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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 13, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the town of exposure and a job an investigation reveals how even the smallest devices deadly environmental and health we think ok will send our us to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design at this time on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world center matter how you take al-jazeera and we'll bring you the news and current events that matter to you. this is al-jazeera.
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again i'm peter w. watching the news live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes turkey's military moves into syria in a new operation to enforce a truce in its live province. kurdish forces on high alert in northern iraq over what they say are possible threats from iraqi forces in kirkuk. more trouble ahead for jacob zuma south africa's top court up holds a ruling to reinstate corruption charges against the president plus. the money gallacher no wonder why more than thirty thousand puerto ricans arrived to escape hurricane maria we're looking at how recovery efforts are going our reaction to president drugs like his tweets. top stories so far today turkey has started its. military operations inside syria
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dozens of soldiers have crossed on armored vehicles into the province is part of an agreement between russia iran and turkey to enforce its so-called deescalation zone . reports now from the turkey syria border. turkey's cross border operation is underway these are soldiers from a special unit tasked with setting up a surveillance post in it live province. turkey aims to enforce a cease fire agreement that was signed last month. president. said the move was crucial for turkey's national security. is it our front here we have to take our precautions no one has the right to tell us why are you doing this we are the country with nine hundred eleven kilometer border with syria where there was that under harassment and threat no one has the
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right to tell us why did you do this turkish soldiers are seen here in. a village on those border with. not far from areas controlled by their white p.g.d. syrian kurdish faction turkey has repeatedly insisted it won't allow fighters to expand further to worse the northwestern provinces of and thanks this is a delicate operation for turkey. is those controlled by hate. or. if former al qaeda affiliate. with jack the deescalation agreement vowing to fight to the death it's not yet clear if the group will be turkey's next target turkey's main concern was all new. people by.
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changing this generation. and referendum process. securitas of the kurdish more what. they say best and border off to syria to turkey on thursday egypt and opposition fighters a cease fire agreement in the east of the. rebel stronghold in the syrian capital damascus the deal would allow the rebels to get humanitarian aid in their besieged areas but would also allow government troops to shift their focus to the east where they are on the move against i sailed. so hashem it looks as if the turkish military is ready for any possible eventuality here. passion we can see there's. a crowd of al-jazeera viewers there in the background
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maybe if you can hear us alaska the question one more time. it would appear as to the turkish military is ready for any possible options here. yes just to give you an idea of what's happening behind me see these are syria's who have just returned from. these refugees who live in turkey but they managed to go to see their relatives for some time and now it's been really a very tough journey for them i mean the latest developments on the ground now for turkey this is quite a significant move and you she's basically they are trying to. ensure that the kurdish factions which we have over the last few years makes fandor that influence has a missionary in the northeastern part of syria all the way to manage across the euphrates and now they are moving from a free into different turkey's very skeptical it's very concerned it's suspects the
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kurdish factions of trying to implement a state of their own along the border of turkey and this is something which is rejected by this explains why they are now stationed in south found to try some ansari to try to prevent the cars from further expanding and their biggest obstacle will be definitely to try to take on. which is one of the most powerful and well organized rebel factions operating it. is the turkish military well enough resourced to do both of the things that people were anticipating it was going to do move to the east and move to the south. you know peter the problem with that and the incursion is the risk of casualties among the troops in two thousand and fifteen turkish. border operation inside syria seventy turkish
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soldiers were killed and we were talking about very limited operations now it's quite different they're going deep into the province of here's territory talking about a network of caves and mountains thousands of fighters from different factions. isn't estimated to have something like ten thousand fighters operating to those areas so the potential for casualties is really high and i think this explains why the turkish military is moving through phases phase one surveillance both face to having free syrian army factions do the fight on their own three once the ensure that the situation is under their control then they move deeper into the province of hashem thank you the kurdish forces in iraq are reportedly mobilizing after kucing baghdad of sending its forces to areas near kurdish controlled oil fields close to kirkuk the kurdish regional security council says
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soldiers have been seen south of the city the iraqi government has denied is planning a military attack on the kurdish controlled region tensions have been rising between the two governments since the kurdish session referendum last month let's go straight to charles stratford who's in erbil in northern iraq tensions have been high charles and they're getting higher. that's right yes and very worrying reports here certainly from the k r g saying that there has been movement of iraq and shia militia forces towards peshmerga positions to the south and the west of that oil rich city kid a cook i mean they've been flat denials from the iraqi government and the rocky military with respect to these allegations the head of the joint iraqi military operations saying that this was completely untrue prime minister allawi body yesterday in his weekly address and he's just tweeted these comments in the
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last hour or so saying that all forces cannot and will not attack our citizens whether arab or but it is very much a worry for the k r g the kurdish regional government here is saying that they have deployed at least six thousand troops down towards kirkuk in the eventuality of any potential attack there of kirkuk of course of huge importance because of its oil wealth and in a disputed area of northern iraq and the. control of kirkuk in two thousand and fourteen when iraq the iraqi military fled and i still offensive they've been in control there ever since i did cause it participated in this very controversial referendum last month and the kurds say that basically they are not going to give control of that city back so certainly mounting tension here but as i say according
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to the iraqi government to the iraqi military these allegations are true giles thank you. close most all to come here on the news including. the range of others harrowing story of how she watched me in ma soldiers throw her baby into a fire plus. i'm. blind with. people and they're very few to r e. y. n test cricket set for some big changes details with in the sports news in about thirty minutes. the trumpet ministration has released a document outlining the problems with the iranian nuclear deal now the white house says it's the culmination of nine months of discussion with congress and u.s.
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allies trumpet previously criticized the iran deal for not going far enough the same bus ravi is following developments from tehran. when it comes to the united states here in iran it's hard to talk about the future without looking at the past the cia coup in the one nine hundred fifty s. the breakdown of relations after the revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine for iranian leaders those things are still very fresh in their minds so when they experience a war of words coming from the white house attacking what the time of its signing was a very popular publicly popular nuclear deal for them that's an example of the white house not being a reliable negotiating partner on the international stage so leaders have been pivoting to europe and russia and hopes of those countries being able to save the nuclear deal ali larijani the speaker of parliament is in moscow and has said that he hopes that russia can help to save the nuclear deal for iran's government to deal represents a few very important things it was an opportunity for iran to come out of the woods
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so to speak and return to the club of nations and it was an opportunity for iran to be seen by world leaders as it sees itself a country that is mature with thousands of years of history and one that can be dealt with through negotiations and not necessarily through the threat of sanctions or the threat of force and so even though we are likely to see a proportionate response observers tell us that that response is also likely to be a measured one. well that's the story in iran kimberly following the other end of the story for us out of the white house kimberly what are we expecting mr trump to do i mean this is quite a change in strategy for the u.s. presidency. there's no question that this is a major shift in iran policy the president is set to depart the white house in about thirty minutes time he will head to a hotel here in washington d.c. to make this announcement and what we expect and have been hearing for days is that
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the u.s. will not withdraw from the twenty fifteen agreement to limit iran's nuclear program but at the same time and this is the key will not certify comply. riots under the terms of the deal as we have seen this administration do twice already since january so certainly what we expect is this will be a tougher u.s. strategy the president will lay out in an effort to in his view counter what he sees as iran's influence in the region particularly with respect to funding when it comes from the i.r.g.c. in the words of many of those i've talked to here in recent days it seems the concern is any funding for hezbollah as well as for syrian president bashar last so what we expect is this will be not only. not recertify cation of compliance but there will be another key component to this and that will be that the u.s. congress will as a result of this be tasked with the next steps if you will what this could look
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like could be doing nothing or it could also be a reimposing of sanctions became really as far as the congress is concerned ok they've got sixty days but they're already dealing with what immigration taxes getting rid of obamacare is congress up for having another huge issue that they have to deal with. congress wants to deal with this issue i believe i mean obviously it's a divided congress you're going to get a myriad of opinions but this triggering that takes place in the certification process was actually put in place by the u.s. congress because there were many on capitol hill who felt the agreement had been negotiated in secret was not a deal that was in the interests of the united states and so there was concern about compliance but i think it goes beyond compliance because as we know the trouble administration has already certified twice that the that the iranians are and hearing to the letter of the law if you will what we've been hearing in recent
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days from various members of the administration is that they feel that iran is not complying with the spirit of the deal in totality they're particularly interested in targeting what they call destabilizing activity in the region and so that's why we see what we expect will be a changing course tougher action one that the united states believes projects american power but also comes at the risk of upsetting many u.s. allies particularly the european union which has cautioned against taking this type of action but if point mr trump delivers his speech he says things like focusing in on unnecessary unwanted influence on the part of iran in the region if he uses the word terrorism or terrorists might there be a risk then that the government in iran will come back and say look we can't trust you we're walking away. there's definitely that risk and we've certainly already seen these words of caution coming from top i.r.g.c.
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commanders like farai who have in fact said that the u.s. missiles or rather the u.s. base and soldiers in the region could be at risk by iranian missiles if there is any reimpose posing of sanctions so certainly this is a concern that has been taken into account by some of the top advisers of the president what we do know and what we expect is that the president will stop short of something that many had wondered whether or not this would occur and that would be naming the i.r.g.c. as a terrorist organization we do not believe that will happen but certainly it may be targeted in other ways that will be outlined by the president in terms of trying to in the eyes of the united states stop some of the funding that it feels has contributed to instability in the region to many thanks very much. now these two percent specific demonstrations against changes to kenya's electoral law rallies have happened across the country despite a government ban police in nairobi dispersed protesters with tear gas opposition
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supporters took to the streets ahead of a planned rerun of the presidential election straight to for me to miller who's in nairobi first two people shot dead from religious will cross through what happened there. well peter this point we understand that protesters in fact tried to storm a police station in a bondo town in a western kenya and it's then that police opened fire and killed at least two of the demonstrators if you look back over the last couple of weeks immediately after the august eighth elections we've just had a report released by a kenyan human rights body which indicates that at least seven thirty seven excuse me people are working in protests in the week immediately following the elections so the deaths we've seen today and also looking back over these past weeks there is a concern around excessive force by police in that number of thirty seven all but
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two of the cases were due to what the report indicates as excessive police brutality we also know that the opposition says despite protests being back and in the central business district specifically of three major cities in kenya the opposition says that it will continue with these protests that are concerned by that ban in fact saying it's unconstitutional so they continue to be concerned around how exactly police will respond in protests we're expecting to see leading up to a rerun of elections later this month about their rerun if this violence continues if the protests continue in there already questions about who's going to be on the ballot paper anyway as of this time yesterday how can they successfully rerun the election with any kind of big democratic credibility. well the electoral commission is saying that it will have these elections on the
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twenty six of i'm told and that's despite the opposition leader raila odinga withdrawing from the elections there is a technicality the electoral commission says that he hasn't signed a specific form his party saying that he doesn't need to because this is a rerun and that's also so much of the confusion that's happening at the moment around technicalities the law what the constitution says exactly who will be included on the ballot paper we've also had a recent court case where a minor candidate has now been allowed to participate in these elections based on a supreme court ruling that took place after the initial elections in october or rather in august the supreme court had said that only the two top contenders that raila odinga and her kenyatta take part in the coming elections because the supreme court had found that there had been areas committed by the electoral commission there were a number of irregularities now there's also the question many kenyans are asking if
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you only have the incumbent president who work in the arts are participating how legitimate will these elections be given that raila odinga got at least forty four percent of the vote back in august so they are concerns around a major contender not taking part what role these minor. minor contenders will have in this coming election also the political environment at this point considering the level of protests and also violence that we are seeing sporadically i mean the force in iraq we thank you. well the rerun of the election is dividing the public and as we've been seeing most people support the new vote but there are concerns the political process is hurting the economy catherine so i want to see how the political uncertainty is affecting one coastal town it's called khalifa. a man will move that depends on this for a living he lives in kill a few in the kenyan coast a town largely reliant on tourism every morning he comes here to choose the very
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best of fish to supply to dozens of hotels times are tough the industry has for years suffered because of security problems and competition from other destinations but now political uncertainty over the repeat presidential election later this month is making things was. supplying about one hundred kilos of fish to the hotels in the last few months i can only supply ten to twenty. very few hotels ordering from us this is a state of many hotels move supplies his fish to the pristine beaches are empty souvenirs sellers are lucky they sell even want trinkets the next few months are critical it's a high season if guests don't come it will be disastrous for the hospitality industry. this is one of the popular beach we're hearing from this time the room was full of tourists now the occupancy is only ten percent many locals who rely on
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tourism for their livelihood are concerned of the situation could just get worse. they fact our faults there's been layoffs and some hotels are partially closed this as a negative impact on the economy and the social welfare of the local people be it local. shops or hardware. or. everybody has been affected. many kilometers from killing in the capital nairobi they're also difficulties weekly street protests and grandstanding between the two opposing sides have increased tensions making it hard for those doing business privately or with government some investors are holding on to their money the city very much in limbo we kind of expected it to be a tough year what's made it even harder is it's coming together the same time when
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there's monetary contraction the interest rate cut means banks have not been lending as much as they should be on the fiscal side the government is putting together what is essentially an austerity package cutting back on government spending back on the coast people wait and watch they hope the election will pass without problems they'll tonnage it would mean more harsh economic times for an industry already struggling catherine al-jazeera. the kenyan coast. south africa's supreme court of appeal has dismissed president jacob zuma as latest attempt to avoid hundreds of corruption charges as tanya page reports doesn't mean the president is going to face those charges anytime soon. it took less than fifteen minutes for the supreme court of appeal to reject the president's latest attempt to avoid corruption charges. dismissed because. the
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charges relate to allegations during a multi-million dollar deal from the one nine hundred ninety s. they were controversially dropped in two thousand and nine clearing the way for jacob zuma to become president the reason given by the prosecutor at the time was that secretly recorded phone conversations showed political interference last year the high court ruled the decision to drop the charges was irrational and they should be reinstated some legal experts say with the supreme court now dismissing his latest appeal the ruling must be enforced his action over the last decade smack of a desperate attempt to avoid this eventual. actions of a man who knows he has a lot to answer so in this lightly. i'll be writing to the national prosecuting authority the national public prosecutions are. insisting that in fact jacob zuma be served with an indictment and appears in court
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. at the soonest available. but the n.p.a. the national prosecuting authority sees it differently it says that because the supreme court didn't explicitly say the charges are reinstated that means it's able to reconsider the investigation. judge lee's did not instruct the n.p.a. it is one of the crimes that we will put them out on appeal that the court has not instructed to reinstate the charges it must be said the matter to the n.p.a. for reconsideration this is an important decision because it's being interpreted differently by the opposition democratic alliance which is doggedly pursued the president and the n.p.a. it's not as decisive as it might same ultimately there are still several options available to president zuma who has always strongly denied the allegations the national prosecuting authority says it will do the right thing and follow the law
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but some opposition parties say its current here is an ally of president jacob zuma making the prosecution of a president who is facing mounting opposition seem unlikely tinier page al-jazeera bloemfontein south africa. weather if you're in europe. and america so for europe. well you are all old enough to remember the great storm of one nine hundred eighty seven back in the u.k. anybody of our age remembers a great storm of eighty seven now i'm not saying there's a great storm coming towards the u.k. but it's going to have very interesting as we approach the thirtieth anniversary of that particular event and it's because of this hurrican ophelia that we have at the moment now ophelia is a category two hurricane which is going to graze puerto delgado and the azores is going to miss as a direct hit is certainly going to bring some stormy weather and then it's going to get sucked up into the flow across here and here's where it really does get interesting because we've got what we call an omega block so we've got a low pressure center there with a hurrican forming that we've got
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a low pressure center over there and in the middle we've got this big dome of high pressure so what's going to happen is that we're going to see warm air continue to push up from the south so temperatures across much of europe are going to be way way above what they should be at this time of year contrast that with the cold across more eastern areas temperatures five six degrees in moscow a cold eyed ticking down and then there is a fetus starting to get sucked up in the flow now my charts don't go far enough to show you but here's an early warning that come monday particular across parts of ana maybe into northwestern scotland it is going to get really really stormy but the rest of europe are concerned because here we basking in some beautiful autumn sunshine. a spokesman for the me in mali to understand suchi has told the reuters news agency she is appalled at the range of crosses but needs to tread carefully so as not to inflame the situation mr g. controls the government but not the military she has been criticized for handling
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of the crackdown on the range a minority in the northern state of rakhine has forced more than half a million people to flee violence to neighboring bangladesh from young gone europe milam now reports. well what's interesting is not just what the reuters anonymous source said but the timing unsung switchy has been under increasing international pressure over her handling of the ranger crisis on wednesday the un came out with a damning report outlining what it's calling a well organized systematic and coordinated campaign to expel the ranger and prevent them from coming back this is from the same u.n. office that called the military campaign a textbook example of ethnic cleansing on friday the un's political chief arrived to mean maher he's here for five days of talks over there or him to crisis so uncensored she may well be trying to send
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a message to the international community that she's not the failed peace icon that many human rights organizations in observers have said that she use her advisor reportedly said that she's appalled over the row hinder refugee crisis and even though she doesn't always appear that way ovide is also reportedly said that it's difficult to criticize the military because of the perilous position of mean mars democratic transition which but on times when she has had plenty of opportunities to speak out about the range of crisis late thursday she addressed the nation on live television saying that she's going to set up but another commission for recommend state to help with rebuilding and humanitarian aid efforts but she did not say anything about the row hinge or all about the military campaign against them well most of the refugees who fled me
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a model bangladesh are traumatized by what they experienced in a camp of cox's bizarre al jazeera as mohammed jam two met one woman who lost most of her family. for resume a big home there is nothing but pain. my baby was in my lap and when the soldiers hit me and he fell out of my arms then they pulled me closer to the wall and i could hear that he was crying in after a few minutes i could hear that they were hazing him too she tells us soldiers for me and mars army had set a fire outside the house they were in and then the unthinkable. my baby was thrown into the fire and then they raped me these are pictures of resume a son sadik he was one and a half years old and very playful a happy child she still can't believe is gone. i feel like i'm burning on the
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inside. then she breaks down. as she wails in agony resume screams out for her mother. a mother who is also no longer alive when her village of to literally in the district of rakhine state was attacked resume says her parents two sisters and brother were killed as well. having fled me and mar resume and her husband now live in the cooper long camp in bangladesh presume honorific story is similar to what we've heard from many other survivors refugees who shared their terrifying accounts of having been brutalized by soldiers and me and mars army many described witnessing mass killings gang rapes beheadings and numerous other atrocities human rights investigators are
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accusing me and mars government of carrying out crimes against humanity a charge me and mars government denies with more than half a million rohinton refugees having fled me and more in the past six weeks medical aid and psychological support is in very short supply it's one reason rifi is so worried sometimes she says her head feels like it's twisting and that she can't to liberate it so sometimes she looks of the photos of her baby and she screams and cries every single day she. says that until they have money resume i can't get any more treatment for the head and jaw wound she sustained when she was also beaten by the soldiers and so resume a sits alone and traumatized longing for a family that perished and a home that no longer exists. at the could to prolong camp in cox's bazar bangladesh. still to come here on the news for you we'll tell you why doctors are
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coming together to tackle the misuse of antibiotics. who's amazing it's for so i talk to you in five years. and when the first son and his family of freedom pakistan after being kidnapped by taliban fighters and in sports news the relief of the defending world series champions as they clinched the opening playoff series we'll have all the action coming up in about fifteen minutes we're going to repeat . my provocative or is it a listen when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that new york has to address or if you join a sunset if i'm a member of a complex one but we struck up a relationship this is
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a dialogue tweet us with hostile entities stream and one of their pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. right.
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recapping the top stories for you so far today here on the al-jazeera news our tech its military convoy has crossed into northern syria in a new operation forces of the escalations of it in the province it's part of an opinion in turkey iran and russia. kurdish forces in iraq are reportedly mobilizing after accusing bank that of sending its troops to to air his new kurdish controlled oil fields close to the city of kirkuk tensions have been rising between the two governments since the kennedy secession referendum last month. at least two percent still being shot dead in demonstrations against changes to the electoral law in kenya police are taking place across the country despite a government. now the over use of antibiotics has been an emerging problem in health circles for years doctors at a big conference in berlin and are discussing ways to limit a rise in bacterial resistance connected to the over use of medicines china is one
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of the worst offenders as to vehicle pollen explains now from hong kong. china is the world's largest producer and consumer of ads you buy all six and thirty get a sense of that in hong kong doctors here prescribe them liberally and despite being illegal you can get them over the counter without a prescription in fact we got these at a local pharmacy with no questions on there used to treat pneumonia or bronchitis and skin infections among other things and you can also get stronger ones online like holliston no doubt the last resort drug there are only used when bacteria will not respond to any other antibiotics and this is why the city is known as a breeding ground for superbug fact last year the government recorded one new superbug and practically every eighteen minutes in public hospitals we must. curve thing use of these over the counter sales soften the politics you know because that
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is one of the most common cause of causing these trouble the season back to where this need to be controlled and the two p. e. mini because otherwise how about a piece of the software and second open you quite important to control it or that it was strictly use of antibiotics in the agricultural use and also in the farming industry china is also the world's largest user of farm antibiotics and have most of the meat and prayuth on kong come from across the border most people here are getting their doses of antibiotics from the food they eat and that is going to prove to be a much tougher issue to tackle as currently there are no regulations in mainland china on the use of antibiotics in livestock and agriculture. well last week scientists along the world warning of a post antibiotic apocalypse they urged global leaders to address the growing threats of antibiotic resistance nearly seven hundred thousand people die from drug
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resistant infections every year health experts say if we don't act now that number is predicted to rise to ten million by the year twenty fifty this will cost the global economy up to one hundred trillion dollars and push another twenty eight million people into extreme poverty let's bring in germany for a he's director of the welcome trust one of the world's biggest research charities he joins us now from berlin the german capital german foreign is it going to be really that bad. it would be if we didn't act those figures you just quoted are all realistic. and indeed drug resistance is happening today into the. malaria coming of hiv drug resistance and in sepsis the new monia so if we don't act then yes those scenarios will happen but they don't have to happen if we come together if we meet our commitments if we invest in science and we change the way we run human health and agriculture an animal health
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then we can avoid those is a very big ask i mean your central message is therefore to doctors in hospitals pharmacists or if one lives in a country where you can literally walk in and see i've got a chest infection i want to buy an antibiotic and they sell it to you without even going near a doctor with a prescription who couldn't who can bring that the biggest impact of this well it will require everybody to be involved you're absolutely right to raise the issue of over the counter antibiotics sold to people without a prescription and that's where governments out have to act governments can regulate to ensure that antibiotics are kept back from use indeed in the agricultural sector as well as in the human sector governments can act to stop that and we would call on all governments around the world to ensure these incredibly precious drugs are kept back for those infections that really matter but in fact on that on it's own won't be enough we have to invest in innovation and and science
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and we have to make sure that not only do we protect the anybody except we have today but that we also are able to produce antibiotics for the future but what's the alternative if one's properly sick if you're hospitalized if you've got that chest infection that won't go away what can you do to get rid of it if you're not allowed to use antibiotics or if you choose not to. well the other issue we've got of course is that many parts of the world in fact access to antibiotics is limited and children are dying everywhere from particular in sub-saharan africa and in parts of asia from no access to antibiotics so we have this double headed sawed where there's too much use in some places and not enough in others there's many things we can do though the production of vaccines vaccines can stop you getting infections they can prevent you getting infections we can improve sanitation to make sure that people and feces and people sanitation is much better but you will
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inevitably always need antibiotics to treat people when they get sick when they get sepsis when they get pneumonia and it's crucial that we have a new pipeline there have been very few antibiotics produced and developed over the last thirty years we're relying on drugs that we invented twenty thirty forty years ago and we have to change that pipeline jeremy you having problems there with your earpiece i'm just going to ask you one more quick question if you can hear me you can hear me you're chuckling that's good the antibiotics industry the drugs industry they're the only people in this triangle who don't want to listen to you surely that's a multi-billion dollar industry every week no i don't think that's fair and i think that we have we do have to change the incentives for industry to get engaged in here we have to invest through governments and charities like the world contrast we have to invest in the science that industry can then pick up in the future industry has to be
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a partner in this an industry has to produce those antibiotics of the future but it's also got to be part of the stewardship of antibiotics so that we preserve this these drugs for future generations but but industry has to be part of the solution ok interesting times ahead jeremy fire out there in berlin good to talk to you thanks very much thank you. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has condemned the deal between the palestinian groups fatah and hamas saying it makes peace with his country harder to achieve. in using gaza and the occupied west bank have been celebrating the agreement which was signed in cairo on thursday the rival factions have been at odds with each other for a decade the deal places garza and the west bank under the control of one government for the first time since two thousand and seven. car company has filed an appeal against the london transport regulator t.f. else decision to strip it of its operating licenses lodged the documents in a court in the u.k.
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saying it was to continue quote constructive discussions with t.f. over while the decision is being made t f l script over of its license last month citing safety words. strong winds hampering firefighting efforts in the us where wildfires have killed at least thirty one people in california hundreds of people are missing following mass evacuations in the state's northern wine country the fires began on sunday when gale force winds toppled power lines. the state of emergency has been declared in the u.s. state of florida where thousands of people have arrived from puerto rico residents in the u.s. territory are struggling to access basic necessities after the island was hit by hurricane maria but as the exodus continues the u.s. president donald trump has threatened to withdraw long term aid and gallacher has the story. the storm hit two thousand kilometers from here but it's at orlando's international airport where one of three disaster relief centers is providing care and aid for newly arrived puerto ricans the arlington homeland they left is still
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largely without electricity fresh water supplies a dwindling and heading to the u.s. mainland is the only option for many i feel so sad and i feel so lonely because i don't have my mom my mom and how my day and my feet it's a day by day so for us over here it's our hearts are with them because we. we wish we could do more but we can't because you know we can i get power to them or anything the economic crisis in puerto rico is already prompted hundreds of thousands of residents to leave to find jobs the aftermath of hurricane maria is likely to force many more to follow in the last few days alone thirty thousand puerto ricans of arrived here in orlando statewide that number could exceed one hundred thousand but florida is home to a million puerto ricans and this is a community more than willing to lend a helping hand but president trump's latest tweets effectively threatening to abandon long term aid haven't gone down well we have a lot of different items from diaper emily bonnie is orange county first puerto
4:45 pm
rican commissioner she's helping organize aid and says the president's comments are offensive i think it's right we've seen him make threats now for the air and it seems to be the way he tries to get things done his way and he's being a lot of criticism from puerto rico and that's his way of saying stop criticizing someone's mayor speaks for many when she made a statement asking all americans to stand together to support the people of puerto rico. politics aside here in orlando volunteers from across the state are helping any way they can as you see you know we don't have any electricity or water here but. when people get tired someone someone daylight with this is where the happening but don't really go solar is that big where the gasoline. the b. boy is think about this situation there are people how anybody puerto rico will need help for months to come and even if the president isn't committed people here
4:46 pm
are and a guy like rogers era orlando florida. at least fifty four people have been killed in syria flooding in northern and central vietnam more than three hundred homes have collapsed in floodwaters and landslides typhoon hit on tuesday followed by a tropical depression and another storm is headed for the country as well. people in thailand are marking a year since the passing of king bhumibol his son and the present king were among the mourners who gathered in prayer at bangkok's grand palace where the late monikers lying in state comes ahead of his cremation at the ceremony for the cremation later this month which will mark the end of the official period of mourning the king will for almost seventy years. the families of a couple of ducted in afghanistan five years ago have spoken of their relief after they were freed the pakistani military helped rescue the canadian man and his american wife and their three children after tipoff from u.s. intelligence they are now on their way back to canada is alan fischer. kidman
4:47 pm
coleman and her canadian husband joshua boil were seized by the taliban linked to canny network while hiking in afghanistan five years ago they have three children all born in captivity just last year the issued a video asking donald trump to negotiate their release donald trump and now you see a homo and yeah you know membership in the country is that those who speak high and noble ideals are not going to simply raise our family easily because because it is correct they want money power in france you must give them nice things for progress can be very pakistan says acting on u.s. intelligence it launched a military operation to free the captives in the border area between afghanistan and pakistan the pakistani government's cooperation is a sign that it is america's wish that or do more to provide. security in the region and i want to thank the pakistani government want to thank
4:48 pm
pakistan they they work very hard on this and i believe they're starting to respect the united states again it's very important. in canada joshua boyle's pins give a brief outline of the dramatic rescue mission just described about thirty five entirely pakistani army personnel. and at the end the five people in that car captors he described this morning as having been killed and the five of them survived so he was quite a few sort of in his praise for the pakistan military at kaitlin coleman's parents' home in pennsylvania a message has been tied to the front door welcoming the release of their daughter her husband and the three grandchildren are requesting time to process the news alan fischer i'll just you know. still ahead here on al-jazeera well number one rough on the doll is an auction of the shanghai monsters are over here to show you
4:49 pm
how we did in the sports. last.
4:50 pm
times this was news as far peters thank you so much test cricket is set for a major overhaul with the international cricket council proving a new test championship lord's is favorite to be the final venue of the competition which will begin in twenty nineteen it will finally enable the game's long form to establish a world has championed a new one day internationally will begin a year later and act as a pathway for world cup qualification one of the main reasons behind the adoption
4:51 pm
of the test championship is to increase the popularity of the games longest form on the i.c.c. c.e.o. dave richardson is confident in the steps taken already we've seen that test cricket is at different stages in different countries and it's very popular extremely popular in the likes of england. and maybe some others. and whether we can resurrect the interest in those countries where. the interesting to see cricket has fallen away is what we try to achieve but. you know time seems to fly by very quickly and you know in the foreseeable future that i'm very hopeful that this cricket will survive and. that's our strategy really. dot all the test playing nations are included in the championship was them bob way ireland and afghanistan not taking part each team will play three home and three away series over two years with each one featuring at least two tatts while the point
4:52 pm
system hasn't been finalised each series will have the same amount of points on offer or guard lists of the lang. of former editor in chief a visit in india delhi premature and around says that despite the move by the i.c.c. it might not be enough to save task cricket in certain parts of the worlds. i have honestly can't see that happening and this is an infusion of funds as well sort of subsidize the playing of test cricket other with what's going to happen is that a lot of these countries where it tends to play out in inches just dropped alarmingly they will just have the shortest possible to test next in ten days or something good over with and then get back to know what they've got no control and i think they will still surviving meet in strike in countries like england australia even india depending on the opposition but in other parts of the world you'd have to say it's pretty much on life support unless there's
4:53 pm
a concerted effort in terms of putting guns into the game and get rewarding players for it so that they don't get about twenty. time is world number one rafa nadal has battled grigor dimitrov off in three sets at the shanghai masters on friday the dow won the first set six four but then the bulgarian hit back to take the second set seven six the spaniard dug deep and won the deciding set six three to book him self examine the final against mark challenge. and challenge was up against albert ramos of the no less in his quarter final in shanghai the two thousand and fourteen u.s. open champion was a straight sets winner in this game six three six four the final score. defending baseball world series champion the chicago cubs won game five against washington nationals to advance to the next playoff round the cubs were trailing the nationals when addison russell scored a two run double to give chicago the lead because how dawn in a game that lasted over four and
4:54 pm
a half hours to eventually edge washington nine to eight for the third year in a row chicago have reached the national league series where they'll play the dodgers on saturday in l.a. in game. i was this is the most i've had playing in a baseball game and ranks right up there with winning the world series you know being down. in the world. and just see the fight you know the team that my team had and you know to stand behind every single one everyone's up there top stepping you know every pitch. just just like you know flow with and. was just i get chills just talking about it in the n.h.l. the minnesota wild defeated the show a blackhawks on thursday the wild dominate the blackhawks scoring four goals in the third period to eventually win five to two it's the first win of the season for minnesota while chicago lost in regulation for the first time this season.
4:55 pm
and italy's andriy divots also has clocked the fastest time in practice ahead of the moto g.p. japanese grand prix or wet weather conditions made navigating the track difficult for some of the riders world championship leader mark mark has had the second fastest time in practice by crashing and the afternoon fashion with forest has left mark has least of it see also by sixteen point. and that's all your sport for now and more for me later back to you peter thanks very much witchcraft in zambia toxic masculinity in south africa and folk tales from swaziland just some of the african seems at this year's london film festival al-jazeera charlie angela reports on filmmakers from the continent a challenging the way africa is usually depicted on screen. it looks like a western
4:56 pm
a familiar genre for audiences but five fingers from against the backdrop of south africa's eastern cape. director michael matthews has dusted down the genre creating something thrilling and fresh. why don't we take a picture. look at the camera. another african film with a unique style is i am not a witch based on a real witch camp in ghana it's a comment on women's place in society told with humor critics according directive on god and ione a new voice in cinema if i if i had been trying out of probably been a different kind of filmmaker in the sense that in because i don't know where and i was some things i tend to follow rules like literally sort of been very niche about filmmaking and i'd have been different the london film festival really stands out for its support of african cinema because they put a dedicated program advisor who seeks out new voices from the continent and the
4:57 pm
films that they find challenge cultural stereotypes and play with new styles of storytelling like an animation from swaziland but the festival's director says they may struggle to be seen by a wide audience i think we live in very difficult times for artists who are trying to tell stories that are outside the mainstream and or you have to do is look at the u.k. . overall box office results for example and only three to four percent of the on your box office is made by films in a language other than english even though they actually constitute about a third of the films that are released if you do that you know. you know. defying the odds the wound has been selected for the oscars a gay love story set inside the traditional african practice of initiations. you know the form speaks about things that are really relatable it speaks about not just masculinity but the notions of of i think toxic masculinity. the way in which
4:58 pm
men raised talk to behave. and that is something that is. not just doesn't just impact on one man or close a man or african men but that's not something that affects all of us new talent new styles that will hopefully reach a new audience charlie andrea. algis there one. last one using the web site for us there twenty four seventh's al-jazeera dot com we're back in about three minutes or thirty minutes of al-jazeera world news i will see you very soon. are always the rain forest of the sea we continue on our current way we won't have whole race within twenty thirty forty years from now so your sense they are trying to recreate the ecosystem but under controlled conditions the my goal is so the ballot bowl still hasn't risen to one of the great barrier it's still sizeable but
4:59 pm
we've got to start now and we need to get everyone behind the solution tag know at this time on all does iraq. in recent years the sawhill of north africa has witnessed the so-called war on terror. but is this official narrative. masking a larger battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources. shadow war in the sahara at this time on how much is iraq. across the paddy fields appears the stream of people they don't know with heavy bags and carrying small children they say they're escaping from the smoke in the distance the follow the path to the border and come across a group of. bare feet caked in mud they tell us they arrived in bangladesh the day
5:00 pm
before need to return to find the rest of their families who couldn't make the journey that as the last bangladeshi border security post and beyond that where you see the smoke billowing as me and mark now the journey between the two countries is just a boat ride across the river that takes twenty minutes which is why we've seen dozens of raw and joe made it to the safety of bangladesh trying to go back to say family members that left behind for norma hamad and his extended family this path leads to safety even thought should be struggled so much now we want to stay here live here and die here in bangladesh. turkey's military moves into syria in a new operation to enforce a truce in italy
5:01 pm
a province.


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