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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2017 6:00am-6:34am AST

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al-jazeera correspondent because at this time. what are you see. people of all faiths fell victim to a suicide bomber in manchester but if the bomb was indiscriminate was the placing of blame this is nothing to do with us this is about an individual whose side. do this unless they work. just as muslims responded to challenging questions in the aftermath of the. people in power manchester united at this time. protests in kenya with a deepening political uncertainty the opposition leader via the withdrawals from the repaint presidential election.
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welcome to al-jazeera live from my head and mill is a product also ahead spain gives scotland's political leaders an ultimatum to declare the intentions of independence by next week. i want to be very clear we don't want this dispute to last. more than a second. in the dispute over the arrest in turkey of a u.s. consulate employee on course deputy prime minister seeks to play down the nato threat between the nato allies and canada's prime minister visits washington in a bid to save a longstanding trade deal. in protests in kenya and the deepening confusion over the repaired presidential election set down for the twenty sixth of october the latest crisis comes after the
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withdrawal of the main opposition candidate riley has demanded and that. perform he lost a hookah yacht and all the selection which was nullified by the supreme court irregularities from the miller has the latest from the capital rivalry. raila odinga supporters barely needed any prompting to return to the streets. they are demonstrating against kenya's electoral commission which they believe won't conduct a free and fair rerun of this election. but are doing a supporters are divided on him dropping out of the race. which he lost was. the supreme court laid to rule they'd been irregularities in how the vote was counted and incumbent were kenyatta and should stand in new elections you cannot go to an election. so i think of what i like i think that is the best option but we
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are not but. because of the pressure so we are out there that we are not happy. police fired tear gas at protesters and then. nairobi was. adamant. on any reforms. election. kenya's constitution is not clear on what happens once a candidate with flows from iran but parliament has now passed amendments to electoral laws that could allow kenya to be named the winner. twenty six and the president speeds i mean that's based then it's very easy to say that we'll have a president with. respect from all pagans be electoral commission will decide what happens next but if any of its decisions can be contested in court kenya faces one of many possibilities including declaring incumbent president or
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a kenyatta as the only. remaining candidates the winner of the rerun all holding elections and then declaring kenyatta the winner all holding fresh elections within ninety days with new nominations for president. should be declared president ordering guys pushing for fresh elections in a pronouncement. to be believable and the conduct of. the conduct. whether it's a faltering economy or an ongoing political feud all kenyans are guaranteed at this point is uncertainty for me to al-jazeera nairobi. as a writer and political analyst in my rugby and she says the decision they've the vote for a run up in the air. before nine a.m.
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today the law was on rail this side you don't just have to look at the constitution and elections are but kenya's elections actually govern the by five different bodies of law and looking at all those things and together at least on paper by nine a.m. this morning the law was on the side what changed was the fact that we had another election petition filed by one of the candidates who conceded the august eighth election i could to a court and in that decision the high court basically said everybody gets to be on the ballot and we have the end with the candidates that we had in june and august version of the elections or and that basically throws right was gabble into disarray into disarray because it's basically says. instead of what the previous regime said which is what one candidate pulls out of a rewrite and we have to go bucs nominations now they're saying well we'll just do the same thing that we did and all goes all over again and it's not clear how the commission is going to move forward because these two pieces of law don't exactly
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read well together let's move on to other news now and spain has given cattle scotland's leader collis puja mom to until monday to say whether or not he has declared independence of catalunya goes ahead with secession the spanish government says it will take away the region's political autonomy long sleeve reports from the dreaded budget does not like being told what to do by the council and for once parliament is united as the journalist speculated the cabinets agreed the spanish line back against the catalan demands that their independence will happen. the prime minister said you say it out loud and we will take back your powers no dice no deal and you have until monday. we've held a cabinet meeting and we've decided the cattle government must confirm whether or not they have declared independence regardless of whether it's going to take effect or not this is a requirement necessary before any other measures can be taken by the government
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including invoking article one if the five. so back it goes to barcelona madrid no society there is split some separatist wants a session now others a nervous half the population hates the whole idea how long should they wait we know there are very important governments and people around the world who are ready to assist in mediation we got the group of the elders with coffee with a banking on with that one to two who are ready to exercise their mediation the only small detail which we are missing is that we have nobody on the other side of the table because just said he was not accepting mediation. all the while europe looks on surely not another country fracturing itself there is no support at all in brussels for the catalan independence movements madrid knows that it is the side with the powerful friends. many people in madrid regard roy's statements his demand
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that counts alone your clarify its position on independence as a shrewd one by putting the ball straight back in catalonia of course potentially exposes divisions inside the independence movements that might buy madrid some time take the pressure out of the immediate situation but also leave the crisis open ended. where the protestors in barcelona go from here is a good question what good would like nothing more than for them to turn on each other destroy their own movements that would rule out the need for mediation which madrid insists there is no place laurence li al jazeera which it. rex tillerson has called on turkey to provide evidence for accusations that local u.s. embassy employees were linked to the two thousand and sixteen failed coup and express his profound concern over the rest the u.s. embassy in ankara suspended most of these services after a staff member was detained over talley ated by canceling american existing visas
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and stopping issuing new ones dynasty book has more. well late wednesday secretary of state rex tillerson said he wants to see evidence behind why two consulate employees from the u.s. were arrested within the last year one of those employees was arrested just a little less than a week ago the turkish government said that he was a spy and claim that he was linked to a u.s. based turkish businessman who turkey says was behind the failed coup a year ago now in addition to that the deputy foreign minister was visiting washington today he was meeting with the u.s. chamber of commerce trying to reaffirm the relationship with the u.s. the u.s. is a very strong trading partner with turkey the two countries do about twenty billion dollars you know bilaterally every year and trade seventeen hundred u.s. companies do business with turkey he says it's that both sides are very dependent
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on each other economically and he is hopeful that the two countries can get past this latest crisis you know want to be very clear we don't want these dispute to last more than a second. we respond that you know likewise because to a proud nation we are a sovereign nation. it's you know we seeing it you know to see these to be reversed now additionally defense secretary james madison's he's continuing to work with his counterpart diplomatically on military operations in turkey he said that they are continuing to talk again he reaffirmed today that turkey is a very strong nato ally to the u.s. turkey is also home to
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a very important and strategic air force base so everyone involved here is optimistic at least hopeful that this tit for tat so to speak over these pieces will be resolved quickly. now u.s. president donald trump has denied reports he wants to dramatically increase the size of the country's nuclear arsenal u.s. media published the report citing three unnamed officials trumps acknowledged policy differences between himself and top republicans in his cabinet and congress but he's rejecting claims he saw a ten fold increase in washington stock of nuclear weapons. to senior senators in the u.s. have criticized president trump for a delay in implementing sanctions against russia in a joint statement republican john mccain and democrat ben cardin said the white house has yet to identify which elements of the russian state should be sanctioned despite and told the first deadline they say the delay calls into question the
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trumpet ministrations commitment to the sanctions bill catulus prime minister justin trudeau has wrapped up his trip to washington d.c. a visit dominated by the future of the north american free trade agreement u.s. president trump suggested that tough talks to rework nafta could fail and that mexico might be dumptruck the three country pact but trudeau as optimistic about the negotiations saying the meeting with trump went well the talks were held against the backdrop of another trade dispute over hefty duties the u.s. has placed on canadian made bombarding airplanes ellen fisher has more from washington d.c. . with the forefront of talks in drawing up a new north american free trade agreement underway here in washington canadian prime minister dustin's who door came to meet with president donald trump the donald trump has been on the record since the moment he moved into the white house that he would like to see a new nuff to agreement an agreement that has been in place for almost twenty five years on both canada and mexico see until this point has been working relatively
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well but wants to see a new modernize their agreement and justin trudeau a says that is understandable in the circumstances but while donald trump says he may want to walk away justin trudeau believes there is the possibility that they can come up with a new deal and he says it's up to the politicians to convince people why it is such a good thing. part of getting these trade deals to move forward requires us to get support public support for these trade deals and demonstrating that we're hearing the concerns that people feel and responding to them i think helps significantly in making the case that trade can and will be good for all citizens before justin trudeau came here to the canadian embassy to address the media he was sitting in the oval office with donald trump point donald trump said whether or not there was a new deal really still is in the hands of a negotiator it's possible we won't be able to make
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a deal and it's possible that we will we have a great personal relationship and we have a relationship now as as two countries i think that's just one example but we'll see if we can do the kind of changes that we need we have to protect our workers and in all fairness the prime minister wants to protect canada and his people also the city government to set a time scale of the end of the year to come up with a new nafta agreement justin trudeau we still believe that possible but you'll go from here in washington so mexico will meet with the president to discuss the progress on the top of what to do if there can't be an agreement. well i was there was political contribution bill schneider says the state of relations between the u.s. and canada doesn't bode well for nafta. a lot of business people think that this is all a pretext for getting out of the nafta deal i mean relations between the united states and canada which are always assumed to be very close are probably at the poorest level they've been in our lifetime for many decades and it took down trying to make
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that happen a lot of business leaders in the u.s. chamber of commerce normally a staunchly republican organization things that trump is trying to use these negotiations as a pretext to kill nafta there is a civil war going on in the republican party between the president republican president donald trump and the republican establishment in congress the republican establishment is very close to business but this is a deal the nafta the idea of killing nafta is anathema to business it would create chaos in a lot of american industries farming and particularly automobiles and they are dead set against ending nafta and you know who supports ending nafta labor unions who are not normally allies of any republican so the head on the bulletin of the decade since liberia's civil war why some say they come out. and a major steel company is on the fire in japan affecting companies well why.
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welcome back let's look at the weather across the americas now north america so in across the snow as temperatures much they should be at this time of the year fine across much of the south sunshine in dallas now we've lost this area of high pressure across the great basin which is pushing the santa ana winds in across more western parts of southern california and that sort of driven those wildfires so hopefully the winds and the situation will improve for the firefighters to tackle those blazes now says no further north into the rocky i mean. stage across eastern areas weather conditions gerri not too bad i wanted to share a surprise washington picking up the miami florida certainly but again dallas looking dry and fine so let's head down into the caribbean the chance of some lengthy spells of rain across western parts of cuba maybe the bahamas to otherwise
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usual scattered showers across the islands because up through the isthmus we still got some friday heavy rain extending all the way up into mexico and indeed we've seen some really big storms affecting parts of mexico over the last day or so and that is expected to continue as we head on through into friday further towards the south into south america we've still got a frontal system which affecting the far south of brazil for the southeast but to be dry and when it's aires and it should be a fine day in santiago chile highs of sixty. the rain forest of the sea we continue on our current way we want have within twenty thirty forty years from. trying to recreate the ecosystem under controlled conditions. with. the great barrier saveable but we're going to start now everyone behind the solution.
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is time on hold as iraq. good to have you with us on al jazeera these are our top stories police in the kenyan capital have used tear gas to disperse opposition protesters calling for changes to the electoral commission confusion is mounting over this month's repeat presidential vote official say opposition candidate while the don't go blue be on the ballot despite his withdrawal on tuesday spain's prime minister has given cotland leader carlos preached a moment until monday to say whether he has declared independence the spanish
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government says it will take away the region's political ptolemy if it presses ahead with secession and u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has called on turkey to provide evidence for accusations that local u.s. embassy and police would like to the two thousand and sixteen failed one employee's detention has been at the center of a diplomatic crisis between the two countries. officials in liberia say provisional results of the presidential election are expected on thursday it's likely a runoff will be required as the one candidate will need to have more than fifty percent of the voters twenty people avan to replace president ellen johnson sirleaf she was africa's first female leader and as stepping aside after nearly twelve years in office. liberia's civil war ended nearly fifteen years ago but the scars have been slow to heal the terms of violence a division still run deep as many come face to face with the attackers on the streets with the travel to monrovia to meet some survivors who say they can't move
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on until justice is served. this is west point one of liberia's most densely populated areas home to a number of former fighters but also who some of the victims of the country's civil war i don't moved here after he lost his mother brother business and when the war is still see some of those he says killed members are really on the streets he's trying to put the past behind him now but it hasn't been easy. to me because you are only. a number of times when i think for long. and only. but also was opened in the war and later doctored by rebels or
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find the difficult to do. war because. of the water. the rain. now a father himself also victims why deny closure the government effort to help both victims and aggressors find closure to the horrors of the civil war was abundant almost immediately started it's been fourteen years since the end of the civil war experts believe that with so many involved the country will still have to deal with the consequences one day. the government agree more could have been done i'm not saying that we didn't do anything we've got to reconcile his own but there are still some asked and. we are a little bit harder and maybe differently. some of the results.
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in. about some communities still on the most of the most themselves. and these are issues that victims would like to see resolved sooner rather than later for instance many of those up by the way are still not able to return. how many al-jazeera. a u.n. report has accused me of killings of rape and torture of the hunger after interviewing survivors who fled to bangladesh the military is also alleged to have torched homes and crops and stayed to stop the hunger from returning there yet of a male who has more from the gang gone. and away so this in a sea of misery. this school is teaching english to or hinder refugees who fled mean mass military campaign before eleven year old say you know the conflict is ever present. in our village record and people came to our house to kill people and
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they burned houses so we can't stay there they were torturing a lot united nations investigators are prevented from going to mean mass conflict zone so they came here to bangladesh in what is now the world's largest refugee camp more than half a million have fled across the border from maine marty bangladesh since late august it was from them that the un heard testimonies of the military campaign of indiscriminate killing mass rape and the burning down of homes in the inner security forces purposely distracts the property of the range of population scorched earth gangs and entire villages and states. needing only to drive the population out in droves but also to prevent the fleeing. from returning to their homes not only will he not be allowed back to their homes but it won't belong to them anymore mean mars government announced last month that all birds land will
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become the property of the state al-jazeera has yet to hear back from authorities about their response to the un report they've previously denied un claims that the military campaign against the right amount to ethnic cleansing it's likely that like north and dismiss this report to you i remember al-jazeera yangon the international rescue committee has spent the past two weeks interview overhang of families at shelters in bangladesh and has heard many harrowing stories of torture and death bob kitchen is the spokesman for the group we heard terrible stories of violence that women and children had faced as they were awoken in the middle of the night and forced to run from their homes we heard that now that they are in bangladesh more than one third of the population have no access to a toilet which brings on huge public health risks and three quarters of the refugee population are hungry and having to cut down on the number of meals they eat
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a day so as to make sure that there's an offshoot for their kids to eat it's a huge task to look after those number of people and while the government of bangladesh has been very welcoming the capacity on the ground of international national n.g.o.s and u.n. agencies isn't currently up to the task of keeping these people alive and safe. the libyan coast guard has rescued seventy five microns have a stranded on a rubber boat minding woman and four children were among the survivors as they were going to shore to a center and tripoli and a by town of subrata is considered one of the largest human trafficking point on the mediterranean coast. at least twenty one people have been killed and hundreds of missing and wildfires in the u.s. state of california thousands of firefighters are battling twenty two blazes in the northern part of the state there are concerns that several of the fires could merge into one huge front more than thirty five hundred homes and businesses have been
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destroyed jake a board has more from santa rosa california. this is the journey's end mobile home park and in a scene like this it seems as if the worst might be behind us the flames have died down and it's just down to to counting the cost of the ruins of a place like this unfortunately because of the great chaos of a fire like this and the fact that communication systems are are so intermittent there are still terrible costs to be counted over two hundred people are missing in this county alone and behind me officials of cordoned off this area because a dead body has been found here in this mobile home park it's not clear if it's a man or woman what age the coroner is is desperately overworked in this town and so it will be some time before we know exactly who it was but this is really the great sort of hidden cost of a fire like that because in the days afterwards the missing very often turn up dead
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tonight firefighters are expecting an even worse fire to spring up because the wind is picking up it's still dry it's still hot and then tomorrow it will be a very windy day so this fire at this point spread across multiple counties here in northern california is still far from over. at least thirty people have been killed and dozens injured in air strikes near the syrian city of. seoul for say twenty people died when suspected russian planes bombed a river crossing outside the city and ten others were killed in an strikes to the east bay of the iraqi border. sam sloan's was chairman has arrived at court to begin has appeal case against a five year sentence for corruption charges j. wiley was found guilty last month of driving south korea's former president going hey scandal the same number of samsung and south korean government figures face corruption charges. want to japan's largest steel makers has lost more than a third of its stock market value after admitting it falsified product data the
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scandal surrounding kobe stealers sparking quality control concerns and cars trains and aircraft industries florence louis reports from tokyo made in japan and now these brands share one more thing in common their customers of kobe steel the company has admitted employees fabricated data about product quality to meet customer specifications the government says it's following the case closely and although this was an agreement between private entities we think that kobe still is misconduct was something that has shaken the foundation of business transactions the ministry is taking the situation very seriously. kobe steel says two hundred customers in japan and worldwide including manufacturers of trains and planes have received falsely certified materials customers are checking whether they used substandard products and whether there are safety issues or not and yet more
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revelations mean the scandal could be wider than initially thought kobe steel admits that the fabricated data affected not only copper and aluminum products but also ion powder which is mainly used in making automobile components kobe also admits that it's launched an investigation into a subsidiary company which is reported to ship that material used for making semiconductors to customers without inspecting them the kobe scandal is the latest to hit corporate japan faulty abbots made by takata problems at the largest safety recall in history of the auto industry in june a japanese company has filed for bankruptcy misandry called one point two million vehicles last week off to admitting unqualified stuff carried out factory inspections. the scandals are seen by many as a further blow to japan's reputation for quality manufacturing that reputation has allowed japanese companies to charge higher prices compared to cheaper competitors
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such as china not all analysts think the scandal is a disaster for japanese brands japan to have a lot of over spec you know they really if you want to have the last three percent of perfection you have to go to a japanese company because they're the only ones doing it while everybody else you know whether it's korea whether it's germany whether it's you know operates on minimum viable standard kobe still said the misconduct involved dozens of employees in as many as four factories and possibly going back ten years the full financial impact is still not known but it could be huge if customers request replacements the company's share price has already taken a beating on the stock market lawrence louis al-jazeera tokyo. and again on one of the pradhan and the headlines on al-jazeera police in the
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kenyan capital have used tear gas to disperse opposition protesters calling for changes to the electoral commission confusion is mounting over this month's repeat presidential vote official say opposition candidate while a will be on the ballot despite his withdrawal on tuesday spain's prime minister has given. until monday to say whether our motto is declared independence the spanish government says it will take away the region's political autonomy of oppresses ahead with secession. us secretary of state rex tillerson has called on turkey to provide evidence for accusations that local u.s. embassy employees were linked to the two thousand and sixteen failed could last week the u.s. embassy in ankara suspended visa services after a staff member was detained on quote canceled americans existing visas and stopped as showing new ones in retaliation turkey's deputy prime minister has attempted to diffuse the tension which he says has been overblown you know i want to be very
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clear we don't want this dispute to last more than a second. we responded you know likewise because turkey is a proud nation we are a sovereign nation. you know we think that it is decision used to be reversed a u.n. report has found that myanmar's army torched homes and crops and iraq and staged to stop her from returning there the report based on interviews with her hunger who escaped the bangladesh details killings torture and the rape of children the u.n. says the attacks have been well organized coordinated and systematic the libyan coast guard has rescued seventy five mile girls who were stranded on a rubber boat nineteen women and four children were among the survivors and at least twenty one people have been killed and hundreds of missing and wildfires in
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the u.s. state of california thousands of firefighters are battling twenty two blazes in the northern part of the state those are the headlines on al-jazeera technology that's coming up next. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera coral reefs of the rain forests of the sea prize for their beauty and resources the world over. they are also one of the earth's most fundamental ecosystems a threat to climate change and no place better symbolizes their importance and their plight than australia's great barrier reef. this is techno a show about innovation and change not we're going.


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