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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2017 10:00am-10:34am AST

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when that show joined the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. china's property. fields become cities rivers water pumps forests. mostly empty. yana brings international before us the illusion of a thriving metropolis and the myth of an image only. chinese dream of a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. a move that could end the decade long disputes between rival palestinian factions hamas says it's reached a recon c.-h. and deal with fatah.
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so i'm fully back to go this is al jazeera live from my headquarters in doha also ahead iraq's government claims eyesore has infiltrated the disputed province of care partly under the control of the kurdish regional government plus. and the wind was just howling and so i knew this is it going to get out he was one of the lucky ones the death toll in the california wildfires rises to more than twenty and then to made some to catalonians leaders the spanish government says they have until monday to declare their intentions on independence. thank you for joining as the palestinian faction hamas says it has reached a deal on political reconciliation. with fatah a move that could signal an end to
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a decades long divide between the two groups hamas and fatah have been meeting in egypt in capital cairo to discuss the formation of a national unity government negotiations brokered by egypt started on tuesday details of the outcome of the agreement reached overnight will be revealed at a news conference later today let's go live to harry fawcett who is in ramallah for us in the occupied west bank harry so no details so far as to what exactly was agreed to on in cairo the announcement was made by hamas anderson but no comment yet from fatah. well actually no we are starting to get some indications of what may have been reached here and we are waiting obviously for this news conference in three hours time for the full revelation of exactly what the terms of this agreement are but as you say the leader of hamas is no one here has been saying that agreement has been reached giving a nod to the egyptian backing for all this and we've been hearing as well from
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a fatter central committee representative in gaza who is saying that three things have largely been agreed on in this the first is the issue of crossings over the border at the southern border in. between egypt and gaza who exactly will start that crossing who will be responsible for the security the. security more generally internal security within the gaza strip and also the issue of employees because in the intervening ten years during the split there have been tens of thousands more than forty thousand hamas officials employees who've been delivering services such as they have been during that time the question has been and this is been a real sticking point in previous attempts to reconcile how will they be brought under the p.a. system you have people who've been sitting idle being paid by the p.a. during that time how will these two sort of separate groups of staff be resolved
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will they say this will take place over four months that they will be paid some payments if not full salaries during that four months and then at the end of the four months they will be fully merged so we're seeing some concrete things the easier to agree things i suppose being finalized first right what about the big question. the question of who is going to control the gaza strip and also of whether hamas is going to give up its weapons in gaza those were the big stumbling block staring at the negotiations. well during these negotiations they have largely been put to one side in terms of the military wing of hamas at least that's what hamas has been saying that the egyptian backed talks that they were never on the table the ultimate control of the of the ark or some brigades the military wing of hamas but certainly there is a difference here the president of the palestinian authority mahmoud abbas has been the person president abbas has been saying that he won't accept any situation as
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there is in lebanon with hezbollah like alternative center of military power outside a civilian administration we spoke to the secretary general of the central committee of fatso this week he was saying we're not there just to provide services and have militias totally outside our control so the question is is there some sort of quiet arrangement whereby the military staff the tens of thousands of people under the brigades will they just be kept quiet be kept sort of underground and have some informal arrangement whereby they won't be used without some kind of say so some sort of agreement between both sides or will the lack of a formal agreement showing control of the p.a. will that cause problems in the future we don't know that yet so that the people we've been hearing from in gaza they are just keen to see an immediate reconciliation on whatever terms even if it's
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a fairly intermediary situation to allow the restrictions that have been imposed by the palestinian authority to be lifted improve their lives and they're hoping that that will be announced at a news conference today yes indeed and harry the president has said that these talks aimed kyra where preparation for an israeli palestinian. this time around how might israel react to this deal agreed between hamas and fatah what are they going to say. well there's been a thorough a fairly quiet reaction so far from the israelis that there has been a statement that there was a statement last week from the prime minister benjamin netanyahu in which he again said if hamas wants to be part of a palestinian unified government then it has to recognize israel and lay down its arms but he said that in relatively mild language certainly compared to the kind of statements that he was issuing when previous attempts at reconciliation had reached this point or near to this point similarly the americans have been very very muted
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in what has until very recently been extremely harsh criticism of hamas as a terrorist organization and so it seems that there is except potentially some kind of compromise deal whereby if hamas isn't brought fully into a unified administration but it allows the p.a. to rule to some extent within gaza or to a great extent within gaza provide services try to ease the humanitarian situation within gaza and that would be seen as a good thing the question is really is there a peace process to be worried about anyway at this stage there is a great deal of pessimism i think on the palestinian side at least and so perhaps the old problem of of how to broach this issue being so impossible as far as israel is concerned with publicly to deal with perhaps that isn't as big an issue now as it was in the past kerry faucet in ramallah in the occupied west bank thank you very much for that let's turn to other world news now
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and to more people have been confirmed dead from wildfires in the u.s. state of california bringing the total number of people killed to twenty three hundreds of people remain missing they'll and with high winds it's hard to contain the unfairness rob reynolds reports from los angeles on what steps can be taken to save lives and homes in the future. high winds low humidity and dry brush the ingredients of california's fire is the. aster are simple all they need is a spark if you get that ignition and you don't get that if you don't get that innocent put out right away then those are the conditions that allow a wildfire to spread really uncontrollably hot winds from the desert blow eastward every october just as the forest and brush is at its trius many wildfires are almost impossible to contain with winds of up to one hundred sixty kilometers per
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hour propelling the flames along fire experts say while brush fires are inevitable the destruction they cause is not it's going to be far easier cheaper and effective to reengineer our homes and communities than the try to reengineer the forests if you just do one thing. replace rooftops with non-flammable materials like a metal roof that alone can increase the probability of a home surviving a wildfire by ninety to ninety five percent for more than a century the conventional wisdom was to fight forest fires that almost all costs the consequence it has allowed the underbrush and dry fuel to build up making fires burn with even greater intensity what we need to be doing is working with wildfires
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not fighting against the whole war on wildfire paradigm is complete the storage and and we're just throwing lots of blood and treasure into absolute folly making war on nature is essentially what it's about firefighters are doing their best there are several thousand firefighters on the line right now we have firefighters from throughout california san diego to your uniform but scientists say those who have built their homes in. businesses in harm's way can't count on firefighters to save them there's always a lag time in these fires between the time that the fire starts and the time that they can get people out of the way getting resources in to start to protect against it and that lag time of people in that lead time that a lot of the bad things happen a new approach in how people should deal with nature along with changes in planning
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and building design could help keep things from going from bad to worse robert oulds zero los angeles severe flooding in vietnam has killed at least eighty seven people dozens of others are missing the floods were triggered by a tropical depression that hit central vietnam on tuesday bringing heavy rain to much of the region the vietnam disaster management authority says eighteen thousand homes have been destroyed or seventy. to spain where the government has given the cuts nandita congress put him on the until monday to say whether or not he has declared independence it's a first step before the government triggers on it all one five five which gives madrid the right to take away the region's political autonomy john hall has more from boston on. well the pressure clearly very much on congress wisdom on to the catalonian regional government in the building behind me there took to this challenge from our own right the spanish government in madrid as to whether he
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stands by tuesday's declaration of independence or not he's got to do that by monday if he does stand by it he'll then have until thursday to basically change his mind rescind it go back to the legal framework otherwise section one five five is applied and catalonia has its autonomy revoked we don't know what he's going to sail when he's going to say we haven't a hint of what the government's position might be from an interview with al-jazeera by a senior member of his coalition in which he basically says look what they're offering here is dialogue without preconditions they're talking about a framework for mediation that really doesn't have a lot of distance to travel because madrid has consistently said there's no place for mediation mr a hole in parliament reiterated that on wednesday afternoon there is however another avenue of talks which may have opened up that comes courtesy of the head of the socialist party the main opposition in madrid saying that he's reached an agreement with roy in the popular party to set up
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a commission in parliament to spend six months looking at constitutional reforms in the way that the regions are government but basically to give them more autonomy now this begins to look like a real enticement to the catalans to mr peter morgan in terms of saying there is a way for you to end up with a constitutional settlement with greater autonomy but the price for that would be to give up independence altogether and that is a price that may be too high for mr which amount to pay. the iraqi government claims i saw has infiltrated current coca disputed province partly under the control of the kurdistan regional government or the k r g prime minister hide-n. a body says he wants to send troops into the province to oust the ice all fighters but kurdish officials say that's an excuse used by iraq to launch a major attack on kurdish forces tensions have been growing between the k r t and the central government in baghdad after iraqi kurds voted overwhelmingly for to session in a referendum last month. well you don't know what that i'm going to let so myself
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fighters have been allowed to enter her cook with they were fighters who are considered very dangerous and who pledged allegiance to isolate or who have confessed to have fought with the group of women and we asked the kurdistan region and we ask our caucus which is on there to federal authority as well as we have asked the minister of interior to send officials took our coke to get these terrorists and investigate them these are terrorists who have committed crimes against civilians in huwaida and other areas they have to be punished according to iraqi law and. on the defense. reports he wants to increase the u.s. . plus. there's a riddle for you but a big german powerful being kept hidden from prying eyes like mine and causing no end of problems for russia well i'm rory talents and i'm on the hunt for them here in crimea find out more later in the program.
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with. hello and welcome to the international weather forecast looks very mobile across central and northern parts of europe when weather system after another in the some pretty deep areas of low pressure mix in here too across more southern parts you're looking fine with high pressure and in fact warm air is going to push up from the southwest in the coming days but for the time being we have got some pretty unsettled weather conditions pushing across northwestern parts of europe another low pressure system through the baltic region extending through into parts of western russia but those central southern areas or looking dry and fine into friday again northern areas cool showery windy southern areas drawing fine sunshine in rome and highs of twenty five into north africa it looks fine here the breeze continue to come in off the mediterranean socorro there temperatures of twenty nine
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jones wanted to showers pushing into the gulf area so between tripoli and benghazi there could be a few showers as we head on through into friday in particular for central parts of africa still plenty of showers between central africa public and d.r. congo extending towards cameroon the gulf of guinea region further towards the west we've got a few showers here akron gano may pick up one or two showers in the day for southern parts of africa it's looking to me draw and find should be a bright day cape town with a high here of eighteen. they're
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watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories the palestinian faction hamas says it's reach a deal on political reconciliation with fatah the two groups have been meeting in egypt capital cairo to discuss the formation of a national unity government the iraqi government has denied claims by kurdish officials that its forces are preparing a major attack on kurdish troops incur coq iraqi prime minister high dela body insists the operation was targeted an eyesore fight is in the region this comes
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after the iraqi army announced that military operations to regain control of how we have ended. and two more people have been confirmed dead from wildfires in the u.s. state of california bringing the total number of people killed to twenty three hundreds of fire engines and crews have been rushed to the state from other areas to try and contain the flames winds have picked up making it harder to contain the wildfires. returning now to our top story any hamas fatah agreement and a bit more background on what led to the divisions between the two palestinian groups in the first place nine two thousand and saves hamas won parliamentary elections but it couldn't reach an agreement with thought on how to share power so in two thousand and seven how mass to full control of gaza after days of gun battles with fatah the conflicts weaken the palestinian authority leaving it only in charge of palestinian territories in the west bank which is occupied by israel march last year it was running gaza under an administrative committee which was
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seen as a rival government to the fatah dominated palestinian authority in the west bank but last month hamas agreed to hand over administrative powers in gaza to a fighter backed government let's bring in our guest now will simon azhar who's an editor at the voice of palestine and he is live from ramallah in the occupied west bank thank you very much for being with us they have been deals before we've been here before do you think it's different this time around do you feel that this deal agreed in egypt will actually hold. of course the national unity agreement is different from the past for different reasons first of all the situation in the goals of serbia is no longer pure a bill of the humanitarian situation there is collapsing no electricity and no infrastructure a whole in addition to the fact that the government is sponsoring this agreement and it was listening to make it. and we know the influence of egypt on the
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gaza strip at the same time on the palestinian president. movement the people can't move without having a good relationship with egypt they have the only crossing to the outer world which is that of a crossing in addition to. the palestinians in general all the policy and factions including. very we'll aware that they can't have a national program for independence and the freedom without having their national unity and without working hand in hand the situation in the west bank is not much matter of politics as israel is building settlements everywhere and leaving no space for the palestinian statehood so you think it's different this time around because they've realized that you know the issues are too big and that palestinians
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need better but there are still outstanding issues. the outstanding issues of who will control the gaza strip and whether hamas will hand over its weapons how do you think they could have reached a middle ground on these particular issues what would be the satisfying scenario if you will for each of the groups here. yes i think that the positive signs you see now you are talking about started weeks ago when the palestinian government convened in gaza and the prime minister was present at the meeting rami on the from the law and i know that the ministers of his government just talked to. their responsibilities in the gaza strip at the same time hamas officials were very clear that they are going to give everything possible in order to allow the consensus government to assume it's just possible it is and. i just
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think your argument is just my ways you think. just because if i with you under this deal then the p.a. would assume full control of gaza. yeah surely. was the. prime minister. in the girls. and there was a bank and of course the agreement between both parties in the formation of a national unity government that will start working for the general election. and the presidential elections in addition to elections of the palestinian national council which represents the palestinians inside and in that they are so i feel that there are good signs and we have. to say the positive mood regarding what's happening between both parties. thank you very much for speaking to us.
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editor at the voice of palestine joining us there from for your time. to kenya now where crisis talks are being held as the election commission decides on the future of the repeat presidential election which is due later this month several people were injured in protests on wednesday after parliament passed electoral reforms and a court ruling allowing all previous candidates to stand in the rerun on tuesday the main opposition candidate quit the race but the commission is yet to receive his official withdraw reports from nairobi. raila odinga supporters barely needed any prompting to return to the streets. they're demonstrating against kenya's electoral commission which they believe won't conduct a free and fair rerun election. but the supporters are divided on him dropping out of the race. which he lost was. the supreme court laid to
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rule they'd been irregularities in how the vote was counted and incumbent and should stand in new elections you got one election. i think that is the best option but we are not but. because of the pressure so yeah out that they are not happy. police fired tear gas at protesters and they. haven't. done any reforms. kenya's constitution is not clear on what happens once a candidate with flows from iran but parliament has now passed amendments to electoral laws that could allow kenyatta to be named the winner. twenty six and the president. i mean. then it's very easy to say that we'll have
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a president removed. and respect from. the electoral commission will decide what happens next but if any of its decisions can be contested in court kenya faces one of many possibilities including declaring incumbent president who are kenyatta as the only remaining candidates the winner of the rerun all holding elections and then declaring kenyatta the winner oh holding fresh elections within ninety days with new nominations for president. says he should be declared president ordering guys pushing for fresh elections in a pronouncements from i b c will not be believable on the conduct of. both the conduct of the commission as its officials to be inspired and. whether it's a faltering economy or an ongoing political feud all kenyans are guaranteed at this
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point is uncertainty. al-jazeera nairobi. u.s. secretary of state rex ellison has expressed his profound concern over the detention of american diplomatic staff in turkey to listen has called on the turkish government to provide evidence for claims u.s. embassy employees were linked to the twenty sixteen failed to call the american embassy in turkey has suspended most visa said this is causing turkey to retaliate with similar measures that turkish deputy prime minister claims the diplomatic crisis has been overblown and will soon be resolved you know want to be very clear we don't want this dispute to last more than a certain. we responded you know like once because turkey ease a proud nation we are a sovereign nation. you know we've seen it you know this
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decision used to be reversed us present donald trump has denied reports he wants to dramatically increase the size of the country's nuclear arsenal u.s. media published a report citing three unnamed officials acknowledged policy differences between himself and top republicans in his cabinet and congress but he's rejecting claims he saw a ten fold increase in washington stock of nuclear weapons meanwhile two senior senators in the united states have criticized president trying for a delay in implementing sanctions against russia in a joint statement republican john mccain and democrat ben cardin said the white house has yet to identify which elements of the russian state should be sanctioned despite an october first deadline they say the delay calls into question the trump administration's commitment to the sanctions wailed. russian president vladimir putin is due to meet with siemens and other german firms in sochi next week siemens
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will start legal proceedings against russia it's not happy about full power generating turbans it sold to the kremlin that have now allegedly ended up in crimea crimea is subject to european union sanctions on technology supplies after russia annexed the region three years ago the challenge has more with this report from moscow. what we're looking for in this disputed land is high tech equipment proof in finally machine steel of the links russia's leaders will go to to supply the crimean peninsula with electricity and the trouble that's bringing to the kremlin where territory cannot do without. power lines but ukraine refuses to provide it russia's mainland doesn't have enough of it and e.u. sanctions shots crimea are offering western energy technology so russia's opted for deception to win their thought about building a power station on the mainland and to growth for electricity to the.
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it was a fake because the well it was just going to recall those store buy ins from. the say well we'll install them here but not on the occupied territory of the crimea but crimea is where siemens acknowledges the four turbines now on the reuters news organization filmed these two large objects in july for the crimean puerto theodosia despite russian media reports two years ago about the turbine secret destination siemens accepted moscow's reassurances that they were for southern russia but now the scandals forced the german industrial giant to act it's pursuing criminal charges it wants its missing technology back and it says it's scaling down russian operations they told us siemens will hold power generation equipment deliveries from existing contracts to state control customers in russia for the time being the e.u. has also responded with new sanctions asset freezes and travel bans. when we
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visited theodosia the turbines if that's what they were had disappeared perhaps they're already here one of the two new power plants being built in crimea that russian technicians are expected to face significant problems getting them to work because siemens is refusing technical assistance this whole siemens gas turbine saga illustrates in a nutshell the bines that russia has got itself into and trying to wriggle past the e.u. restrictive measures moscow has just incurred more of them and with washington signing in new american sanctions the ability of russia to secure the investments and technology it needs to stop the country sliding backwards well that only gets harder rory talents for al-jazeera simferopol crimea.
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unfairly battle with headlines on al-jazeera the palestinian faction hamas says it's reach a deal on political reconciliation with fatah the two groups have been meeting in egyptian capital cairo to discuss the formation of a national unity government. the iraqi government has denied claims by kurdish officials that its forces are preparing a major attack on kurdish troops in car cook the iraqi prime minister has threatened to send troops into the disputed region after claiming i saw had infiltrated the province. well you know what that i'm going to so meusel fighters have been allowed to enter her cook they were fighters who are considered very dangerous and who pledged allegiance to or who have confessed to have fought with a group of women and we asked the kurdistan region and we ask her caucus which is on there to federal authority as well as we have asked the minister of interior to send officials took her coke to get these terrorists and investigate them and these are terrorists who have committed crimes against civilians in who region and other
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areas they have to be punished according to iraqi law to more people have been confirmed dead from wildfires in the u.s. state of california bringing the no total number of people killed to twenty three hundreds of fire engines and crews are being rushed to the safe from other areas to try and contain the infernos more than three thousand homes and businesses have been destroyed many of them in the wine country a drought for the last five years has made the complex of blazes worse and winds have picked up making it harder to contain the wildfires. severe flooding in vietnam has killed at least thirty seven people and left forty others missing rain has lashed several provinces in central and northern vietnam the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has expressed his profound concern over the detention of american diplomatic staff in turkey to listen has called on the turkish government to provide evidence of claims u.s. embassy employees were linked to the twenty sixteen failed school the american embassy in ankara suspended most visa services causing turkey to retaliate with
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similar measures and spain's prime minister has given. until monday to say whether or not his declared independence you're up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera inside stories next. the man who negotiated the dismantling of apartheid and scrapped south africa's nuclear program i don't think we needed the bomb but some of my prediction is just that they want to use it as a deterrent south africa's former president declared talks to al-jazeera at this time. catalonia has signed a symbolic declaration of independence from spain. is now calling for talks with madrid but the spanish government is refusing to negotiate with its worst political crisis in decades now only stalled not resolved what's the way forward for the country this is inside story.


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