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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2017 7:00am-7:34am AST

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bonin circus is on a mission to help the children break the poverty cycle one of the least follows their journey of sacrifice become top class performers. when one is that this time and others are. the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed a satisfied with the state of the economy this is easily the slow news biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on zero zero. protests in kenya where the deepening political and certainty of the opposition leader violent and the withdrawal was from the repeat presidential election.
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and welcome to al-jazeera on live from a headquarters and a man of the problem also ahead. spain gives scotland's political leaders an ultimatum to declare their intentions on independence by next week. canada's prime minister visits washington in a bid to save a longstanding trade deal and the u.n. accuses of torture of raping and killing off. and back on state. the two major palestinian groups have reached a deal on governing gaza hamas and fatah have been meeting in cairo to discuss the implementation of the deal signed six years ago ok topics in the negotiations and closed at a point of both groups person now and the future of hamas as powerful military were
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well let's get more on this now with our correspondent ari force that he's joining us on the phone from west jerusalem any more information yet harry on the steel. so saw. a statement given to alexa t.v. by thomas with a cool head and here he just said that the two sides had reached a deal with these folks in cairo with kind how. they would be for the details of a news conference today for ten g.m.t. is about six hours time what we do know. since tuesday afternoon local time in cairo so this is a quick settlement. if it is two to the ten year division which is riven palestinian politics and live in these two pots of the palestinian occupied
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territories gaza. will be looking to see is whether this is a full agreement whether this does solve some of those thornier issues that you're talking about such as most of the. hamas is in the future or whether this is more of a pragmatic contradiction where we see some solutions as to how the palestinian authority government will come back in fully. in gaza the cabinet meeting which took place last week in gaza was the first process. of some kind of started implementing agreements with the more difficult questions to be so in the future will they really come to a full agreement not to just two days we'll have to wait and see what comes out of the press conference in a few hours time thank you very much for that phenomenon joining us on the phone from west jerusalem thank you. let in on to our other big story of the day and
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there have been protests in kenya and a deepening confusion over the repayed presidential election set down for the twenty sixth of the small month the latest crisis comes after the withdrawal of the main opposition candidate rylan has demanded electoral reform he lost the kenyatta and augusts election which was nullified by the supreme court due to the regularity this form of the miller has the latest from the capital. raila odinga supporters barely needed any prompting to return to the streets. they are demonstrating against kenya's electoral commission which they believe won't conduct a free and fair rerun of election. but supporters are divided on him dropping out of the race. which he lost was. the supreme court laid to rule they'd been irregularities in how the vote was counted and incumbent and
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should stand in new elections you cannot go to an election. i think that is the best option but we are not but. because of the pressure so you are out. between. protesters and. any reforms. kenya's constitution is not clear on what happens once a candidate with force from iran but parliament has now passed amendments to electoral laws that could allow kenyatta to be named the winner. twenty six and president speeds i mean let's face it it's very easy to say that we'll have
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a president with. it'll. be electoral commission will decide what happens next but if any of its decisions can be contested in court kenya faces one of many possibilities including declaring incumbent president a hurricane as the only remaining candidate the winner of the rerun all holding elections and then declaring kenyatta the winner all holding fresh elections within ninety days with new nominations for president while kanada says he should be declared president ordering guys pushing for fresh elections in a pronouncement. to be believable and the conduct of. the conduct of the commission. whether it's a faltering economy or an ongoing political feud all kenyans are guaranteed at this point is uncertainty for me to al-jazeera nairobi. spain has given carte
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longing to karla's push the moment until monday to say whether or not his declared independence of catalunya goes ahead with secession the spanish government says it will take away the region's political autonomy reports from madrid. madrid does not like being told what to do by the council lands for once parliament was united as the journalist speculated the cabinets agreed the spanish lion bit back against the catalan demands that their independence will happen the prime minister said if you say it out loud we will take back your powers no dice no deal and you have until monday. you've held a cabinet meeting and we've decided the catalan government must confirm whether or not they have declared independence regardless of whether it's going to take effect or not this is a requirement necessary before any other measures can be taken by the government
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including invoking article one if you do five. so back it goes to barcelona madrid no society there is split some separatist wants a session now others a nervous half the population hates the whole idea how long should they wait we know there are very important governments and people around the world who are ready to assist in mediation we got the group of the elders with coffee and with a banking on with that one to two who are ready to exercise their mediation the only small detail which we are missing is that we have nobody on the other side of the table because it just said he was not accepting mediation all the while europe looks on surely not another country fracturing itself there is no support at all in brussels for the catalan independence movements madrid knows that it is the side with the powerful friends. many people in madrid regard roy's statements his demand
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that catalonia clarify its position on independence as a shrewd one by putting the ball straight back in catalonia courts it potentially exposes divisions inside the independence movements that might buy madrid some time take the pressure out of the immediate situation but also leave the crisis open ended. where the protestors in barcelona go from here is a good question madrid would like nothing more than for them to turn on each other destroy their own movements that would rule out the need for mediation which madrid insists there is no place laurence li al jazeera which it. can cause for go from here. we don't know what he's going to say or when he's going to say it we haven't a hint of what the government's position might be from an interview with al-jazeera by a senior member of his coalition in which he basically says look what they're offering here is dialogue without preconditions they're talking about a framework for mediation. that really doesn't have
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a lot of distance to travel because madrid has consistently said there's no place for mediation mr are in parliament reiterated that on wednesday afternoon there is however another avenue of talks which may have opened up that comes courtesy of the head of the socialist party and main opposition in madrid saying that he's reached an agreement with roy in the popular party to set up a commission in parliament to spend six months looking at constitutional reforms in the way that the regions are government basically to give them more autonomy now this begins to look like a real enticement to the catalans to mr peter morgan in terms of saying there is a way for you to end up with a constitutional settlement with greater autonomy but the price for that will be to give up independence altogether and that is a price that may be too high for mr amount to pay. us secretary of state rex tillerson has called on turkey to provide evidence for accusations that local u.s.
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embassy employees were linked to the two thousand and sixteen failed could and expresses profound concern over the everest the u.s. embassy in encore suspended most of these a service is off for a staff member was detained encore vitaly action by canceling a math and existing visas and stopping issuing new ones because more. well late wednesday secretary of state rex tillerson said he wants to see evidence behind why two consulate employees from the u.s. were arrested within the last year one of those employees was arrested just a little less than a week ago the turkish government said that he was a spy and claim that he was linked to a u.s. based turkish businessman who turkey says was behind the failed coup a year ago now in addition to that the deputy foreign minister was visiting washington today he was meeting with the u.s. chamber of commerce trying to reaffirm the relationship with the u.s. the u.s.
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is a very strong trading partner with turkey the two countries do about twenty billion dollars you know bilaterally every year and trade seventeen hundred u.s. companies do business with turkey he says it's that both sides are very dependent on each other economically and he is hopeful that the two countries can get past this latest crisis you know want to be very clear we don't want these dispute to last more than a second. we responded you know likewise because to a proud nation we are a sovereign nation. you know we seeing that. you know the decision to be reversed now additionally defense secretary james madison's he's continuing to work with his counterpart diplomatically on military operations in
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turkey he said that they are continuing to talk again he reaffirmed today that turkey is a very strong nato ally to the u.s. turkey is also home to a very important and strategic air force base so everyone involved here is optimistic at least hopeful that this tit for tat so to speak over these pieces will be resolved quickly. joshua was a fellow at the german marshall fund a nonprofit aimed at strengthen incorporation between the united states and europe he says this issue has been a long time coming. it's been simmering this exploded and it caught everyone by surprise because it was a very technical issue that was announced on twitter in terms of these is being suspended the church responded in kind literally verbatim with the same these a suspension this is a first time is to nato allies have not been able to visit each other people the people exchanges they're trying to dress it up to say well it's these as it's not
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that big a deal but this is a big deal and i think they want to resolve it both sides i mean these are two nato allies things from syria to cyprus to russian relations to turkey's internal politics with the domestic ongoing unrest that the organization has been accused of the failed coup i mean everything is at stake in some ways for turkey to save the u.s. in a regional alliance and this is a really big deal and it doesn't seem that in some ways is this. escalation in some ways something as technical as these that something as technical as going after a turkish citizen who works at the consulate this is an interesting escalation u.s. president donald trump has denied reports he wants to dramatically increase the size of the country's nuclear arsenal u.s. mania published the report citing three on named officials has acknowledged policy differences between himself and top republicans and his cabinet and congress bought he's rejecting claims he saw a ten fold increase in washington stock of nuclear weapons now to sing his senators
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in the u.s. have criticized president trump for delay and commenting sanctions against russia in a joint statement republican john mccain and democrat ben cotton so the white house has yet to identify what challenges of the russian state should be sanctioned the spine and up to the first deadline they say the delay calls into question the trumpet ministrations commitment to the sanctions bill. canada's promise that justin trudeau has wrapped up his trip to washington d.c. a visit dominated by the future of the north american free trade agreement u.s. president trump suggested that tough talks to a welcome back to could fail. that mexico might be dumped from three country packs but traders optimistic about. the meeting with trump went wow the talks were held against the backdrop of another train to. the u.s. placed on a canadian made bombarding airplanes alan fisher has more from washington d.c.
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. with a fourth round of talks drawing up a new north american free trade agreement underway here in washington canadian prime minister just into dog came to meet with president donald trump donald trump has been on the record since the moment he moved into the white house that he would like to see green and agreement that has been in place for almost twenty five years and both canada and mexico see until this point has been walking relatively well but don't want to see a new modernized agreement justin trudeau says that is understandable in the circumstances but says he may want to walk away justin trudeau believes there is the possibility that they can come up with a new deal and he says it's up to the politicians to convince people why it is such a good thing. part of getting these trade deals to move forward requires us to get support public support for these trade deals and demonstrating that we're hearing the concerns that people feel and responding to them i think helps significantly in
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making the case that trade can and will be good for all citizens before justin trudeau came here to the canadian embassy to address the media he was sitting in the oval office with donald trump point donald trump said whether or not there was a new deal really still is in the hands of the negotiator so it's possible we won't be able to make a deal and it's possible that we will we have a great personal relationship and we have a relationship now as as two countries i think. but we'll see if we can do the kind of changes that we need we have to protect our workers and in all fairness the prime minister wants protect to. can the people also the three governments a third of time feel at the end of the year to come up with a new no agreement justin trudeau would still believe that possible but you go from here in washington to mexico we'll meet with the president to discuss the progress in the thought of what to do if there can't be an agreement still ahead on the
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boston ashes all that's left for many of the victims of this latest round of wildfires in california and the song to one of africa's largest oil reserves why is there a massive shortage and sounds of dogs. to find out. from brisk noise and fuel. to the warm tranquil to this of southeast asia. hello again let's look at the weather across the levant and western parts of asia you see this cloud moving through the caucasus given one to two showers a day this little bit of weakness left behind the potential is still there for the old shower coming on the eastern side of the black sea otherwise very fine conditions generally across this region backed up there thirty three further south kuwait city thirty five degrees so the side of the caspian sea some showers are likely to run probably stay dry there might some of twenty five and as we head on
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into friday generally similar conditions expected and the shower activity across the caucuses is likely to have cleared stage here in the arabian peninsula start to get more of a breeze picking up coming down through the gulf region now the probability isn't just in places but it's also clear in the humidity that really sticky air it is being blown away so it's feeling slightly more pleasant on the other side of the potential are still looking pretty warm for mecca medina temperatures there around about the forty mark give or take let's head into southern parts of africa is fine here for the most part that for normal area of low pressure is now moving why in the indian ocean so much quieter weather left behind i'm pleased to say so durban looking bright highs of twenty two should be fine for the north into the maybe a bit apache cloudy but otherwise plenty of sunshine highs of thirty in when talk the weather sponsored by cattle and race. when they're on line we were in hurricane. almost like thirty six hours these are
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the things that has to address or if you join us on say i'm a member of a complex but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a stream and one of your pitches might make the next shot join the global conversation at this time on our. it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories the two major palestinian groups have reached a deal on governing gaza hamas and fatah have been missing in karo since tuesday to discuss the implementation of an agreement signed six years ago. police in the
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kenyan capital have used tear gas to disperse opposition protesters calling for changes to the electoral commission confusion is mounting over this month's repeat presidential vote official say opposition candidate while a go will be on the ballot despite his with a troll on tuesday and spain's prime minister has given caution on needed collars pushed him on to until monday to say whether or not he's declared independence the spanish government says it will take away the region's political autonomy if it presses ahead with the secession. officials in liberia say a provisional results in the presidential election are expected on thursday it's likely a runoff will be required as the winning candidate will need to have more than fifty percent of the vote twenty people avant replace president ellen johnson sirleaf she was africa's first female data and is stepping down after nearly twelve years an office in south sudan is hosting its first international oil conference
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but president salva care has been a no show the country is going through a fuel crisis despite having but hands of bowels and oil reserves with the functioning power grid petrol is being sold on the black market at a cost many can't afford to morgan reports from the capital juba. this may not seem the best way to prepare for exams but now i think peter says it's the only way her brothers them study she says fuel is too expensive for her family. because there's no power in the house so we use candles we can't pay for the fuel that is used to run the generator in our neighborhood fuel is expensive and comes from the black market it's cheaper to get candles be used for a day south sudan has the largest oil reserve in africa according to experts but it has no means of processing its own oil instead it relies on its neighbor sudan to do so but two years of war and low oil prices last here has damaged the economy this has resulted in hard currency crisis making it hard for traders to bring in
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fuel most suppliers now prefer just of private sectors leaving many stations in the country empty despite the shortage of few electrical stations you can find info on the street from recycled water bottles but at a price eight dollars a gallon about four meters that's nearly ten times more than the official price of seventy cents a people face. there are government subsidies on imported fuel but because the black market is more profitable subsidies along with other issues are contributing to the country shortage few shortages it's because. they're subsidizing his expression of the fuel is being subsidize. that is one issue that we are facing. every three months i give them said to me. smuggling fuel part of the country and there are people who are actually taking the fuel to the black market so that they make more money and this is the work of the police and the national security to
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address it so that they stopped not it's those who are actually doing illegal activities like trading with your lawmakers have recently proposed lifting the fuel subsidies but some analysts say if the government does this the short term impact will be damaging it could have an impact on you know income. because the transport skyrocketed. because the. subsidy keeps it down and. food items and other essential supplies. increase in prices now i think knows she can't afford the cost a few but she hopes it doesn't do an extent to do one thing that lives her home at night and forced her and her family to live in darkness he morgan al-jazeera juba severe flooding in vietnam has killed at least thirty seven people and left forty others missing the rain has lashed several provinces in central and northern
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vietnam the squeak triggering flash flooding and landslides the disaster management authority says more than eight hundred thousand homes have been submerged or damaged. a un report has accused me of chemicals of rape and torture of the hunger after interviewing survivors have fled to bangladesh the military is also alleged to have torched homes and crops and rocket science days to stop the hunger from returning their. home as well from young gone. and no way service in a sea of misery. this school is teaching english to or hinder refugees who fled mean mass military campaign before eleven year old sayed know the conflict is ever present. in our village reckon people came to our house to kill people and they burned houses so we can't stay there they were torturing a lot united nations investigators are prevented from going to main mosque conflict
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zone so they came here to bangladesh in what is now the world's largest refugee camp more than half a million or hinge or have fled across the border from main mar to bangladesh since late august it was from them that the un heard testimonies of the military campaign of indiscriminate killing mass rape and the burning down of homes in yemen our security forces purposely distracts the property of the range of population scorched earth gatherings and entire villages in the penn state media only to drive the population out in droves but also to prevent the fleeing range of victims from returning to their homes not only will hinge and not be allowed back to their homes but it won't belong to them anymore mean mars government announced last month that all birds land will become the property of the state al-jazeera has yet to hear back from authorities about their response to the un report they've previously
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denied un claims that the military campaign against the right amount to ethnic cleansing slightly that ignore and dismiss this report. al jazeera. and the un has announced its top official in myanmar is leaving her position after nearly four years or not a log desailly and will leave at the end of this month and take up another role at u.n. headquarters critics accuse her of not responding to the violence and rockline state we have a million have escaped from just in the past six weeks. the libyan coast guard has rescued seventy five migrants and refugees who were stranded on a rubber boat one thousand women and four children were among the survivors they were brought ashore to a center and tripoli the nearby town of sobrante is considered one of the largest human trafficking points on the mediterranean coast. two police officers have died after suicide bombers attacked the police headquarters in the syrian capital damascus six civilians were injured at least three or attackers tried to storm the
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building two were killed by security forces and other detonated a suicide vest has more for one talk here near the turkish syrian border. the attackers were planning to steal the headquarters of the police in the capital damascus they were intercepted then there was an exchange of gunfire to that's not what killed other blew himself up now there was a similar attack last week in the capital damascus talkative also at police station four suicide bombers were killed and eleven people were killed including police that the capital damascus has been relatively calm over the last few months how whether the latest attacks are indications that rebel factions or groups affiliated with i so that they have to do this can still so that those fights is into the heart of the capital damascus and close that's i guess you have your forces at least thirty people have been killed and dozens injured and the strikes near the
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syrian city of. sources say twenty people died when suspected russian planes bombed a river crossing outside the city and ten of those were killed in an strikes to the east near the iraqi border. at least twenty one people have been killed and hundreds are missing and wildfires in the u.s. state of california thousands of firefighters are battling twenty two blazes in the northern part of the state there are concerns that several of the files could merge into one huge front jacob or what has more from santa rosa and california. this is the journey's end mobile home park and in a scene like this it seems as if the worst might be behind us the flames have died down and it's just down to to counting the cost to the ruins of a place like this unfortunately because of the great chaos of a fire like this and the fact that communications systems are are so intermittent there are still terrible costs to be counted over two hundred people are missing in
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this county alone and behind me officials of cordoned off this area because a dead body has been found here in this mobile home park it's not there it's a man or. what a the coroner is is desperately overworked in this town and so it will be some time before we know exactly who it was but this is really the great sort of hidden cost of a fire like that because in the days afterwards the missing very often turn up dead tonight firefighters are expecting an even worse fire to spring up because the wind is picking up it's still dry it's still hot and then tomorrow will be a very windy day so this fire at this point spread across multiple counties here in northern california is still far from over. and over again on the problem and the headlines on al-jazeera the two major
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palestinian groups have reached a deal on governing gaza hamas and fatah have been meeting in cairo since tuesday to discuss the employment of an agreement signed a six years ago that has more from west jerusalem did you go so far are extremely scarce when you have these a statement given to alexa t.v. by hamas is that it will had it's not and egypt said that the two sides had reached a deal with these folks in cairo. egyptian help and that there would be the details at a news conference to turn gnc. police in the kenyan capital have used tear gas to disperse opposition protesters calling for changes to the electoral commission. confusion is mounting over this month repaid presidential vote official say opposition candidate violet a dingo will be on the ballot despite his what form on tuesday. spain's prime
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minister has given carte long lead to carter's puja montandon monday to say whether or not he has declared independence the spanish government says it will take away the region's political autonomy if it passes ahead with the secession. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has called on turkey to provide evidence for accusations that local u.s. embassy employees were linked to the two thousand and sixteen failed coup one employs attention has been at the center of a diplomatic crisis between the two countries. iraq says shoot arrest warrants for three kurdish election commission officials over the september twenty fifth referendum on secession iraq's supreme judicial council said the warrants for hendry and muhammad and his aides were issued for violating a valid court's ruling minded two percent of kurds voted in favor of independence from iraq. a un report has found myanmar's army torched harms and crops in vulcan state to stop the hague from returning there the report based on interviews with
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the hunger who escape to bang the variation details killings torture and the rape of children. those are the headlines on al-jazeera the stream is coming up next. the man who negotiated the dismantling of apartheid and scrapped south africa's nuclear program i don't think we needed the bomb but some of my prediction is just that they want to use as a deterrent south africa's former president declared al-jazeera i've just done. and i'm here in the stream live on you tube today a stream of issues brought to us by you our community will. become a country this is a. loud.


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