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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm AST

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oh is it allison when they're on line we were in hurricane winds full almost like thirty six hours these are the things that u.k. has to address or if you join us on set i'm a member of a complex one but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of their pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm so robin welcome to the news hour live from doha coming up in the next
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sixty minutes new hope that a decade long dispute has come to an end rival palestinian factions hamas and fatah signed a reconciliation deal plus. the kenyan government bans protests as it sold out what will happen next to its presidential run also. and the wind was just howling and so i knew this is it i've got to get out he was one of the lucky ones the death toll in the california wildfire fires has now reached over twenty. i'm kristen salumi in manhattan where the chinese artist ai wei wei has painted one of the latest poll coming out i'll tell you which payments new york are you trying to reach. welcome to the news hour we start in the middle east. the ins
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a rival factions have signed a deal political reconciliation hamas and fatah have agreed for the palestinian authority to take full administrate of control of gaza by december the first they've been meeting in the egyptian capital cairo to discuss the formation of a national unity government because your actions brokered by egypt started on choose day palestinian president mahmoud abbas has welcomed the outcome of the cairo talks and has asked his government to implement the agreement let's get more this from her a force that has been listening in to that press conference he's in ramallah in the occupied west bank i mean her really the devil is in the detail and that's what we've been waiting war for for the last few hours what was said. that's right we haven't yet got that full detail we were expecting that this was going to be a live event a statement whereby we would get the full text of this agreement it's coming out somewhat in dribs and drabs and the statement itself from the two factions was
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recorded and played out on egyptian television so what we do know is that according to the head of the fact our delegation. the issue of the rougher crossing between egypt and gaza is one which where they have reached agreement that the palestinian authority security services will take control of all of the border crossings with israel and egypt he said the rafa crossing was more sensitivity expected for the full assumption of control over the borders by november the first at the latest the egyptians are talking about all of the palestinian factions meeting again in cairo on the twenty first of november the other indications that we have that the issues of employment trying to make sure that some at least of the tens of thousands of hamas officials who've been working as the government in the interim that they or least some of them are employed under the new p.a. administration and indeed security that in the other direction p.a. security officials who have been sitting idle for the last ten years that three
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thousand of them we understand will start to assume roles and potentially share those roles with some of the hamas officials have been doing that work here's a little of what the delegation heads of both sides had to say in cairo a little earlier. but he completely agreed to the concept of supporting the government which will work normally according to law and other systems to administer the authorities and ministries without exception and to provide all the crossings whether with the israeli side or the egyptian side which is the rafah crossing. despite the fact that we have some different views of different political points we have different disputes but this will never change the fact that we are brothers we are brothers in religion we are brothers in nationality we are brothers in the national interest we suffer the same we have the same future we need to find a way for a unity of our people to secure the ambitions of our people. hurry when these factions actually have managed to you might say find
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a way forward they do tend to look over their shoulders to see what the israelis have to say in the lead up to this meeting what has been said from tel aviv. prime minister benjamin netanyahu has he had did issue a statement last week in which he gave a fairly familiar take on hamas saying that any reconciliation would have to involve hamas recognizing the state of israel disbanding its military wing but he said so in a relatively for him mild way certainly not the kind of furious rhetoric that there was directed against hamas where in previous reconciliation terms have appeared to be nearing the finish line and subsequently fell apart and the americans also been fairly muted the egyptians are obviously extremely behind this and have been really the architects of this and so there are lots of things in its favor it would seem one of the potential problems that had been raised before these talks was the fate
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of that military wing of hamas some are said it wasn't on the table at all for discussions in this negotiating process the palestinian president mahmoud abbas so that he wouldn't accept a lebanon style situation with an alternative center of military and medical power has boller in gaza however it does seem that they've managed to surmount that at least for now there had been talk potentially of a less formal agreement whereby that military wing would keep relatively quiet and that any actions it took would be subject to national consensus that it wouldn't be as independent as it had been over the last ten years when hamas had free reign in gaza or for the will leave it there harry follow events with you from the occupied territories thank you. are sure is a senior lecturer at the university of exeter in the united kingdom he joins me here on the set in doha good to have you with us again what makes this agreement so much more different from the ones we've seen in the past what they have failed and that we begin back at the drawing board and we don't really know how long it's
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going to tell another agreement i think it's the conditions that surrounded this agreement is what makes it a bit different but there are so many parallels from what has been happening in the last. ten fifteen years the main issue here is that all sides reached a hurting stalemate all sides are hurt by one fact or another a massive hurt by the siege is heard by the suffering inside gaza. is hurting by the lack of control over gaza and also by the rise of factions within it that are content. competing with the president egypt is hurting in sinai is bleeding inside there for the last. four five years so all sides have something to benefit from at this point and to deescalate a bit still most of what was mentioned are micro level changes if you wish you know the employment the borders issues that could be resolved temporarily on the short
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term because the big issue is really security is it not is security within gaza and who actually has control about both civilian level the military level and generally at a level that would be acceptable to the international community so that some form of negotiations can continue to see whether palestinian statehood can be achieved absolutely so the way forward here is a bit problematic the worry for we're talking about one day elections is going to happen or not if it happened what would happen if hamas wins the elections and how the international community and in america under the administration deal with that the second issue is as you mentioned the arm wings the future of it there's a bit of conflicting statements here from the non-acceptance of the hezbollah model but keeping the. kind of hezbollah model and hamas sees it as it's also its safety net but moreover if you are going to do. the mobilization disarmament and reintegration process who will have control over the let's say the armed institutions of the palestinian state between conditions. who have control over the
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resources the promotion criteria leadership of these institutions and this will be a very hotly contested. spring to my mind in terms of the way the conditions on the ground have changed one is the fact that if you look at the agreement back in two thousand. six we had hosni mubarak in power now we've got general sisi a military power dare i say it in the gyptian capital and then how my sister changed its policy slightly earlier in may which is perhaps if i'm correct in saying has led it to a situation that it can actually talk to fatah those two major factors in where we are right now partly but also partly is the turkish and the. involvement in the previous day in that process also the rise of iran the hamas always had a relationship prior to the city and uprising in twenty eleven they had good relations with damascus now damascus is gone more or less so it's find itself in this awkward position where the supportive powers are far away the powers that they
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are surrounded by whether israel egypt are very hostile and. it's only option two the situation in gaza is by doing these concessions whether these concessions will hold this is another story depends a lot on how the developments in that age and go ahead. evaluate the great deal of. complementary mentions that egypt got in that press conference between. the house leader negotiators they were seeing with gratefulness i think it's to do with big brother perception of your big sister perception so there was a lot of that but this is also a trend this has been going on since two thousand and six. was very very careful with its relationship with egypt in the middle of when the when you know the ministry of interior was accusing it of assassinating the former you're a prosecutor general they were still trying to have a very. sensitive line when it comes to egypt has obviously appreciated because of
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the mediation posts in the mediation process has pressured hamas to significant levels to give down all these concessions so now we'll have to see how this will continue from the egyptian perspective because they are big players at the moment and this indeed well we'll see how it does go for the moment i'm sure thank you you thank. now tensions are growing between kurdish authorities and the iraqi government following last month's controversial secession referendum bank that has denied claims by the kurdish regional government that it plans a major attack on the could cook region the k r g as it's known says it fears iraqi government forces could launch an assault on the autonomous northern region charles trotman has the latest from erbil in northern iraq. this is the main road between erbil and mosul and it's one of two roads that were closed last night by the kurdish regional government following what it says were messages that it received
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from the iraqi military and the house of the shabby those of the shia militia groups saying that there were planned attacks around the oil rich city of kirkuk and northern mosul now this road was opened up again this morning but it's an indication of just how nervous the kale argy are these mounting threats from the baghdad government also in the last couple of hours news out of turkey a spokesperson for president russet tiber the one saying that turkey was going to gradually close its land border with at the k r g eight nation with the iraqi government and the iranian government has a say a huge indication of just how nervous the k r g are at the moment meanwhile no sign of any face to face dialogue happening the k r g saying that they are open to dialogue that they works to talk to the baghdad government but the baghdad government refusing they say until the results of this controversial referendum another fight. turkey's president says it's unacceptable for the u.s.
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to sacrifice its strategic partnership for an ambassador as a bird or blames that job asked for the diplomatic visa with the us the us ambassador to turkey had criticized the turkish government over the arrest of a u.s. consular member of staff the detention last week of a turkish national working for the u.s. consular office sparked a sudden deterioration of relations between the two countries last week both countries suspended not immigrant visa services for the other you know i want to be very clear we don't want these dispute to last more than a second. we responded you know likewise because turkey is a proud nation we are a sovereign nation. and you know we think that you know this decision needs to be reversed wells and of course hullo here is our reporter in
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turkey joins me here in doha with the turkish president is not mincing his words and we thought there's going to be deescalation there seems to be an escalation. well actually so here this is just the opposite let me say this one it sounds like escalating the crisis but this is exactly the opposite because we see that the president is trying to keep the discussion on the embassy level because it seems he's trying to avoid any escalation on the foreign ministry or presidential level that's why he's pointing out u.s. ambassador john bass on purpose this is a smart diplomatic move by the way when you look from ancora side because they don't want to toria their relations with the united states because they're both nato allies there are commercial relations you know a couple of days they go like two days ago u.s. state department spokesperson heather no art said that the recent suspension move was actually coordinated with the state department the national security council so
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the u.s. side says that this is our own we'll as a state but our don keeps accusing the ambassador himself because he doesn't want to escalate the relations for me to serve because we've discussed this in relation to this over the last few days and yet you say there's no deescalation yet we're seeing the foreign ministers to listen and his counterpart talk on the phone there was a thought that it would really stay at that level and that the only way this is going to be solved would be perhaps between the two presidents when you say it's possibly only ten percent level we are really looking at eventually a conversation between the two presidents these are two strong nato allies that need each other and strategically they're very important to each other from ankara's perspective than a trump and presidents are drawn seem to have some. temporal behaviors so they are assumed to be getting along well so. believes that if donald trump and i
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are down speak this issue over they're going to find a way out as per the presidential spokesperson who brought. this is a small issue and it can be resold within a day but when we look at the u.s. narrative by the state department. there is something else probably and maybe a negotiation is underway because there's also the legation coming over to turkey next week. we're going to within the following day which is what does happen for the moment. thanks. there has been pomp and ceremony and a ground of unity in madrid on spain's national day but the country's deep political divide over catalonia is independence referendum has yet to be resolved catalan leader. given been given till monday to say if he's going to declare independence a decision that could see direct rule imposed by madrid or the region reports.
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if the last fortnight hadn't been dramatic enough the spectacle of national day provided the finishing touch madrid laid it on thick the whole military displayed the flags of the regions used as an opportunity to say to the cattle and just look how united we are nobody wants your independence the crowd of course loyal supporters of king and country. today we celebrate the day of spain which is the day of all spanish people but there's a group of us spaniards who are bent on breaking up our shared country. they should understand you've got to learn you that we belong to one country which is a pain in not just the republic which they are pushing for. for the first time in thirty years a national police were invited to rapturous applause. the government said the decisions of all of them came after the barcelona attack you noticed this is. the same national police which on referendum day tear gassed and fired rubber bullets
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at spanish citizens in catalonia. six of this. credibly provocative if madrid wanted to rub the capsule nose in the does this is how you do it. in barcelona the pro independence faction held its own protest march it was tiny compared to madrid there on the back foot now the splits in the movement being exploited by the national governments but how they hated the spanish national police being celebrated by madrid. i mean it's shocking as the national police occupying forces it's as if they sent in the tanks you don't want them here they're not our police force from a government that does not represent us. so much it knows it has the catalan president in a trap now whichever way he decides on the independence question he risks losing part of his base on this day it felt like the dream was in
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a triumphant mood. largely al-jazeera in madrid. but plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including on the defensive double trumpets back at reports he wants to increase the u.s. is a nuclear arsenal plus. is a riddle for you but a big german powerful being kept hidden from prying eyes like mine and it causing problems for russia alarm retirement and i'm on the hunt for them here in crimea by now more later in the program and in sports the new york yankees avoid elimination for a fourth consecutive game in baseball's playoffs we'll have the details it's been. protests have been banned in kenya grows over the future of a repeat presidential election. applies to central business
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district of the capital nairobi and the cities of kisumu and mumbai ahead of the rerun in two weeks' time several people were injured. demonstrations after parliament passed controversial electoral reforms and a chord ruling that allowed all previous candidates to stand in the fresh poll the main opposition candidate rollo dingo quit the race on choose day though the electoral commission has yet to receive his official withdraw let's join the katherine so is live for us in nairobi there are many elements to what's going on in kenya and a great deal of uncertainty when it comes to the public wondering what's going to happen next but the government have made very decisive choices in terms of banning demonstrations why. absolutely interior a cabinet minister held this proc press conference a couple of hours ago and like you mentioned he said that the government has banned protests in the central business district of nairobi in western kenya and more
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batters well this is where the protests have been most sustained and if you remember in the press conference on saturday said that now these protests that previously were being held twice a week are going to be daily and the reason given by the interior minister is because of balance increasingly we've seen people being robbed a shop being vandalized particularly here in nairobi and in kisumu as well. opposition has said that. who have been hired. thugs have been hired to infiltrate their peaceful demonstrations they've also accused of police of using excessive force a couple of years a couple of man a couple of weeks ago so hail we so video of police beating up university students inside their lecture hall yesterday in protest think it's sume or several people
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were injured some have been hospitalized with bullet wounds they blame the police so the opposition like i think saying that the police are also are using excessive force the kenyan national human rights commission has also come out of their report saying that immediately after the president was declared nine or gassed there were some parts and dozens of people were killed including children and most of them have blamed the police as well so the cabinet minister thing that this band really is just to prevent an escalation of violence or health it did if you look forward catherine to two weeks' time of the rerun of the presidential vote a great deal of confusion really isn't there because as it stands right now you've got to go and can the outer on the ballot paper or maybe not. and maybe even some other candidates in the preliminary elections. so it's very confusing picture so when will we know who will run for the presidency.
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very confusing indeed in fact when dry loading and he's positioned college an announcer that withdrawal from the recent houston a lot of people were shocked there was a lot of confusion like you mentioned and uncertainty was going to happen because at the time he was the only other candidate who is going to be on the ballot paper alongside. president two who are looking at the back now like you mentioned so he'll things have changed a little bit providing a little more color a little clarity yesterday the high court ruled that the other candidates who participated in the law in the last election will should be included in the in the ballot paper and last night we saw a statement from the electoral commission saying that indeed they really include all the eight candidates. in the ballot paper for the election on the twenty sixth and when i say all the eight candidates that includes dry loading or because they say the need for a loading or wrote officially to the commission saying that he's going to withdraw
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he did not sign a crucial form called form form twenty four a and only after receiving that form can look for a commission come start the process of you know removing him from the ballot paper so they say for now arrival odinga is going to be on the ballot paper until he gives back that form twenty four and they say for now the election is still still stands on the twenty six but again so he like you've been saying this could change with all these things going on in kenya all the back and forth in the changes this could change as well indeed and likely we'll have you there to help us make sense of it all for the moment katherine so thank you. people have been confirmed dead from wildfires in the u.s. state of california bringing the total about to twenty three but hundreds of other people remain missing and with high winds picking up conceivable difficult to contain the flames rob reynolds reports on what steps have been taken to save lives
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homes and the future. high winds low humidity and dry brush the ingredients of california's fire disaster are simple all they need is a spark get that ignition and you don't get that if you don't get that innocent put out right away then those are the conditions that allow a wildfire to spread really uncontrollably hot winds from the desert blow eastward every october just as the forest and brush is at its trius many wildfires are almost impossible to contain with winds of up to one hundred sixty kilometers per hour propelling the flames along fire experts say while brush fires are inevitable the destruction they cause is not it's going to be far easier cheaper and effective to reengineer our homes and
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communities than the try to reengineer the forest if you just do one thing. replace rooftops with non-flammable materials like a metal roof that alone can increase the probability of a home surviving a wildfire by ninety to ninety five percent for more than a century the conventional wisdom was to fight forest fires that almost all costs the consequence it has allowed the underbrush and dry fuel to build up making fires burn with even greater intensity what we need to be doing is working with wildfires not fighting against them. the whole war on wildfire paradigm is complete the stores and and we're just throwing lots of blood and treasure into absolute folly making war on nature is essentially what it's about firefighters are
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doing their best there are several thousand firefighters on the line right now we have firefighters from throughout california san diego to the northern border but scientists say those who have built their homes and businesses in harm's way can't count on firefighters to save them there's always a lag time in these fires between the time that the fire starts and the time that they can get people out of the way getting resources in to start to protect against it and it's in that lag time that people in that lag time that a lot of the bad things happen a new approach in how people should deal with nature along with changes in planning and building design could help keep things from going from bad to worse rob zero los angeles. well it's time now for the weather and the news of vietnam is not looking so good is it rob started well this week and it's going to end up wit
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a few days' time our forces is a train of of when to take in the tropical depressions with it if you look at satellite picture this is tuesday and that mass there is a tropical depression finally that doesn't look like anything at all but when it went across vietnam it dropped hundred millimeters of rain in one day now there's never a consequence of that in a country like vietnam his fairly low lying thirty seven dead forty still missing because of course very rapidly that was going to go somewhere is channel down whenever you've made canals or rivers and they tend to overflow or cause damage and it obvious his cause some structural damage one bridge washed away for example now since that point it has certainly dried up and if you look at wind that is up when there's a big hole in this in the clay so we've just had coastal shower has not been bone dry has been coastal showers but now the circulation is currently of the philippines and in the last twenty four hours hundred forty four minutes of rain fall in the far north of the philippines the tourist of course but that's another
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tropical depression now that has got a forecast movement directly towards vietnam that's where it should be going but it doesn't get there till monday or tuesday next week travel depression environment slow moving as it happens so it's immediate threat actually remains over the philippines opposed tomorrow and probably the next day but you know it's going next so thanks rob well still ahead here on al-jazeera we'll have more on our top story of the unity deal between the two palestinian factions we'll be speaking to a top hamas official on what the agreement means for the people of gaza. and preparing to face off in a u.s. court former n.h.l. players sue over the long term effects of head injuries those details coming up with joe in sports if you stay with us. in the heart of the amazon the bolivian family has put their lives in peril to
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harvest brazil nuts. but getting the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge. risking it all the libya. at this time on al jazeera. i sometimes feel that we are really looking into the hearts and the soul of those directly involved in advance taking place really going to telling all sides of the story from the political elite to those people who've been affected you really get to know what's happening on the ground that's very important for me as a third generation past like and i often feel that my continent is misrepresented and we've changed that your story is important to us it doesn't matter where you come from.
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you're watching al-jazeera welcome back i'm so robin a reminder of our top stories this news hour palestine's rival factions of side a deal on political reconciliation after two days of talks in the egyptian capital cairo and our son fatah have agreed for the palestinian authority to take full of ministers have control of gaza by december the first palestinian president mahmoud abbas has welcomed the outcome of the cairo talks and has asked his government to implement the agreement. tensions are growing between kurds short origins of the iraqi government following last month's disputed succession referendum baghdad has denied claims by the. kurdish regional government that it plans a major attack on the kirkuk region the k r g says it fears iraqi government forces
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could launch an assault on the autonomous will the region. voters have been banned in kenya has unrest grows over the future of the repeat presidential election about applies to central business district of the capital nairobi of the cities of kisumu ahead of the rerun in two weeks. let's just return to our top story on the hamas fatah agreement here's a bit of background on what led to the divisions between of the two palestinian groups well in two thousand and six house one parliamentary elections but it couldn't reach an agreement on how to share power with fatah a year later hamas took control of gaza after days of gun battles with fattah the conflict weakened the palestinian authority leaving it only in charge of the palestinian territories in the west bank which is occupied by israel since march last year hamas had been running gars under an administrative committee which was seen as a rival government to the fact that dominated palestinian authority in the west
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bank but last month that agreed to had over administrative powers in gaza to a fatah backed government ever to use it is a habits official joins me now from gaza good to have you with us live on al-jazeera what's changed on the ground for hamas to seek reconciliation with fatah . actually there many things took place one of the things that everybody's talking about there'd been a very american view to an israeli veto against the palestinian national reconciliation i think this is one of the things that making the people who have the courage to come in close to each other and walked in can do the second thing the egyptian the egyptian been. entered and sound like they both having both trust in in fact a hand and they both of them they agreed that whatever they decide egyptian will decide they will follow that's also the pressure coming from the street team
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behavior british are coming up from the street to change their policies and ending the division and that he can solve the rift i think this is more important for that we trust to be the interlocutor the mediator and also to feel that ten years of division is destroying everything the future of the palestinian people and also we are not gaining anything if i hear it once again. if that is the case mr you said you can't have egypt helping you at every stage it was palestinians together and fatah and hamas must work out your problems and iron out the divisions that you have a more big issue with security which hasn't been terrified in the press conference at the moment what is to become of security in gaza when it comes to the civilian police and also some brigade. you know this issue because they are going to
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implement their two thousand to live in an agreement that been signed in cairo this is going to be the frame of reference for all the things that been discussed saw in security they have agreed that the palestinian there but is it inshallah god will is put it on the border with egypt and also will take care of the three crossing. with israel and one with egypt so this is their issue it's a big game like something. because this is they have. and talking about how they're going to hand the security in gaza well for them we'll leave it there mr yousef and we'll look forward to reading more of the details as time progresses thank you for your time and joining us from gaza thank you. news just add that the united states has sent a notice to unesco saying it wants to withdraw from the u.n. the cultural agency says america's decision to end its membership is a loss to the u.n. family and multilateral multi-lateralism the u.s.
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state department says washington is concerned with mounting costs lack of reforms and has accused the organization of. bias. natasha butler is live for us where the headquarters are in that you desk i mean what does this really mean for you know how much of a loss is the united states to this organization. well it's never a good thing when an international organization like unesco which promotes unity and consensus ends up losing one of its main members in this case the united states and the director general irina bokova already put out a statement expressing her regret at washington's decision but it's not entirely a surprise because there's been a lot of tension between the united states and us go over the past years ever since really twenty eleven when you decided to give the palestinians full membership now washington an ally of israel was very angered by that decision they decided to then
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cut their annual contributions to the un's cultural agency we're talking about of eighty million dollars a year that was a huge blow to unesco donald trump has indicated that he may pull out of us going it seems now that we have a date january the first next year for that to actually come into effect it's worth noting though that the u.s. has actually pulled out of unesco in the past back in eighty four ronald reagan was very angry at the u.n. agency saying that it had soviet bias that it was corrupt but george bush decided then to join it again so it doesn't necessarily mean it's the end of this relationship perhaps only under the trumpet ministration unless something changes because we are in the middle of a new vote for a new director general and perhaps like could sway things before generally the first next year before the bubble to should thank you for joining us. nardil it could potentially see the siege lifted in southern damascus has been reached
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following egypt would egyptian sponsored talks the egyptian state media has reported that the agreement was brokered by cairo and moscow but no further details were bribed on which part of southern damascus it covered or which sides would take part in the deal to clarify this let's join joins me now from antakya near the turkey syria border how significant is this deal to all of the parties in syria the country perhaps that will monitor its implementations like egypt. that deal. will affect the east which is the capital damascus still under the control of the. areas that. could fall into the government into the hands of the government at any time so now the deal is going to give the rebels so that we can still maintain those areas to they would be able to get humanitarian aid into it has been besieged for quite some time for the
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government it's also an opportunity to further focus its fight in the eastern part of the country where the syrian army is sending more reinforcements to retake some of the areas that were under the control of isis now the development of this story is that egypt is now going to be deeply involved in the syrian conflict because we have monitors all the ground to ensure that all the parties will implement the terms of the deescalation zone russia and iran will still be very instrumental in the implementation of the do well for the moment how should we leave it that of course follow very closely from some damascus thank you. u.s. president donald trump is denying allegations that he wants to dramatically increase the size of america's nuclear weapons arsenal but he admits there are key policy differences between himself on top republicans in his cabinet and in congress our white house correspondent kimberly help it has more. have you both you and oval office meeting with canada's prime minister u.s.
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president donald trump hit back at reports he wants to increase u.s. nuclear capabilities to ten times its present size fake news by n.b.c. which gives a lot of fake news lately and it's frankly disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they want to write the u.s. president has repeatedly voiced his frustration with the media and almost as frequently an apparent willingness to exercise military might against north korea's missile threat. so i desire to increase america's nuclear arsenal wouldn't be surprising but for some like republican senator bob corker trump's words are concerning. trump is ridiculed corker openly for his statements exposing an escalating rift between the president some republicans in congress and even members of his own
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cabinet. one of those said to be out of step in favoring diplomacy over force with north korea secretary of state rex tillerson who has again seen his efforts undermined i think i have a little bit. different attitude on north korea than other people might have. and i listen to everybody but ultimately my attitude is the one that matters is that such in-fighting carried out in public which could involve cabinet discussions over nuclear weapons may put the president's policy goals in peril presidents the only main power they have is to persuade. and once you become that person who is putting yourself in between people on fights as opposed to bring them together it's much more difficult to go and ask for something and get something done this latest white house rift comes at a particularly bad time on another of america's nuclear fronts the president has
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until the end of the week to recertify iran's compliance with the terms of the twenty fifteen agreement to limit iran's nuclear program or pull out of the deal kimberly help that al-jazeera washington. a major section of russia's new road and rail bridge linking it to crimea has been towed across the black sea president vladimir putin announce the construction of the bridge immediately after russia and its the peninsula from ukraine in twenty fourteen the nineteen kilometer bridge is expected to open to cars in december next year and train some twenty nineteen it's being installed between pillars in the curch straight where a railway arch has already been erected. russian president vladimir putin's also g to meet with siemens and other german firms in sochi the munich based engineering giant will start legal proceedings against russia next week after full power generating turbines was sold allegedly and ended up in crimea the
4:43 pm
transfer of the equipment breaches sanctions the e.u. had slapped all russia after it and ics the region three years ago chalons has more . what we're looking for in this disputed land is high tech equipment proof in finally machine steel of the links russia's leaders will go to to supply the crimean peninsula with electricity and the trouble that's bringing to the kremlin. territory cannot do without. power lines but ukraine refuses to provide it russia's mainland doesn't have enough of it and you sanctions shots crimea are offering western energy technology so russia has opted for deception. with thought about building a power station on the mainland and to growth for electorates to do the. it was a fake because the well it was just going to wreck with those door buy ins from.
4:44 pm
there say well we'll install them here but not on the occupied territory of the crimea but crimea is where siemens acknowledges the four turbines now are the reuters news organization filmed these two large objects in july for the crimean port of fear dosia despite russian media reports two years ago about the turbine secret destination siemens accepted moscow's reassurances that they were for southern russia but now the scandals forced the german industrial giant to act it's pursuing criminal charges it wants its missing technology back and it says it's scaling down russian operations they told us siemens will hold power generation equipment deliveries from existing contracts to state control customers in russia for the time being the e.u. has also responded with new sanctions asset freezes and travel bans. when we visited theodosia the turbines if that's what they were had disappeared perhaps
4:45 pm
they're already here one of the two new power plants being built in crimea but russian technicians are expected to face significant problems getting them to work because siemens is refusing technical assistance this whole siemens gas turbine saga illustrates in a nutshell the bines that russia has got itself into and trying to wriggle past the e.u. is restricted in trying to wriggle past the e.u. restrictive measures moscow has just incurred more of them and with washington signing in new to secure the investments in technology it needs to stop the country sliding backwards but that only gets harder for each island's al-jazeera simferopol crimea though the president of kobe steel has apologized for the revelations that his company skewed data about the quality of its products japan's third largest steelmaker also admitted that falsifying data was more widespread than initially thought shares in kobe steel have taken a beating it's lost around
4:46 pm
a third of its market value as fears over the potential legal fallout grows. well so had all al-jazeera racing against the sun the solar car competition is decided in australia all of that coming up in school.
4:47 pm
welcome back it's time for sports history so hail thank you the new york yankees have complaisant a remarkable comeback to stay alive in the race for baseball's world series they
4:48 pm
unexpectedly ended the season of last year's finalists in the american league division series at lease home and reports. your thoughts with a third consecutive guy the cleveland indians were a short of a place in the next stage of the major league baseball playoffs if they could win to get a game that seemed an unreachable tom thank god. the new york yankees had rights to was not the glade by the third in it. was. playful it had reached last year's world series only to be beaten by the comes in game seven that were after redemption and had won twenty two games straight in the regular season at american league record. the indians got two runs on the board in the fifth inning before the yankees put the result beyond doubt in the night. to do.
4:49 pm
so. with a five two victory that advance a gang to the odds to the american league championship series with the houston astros which begins on saturday that's disappointing i mean we we. we felt good about ourselves you know we came down the stretch playing very good baseball and we did some things in the series and i don't think we're characteristic of our team there's just a ton of fight in this club and. you know it's a great mixture of youth and that your players that are leading the way and it's hard to believe because we just beat a really really get it right center field last season's well series champions the chicago cubs having to find also why to complete a repeat performance stephen strasburg help of the washington nationals shut out the cubs in game four of the national league division series
4:50 pm
a grand slam home run with batters on each place clinching a five nothing victory for washington well here they took. this series is tied to two game five on those day will decide which team goes on to meet the end i don't just in the championship series willie's home and al-jazeera. more than one hundred former professional ice hockey players are preparing to face off against the national hockey league in u.s. courts this sewing the n.h.l. accusing it of negligence and hiding evidence of long time damage caused by head injuries to play is research isn't tronto have also been looking at the issue daniel lack reports. fast furious and intricate ice hockey mixes speed intense physical contact it's also a sport that's hard on those who play it fans love them but frequent body checks even fist fights cause dangerous injuries especially to the head and you put
4:51 pm
a harness around your back former player scott thornton is retired but after at least sixteen concussions he's worried about long term brain trauma he says he's feeling some effects i can be looking at a photo of teammates i played with ten years ago and can't remember some of their names in the photo and i played five years of these guys you know a lot of guys are way worse than me so i can kind of live with the say that i made dozens of former players are taking part in a study looking for links between the concussions they suffered and degenerative brain function some n.h.l. players who died in recent years were found to have physical brain deterioration similar to all simers disease many of their former teammates are worried they could be next as an issue it's a real issue but it needs to be put in perspective in terms of the the general incidence which is unknown the general incidence of dementia in our genitives sees it we're only beginning to learn. the current lawsuit claims the n.h.l.
4:52 pm
knew about the potential for brain damage from concussions but concealed it players were encouraged to return to the game too soon after head injuries the league denies this and says it has rigorous concussion protocols but the settlement in two thousand and thirteen of a similar suit by national football league players in the u.s. has set a precedent legal experts are warning that the n.h.l. is taking a risk by refusing to settle if we look to the n.f.l. and their settlement that was a billion dollars and the n.f.l. can afford a billion dollars and they have the n.h.l. cannot you know in the grand scheme of things that could be a serious hit to the league that could even you know in some cases destroy what the league is facing now is a class action lawsuit thousands of ex players could be l. . for compensation should their legal arguments prevail the judge in the case wants it settled or decided later this year if possible at arenas across north america a new n.h.l. season has begun but amid the excitement and anticipation of fans the possibility
4:53 pm
that a court ruling could have a devastating impact on the game then your lack of al-jazeera toronto. brazil's olympic cheat carlos newsman has sent a letter of resignation from his prison cell he was arrested last week accused of being involved in vote buying to bring last year's games to rio de janeiro the brazilian. mediately chose a new president on wednesday paolo one delay will lead to convince the international committee to lift brazil suspension as the olympic body met inside its headquarters a group of athletes protested outside the committee to give them a vote to help decide their policies. the governor of the south korean province set to host next year's winter olympics as tensions on the korean peninsula will not dampen the spirit of the games he was speaking at a games launch party new york because officials from junk chang went on the charm offensive to convince spectators to come only thirty percent of take his have been
4:54 pm
sold so far with the games just one hundred twenty days away. we're one on one with the north koreans you think that's what we're going to be. and in the world we do want to give the whole world is possible the way we move on from all of you and you feel uncomfortable and think. well tennis someone rafael nadal has swept aside its lease fabio fognini in straight sets at the shanghai masters these two have history after for new york's new delhi after the u.s. open in two thousand and fifteen and criticized the u.s. open organized this year but taking three days to suspend the italian from the tall months after the verbal abuse the chair umpire the spaniard won six three six one match to advance to the ball to find us. alexander's variables off against juan martin del potro in shanghai but spot starting aggressively is things on rattled as aggression turned to the racket he went on to lose in straight sets.
4:55 pm
right well the netherlands might not be going to next year's fi for world cup in russia but they do have one reason to celebrate this week dutch team neurosurgeon has claimed the two thousand and seventeen world solar challenge this involved a car race from the northern australian city of darwin to the south and city of adelaide the vehicles raced at speeds of ninety to one hundred kilometers an hour powered by the sun alone new on cross the finish line first off a journey lasting around a week and that is all useful for now thanks very much terry. the chinese artist ai weiwei is installing more than one hundred one fences at various sites across new york city the exhibition titled good fences make good neighbors is aimed at highlighting the plight of refugees and government policies towards immigrants there is christensen to be has more on the controversial artist's latest creation two people cut through the fence that now blocks the triumphal arch in new york's
4:56 pm
washington square park a giant work of public art inspired by the global refugee crisis it's called good fences make good neighbors but these fences down in parks and on sidewalks all around new york city have openings one of things i love about the park system in the city is that you never know what you're going to cross so there's always that sense of adventure and exploration and when there's something like this it's very thought provoking and enjoyable i think it's beautiful i think it has a lot of good work that like people can interact with it starts a conversation it's creators the chinese artist ai wei wei lived in the city for twelve years but at first hesitated to take on the commission to see. so much it's not easy for me to just. sculpture in the city. and to. my respect my love. i way
4:57 pm
way is an international superstar known as much for his political activism as his art but while sculptures like these may be warmly received here in new york they haven't always the light of the authorities back home. i has at times been detained and harassed in his homeland of china this time he's taking aim at the west his gilded cage painted to match trump tower just a few blocks away. time this note the color and. and. divided on the bond as separate us by collar rees religion nationality and which is i think it's the company to get. going back towards the message is universal but has a special resonance in a city of immigrants new york city's very open it excepts people from all kinds of backgrounds and i think that was a very profound experience for him so i think he will he values that and he
4:58 pm
wants to make sure that we think about it and don't take it for granted eyes boundaries are fluid meant to provide comfort not divide and circling the community with the message that all are welcome here christian salumi al-jazeera new york. well that's the news hour of the whole drama be back with more news on the other side of the break stay with us. and age old part of spanish culture no one i can stop thinking up to the bullies in my life others are explored and assemble a central government by the time we shouldn't carry on something that goes against the morals of couple launching sites you visit from the catalan nationalist perspective the believe the present kind of culture and the catalonians last
4:59 pm
bullfight at this time on al-jazeera wild. when we managed the financial system between one nine hundred forty five one thousand nine hundred seventy one there was not a single financial crisis anywhere in the world and then in one thousand seven hundred the bank has lobbied and they said no no no we don't need controls you know the market will discipline us banks love to make loans to sovereigns why because behind the sovereign a millions of taxpayers we can see in reaction to the liberalization of finance just as we saw it in the one nine hundred twenty s. and it's going to be going to already is ugly in many parts of the world where people are saying if my government went look after my interest then i would look for a strong if he's a fascist i don't care if you promises to secure the stability of my life and my people i will vote for him i think that's where we're heading and i don't think our
5:00 pm
leaders have the vision to understand that's the threat that we face. in recent years the sawhill of north africa as witness the so-called war on terror. but is this official narrative. masking a larger battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources. shadow war in the sahara at this time. i'll just say. the u.s. says it's rhetorical from unesco we'll have a live update from the u.n. headquarters.


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