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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 11, 2017 5:00pm-5:34pm AST

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in the country altogether clinics like this one in kabul will stay open a lifeline for the disabled and for those now back on the feet. some of them now crafting the limbs that will help people walk again medium hond al-jazeera. the u.s. ambassador to turkey says washington is still seeking an explanation over the arrest of staff in turkey ambassador john bass spoke out to the media i made eight escalating dispute between turkey and the us the us announced it would stop issuing visas for some turkish nationals traveling to america turkey has also suspended visa services for some u.s. citizens it comes after thirty members of turkey's armed forces were arrested over suspected links to the limits to movement u.s. government still has not received any official communications from the turkish government about the reasons. why our local employees have been detained or arrested you know no one's hiding. at any of our facilities.
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and to the best of our knowledge there are nine any outstanding requests from turkish law enforcement officials for any of our local staff to come in and talk to them or. to appear for detention or any of that anything of that nature the united nations is accusing me of mass acuity forces of torture killings and the rape of children as part of what it says what well organized coordinated and systematic attacks against the ring of muslims he describes attacks carried out by me about security forces often in conjunction with buddhist individuals and preventing the ethnic minority group from returning to their homes more than half a million have fled to bangladesh since august. india's top calder's ruled that sexual intercourse with under-age wives will be deemed as rape is
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a landmark decision in a country with the highest rate of child marriages in the world the legal age of consent in india is eighteen but an exception was made for sex between husband and wife who are between fifteen and eighteen years old it's a verdict that will affect millions of child brides in the country at least one in four girls in indian villages a married before the age of eighteen it's time for the weather now and check on the winds in california not looking too good right now if you know you here yesterday this time richie was describing the santa ana winds that made these fires so ferocious the good news is i think they have gone at least the time being but here these were fresh fires because they are driven directly via dry and strong winds as well you can say the weather is directly responsible for a fire and it probably didn't spark that obviously but it drove them very quickly and they're hard to escape from these winds can blow hurrican force they didn't this time because they feed the flames very rapidly now the good news is the
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weather doesn't stay the same all the time we've had this cold front sweep in as a pair really from the ocean in the last twelve to eighteen hours or so that has the effect of killing off the cause of the winds now has an indirect effect obviously of cooling things down that's a real byproduct look at the winds now in the forecast so from now onwards we've got more west of here the santa vallas come down a northerly or northeasterly so this general flow should kill things completely from the point of view of the santa ana winds and it will help with the remaining far as as they are slowly put out now on a bigger picture. as we've seen winter weather in the northwest corner with this cloud here we've had a fair amount of rain further east rain that would have been so much wanted in california. say on day or so the rain carries on these words and there's more snow for the far north of california so. thanks rob well still ahead here on the news hour find out why japan's steel industry is facing another setback. why is there
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a fuel crisis for a country with the largest oil reserves in africa. also tell you how the n.f.l. is taking a stand against protest players during the national them all of those details coming up in sport with. my provocative or is it when they're on line we were in hurricane. almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on say a member of a complex one but. a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag stream and one of your pitches might make. join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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but the back you're watching i was there i'm so whole robin a reminder of our top stories spain's prime minister's asked catalan leaders to clearly state if they have declared independence before taking any measures on
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tuesday catalonia is the child is a beautiful step back from announcing for independence and signed a symbolic declaration instead to allow for negotiations with madrid. also kenya's parliament has passed a controversial amendment to its electoral laws bringing fresh uncertainty to a planned a presidential election rerun protests broke out in support of opposition leader rollo didn't get he withdrew his candidacy on tuesday citing a lack of electoral reform. now the iraqi prime minister has formally declared victory over i saw in one of its last remaining strongholds the armed group has been pushed out of how we jump and its surrounding areas about he says the fight against isel has now shifted to the border with syria to any stretch of land that's still under the control of the armed group and then you. get me and i many after i get a yes. i declare today the end of all military operations in western cookbook the liberation of all ends and who we are in the liberation of the mountains as well.
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in the mountains of humbling these mountains were never liberated at all even during the previous regime the tops of these mountains were never fully controlled today our forces managed to reach the mountain peaks and wiped out these mountains . the governments of iraq turkey and iran have joined ranks in announcing measures against iraq's kurdish regional government this follows last month's controversial referendum on the future of kurdish the session from baghdad the non-binding vote was supported by kurds in neighboring countries that as charles trafford finds out from cashion sheikh and northern iraq the effects of secession can be felt across the border in iran as well. these are new recruits members of the armed wing of the iranian kurdish party that's been demanding greater rights for kurds in iran for more than seventy years. the democratic party of
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iranian good istanbul p d k i is banned in iran but the kurdish regional government of northern iraq has helped fund the party and allowed its members to train here since the one nine hundred ninety s. . it's quite as have served alongside the iraqi peshmerga helping the iraqi army and the international coalition in the battle against leisel its ultimate aim is the same as the iraqi kurds a future independent state the p.k.i. claims it has thousands of fighters based in the mountains that border iran. as well as military training the recruits the policy says unknown sectarian politics and state building and it fully supports the referendum that was held in the kurdish region of northern iraq on a future session. i as a kurdish woman who lived as a member of iranian society feel the oppression of the iranian regime against us as kurds in iraq as a poem and as a cut i have been oppressed twice by the iranian regime that's why i have joined
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this party i believe that through this party i will reach my goals there are at least five million kurds in iran and many of them came out on the streets in towns and cities across the border celebrating the referendum that was held here in northern iraq a referendum that the iraqi government and neighboring countries including iran say was illegal and risks further destabilizing this region these pictures uploaded on you tube are said to show some of those celebrations p.t. k.o.i. says according to social media reports iranian police arrested around three hundred people came out and supported the kurdish referendum in iraq. by kurds will not destabilize security in the region if the region's government oppression against the kurds that has created the instability when there is an independent kurdish region in iraq it will be a motive for other kurdish nations in other parts of the region like the kurds in
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iran turkey and syria all the ninety two percent of those who voted in the iraqi kurdish referendum said yes to future secession from iraq. despite the threats from the governments in baghdad and korea and tehran these iranian kurds share the same dream child strafford al jazeera placing jack don't know iraq. it may have been fourteen years when liberia's civil war ended but the scars haven't healed easily well they might not appear on the surface victims say divisions still run deep but he come face to face with their attackers on the streets and with interests in monrovia but some of them who say they can't move on until justice is served. this is west point one of liberia's most densely populated areas home to a number of former fighters but also to some of the victims of the country's civil war. i don't most name moved here after he lost his mother brother business
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and when the war you still see some of those he says killed members as timely on the streets he's trying to put the past behind him now but it hasn't been easy. for me because. only. when i think for a long. but was opened in the war by rebels will find that difficult to do. because. the water.
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now a father himself also victims why deny closure the government effort to help both victims and aggressors find closure to the hardest of the civil war was abundant almost immediately started it's been fourteen years since the end of the civil war experts believe that with so many involved the country will still have to deal with the consequences one day. the government agree could have been done i'm not saying that we didn't do anything we've got a reconciliation but there are still some austin issues that we have to push a little bit harder and maybe differently we were some of the results so we still have some. issues with issues about some communities still. amongst themselves and the issues that victims would like to see there. rather than later for instance many of those by the will still be able to return. togo's government has banned all midweek marches as protests gather steam ahead
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against the fifty year rule than a sim be family president fornace in lead took over from his father in two thousand and five who'd been in power for all those forty years government is proposing a limit of two presidential terms but protesters fear this will be applied until after the next elections in twenty twenty it means that if you simply could stay in power to twenty thirty. south sudan is holding an international oil and power conference to deal with its fuel crisis petrol stations run dry on a daily basis despite the country having billions of barrels of oil is in reserve with no functioning power grid fuel from the black market is the only option but at a cost that he really can't afford him or morgan reports now from the capital juba . this may not seem the best way to prepare for exams but now i think peter says it's the only way her brothers them study she says fuel is too expensive for her
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family. because there's no power in the house so we use candles we can't pay for the fuel that is used to run the generator in our neighborhood that fuel is expensive and comes from the black market it's cheaper to get candles we used but for day south sudan has the largest oil reserve in africa according to experts but it has no means of processing its own oil instead it relies on its neighbor sudan to do so but two years of war and low oil prices last here has damaged the economy this has resulted in hard currency crisis making it hard for traders to bring in fuel most suppliers now prefer just of private sectors leaving many stations in the country empty despite the shortage of fuel at michael station you can find info on the sea from recycled water bottles but at a price eight dollars a gallon about four meters that's nearly ten times more than the official price of seventy cents at petco face. there are government subsidies on imported fuel but because the black market is more profitable subsidies along with other issues are
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contributing to the country shortage future is because. they're subsidizing his expression of the fuel is being subsidize. that is one issue that we are facing . every three months i give them said to me. smuggling fuel part of the country and there are people who are actually taking the fuel to the black market so that they make more money and this is the work of the police and the national security to address it so that they stopped not it's those who are actually doing illegal activities like trading with your lawmakers have recently proposed lifting the fuel subsidies but some analysts say if the government does this the short term impact will be damaging it could have an impact on you know income. i mean it is because the drugs for the lady skyrocket or the it is the movie but it has to be because the fuel is not a balloon but it is subsidy at least keep saddam and automatically the food items
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and other essential supplies may also increase in in prices. like knows she can't afford the cost a few but she hopes it doesn't soon extend to do one thing that lights her home at night and force her and her family to live in darkness he will morgan al-jazeera juba well still ahead hill al-jazeera in sport will find out which country has declared a national holiday after qualifying for the few thought. about
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two days of fighting between rival gangs in a prison in mexico has killed at least thirteen inmates police say they've restored some of binge if it has the story. gunfire as rival gangs battled it out inside cut the rate imprisoned in northern mexico. dogs were taken hostage and some were seen on the roofs being beaten by prisoners. the fight started as one of the gangs who were kept separate and began protesting on monday night it was relative calm on tuesday morning but fighting restarted when one of the prisoners were killed reports say his body was burned. security officials say lethal force have to be used to control the situation after several attempts at negotiations failed there are concerns that the number of dead may rise no. we can't rule out that the number of deaths might increase eight people have suffered serious injuries in addition to the thirteen who have already passed away
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there are many more with less serious injuries from the fights those who lost their lives have not been identified yet officials are doing the counting and investigation is underway. at the prison gates anxious relatives demanded information and struggled to comprehend what was happening. this woman says she only wants confirmation that her relative inside is dead this is the second unrest in the streets in this area following a series of riots in the jails. mexican prisons are notorious for gang activity criminal networks running drugs kidnapping extortion and human smuggling bring their rivalries to prisons many of which are overcrowded reforms in the criminal justice system before next year's election have been proposed but with deep rooted corruption and political intervention there seems to be no easy or quick fix some of the job their public sector workers in france are on strike over labor reforms
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and have fought with police numbers of nine unions are protesting against president manuel michaels plans to streamline the civil service the changes will allow employers to hire and fire workers more easily as well as enable companies to negotiate directly with employees over working conditions. saying in front. of the country's most famous artist best known for his paintings of life in french polynesia his distinctive style also influenced a younger generation of artists from the castle to mathias but his time in the south pacific is still somewhat of a to boo for many people in france natasha bottle explains paul gauguin struggled for artistic recognition all his life the frenchman's bold use of color and abstract depictions of reality shocked nineteenth century out lovers but today he's considered a trailblazer a new exhibition in paris is prestigious group l.a.
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celebrates one of the world's most famous post-impressionist. his art totally surprised it was like nothing else at the time it was without concessions it was wild in fact he often called himself wild it really shocked people some people supported them but it wasn't until the start of the twentieth century that people realized he was such a revolutionary. go-go was fascinated with tribal arts and other cultures when success in europe eluded him he left for france as colonies in the south pacific it's a period that has come to define him but not without controversy the paintings created by go into haiti are some of his most popular he was obviously captivated by.


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