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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2017 12:00pm-12:34pm AST

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in metropolis and the many have been in the only build economy chinese dream and a witness documentary at this time on al jazeera it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the governments it's about real. news has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. thank you i'm over that good ended decade long dispute between rival palestinian factions hamas says it's reaching every consultation deal with.
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its nine g.m.t. a watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead spain celebrates its national day i made a deepening political crisis over the future of the catalonia of egypt plus. protests and political uncertainty in kenyatta opposition leader right now danger withdraws from the repeats presidential election and also ahead. and the wind was just howling and so i knew this is it going to get out he was one of the lucky ones the death toll in the california wildfires rises to more than twenty. the ballot. in faction how martha has its reached
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a deal on political reconciliation with a move that could signal an end to a decade long divide between the two groups hamas and fatah have been meeting in the egyptian capital cairo to discuss the formation of a national unity government negotiations brokered by egypt started on tuesday details of the outcome of the agreement reached overnight will be revealed at a news conference later today let's go live to al-jazeera is harry fasted who is in ramallah in the occupied west bank harry are you getting any more details about what was agreed and also what's the reaction today from palestinians to this news well there are some details emerging as we're expecting this news conference in the next hour or so that will be were in the full public face of this agreement is presented but we have been hearing from a faster senior fighter representative in gaza who's been saying that three main topics for discussion have been agreed the issue of how the border crossing with
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egypt is policed the issue of employees the thousands of tens of thousands of hamas employees who've been doing government work during the division how they may be or some of them may be reintegrated into the power sue authority government and also the issue of internal security how p.a.a. security staff may well be reintegrated into an operation which has been run by hamas during the last ten years as for the reaction in gaza it is really pretty desperately optimistic if you can put those two words together the situation the humanitarian situation has been so bad exacerbated this year it has to be said by the further restrictive measures put in place by the palestinian authority to try to pressure hamas to make this deal that people there are hopeful that finally things may start to change for their lives. well there was it. when we used to hear about any reconciliation efforts we would think immediately of the failure of it but we hope this time is different unity could at least solve the power crisis and
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bring happiness to the gazan people. we've had enough eleven years of suffering without electricity no medicine for old people no traveling we want to live like other nations so harry optimism there from the people of gaza but there are so outstanding issues and one of them. the issue of who is going to govern gaza politically who is going to be responsible for governing as. well certainly the the agreement that's been put in that we understand is being put in place would make the palestinian authority the governing entity in garza once more and indeed when hamas dissolved its own administrative committee inviting the palestinian authority back into gaza the ministerial handover as we saw at the cabinet meeting which took place last week that is where this is all going and indeed we are hearing from facts are that the palestinian president mahmoud abbas
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if this goes as planned will be there within the month or not as a visitor but as for president of garza as well as here in the occupied west bank so that is who would be in charge the question which remains outstanding is exactly how the military wing of hamas features in all of this in the future self is made public pronouncements about not wanting to preside over lebanese style situation where there's a hezbollah like military alternative center of power that is not on the table as far as hamas is concerned at least officially in these talks over it maybe there's some sort of unofficial accommodation whereby the military wing remains out of sight to some extent out of mind and that any major decisions over war fighting or peacemaking are taken in some kind of consensual way those are the signals that have been emanating from from both sides in the days preceding these talks harry any reaction from israel. nothing as yet
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to this i think presumably they as we all are waiting for the official announcement coming out of cairo there has been in the last few days a reaction to the prospect of this from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in which he was again of course critical of hamas saying that any real reconciliation would need to have a recognition of israel and an end to the threat to israel's existence a part of that however that language is much more muted than the kind of the kind of language that he was putting in his way in or sending imus's way in twenty eleven twenty fourteen when there have been other near misses at this reconciliation similarly fairly muted language as well from the americans it does seem that everybody is kind of standing back and allowing this to happen at least and certainly as far as egyptians are concerned pushing for it to happen both hamas and fatah find themselves in a pretty difficult situation hamas with a humanitarian crisis on its hands with the prospect of hamas turning to
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a former fighter figure an alternative father figure mohammed. and so this is a way of trying to fend off both of those situations given that they are able to try and resolve the outstanding issues that still remain further down the line very fast thank you very much for that. now the new spain is celebrating its national day as the political crisis over the future of the catalonia region depends many people have already taken to the streets this. boss alone i believe in a show of unity independence rallies also expected now the central government in madrid has given. until monday to say whether or not he has declared independence these are live pictures from madrid where the national day celebrations as you can see where underway let's go live to our. believe who is in madrid for us lawrence tell us about the mood in the spanish capital on the street
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. yeah i mean you know as if as if the last fortnight haven't been dramatic enough to have spanish national day roy to the day knew more of this crisis is the most extraordinary piece of timing with a look over here just so you can see what it's like probably if you could go over there have a look it's it's always really heavily militarized this event is going to be that the king just composite a rolls royce there was a great big twenty one gun salute is going to be a fly of about the airport in a minute and parachutes in the military vehicles on the streets and so you know it's a pretty right wing event is very much king and country here locals with a cattle and they would say there's a whisper franco about about all of these things but it's been absolutely use right now by the spanish government to try to press home their advantage against the catalans because when all the people of the regions a spy and stop parading post here with the flags it's a basic message of the confluences say look we're united is the whole of spain
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against you so back in your box but stop with the independence and just go home and forget it so it's a perfect opportunity really for madrid to press home will appears to be its advantage of the moment against the council and presidents in the pro independence movement yet we're watching live pictures now and the king king philippe right now greeting cabin. members i believe along with his family he's greeted the military. actually falling he's just on the platform yes exactly that's right it was sort of way through the suite we have and we're looking at him right now greeting cabinet members we heard last night yesterday rather from the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy who gave this ultimatum nor and still. to say whether or not they've declared independence what has been the response from the leaders and what's the state of play right now politically. well i mean look the bump in the points is
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this they know the president in a complete cleft stick you know they're giving us all monday to say what do you get what's going to be you going to do independent or you know how to do independence if he says yes i am then they invoke article one hundred five take back the powers to madrid and presumably call fresh elections and similar taney a slate of course the biggest it probably depends when it is split the risk is that the catalan president loses his support base for the people who are more cautious if he says no i'm not going independent democrat automatically wins the pro independence movement collapses as well because the left wing the party which wants it now said well forget it we're off so it's a lose lose. and it's a brilliant madrid's pulled against them because it knows that they've got him absolutely all over a barrel now. really is going to respond thank you very much for that. capital madrid where national day celebrations are happening. not to the
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u.s. sent two more people have been confirmed dead from wildfires in the state of california bringing the total number of people killed to twenty three hundreds of others are still missing and with high winds picking up the operation to contain the flames is even more difficult reynolds reports from los angeles. high winds low humidity and dry brush the ingredients of california's fire disaster are simple all they need is a spark if you get that ignition and you don't get that if you don't get that ignition put out right away then those are the conditions that allow a wildfire to spread really uncontrollably hot winds from the desert blow eastward every october just as the forest and brush is at its trius many wildfires are almost impossible to contain with winds of up to one hundred sixty kilometers per hour propelling the flames along fire experts say while brush fires are inevitable
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the destruction they cause is not it's going to be far easier cheaper and effective to reengineer our homes and communities than the try to reengineer the forest if you just do one thing. replace rooftops with non-flammable materials like a metal roof that alone can increase the probability of a home surviving a wildfire by ninety to ninety five percent for more than a century the conventional wisdom was to fight forest fires at almost all costs the consequence it has allowed the underbrush and dry fuel to build up making fires burn with even greater intensity what we need to be doing is working with wildfires not fighting against them. the whole war on wildfire paradigm is
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a complete distortion and we're just throwing lots of blood and treasure into absolute folly making war on nature is essentially what it's about firefighters are doing their best there are several thousand firefighters on the line right now we have firefighters from throughout california san diego to the northern border but scientists say those who have built their homes and businesses in harm's way can't count on firefighters to save them there's always a lag time in these fires between the time that the fire starts and the time that they can get people out of the way getting resources to start to protect against it and it's in that lag time that people in that lag time that a lot of the the bad things happen a new approach in how people should deal with nature along with changes in planning and building design could help keep things from going from bad to worse robert
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oulds zero los angeles to a head on al jazeera find out why more than one hundred former professional ice hockey players want to see the ne plus. there's a riddle for you what a big german powerful being kept hidden from prying eyes like mine kind of causing no end of problems for russia library talents and i'm on the hunt for them here in crimea find out more later in the program. how much is the went weather in this part of the world southeast asia rather than towards the doors of australia has been concentrated in vietnam in the last few days is clearly a lot of showers around but over the philippines is another disturbance take place
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a tropical spin which is heading back towards vietnam not to take a lot of the energy out so maybe the showers further south won't be as heavy but they're still going to be there and pretty widespread so you can see you can't you can't see borneo or sumatra for the most part or indeed thailand so wet season is doing its thing but i think most of the rain is going to be further north you know straight here there has indeed been some rain in sydney and on this cold front but it wasn't very much as far as i can tell has changed the weather type in the sun is out now and we got twenty four degrees again bruce been just about beats sydney twenty eight and the rain is still hanging around in queensland but it's fine beyond that potential still there in the middle and the cold on shore breeze means you're talking about low teens at least to start in melbourne adelaide and then this circulation suggests pressures settle down is rising is a nice bit of the warm summer so is it twenty one that you could do better percy is better still a twenty five foot no to gain for western australia those green dots the suggestion there is showers wandering around.
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what are you seeing tonight in our mind a suspected terrorist people of all faiths fell victim to a suicide bomber in manchester but if the bomb was indiscriminate was the placing of blame this is nothing to do with us this is about an individual who psycho you know that nobody could do this unless they were completely unhinged how much just as muslims responded to challenging questions and aftermath of the. people in power manchester united but this time on al-jazeera. the arab. you're watching al-jazeera live from
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doha top stories this hour the palestinian faction hamas says it's reach a deal on political reconciliation with fatah the two groups have been meeting in egypt in capital cairo to discuss the formation of a national unity government. spain is celebrating its national day these are live pictures from the capital madrid as a crisis over catalonia as future continues many people have already taken to the streets of boston and out today as well as in madrid as you can see and independence rallies are also expected the central government in madrid has given cots money to put them on until monday to say whether or not he has declared independence after the region held here referendum vote earlier this month overwhelming supporting secession from spain. two more people have been confirmed dead from wildfires in the u.s. state of california bringing the total number of people killed to twenty three
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hundreds of fire engines and crews have been rushed to the state from other areas to try and contain the blaze. picked up making it very difficult to contain the want. to kenya where the election commission is due to decide whether or not there will be a rerun of the presidential election later this month kenya's security minister has just announced a ban on demonstrations in the central business district of the capital nairobi mumbai and in the western city of k. so more several people were injured in protests on wednesday after the parliament passed electoral reforms and a court ruling allowing all previous candidates to stand in the rerun on tuesday the main opposition candidate right now quit the race but the commission is yet to receive his official withdrawal has a report from nairobi. raila odinga supporters barely needed any prompting to return to the streets. they are demonstrating against kenya's
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electoral commission which they believe won't conduct a free and fair rerun of august election. but adding a supporters are divided on him dropping out of the race came the vote which he lost was. the supreme court laid to rule they'd been irregularities in how the vote was counted and incumbent and should stand in new elections you cannot go to an election his credibility. i think of what i think are the best option for me but we are not but. because of the pressure so you are out there that they're not happy to police fired tear gas protesters and they. haven't. done any reforms.
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kenya's constitution is not clear on what happens once a candidate with flows from iran but parliament has now passed amendments to electoral laws that could allow can to be named the winner. twenty six and the president speeds i mean that's based then it's very easy to say that we'll have a president removed. and respect from all penguins the electoral commission will decide what happens next but if any of its decisions can be contested in court kenya faces one of many possibilities including declaring incumbent president a hurricane as the only remaining candidates the winner of the rerun all holding elections and then declaring kenyatta the winner holding fresh elections within ninety days with new nominations for. president. says he should be declared president ordering guys pushing for fresh elections in a pronouncement. to be believable on the conduct of. both.
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whether it's a faltering economy or an ongoing political feud all kenyans are guaranteed at this point is uncertainty but al-jazeera nairobi. kurdish forces of brass roads leading from iraq's kurdish region to the city of mosul in response to an iraqi military operation in car cook the iraqi government claims it saw getting i saw fighters in the city which is partly under the control of the kurdish regional government but the k r g says that some excuse by iraq to launch an attack on his forces tensions have been growing between the two governments after iraqi kurds voted overwhelmingly for secession in last month's referendum. yes resin donald trump is annoying allegations he wants to dramatically increase the size of america's nuclear weapons arsenal but he admits there are key policy differences
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between himself and top republicans in his cabinet and in congress a white house correspondent kimberly reports have you both here and an oval office meeting with canada's prime minister u.s. president donald trump hit back at reports he wants to increase u.s. nuclear capabilities to ten times its present size though it's use fake news by n.b.c. which gives a lot of fake news lately and it's frankly disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they want to write the us president has repeatedly voiced his frustration with the media and almost as frequently an apparent willingness to exercise military might against north korea's missile threat. so i desire to increase of america's nuclear arsenal wouldn't be surprising. but for some like republican senator bob corker trump's words are concerning.
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trump is ridiculed corker openly for his statements exposing an escalating rift between the president some republicans in congress and even members of his own cabinet. one of those said to be out of step in favoring diplomacy over force with north korea secretary of state rex tillerson who has again seen his efforts undermined i think i have a little bit. different attitude on north korea than other people might have. and i listen to everybody but ultimately my attitude is the one that matters is that such in-fighting carried out in public which could involve cabinet discussions over nuclear weapons may put the president's policy goals in peril presidents the only main power they have is to persuade. and once you become that person who is putting yourself in between people for on fights as opposed to bring them
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together it's much more difficult to go and ask for something and get something done this latest white house rift comes at a particularly bad time on another of america's nuclear fronts the president has until the end of the week to recertify iran's compliance with the terms of the twenty fifteen agreement to limit iran's nuclear program or pull out of the deal kimberly help that al-jazeera washington. meanwhile to say senior senators in the u.s. have criticized president trump for a delay in implementing sanctions against russia in a joint statement republican john mccain and democrat ben cardin say the white house had yet to identify which elements of the russian state should be sanctions as october first deadline they say the delay calls into question the trumpet ministrations commitment to the sanctions bill. russian president vladimir putin is you to meet with siemens and other german signs in sochi next week siemens will
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start legal proceedings against russia as not happy about for power generating turbans and so to the kremlin that have now allegedly ended up in crimea talent's has more with us or what. we're looking for in this disputed land is high tech equipment proof in finally machine steel of the links russia's leaders will go to to supply the crimean peninsula with electricity and the trouble that's bringing to the kremlin. territory cannot do without. power lines but ukraine refuses to provide it russia's mainland doesn't have enough of it and e.u. sanctions shots crimea are offering western energy technology so russia's opted for deception when their thought about building a power station on the mainland and to growth for electricity to the.
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it was a fake because the well it was just bought the rights of those door buy ins from us . to say well we'll install them here but not on the occupied territory of the crimea but crimea is where siemens acknowledges the four turbines now on the reuters news organization filmed these two large objects in july for the crimean puerto theodosia despite russian media reports two years ago about the turbine secret destination siemens accepted moscow's reassurances that they were for southern russia but now the scandals forced the german industrial giant to act its pursuing criminal charges it wants its missing technology back and it says it's scaling down russian operations they told us siemens will hold power generation equipment deliveries from existing contracts to state control customers in russia for the time being the e.u. has also responded with new sanctions asset freezes and travel bans. when we visited theodosia the turbines if that's what they were had disappeared perhaps
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they're already here one of the two new power plants being built in crimea but russian technicians are expected to face significant problems getting them to work because siemens is refusing technical assistance this whole siemens gas turbine saga illustrates in a nutshell the bines that russia has got itself into and trying to wriggle past the e.u. restrictive measures moscow has just incurred more of them and with washington signing in new american sanctions the ability of russia to secure the investments in technology it needs to stop the country sliding backwards well that only gets harder for each islands for al-jazeera simferopol crimea a victim of this month's mass shooting at a las vegas music festival has filed a lawsuit against the event organizers twenty one year old paige gaspar is also suing the operators of the hotel where gunman stephen paddick fired from and the
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maker of the device that allowed weapons to be fired at a near automatic great gasper suffered multiple injuries in the attack that killed fifty eight people. more than one hundred former professional i hockey players are preparing to sue the national hockey league in the u.s. and canada they're accusing the n.h.l. of concealing scientific evidence of long time damage caused by head injuries to pay as daniel like has a story. fast furious and intricate ice hockey mixes speed intense physical contact it's also a sport that's hard on those who play it fans love them but frequent body checks even fist fights cause dangerous injuries especially to the head and you put a harness around your back former player scott thornton is retired but after at least sixteen concussions he's worried about long term brain trauma he says he's feeling some effects i can be looking at a photo of teammates i play with ten years ago and can't remember some of their
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names in the photo and i played five years with these guys you know a lot of guys are way worse than me so i can kind of live with the say that i made dozens of former players are taking part in a study looking for links between the concussions they suffered and degenerative brain function some n.h.l. players who died in recent years were found to have physical brain deterioration similar to all simers disease many of their former teammates are worried they could be next as an issue it's a real issue but it needs to be put in perspective in terms of the the general incidence which is unknown the general incidence of dementia or nerves genitives sees it we're only beginning to learn. the current lawsuit claims the n.h.l. knew about the potential for brain damage from concussions but concealed it players were encouraged to return to the game too soon after head injuries the league denies this and says it has rigorous concussion protocols but the settlement in two
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thousand and thirteen of a similar suit by national football league players in the u.s. has set a precedent legal experts are warning that the n.h.l. is taking a risk by refusing to settle if we look to the n.f.l. and there are some. well there was a billion dollars of the n.f.l. can afford a billion dollars and they have their material cannot go in the grand scheme of things it could be a serious hit to the league it could even though in some cases destroy what the league is facing now is a class action lawsuit thousands of ex players could be eligible for compensation should their legal arguments prevail the judge in the case wants it settled or decided later this year if possible at arenas across north america and new n.h.l. season has begun but amid the excitement and anticipation of fans the possibility that a court ruling could have a devastating impact on the game daniel acknowledges era toronto.
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this is al jazeera and these are the top stories this hour the palestinian faction hamas says it's reach a deal on political reconciliation with fatah that's all groups have been meeting in egypt in capital cairo to discuss the formation of a national unity government. spain is celebrating his national day as the political crisis over the future of the catalonia region deepened live pictures of the parades in the capital madrid where king philippe has been leading the commemorations and the festivities there now many people have also taking to the streets in boston no not in a show of unity in the pendants rallies are also expected in catalonia the central government in madrid has given catalonia. until monday to see whether or not he has declared independence. in other news kurdish forces a roads leading from iraq's kurdish region to the city of mosul in response to an iraqi military operation in
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kirkuk the iraqi government claims it's getting i saw fighters and in the city which is partly under the control of the kurdistan regional government the k r g though says it's an excuse by iraq to launch an attack on his forces tensions are been growing between the two government after iraqi kurds voted overwhelmingly for secession and last month's referendum well you know what that they lacked so meusel fighters have been allowed to enter her cook if they were fighters who are considered very dangerous and who pledged allegiance to or who have confessed to have fought with a group of women and we asked the kurdistan region and we ask her caucus which is on there to federal authority as well as we have asked the minister of interior to send officials took her coke to get these terrorists and investigate them and these are terrorists who have committed crimes against civilians in who region and other areas they have to be punished according to iraqi law. and in the u.s. to more people have been confirmed dead from wildfires in california bringing the
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total number of people killed to twenty three hundreds of fire engines and crews are being rushed to the states from other areas to try and contain the flames more than three thousand homes and businesses have been destroyed many of them in the wine country coming up next here on al-jazeera people in power. the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed that as a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al jazeera. in may this year a suicide bomber targeted a pop concert in the u.k.'s manchester arena killing twenty two people and injuring scores of other.


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