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because for the first time i can hear him talk about this it's what are you doing to hear him talk to my mom in africa. he didn't know about because it's not something that you talk about and not just because it's a taboo is just not something you talk about day like a regular topic so now everyone is talking about it men are finding messages to my father telling him about how they feel about the firm and been really positive feedback and i'm also getting a lot of messages from men sharing that are still to experience this their most experience of them saying look yes we want to talk about this so that openness about this topic i'm talking about it with my mother with my loose she's tried she washed actually we washed them together when it first. aired and. talking about it then i would be leaving open it to be open about the topic and number two talk about it i do believe that this could be one of the key and it's
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too high we can. wait a while we can actually and they're actually and globally so we got this question here we have just about thirty seconds left but. what percentage of people you interviewed use religion as a reason to continue the practice so totally. cultured with actually much much time going to listen because like you could see from the phone there is more than isn't that said that this was this is acceptable and it's just it's just a culture with mainly mention and i also want to emphasize that this is not an african problem it's a global problem even if. it's a global it's a global issue and it's important to remember it's not just an african problem. is a generous she's also in al jazeera correspondent sara as you should watch this film it's remarkable the cut exploding f.d.m. you can watch it online right now at al-jazeera dot com thank you so much for
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watching this episode of the league and i will see you on live as always. in the heart of the amazon the libyan family has put their lives in peril to harvest brazil not. getting the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge. risking it to live in libya. at this time on al-jazeera. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is
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a simplistic you have the brain of a good logical rational people versus crazy monsters and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not go over well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint trying to bring mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm dreading obligato welcome to the news grid bridging the
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divide between rival palestinian factions fatah and hamas reconsolidation talks in egypt to lead to the signing of a deal that could help bring an end to a decade long political disputes the agreement calls for the handover of administrative control of gaza to a unity government in just a matter of weeks we'll go live to amman life for the latest. plus armada want to join us with his perspective spain marks national day for people waving spanish fly take to the streets of madrid and barcelona in a so if unity but the united front you see right there is being overshadowed by a political reality catalans bid for independence we'll hear from both sides of spain's political divide and building fences to make a political statement famed chinese artist and human rights activist i way way launches a controversial art project in new york city the aim to provoke thought and discussion
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on the role walls play around the world targets u.s. president donald trump and his plans to build a border wall in an effort to tighten immigration and comments made by a congresswoman improve have set off an online debate about femicide in latin america i mean questions and comments throughout the show using the hash tag. you were a live on air were streaming online through you tube facebook live and that al-jazeera dot com as well thanks for watching we begin with a big breakthrough between two rival palestinian factions hamas and fatah have agreed on the palestinian authority taking full administrative control of gaza so the two groups have been meeting in cairo and are planning to move forward with the formation of a national unity government it's a significant step in bringing the palestinian people together they've been ruled
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separately in gaza and in the occupied west bank ever since classes began between the two factions in two thousand and seven. to be completely agreed to the concept of supporting the government normally according to the systems to administer the authorities and ministries without exception and to supervise all the crossings by the with the. which is the rafah crossing. despite the fact that we have some different views of different political points we have different disputes but this will never change the fact that we are brothers we are brothers in religion we are brothers in nationality we are brothers in the national interest we suffer the same we have the same future we need to find a way for a unity of our people to secure the ambitions of our people. in the occupied west bank that is joining us from any more clarity on what's been agreed.
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well we have clarity on some points there hasn't been sort of a full presentation of exactly what the wording of what was signed indeed the signing itself and the statements there after weren't didn't happen live on egyptian television either so there has been some. sort of lack of clarity exactly as to what's happened here but what we do know is the head of the fellow fatah delegation announced that the border running would be taken over he said by november the first by the presidential guard of the palestinian authority there is some doubt as to exactly when that will happen in the vital rougher crossing because some of that is being reconstructed at the moment by egypt but that is one key part of this also we were hearing earlier that the issue of internal security in the gaza strip the three thousand palestinian authority security services would
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be integrated into that of course that has been run entirely by hamas in the last ten years and also there's the question of the tens of thousands of hamas employees who have been running government services in the interim how will they be reintegrated into the palestinian authority government and again there is talk of a four month process to employ at least some of them and pay them not a full salary but a partial salary up until that point so these are some of the key sort of practical measures that we understand have been agreed although there still remain of course as we heard from the fadel from the how mr legation hedgers then there remains some issues of differences world but is very much seems like this is just the this start of a process rather than a full agreement so what steps still need to be taken what are they saying. well there is that the first deadline for the for the borders there is talk of december the first deadline for
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a full unity government to take up its operations there's also the question of when exactly will lift the palestinian authority dominated by fatah will lift the restrictions that it's imposed on gaza on salaries and on electricity to try to pressure hamas to this point so there are various confidence building measures that need to be taken on both sides along a timeline that is saying is very clear in that that is one reason why this will work when others have not along with the egyptian pressure as well the thing that hasn't been publicly discussed here is the issue of the aisle because some brigades the military wing of hamas hamas was very clear that it wasn't going to be on the table for these talks the palestinian president mahmoud abbas so that he wouldn't tolerate a hezbollah style or arrangement that you have in lebanon being replicated in gaza so those points of view remain very separate it could be and there were indications that there have been some kind of accommodations reached whereby the brigades would
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be relatively quiet away from the public eye and they would only be used if there was some sort of national consensus that they would not be entirely independent and used at the whim of hamas without some kind of coordination with its colleagues in the palestinian authority ok harry faso we thank you for that update from our well cross over to london speak to al-jazeera senior political analyst in my one beside us so you heard harry telling us about some of the contentious issue is my one that very much still remain is there a strategy here are the two sides holding their cards close to their tests or are they just kicking the can down the road. no it's let's just what you said just earlier they're in this is the beginning of a process and my understanding is that the two parties the two factions have agreed on the principles and on the mechanism of moving forward in.
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you know in in spirit if you will of the cairo two thousand and eleven agreement which talks about various things that both parties need to do including reconciliation for the person who thought it over the guise of security and administration behaving their way towards national consensus government and then elections and so on so forth and i think what we've seen today is the first protocol if you will sign between the two parties that focuses on gaza and on the administration of gaza and on the borders with egypt and from that you can easily conclude that the egyptians and the egyptian priority as the sponsors of these talks is gaza and security and the border with egypt and hence we seeing that take priority over the other issues all in all and that's all remind ourselves of that that in the end of this is about ten years of of friction between fatah and hamas division among the palestinians this has nothing to do with the occupation of the
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refugees of the settlements of the assault on jerusalem all the other policies by israel this inventor that they are by the palestinians to stop killing each other fighting each other torturing each other imprisoning each other in the palestinian controlled territory but there is this idea floating around as well that's what i mean you were mentioning egypt a moment ago that egypt was pursuing palestinian reconciliation as sort of as part of a wider u.s. initiated purse for a regional peace deal with israel to what extent do you agree with that statement and do you see things heading in that direction. yes i do agree with that statement in the sense that the palestinian issue could never be divided or separated from the overall regional issues or regional trends if you will and for many of our viewers who followed what's been happening in the region over the last six years know that we've had an arab spring and an arab winter and we had the revolutions
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and counter revolutions and certainly that the counter revolution is have had the upper hand over the last couple of years and certainly in egypt with the general sisi taking over power and so on so forth under american. better image and support if you will at this point in time in coordination with israel they are interested in some kind of a stabilization of gaza and containment of the palestinian issue that would lead to bridging some sort of relationship between egypt saudi arabia the united arab emirates on the one hand and israel on the other so i think egypt is is really leveraging its influence it's practicing you know it what it preaches in terms of trying to advance its own policies among the palestinians and that's why sadly as it is you see the hamas and you see the palestinians welcoming this agreement because they need to put a stop to the division among the palestinians but then the other hand there's
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a certain anxiety if you will whether this will lead at all to something like is there israeli withdrawals from the palestinian territories biased in independence liberated is jerusalem and so on here's the thing. let me just in fact tell you what i'm reading right now this is according to some news wires and reuters reporting that is really a government officials are saying this that any palestinian reconciliation deal must abide by international agreements and terms as set by the middle east quartet what is your response to that statement and no doubt israel as well as the united states and other donors international donors to the palestinian authority will be going through the final agreements with a fine tooth comb. yes i think president abbas blessed this thing and encouraged it moving forward because i think he has green light from the international quartet i think everyone has
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a certain interest in stability and by the stein and the containment of hamas in gaza i think all in all people need to separate between two things the palestinian authority in as an as an a government within as an administration of sewers and water and electricity in gaza and the west bank and so on so forth and the palestinian liberation organization which is the direct percentage of the palestinian people in the negotiations with israel these are two separate things what they're agreeing about there were these in gaza and what would happen in terms of out of a religiously if council in a government that has to do with the administration of the autonomous occupied territories if you will but the palestinian liberation organization will continue to function separately and it's agreements with israel will continue to be separated from whatever happens between five to one house and i think to a large degree how much the islamist group has already agreed to that ok i will leave it there we thank you for giving us your point of view from london and for
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schapelle as our social media producer what sort of reaction are you seeing online to the story under so many people we've spoken to over the past few weeks have expressed a bit of cautious optimism if you will and i'm seeing a lot of those types of comments as well today omar in gaza brings up some of the history that marwan was just discussing that history has demonstrated how deals like this can be fragile so he says we should wait and see while journalists like joe dyke who is based in jerusalem an initially thought palestinian reconciliation was stillborn but says it could be significant because hamas is ceding a lot of ground to fatah many palestinians hope whatever agreement is reached that it will help with the dire situation in gaza. not that i didn't notice. when we used to hear about any reconciliation efforts we would think immediately of the failure of it but we hope this time is different but unity could at least solve the power crisis and bring happiness to the gazan people. if you know that we've had
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enough eleven years of suffering without electricity no medicine for people no travelling we want to live like other nations now we don't know much about security arrangements and what will happen to the twenty five thousand armed fighters under the command of the hamas military wings that gold from the career the center for the middle east says this is crucial otherwise it's like palestine and israel reaching a deal without mentioning settlements refugees in jerusalem and israel hamas remains one of the top trending topics on twitter as journalists politicians analysts everyone tries to sort this out especially given the fact that prime minister benjamin netanyahu said a few weeks ago that his government would not accept any quote bogus reconciliation that would not recognize israel as a jewish state and he also wants for the hamas military wing to be disbanded and for ties to be severed with iran let me just reconnect this there now in the past hour or so israeli officials have said that they will monitor developments on the
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ground and act accordingly barak ravi who is a diplomatic correspondent for the haaretz newspaper calls that response very restraints now some of the people we've been talking to today bahama is from gaza he's currently studying in sweden and he sent us his views. well there is of course this time an unprecedented determination to end this suffering however the process remains punctuated by numerous beneficiaries who are more interested in the old status quo of division in addition to fundamental differences between both sides and grieve concerns the hamas is afraid of the return of palestinian authorities liberationist intelligence when warmongering. but it is afraid of the government. out of control december to the gases. let us know what you think we'd love to hear from you especially if you're in gaza of the occupied west bank or israel you can tweet me directly at enter chapelle on twitter or just use the hash tag grid well
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as expected the story is generating a lot of interest in making it one of the most read articles on our website have a read for yourself by heading to al-jazeera dot com and you can just click on trending which you'll find on the right hand side of the screen on the home page just as andrew was saying do get in touch with us here at the news grid we'd like to hear from you on these stories you can send in your comments to any one of her online platforms were on twitter at a.j. english or on facebook at facebook dot com slash a.j. news grid you can do is also send us a whatsapp on plus nine seven four five zero triple one one four nine just a reminder to use the hash tag news grid. well it's been a busy day of deal making in egypt it seems but this one concerns the war in syria egyptian state media says that warring factions have agreed on a cease fire deal that could potentially bring an end to a cd in southern damascus well the agreement as we're saying was brokered by cairo
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and moscow as well live to has some had bought out who is in antakya close to turkey's border with syria what does this deal mean then for all parties concerned has. been doing the deal that covers the area of the some. of the capital damascus is quite significant for all the parties for the opposition because it has some areas south of the capital damascus which of one notable and could come into government's control anytime soon for the time being and because of the deal there would be able to maintain those areas number two they would also be able to have more humanitarian aid into the which has been besieged by government forces for many years now for the government is also crucial because. syria troops have been no battling a lot. of the deploying troops that is sending more reinforcements to the eastern part of the country so
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a cease fire agreement in damascus would give them a chance to focus all their fight now all the final push to effect eisel from their last hold hold in and also it is significant also because we're having the egyptians now deeply involved for the first time in the syrian conflict going to be monitoring the implementation of the cease fire in the heart of the capital damascus. so as always hasim the question with these cease fires is what will it take to get them to hold and will they hold. something similar to the cease fire has been signed in the past but betty it collapsed for different reasons first of all there. two rival factions competing for ultimate control of the area. is that all those up basically paid up member of the on the old to different branches and if they continue fighting against each other the ceasefire could potentially collapse in the near future this is number one the number two can so
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particular from the opposition is basically the government the military secures the east the bottle the country there was definitely have to go back and try to push the rebels from the subtle for the simple reason that we may and so the nearest but to presidents bus out and i said the army of islam has something like twenty five thousand soldiers about ten kilometers from the presidential palace and definitely the government will ensure that those rebels evicted from those areas like they did in the past with the force fighters from above by it from different parts of the country to pull out to was and all the parts of the to particular to areas like it ok has some how about a thank you or online team has put together a profile of the main armed groups in syria today and how they all fit into the ongoing war so it's on al jazeera dot com and you can search for who are syria's
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opposition alliances. now we'll take you to the roof crisis about ninety minutes ago me and mars leader and sound suchi there she is she addressed her nation about the situation in rakhine states that is the area where a hinge on minority muslims have been fleeing the violence well she called on people to donate money to help rebuild rakhine states in recent weeks the former nobel peace prize winner has come under increasing pressure over her failure to condemn their brutal treatment of the rich population more than half a million rwanda have fled the country to bangladesh has more from the country's south. well for the bulk of the speech and science that she announced that they want to start rehabilitating bringing humanitarian aid assistance and rebuilding iraq and state where the conflict that military operations against the road is taking place but also perhaps the strangest part of the street the speech is that
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she called on donations from the public to help with that in endeavor basically calling on people to donate to rebuild the homes that have just been destroyed by this military operation now as we know this these operations are ongoing just yesterday on wednesday the un's human rights chief said called on the military to stop its operations in iraq and state it also released a damning report about the. about the campaign in iraq and say calling it a well organized coordinated and systematic campaign to expel the road and prevent them from ever coming back to me in march. and includes testimony about indiscriminate killings mass rapes and the burning of homes very homes now that unsung switchy wants people to donate in order to see them rebuilt on this
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international criticism on sunset she didn't say all that much except that that she said that we need to understand that there's international criticisms but that nobody knows me in my better than we do and that nobody wants development of mean maher more than we do so really address wednesday's report by the un's human rights chief. well amongst all the despair we have a story of hope on al-jazeera dot com so in this piece posted online our journalist and that's ecan introduces us to a real hinge a refugee in bangladesh who's become a constant presence and a source of hope for people looking for lost family members it's quite incredible he decided to hire a microphone paying his monthly salary to do so figuring that if he announced missing children's names that people can hear him and they can pass it on from person to person it's very much worth the read it's on al-jazeera dot com and just
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search for the or into crisis through the eyes off a refugee will show you what's going on in the u.s. for just a moment there you should see well he's not there but they are waiting for president donald trump where he is expected to be taking steps right now to fulfill his vow to dismantle obamacare on thursday signing an executive order that he says will bring affordable health insurance to millions more people so the executive order would direct federal agencies to study how to make it easier for small businesses and possibly individuals to actually join together and buy health insurance so that should be happening over in the states we will get more information when it happens and bring it to you here on the news grid for now it's barbara sarah who's joining us from london with more of the international news hi barbara the rain thank you let's start in iraq because baghdad has denied that it's planning an imminent
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attack on deal totemist kurdish region kurdish authorities close roads overnight saying that we see the warning from the iraqi military of a planned attack on kurdish controlled areas iraqi iran and turkey have been conducting military drills along the region's border in response to iraqi kurds overwhelmingly voting yes in a vote on succession stratford has the latest now from a deal in northern iraq. it was late wednesday evening when according to the kurdish regional security council they said that they had received messages from the iraqi military and members of the shia militia groups that they were planning an attack in the area around the oil rich city of kirkuk and north of mosul a few minutes later a spokesperson for the baghdad government came out and refuted those claims saying that there were no plans for such actions in that area but the k r g taking no risks then announced that they were closing the main road from era bill to
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mosul and the main road from the hook to nineveh province also we understand that those roads are still closed what's important to stress is this area around kirkuk the oil rich city of kirkuk kirkuk participated in this very controversial referendum a referendum that the iraqi government says was illegal and unconstitutional and that area is in the so-called disputed areas there is no agreement as to who will eventually control that area the kurdish peshmerga took control of kirkuk in two thousand and fourteen after baghdad fell the iraqi military basically fled and i sort of fence even they have controlled that area ever since and according to analysts and officials here in the k r g and around the baghdad government they say that if there is going to be any kind of conflict in the aftermath of this
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referendum it could well be centered around that oil rich city of kirkuk meanwhile earlier yesterday one of the two main federal courts issued arrest warrants for members of the k r g election commission. now for those arrest warrants to become a reality they have to be basically signed off by iraq's federal supremum court that hasn't happened yet but yet yet another indication of increasing pressure on the kurdish regional government in the wake of this very controversial referendum that happened more than two weeks ago. pakistan's army has rescued a family held captive by the haqqani network an organization aligned to the afghan taliban the army says canadian joshua boyle his american wife caitlin coleman and their three children were recovered in a tribal district along the pakistan afghanistan border after a tip off by u.s. intelligence agencies they were kidnapped in afghanistan back in two thousand and
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twelve while they were backpacking kenya's government is banning opposition protests in three cities just weeks before the repeat presidential election is due to take place demonstrations are now banned in nairobi the capital key sumo and mombasa the government says demonstrators have looted and that attacked police stations the opposition says police have used undue force on the demonstrators opposition leader raila odinga announced this week that he would be withdrawing from the race throwing the nation into political turmoil. russia's president vladimir putin is due to meet representatives from siemens and other german firms in the black sea resort of sochi to discuss a four power generating turbines the engineering giant is starting legal proceedings against russia after the turbines it sold to moscow allegedly ended up in crimea a disputed makes the by russia in two thousand and fourteen for
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a child's explains. what we're looking for in this disputed land is high tech equipment proof in finally machine steel of the links russia's leaders will go to to supply the crimean peninsula with electricity and the trouble that's bringing to the kremlin. territory cannot do without. power lines box ukraine refuses to provide its russia's mainland doesn't have enough of it and e.u. sanctions shots crimea are offering western energy technology so russia's opted for deception when their thought about building a power station on the mainland and to growth for electricity to the. it was a fake because well it was just bought the rights of those store buy ins from. the say well we'll install them here but not on the occupied territory of the crimea but crimea is where siemens acknowledges the four turbines now on the reuters news
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organization filmed these two large objects in july at the crimean port of fear dosia despite russian media reports two years ago about the turbine secret destination siemens accepted moscow's reassurances that they with a southern russia but now the scandals forced the german industrial giant to act it's pursuing criminal charges it wants its missing technology back and it says it's cutting down russian operations they told us siemens will hold power generation equipment deliveries from existing contracts to state control customers in russia for the time being the e.u. has also responded with new sanctions asset freezes and travel bans. when we visited theodosia the turbines if that's what they were it disappeared perhaps they're already here one of the two new power plants being built in crimea but russian technicians are expected to face significant problems getting them to work
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because siemens is refusing technical assistance this whole siemens gas turbine saga illustrates in a nutshell the bines that russia has got itself into and trying to wriggle past the e.u. restrictive measures moscow has just incurred more of them and with washington signing in new american sanctions the ability of russia to secure the investments in technology it needs to stop the country citing backwards well that only gets harder rory chalons for al-jazeera simferopol crimea i'm going to have more news from london in just under half an hour but now let's go back to the even though. other thank you well if you're watching us on facebook for our viewers there what you'll see in just a moment is an eleven year old one hundred boy who escaped the violence and rakhine state so you'll see his story and coming up on news right after the break a colombian security forces kill six coca farmers while trying to destroy illegal coca crops find out what president santos is pledging to residents of the remote
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state that story is coming up in just a moment stay with us. hello there are still a few showers around turkey in the caucasus and caspian sea but generally speaking the clouds been taken in that direction and that's where the showers are on their way however given that we've seen the change of season we know now to watch out for dropping temperatures and a change in the seasonal winds and they've paid already temperature wise to hover around the middle twenty's to tehran middle thirty's in iraq low twenty's very down to israel in particular truces forecast to twenty two degrees but look at the winds because they have picked up recently and the showers now are blowing it blows out of iraq and depending on exactly directions all the dusty or clear slightly dusty
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and it runs down through kuwait and qatar and down towards u.a.e. and then it turns into the empty quarter it is likely to be around for a while so it means humidity is low temperatures tend to be in the middle thirty's rather thing else but it turns around again and picks up we still got forty one forecaster mecca and you see the increase in the amount of cloud that this isn't so much the how do you think going back to salalah but it is a result of the monsoon rather disappearing the southwest monsoon coming back again and throwing prior to amman and maybe saudi arabia tortures summer largely because the hardship of sea level is just twenty five. the man who negotiated the dismantling of apartheid and scrapped south africa's nuclear program i don't think we needed the bomb but some of my condition is just that they want to do use it as a deterrent south africa's former president declared talks to al jazeera i bestow
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on. her always the rain forest of the sea we continue on our current hot play we won't have her race within twenty thirty forty years from now so you're trying to recreate the ecosystem but under controlled conditions the main goal is so the ballot bowl still has a hospital to climb the great barrier is still sizeable but we've got to start now and we need to get everyone behind the solution no i think it's time on hold as iraq.
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yeah every . young. take a look at what's trending right now on our website al-jazeera dot com of the top story the u.s. withdrawing from you know us go that's a breaking news story that we're covering for you we're going to dig a little deeper in just a moment with mike hanna who's joining us from washington d.c. with more on what is behind that withdrawal and in this second spots
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a top story for us as well on news group hamas fatah reconciliation agreements in cairo so you can read much more about that story as well on al-jazeera dot com. i was just telling you moments ago about you know asco the united states has pulled out off another major global body and this time it's unesco that's the un's cultural agency the trumpet ministration says it's concerned about mounting costs lack of reforms and has accused the organization of anti is really bias the paris based cultural scientific and education organization was established after world war two were reacting to the decision the head of u.s. go arena book over. said she regrets the u.s. this isn't saying universality is critical to unesco's mission to strengthen international peace and security in the face of hatred and violence to defend human rights and dignity so as promised mike hanna joining us from washington with the
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latest on that look mike we know that the u.s. from i beg your pardon from new york we know that the u.s. has not been engaged much with unesco for the past couple of years so what does this withdrawal practically mean oh doreen you're right this is on one level a formality the u.s. has not paid any dues to unesco since the a bomb a ministration froze those jews back in two thousand and eleven so in a way it has not been a functioning member of the organization for a long period of time but as you heard there from the director of the agency arena because of this is a blow to multilateralism it's a sign that the u.s. is withdrawing from international engagement that it is becoming a nationalist centered organization now in reaction here from the united nations expectedly the israeli ambassador has said this is a new era for the united nations however the more general reaction at the united
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nations is summed up by the french ambassador and this is what he had to say in its core is about promoting ideals and values through culture education and science these values and ideals. are very much part of france's d.n.a. but also america's d.n.a. . and this is why it's so important to have a merry can friends on board. now more than ever. these values are contested and as we need an america that's committed to world affairs. so what more can you tell us about the reasons that the united states has given for its withdraw. well a number of reasons that are given by state department announcing their withdrawal which incidentally will only come into full effect in some eighteen months time
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ledgers that the reform process within the un is not effective enough it also alleges that ongoing claim from the united states of an anti israel bias within unesco this is something that has been repeated time and time again hit the headlines last year when you nest declare the west bank city of hebron a world heritage site this reacted to with fury by israel which claimed control over that particular area despite the fact that it's part of palestine's territory so there had been these number of reasons given by the u.s. but it must be important to note as well doreen that this is not a one way street there are more than twenty world heritage sites declared by unesco within the united states itself including the statue of liberty just over the river here from the united nations so that is a two way street declaring a world drive heritage site means massive money in terms of tourism dollars in
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terms of creating jobs so it's been a very important process within the u.s. for unesco and certainly as i mentioned this is not just a one way street of the u.s. walking away it is a sign that the u.s. is putting deals and values below the trumpet ministrations insistence on what they say is america first writer mike hanna reporting from the united nations in new york thank you. it's been a day of pomp and circumstance and a grand show a few minutes in madrid on what is the country's national day but spain's deep political divide over catalonia as independence referendum has yet to be resolved catalans leader carlos appeared from all has been given until monday to say if he is declaring independence a decision that could see a direct rule imposed by madrid on the region lawrence lee reports. if the last fortnight hadn't been dramatic enough the spectacle of national day provided the finishing touch madrid laid it on thick the whole military display the flags of the
6:43 pm
regions used as an opportunity to say to the cattle lands just look how united we are nobody wants your independence the crowd of course loyal supporters of king and country. going to need it today we celebrate the day of spain which is the day of all spanish people but there's a group of us spaniards who are bent on breaking up our shared country. they should understand you've got to learn you that we belong to one country which is spain and not just a republic which they are pushing for. for the first time in thirty years the national police were invited to rapturous applause. the government said the decision to honor them came after the barcelona attack you know just this is of course the same national police which on referendum day tear gassed on fired rubber bullets at spanish citizens in catalonia. credibly provocative
6:44 pm
if madrid wanted to rub the capsule on his nose in that does this is how you do it . in barcelona the pro independence faction held its own protest march it was tiny compared to madrid they're on the back foot now the splits in the movement being exploited by the national governments but how they hated the spanish national police being celebrated by madrid. what about us i mean this won't come off it's shocking as the national police occupying forces it's as if they sent in the tanks you don't want them here they not have police force from a government that does not represent us. so much it knows it has the council and president in a trap now whichever way he decides on the independence question he risks losing part of his base on this day it's not like the treaty was in a triumph of. law recently al-jazeera in madrid. well we'll take you to colombia now for a story we've been following and that's the search for answers over the shooting
6:45 pm
deaths of six coca leaf farmers one week ago a group was protesting against the government's efforts to wipe out their crops and to moscow which is in colombia's southwest the coca leaf is of course used in the making of cocaine protests and violence when six of the farmers were shot and killed well there's plenty of anger because there's confusion about who is responsible. from there to tell us where the investigation stands for us office under. well gary the investigation continues by the national office of the attorney general of the first of. results from this investigation are expected at some point next week about that truly here nobody doubts at this point then also colombian government doesn't seem to have any doubt that it was. not caught the police who opened fire on the crowd
6:46 pm
that was protesting trying to the fan that the fields from forest eradication the question though is. that this happened because the police was hacked by armed groups who operate in the region are not the police are still saying that somebody did a shot at them first of that they were attacked with grenades but so far we haven't seen any everything that the government of president juan manuel santos has decided to suspend the four officers that were operating that day and also just announced that it will relocate at least one hundred police officers that operate here and of municipalities. this is a brawling a race a huge the town it's quite small but the area is cover is huge and it's the area
6:47 pm
with the highest concentration of. nation in the country a very complicated region for the colombian government while they continue to try and implement substitution programs that are part of the peace deal that they signed with the five gravels now a year ago. when it comes to this that. is the government having a hard time launching these. programs that you were just speaking about. at . so loosely and also depends where they have been partly successful in areas where the fire was the only armed groups operating that's not the case here where there are organized drug trafficking groups there's also a group of far this year that are pressuring the people to continue growing and we've seen a huge increase in that area and the government this is trying to make
6:48 pm
a deal with the association of farmers some of them i've signed up and others have not but at the same time the government the colombian government is under a lot of pressure from the united states government to eradicate. coca plants from the larger field so that we can do two things on one side the government is trying to work together with the farmers at the same time the police is going and and trying to eradicate that many plants as they can and this is creating the kind of conflict that we've seen and could create there we can see other clashes in coming days and months ok our listener and pets and we thank you for that updates and the sound is also on twitter. handle well staying in latin america for a story that's off the grid from peru andrew that's right three in thousands of people in peru have been very busy on twitter after they heard a congresswoman say this. why do feminists it's happened
6:49 pm
a great psychologist said that women sometimes without reason or and willingly give man due opportunity to do those types of acts many times the grass who can be absolutely saying and suddenly the woman makes him lose it by saying no or i cheated on you those words should never be used by a woman because they can provoke the mood of a normal person. is not only a congresswoman she's president of the women's commission for the congress of peru so many people there are outraged they say that garcia statements. the blame on women when they are attacked by their partners journalist. says that congresswoman garcia doesn't have the minimum experience to be the president of the women's commission she thinks it's all wrong now the case has reinvigorated a campaign that's used as a hash tag neat when i meant also not one more it's calling for an end to violence against women and the television host. writes that there is no excuse for you to be
6:50 pm
assaulted you're not guilty don't let a man make you believe it now garcia's statements were especially controversial because of the timing this was yesterday was international day of the girl and there was also a very high profile case of domestic violence which happened just this last sunday as a warning some viewers may find this next video disturbing so this proven woman mccaleb . was dragged by her boyfriend outside of her apartment a neighbor happened to catch the whole incident on video and then went to police and the video this video has been all over social entered additional media in peru this week the man in question has been taken into custody while prosecutors build a case against him for attempted femicide and while all this while action was taken in this particular case it appears the overall situation in peru is getting worse proves the worst country in latin america for violence against women according to
6:51 pm
the world health organization at least twenty two reports of rate per year for every one hundred thousand residents and in two thousand and two there were thirty thousand cases of violence against women reported this year there have already been fifty seven thousand cases so a big problem there if you're watching us from peru or elsewhere in latin america do share your thoughts with us you can get in touch using the hash tag agent is good. yeah there sending your comments and questions just like andrew was saying well if you're watching on facebook alive it's time for a look at the international weather and and we'll have a story about i way way that's coming up but right after the break stay with us.
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well the chinese artist ai weiwei is installing more than one hundred wire fences of various sites right across new york city and the eggs the bishop titled good fences make good neighbors is aimed at highlighting the plight of refugees and government's policies towards immigrants chris a saloon reports about the controversial artist's latest creation. two people cut through the fence that now blocks the triumphal arch in new york's washington square park a giant work of public art inspired by the global refugee crisis it's called good fences make good neighbors but these fences found in parks and on sidewalks all around new york city have openings one of things i love about the park system in the city is that you never know what you're going to cross so there's always that sense of adventure in exploration and when there's something like this it's very
6:54 pm
thought provoking and enjoyable i think it's beautiful i think it has a lot of good work that like people can interact with it starts a conversation it's creators the chinese artist ai wei wei lived in the city for twelve years but at first hesitated to take on the commission to save. so much is not easy for me to the just. sculpture in the city. and to. pay back my respects to my love these days i way way is an international superstar known as much for his political activism as his art but while sculptures like these may be warmly received here in new york they haven't always the light of the authorities back home. i has at times been detained and harassed in his homeland of china this time he's taking aim at the west his gilded cage painted to match trump tower just
6:55 pm
a few blocks away. time this note the color and it's. divided on the. collar reads religion nationality. which is i think it's a company to get. going back warts. the message is universal but has a special resonance in a city of immigrants new york city's very open it it accepts people from all kinds of backgrounds and i think that was a very profound experience so i think he. values that and he wants to make sure that we think about it and don't take it for granted i's boundaries are fluid meant to provide comfort not divide and circling the community with the message that all are welcome here christian salumi al-jazeera new york. let's find out what people are talking about in sports today thank you very much
6:56 pm
terry and the top trends online in sport today. and pinstripe right what does that mean well the new york yankees have advanced in major league baseball's playoffs they pulled off a fairly remarkable comeback as you can see hair over the cave and indians the yankees have faith elimination in full consecutive playoffs but they won them all including this game five two knocking out the team that had won a record twenty two straight games in the regular season. so what does that mean they're up to the american league championship series yes as i mentioned and that's the term that's been tweeted out seventy thousand times largely across the u.s. cleveland had surrendered to no lead in this series very disappointing for them and the yankees were quick to stick the brit in on their instagram page with this post saying junkies of final junkies five the team the blue to no series lead to out what's been like over one hundred thirty thousand times. each team got their own
6:57 pm
hash tag and emerged for the playoffs as well for the yankees is the pinstripe tribe as you can see in this next picture john are there it is in the official twitter account that includes a picture of basketball star le bron james in the crowd as well supporting the pinstripe pride and we need to explain this one a little bit to you now row over a thumbs down emerges from the yankees official count off to the winners well you might face a little inside baseball let me put this into context for you a little bit more in september the yankees hits a home run against the tampa bay rays and this unimpressed fan was caught on camera with this dead thumbs down gesture and it did become a meme as well it's now a thing for yankees players and fans to express their happiness when something good happens with the thumbs down the sports team here algis they're also going involved go into the spirit of things this is something i tweeted
6:58 pm
a little earlier on the farms down which actually means thumbs up for the yankees changing times now to an issue that people talking in the n.f.l. for years and it's the same for national league hockey for more than one hundred four more professional i saw key players there preparing to sue the league accusing it of concealing scientific evidence of long term damage caused by head injuries to players daniel rock has more from toronto. fast furious and intricate ice hockey mixes speed intense physical contact it's also a sport that's hard on those who play it fans love them but frequent body checks even fist fights cause dangerous injuries especially to the head and you put a harness around your back former player scott thornton is retired but after at least sixteen concussions he's worried about long term brain trauma he says he's feeling some effects i can be looking at a photo of teammates i played with ten years ago and can't remember some of their
6:59 pm
names in the photo and i played five years with these guys you know a lot of guys are way worse than me so i can kind of live with the say that i mean dozens of former players are taking part in a study looking for links between the concussions they suffered and degenerative brain function some n.h.l. players who died in recent years were found to have physical brain deterioration similar to all simers disease many of their former teammates are worried they could be next it's an issue it's a real issue but it needs to be put in perspective in terms of the the general incidence which is unknown the general incidence of dementia in our genitives sees it we're only beginning to learn. the current lawsuit claims the n.h.l. knew about the potential for brain damage from concussions but concealed it players were encouraged to return to the game too soon after head injuries the league denies this and says it has rigorous concussion protocols but the settlement in two thousand and thirteen of
7:00 pm
a similar suit by national football league players in the u.s. has set a precedent legal experts are warning that the n.h.l. is taking a risk by refusing to settle if we look to the n.f.l. and their settlement that was a billion dollars for the n.f.l. can afford a billion dollars and they have the n.h.l. cannot go in the grand scheme of things that could be a serious hit to the league it could even you know in some cases destroy what the league is facing now is a class action lawsuit thousands of ex players could be eligible for compensation should their legal arguments prevail the judge in the case once it settled or decided later this year if possible. at a readers across north america new n.h.l. see. it's not boxing i don't understand why they're allowed to do that you can share your views of us using the hash tag or i'm on twitter. we'll have more at eighteen hundred g.m.t. but for now daryn is back to you tana thank you for that well that'll do it for this newsgroup let me remind you of all the ways that you can keep in touch with us
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on social media as always use the hash tag news grid and all the other ways to connect are right there on the wall behind me so. we'll have much more on our top story tonight that is the reconciliation between. thanks for watching we'll see you back here on friday with. with . the sky. should be no borders up here. only horizons. as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing
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people together the world's better that way. it is a right for all of us to go where we need to go to feel the things we want to feel . to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know the trouble goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. the travel is a right. remember that this world is a ball of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. of our always going places together. new
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yorkers are very receptive. because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that provides. palestinian unity factor and hamas agree to set their differences aside and govern gaza together.


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