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tv   Up Front 2017 Ep 29  Al Jazeera  October 13, 2017 10:32pm-11:01pm AST

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but now the duly government is determined to cover those gains. coming up with laws . to passing through parliament where the joy and the vision of unity to take the country back to a dictatorship. they're talking about of the neverland dictatorship but we just want to assure them that the people you know take it lying down there will be resistance when the people can. south africa supreme court of appeal is up held the high court will aim to reinstate seven hundred eighty three all corruption fraud charges against president jacob zuma they date back to before he took office in two thousand and nine sam says he's disappointed by the court's decision and denies any wrongdoing tanya page has more it took less than fifteen minutes for the supreme court of appeal to reject the president's latest attempt to avoid corruption charges. dismissed because. the charges relate to allegations during
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a multi-million dollar deal from the one nine hundred ninety s. they were controversially dropped in two thousand and nine clearing the way for jacob zuma to become president the reason given by the prosecutor at the time was that secretly recorded phone conversations showed political interference last year the high court ruled that the decision to drop the charges was irrational and they should be reinstated some legal experts say with the supreme court's now dismissing his latest appeal the ruling must be enforced the section over the last decade smacker with this provoked him to avoid this event. he is actions of a man who has a lot to answer so in this light. i'll be writing to the national prosecuting authority that there's not a public prosecutions advocate. insisting that in fact
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served with an indictment and appears in court at the soonest. but the n.p.a. the national prosecuting authority sees it differently it says that because the supreme court didn't explicitly say the charges are reinstated that means it's able to reconsider the investigation the judge lewis. instructed in it is one of the girls that we are rooted to them are told that the court has not instructed to reinstate the charges it must be said the matter to the n.p.a. frequency generation this is an important decision because it's being interpreted differently by the opposition democratic alliance which is doggedly pursue the president and the n.p.a. it's not as decisive as it might seem ultimately there are still several options available to president zuma who has always strongly denied the allegations the
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national prosecuting authority says it will do the right thing and follow the law but some opposition parties say its current here is an ally of president jacob zuma making the prosecution of a president who is facing mounting opposition seem unlikely tinier page al-jazeera bloemfontein south africa. at least fifty four people have been killed in severe flooding in northern and central vietnam more than three hundred homes of collapse and floodwaters and landslides this week and more than thirty four thousand houses have been flooded officials say it's one of the deadliest weather disasters to hit the country in years. or five five as a continuing to battle blazes have already killed at least thirty one people across the state of california dry windy conditions are making it hard to bring twenty separate fires under control hundreds of people have been injured and four hundred are still unaccounted for around three and a half hours and homes and businesses have been destroyed. tens of thousands of penguin checks have starved to death in antarctica and what experts are describing
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as a catastrophic breeding season the second bad season in five years for a colony of adelie penguins with all but two of the checks telling experts say it's caused by an unusually high amounts of isolating this season with adult penguins having to travel further for food conservation groups are calling for urgent action on new marine protection in the east antarctic region which is home to about thirty six thousand a day in penguins for downey is the head of the worldwide fund for nature's polar program in the u.k. he says there are things that can be done to help this penguin colony recover but we can ensure that there are no krill fisheries. that overlap with the areas that the penguins go to to feed and indeed on monday next week there's a major international meeting happening in hobart in australia it's called camelot that's the commission for the conservation of antarctic marine living resources and
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camera considering a proposal that's been put down by a stray leo and the european union for a new marine protected area which would protect some of the amazing wildlife in this area including a deli and emperor penguins the good news is that those same birds will return to the same colony next year and try all over again so whilst it was a catastrophic breeding attempt this year they will try again it only penguins are very hardy little birds. bringing this out still all the way to sport with any hint from the veteran manager a thing to revive by new nick season. me a. welcome
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back and he's in now at the sport. thank you so much marian more international cricket is set for a huge overhaul a new test championship will be launched as the format fights to survive alongside the t twenty games starting in twenty nineteen event will culminate in a world test championship final and you one day league will begin in twenty twenty one that will also act as a pathway for world cup qualification now one of the main reasons behind the adoption of this championship is to increase the popularity of the games longest form in the i.c.c. chief executive dave richardson is confident in the steps being taken already we've seen that test cricket is at different stages in different countries and it's still very popular extremely popular in the likes of in the new australian particular and
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maybe less so in some others. and whether we can resume rick the interest in those countries where it is cricket interesting to see cricket is full in a way is is what we try to overly achieve but. you know time seems to fly by very quickly and you know in the in the foreseeable future that i'm very hopeful that this cricket will survive and. that's our strategy really well not all the test playing nations are included in the championship with zimbabwe island and afghanistan not taking part each team involved i will play three home and three away series of it serious with each one featuring at least two tests while the point system hasn't been finalized each series will have the same amount of points off it regardless of its length one hundred following that well earlier i spoke to his assistant editor at is pm cricket for he says this new championship doesn't eliminate the danger of younger players choosing
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a lucrative t twenty franchise korea over that country. it's a concern not just of the i.c.c. but the member boards also but they cannot stop at no one going to stop it any more in fact every board and importantly the smaller nations the law the top. of other top four or five but the board on fire was seven nations even including of ghana stan they're investing a lot in twenty twenty leagues because that's where the money is to host the biggest problem of hosting a test match or a test series is the amount of money a host board loses because the broadcasters are normal paying them he would amounts they only the broadcasters only come forward when the top three or four nations are in fact it has to be australia india and england outside these three countries no broadcasters willing to pay for a bilateral series a big amount of money so where do you pay the money from that's the question bruce arena has stepped down as the head coach of the u.s.
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national football team it follows that same failure to qualify for next year's world cup in russia bring it on and the rain is a second spell in charge of two one loss to trinidad and tobago on tuesday so the u.s. missing else in a place in those finals. now one of english football's greatest rivalries will resume on saturday liverpool and manchester united have won thirty eight top flight league titles between them with a pool of failed to beat united in six premier league games since a three no one at old trafford in twenty four to liverpool that made something of a stuttering starts the season their seventh in the table if everybody would give us still then this kind of time would say yes now let's change it now let's do the next good be perfect. unfortunately if they sacked me no i don't think of the a lot of a lot of mergers would do the job better than i do and i don't think i'm perfect but it's quite difficult to find. better options your pint is getting ready to
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start his fourth term as barney unit manager of the seventy two year old is back in charge after the firing of col i'm sure lots of binah five points off the pace in the bundesliga and they lost three nil to p.s.g. in the champions league they play freiburg at home on saturday and get in. and a good atmosphere i think we have to create a good atmosphere train and work very hard it's one thing to carry on talking with players but we also need to be successful you would forget that over the last two or three games we have conceded seven goals i can remember when we won the treble in twenty thirteen we conceded lot of goals in the first half of the season for me the important thing isn't so much creative play at the front as it is a stable defense roger federer is through to the semifinals of the shanghai masters the world number two beating france's richard gask a seven five six four federer was the only money can deny roughened out the world number one ranking will face when martin del potro in the last. on the down
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needed three sets to get past we've got to make sure of that are one the first six of them there when you get back to the second seven six the spaniard digging deep on the side of six three play chile which in itself. and a funny world series champions the chicago cubs won game five against the washington nationals to advance in the playoffs the cubs were trailing one allison russell scored a two run double to give chicago the lead the cups held on in a game that lasted over four and a half hours to eventually win nine to eight the third year in a row chicago have reached the national league series will take on the texts. which are ok but it's a sport is looking for let's get back to marion in london andy thanks very much well thats it. myself and has news out that julien macdonald will be here in a moment with much more the day's news including all the reaction from washington d.c. and of course the iranian capital tehran president donald trump's speech to stay with us.
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in the hash tag era when news coverage consists of a punk jihad like a five second sound bite not an easy solution. delve deep a says challenge the status quo expose double standards and debate the contradictions joined me mad the hot sun for a new season of the show the frank loved up front. but this time i'll just hear
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a. training start slightly but the pace picks up quickly as these grannies work out a long lifetime of frustration. at eighty five years old and tommy sold what trains as hard as anyone and. i feel so good i feel fresh i punch this side and the side like this and like that i really love this i don't like things like soccer because i will bring these ladies are tough and i take their training very seriously. though the feel of the floor interjected before my life. in the final part of a six part series filmed of a five year olds. that people are still fired for that line and. the village chief is imprisonment. and forced underground the filmmaker has become
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part of the saga. crackdown the concluding part of one kind china's democracy experiment at this time on how does iraq. i am announcing today that we cannot and will not make this certification the u.s. president slams iran as a rogue state and sets off a chain of events that could lead to the collapse of its landmark you clear deal with the west. there were any interaction reactions been swift present has some rouhani says the speech was full of false statements and baseless claims. out of there i'm julie mag this is his ear live from london also coming up
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opposition protesters defy a ban on demonstrations in kenya two are shot dead by the police in the west of the country. tensions escalate in northern iraq kurdish forces evacuate villages south of code cook over fears iraqi forces are getting ready to attack. and more problems for south africa's president as a key court ruling goes against him. if they are warm welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has laid out an aggressive new strategy on iran it did not pull the u.s. i'm sure of the nuclear deal that it struck back in july twenty fifteen but he has decided not to certify iran as being in compliance with the accord he wants congress to toughen u.s. policy towards iran and if it can't reach an agreement trump says he'll terminate the deal he'll also ask congress to find
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a way to punish iran for its ballistic missile program current deal only covers its nuclear activities and his administration will punish some members of iran's revolutionary guard but it won't be declared a so-called terrorist organization. we cannot and will not make this certification we will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence more terror and the very real threat of iran's nuclear breakout that is why i am directing my administration to work closely with congress and our allies to address the deal's many serious flaws so that the iranian regime can never threaten the world with nuclear weapons kilmeny how kate is the white house for us hi there kimberly you know it was a tough message from trump and the tone of it very different from the
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messages as we see in an issues previously between the president and his top diplomat rex tillerson or even his national security advisor h.r. mcmaster as they brief reporters and outlined this new strategy it was very measured with a willingness to take measures steps with the u.s. congress and also with the sort of approval generally speaking out of the international partners but when president trump.


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