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tv   The Stream 2017 Ep 162  Al Jazeera  October 11, 2017 5:32pm-6:00pm AST

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french polynesia his distinctive style also influenced a younger generation of artists from the castle to mathias but his time in the south pacific is still somewhat of a for many people in france natasha bottle explains paul gauguin struggled for artistic recognition all his life the frenchman's bold use of color and abstract depictions of reality shocked nineteenth century art lovers but today he's considered a trailblazer a new exhibition in paris is prestigious group l.a. celebrates one of the world's most famous post-impressionist. his art totally surprised it was like nothing else at the time it was without concessions it was wild in fact he often called himself wild it really shocked people some people supported them but it wasn't until the start of the twentieth century that people realized he was such a revolutionary go-go was fascinated with tribal arts and other cultures when
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success in europe eluded him he left for france as colonies in the south pacific it's a period that has come to define him but not without controversy the paintings created by go guy into haiti are some of his most popular he was obviously captivated by the people and the colors but some critics say that this period of his life has become so romanticized in france the perhaps it ignores some uncomfortable realities. tahiti was under french colonial rule and the artist enjoyed many of the system's privileges he married a thirteen year old girl and had numerous lovers of a similar age but these aspects of go-go's life are rarely discussed in france. a new film about his time in thai he has been attacked by those who say to avoid some hard truths. professor starr's x. written extensively about gauguin he says criticizing french culture and the colonial past is simply to hear the history of colonization is still very touchy
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issue in france much more than in the u.k. or the us for many people in the head you go guys nothing but a. drunkard who basically looted. pretty nation and the haitian culture and art to make a living how gauguin chose to live it is unlikely to matter to the millions of people who enjoys art but others may find it enriching to have a clearer picture of the man behind the paintings natasha butler al-jazeera paris well it's time for sports his chair and i think you might say the invitation list to russia twenty eighteen is filling up quite nicely it's filling up absolutely to hell yeah we now know twenty three of the teams that will compete at next year's people world cup in russia after a dramatic night of qualifying across the globe argentina dodged a bullet to make it through but the biggest surprise for the united states crash
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out after being beaten by trinidad and tobago the u.s. were already sitting in the automatic qualification spots but an own goal put them behind and trinidad and tobago are two no up by half time two and was the final score line and wins from panama and honduras ensured that the usa won't be at a world cup for the first time since nineteen eighty six. it's disappointing. it's a blemish for we should not. be staying home for this world. and i take i take the responsibility for. the mass celebrations in panama after they secured their first ever world cup of parents with a two one victory over costa rica panama government has declared wednesday and national holiday on juris also on and like a result using the already qualified mexico free to try to make a playoff with australia next. messi delivered what it when it mattered most for argentina just as it appeared they
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might miss out on a world cup he's got a hattrick as the. three one and secured a place in russia the country is breathing a big sigh of relief correspondent aneesh while i was in point to scientists. it really certain took them not difficult with some of the greatest players ever assembled that with a little messy and let's say the a little was remarkably easy three gold was a little messy off the field when behind with a goal in the first in that way at one goal that moment in the room hours like the force are going to you know they will still be better than the trial this will mostly clear eyes and after that little one pretty much on. that one thought that they have now the looks they will the beginning to relax the result will be much regard to their lives where they are looming the real world and actually losing now began the process planning for the world cup next year and russia doesn't like
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alone felt like should have been that they must be that little and that they must be allowed to help the stable wonderful players by how lucky they are with bonus and. i told the group that missy doesn't come to argentina but footballers world cup to messi the argentines have the opportunity to help him play again it will come in fact is that he's the best player in history and i get really emotional for being in a group close to him. from south america argentina joined group when his brazil and two time well cup champions in europe why colombia are also through peru will face new zealand in a playoff while chile are eliminated on goal difference improves playoff progression results in a policy on the streets of lima thousands celebrated to close it'll blow up the first time and they can find me. over in europe netherlands misery was compounded
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as they qualify exit was confirmed and one of the top players an ounce to his international retirement kept an eye on robben scored both goals and the victory of sweden many a win by seven goals would have been enough for them to progress robin has made ninety six appearances for his country in a career that spanned fourteen yes. portugal meanwhile are on their way to a fifth straight world car they beat switzerland to know the swiss will have to try and qualify through the playoffs so the thirty two teams that will compete in russia next year we now know twenty three of them from east asia you have japan and south korea both confirm their spots last month and shift over to the middle east iran and saudi arabia with the other two teams to automatically qualify from asia of course the host nation russia will be competing from the europe defending champions germany have booked their tickets alongside belgium spain france portugal england serbia poland and iceland the two qualified teams
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from africa so far and i geria and egypt for the first time since one thousand nine hundred ninety over to north and central america now mexico costa rica and panama advance from the congo caf confrontation well from south america we know that brazil euro quiet argentina and colombia will be there in russia next year the remaining nine spots will be decided next month on some other news now an n.f.l. team owners will meet next week to consider a new rule forcing players to stand during the national anthem now dozens of players and knelt in protest against racial injustice and country the players' association has defended its members right to free expression but the league's commissioner roger goodell has now written to team owners urging everyone to stand diane estabrook has been following the story for us from washington d.c. . part of the problem is this is an issue that we're now three weeks into and i
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think the n.f.l. is hoping that this would just go away and it really hasn't we saw vice president pence walk out of the game over the weekend now today president trump tweeted that if these players continue to meall that maybe their teams shouldn't get tax breaks which is interesting because n.f.l. teams do pay federal taxes but the president's spokeswoman said later today that what he was referring to were potential state or local subsidies that these teams might get now further exacerbating the issue is that jerry jones who is the owner of the dallas cowboys he said a couple of days ago that if his team members don't stand this week for the national anthem that they would not be able to play and in response to that a local union in texas has filed a complaint a complaint with the national labor relations board so this is been a big problem for the n.f.l. many fans don't like the fact that these players aren't standing they've been
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taking to social media to talk about it and the n.f.l. has an issue has had a problem over the past couple of years with a decline in television viewership and so there may be some concerns that if this continues that they may continue to lose some of these viewers and that could mean a loss of ad revenue they they do want to support their players roger goodell said in his letter that they were looking for some other sort of platform where these players can speak out the n.f.l. players association at this point isn't commenting although if you do go to their website they do say that there are a labor union they do say that they are actively involved in their communities and they use that as a platform to speak out on social issues plenty more fallout from those well cup qualifiers coming up in nice great with tatiana but for now it's back to sale thanks very much for thought. now the impact of the kobe still scandal is still
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being felt one of japan's largest steel makers has lost more than a third of its stock market value after admitting it falsified product data from tokyo flows reports on the far reaching implications. made in japan and now these brands share one more thing in common their customers of kobe steel the company has admitted employees fabricated data about product quality to meet customer specifications the government says it's following the case closely and although this was an agreement between private entities we think that kobe still is misconduct was something that has shaken the foundation of business transactions the ministry is taking the situation very seriously kobe steel says two hundred customers in japan and worldwide including manufacturers of trains and planes have received falsely certified materials customers are checking whether they used substandard products and whether there are safety issues or not and yet more
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revelations mean the scandal could be wider than initially thought kobe steel admits that the fabricated data affected not only copper and aluminum products but also ion powder which is mainly used in making automobile components kobe also admits that it's launched an investigation into a subsidiary company which is reported to have shipped material used for making semiconductors to customers without inspecting them the kobe scandal is the latest to hit corporate japan faulty abbots made by takata problems at the largest safety recall in history of the auto industry in june a japanese company has filed for bankruptcy misandry called one point two million vehicles last week after admitting unqualified stuff carried out factory inspections. the scandals are seen by many as a further blow to japan's reputation for quality manufacturing that reputation has allowed japanese companies to charge higher prices compact to cheaper compasses
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such as china not all analysts think the scandal is a disaster for japanese brands japan tends to have a lot of over spec right you know they really if you want to have the las three percent of perfection you have to go to a japanese company because they're the only ones doing that while everybody else you know whether it's korea whether it's germany whether it's india you know operates on a minimum viable standard kobe still said the misconduct involved dozens of employees in as many as four factories and possibly going back ten years the full financial impact is still not known but it could be huge if customers request replacements the company's share price has already taken a beating on the stock market florence louis al-jazeera tokyo. but you've been watching the al-jazeera news hour with me said obama back with another full half hour on the other side of the break until and thanks very much for your time and your company.
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with. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. the nature news as it breaks the record and gentle way of our quick vote for joining the army with detailed coverage this is. what you mean when you go to find a raid by the nigerian army hundreds like these have been used for in the past few months from around the world there are also hundreds of thousands of arabs that
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have arrived here in recent years fleeing i saw and they feel very let down by the baghdad government. are always the rain forests of the sea we continue on our current way we won't have higher rates within twenty thirty forty years from now see here says they trying to recreate the ecosystem but under controlled conditions the main goal is so the ballot bowl still doesn't answer to climate change the great barrier is still sizeable but we're going to start now and we need to get everyone behind the solution tag know at this time on all does iraq. algis it was there when i was doing brakes but also to see what happens next. on. my grandmother's barricade of the seventh street that maybe here the middle east now is changed people have gone here the area the mission of the national army. the entire complex and i'm just your stories about telling it from the people's
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perspective what they think is happening in their culture. syrian state television reports there's been a suicide attack in damascus. and i'm still romany watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha also coming up in the next thirty minutes spain's prime minister demands clarification from catalonia as president where do you stand on regional independence. protests breaking out to kenya's parliament and now that there's only one candidate there's no need for a second presidential election plus. my look outside and it's really windy
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and i opened that door and the smell just hits me there's nothing left that's the reality for some victims of the california wildfires as the death toll inches ever higher. welcome to the program syrian state television is reporting that there's been a suicide attack in the capital damascus at least one person has been killed and six injured after three suicide bombers stage an attack near the police headquarters two of the attackers were killed on the spot while the other detonated his suicide vest. it's a breaking news story let's crush over cross over to hashem he's following the story for us live in a tank here near the turkey syria border the details seem pretty specific what more do we know about what happened in damascus hashem. so head of the
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suicide bombers were planning to stall the headquarters of the police command center in the capital damascus but then it was spotted by security forces they exchanged gunfire and what killed one of them went into hiding and then he was intercepted but then he did today to his cell and. once it was one person was killed plus the three. attackers and damascus is a capital that has been relatively calm and over the last few months except for a similar attack that happened in fact last week where four suicide bombers attacked a police center in the capital of damascus and then dissipated themselves getting ten people including police van and. this is an indication that although the government has managed over the last few months to expand its control around the
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capital damascus and seat of the last remaining stronghold of the. eastern part of the capital damascus but still the rebels had managed to. attacks in the heart of the capital damascus this is a bit no claim of responsibility so far but in the past i said and they have to be a shared. responsibility for this that took place in the capital damascus and of course syria is a country.


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