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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 13, 2017 5:00pm-5:34pm AST

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for need to return to find the rest of their families who can make the journey that as the last bangladeshi border security post and beyond that raising the smoke bellowing it's me and mark now the journey between the two countries is just a boat ride across the river that takes twenty minutes which is why we've seen dozens of made it to the safety of bangladesh trying to go back to say family members that left behind for norma hamad and his extended family this path leads to safety. even should we struggled so much now we want to stay here live here and die here in bangladesh. took his military moves into syria in a new operation to enforce a truce in italy a province.
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and again on peace w watching al-jazeera lifeline headquarters here in doha also coming up kurdish forces on high alert in northern iraq that what they say are possible threats from iraqi forces in kirkuk. more trouble ahead for jacob zuma south africa's top court upholds a ruling to reinstate corruption charges against the president plus. the road injure mothers agony and pain after watching soldiers from me and mall massacre her family. turkey has started its military operation inside syria dozens of soldiers have crossed on armored vehicles into it in the province it's part of an agreement between russia iran and turkey to set up a deescalation zone there. are reports now from the turkey syria border. turkey's
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cross border operation is under way these are soldiers from a special unit tasked with setting up a surveillance post in province. turkey aims to enforce a cease fire agreement that was signed last month. president. said the move was crucial for turkey's national security. is that our front here we have to take our precautions no one has the right to tell us why are you doing this we're the country with nine hundred eleven kilometer border with syria where there was that under harassment and threat no one has the right to tell us why did you do this. turkish soldiers are seen here in. a village on those border with. not far from areas controlled by the white p.g.
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syrian kurdish faction turkey has repeatedly insisted it won't allow the fighters to expand further to worse the northwestern provinces of and lattakia thank you this is a delicate operation for turkey. is those to controlled by hate. or. if qaeda affiliate. with jack the deescalation agreement vowing to fight to the death it's not yet clear if the group will be turkey's next target turkey's main concern was all new. people are changing this. referendum process. of the kurdish more. than border off to syria to turn
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on thursday egypt and opposition fighters a cease fire agreement in the east of the. rebel stronghold in the syrian capital damascus. the deal would allow the rebels to get humanitarian aid in their besieged areas but would also allow government troops to shift their focus to the east where they are on the move again as i sailed the military campaign in syria poses many challenges for turkey as stated goal is to ensure a ceasefire agreement holds in but its real motive might be denying the kurds access to areas like the coastal province of latakia. on turkish border with syria kurdish forces in iraq are reportedly mobilizing after accusing baghdad of sending its troops to two areas near kurdish controlled oil fields close to the city of kirkuk the kurdish regional security council says
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troops have been seen south of the city the iraqi government has denied it's planning a military attack on the kurdish controlled region of the country tensions have been rising between the two governments since the kurdish secession referendum last month. from erbil in northern iraq. it's very worrying reports here certainly from the k r g saying that there has been movement of iraq and shia militia forces towards peshmerga positions to the south and the west of that oil rich city kid a cook i mean there's been flat denials from the iraqi government and the rocky military with respect to these allegations the head of the joint iraqi military operations saying that this was completely untrue prime minister body yesterday in his weekly address and he's just tweeted these comments and saying that all forces cannot and will not attack our citizens whether arab or
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but it is very much a worry for the k r g the kurdish regional government here saying that they have deployed at least six thousand troops down towards kirkuk in the eventuality of any potential attack there of kirkuk of course a huge importance because of its oil wealth and in a disputed area of northern iraq and the. control of kirkuk in two thousand and fourteen when iraq the iraqi military fled and i still offensive they've been in control there ever since i have cause it participated in this very controversial referendum last month and the kurds say that basically they are not going to give control of that city back so certainly mounting tension here but as i say according to the iraqi government to the iraqi military these allegations are true. u.s.
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president donald trump is expected to finally announce whether he will uphold the iran nuclear deal late on friday under the landmark agreement sanctions against iran east in exchange for curbs on its nuclear program but president trump has criticized the deal and has threatened to scrap it mike hanna wraps up the events from the u.n. in new york. repudiation of the iran deal was a central promise of the trump electoral campaign and i'm disgusted i've never seen anything like it in my life and by the way be careful because we made a rare and a real power gave one hundred and fifty dollars. now think of it thank you the crowd booed almost certainly unaware that wasn't the case the sum of money released in terms of the deal was in fact iran's own funds that had been frozen by previous sanctions we didn't get anything we got nothing during his first months in office president trump had to acknowledge the fact that iran was complying with its
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side of the deal formally certifying so on two occasions but the us ambassador to the united nations has apparently been at the forefront of finding a way in which the president could fulfill his campaign promise coming up with the argument that iranian compliance was not the only thing that need be certified we owe it to ourselves to look at every aspect of this deal and understand that this was a flawed deal and understand that this flawed deal has negative consequences as well this argument that other factors such as u.s. national interest should be taken into account rejected by other signatories to the deal. the new agreement is about nuclear nuclear is fulfilled the agreement is the living. made clear to the fact that the u.s. cannot take unilateral action without security council consensus the deal being signed by the five permanent members along with germany known as the p five plus
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one how many you cannot join with me iran has. all members of the p five plus one stand in line with iran except that one russia china three european countries the holy you and hundreds of countries they are all standing with iran. perhaps the real interest of president trump is not the deal itself but the perceived political and personal need to meet one of his campaign promises if so president tran could pay a long term cost for the short term satisfaction of his rightwing support base not least the dilution of trust in u.s. commitment to international agreements the fracturing of relationships with traditional allies and the possible if not probable repudiation of a security council whose authority would be disdainfully floated by a thumping member mike hanna al-jazeera at the united nations let's bring in
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the white house so kimberly what are we expecting from mr trump in what just a few hours from now. indeed the president will be making his announcement what we expect will be a real departure from what we've seen from the previous administration terms of iran strategy he'll be speaking in the diplomatic room here at sixteen forty five and what we believe is that donald trump will stop short of withdrawing from the iran nuclear agreement as he had promised to do on the campaign trail as mike hanna pointed out there but what we expect we will see is a tougher u.s. strategy with respect to iran countering iran's influence of the eyes of the united states in terms of funding from groups such as hezbollah also support for syrian president bashar al assad what we expect this will be is a sort of a confrontational approach moving forward but certainly also suggesting that the nuclear agreement is not in america's best interest now one of the big questions in
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all of this would be will donald trump declare the i.r.g.c. or the iranian revolutionary guard corps a terrorist organization we believe that will not happen but in not sort of recertifying the sort of compliance of iran something under the terms of the twenty fifteen agreement which has been done twice already what this is going to do we expect is now kick this to the u.s. congress in terms of next steps so what many would say this is donald trump in some respects speaking out of both sides of his mouth peter trying to satisfy the base as mike hanna put it there in terms of saying he would scrap the steel not doing that but also triggering action in terms of moving forward to potentially scrap it in the future but also take tougher action towards iran for the time being is there a better deal that he could accept and sell to his base.
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well certainly that is going to be difficult because the base is going to want to hold him to the campaign promises and there have been a number of campaign promises up to this point not met so it's certainly going to come to congress now which will have a number of options in terms of moving forward there certainly could be sanctions reimpose they could do nothing there are a number of different options and i think this is going to be these lawmakers now listening to their constituents in terms of trying to satisfy but as we know the congress has been pretty ineffective up to this point the only sort of body that has lower ratings than the president the white house is the u.s. congress in terms of public approval so this is no small task and in fact there already is a rather have the legislative plate on lawmakers agenda at this time so certainly this is adding to that it is complicated and certainly it's also going to affect those very important u.s. relationships particularly when it comes to the european union that has cautioned
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the united states against doing any of this type of action that we expect the president will outline very shortly kimberly thank you at least two people have been shot dead during protests against kenya's electoral commission rallies subject in place despite a government by police in nairobi to disperse protesters with tear gas opposition supporters took to the streets of a planned presidential election really wrong for me to miller isn't my rupi force for me to do is this beginning to color these last few remaining days before the rerun of selection. well peter that certainly is the case especially considering that this political environment in kenya at the moment is quite tense given that the main opposition leader raila odinga was drew from the rerun that is expected to take place on the twenty six of a despite there being a number of questions being raised around how this election can take place the electoral body the ib see saying it's ready for the elections it's made
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a few changes but they haven't we did nothing to win the respect of the opposition who says that it doesn't believe the upcoming elections will be credible if we look back at a supreme court ruling after the august eighth elections it was found it was ruled by the supreme court that the a.b.c. had faltered and that they had been some irregularities in how the election was conducted or certainly how some of the votes were counted and how are they were tallied the concern going towards these elections is around the protests which we expect to continue the government has banned the opposition from the protesting specifically in the central business district of three major cities they say this is because of looting criminal behavior and for them they say it's a security concern but as we've seen at least two protesters were killed early in
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the western part of kenya and we understand that this is when protesters try to storm a police station in that area police opened fire to stop them from entering the premises but the concern here is why police are using our live ammunition as opposed to rubber bullets or trying to disperse protesters in any other way we know the opposition says they'll continue with protests they want to up the number of demonstrations to every day in the coming week so we know that this environment will continue to be tense for many kenyans for me thank you. south africa's president jacob zuma says he's disappointed the country's supreme court of appeal has dismissed his latest attempt to avoid hundreds of corruption charges however as a twenty page reports that doesn't mean he's going to face those charges anytime soon it took less than fifteen minutes for the supreme court of appeal to reject the president's latest attempt to avoid corruption charges. dismissed with cause.
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the charges relate to allegations during a multi-million dollar deal from the one nine hundred ninety s. they were controversially dropped in two thousand and nine clearing the way for jacob zuma to become president the reason given by the prosecutor at the time was that secretly recorded phone conversations showed political interference last year the high court ruled the decision to drop the charges was irrational and they should be reinstated some legal experts say with the supreme court's now dismissing his latest appeal the ruling must be enforced his action over the last decade smack him to avoid this event. these actions of a man who has a lot to answer so in this life. i'll be writing to the national prosecuting authority that's not public prosecutions are.
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insisting that in fact jacob zuma be served with an indictment and appears in court . at the soonest the available. but the n.p.a. the national prosecuting authority sees it differently it says that because the supreme court didn't explicitly say the charges are reinstated that means it's able to reconsider the investigation. it's not instruct the n.p.a. it is one of the crimes that we are greeted with two of them are telling the people that are the court cannot instruct the n.p.a. to reinstate the charges it must be said that mattered to the n.p.a. for the consideration this is an important decision because it's being interpreted differently by the opposition democratic alliance which is doggedly pursued the president and the n.p.a. it's not as decisive as it might same ultimately there is still several options available to president zuma who has always strongly denied the allegations the
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national prosecuting authority says it will do the right thing and follow the law but some opposition parties say its current here is an ally of president jacob zuma making the prosecution of a president who is facing mounting opposition seem unlikely tinier page al-jazeera bloemfontein south africa. the un human rights chief has warned there are serious abuses happening in libya as migrant attention centers dried out hussein says thousands of people are being held in prisons where they're being tortured but the head of the guardian detention center says staff they don't have the right resources to cope six hundred thousand refugees and migrants across from libya to italy since twenty four. lost most of come here on al-jazeera prince of colombia there's justice for the killing of farm workers during a protest. hello
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and welcome back now as we look at weather conditions across parts of southern and eastern china and taiwan and the philippines when you can see this massive cloud which is responsible for an awful lot of rain at the moment across parts of taiwan but certainly for the south the philippines has seen some localized flooding as a result of this particular tropical storm which is going to continue to move further towards the west across high nine and then through into northern parts of vietnam and laos and again like the previous storm system which went across here there could be some serious flooding issues and obviously that will take a while for the previous rains to clear so this could cause some serious concerns so there's the picture through south over some really heavy rain across lose on a clears away as we head on through into sunday at that stage we'll see some rain pushing into parts of hong kong and macau but for her noise should be
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a largely dry at that stage still some showers across parts of laos meum are heading across into south asia we've seen some pretty heavy rain across southern parts of india bangalore seen some heavy rain over the last twenty four hours forecasts suggest more heavy showers continuing here some showers as far north as one point as far east of kolkata further north it should be fine and sunny in delhi high seer thirty six. when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on say a member of the ku klux but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag stream and one of your pitches might make an actual join the conversation at this time.
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories a turkish military convoy has crossed into northern syria in a new operation to force a guess collation zone in the province as part of an agreement between turkey iran and russia. kurdish forces in iraq are reportedly mobilizing after accusing baghdad of sending its troops to two areas near kurdish controlled oil fields tensions have been rising between the two governments since the kurdish secession referendum last month. at least two people have been shot during protests against kenya's electoral commission taking place despite a government position supporters took to the streets ahead of
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a planned presidential election. i mean malita and son suchi has used a rare televised address to call for unity to resolve the crisis she has been under pressure for not condemning the army's alleged abuses against the muslim minority most of the refugees who fled me and often bangladesh a traumatised by what they experienced in a camp at cox's bazaar my mage i'm jus met one woman who lost most of her family for resume a big home there is nothing but pain. my baby was in my lap and when the soldiers hit me and he fell out of my arms then they pulled me closer to the wall and i could hear that he was crying in after a few minutes i could hear that they were hazing him too she tells us soldiers for
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me and mars' army had set a fire outside the house they were in and then the unthinkable. my baby was thrown into the fire and then they raped me these are pictures of resume a son sadik he was one and a half years old and very playful a happy child she still can't believe is gone. i feel like i'm burning on the inside. then she breaks down. as she wails in agony resume screams out for her mother. a mother who is also no longer alive when her village of tula too early in the bloody dong district of rakhine state was attacked resume says her parents two sisters and brother were
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killed as well. having fled man maher resume and her husband now live in the cooper long camp in bangladesh presume honorific story is similar to what we've heard from many other survivors refugees who shared their terrifying accounts of having been brutalized by soldiers and me on mars army many described witnessing mass killings gang rapes beheadings and numerous other atrocities human rights investigators are accusing me and mars government of carrying out crimes against humanity a charge me and mars government denies with more than half a million rohinton refugees having fled me and more in the past six weeks medical aid and psychological support is in very short supply it's one reason rifi is so worried sometimes she says her head feels like it's twisting and that she can't tolerate it sometimes she looks at the photos of our baby and she screams and cries every single day she cries says that until they have money resume i can't get any
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more treatment for the head and jaw wounds she sustained when she was also beaten by the soldiers and so resume a sits alone and traumatized longing for a family that perished and a home that no longer exists. at the could to prolong camp in cox's bazar bangladesh at least fifty four people have been killed in severe flooding in northern and central vietnam more than three hundred homes have collapsed in floodwaters and landslides a typhoon hit on tuesday followed by a tropical depression and another storm is headed for the country as well a canadian american couple health captive for five years by a group linked to the taliban and now on their way back home to canada after being freed the pakistani military helped rescue the canadian man and his american wife and their three children after tipoff from the u.s. intelligence services. people in thailand marking
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a year since the passing of king bhumibol his son and the present king were among the mourners who gathered in prayer at bangkok's grand palace where the moment who's lying in state becomes the head of his cremation ceremony later this month will mark the end of the official period of mourning the king rule halmos seventy years when he has more now from bangkok. for the past year since the king died people have been able to come here to the grand palace in bangkok to go inside the hall where the late king point to do new day's body lies to pay their respects in front of the urn or the coffin and over the course of the past twelve months or so the palace says that around twelve million people have come to do that people are still coming to pay their respects but the opportunity to go inside that hall has now come to an end and really now it is about the final preparations for the funeral itself the ceremony will last for five days but of course the main day
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will be october the twenty sixth that is when the king's body will be cremated and it's all happening here just outside the gates of the grand palace and an area called some of the wiring in a year ago was an open public space a green space and now it is really unrecognizable a huge amount of work has gone into creating ornate structures on some of the wind for that funeral ceremony the palace expects that at least two hundred fifty thousand people will fill the streets around some of the wiring for an opportunity to say a final farewell to king jr day karo company uber has filed an appeal against the london transport regulator t.f. else decision to strip it of its operational license now it lost the documents in a u.k. court saying it wants to continue constructive discussions with c.f.o. while a decision is being made to f.l. stripped of his license last month citing safety concerns. more than one hundred police officers in colombia have been fired following the killing of at least six
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farmworker protesters the men were demonstrating over the removal of coca crops by the police they died during a confrontation in the country's southwest earlier this month alexandra reports now from tomorrow. a week has passed by the remains unclear what prompts colombian police opened fire on these farmers protesting against the removal of coca crops in the southwest of the country. out or it is in students held a commemoration for the victims in the center of the town of. the state governor says he warned the central government of the growing tensions in the region. we cautioned that the forced eradication would have brought this tragedy we deeply mourn the death of these six farmers but also a policeman who died in a previous protest these are children of the same groups of people confronting each other people the war our country wants to overcome persists in our territory to
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marco is a sprawling municipality in colombia specific coast with the highest concentration of crops in the country drug traffickers in one thousand five rebels have rapidly filled the void left by the good of the group which signed a peace deal a year ago. as part of the deal the government started. substitution programs many farmers have but implementation so far has been extremely slow and at the same time increasing pressure by the united states to wipe away as many coca plants as possible to force eradication which has triggered the conflict. members of the african community council. who signed up for substitution are now in hiding in a safe house. they say they are under threat by drug traffickers for resisting pressure to participate in the protests one person spoke to us but asked not to be named.
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believe me the government chose a firm commitment to avoid violence against the farmers and brings the real solution to all these issues the situation will keep going out of control we believe it's already exploded and it's showing that at least here the peace deal is feeling. the government suspended four officers for firing into the crowd and reassigned one hundred others an official report on what happened in two market is expected next week whatever the findings the incident underlines at least one fact the drug trade here remains one of the most significant challenges to peace i listen. to my. piece it will be in doha with your top story so far today a turkish military convoy is causton to northern syria in
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a new operation to enforce a so-called deescalation zone in italy province is part of an agreement between turkey iran and russia more from al jazeera. who is on the turkey syria border. it seems that the turkish army is aiming to achieve two goals here first of all they would like to block the kurdish factions but particularly as the and the why pedia from moving or expanding their territory from all the way towards number two they would like to ensure also that factions in live don't get in any fighting in the coming days and weeks with the syrian military and with the russians search or implement the deescalation this is quite a significant development kurdish forces in iraq are reportedly mobilizing after accusing baghdad of sending its forces to two areas near kurdish controlled oil fields the kurdish regional security council says troops have been seen south of the city tensions have been rising between the two governments since the kurdish
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session referendum last month. at least two people have been shot dead during protests against kenya's electoral commission rallies have been taking place despite a government banned by the police in nairobi disperse protesters with tear gas opposition supporters took to the streets ahead of planned presidential election rerun. in south africa the president jacob zuma says he's disappointed after the supreme court of appeal up held the ruling reinstating hundreds of corruption charges against him the accusations relate to an arms deal dating back to the early one nine hundred ninety s. mr zuma had appealed against a twenty sixteen high court ruling to review the decision to set the charges aside . in the u.k. the big car ride company has filed an appeal against the london transport regulator fels decision to strip it of its operating license its large the documents at a british court saying it wants to continue quote constructive discussions with t f
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l while the decision is being made to transport for london stripped of its license last month citing safety concerns. those are your headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after the scream i will see you at the usual times tomorrow. china is holding what appears to be its most significant communist party congress in decades with president xi jinping to consolidate his power does that mean for this country and indeed the rest of the world join brown live coverage and analysis here. and you're in the stream now live on you tube today the political turmoil in kenya is the country's upcoming rerun presidential election in jeopardy now that the opposition candidate has withdrawn from the race.


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