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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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zero. zero where ever you all. can bone and circuses on a mission to help local children break the poverty cycle of what a nice follows their journey of sacrifice to become top class performers. when used at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera.
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hello i'm barbara sarah this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next the sixty minutes palestinian unity and hamas agree to set their differences aside and governed gaza together the u.s. and israel pull out of the un's culture and education body accusing it of anti israeli bias. free after five years in taliban hands a us canadian couple and their three children are released in pakistan. spain's national day marked by a parade of unity in madrid but the mood is more divided in barcelona. and i'm tatiana sanchez in doha with all the day's sport as nineteen time grand slam champion roger federer advances to the shanghai masters quarter finals and more later in the program.
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rival palestinian political movements fatah and hamas have signed a deal to help to reconcile their decade long split negotiators from the groups have been in cairo for talks on a deal for a unity government in gaza where the palestinian authority will take full administrative control of gaza by december the first the rougher border crossing in gaza will be handed over to the unity government and it will be operated by the presidential guard of president mahmoud abbas that is shuttled for november the first just a few weeks from now around three thousand police officers from the palestinian authority will be redeployed to gaza that's part of the unity agreement which will also see it take over the civil and security sectors well previous sticking points have included control over the arsenal of hamas is armed wing as well as the fate of thousands of hamas as public servants while no detailed information was given on this both sides say all the problems will be sorted out heavy for such reports now
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from ramallah in the occupied west bank. in the grand hall of the egyptian intelligence headquarters fatah and hamas officially signed on to egypt's grand plan for palestinian reconciliation after a decade of division both sides expressed hope that this time it was for good. and again mean there has been full agreement on the concept of empowering the government and the legitimate palestinian government will return to working normally in accordance with his prerogative and the law. despite the fact that we have some different views different political points we have different disputes but this will never change the fact that we are brothers we are brothers in religion we are brothers in nationality we are brothers in the national interest we suffer the same we have the same future we need to find a way for a unity of our people to secure the ambitions of our people. this isn't the first time they've been here repeated attempts to reconcile have failed
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a main stumbling block the future of hamas military wing appears for now to have been set aside palestinian authority security services are to resume running gaza's border crossings including the vital one with egypt and other issues how to run internal security and merge two separate groups of government workers are being addressed step by step along the lines of a twenty eleven agreement also signed with great fanfare in cairo. here in ramallah the palestinian president mahmoud abbas welcomed the deal saying it accelerated palestinian reconciliation is fatah delegation head in the case of its timelines and targets would ensure that it stayed on track and of course it has egypt breathing hard down the necks of both parties in gaza so damaged by the split the economic blockade and three israeli wars people are talking cautiously in terms of hope. when we used to hear about any reconciliation efforts we would think immediately of the failure of it but we hope this time is different
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unity could at least solve the power crisis and bring happiness to the gazan people . we've had enough eleven years of suffering without electricity no medicine for old people no travelling we want to live like other nations. so far the israeli reaction has been muted saying hamas would need to recognize israel and give up its arms but without the full bore opposition of previous reconciliation attempts an international push for palestinian reconciliation led by the us who is much more interested in the so-called big deal between the palestinian and israelis and without palestinian reconciliation this deal might not go forward in gaza celebrations were underway not least of the prospect of an end to restrictions on salaries and electricity imposed by the palestinian authority earlier this year to put pressure on hamas but it's clear that this is the start of the process the coming weeks will feature plenty of opportunities to build mutual trust will weaken it very force it in the occupied west bank for more on this we're joined by the
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author and columnist akiva eldar via skype from tel aviv he was formerly the chief political columnist for the israeli newspaper ha'aretz sir thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera obviously you have covered all sides of the israeli palestinian conflict for many years and you have seen like all of us have these attempts at reconciliation between fatah and hamas is there anything that strikes you as more positive they are more likely that that this one is actually going to work. i think the most important thing is the venue it happens this time in cairo. and we're in a high profile president assisi is putting his prestige and prestige of egypt on the line and since that time you know has a great interest in keeping his close relationship with president a c.c.
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i think that he will be very careful not to undermine this agreement or the process that will hopefully bring to an agreement that will allow israel and palestinians also to reach an agreement which is even more important than there really conciliation between the two palestinian parties i think that in ateneo will be very careful not to take the blame for undermining any chance to bring that by the seniors closer to an agreement was israel so how do you think he genuinely feels about i guess maybe normalizing the normalization of hamas because he was spoken out about it but in the past few days is language hasn't been as aggressive as it has been in the past i mean how do you think israel and the netanyahu government crucially would view a united palestinian government as such or with
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a mouse as an integral part of it. i think. doesn't really believe that this will work actually since there is nothing in this. agreement or the document that was signed of the statements that might make us believe us in israel that the palestinian and the hamas would really agree to this arm itself and. to become a dart of after it has been so. so little you know i don't really believe that he is in trouble and meaning trouble is that he will have to negotiate with the palestinians and make some concessions territorial concessions jerusalem if you changed so as long as the as he said today the hamas is not willing do this on itself and is not willing to recognize israel and
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recognize the os going to him and he is not risking anything and jerry let him go is not looking for a solution of the conflict and for him to hamas is a problem so he is happy with the problem as long as hamas is there he will not be blamed look we just mentioned the fact that the united states is pulling out of you know scott the united nations that you can imagine our science and culture are going to zation so now knows that as long as he has got the juice lobby unassigned it as long as drum is there and the republicans are. on top of everything. it will be said as long as the hamas is still committed to its ideology is well is not committed to negotiate with hamas so mr status quo which is now danielle was a middle name has not to worry about anything today
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a key that eldar columnist and author former chief political columnist for had its thanks will. the united states has announced its withdrawal from us because we were just hearing in that interview that's the united nations cultural agency israel says it will do so too the decision by the u.s. state department comes into effect at the end of the center washington says the move comes off the back of what it describes as the need for fundamental reform in the organization and continuing anti israel bias shortly after the u.s. announcement israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said he had also ordered preparations for withdrawal to start well our correspondent attach a butler is live at unesco headquarters that's in paris says so or it what reaction have we had from unesco itself or to this news of not just one but two of its members are going to pull out. well as you can imagine
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it was something that was discussed by nearly everyone here today at unesco it's never good news when two of your members say that they want to pull out of your organization an organization created to promote unity and dialogue and consensus and specially when one of those members of the united states as well is a founding member of all of us go now in terms of united states you might say that it was something that was perhaps on the cause it wasn't a total surprise because the relationship between washington and unesco has been extremely fraught over the past years and twenty eleven the u.s. actually suspended its financial contributions to the organization that's about eighty million dollars a year because of unesco's decision to make to give palestinians full membership of the organization that's a few related washington a close ally of israel now that said the united states has in the past pulled out
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back in eighty four and a break and you came back in george bush in two thousand and two so it's not something that can change or be refers but at the moment the reaction here headquarters was one of deep regret in fact those were the words of arena book over the outgoing director general. i express my deep regrets. i remember what i said in two thousand when the united states a lot of kids are voting rights and suspended their payment that united states. and you know the united states in fact if you go back into history we will see not only that. united states is a founding member of the whole idea that you can build peace through education science or culture communication. is. basically an american idea.
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and. pretty busy week for unesco not only this news today but also they're in the process of voting for the next director general tell us a little bit about that vote because of course there is a chance that that might have had an impact on the announcement that we had from the u.s. . was fifty eight member executive board here at unesco and they've been busy voting all week a secret ballot to try and pick the next to director general now in fact each day at the end of the day they could be a winner somebody gets more than thirty votes but we haven't seen that yet we don't see that this evening but what we do know is that there are three q three candidates from three countries still in the running the cattery candidate to the former culture minister. is definitely through to the final round but tied in second place we have the candidates from france and egypt so they'll face a runoff on friday and whoever wins from that runoff although then face the cattery
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candidate so we will know who the new director general of unesco is tomorrow for the time being all we can say is that who ever it is they will have quite a task ahead quite a challenge to try and heal some of these divisions needs riffs and perhaps will be somebody who might be able to persuade the united states to reverse its decision. and the passion probably will of course are checking with you when that announcement does come in about the vote of the new director general of unesco for the moment at unesco headquarters and has to thank you. for joining us now from the united states is the former u.s. congressman dan glickman who is now vice president of the aspen institute an international cultural sink thanks sir thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera first of all your reaction to the announcement and we know that rex tillerson actually told that unesco a while ago that the u.s. is pulling out that it surprise you. i'm not terribly surprised that the us has
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taken a under the ministration of donald trump a much more negative position about the united nations generally and so while i'm not happy to see us pull out i do recognize that we've had serious issues as a country regarding the fact that we think that israel has been singled out and picked on for a long period of time but notwithstanding that the fact is that the u.n. you know you can't just cherry pick the u.n. it does a lot of really good things the world food program feeds hundreds of millions of people every year the human rights and the and the refugee organizations do this remarkable job i myself visited recently refugee camps in in jordan and in lebanon so so while i don't like what we did i understand it because it's been going back even before the administration of donald trump but it's not a good idea for the united states to be disengaging from these international
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organizations we need to be actively participating in them and we give our we give up our leadership in the world by pulling ourselves out if we don't like certain things we're there doing which we don't by the way and the u.n. bureaucracy is sometimes very difficult to manage then the u.s. needs to be as part of the deal not separated from it i mean you mentioned it's not just the trump administration in fairness it was two thousand and eleven when the u.s. council that's budget contribution to unesco because palestine had been admitted as a full member but i guess canceling contribution is one thing pulling out is a lot more symbolic do you think it could have anything to do with the current election that we're seeing we still haven't had the results for the new the right to general of unesco because it seems that it's between represented from katsav france and egypt and it seems that the favorites for the u.s. which are going to be the french or the egyptian. representatives don't seem to be coming out on top of that ballot do you think that that may have something to do with it. i doubt it very seriously i mean the internal mechanisms of
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electing the heads of various u.n. organizations is rather arcane and i'm more familiar with u.n. h.c.r. in the world food program and they if they go and i was secretary of agriculture during the clinton administration so i was more involved in those organizations and you know we got involved in these leadership debates but i don't think the leadership debate has a lot to do with what the u.s. is doing i think it more generally reflects the view of the anti israel position some of which we've been taken over the last several years and coupled with the fact that president trump and his in ministration have decided for whatever reason that the u.n. isn't as important as it used to be or it needs master brief forms and my answer to that is don't leave don't extricate yourself from it reengage in it because the more we disengage as a country the less influence the u.s. will have but do you think that the u.n. itself will have less influence i mean what do you think and just using this latest
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unesco thing just as the latest example of what you call the u.s. disengagement on the u.n. i mean you say will make the u.s. less powerful what impact do you think it's going to have on the u.n. itself. it can't help the u.n. i mean the u.n. headquarters in new york the u.s. is still certainly one of the two or three most powerful countries in the world the strongest economy in the world the us provides a big chunk of humanitarian assistance in the world in terms of people who are suffering whether it's suffering because of famine or refugee issues older europeans have been picking up a bigger part of that load you know with us disengaging it's harder for us to push europe or japan or china or the emirates or any of the other countries to really step up to the plate and so that's what's so concerning to me is that yes i recognize the u.n. sometimes does some crazy things that are not necessarily consistent with u.s.
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interests and no doubt about it but there are still a lot of people in this world that need the help of the u.n. and you know esko and the other agencies that i mentioned and so the u.n. would be it will be weakened to some degree now the u.s. can always come back in which it has done before these are irrevocable steps and a lot of this depends on who is elected to office in the united states former u.s. congressman dan glickman vice president of the aspen institute sir thank you so much for sharing your analysis with us. and so the come in this news hour a double blow for kenyan opposition supporters ahead of a controversial election. i'm prism salumi in manhattan where the chinese artist ai wei wei has painted one of his latest sculptures goal coming up i'll tell you which famous new yorker he's trying to reach. and in sport the new york yankees avoid elimination for a fourth consecutive game in baseball's flailed piano we'll have all the details at
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this point. but first to the pakistani army has rescued a family held captive by the haqqani network that's an armed organization aligned to the afghan taliban the army says canadian joshua boyle his american wife katie coleman and their three children were saved in a tribal district along the pakistan afghanistan border after a tip off by u.s. intelligence agencies they were kidnapped in afghanistan in two thousand and twelve while they were backpacking well president donald trump has been talking about the rescue mission and says it shows that pakistan is on the ring requests to do more for regional security and i want to thank the pakistani government you want to thank pakistan they they were very hard on this and i believe they're starting to respect the united states again it's very important i think
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a lot of country right now a lot of countries are starting to respect the united states of america once again we hope to see this type of cooperation and teamwork in helping secure the release of remaining hostages and in our future joint counterterrorism operations. well i do is in islamabad and joins us now for more from us thank you so much for joining us so first of all tell us a little bit more about this family that have been kidnapped there were captured since two thousand and twelve more than five years yet interesting leading to coming out. backpacking. at that time in of one at a time that we're going where and why they have been held hostage for the number of years that they were nor tracey averted a volatile had three children apparently are you mentioned the united states
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intelligence agencies were already tracking them they told the pakistani people who had crossed into pakistan agency which is their tribal area along the. border. three major. favorite infiltration routes but he actually boarded real time in college and headed. to conduct an intelligence based on predation with budget security agencies particularly the military taking part in all parties and. come change because mr trump had been blaming it on for not doing enough of august on. that day. and really appreciate actionable intelligence but i became dime to get on the military spokesman. john cage or debbie joint operation involving u.s. troops or any other foreign troops. just to sort of elaborate on that point
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because we heard from donald trump himself just before we came to you and he said you know pakistan is starting to respect the united states more i mean do you sort of agree with that analysis of the president of you know says that pakistan is cooperating with the u.s. more now that the trumpet ministration is in power then for the years before have you noticed a change or not really. well it depends on looking at data if you're looking at it from the pakistani perspective they would say that project on never disrespect the americans they were angry with the way in which mr trump. blaming pakistan for all the. prime minister then saying that. the u.s. to bring the water into a territory there was ten times however dutch particular changed after a time when the u.s.
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secretary of state. due to come to pakistan to elaborate on board a u.s. . attorney obviously had been saying all along that david no military solution to the conflict and ready to cooperate with the international community whenever dated. so late evidence and intelligence to prove that david indeed a problem which project on is capable of dealing wage. with the latest. on this issue from islamabad. spain has celebrated its national day with a massive military show of unity while the pressure remains on catalan leader of the castle and leader to say whether he did the calais or independence or not military parades flyovers and marches took place in madrid with smaller demonstrations in barcelona here's lawrence. if the last fortnight hadn't been dramatic enough the spectacle of national day provided the finishing touch madrid
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laid it on thick the whole military display the flags of the regions used as an opportunity to say to the catalans just look how united we are nobody wants your independence the crowd of course loyal supporters of king and country. today we celebrate the day of spain which is the day of all spanish people but there's a group of us spaniards who are bent on breaking up our shared country. they should understand you've got to learn you that we belong to one country which is spain and not just a republic which they are pushing for. for the first time in thirty years a national police were invited to rapturous applause. the government said the decision to honor them came after the barcelona attack you know just this is of course the same national police which on referendum day tear gassed on fire rubber bullets at spanish citizens in catalonia. credibly provocative
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if madrid wanted to rub the capsule on his nose in the does this is how you do it. in barcelona the pro independence faction held its own protest march it was tiny compared to madrid they're on the back foot now the splits in the movement being exploited by the national governments but how they hated the spanish national police being celebrated by madrid. i mean it's shocking as the national police are occupying forces it's as if they sent in the town. we don't want them here they're not our police force from a government that does not represent us. and as if to demonstrate how divided catalonia remains there was a simple ten years approach spanish wryly the police had to make sure they were at some distance from each other and one occasionally failed and the prospect of them pro-capital and demonstrators made it entirely clear what they thought of one
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another. so much it knows it has the council and president in a trap now whichever way he decides on the independence question he risks losing part of his base on this day it felt like the dream was in a triumphant mood. more recently al jazeera in madrid. baghdad has denied accusations that its planning an imminent attack on the autonomous kurdish region of iraq kurdish authorities closed roads overnight saying that we see the warning from the iraqi military of a planned attack on kurdish controlled areas has the latest now from northern iraq . this is the last kurdish peshmerga checkpoint on the it will mosul road. the kurdish authorities closed it another route into nineveh province for a few hours overnight saying they had received messages from the iraqi military that it was planning attacks in kurdish control. pressure is mounting from baghdad on the kurdish regional government ok r g following the recent referendum on
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secession from iraq many people say they feel punished and afraid of a rocky government is trying to fight the chaos economically wanted to close its land borders they have already closed the international airspace they have cut the federal budget to the k. are cheap it's all coming from a bad government this is not right civilians should not be punished like this the federal government in baghdad denied any responsibility for these messages that the k r g said that it received last night from the iraqi military and shia militia group saying that they were planning attacks around the oil rich city of kirkuk and north of mosul but the closure of this road last night as a result of those messages shows just how nervous the kurdish regional government is getting a federal court has issued arrest warrants for members of the kurdish regional government electoral commission like dad says it wants federal control over kayla
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g. banks until a phone networks both turkey and iran have held a joint military operations with the iraqi army close to the k r g international borders and a spokesperson for the turkish president received by plato on says turkey will eventually take control of its kayleigh g. border in coordination with baghdad and tehran the kurdish regional government says baghdad's action amounts to collective punishment this is a clear prove that that is not ready for democracy or for dialogue. we from our side we are violence we reject confrontation we are not for escalation and we do not want to provoke but but likewise we expect that to respect the will of the people of iraq you prime minister hyderabadi says military confrontation is not the solution. but he says there will be no dialogue with the kayla j. until the referendum results are made no and avoid all the ninety two percent of
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those who voted said yes to eventual kurdish secession the k r g says the kurdish people of iraq have spoken. that al-jazeera not in iraq still to come in this hour the canadian prime minister arrives in mexico after the free trade agreement that the u.s. faces on certain future. threats that blocked discussions over the u.k. from the european union stumble over the issue of money. against the sun the solar car competition is the side in australia that's coming up. hello there are still a few showers around turkey in the caucasus and caspian sea but jerry speaking the clouds been taken in that direction and that's where the showers are on their way
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however given that we've seen the change of season we know now to watch out for dropping temperatures and a change in the seasonal winds and they've paid already temperature wise to hover around the middle twenty's to tehran middle thirty's in iraq low twenty's very down to israel in particular truces forecast to twenty two degrees but look at the winds because they have picked up recently and the showers now blowing it blows out of iraq and depending on exactly directions on the dusty oh clear slightly dusty and it runs down through kuwait and qatar and down towards u.a.e. and then it turns into the empty quarter it is like to be around for a while so it means humidity is low temperatures tend to be in the middle thirty's rather thing else but it turns around again and picks up we still got forty one forecast in mecca and you see the increase in the amount of class this isn't so much the how do you think going back to salalah but it is a result of the monsoon rather disappearing the southwest monsoon coming back again and throwing crowded amman and maybe saudi arabia tensions some are larger because
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the hardship of sea level is just twenty five. what are you seeing like how i might a suspected terrorist people of all faiths fell victim to a suicide bomber in manchester but if the bomb was indiscriminate was the placing of blame this is nothing to do with us this is about an individual who's psycho you know that nobody could do this unless they were completely unhinged how much just as muslims responded to challenging questions in the aftermath of a deadly attack people in power manchester united at this time want to. be responding six continents across the globe. al-jazeera as correspondents live and bring the stories they tell. us what does it look like.
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let us know if. we're at the mercy of the russian or palestinian i'll just zero fluent in world news. and after him reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera rival palestinian political movements fatah and hamas have signed a deal to implement a unity government in gaza which could help reconcile their decade long split israel and the united states say they are pulling out of unesco the u.s. state department says the organization needs fundamental reform and has an anti israel bias and u.s.
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president donald trump says the pakistani army is rescue of a north american family held captive by the haqqani network shows a song about is starting to quote respect america again. for the canadian prime minister is in mexico as the future remains unclear for both countries on their free trade agreement with the u.s. justin trudeau will meet the mexican president. talks about the nafta accord which of all men is live for us now in mexico city just a bit hard to have a north atlantic treaty if the united states isn't part of that so what do you think of that the two leaders will be discussing. bridge exactly done and just simply don't let it come to this prime minister is a little bit of a new position and the money is coming straight from washington to mexico and in his talk with president trump both leaders and their government seem to be to keep
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that from the canadian side candidate out. there in pretty much everything. they. would like to be treated here in mexico about bilateral deals and sort of this three way deal between the u.s. and canada this coming straight from washington is coming to mexico not this late that's not the president pena nieto but we will be hearing you will be talking about hold on nafta been after and how the three countries. can stick together in this room see mexico with a different mission. the thing comes close to it developed it's got a far bigger trade deficit with us in canada had a more equal trading partners so really it's the country that sort of sticks out here and the one that has something to lose so they're going to have a press conference a little bit later on in the thing to see how they phrased their different responses when it comes to nafta. and they're enjoying just how damaging if nafta
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was to effectively implode how damaging would that be for a country like mexico for its economy. is interesting because the mexican foreign minister has becoming out this week and he's been saying look this isn't the end of the world if we have to pull out of nafta now we do have. the tip things that we're thinking of but the bottom line is that about eighty five mexican exports do go to the united states is by far mexico's biggest trading partner so you can imagine what would happen if that deal ended now because the nafta deal and it doesn't mean the mexico will stop exporting to the united states i was just speaking to quite a senior analyst here who was saying that a lot of the goods will still continue to be tax free and others will have taxes that are higher for one sector in particular which is the war through industry mexico expulse a lot of cars to the united states and a lot of u.s. companies have their factories here they will start getting hit by taxes if this
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doesn't end and that will be a big blow to the country the foreign minister's remarks that i mentioned that this isn't the end of the world the analyst i talked to said well you could see that as mexico getting firm in these negotiations and refusing to buckle sending a message united states they could also be a message to the mets can publicly mexican industry trying to calm things down before within this forefront of negotiations in which its report. but you know i think it's really going because of the placement stone getting very tough trying to calm things down before the possibility of this deal which is last a full twenty years ending john homan with the latest from mexico city thank you. it's going to south sudan now the country's aiming to revive its oil industry to increase revenue for its war torn economy all production has now been cut to nearly a third of pre-war levels in the country is struggling to deliver services to its
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people here but morgan reports from juba representatives from more than one hundred energy companies have gathered for thousand dense first international oil conference the government is keen to attract new investors the country has more than three billion barrels of oil in reserve we are having it because we wanted to have the world the potentials of south sudan in oil we used to produce four hundred fifty thousand barrels a day but because of the crisis two blocks are not producing one bloc is producing we're broke out in south sudan less than three years after its independence from sudan fighting affected production now down to one hundred thirty thousand barrels a day the country relies on the big oil companies to provide necessary infrastructure in return they get part of the output shareholders also benefit and there's a deal with neighboring sudan that has to be honored leaving south sudan with less than twenty seven percent of what it actually produces and investors have their
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concerns. in order for investors to come in here south sudan has to do more to provide incentives first invoices of course security those security guarantees have to be there and secondly the terms of investment you know can companies come in here and feel like the terms can overcome the security concerns that they have before they walk in and put in their money before the war there was great optimism for the country's oil industry the challenge is winning that optimism back and also solving other problems the conflict has created because all of us about the only things are spinning faster than the county at the moment at factories investors to explore and extract is vital low production and inflation and market prices it's also meant federal workers are not being paid as the government struggles to cover its own budget those who are being paid say the salaries barely cover their needs it's not nearly enough we're going to go and buy some stocks. you also buy
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something like b. which is not actually enough that it's difficult it's quite difficult to get all the steel yes the oil production has affected other developments many schools like basic necessities including books for students hospitals sometimes run out of drugs and only about five hundred kilometers of the roads are paved and some analysts see little hope for attracting new investors any time soon for anybody it is not good news we have to be fair. nobody would want to put in a lot of money into those who don't even know so we wouldn't be willing to put in the money. investment and even though there is no you cannot be the best some of the big names in the oil industry have by the ditch exclusion plans or put them on hold security or lack of it remains the focus of company decision making he will morgan al-jazeera juba. up to one hundred forty thousand doses of vaccines have been destroyed in the i saw held city of my of the union syria that's according to
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the united nations children's agency unicef it's not clear what course of the structure of the cold room where the vaccines were stored but a government offensive against i saw is being carried out in the area my d.n.a. has been the center of an outbreak of polio caused by vaccine shortages which is paralyzed forty eight children in the area since march. kenya's government is banning opposition protests in that in the lead up to the repeat presidential election the government says demonstrators looted the and that tactic police stations but the opposition accuse them of clamping down on protests the opposition leader right loading announced this week that he would be withdrawing from the race throwing the east african nation into political turmoil after in saudi has more now from nairobi. the reason given for this ban is in security and it's not a blanket ban it's a ban on protests in the central business district of nairobi in western kenya and
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. at the kenyan coast this is where protests have been most sustained and increasingly particularly in nairobi and he's been seeing incidents of people be robbed shops being vandalized as well the opposition says that have been hired to infiltrate what they see as peaceful demonstrations they also blame the police for using excessive force for example a couple of weeks ago we saw a video of police heresy and beating up university students inside their campus here in nairobi yesterday and during the protests dozens of people who were injured several of them have been hospitalized with gunshot wounds they blame the police so the interior cabinet minister at that press conference saying that what they're doing is trying to prevent an escalation of violence and it's going to be interesting how this goes going forward because the opposition is adamant they say
9:43 pm
they will continue with their protests to push for electoral reforms. one of liberia's leading political parties is calling for the announcement of the election results to be delayed citing irregularities in the vote the liberty party said it would consider taking legal action if the national elections commission doesn't act on its demand the party's candidate charles brehm skin was considered a front runner to replace president ellen johnson sirleaf the ne c was originally expected to release preliminary results on thursday. discussions are surrounding the u.k.'s exit from the european union are deadlocked over the use sure of money breaks it negotiators michel back in the ever present in the e.u. and david davis for the u.k. have been meeting again in brussels there has been progress on the issues of the irish land the border and crucially e.u. citizens in britain but there's been no sign of a deal on what bill the u.k.
9:44 pm
will have to pay to leave the bloc you know don't go as you do negotiate there has been no negotiation on the financial settlement we've only had technical discussions useful but technical regarding that specific issue were to deadlock which is very worrying for thousands of businesses everywhere when you are up and also looking for tax payers the u.k. correspondent barnaby phillips has been following events. michel barnier the e.u.'s chief negotiator says the talks are deadlocked this is very worrying and when he meets european heads of government later this month he won't be able to recommend that the talks with the u.k. move on to the next stage which was meant to be about the future trading relationship between britain and the e.u. as expected one of the main sticking points has been money how much britain owes the e.u. because of previous commitments previous promises which it had made to the organization
9:45 pm
so does all this mean that the talks are bound to fail not necessarily they were always going to be difficult there was always going to be sticking points having said that there are reasons to be worried at this stage time is beginning to run out remember that britain is meant to leave the european union in march of twenty nine thousand but given that mr banja says that parliaments will need some six months to ratify any final deal really we're now talking about a maximum of one year left for a very complex negotiation and the other thing that's happening is that as the prospects of no deal increase political tensions here in the u.k. within the week governing conservative party are increasing there are those ministers and in particular the chancellor philip hammond who are sympathetic to the concerns of big business and who believe that it would be very bad for britain to crash out of the e.u.
9:46 pm
with no agreement there are others prober xa tears who tended to be on the side a vote leave during the referendum campaign who say that these dangers are greatly exaggerated and that britain needs to be much more optimistic straddling these two camps is the beleaguered prime minister to resign may who says that she would like britain and the e.u. to reach a deal but that the u.k. must be prepared for any eventuality. the woman who spearheaded the campaign to allow women to drive in saudi arabia has been speaking about her personal experiences my analysis of beef was arrested in two thousand and eleven and she spent nine days in jail after she filmed herself driving and then posted the video on you tube she has presented her memoir of the frankfurt book fair and describes how she struggled to get around in saudi arabia as a divorced single mother. i had a car and it was a single mom and i had a son. and i had
9:47 pm
a driver's license but i couldn't on my car so it's an every day struggle for a single mom who has no money in her life oh my brother the only family she had what i had at that time was my brother and he's always in feel for three weeks so i was really asking every single man in my office every single minute you know to drive me around if i need to leave the compound with them and when dale almost get kidnapped because of that i couldn't drive my car and got was reading the straw that broke the camel's back so it was a really personal struggle it has nothing to do with being in with be breaking laws it was really from the seed of being helpless. chinese artist ai way way has installed more than one hundred wire fence exhibits at various sites across new york city the exhibit which is titled good fences make good neighbors is aimed at highlighting the plight of refugees and government policies towards
9:48 pm
immigrants as chris's salumi has more now on the outspoken artist's latest creation . to people cut through the fence that now blocks the triumphal arch in new york's washington square park a giant work of public art inspired by the global refugee crisis it's called good fences make good neighbors but these fences found in parks and on sidewalks all around new york city have openings one because i live by the park system in the city is that you never know what you're going to cross so there's always that sense of adventure and exploration and when there's something like this it's very thought provoking and enjoyable and it's beautiful i think it has a lot of good work that like people can interact with it starts a conversation it's creator the chinese artist ai wei wei lived in the city for twelve years but at first has. the tate had to take on the commission as a savior loves so much is not easy for me to the just.
9:49 pm
sculpture in the city i have to do sums and to. pay back my respects to my love these days i way way is an international superstar known as much for his political activism as his art but while sculptures like these may be warmly received here in new york they haven't always the light of the authorities back home. i has at times been detained and harassed in his homeland of china this time he's taking aim at the west this gilded cage painted to match trump tower just a few blocks away. time this note the color ins and. divided on the. us by collar riis religion nationality and which is i think it's a company to get. going back towards the message is universal but has
9:50 pm
a special resonance in a city of immigrants new york city's very open it it accepts people from all kinds of backgrounds and i think that was a very profound experience for him so i think he would be values that and he wants to make sure that we think about it and don't take it for granted i's boundaries are fluid meant to provide comfort not divide and circling the community with the message that all are welcome here christian salumi al jazeera new york. and the heavens for. a bad day for this player and his head this racket in shanghai all those details.
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
andro the latest sports news here is tatiana in doha. thank you very much sports broadcaster b. in sports is denying accusations made by swiss prosecutors to the opens a bribery case against the president of the paris sundra man over the awarding of media rights for the fee for world cup p.s.g. president nasser al her life he is also the c.e.o. of be in media group is being investigated alongside seif is former secretary general valka and an unnamed businessman switzerland's attorney general on thursday announced criminal proceedings and be in paris office was searched on the day we in sports released a statement denying the accusations made by this with public prosecutor the group also said that it will cooperate with the or thirty's and is confident about the
9:53 pm
outcome of the investigation. tennis now a nineteen time grand slam champion roger federer has swept into the shanghai masters quarterfinals with a straight sets win on thursday federer was facing ukraine's alexander the goal got to love the swiss has enjoyed a resurgence in twenty seventeen and is currently ranked second in the world although he did reclaim the number one ranking earlier in twenty seven he also won the australian open and wimbledon federer won this much six four six two and plays richard a next. well number one rough and the down defeated italy is fabulous for nini in straight sets these two have history after not nidal out of the u.s. open in twenty fifteen and in the doll criticized this year's u.s. open organizers for taking three days to suspend the italian from the event after a verbal abusing a chair umpire the spaniard won six three six one in this much. and
9:54 pm
of was up against potter in shanghai but despite starting aggressively things on unravelled his aggression turned into his rockets he went on to lose in straight sets with del potro reaching the court as. the new york yankees have completed their remarkable comeback to stay alive in the race for baseball as well the series they on expectedly ended the season of lost is finalists in the american league division series at least home and reports that you know your thoughts with the third consecutive guy the cleveland indians were a short of a place in the next stage of the major league baseball playoffs if they could win the good again that seems an unreachable thomas field was. the new york yankees had rice too was not the glade by the third inning you know.
9:55 pm
you play for and had reached last year's world series only to be base and by the comes in game seven that were after redemption and had won twenty two games straight in the regular season and american league record. the indians got two runs on the board in the fifth inning before the yankees put the result beyond doubt in the night. you can say. with a five two victory they advance a gang to the odds to the american league championship series with the houston astros which begins on saturday that's disappointing i mean we we thought. we felt good about ourselves you know we came down the stretch play and very good baseball and we did some things in the series and i don't think we're characteristic of our
9:56 pm
team there's just a ton of fight in this club and. you know it's a great mixture of youth and veteran players that are leading the way and it's hard to believe because we just beat a really really good white shirt a few last season's world series champions the chicago cubs having to find also wives there to complete a repeat performance stephen strasburg help of the washington nationals shut out the cubs in game four of the national league division series a grand slam home run with batters on each base clinching a five nothing victory for washington. but. this series is tied to two game five on thursday will decide which team goes on to meet the l.a. dodgers in the championship series willie's home and al-jazeera. the governor of south korean province set to host next year's winter olympics as tensions on the korean peninsula will not to dampen the spirits of the games he was speaking at the
9:57 pm
games launch party in new york as officials from china went on the charm offensive to convince spectators to come only thirty percent of tickets have been sold so far with the games just one hundred twenty days away. we are one. zero zero zero zero and you can do it but we don't think the. world we don't want to give the whole world is an affable we've moved on from those of you you know and consequently. ok so the netherlands might not be going to next year's fifa world cup in russia but they do have one reason to celebrate this week dutch team euro solo has claimed the twenty seventeen world challenge this involves the car race from the northern australian city of darwin to the southern city of adelaide the vehicles raced at speeds of ninety to one hundred kilometers per hour
9:58 pm
powered by the sun alone you want to cross the finish line fast off the journey last thing around a week especially out in adelaide fountain was the celebration choice. that this both now popper's back to you kathy and i thank you very much for that and that is nearly it for this news hour member you can get much more on everything that would be covering on our website there it is and you can see our top story there that reconciliation agreement between hamas and fatah from the city by we'll have much more on that just a few minutes that's all from. high-pockets
9:59 pm
oh is it allison when they're on line me what in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that new u.k. has to address or if you join us on sat i'm a member of the ku klux klan but we struck up a relationship base is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of their pitches might make the next shot join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera and hundred forty one of. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the roar. ahead of the september twenty fourth national
10:00 pm
election survey showed job unless a satisfied with the state of their economy is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. with every us. wow. honesty and celebrate some land deal between fatah and hamas that brings the two sides together for a basic ten year split.


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