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tv   Chinese Dreamland  Al Jazeera  October 13, 2017 4:00am-5:01am AST

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over here i this is this opportunity to understand when a very different way where there before a little we don't leave but. we are witnessing around the word this hungry money but just only looking at how to make the next profit to devastate economies devastating ecosystems putting a price on the protection of nature green economy is sound good but it was all about privatizing nature should our environment be for sale but we're trying to do this just like people to stabilize the country given the fact that you do that pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. i'm richelle carey and these are the top stories on al-jazeera a convoy of turkish troops has entered northern syria and a new military operation that's after turkey said it was sending in troops to
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enforce a deescalation so it's part of an agreement between turkey which backs rebel forces and iran and russia would support the government turkish media is reporting the armored vehicles carrying troops crossed into serious ad lib province late on thursday. has more from and hockey along turkey's border with syria. this is what we know so far dozens of military vehicles have crossed into syria we know from different sources that the turkish military i was stationed in an area called all of the western outskirts of the province of idlib or however we know that their final destination is going to be of this is part of a deal that was signed between russia iran and turkey to implement the deescalation zone in italy it remains to be seen what will happen to hey attempt to have you know fighters the formal after you have the other ones will control they're going to put up a resistance to this whole operation are they going to pull out are you going to
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hand over their weapons but we're going. hearing from sources that he had to his shame is that he's courting the turkish military convoy as it was into syria that many challenges here first of all turkey needs to implement the deescalation so they have to ensure that nobody engages any fighting in the near future of a second challenge is basically the kurdish factions operating a lot far from where the turkish military is stationed. in syria turkey said in the past that it considers all kurdish factions particularly s.d.f. and they wipe e.g. a terrorist organization and that it won't allow them extend further to words of the western part of. to words the mediterranean so these are going to be the most important challenges facing the turkish military. deeper into syria twenty car bombings in our case syria have killed at least thirty five people the attacks reportedly happened at
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a checkpoint set up by the syrian tema crowd of course as south africa city syria's state news agency says the bombings targeted civilians playing areas under ice or control and hours or. palestinians in gaza in the occupied west bank have been out on the streets celebrating a reconciliation deal between fatah and hamas the agreement ends the rival factions decade long rift and places gaza and the west bank under one government for the first time since two thousand and seven the u.s. and israel are pulling out of the us go to united nations cultural agency they've accused the organization of having an anti israel bias and hating financial reform pakistan's army has rescued a family held captive for five years by the economy network organization ally into the afghan taliban the army says canadian josh will boil his american wife and their three children were freed in a tribal district along the pakistan afghanistan border that came after a tip off from u.s. intelligence agencies u.s.
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president donald trump's taken his most concrete step yet to undo obamacare his predecessor signature health care law he signed an executive order that lets small businesses ban together to buy cheaper health plans with fewer benefits for their employees trump says the obligations under barack obama's plan are too expensive for government and businesses mean mars later on she has called for national unity in an address to the nation on the refugee crisis she's under increasing international pressure over her failure to condemn the army for alleged abuses against the engine more than half a million to skate to bangladesh since the crackdown began in late august so she says she's holding talks with bangladesh about returning some ranjit to me in mar final preparations are underway in thailand for ceremonies marking one year since the past making a deity age hundreds of thousands of mourners are expected to camp near bangkok's grand palace where the late king is lying in state that comes ahead of his create
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cremation ceremony later this month which will mark the end of the official mourning period king bhumibol role rule for the past seventy years. those are the headlines news continues here on al-jazeera after witness keep it here. hello hello hi ohio.
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believe. that my love is like a human quality. higher than. what. i know now to. relax you. just so. so it wasn't unusual when you start because i was
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wondering i. was a social issue on. my blog. who do you recall called on you to the ocean or even the who got beyond their orders when you got here how old are you willing to work up in the letter g a rule for high fives and other jugglers who do the whole a whole lot with lawyers young. president lovely outside your mouth when you go and do almost all you will are blow shoes we will need a solution horace from one hundred one to one you want real jewishly. he said there come back. the whole. lot of dawn comes. a time i don't you love educate you will share. you who are greater juju e.g. gun phone you're a true complainer up there you are well are wise you doc was annoyed on how george
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out to thomas. funk going to assume. that. fossil. mahdi's say this is a full time machine. to be entered into genuine shape actually i'm going to try. to nail teaching going to john mark karr geiger show to be delusional to. all.
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the sun and age old part of spanish culture over i can't stop thinking of all the bullies in my life others of all our export and a symbol of central government by we shouldn't carry on something that goes against the morals of couple months we saw it as a from the couple a nationalist perspective the believe the present spanish culture and catalonia is lawful fight the fifth time on al-jazeera wild. week.
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our jazeera and where every. and age old part of spanish culture the one i can't stop thinking about the bullies my life. is about our exports and a symbol of central government by when we shouldn't carry on something that goes against the morals of go along she saw as he was a from the catalan nationalist perspective the believe the present plan is called. catalonia must fight this time on al-jazeera wild.
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but under increasing international pressure over her failure to condemn the army
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for alleged abuses against the right hand more than half a million rihanna have escaped a bangle best since the crackdown began in late august so she says that she's holding talks with bangladesh about returning. to me and maher those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness keep it or thanks for a time. the moment. our. own watching from the. very. on.
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the road here. and you can bang it with. campbell and that we have. the song for them. on the phone as you. can. watch the. treasure at the.
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singing which is a job. too. so this is amazing you do you just coming to us on this one how would i need you wish you the hosting this on t.v. and you probably know your k.b. son your t.v. producer to mean jeez on to something more huge pain in the major you when you think you're fatherhood what do you mean do its job and you won you know that with the whole thing so much.
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i made you sure would you share. your word so shall you meet him behind your back. yalit hideout so your country doctor will meet the high jump from she actually without your hands out all that does her. heart of an a creep but if you introduce. it will put all the while watching the powerful some good mother. jimmy who would she call the young. male who would hike give a shit in terms of what those who were male or who see. that
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iran so. it's why don't you do well also. the russians who. died for. me. you know. to.
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we're going to be edible. would you change in the link on. who. should we be in the yard either granted chitra a drunk in the dryer but some young. there's you know why i cannot bring. you know where you're going there are a million dollars or. your hundred or so.
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for the church or so that when you should are or were married out there can cope also where you wish. to my family you don't buy crap or visual my trade out that quote. or you or your mediocre also my friends are where you the reader my dear she goes all your dreams all are what you are you sure as i will always show mulder you what's it you can do that what did you thought of me up. it's. not only a sort of. teenager but lately at sides i don't know see tom. sawyer. or
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she tell a lie to somebody. in
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slave abuse among. the flies. off to a lifetime of service. militiaman electrifying . her favorite recollection of. my memory is my witness documentary. on a. hello
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we'll take a look at weather conditions across the americas this time in north america we've got quite a weather at the moment across more western areas there is a cold front pushing through and. storing the winds up a little bit across parts of california where the wildfires are. situational quiet and then over the weekend we have some snow up over the rockies on friday otherwise there is a frontal system out across parts of the midwest a little pushing toward chicago as we head through some rain likely here extending up through the great lakes in towards to find conditions on the eastern seaboard should be a nice day in d.c. with highs there twenty five fine across much of the dallas coming in at thirty
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three heading down into the caribbean region we've got showers affecting the bahamas and western parts of cuba in particular. make sure of sunshine and showers thirty one in kingston and yes once again plenty of sunshine up through the we have some pretty heavy. parts of mexico in particular those continue as we head on through into saturday and from guatemala southward towards panama some heavy showers are likely. to america. cloudy across much of power and rain extends across parts of brazil. oh is it allison when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that new u.k. has to address or if you join us on sat i'm a member of a complex but we struck up
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a relationship basis is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag into a stream and one of your pitches might make an actual join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for it is you know it's very challenging the ability but the bill because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real story so i'll just mend it is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audiences across the globe. this is al-jazeera.


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