elections in ninety days but of course a lot of uncertainty we saw protesters gather in nairobi supporting raila odinga and wanting to protest against the electoral commission whose word we are waiting for at this point in terms of the way forward to actually at the local commission's offices where we expect from. all of for the moment i will leave it there for me to continue to follow that as the situation develops let's go now to dismiss her kids
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so why is a political risk analyst and is joining me now from nairobi to discuss this there was a lot of gray areas just what two or three hours ago we have some sort of clarity but how does that sort of fit in to the potential for an october the twenty sixth rerun. well we're having very serious complications in kenya because depending on whom you speak with if you speak with the mother the women that i load in go with that the then automatically we need to have a election and this election should take place within that ninety days where you speak with they do believe this is that there are two scenarios the first one is for president kenyatta to be declared the president and opposed as soon as possible or we have an election on the twenty sixth whoever is going to run with the fringe candidate and then eventually becomes the winner but now the big tell indeed whether this is a live kenya and there it's increasingly becoming clear that the can is now being
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heard or third by the two leading politicians as president kenyatta and the mr. and everywhere there to their lives to wondering whether making progress and then moving forward the need for a bit but. to be done so that we thought out the issues that i see because mr odinga as been complaining that he cannot go back to the election if we do not see anything that a.b.c. . has not thought out to clean the house because you remember the supreme court threw that these elections on illegalities and irregularities indeed intense for our international audience i mean they're looking at this confusion that reigns supreme now in kenya to a certain extent the political leaders can only go to the courts because certainly the opposition and i have no faith in the election commission as you say and they are looking to the constitution a constitution that is very very good what would have happened if the name presidential contender you might say has withdrawn from the contest so it is the
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courts that have to sort this out but as you say if there's going to be a bipartisan approach to finding a solution neither party really wants to listen to what the courts have to say. well you know and then of the day the matter is going to end up at the supreme court because again depending on the kind of lawyer the engaged with the end of conversation they think the amendments which are going through the national assembly today which are going to be likely to be a center where presidents can enter to become law all of them i designed to frustrate me doing that and that's part of the reason i still miss that i love being that the decided to pull out of the race because the thing is you cannot have amendments coming in the middle of the game which are meant to disadvantage him and benefit a president cannot that's on one hand and then on the other hand they do believe the administration and the to be a political party says they've got the legal mandate to make rules at any time and if they fail to make the laws today or tomorrow it does not really matter so then of the the parties we end up going to court and the court is going to give
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a determination but what do you need to happen at the end of the d is to ensure that you would an a.b.c. which is going to run a free fair and credible election and the opportunity to give their direction is going to rest within the judiciary and in the last couple of deducing that they can in judiciary has come out with a very strong because i mean it's unlikely that in many country in africa you would actually have a supreme court thing the decision of an election indeed and selling the election like they did for president kennedy and it didn't because let me just bring it about very briefly as well a court decision earlier in the day where justice john t.v. has suggested that another candidate or any other candidate could join in this final presidential the second rebuttal october the twenty six in terms of a case brought by a coup or caught do you think that's a possibility that we could see a completely different opposition candidate coming in and sparring against the incumbent president at the moment is that
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a possibility. well that was billeted as exists but for mr rudd that could of course when he went to cause to file these their petition and i didn't deliver the news server you had no idea that mr dale odinga was going to withdraw because for him one of contention is that after the supreme court's identity meant a.b.c. decided to say that there are only two classes of into running for the presidency that's president kenyatta and mr vaile being them and they decided to leave out the other candidates what's pasted in the august eighth election so for mr rudd the doctor of course even to cause to say that you have been weighing my re m. in the last election in as much as it's been declared null and void i must participate in this but after the ruling a number of the supporters and indicated as well that even him is not going to participate in this election a.b.c. as the first said that was and the big the big challenge in kenya as we speak today for the international audience is actually about the a.b.c. abilities to deliver our free fair market and actually still look at the delegate
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is what i have to leave it i'm afraid i think we've got a really good background of what's going on in kenya we do have to go over to spain now where the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy is speaking about catalonia let's listen in. godless whether that's going to take effect of or not. this is a requirement necessary before any other measures to come be taken by the government including invoking article one five five with these we aim to bring greater clarity to citizens about an issue that they so important with today's this is the government which is to provide certainty to spanish to the spanish and in particular to cattle and cities and we want to avoid. confusion generated by catalog authorities. that contends what is someone's
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got to ninety percent. based on the onset of the cotton and government. we will know what's happening what's going to happen next. president could. respect the law and go back to normality and therefore we could put an end to this tension and this is what everybody hopes and which is full and what we have been asking persistently to the capital and government that we need to put an end to the tension and get a loan yeah. that's and security needs to be tightened up to catalonia and it has to happen soon as possible. you know. the request we have put forward that the governor and leader. president put to
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one half an hour to ninety to respond to so many calls asking for restarting but legal security got to learn you know what i will continue i think as i have done up until now cautiously and. consistently i will always have in mind the well being of cattle and it isn't and all this policy descends thank you. your geologist there that was the spanish prime minister a very brief statement from parliament regarding the ongoing situation in catalonia where he said that he and his government wanted to continue making sure there was stability across the country as well as in catalonia wanted to reduce the tension and end the stalemate has was and that he would continue to act responsibly and cautiously let's go to our two correspondents who are following this for so you got
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to go is in barcelona but first let's go over to the spanish capital and lawrence lawrence we knew the statement was coming it was very brief and short and straight to the point but certainly mr isn't sort of playing all his cards as a. no no no he isn't and. clearly he's supposed to speak to parliament at four o'clock local time that's that's in just under four hours this this statement was and sheds ules it follows a cabinet meeting that they had this morning but what he has done for the time being is stop short of immediately invoking article one five five of the spanish constitution which would be to recap three eights powers back to madrid that threat though is still on the table by saying that the catalan government has to return to the rule of law in institutional and legal so the sequencing what he is doing is actually laying the grounds for the invocation of article one five he
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actually has to say in advance of that indication that the catalans have to return to the rule of law so it does actually leave him open to being able to vote out of one five five if the catalans don't do that but also i think office in potentially some leverage to say to the catalans that this is basically your last chance otherwise we are going to take the powers back and but it also demonstrates clearly what you've been saying over and over again is that on the spanish side they don't want to have a political negotiation what they are insistent on doing is carrying things on according to a legal framework there for them there is no negotiation to be had everything has to be done according to the constitution the rule of law and this institutional statement is basically a part of that sequencing and of course that has been very clear during this crisis and there's been very strong statements both from madrid and from barcelona and this is where the e.u. comes in because they want the two sides to actually talk it's something that
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certainly twenty four hours ago they were willing to do but the catalonia leadership is possibly willing to talk now. well i mean the council of said we want to sign symbolically for independence with a view to mediate sing with the spanish side and of course that needs a policy to be involved with dates and the european union and various different countries. he said we will not recognize an independent independent counsel and have also said you need to sit down and negotiate with each other and so clearly there will be elements on the council and side who will not regards some of. the european commission or the european union as an institution as a fair because they won't recognize independent counsel and that does make it actually quite difficult in the weeks to follow this for the e.u. to say look we are going to be the people to do this because it may be the council
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will say. spanish it is intriguing i must say some of the names that have been mentioned as to potential fair dealers some people for example have mentioned some . of the colombian presidents who you remember climbed a mountain to do a peace deal with the fog and won the nobel prize for it he's a spanish speaker he might be seen as a clean pair of hands i think i mean some people have mentioned kofi annan he runs a group called the elders now maybe they could bring him in even tony blair is the organizer northern ireland peace process has been mentioned as somebody who could be who could become involved to try to stop the total fracturing of spain at some point into the future this clearly is all speculative but the one thing i think that people do agree on is that left to their own devices the catalans and the governments in madrid have absolutely no way of sorting this out between themselves they similar they make the same arguments against each other they say of the
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spanish you treat us like children you want to control us and you don't listen to is a madrid said to the council lines you're not listening to us you want to go your own way so somebody needs to come in and sort it out. with you in the. it's a wait for a more formal statement from the prime minister later in the day let's cross over to barcelona a sunny day ago following events of course huge state that everybody was waiting for what less than twenty four hours ago now we have an unshakable statement made by the spanish prime minister and he's said to lawrence he's not showing his cards yet so one wonders how his statement there will go down in barcelona. well if anyone was assuming that the preacher man would be under less pressure given his address last night than they are mistaken really because for the spanish government their immediate come back saying you know saying what he had addressed was actually a nonsense in legal terms really that the pressure is still being kept on and the
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image is that of the spanish government really not wanting to lessen that pressure on mr sharon and the capsule and government already talking to the spanish delegation the central spanish delegation in barcelona. a day before the technical. it's actually mation of the fact that there's going to be talks mediated by a foreign power is in itself the delegation here in barcelona something ridiculous and it's south because they can't assume they can't see catalonia as a separate state this is not a mediation between two separate entities it is a mediation between one nation that's how they see it but of course the catalan government and the those in favor of the referendum and seceding have been pushing for that international mediation their argument for this is the fact that they cannot negotiate with the spanish government as the spanish government is not going
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to bargain on its stance it continually has been doing this for the past few years it's not going to change it now while the catalans have stepped back and made a concession even though it was a symbol a symbolic a. sort of action of independence there is still nothing concrete that could come out of this again and it just all could come out in another crisis again in the next couple of weeks if there is no actual dialogue and there's no progress ahead of this well just very briefly so let's just talk about the reaction on the streets really the past twenty four hours have been quite a rough and tumble scenario for the public to try and get their heads around who saying what and how would have sex. well confusion is is definitely uppermost there people sort of assumed that they were expecting this kind of address from that paid lip service to the idea of
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eventual independence or certainly as a goal but what does this all mean people on the streets here are saying that there is there is certainly considerable amount of hope that perhaps this can formulate some kind of of way ahead powerful had people here are quite hopeful that their appeal for dialogue will be listened to certainly especially if it comes from brussels in itself but as lawrence mentioned of course brussels has stood firmly in the in spain's camp in terms of unity. trying to keep stability here in the country of course is not in the european union's interest to have such instability in one of its countries and one of its member states but still seem to think that that could be still the best way forward they're hopeful they believe that mr preacher want is played his cards right and that it's up to spain now in the central government to madrid to play its part as well carefully but we should see what happens we come back to the couple says well i want to get more detail out of madrid think so you.
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know a new united nations report reveals details of well organized coordinated and systematic attorney against a range of people in million miles of rocky state that describes attacks carried out by me about security forces often in concert with buddhist individuals aimed at preventing the ethnic minority group from returning to their homes more than half a million were injured have fled to bangladesh since august you know. from your own goal. this was meant to be an interfaith prayer rally but it quickly became clear it was a show of support for a government facing international condemnation over its handling of the ranger crisis about thirty thousand people attended this gathering in yangon organized by and sons who cheese national league for democracy. but in iraq and state in the country's north a military campaign continues it's already forced more than half
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a million rohingya to flee to bangladesh in the last six weeks un has described it as ethnic cleansing and all say they're leaving not just due to violence but hunger al-jazeera attained this video from a hinge a community leaders in young gone they say this was filmed on sunday in monk in rockland state here a man says they are moving and they have no food left to eat he asked the children not to cry who say they're sad about leaving their villages. from we meet or hinge a community leader who says he was sent other videos from iraq kinds but he done township which the u.k. based aid organization burma human rights network says is facing severe food shortages here a woman says they aren't allowed to go to the market and have a shortage of food and medicine she pleads for help. over the last
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ten days what we're hearing from people is that the reason they are flowing is that they have run out of food there are only two raisins in security and food a lack of food is exacerbating the situation for the mostly poor communities in northern iraq i'm reliant on aid they say is just not reaching them service say that up to eleven thousand rohingya fled neymar to bangladesh on monday alone and that many more refugees are on the way the united nations has been urging all for a cheese to allow humanitarian aid access to the conflict zone people are running out of food this is the lean season at the moment and people don't have access to their fields or have a sufficient don't have access to markets and they're simply running out of food and we're getting reports now people are fleeing not from violence but from extremely difficult circumstances in extreme isolation in their villages and they're taking a very desperate decision to leave. the international organization for migration
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estimated that up to one hundred thousand right here in georgia may be ass or heading to the border to cross into bangladesh and it's clear that hope doesn't arrive for him to communities who remain in need they'll have no choice but to leave to. al-jazeera gone the death toll from northern california's wildfires continues to rise so far leads and eleven people have been killed thousands more have fled from their homes but many are returning to find their house is no longer exist jacob ward let one couple as they sifted through the rubble. and lydia gediman were the last people to get out of their neighborhood i thought that i could. save our houses which is happening down so i attempted for another fifteen twenty minutes. down the whole the whole fence line everything everything i can touch the hose and until i couldn't see any more.
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the disaster in northern california claimed at least fifteen lives and more than two thousand buildings and at this point fire officials offer no predictions as to when they might have the fires here contained it wasn't just the speed of the flames or the incredible heat that devastated this community it was also the fact that in the age of the smart phone people here say that they seem to have almost no warning at all. adam and lydia say they got lucky their baby woke them at one of the morning and you could hear explosions in the background we don't know what it was but it was the trees that were exploding and you didn't receive any kind of more now on law there is nothing so i really never taskmaster you know there is nothing now the gammons are telling the cost i have a baseball card collection probably twenty thousand dollars worth actually i'd tell collection of my five thousand star wars collection my five thousand and that's all gone on this right here a scene repeated throughout the state today as residents return to sift through the
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ashes jake aboard al-jazeera santa rosa california where an entire neighborhood in northern california has also been destroyed by those wildfires the extent of the damage in santa rosa can be seen in this before and after image on google earth hundreds of firefighters fought the blazes in what was one of them was just struck to fire emergencies in the state's history most of the homes and businesses in the area have turned into ashes and little while staying in the region puerto rico's government says the number of people killed by hurrican the ria has risen to forty three ninety three weeks after the storm hit the u.s. territory only sixteen percent of the island's electricity services have been restored us president gul trump has asked congress for a four point nine billion dollars loan to help cash strapped puerto rico pay its bills. well if you moments we'll have weather with rob but still ahead here on al-jazeera at least thirty people are dead after one of the largest prison riots in
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mexico. also counting continues and liberia's election to choose the african nations next president. we'll tell you how the n.f.l. is taking a stand against protest players during the national anthem details coming up with joe sport. from long flowing island winds to an enchanting desert breeze. well i was often windy around the cape in south africa of course but rarely do we see the sort of stormy weather that durban got yesterday a couple bits of video from you for your hundred millimeters of rain fell in a by three hours there was widespread flooding canterbury and the strength of the wind the minute these are mature trees just flatten this suggests to me some like one hundred fifty hundred sixty kilometers per hour winds and that's the thing
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developing it didn't really turn into a proper circulation to got off shore but there it does look like a violent looking low it's coming down now but as we stand in there it is sitting off the coast it's that behind quater whether it's got left another legacy to again indications the strengths of the wind is this is was a container ship turned to block off the entrance to durban harbor obviously it's got to be turned back again to to give that access but again you go have a very strong and steady wind of that to happen now the system dragged through cold or as we've now got a forecast of nineteen degrees and then nineteen in cape town and this is of course ok for this time the thirty degrees only five days ago asked for the weather itself well for virtually all of south africa to have we're looking clear blue skies we have seen actually the last week a lot of right on the eastern side culminating in this storm but things are not as you say happily quiet or. the weather sponsored mike had time to race.
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the sun and the age old part of spanish culture no one i can stop thinking of other than the bullies in my life others are explored and assemble a central government by the time we shouldn't carry on something that goes against the morals of comes along the side to visit from the catalan nationalist perspective if you believe the present spanish culture and catalonia is lawful fight the fifth time on al-jazeera wild. al-jazeera. where ever you are.
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welcome back you're watching i was there was news arms the whole robin reminded of all top stories kenya's parliament has passed a controversial about been to the country's election laws but of all the states that if one can do that with the old it will be a repeat presidential election the other one would automatically when it's been heavily criticized by the opposition after its leader with through his candidacy. and your poll from the united nations reveals details of well organized coordinated and systematic attacks against the range of people in me about trucking state it
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describes attacks carried out by me about security forces and to prevent. in the ethnic minority group from returning to their homes. spain's prime minister has asked catalan leaders to clearly state if they've declared have declared independence before taking any measures on tuesday catalonia as leader showers a. step back from announcing full independence and signed a symbolic declaration instead to allow for the gauche ations with the trade. let's do a quick recap of what's happened so far in catalonia more than ninety percent of catalans cast ballots in a referendum on october the first are they voted in favor of the session despite a court ban that rules it unconstitutional but the poll also had a low turnout of just forty three percent police blocked access to many voting places while many catalan to oppose the session boycotted the elections what's at stake here is the future of the region that's home to seven and a half million people it accounts for twenty percent of spain's economic output and
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its capital barcelona is a major tourist destination luka van lang get her there is a senior researcher at the institute for european studies and joins me now live from brussels good to have you with us on al-jazeera i suppose really the last thing that the e.u. wanted and then having to get involved by default is another political crisis and a very strong european nation allied to brussels. of course for the european union it is a big problem because what happens in catalonia what happens in spain could have effects on the whole of europe and also because the e.u. is in essence a clip of states it's very difficult for them to intervene in what you can consider a kind of internal conflict indeed of course the e.u. is suggesting and trying to push madrid and the catalonians to more dialogue but
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of course at the moment that's something that neither side or certainly madrid does not want to move forward with and yet it seems to be the only solution so what wonders what is the next step forward for both the dritte and brussels sorry a bit of barcelona when it. well indeed dialogue will be the only way forward but of course in order to have a reason to be rate of success from a dialogue you need to have positions that allow changes that allow a compromise and it is moment doing i see it is that needed to position of barcelona normative it allows for any compromise what should happen is that both parties agree to leave their initial positions that means that on the one hand now that it should be willing to become a real federal state where you have big autonomy given to all of the regions and in the other hand then this is even more problematic i think catalonia should say we
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want to continue as a region not as an independent state be it a region with the lots of autonomy and lots of states which powers there are two major factors adding to this very complicated equation that we've seen certainly in the last seven days one was the fact that no international nation even beyond the e.u. said they would recognize an independent catalonia also at the weekend we saw many hundreds of thousands of people on the streets of. spain. supporting. a catalonia that was part of the united spain you might say it is the silent majority as they like to call themselves how do you assess those two particular factors in the way that both madrid and barcelona have to move forward and try to find a solution to this problem. did you have to related stool a general evolution that is stake in place which is the trend towards what we call meeting level governance which means that the governance of societies has to be
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organized at different levels so you can have on the one hand the local level let's call it a regional level you have the state level and then you have the international level we don't initiation such as the european union or do united nations and that trend has since taken place in quite a lot of countries and of course the dead gives a totally new view on what to do state is and should be the problem is that some of the regions in such multi-level governance system. or reaping quite a lot as if there was states and it in some cases like in catalonia scotland for instance that drink is a nationalist feelings so the whole issue is how can we go down further down the world of middle level governance read out as society needs to nationalism well for the way we will have to leave it there and see certainly what the prime minister mariano rajoy comes out with later in the day for the moment luke vigeland got her
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over in brussels thanks for joining us. counting is underway in liberia's election to determine who will take over from president ellen johnson sirleaf the vote is seen as a crucial test of stability in a country marking the first democratic transfer of power in more than seventy years voters had twenty candidates to choose from to replace africa's first elected female leader let's join. with us in monrovia the liberian capital and how was the voting process. one. of the moment the counting process has begun and the airwaves the newspapers and everywhere the talk is about what goes on in the counties from across liberia reports a coming in of results being called late and an analysis by election officials and no surprises actually the leading candidates are still doing very well in that respective regions and also in other places where the weak oppositions are coming
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from so basically that's what's happening across liberia and this this in action was dominated by summer but from issues of development to issues that were supposed to have been present in the last five years issues like reconsideration issues like more empowerment poverty and all that i don't want not to vest in that in the end in the previous twelve vs whatever with this election i jump cut out for him or to deal with. money you know it africa is first female president ellen johnson sirleaf casts a vote on tuesday the nobel prize winner is standing down after sending two terms. at this polling station the process was largely orderly. but in other sent to stamp a splash as the process began the situation in this polling scenting painesville
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delayed the casting of ballots for hours. and he queued up for two hours but says she was turned back at the ballot box. they said i cannot vote though i was here for al as i went to one booth where i was redirected to another they don't want me to vote i will go hawr. a man living with disability can quote but was not impressed with the arrangements and i want to. i want to see change in public buildings school buildings for disabled people to enter easily we should have access and be part of decision making the election commission said it has worked hard to address most of the complaints the result today i think. preparation. though we have i want to two. problems the successes over women and i think we are heading for success
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hundreds of observers also deployed for the vote. liberians are passionate about this election to choose a new president and seventy three legislative people queued up for hours before polling stations open. these elections and are only about who will succeed ellen johnson sirleaf after years in power now also about things liberia's passionate about roads health care education and building upon the existing plans but whoever wins this election will have to work very hard to unite liberia still divided by the war and by the politics of the last. presidential candidates will need more than fifty percent of the vote to win outright some of the of a say a runoff may very quiet. now basically what's happening is that a lot of people including before the contestants themselves especially presidential candidates are watching the results so closely and already there are of course some
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negotiations between the two between many political parties and candidates as already on the way in case this possible for a while of course i will come back to you and that as we get the results thank you very much. two days of fighting between rival gangs in a prison in mexico killed at least thirteen inmates police say they've restored a suburb inch of it has the story. gunfire as rival gangs battled it out inside cut the rate imprisoned in northern mexico. guards were taken hostage and some were seen on the roofs being beaten by prisoners. the fight started as one of the gangs who were kept separate and began protesting on monday night it was relative calm on tuesday morning but fighting restarted when one of the prisoners were killed reports say his body was burnt. security officials say lethal force have to be used to control the situation after several attempts at negotiations
1:41 pm
failed there are concerns that the number of dead may rise and also. we can't rule out that the number of deaths might increase eight people have suffered serious injuries in addition to the thirteen who have already passed away there are many more with less serious injuries from the fights those who lost their lives have not been identified yet officials are doing the counting and investigation is underway. outside the prison gates anxious relatives demanded information and struggled to comprehend what was happening. this woman says she only wants confirmation that her relative inside is dead this is the second and rest in the streets and this year following a series of riots in the jails. mexican prisons are notorious for gang activity criminal networks running drugs kidnapping extortion and human smuggling ring their rivalries to prisons many of which are overcrowded reforms in the criminal justice
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system before next year's election have been proposed but the deep rooted corruption in political intervention there seems to be no easy or quick fix some of the job there. well the world health organization is warning that the number of obese children in developing countries is soaring it says rates are worse in the middle east north africa and parts of asia while levels amongst children in rich countries appear to have peaked researches use data from the past forty years predicting that by twenty twenty two they'll be more obese children and adolescents than underweight ones in one thousand nine hundred fifty five there were one hundred million obese adults around the world but that number has jumped to six hundred seventy one million by twenty sixteen by the end of the last year there were fifty million obese girls and seventy four million obese boys in the world the study was published to coincide with world obesity day researchers are calling on countries to introduce taxes on unhealthy food and drinks to tackle the issue geezers r.t. is a professor at imperial college in london and
1:43 pm
a leader lead researcher of this particular study choice b. from the british capital good to have you with us what surprised you the most about your findings there are probably a couple of things i think that they're plateauing that you mentioned in rich countries is perhaps surprising because we actually have them in doing enough there is a lot more we can do about it so that's partially good and then the acceleration in many parts of asia. just in the between five and fifteen years depending on the very nature you are the rates have been going on going up much faster than that used to be for that is it just too easy an excuse to say that our eating habits are the main problem for why obesity exists and certainly those habits sometimes are copied by children as well what seems to be the problem there. sure i think to use them to use them have it takes the blame that takes the responsibility
1:44 pm
individuals on and there's a great deal of research that shows john that it's actually nothing individual it's name vironment the food environment that they're in that influences it so on the one hand i doubt and especially if children are being targeted by by large food companies with unhealthy foods advertising price and placed in the stores in a way that it actually encourages them to use it and there are tools that governments have it they have used it in the past for things like tobacco tax it regulate it and limit advertising especially to children and make sure that those foods become harder and harder to get to and the other side of this is actually for the wealthy and access to healthy options especially for poorer parts of the society sometimes they have the options are just out of the reach or physically they have to go long distances to get it and making those much easier to eat so so so make it easy for people to make healthy to it to make healthy choices and they
1:45 pm
will make healthy choices it's easy to say that healthy choices sometimes cost a lot of money or as you say some people are africa asia pacific don't have the means to be able to have that ethiopia easy and healthy living possibility so how incumbent does it all regional governments to actually try and help those that needed most. it's exactly incumbent on the governments and together with the aid agencies so it shouldn't be the responsibility of the individual. and that kind of responsibility governments in the same way we have been trying to deal with under-nutrition again governments and multilateral agencies we should actually put all forms of money to not eating enough or not eating enough healthy things on the agenda so things such as how carbohydrates are used they should only process it doesn't change the cars it actually could be whole carbohydrates fruits some vegetables that without processing them too much and those kinds of things that
1:46 pm
actually don't cost a lot and they should just be targeted towards the people who need them for the but we'll leave it as a thanks so much for your input and interesting conversation about that survey thank you. well still ahead hill although they're in school will find out which country has declared a national holiday after qualifying for the fifo world cup. with
1:47 pm
. welcome back it's time to support his job and it's all about who's in the world cup and who's going to be out of the world cup in russia absolutely so how your rights we now know twenty three of the
1:48 pm
teams that will compete in next year's afifa well cup in russia after dramatic nights of qualifying across the globe argentina dodged a bullet to make it through but the biggest surprise of all the united states crash out after being beaten by china and tobago the u.s. were already sitting in the automatic qualification spots but an own goal put them behind and trinidad and tobago would buy half time to one was the final score line and wins from panama and honduras and showed the usa won't be at a world cup for the first time since nineteen eighty six it's disappointing. it's a blemish for we should not. be standalone for this world. and i take i take the responsibility. there were mass celebrations in panama after they secured their first ever world cup appearance with a two one victory over costa rica panama government has declared wednesday a national holiday also pulled off an unlikely result beating mix card three two.
1:49 pm
two and two like a playoff with australia next. i see delivered when it mattered most for argentina just as that period they might miss out on a world cup he scored a hat trick as the argentines beat ecuador three one and secured an automatic place in russia. i told the group that missy doesn't owe a world cup to argentina but football is a world cup to messi we the argentines had the opportunity to help him play again at the world cup the fact is that he's the best player in history and i get really emotional for being in a group close to him. so the country is breathing a sigh of relief ah correspondent i know what i mean i wasn't born a scientist. really certain just then that the cold was some of the greatest players ever assembled with little mess in the shape of the way the goal was remarkably easy three goals was a little messy off the you know when behind with
1:50 pm
a goal in the first minute why it would all that moment in the room hours like the course argentino there will be bits and then also twelve minutes littleness legalize a lot of that little lead parts of our little. legs are. made of a little little still the beginning to relax a little billy's old whiskey much regard to the way through the old actually losing now began the process running the world cup next year in russia russians like the lone felt they should have been that they must be the list they must be allowed to help the stable wonderful players that succeed there was almost so from south america argentina join group win as brazil and two time world champions euro quite colombia also through peru will face new zealand in a playoff while chile are eliminated on goal difference and produce playoff progression resulted in
1:51 pm
a policy on the streets of lima thousands celebrate his crew took a step closer to return to the world cup for the first time in thirty five years. i bring your netherlands misery was compounded as they qualify exit was confirmed and one of the top players announced his international retirement captain i and robin scored five goals in their victory over sweden but only a win by seven goals would have been enough for them to progress robin has made ninety six appearances for his country in a career that spanned fourteen news correspondent lee wellings was in amsterdam. predictably winning by a seven goal margin did prove fault so much for the netherlands on. for the people who have missed out on world cups before of course by heart i mean. by this there are couple of times in succession in the ninety's i would use for them but this is not. on the one thing i can say about the charges sweden is that these there were flickers of light there was signs beyond all your ball but it was of course the
1:52 pm
best player around for the future but i do have some young talent for i can qualify for my just once in the future so we can still qualify for this world cup of course like going to the playoffs they were hoping to finish top of the great france finish top sweden into the playoffs and then the linz it's a long while but now portugal meanwhile are on their way to a fifth straight well they beat switzerland two you know the swiss will have to try and qualify through the playoffs so of the thirty two teams that will compete in russia next year we now know twenty three of them from east asia you have japan and south korea who both confirm this faults last month and if you shift to the middle east iran and saudi arabia the two other teams to automatically fight formation of course the host nation russia there will be competing now from europe defending champions germany have put their tickets alongside belgian spain france portugal england poland and even iceland the two qualified teams from africa so far
1:53 pm
nigeria and egypt for the first time since the one nine hundred ninety going over now to south america mexico costa rica and panama advance from the congo confederation. that was comcast and now to south america we know that brazil euro why argentina and colombia will be there in russia next year the remaining nine spots will be decided next month all right away from football now and team n.f.l. owners will meet next week to consider new rules forcing players to stand during the national anthem dozens of players knelt in protest against racial injustice in the country the players' association has defended its members right to free expression diane estabrook has been following the story from washington d.c. . part of the problem is this is an issue that we're now three weeks into and i think the n.f.l. is hoping that this would just go away and it really hasn't we saw vice president
1:54 pm
pence walk out of the game over the weekend now today president trump tweeted that if these players continue to meall that maybe their teams shouldn't get tax breaks which is interesting because n.f.l. teams do pay federal taxes but the president's spokeswoman said later today that what he was referring to were potential state or local subsidies that these teams might get now further exacerbating the issue is jerry jones who is the owner of the dallas cowboys he said a couple of days ago that if his team members don't stand this week for the national anthem that they would not be able to play and in response to that a local union in texas has filed a complaint a complaint with the national labor relations board so this is been a big problem for the n.f.l. many fans don't like the fact that these players aren't standing they've been taking to social media to talk about it and the n.f.l.
1:55 pm
has an issue has had a problem over the past couple of years with a decline in television viewership and so there may be some concerns that if this continues that they may continue to lose some of these viewers and that could mean a loss of ad revenue they they do want to support their players roger goodell said in his letter that they were looking for some other sort of platform where these players can speak out the n.f.l. players association at this point isn't commenting although if you do go to their web site they do say that there are a labor union they do say that they are actively involved in their communities and they use that as a platform to speak out on social issues and that is useful for now will have more healing to say thanks very much chad. polgar is one of france's most famous artists best known for his paintings of life in french polynesia but his time in the south pacific is still somewhat of a to be for many people in france natasha butler explains paul gauguin
1:56 pm
a struggled for artistic recognition all his life the frenchman's bold use of color and abstract depictions of reality shocked nineteenth century art lovers but today he's considered a trailblazer a new exhibition in paris is prestigious group l.a. celebrates one of the world's most famous post-impressionist. his art totally surprised it was like nothing else at the time it was without concessions it was wild in fact he often called himself wild it really shocked people some people supported them but it wasn't until the start of the twentieth century that people realized he was such a revolutionary go-go was fascinated with tribal arts and other cultures when success in europe eluded him he left for france is called unease in the south pacific it's a period that has come to define him but not without controversy the paintings
1:57 pm
created by go into haiti are some of his most popular he was obviously captivated by the people and the colors but some critics say that this period of his life has become so romanticized in france the perhaps it ignores some uncomfortable realities. tahiti was under french colonial rule and the artist enjoyed many of the system's privileges he married a thirteen year old girl and had numerous lovers of a similar age but these aspects of life are rarely discussed in france. a new film about his time in thai he has been attacked by those who say to avoid some hard truths. professor starr's x. written extensively about goga he says criticizing french culture and the colonial past is simply to hear the history of. very touching you in france much more than in. the u.s. many people and nothing. drunkard who
1:58 pm
basically looted. nation and the haitian culture. to make a living how god chose to live it is unlikely to matter to the millions of people who enjoys art but others may find it enriching to have a clearer picture of the man behind the paintings natasha butler al-jazeera paris be watching the news hour with robert foley is up next to stay with us.
1:59 pm
and monday put it on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of the days looking forward to form a dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries haven't truly been able to escape the war. oh is it allison when they're on line we were in
2:00 pm
hurricane the winds full almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on set i'm a member of a complex one but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of their pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. kenya. the presidential election should be officially over the opposition leader right now withdrew from the october twenty sixth grade.


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