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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2017 12:00am-1:00am AST

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into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens there matters. we are witnessing around the world this hungry money which is only looking at how to make the next profit devastating economies devastating ecosystems putting a price on the protection of nature green economy is sound good but it was all about privatized sation of nature should our environment be for sale what we're trying to do this destroyed people to jaywalk the country by giving them a financial incentive to do that pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera.
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hello i'm barbara sarah this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes opposition protesters are back on the streets in kenya calling for political reform as confusion mounts over the b.p. presidential poll and who is running in it spain's prime minister issues catalan leaders with a deadline to confirm whether they've declared independence or not. the united nations accuses me and mar security forces of a campaign of systemic torture rape and killings and by kind state. and are free to send in doha with oldest daughters form a free for secretary-general jerome valcke approaches the court of arbitration for sport to have used when you're banned from football the ft hood. thank you for joining us let's begin the news hour in the kenya where confusion is
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mounting over the repeat presidential election slated for october twenty sixth now kenya's election board says all eight candidates who complete competed in the august poll which was nullified by the supreme court due to irregularities will be on the ballot now that means the main opposition candidate right name will be there this fight him announcing on tuesday that he was pulling out of the poll confusing election officials say he hasn't submitted the official form to withdrawal well supporters of rye loading have been back on the streets to protest in nairobi police fired tear gas to disperse them there demanding reforms to the electoral commission and we can miller was with some of the protesters in the capital. raila odinga supporters a bally needed. any prompting to return to the streets. they are demonstrating against kenya's electoral commission which they believe won't conduct
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a free and fair rerun of this election. but holding a supporters are divided on him dropping out of the race came the vote which he lost was great the supreme court laid to rule they'd been irregularities in how the vote was counted and incumbent and should stand in new elections you cannot go to an election has credibility. so i think of what i like the i think that is the best option for me but we are not but the group because of the pressure so we are out there mostly that we are not happy to police earlier fights here against the protesters and. nairobi was a notch they. are adamant they said any reforms to. election. kenya's constitution is not clear on what happens once a candidate with flows from everyone but parliament has now passed amendments to
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electoral laws that could allow can yatta to be named the winner of an election on the twenty sixth and the president's going about spades i miss being a very proud space then it's very easy to say that we love a president remove command of the legitimacy and respect from all corners the electoral commission will decide what happens next but if any of its decisions can be contested in court kenya faces one of many possibilities including declaring incumbent president who are kenyatta as the only remaining candidates the winner of the rerun all holding elections and then declaring kenyatta the winner holding fresh elections within ninety days with new nominations for president. says he should be declared president ordering guys pushing. for fresh elections in a pronouncement from a.b.c. not to be believable on the conduct or a.b.c.
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but the conduct of the commission as its officials has got to be. whether it's a faltering economy or an ongoing political feud all kenyans are guaranteed at this point is uncertainty i meet them a lot i'll just sirrah nairobi joining us now via skype from nairobi is writer and political analyst. thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera now this has become an incredibly complicated story so basically rollo the gamble didn't he saw that if you with drew the courts would stop the election altogether for now and he'd have more time in the future and also potentially have more parties nominate more candidates but as things stand now do you think that this gamble is going to pay off or do you think it could ultimately be a mistake on his part. i think it's very hard to tell at this point what was clear was that before nine a.m.
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today the law was on rayless side you don't just have to look at the constitution and elections are about kenya's elections actually governed by five different bodies of law and looking at all those things and together at least on paper by nine am this morning the law was on raila side what changed was the fact that we had another election petition filed by one of the candidates who conceded the august eighth election i could do a cart and in that decision of the high court basically said everybody gets to be a. the broward and we have again with the candidates that we had in june and august version of their actions or and that basically throws rayna's gamble into disarray into disarray because it's basically says. instead of what the previous regime said which is what one candidate pulls out of a rerun we have to go back to nominations now they're saying well we'll just do the same thing that we did in august all over again and it's not clear how the commission is going to move forward because these two pieces of law don't exactly
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read well together so basically i mean apart from the tensions over the elections and unfortunately the possibility of violence repeating itself this could also push counted towards a constitutional crisis couldn't. i mean in all fairness kenya's been a constable courses for a while the two thousand and ten elections at a very high bar for public conduct that has been pushed in challenge to and many different ways since two thousand and ten since it was actually passed if it wasn't going to be this issue it was going to be the issue of gender representation in the two thirds rule which hasn't been implemented at all and has locked women out of parliament and out of the legislature so the constitution has raised a lot of questions that in many ways especially the legislature hasn't really added surge properly and this is just one of them you are presented to mention the laws that were passed yesterday well at this particular point under the iggs constitution president kenyatta is an incumbent he's an acting president so he does
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not have the power to a said to you laws what does that mean when parliament passes laws that the person can assign assent to and cannot make have effect it means that those laws are basically a waste of time it's not clear how this is going to play moving forward i mean i guess now we're sort of looking at the details of the law but it's obviously also a question about legitimacy i mean whoever wins is not going to please everybody but i mean most of the country should be behind them or at least see them as the legitimate leader i mean assuming that some kind of election still does go ahead because i think it's until november first that the rerun from from the august election needs to happen i mean in the past few weeks you know a lot of time has been wasted over this and not a lot of campaigning how split are the people of kenya right now not so much on the legal issues but but just on the political you know if we've bored to consider this a normal election. i think the most important thing for people to remember is what happened after august eleventh which was that we had police officers going into
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opposition strongholds and using an indiscriminate amount of force just the day before yesterday the national commission on human rights dropped a report that thirty seven people had died it entirely not position strongholds and that left a feeling of disenfranchisement and a feeling of frustration well this legal process has done is it has brought people back to the table and has said you can actually find some kind of restitution in the legal process if we move forward with an election that does not have that rejecting is it that stamp that says we've gone through the purser's it might actually take us back to the way the low point which i would say it was august twelfth where people really didn't feel like they were part of this country they felt like the police could come after them indiscriminately and not have any consequences to it so yes it's absolutely important for the political process to be legitimized not just in law but in the public perception as well having a ballot in which one candidate in which a leading candidate has said this doesn't come up to standard risks diligence
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advising the entire election process all together which is obviously a massive risk near boulder you did actually write a great article for our website i'm looking at it now it's called why did right loading to withdraw from the election rerun well you really explain that the technical details which are quite complicated to explain it really well i would i would point anyone to go and have a read of that if they want to find that more detail for the moment angela near boulder thank you. thanks for having me. now spain's prime minister has asked catalan leaders to say whether they have declared independence giving them five days to reply on tuesday the catalan president as parliament to suspend its declaration of independence to allow for talks if catalonia does press on with secession the spanish government says it will take away the region's political ptolemy or in sleep has more now from madrid but read does not like being told what
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to do by the council lands for once parliament was united as the journalist speculated the cabinets agreed the spanish lion bit back against the catalan demands that their independence will happen the prime minister said you say it out loud and we will take back your powers no dice no deal and you have until monday. you've held a cabinet meeting and we've decided the cuddling government must confirm whether or not they have declared independence regardless of whether it's going to take effect or not this is a requirement necessary before any other measures can be taken by the government including invoking article one hundred fifty five. so back it goes to barcelona madrid no society there is split some separatist wants a session now others are nervous half the population hates the whole idea how long should they wait we know there are very important governments and people around the world who are ready to assist in mediation we've got the group of
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the elders with coffee and with a bang ki-moon with desmond tutu who are ready to exercise their mediation the only small detail which we are missing is that we have nobody on the other side of the table because money just said he was not accepting mediation. all the while europe looks surely not another country fracturing itself there is no support at all in brussels for the catalan independence movements madrid knows that it is the side with the powerful friends many people in madrid regard roy's statements his demand the council only a clarify its position on independence as a shrewd one by putting the ball straight back in catalonia courts potentially exposes divisions inside the independence movements that might buy madrid some time take the pressure out of the immediate situation but also leave the crisis open ended. where the protesters in barcelona go from here is
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a good question but it would like nothing more than for them to turn on each other destroy their own movements that's what rule out the need for mediation which we treat insists there is no place for asli al-jazeera which it. yes president donald trump is holding talks with his canadian counterpart justin trudeau at the white house the pair are discussing the nafta trade deal which trump has threatened to pull out of but during the photo op he went off topic kimberly halkett is at the white house for us so just explain to us exactly how he went off topic from what i understand there's a major news outlet that's true supported the president wanted the nuclear arsenal increased by ten times and trump wasn't too happy about this no really pushing back hard barbara against those reports blaming the media blaming that news outlet n.b.c. here in the united states for what he called false reporting but it wasn't just the president doing that it was also his secretary of state james mattis who just
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before this photo op with the canadian prime minister sent out a statement calling the reporting absolutely false and eroni yes donald trump had to add on to that continuing his claims that he and his presidency are we were being reported in terms they can only refer to as fake news. no i never discuss i think somebody said i want ten times the nuclear weapons that we have right now right now we have so many nuclear weapons i want them in perfect condition perfect shape that's the only thing i've ever discussed general matters put out a statement was putting out a statement saying that that was fake news that it was just mentioned that way and it's frankly disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they want to write. and kimberly speaking of nuclear weapons it seems that trump is on the verge of announcing at the says you know whether to recertify the iran deal i mean what impact is that going to have well it all comes at
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a particularly difficult time and when it comes to that state in the present day just a moment ago about the press be able to write whatever it wants to write well you have to remember that the right to free speech and also freedom of the press is a protected right in the united states still that's something that the president has repeatedly taken issue with and all of this tension that has been exposed not just the claims that the president denies but also to keep policy differences when it comes to north korea within his cabinet with top republicans including the chair of the senate foreign relations committee bob corker a member of the president's own party has really made a lot of people in washington and outside of washington nervous you can see the canadian prime minister looking particularly uncomfortable as the president was answering questions and particularly when he made the statements that he acknowledged that he had different opinions than his top diplomat rex tillerson the secretary of state when it comes to north korea he said in fact that there are
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different attitudes on north korea but ultimately he said my attitude is the only one that matters can really halkett with the latest from the white house kimberly thank you. much more to come here on the news hour an uneasy peace fifteen years after conflict ended in liberia victims of violence say that the visions still remain fact and getting fatter a new report paints a grim picture of the health of children and adolescents worldwide plus the united states is missing out on the two thousand and eighteen world cup in russia more with that with peter later in sport. with. the united nations is accusing me of mars security forces of torture killings and the rape of children as part of what it says where well organized coordinated and systematic get systematic attacks against muslims more than half
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a million have fled to bangladesh since august and many more are on the way yet a limb has more now from the young girl. an away service in a sea of misery. this school is teaching english to a hindu refugees who fled mean mass military campaign before eleven year old so you know the conflict is ever present. in our village reckoned people came to our house to kill people and they burned houses so we can't stay there they were torturing you know what united nations investigators are prevented from going to main mosque conflict zone so they came here to bangladesh in what is now the world's largest refugee camp more than half a million or hinge or have fled across the border from main mar to bangladesh since late august it was from them that the un heard testimonies of a military campaign of indiscriminate killing mass rape and the burning down of
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homes in yemen our security forces purposely to strides the property of the range of population scorched earth gatherings and entire villages in the penn state media only to drive the population out in droves but also to prevent the free range of victims from returning to their homes not only will hinge and not be allowed back to their homes but it won't belong to them anymore mean mars government announced last month that all birds land will become the property of the state al-jazeera has yet to hear back from authorities about their response to the un report they've previously denied u.n. claims that the military campaign against the right amount to ethnic cleansing slightly that ignore and dismiss this report to the arab mohammad al jazeera. i source says it's behind the attack on the police headquarters in the syrian
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capital damascus which the government says killed two people and injured six others at least three suicide bombers are said to have tried to storm the building two of the attackers were killed on the spot while the other detonated a suicide vest eisel said in a statement that its fighters carried out the attack. russia has more now from attack here at the turkey syria border the attackers were planning to storm the headquarters of the police in the capital damascus the were intercepted then there was an exchange of gunfire is what killed other blew himself up another person was killed in the area now there was a similar attack last week in the capital damascus targeting also a police station four suicide bombers were killed and eleven people were killed including police the capital damascus has been relatively calm over the last year was however the latest attacks are indications that rebel factions or groups
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operating with i so that they have to do this can still so that those fighters into the heart of the capital damascus and launch attacks against future forces. the governments of iraq turkey and iran have joined ranks in announcing measures against iraq's kurdish regional government this follows last month's referendum on the future kurdish secession from baghdad the non-binding vote was supported by kurds in neighboring countries and a strong stratfor finds out from jack in northern iraq the pressure for a kurdish state is felt on both sides of the border with iran. these new recruits members of the armed wing of the iranian kurdish party that's been demanding greater rights because in iran the world seventy years. yet the democratic party of iranian p.b.k.
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is banned in iran but the kurdish regional government of northern iraq has helped fund the party and allowed its members to train here since the one nine hundred ninety s. . it's fighters have served alongside the iraqi peshmerga helping the iraqi army and the international coalition in the battle against leisel its ultimate aim is the same as the iraqi kurds a future independent state. the p.k.i. claims it has thousands of fighters based in the mountains that border iran. as well as military training the recruits it's all what the policy say is unknown sectarian politics and state building and it fully supports the referendum that was held in the kurdish region of northern iraq on a future session. when i as a kurdish woman who lived as a member of iranian society feel the oppression of the iranian regime against us as kurds in iraq as a permanent and as a cut have been oppressed twice by the iranian regime that's why i have joined this
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party i believe that through this party i will reach my goals there are at least five million kurds in iran and many of them came out on the streets in towns and cities across the border celebrating the referendum that was held here in northern iraq a referendum that the iraqi government and neighboring countries including iran say was illegal and risks further destabilizing this region. these pictures uploaded on you tube are said to show some of those celebrations the p.t. k.-i says according to social media reports iranian police arrested around three hundred people came out and supported the kurdish referendum in iraq. could buy kurds will not destabilize security in the region if the region's governments oppression against the kurds and that has created the instability when there is an independent kurdish region in iraq whether it will be a motive for other kurdish nations in other parts of the region like the kurds in iran turkey and syria or the ninety two percent of those who voted in the iraqi
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kurdish referendum said yes to future suspension from iraq despite the threats from the governments in baghdad and korea and iran these iranian kurds share the same dream. that al-jazeera play subject in iraq. the world health organization is warning that the number of obese children in developing countries is soaring it says rates are worst in the middle east north africa and parts of asia while levels among kids in rich countries appear to have peaked researchers use they to from the past forty years predicting that by twenty twenty two there will be more obese children and adolescents than underweight ones in one nine hundred seventy five there were one hundred million of a obese adults around the world the study published to coincide with world obesity day found that by two thousand and sixteen that number had jumped from one hundred
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million to six hundred and seventy one million by the end of last year there were fifteen million obese girls and seventy four million obese voices in the world well the chairman of the national obesity forum u.k. tom fry explained why these alarming numbers are worse in developing countries. there's a lot of people look at the west and they say that's what the west do we want we like the west and they they do not realize that in fact the western food is less than the healthy result is they get fat it's more processed meat show and the good thing about processed meat is that you can mass produce a flood the world with it and this is why some of the big corporations are hugely rich as a result of just pummeling in all the healthy food to areas of the very cheap price and therefore if you will it's extremely interesting for the families to buy the second problem is that it's laced with sugar and fat and sugar and fat excites the
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appetite and so you got a couple of real minuses to combat election officials in liberia say provisional results in the presidential election are expected on thursday it's thought a runoff is likely following tuesday spall there were twenty candidates running and the winner must secure at least fifty percent of the vote to avoid a second round president ellen johnson sirleaf africa's first elected female leader is stepping aside after nearly twelve years in office well they bury a civil war ended nearly fifteen years ago but the scars have been slow to heal our common interests that travel to monrovia to meet some survivors who say they can't move on until justice is done this is west point one of liberia's most densely populated areas home to a number of former fighters but also to some of the potential of the country's
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civil war. i don't post nima moved here after he lost his mother brother business and when the war you still see some of those he says killed members asked family on the streets he's trying to put the past behind him now but it hasn't been easy so he did it to me. because she was only a mother. and my brother said. when i think for long. but also just people in the war by rebels will find that difficult to not. want because most people are the what i mean used to rain. anything. like. that.
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now a father himself also victims why deny closure the government effort to help both victims and aggressors find closure to the horrors of the civil war was abundant almost immediately started it's been fourteen years since the end of the civil war and experts believe that with so many involved the country will still have to deal with the consequences one day. the government agree could have been done i'm not saying that we didn't do anything we've got a reconciliation but there are still some austin issues that we have to push a little bit harder and done maybe differently we were some of the results for we still have some lingering issues with. issues with issues about some communities still. amongst themselves and the issues that victims would like to see herself. rather than later for instance many of those by the way still not been able to reach. with
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us on the news hour still to come california and firefighters continue their battle against more than twenty wildfires which could merge into a single blaze plus its own to africa's largest oil reserves so why is there a massive fuel shortage in south sudan where in juba to find out and in sport roger federer returns to action in the shanghai masters tennis details of that coming up a little later. hello and welcome to the international weather forecast it looks very mobile across central and northern parts of europe when weather system after another in the some pretty deep areas of low pressure mix in here too across more southern parts you're looking fine with high pressure and in fact warm air is going to push up from the southwest in the coming days but for the time being we have got some pretty
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unsettled weather conditions pushing across northwestern parts of europe another low pressure system through the baltic region extending through into parts of western russia but those central southern areas or looking dry and fine into friday again northern areas cool showery windy southern areas dry and fine sunshine in rome and highs of twenty five into north africa it looks fine here the breeze continued to come in off the mediterranean socorro there temperatures of twenty nine just jones wanted to showers pushing into the gulf area so between tripoli and benghazi there could be a few showers as we head on through into friday in particular for central parts of africa still plenty of showers between central africa public and d.r. congo extending towards cameroon the gulf of guinea region further towards the west we've got a few showers here are current gano may pick up wanted to share a few in the day for southern parts of africa it's looking to me draw and find should be a bright day in cape town with a high here of eighteen. what
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are you seeing like how a suspected terrorist people of all faiths fell victim to a suicide bomber in manchester but if the bomb was indiscriminate was the placing of blame this is nothing to do with us this is about an individual who's psycho you know nobody could do this unless they were completely on how much just as muslims responded to challenging questions in the aftermath of a deadly attack people in power manchester united at this time. when the news breaks. that can break. the streak the us and the story builds steve jobs much better marketing than. when people need to be heard they thought they were american until they broke the law now they're deported to cambodia al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you mobile
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and board winning documentaries and live news on air and online. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera police and the kenyan capital nairobi have used tear gas to disperse opposition protesters calling for changes to the electoral commission confusion is mounting over this month's repeat presidential election after officials said that the opposition candidate rollo bingo would be on the ballot despite him withdrawing. spain's prime minister as ass catching on leaders to clarify whether they've declared independence before the government triggers an article allowing madrid to take away the region's political autonomy
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and the world health organization is warning that the number of obese children in developing countries is soaring especially in the middle east and north africa and parts of asia. in the u.s. at least twenty one people have been killed and hundreds are missing in wildfires in california thousands of firefighters are battling twenty two blazes in the north of the state there are concerns that several of the fires could merge into one huge front one hundred eighty people have been injured and more than three thousand five hundred homes and businesses have been destroyed many of them in california's wine country here's where we're at this morning very active fires all night. as i indicated one hundred seventy thousand acres. unfortunately just moments ago we updated the count of fatalities associated with these fires it's now at twenty one and again this is continuing to evaluate in adjudicate the missing
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persons or unaccounted for individuals we continue to work on that as we get into some of these fire areas but i tell everybody straight up the potential continues to exist from for peril if folks don't get out from in front of these fires well jacob ward has more now from santa rosa. this is the journey's end mobile home park and in a scene like this it seems as if the worst might be behind us the flames have died down and it's just down to to counting the cost to the ruins of a place like this unfortunately because of the great chaos of a fire like this and the fact that communications systems are are so intermittent there are still terrible costs to be counted over two hundred people are missing in this county alone and behind me officials of cordoned off this area because a dead body has been found here in this mobile home park it's not clear if it's
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a man or woman what age the coroner is is desperately overworked in this town and so it will be some time before we know exactly who it was but this is really the great sort of hidden cost of a fire like that because in the days afterwards the missing very often turn up dead tonight firefighters are expecting an even worse fire to spring up because the wind is picking up it's still dry it's still hot and then tomorrow it will be a very windy day so this fire at this point spread across multiple counties here in northern california is still far from over. india's the supreme court has ruled that a man is committing rape if yes sex with his underage wife it's a landmark decision for a country with one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world now the court rule the age of consent is eighteen for all purposes though considered illegal child marriage is still deeply rooted in the. then is the head of policy
12:35 am
a plan international a humanitarian organization that advances children's rights and equality for girls she joins us now in the studio thank you so much for being with us to talk about this very sort of controversial forty very sad issue as well now the thing is that in india there's no such thing correct me if i'm wrong is marital rape so these girls that were married even though you know and they were young basically if they were married it couldn't be called rape how big a step do you think that that this isn't do you think it's going to make any tangible difference well obviously rape of any girl or any woman indeed is a gross violation of the human rights so trans national welcomes this decision we see it as a step in the right direction but of course this is only a protection for girls up to the age of eighteen it doesn't protect women over the age of eighteen to be needed to protect them in from rape in marriage so we really see the monies to be done we would like to see the government extending that
12:36 am
protection to all women. of course having a law is important but it doesn't bring an end to the practice because this is obviously i mean it's such a personal thing as well and i'm guessing a lot of these girls you know within the family context by the finish a very young you know maybe not used to sort of straying far from the family i mean i know it's a step in the right direction but it's still so hard to get these girls to come forward i mean what steps are being taken to help that indeed young married girls are often subjected to. cultural norms that expect them to. be quiet to not challenge and not complain to accept the source of their havior is an abuse is that they might experience so obviously encouraging a girl to step forward and actually accuse her husband of rape would be a very difficult thing for a young girl to do so they're often very powerless their voices are not heard they're often very restricted to and unable to even leave the house without the
12:37 am
permission of their husband so the being able to actually take this forward and have the courage to make such an accusation will really require support from different from the authorities certainly an understanding from the police of what the new law means and all sorts of actions on the part of local organizations local traditional leaders community leaders to really challenge get to the root of the cultural norms that underpin child marriage and also those the values that are held around girls being an equal to their brother is a lower lower class citizen so a lot of lot of work with community leaders and families as well as the girls themselves to really understand the changes that need to be made to challenge those known and them especially the convention of the rights of the child marriage under
12:38 am
the under the age of eighteen is illegal unfortunately we know that it is relatively common in many parts of the world i mean how do you think the fight against it is going it globally and what's your organization for example doing to combat this phenomenon so plan is a national is very much a champion of bringing an end to child marriage we work with many partners all around the world we know that on a daily basis around forty one thousand girls are married under the age of eighteen so what is one every day for yes yes so it's a global phenomenon. in india of course whilst it is against the law. almost half of girls are married before the age of eighteen so we are working with many partners around the world to hold governments to account where they have signed these international agreements but they're not reflected in their own national laws we work with others to lobby and hold those governments to account to push for changes in the law we've seen some some successes over this year the governments in
12:39 am
guatemala and honduras have changed the age of marriage as her progress is being made but forgive me for interval just running out of time but you mentioned all these changes in the law and obviously they're all welcome but changing the mentality is so much harder and are you seeing shifts in that in various countries absolutely working with those decision makers traditional leaders at the community level religious leaders is really vital and that's really where the change has to happen it has to be a grassroots change that really challenges those the norms and expectations challenges the stereotypes that we have around the value of girls and society also working with men and boys to challenge the norms around masculinity and the acceptance of of husbands being able to beat and violate their wives so absolutely working with a whole at a whole range of different levels from the local level up to the national and international level and with a range of different partners from the girls themselves to politicians and other
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decision makers so a lot still to do but this decision is only in its supreme court at least a step in the right direction razzo been head of policy a plan international thank you so much i think it's going to a rock now where the prime minister has formally declared victory over i saw in the city of how we judge how they're all about he says the fight against the armed group has now shifted to the border with syria the last stretch of land in the country but it's the proles about he says he expects eyesore to be completely defeated in iraq by the end of the year. really don't get me and i'm really happy. i declare today the end of all military operations and wissam could cook the liberation of all intent and the liberation of the mountains as well. in the mountains of humble in these mountains were never liberated at all even during the previous regime the tops of these mountains were never fully controlled today no
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forces minutes to reach the mountain peaks and wiped out these mountains al-jazeera is the man in the release of its journalists or those saying who's now been in prison in egypt for nearly ten months he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and the al-jazeera strongly deny authorities have refused to allow him to be transferred for specialist treatment for a broken arm an injury that he received while the town he was arrested in the center while visiting his family. south sudan is hosting its first ever international oil conference but its president has been a no show subject here was expected to address the gathering which has failed to attract investors from large global energy firms the country is going through a fuel crisis the spite having billions of oil barrels in reserves hit morgan reports now from the capital juba. this may not seem the best way to prepare for exams but now i think peter says it's the only way her brothers them study she says
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fuel is too expensive for her family. because there's no power in the house so we use candles we can't pay for the fuel that is used to run the generator in our neighborhood that fuel is expensive and comes from the black market it's cheaper to get candles be used for a day south sudan has the largest oil reserve in africa according to experts but it has no means of processing its own oil instead it relies on its neighbor sudan to do so but two years of war and low oil prices last here has damaged the economy this has resulted in hard currency crisis making it hard for traders to bring in fuel most suppliers now prefer just of private sectors leaving many stations in the country empty despite the shortage of few electrical stations you can find info on the sea from recycled water bottles but at a price eight dollars a gallon about forty third that's nearly ten times more than the official price of seventeen cents at petco face. there are government subsidies on imported fuel but
12:43 am
because the black market is more profitable subsidies along with other issues are contributing to the country shortage few shortages it's because. we're subsidizing his expression you know the fuel is being subsidize. that is one issue that we are facing. every three months i give them to me. smuggling fuel part of the country and there are people who are actually taking the fuel to the black market so that they make more money and this is the work of the police and the national security to address it so that they stopped not it's those who are actually doing illegal activities like trading with fewer lawmakers have recently proposed lifting the fuel subsidies but some analysts say if the government does this the short term impact will be damaging could have an impact on you know income . because the transport would skyrocket although it is expensive
12:44 am
now because the fuel is not available while the subsidy at least keeps it down and automatically food items and other essential supplies may also increase in prices. yeah think knows she can't afford the cost of fuel but she hopes it doesn't throw an extent to do one thing that lights her home at night and forced her and her family to live in darkness he will morgan al-jazeera juba will stay with us on the news hour still to come hitting that a where it hurts more than one hundred former ice hockey players prepare to sue the n.h.l. over the long term effects of head injuries plus a major gauguin exhibit opens in paris we'll tell you why his work in polynesia is still a source of controversy and friends. business update brought to you by chance are they always going places together.
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business update brought to you by chance are they always going places together.
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japan's kobe steel is plunging deeper into crisis after it was revealed in falsified data on its products japan's third biggest steelmaker has lost more than a third of its stock market value in a record today slide florence louis has more now from tokyo made in japan and now these brands share one more thing in common their customers of kobe steel the company has admitted employees fabricated data about product quality to meet customer specifications the government says it's following the case closely and although this was an agreement between private entities we think that kobe still is misconduct was something that has shaken the foundation of business transactions over the ministry's taking the situation very seriously kobe steel
12:47 am
says two hundred customers in japan and worldwide including manufacturers of trains and planes have received falsely certified materials customers are checking whether they used substandard products and whether there are safety issues or not and yet more revelations mean the scandal could be wider than initially thought kobe steal it myths that the fabricated data affected not only copper and aluminum products but also ion powder which is mainly used in making automobile components kobe also admits that it's launched an investigation into a subsidiary company which is reported to have shipped material used for making semiconductors to customers without inspecting them the kobe scandal is the latest to hit corporate japan faulty abbots made by takata problems at the largest safety recall in history of the auto industry in june a japanese company has filed for bankruptcy misandry called one point two million
12:48 am
vehicles last week after admitting unqualified stuff carried out factory inspections. the scandals are seen by many as a further blow to japan's reputation for quality manufacturing that reputation has allowed japanese companies to charge higher prices compact to cheaper competitors such as china not all analysts think the scandal is a disaster for japanese brands japan and tends to have a lot of over spec you know they really if you want to have the last three percent of perfection you have to go to a japanese company because they're the only ones doing it while everybody else you know whether it's korea whether it's germany whether it's india you know operates on a minimum viable standard kobe still said the misconduct involved dozens of employees in as many as four factories and possibly going back ten years the full financial impact is still not known but it could be huge if customers request replacements the company's share price has already taken
12:49 am
a beating on the stock market florence louis al-jazeera tokyo. started on the sports news now here. thank you very much the united states will miss out on their first three for world cup since one thousand nine hundred six after a two one defeat to trinidad and tobago put paid to their hopes of qualifying bruce arena's team only needed a draw in their last qualifying game but they were beaten two one by trinidad and tobago the result also wins against them and of that means they will be no usa russia twenty eighteen there were celebrations though for argentina when he came to their rescue scoring a hat trick in a crucial game with ecuador despite ecuador's opening the scoring just one minute into the game as he struck back with an equaliser just over ten minutes later he wouldn't stop the scoring there scoring another two more times in order to need to have trick three one was the school. of the thirty two teams that will compete in russia makes it twenty three are already confirmed it's take a look at
12:50 am
a map of the world starting there in the far east japan and south korea they have booked their tickets for russia twenty eighteen let's move on to the middle east now iran and saudi arabia are the two from this region that have qualified up to the north russia obviously qualifying as the host nation let's move on to europe and defending champions germany have booked their place iceland in linda belgium poland serbia france spain and portugal are also on their way to the world cup never to qualify a team from africa so far nigeria and egypt by the way are making their first appearance since one thousand nine hundred ninety let's move over to north america and central america mexico costa rica and panama have qualified for the world cup from that area and south america now will wrap it up there brazil europe colombia and argentina have made their way through these are the teams that will be in russia next year the remaining nine spots will be decided next month now former secretary general jerome valcke who is currently serving
12:51 am
a ten year ban from football continues to plead his innocence valka was handed a decade long ban for his alleged role in black marketing sales during the twenty fourteen world cup in brazil has approached the court of arbitration for sport in laws on switzerland in the hope of having these ban lifted. them in place as i'm trying to demonstrate that i never acted against interests i've always done my job in the best possible way in preserving few interests and they don't understand even if in a divorce one passes from love to hate i don't understand that hades. more than one hundred former professional i saw key players all preparing to sue the national hockey league there accusing the n.h.l. of negligence and concealing scientific evidence of long term damage caused by head injuries the play is it's a topic that's currently being researched in toronto daniel that reports. fast furious and intricate ice hockey mixes speed intense physical contact it's
12:52 am
also a sport that's hard on those who play it fans love them but frequent body checks even fist fights cause dangerous injuries especially to the head and you put a harness around your back former player scott thornton is retired but after at least sixteen concussions he's worried about long term brain trauma he says he's feeling some effects i can be looking at a photo of teammates i play with ten years ago and can't remember some of their names in the photo and i played five years with these guys you know a lot of guys are way worse than me so i can kind of live with the state that i made dozens of former players are taking part in a study looking for links between the concussions they suffered and degenerative brain function some n.h.l. players who died in recent years were found to have physical brain deterioration similar to all simers disease many of their former teammates are worried they could be next as an issue it's a real issue but it needs to be put in perspective in terms of the the general
12:53 am
incidence which is unknown the general incidence of dementia in our genitives sees it we're only beginning to learn. the current lawsuit claims the n.h.l. knew about the potential for brain damage from concussions but concealed it players were encouraged to return to the game too soon after head injuries the league denies this and says it has rigorous concussion protocols but the settlement in two thousand and thirteen of a similar suit by national football league players in the u.s. has set a precedent legal experts are warning that the n.h.l. is taking a risk by refusing to settle. if we look to the n.f.l. and their settlement that was a billion dollars and the n.f.l. can afford a billion dollars and they have the n.h.l. cannot you know in the grand scheme of things that could be a serious hit to the league it could even you know in some cases destroy what the league is facing now is a class action lawsuit thousands of ex players could be eligible for compensation should their legal arguments prevail the judge in the case once it's settled or decided later this year if possible at arenas across north america a new n.h.l.
12:54 am
season has begun but amid the excitement and anticipation of fans the possibility that a court ruling could have a devastating impact on the game than your lack of. it was a lot of mixed emotions for the last vegas golden knights as they made their home n.h.l. debut ahead of a clash with the arizona coyote's they honored those affected by the mass shooting that killed fifty nine people in the city on the ice the team had plenty to celebrate with a five two victory and now three wins from three in they made in the n.h.l. season. roger federer has made a winning return to action at the shanghai masters playing his first match since losing in the quarter finals of the us open last month the swiss was made to work hard by diego schwartzman the will number two came to seven six six gold to reach the third round. and all the more rough on the girl was also victorious in shanghai the spaniard dropped just three games to jared donaldson less than
12:55 am
a. fifth seed dominic team has been knocked out of the tournament vice victor through the sports of the forty seven places below the austrian pretty managed to pull off three said six three three six seven six taking him to ground. zero and that's all the sport morgan later peter thank you paul gauguin is one of france's most famous artists best known best known for his paintings of polynesian women his work is now the subject of a major exhibit in paris but as explains aspects of his time in the south pacific are still considered taboo by many paul gauguin has struggled for artistic recognition all his life the frenchman's bold use of color and abstract depictions of reality shocked nineteenth century art lovers but today he's considered a trailblazer a new exhibition in paris is prestigious gropple
12:56 am
a celebrates one of the world's most famous post-impressionist. his art totally surprised it was like nothing else at the time it was without concessions it was wild in fact he often called himself wound it really shocked people some people supported them but it wasn't until the start of the twentieth century that people realized he was such a revolutionary. go-go was fascinated with tribal arts and other cultures when success in europe eluded him he left for france's colonies in the south pacific it's a period that has come to define him but not without controversy the paintings created by go guy into haiti are some of his most popular he was obviously captivated by the people and the colors but some critics say and the artist enjoyed many of the systems privileges he married a thirteen year old girl and had numerous lovers of a similar age but these aspects of go-go's life are rarely discussed in france.
12:57 am
a new film about his time in thai he has been attacked by those who say to avoid some hard truths. professor stars x. written extensively about gauguin he says criticizing french culture and the colonial past is simply to hear the history of colorization deal very touchy issue in france much more than in the u.k. or the us for many people in the heat you guys nothing but a. drunkard who basically looted. pretty nation and the haitian culture and art to make a living. how gauguin chose to live is unlikely to matter to the millions of people who enjoys art but others may find it enriching to have a clearer picture of the man behind the paintings. al-jazeera paris. and before we go let me just bring you some breaking news it comes from the turkish
12:58 am
deputy prime minister and he saying the diplomatic crisis between the u.s. and turkey that's led them to stop issuing visas to one of the citizens is overblown and will likely be resolved soon that come from the turkish deputy prime minister we'll be getting the latest on that live from the u.s. in just a few minutes stay with us. on a mission to help local children break the poverty cycle one of the least follows their journey of sacrifice become top class performers. when one is that this time
12:59 am
and out is are. facing realities the president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent audit that audit hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt. here their story. on talk to al-jazeera at this time. history is so often told through the eyes of leaders but in amritsar india just thirty kilometers from the border with pakistan this old building is being transformed into a new museum mallika ahluwalia is the driving force behind sars partition. it's really shocking because if you think about the fact that within a few years of nine eleven happening and nine eleven museum was there and they are now numerous holocaust museums and a beautiful apartheid museum so countries around the world have walked
1:00 am
a memorial lies these events that have shaped that partition is not about the political events that led up to partition it's about the impact on each person who went through it it's really important that we highlight the stories of humanity hopefully one outcome of this would be that we remember our shared humanity and the shared history. professors are back on the streets and can.


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