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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 13, 2017 11:00am-11:34am AST

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it's how you approach a vigil and if it is a sudden we're doing it you can just. get a story and fly out. from the bamboo harvesters navigating dangerous rapids from the time with the car to the time we finished scared to the fisherman dicing with death. i'm afraid of falling i'm afraid of dying but if i don't go by coughing my family needed the men who go to the extreme just to make a living. you have to be a strong swimmer otherwise it's safe and risking it all vietnam at this time on al-jazeera. turkey's military on the move into syria in a new operation to enforce a truce enid live probably yes.
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this is al jazeera live from doha i'm fully back to also ahead more trouble ahead for jacob zuma south africa's top court upholds a ruling to reinstate corruption charges against a president. mother's harrowing story of how she watched myanmar soldiers throw her baby into a fire plus. a month ago a colonel wonder where mobile thirty thousand puerto ricans arrive to escape hurricane maria will be looking at how recovery efforts are going a reaction to president trump's latest tweets. a turkish military convoy has entered northern syria a new operation these are the latest pictures from the turkey syria border where more vehicles are waiting to cross the border turkey sending troops to providence
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to enforce a so-called deescalation zone it's part of an agreement with turkey and iran and russia. is at the. border crossing on the turkey syria border. so this operation has been in preparation for a number of days now what's the latest how many turkish troops have actually crossed into syria and what is the objective. according to a statement from the turkish military about one hundred soldiers and dozens of vehicles have crossed into syria they have now established some surveillance posts on the western border of the province of now we're expecting more troops to move into the syria in the coming days and weeks and the turks are hoping to achieve two things here basically first of all they would like to implement the deescalation zone agreement so they will deploy their own troops in the province of
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live to ensure that syrian rebel factions dawns in any military activity in the near future number two they would like to block kurdish factions particularly white b.g. and the s.d.f. from expanding their territory from. towards the province of idlib how significant is this operation in the wider conflict in syria. if you look at the latest developments now. egypt said yesterday they has managed to come up with a turn agreement with syrian opposition groups on the outskirts of the capital damascus to stop the sea a cease fire agreement now you have the turks pushing for a cease fire agreement across the province of so we're talking about a push by three key players russia turkey and iran to extend cease fire agreements across syria that could be conducive to a final political settlement about the future of the country this is some sort of
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a win win situation for all of the parties for the government the syrian government it can now focus its push to evict icily from the some part of the country particularly the. rebels they can still maintain their territory and prevent further clashes in the future but the group. has vowed to fight to the death the province where this operation is underway how difficult a battle do the turkish troops and their allies face right now. that will ultimately depend on how things move on the ground particularly at the head of the show which is a former al qaeda affiliate about a week ago said that in the military intervention in libya and that his fighters are ready to fight to the death now we don't know what kind of agreement they will have to finally reached with a turks are they going to pull out from there are they going to hand over their weapons are they going to move to other areas like. the province of this really is
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a very delicate situation i think if they cannot manage to convince which is the most powerful armed groups operating in in the near future with a likely to see some of the fiercest military confrontations ever since the start of the syrian conflict six years ago. at the border crossing between turkey and syria thank you very much for that. kurdish forces in iraq have accused baghdad of sending its troops to two areas near kurdish controlled oil fields close to the city of kirkuk the kurdish regional security council says soldiers have been seen south of the city iraq's government has denied it's planning a military attack on the kurdish controlled region of the country tensions have been rising between the two governments since the kurdish secession referendum last month let's get the latest from john stratford who is in erbil in northern iraq the kurdish government has been under a lot of pressure charney from the central government in baghdad after this
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referendum and they seem very nervous right now as the situation on the ground. well we've been speaking to sources in and around the all rich city of kirkuk where we're hearing these lines from the kurdish regional government reporting on iraqi government troop build up around that area those sources telling us they say those shia militia groups and the iraqi military seem to have moved forward to positions between two to three kilometers to the south and the west of the city the kurdish regional government security council saying that those forces include tanks and artillery. also hearing from sources in kara cook saying that push further special forces have been moved into that area as well in in anticipation one would think. a potential attack now it's important to
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recognize the that the great significance of all this is iraq's second largest oil producing area kurdish peshmerga took control of this area in two thousand and fourteen follow the withdrawal of iraq you forces. in the in the face of an i saw offensive on the kurds appealing control of that area ever since it is a disputed area the k r g. says that it is not going to withdraw from that area they are body government has said that he doesn't see any kind of military confrontation as being a solution to this ongoing crisis following this referendum but he has also warned the peshmerga is also will decay argy that. should not interfere with any iraqi forces operating in that area it's also important to recognize that if a context but it was only last week that we saw victory over i saw south of the
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city of kirkuk in that area of how we should the last bastion for i saw so we know that there have been there are a lot of iraq in that area but it certainly seems to suggest at least growing tension in or around that flashpoint city of kirkuk a chance right for an era bill thank you very much for bringing us up to date with the latest there. now on mars later on sound sochi has used a rare televised address to call for unity to resolve the crisis has been under a lot of pressure for not condemning the armies allege of uses against the muslim minority most of the refugees who fled myanmar for bangladesh are traumatized by what by what they experienced in a camp at conses bazaar in bangladesh al jazeera is mom and john jordan met one woman who lost most of her family for resume. there is nothing
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but pain. and i got a little of this was my baby was in my lap and when the soldiers hit me and he fell out of my arms then they pulled me closer to the wall and i could hear that he was crying you know after a few minutes i could hear that they were hitting him too she tells us soldiers for me amar's army had set a fire outside the house they were in. and then the unthinkable glad i live my little lady. my baby was thrown into the fire and then they raped me these are pictures of resume a son sadik he was one and a half years old and very playful a happy child she still can't believe is gone. i feel like and then being on the inside. then she breaks down.
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as she wails in agony resume screams out for her mother. a mother who is also a no longer alive when her village of tula tooley in the body dong district of rakhine state was attacked resume says her parents two sisters and brother were killed as well. having fled me and more resume and her husband are a feat now live in the coop along camp in bangladesh resume on refeed story is similar to what we've heard from many other survivors are refugees who shared their terrifying accounts of having been brutalized by soldiers and mia mars army many described witnessing mass killings gang rapes beheadings and numerous other atrocities human rights investigators are accusing me and mars government of carrying out crimes against humanity a charge me and mars government denies with more than a half a million will hinder refugees having fled me and more in the past six weeks
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medical aid and psychological support is in very short supply it's one reason rifi is so worried sometimes she says her head feels like it's twisting and that she can't tolerate it so sometimes she looks at the photos of our baby and she screams and cries every single day she. says that until they have money resume i can't get any more treatment for the head and jaw wounds she sustained when she was also beaten by the soldiers and so resume a sits alone and traumatized longing for a family that perished and a home that no longer exists. at the could to prolong camp in cox's bazar bangladesh not to south africa where the supreme court of appeal has upheld a ruling for hundreds of corruption charges to be of rain stated against president jacob zuma the accusations related to an arms deal dating back to the early
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ninety's the president and the main opposition democratic alliance had been involved in an eight year legal battle let's cross over to correspondent tanya page who is in south africa's judicial capital don't fontayne tanya so it seems more bad news for president zuma tell us about this particular case and what this ruling means going forward for the president. well this particular case as you said goes back eight years to a time when the president who at the time was defeated president was facing corruption charges which were controversially dropped by the in here of the national prosecuting authority the reason he gave at the time was on the basis of secretly recorded phone conversations which he said suggested a political interference in their legal pursuit of then president deputy president jacob zuma who as a consequence was set by then president tabo mbeki so it is something that has hung
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over jacob zuma for many years in which the opposition political party the democratic alliance has pursued doggedly in court although this may seem like a decisive ruling it has been left open to some interpretation because i've been speaking to the spokesperson for the national prosecuting authority and he says what the supreme court hasn't ruled is directly to instruct if you like the reinstatement of the charges which the high court said last year so although the appeal by the president on the n.p.a. has been dismissed with costs there is still some room within it for their interpretation i have been speaking to a legal expert here and he says on the one hand that these charges should be reinstated but as i said the national prosecuting authority which ultimately controls the decision to prosecute anyone it is saying that the ball is now back in
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its court and it will really look at the investigation if you like and may indeed end up taking frisch intentions from the president tanya this has been a difficult year for president zuma has and i mean there have been other cases there's been allegations of corruption against him that he's had to face the year how much has this damage his presidency his credibility and what impact has it had on him. look this is a pretty difficult. impact on the president as she said he has been under an enormous amount of pressure and we have seen some rather unprecedented scenes in south africa over the last year in particular with hundreds if not thousands of people taking to the streets are calling for him to step down are calling for the african national congress the governing party to recall him to remove him from the presidency but despite all of that the president remains firmly in power what this
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is ultimately particularly about is at the end of the year there is a elective conference in which the successor to president zuma will be chosen by the party and a lot of the machinations around this court case are seen as being. him trying to sort of influence who follows him and some analysts believe that is in an effort to try and protect himself from possible prosecution and i think what this is the fact that we have seen these many years of corruption charges hanging over him mounting pressure from some members of the public still he is very firmly seated still in the presidency and i think that very much spells out that ultimately the a.n.c. party itself will decide what happens to the president is going forward.
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like i said some legal options facing both the da and the national prosecuting authority and the president so this is by no means although an important date in court it will not by no means be the decisive one if you like for the president tanya page in bloemfontein thank you very much for that still ahead on al-jazeera. you sneezy goods for so i talk to you in five years relief as a son and his family are freed in pakistan after being kidnapped by taliban linked fighters thousands of police are sacked in colombia after the killing of farm workers we'll look at how the drug trade still is an obstacle to peace. from the waves of the soon. to the contours of the east. hello and welcome to international weather forecast now we have
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a really interesting set up weather wise across europe at the moment we've got one deep area of low pressure across the baltic states we've got high pressure sitting across central areas and a series of low pressure systems pushing into wards western parts of the u.k. and the same time with outflow we're getting warm air pushing up from the south so some quite impressive temperatures are likely for october across many southern parts of europe so friday just some rain across parts of our and through into the northwestern parts of scotland fine across central areas and still pretty disturbed across eastern parts of europe with some heavy rain but it continues as we head on through into softer though generally some improvement is likely fine conditions there with rowan twenty six twenty five and then more rain pushing into wards as northwestern parts of the u.k. was certainly a lot of part of the weekend scenes of really stormy weather across ireland into north africa we still have some showers pushing through the gulf a search on that northerly wind karo should be dry and fine highs of twenty eight
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for central parts of africa has seen some really heavy rain across the last twenty four hours as a big storm systems likely here we're going to see some storms affecting lagos nigeria but it should be fine in bamako mali highs of thirty seven there with sponsored by cats only place. where they are on line we were in hurricane. almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on say i'm a member of a complex but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a stream and one of your pitches might make the next shot join the colombo conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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the with the ng and the and. welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera a turkish military convoy has crossed into northern syria in a new operation to enforce a so-called deescalation zone in italy provinces are a part of an agreement between turkey iran and russia. kurdish forces have accused iraq of sending its troops to two areas near kurdish controlled oil fields close to the city of kirkuk the kurdish regional security council says troops have been seen south of the city iraq's government though has denied its planning a military attack on the kurdish controlled region of the country tensions have been high between the two governments since the kurdish secession referendum last month and south africa's supreme court has upheld a ruling that hundreds of corruption charges be reinstated against president jacob zuma the accusations related to an arms deal dating back to the early one nine
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hundred ninety s. now the leader of the democratic republic of congo's opposition party says he will consider any delay to presidential elections as a declaration of war voting was originally scheduled for november last year but the electoral commission says it needs at least five hundred days to organize a poll the scheduled breaks an agreement between president joseph kabila as representatives and his opponents for a bonnet before the end of this year the opposition wants kabila to stand down. they said. in the face of yet another abuse of authority joseph kabila known to have declared war on the congolese people and therefore have disqualified themselves. the un's human rights chief has warned they are serious abuses happening in libya's migrants detention centers they'd rather hussein says thousands of people are being held in prisons where they're being tortured by the head of the detention center says staff air don't have the right resources to cope
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six hundred thousand refugees and migrants across from libya to italy since twenty fourteen. the families of two people who were freed after being held captive for five years in pakistan have spoken of their relief a canadian man and his american wife were held by the taliban an entire county network they were released with their three children after a tip off from u.s. intelligence services alan fisher has a story. caitlin coleman and her canadian husband joshua boil were seized by the taliban linked to county network while hiking in afghanistan five years ago they have three children all born in captivity just last year they issued a video asking donald trump to negotiate their release donald trump and now you see him when you see him and worship in the country is that those who speak high and noble cause one of ideals i'm going to simply raise our family usually because because it is correct they want money power friends you must give the least things
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before progress can be very pakistan says acting on u.s. intelligence it launched a military operation to free the captives in the border area between afghanistan and pakistan the pakistani government's cooperation is a sign that it is america's wish that to do more to provide security in the region and i want to thank the pakistani government want to thank pakistan they they work very hard on this and i believe they're starting to respect the united states again it's very important. in canada joshua boyle's pins give a brief outline of the dramatic rescue mission just described about thirty five entirely pakistani army personnel. and at the end the five people in that car captors he described this morning as having been killed and the five survive so he was quite
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a few sort of in his praise for the pakistan military. acutely coleman's parents home in pennsylvania a message has been turned to the front door welcoming the release of their daughter her husband and the three grandchildren are requesting time to process the news alan fischer al-jazeera the united nations says the number of civilian casualties has soared after the u.s. ramped up its aerial campaign in afghanistan four hundred sixty six civilians have been killed or injured by as strike since the start of the year the us is the only foreign force carrying out airstrikes in afghanistan it has dropped more than three thousand bombs on taliban and i saw fighters there this year. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has condemned the deal between the palestinian groups fatah and hamas saying it makes peace with his country harder to achieve. the palestinians in gaza and the occupied west bank have been celebrating the agreement which was signed in cairo on tuesday the rival factions had been at odds
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for a decade the deal places gaza and the west bank under the control of one government for the first time since two thousand and seven. in vietnam at least fifty four people have been killed in severe flooding in the north and center of the country more than three hundred homes of collapse in floodwaters and landslides a typhoon hit on tuesday followed by a tropical depression and another storm is headed towards the country. to the us now where state of emergency has been declared in florida where thousands of people have arrived from puerto rico residents in the u.s. territory are struggling to access basic necessities after the island was hit by hurricane maria but as the exodus continues the u.s. president has threatened to withdraw long term aid and he gallagher reports. the storm hit two thousand kilometers from here but it's at orlando's international airport where one of three disaster relief centers is providing care and aid for
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newly arrived puerto ricans the arlington homeland they left is still largely without electricity fresh water supplies a dwindling and heading to the u.s. mainland is the only option for many i feel so sad and i feel so lonely because i don't have my mom my mom and how my day and my feet hurt it's a day by day so for us over here it's our hearts are with them because we. we wish we could do more but we can't because you know we can i get power to them or anything the economic crisis in puerto rico has already prompted hundreds of thousands of residents to leave to find jobs the aftermath of hurricane maria is likely to force many more to follow in the last few days alone thirty thousand puerto ricans arrived here in orlando statewide that number could exceed one hundred thousand but florida is home to a million puerto ricans and this is a community more than willing to lend a helping hand the president trumps latest tweets affectively threatening to abandon long term aid haven't gone down well we have
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a lot of different items from diapers emily bonnie is orange county first puerto rican commissioner she's helping organize aid and says the president's comments are offensive i think it's right we've seen him make threats now for them and it seems to be the way he tries to get things done his way and he's being a lot of criticism from puerto rico and that's his way of saying stop criticizing someone's mayor speaks for many when she made a statement asking all americans to stand together to support the people of puerto rico. politics aside here in orlando volunteers from across the state are helping any way they can as you see you know we don't have any electricity or water here will be warlike sweating on one big bowl good tires on ones on one jail like with this is where to go where the happening but that really goes all the people as it is that big gosling they're the enemy in the bee war is think about this situation there are people how anybody puerto rico will need help for months to come but he
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was the president isn't committed people here are and a guy like raja zero orlando florida strong wind is hampering firefighting efforts in the us where wildfires have killed at least thirty one people in california hundreds of people are missing following mass evacuations across the state's northern wine country the blazes began on sunday night when gale force winds toppled power lines across the region to colombia now where more than one hundred police officers have been fired following the killing of at least six farm worker protesters the men were demonstrating over the removal of coca crops by police they died during a confrontation in the south west of the country earlier this month i was on the rampage to reports from to michael. a week or so passed but their remains unclear what prompts colombian police opened fire on these farmers protesting against the removal of coca crops in the southwest of the country. outdoor it is in
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students held a commemoration for the victims in the center of the town of. the state governor says he warned the central government of the growing tensions in the region. we cautioned that the forced eradication would have brought this tragedy we deeply mourn the death of these six farmers but also a policeman who died in a previous protest these are children of the same groups of people confronting each other people the war our country wants to overcall persists in our territory to marco is a sprawling municipality in colombia specific coast with the highest concentration of coca crops in the country drug traffickers in one time far have rapidly filled the void left by the good of the group which signed a peace deal a year ago. as part of the deal the government started. up substitution program many farmers have but implementation so far has been extremely slow and at
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the same time. raising pressure by the united states to wipe away as many coca plants as possible to force eradication which triggered the conflict. members of the african community council of. who signed up for substitution are now in hiding in a safe house and. they say they are under threat by drug traffickers for resisting pressure to participate in the protests. one person spoke to us but asked not to be named kimo some of the unless it was you want to leave me alone the government chose a firm commitment to avoid violence against the farmers and brings the real solution to all least issues the situation will keep going out of control we believe it's already exploded and it's showing you that at least here the peace deal is feeling but the government suspended four officers for firing into the crowd and reassigned
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one hundred others an official report on what happened in two marcos expected next week whatever the findings the incident underlines at least one fact the drug trade here remains one of the most significant challenges to peace. an asteroid the size of a school bus has always passed the space strong quest for a spot in twenty twelve and scientists have been waiting to see it again so they could rehearse for a potential strike threat it traveled pretty close to earth but not close enough to cause concern just forty two thousand kilometers away or news as always and i website down to zero dot com the very latest on all of our top stories on there al-jazeera dot com. hello again i'm fully battle with the headlines on al-jazeera a turkish military convoy has crossed into northern syria and more armored vehicles
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are waiting to enter turkey sending troops to syria's edley province or enforce a so-called deescalation zone as far of an agreement between iran turkey and russia has more. it seems that the turkish army is aiming to achieve two goals here first of all they would like to block the kurdish factions but to the us and the y.p.s. you from moving or expanding their territory from all the way towards number two they would like to ensure also that factions in live dogs get in any fighting in the coming days and weeks with the syrian military and with the russians so to implement the deescalation zones this is quite a significant development. kurdish forces have accuse iraq of sending its troops to two areas near kurdish controlled oil fields close to the city of kirkuk the kurdish regional security council says troops have been seen south of the city
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iraq's government has denied it's planning a military attack on the kurdish controlled region of the country myanmar's leader entente and she has called for unity to resolve the crisis in a rare televised address she's been under pressure for not condemning the army's alleged abuses against the muslim minority south africa's supreme court of appeal has upheld a ruling for hundreds of corruption charges to be reinstated against president jacob zuma the accusations relate to an arms deal dating back to the early one nine hundred ninety s. the president and the main opposition democratic alliance had been involved in an eight year legal battle. the leader of the democratic republic of congo's opposition parties warning he would consider any delay to the country's presidential election a declaration of war against the congolese people voting was originally scheduled for november last year but the electoral commission says it needs at least five hundred days to organize a poll and at least fifty four people have been killed in severe flooding in
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northern and central vietnam more than three hundred homes have collapsed in floodwaters and landslides a typhoon hit on tuesday followed by a tropical depression those are the headlines on al-jazeera the stream starts right now. the man who did the dismantling of apartheid and scrapped south africa's nuclear program we needed the. south africa's former president declared al-jazeera. and you're in the stream now live on you tube today the political turmoil in kenya is the country's upcoming presidential election in jeopardy now that the opposition candidate has withdrawn from the race.


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