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tv   Pricing The Planet 2015 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  October 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:58pm AST

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and with nuclear weapons. it is the white house for us hi there kimberly you know it was a tough message from trump. and the tone of it very different from the messages as we've seen on issues previously between the president and his top diplomat rex tillerson or even as national security advisor h.r. mcmaster as they brief reporters and outlined this new strategy was very measured with a willingness to take measures steps with the u.s. congress and also with the sort of approval generally speaking of the international partners but when president trump delivered the speech it was very aggressive as you point out in tone he said that this is one of the worst one sided transactions he's ever seen and did also contrast the ruling or sort of the sort of judgment of a secretary of state twice before when rex tillerson said the fact that iran has been compliant to the terms of the agreement this time donald trump saying he
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cannot recertify this now sort of moving to the next stage the u.s. congress for now it will be up to the congress to decide under u.s. law whether or not to reimpose sanctions that had been lifted under the agreement even worked to make sort of tougher benchmarks if you will that iran must meet in exchange for not reimposing any sanctions or the u.s. congress could do nothing at all those are really the next steps but what we're hearing from congress is there is a willingness that there is a feeling that twenty fifteen agreement was flawed in many respects and that there is an opportunity now to try and bolster it in a way that would meet u.s. national security interests and kimberly just how would you ninety two doored divided is on this i'm thinking even within trump's own party. the u.s. congress is very much divided one thing though that does tend to bring some uniformity is iran and that has a lot to do because of the support for israel in the u.s.
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congress which is very very strong so certainly there are those cues that are being heated but also to there is this feeling even though there may not be this willingness to embrace donald trump there is this feeling that there has been some destabilizing behavior that the president outlined in his speech with respect to the financing of groups that may be hurting u.s. interests in the region specifically hezbollah the syrian president bashar assad so there's not going to be a lot of pushback by the announcement of donald trump that the treasury department is putting in place tough sanctions to address that but certainly there's going to be an awful lot of debate in the u.s. congress because he rarely agrees on anything about these steps moving forward well there is some willingness to try to tighten some of what many people see as loopholes it's certainly not going to be an easy process and we should point out too congress already has
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a very tall legislative agenda before it this is just adding another issue to its plate committee how can they live with reaction from washington d.c. kimberly thank you well tom still shorts of declaring iran's revolutionary guard a terror organization but he did announce new sanctions on the group he also slammed their reigning regime for spreading death and destruction around the world . the regime remains the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism and provides assistance to al qaeda the taleban hezbollah mosques and other terrorist networks it develops deploys and proliferates missiles that threaten american troops and our allies it harasses american ships and threatens freedom of navigation in the arabian gulf and in the red sea it imprisons americans on false charges and it launches attacks
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against our critical infrastructure financial system and military well iran's president has some hanny has been responding to those comments in the last hour he spoke in the capital tehran. well same as ravi's also and. some reaction in the revolutionary guard a very popular group in iran what's likely reaction i was going to see. well in the last hour we heard from president hassan rouhani who made a very strong speech as expected over the tone that was meant to match the aggressive tone coming from the white house he began by saying that the president was in need of a history lesson and then proceeded to give him a way he said he reminded people of the one nine hundred fifty three a cia backed democratically elected government in iran he also reminded people of the nine hundred eighty eight shoot down as iran an iranian airliner
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a passenger aircraft by a u.s. warship and he also said that in the eighty's it ryan came under attack by saddam hussein's government to run iraq with it was backed by the united states he also said that the united states is responsible for using two nuclear weapons and threatening to use another one now against north korea and should not be a player that that has a say in whether or not a pulling out of the nonproliferation treaty or agreement is the right thing so. strong words from the president and also strong words in defense of his own country the ballistic missile program for instance he says is about regional security domestic security as far as the revolutionary guard as you say. common city been making in these previous where he said that the revolutionary guard is a popular organization one that is in the hearts of the people of the country and
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one that you will not tolerate having. come under a verbal attack by the white house and i'm thinking from the perspective of an ordinary in way me and you know is seeing this change in language and approach from the u.s. i mean that's got to really hurt they really. doesn't it. absolutely two years ago when this deal was so and it was so it was a very publicly popular do it around the government at the time was touting it as something that would would would help facilitate economic growth and to degree at the top tier of the economy that has but it has not been felt further down by two years is not a very long time in fiscal train so that's not unsurprising but the that's not the only reason to do is unpopular the constant barrage of. critical comments coming from the white house are definitely things to do those kinds of words are are are trying the patience of the iranian public and if they feel that the attacks are
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growing too extreme that is something that the public the public may. turn against . or at least request their government to do to take a more firm stance against the united states so that is something that could sway the domestic political mood and that is a great because of the president the current president a political hit domestically at the same bus arriving there joining us live with reaction from tehran same thing to let's bring all of this together one thousand missing a political analyst my one bashar and my one good to see you not everyone's against the idea of a red herring the flaws in the stale on. no and there are some bridging ideas already coming out from the likes of the french president. where he said look let's just stay with the dealers it is and if there are any flaws whether it is with the deal itself or with something aside from the deal the spirit of the deal ballistic
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missiles iran's behavior and in the region we can deal with that separately in new deals of course the united states and its allies will probably have to make a few compromises as well if they expect iran to do any any compromise on its part so certainly there are ways forward but the problem here is that you know the iranians have as many allegations against the united states and its own. behavior in the middle east as well as internationally if you will so really it cannot be a one sided complaints from an american president an american president to say look i don't like this you go ahead and change it it seems like a cop out to me meaning he escalate the rhetoric so much and then when it comes to decision making. he kicks the can down the road or to congress and the our allies and say you figure out a solution if you don't i will walk out that's not exactly leadership so he's you know kick the can as you say to congress adding to their ever growing congressional
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to do list but how do you know if i does this congress and actually what did they have the power with that the level of support that currently exists even with trump's own party to change stimulus said when it comes to iran and israel there's a certain consensus in washington congress in congress against iran and for israel . the problem here is that in the see in the washington establishment in general and in the trump administration in particular there is no consensus so even if you can go to congress and congress will issue some new sanctions against against your own what we've heard from the chief of staff of the armed forces joseph dunford what we've heard from secretary of defense mattis in his statements to congress just a week two weeks ago so the iran deal serves american national interest and as long as the i.a.e.a. continues to certify that iran respects this deal this is in the america's national
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interest this is also in the interest of western alliance between you know europe and the united states and so on so forth so one comment i read that has created an ash an unnecessary national security crisis you know i mean look at that it's important really to take the larger great you know global look it seems that for the last nine months. president trump has a lot of solutions to no problems. you know there was no problem with the three deal the t.t.p. the trans pacific three deal there was no problem with climate change deal there is no real problem real problem with the nuclear deal so he create he continues to have solutions to non existent problems and in the process creates new problems now europe will be siding by russia and china against the united states if washington
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is going to be isolated creating more problems for the u.s. it's in the region because presumably the united states and iran is fighting against al qaida and die in the middle east that's not going to happen moving forward because now the real revolutionary guards are going to be quite you know upset with the americans and broker the i think some measures against american forces in the region so he continues to find solutions to not existing problems and in the process creating more problems for the united states. thanks for joining me thank you thank you now israel's prime minister has congratulated trump on what he called his quote courageous decision not to certify the deal but he is foreign policy chief they do we can move the rainy who was a key figure in the gauche a thing that agreement says the u.s. can't terminate it this clearly is not in the hands of any president of any country in the world to terminate an agreement of this sort because this is a u.n. security council resolution this is a plan of action that sets things to be done commitments nuclear related
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commitments and only nuclear related commitments and that is been implemented so the president of united states as many powers not this one. well russia is also backing the deal the deputy foreign minister has described trump's comments as extremely troubling well let's bring in more shallots who is in moscow at war what's the reaction been where you are. well judy it's interesting comparing the rather dry statement that we've had from the russian foreign ministry basically saying that we regret the decision of the us presidents and the russia remains fully committed to the j c p a and is interested in preserving it now compare that to some slightly more emotional comments coming from the deputy foreign minister himself so heriot cough he says that now the task is to prevent
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the collapse of the joint comprehensive plan of action we think this agreement has large potential he says now we will analyze the consequences and we will closely cooperates with other participants of the j c.p.o. way and of course we will intensify our dialogue with the united states now what russia is worried about here is that if the united states turns its back on the agreements then iran will turn its back on the agreements and then effectively the whole thing is dead and buried but i think it would be a fascinating. turn up for the books really if donald trump's unilateral action here actually stimulates more dialogue between russia and the united states as riyadh says it might be the case that they will intensify dialogue with washington it would be that would be an interesting turn off the books if donald trump walking away from from this agreement actually. brings russian u.s.
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relations back into a more cooperative a cooperative spirit activity well we shall is there live from moscow. well stay with us here on out and we'll take a look at the day's other top stories including the former french culture minister has just been voted in as the new director general of unesco we'll have reaction from paris. oh and welcome back now as we take a look at europe's weather we've got an area of high pressure sitting across central and southern areas we've got this low pressure digging down in the east and lots of frontal systems trying to push in from the west across western parts of the u.k. and it's going to be really interesting over next forty eight hours as this area just on the edge of your screen there begins to push up towards our and that's the
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remnants of what was hurricane ophelia is going to give us some very stormy weather across our land northwestern parts of the u.k. but fine weather conditions prevailing across much of france and down through austria down towards the mediterranean because look at maximum temperature there in moscow six degrees as a high autumn well and truly here on the other side of the mediterranean we've still got the wind coming in from the sea so along the coast of libya we could well see a few showers developing here otherwise for karo should be dry and fine temps are rising to twenty nine degrees as we head on into sunday into central parts of africa and here we've got a fair few showers across the region soon across so sudan congo and towards cameroon further south could bond seeing some heavy rains lagos may see the showers also see some showers affecting the southern portion of the content largely dry and find most time cape town highs here of eighteen.
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we are witnessing around the word this hungry money but just only looking at how to make the next profit devastating economies devastating ecosystems putting a price on the protection of nature green economy is sound good but it was all about privatizing of nature should our environment be for sale what we're trying to do is destroy people to stabilize the country given the financial insecurity that pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. a reminder of our top stories covered a year on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has laid out an aggressive new strategy on iran but he
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didn't pull the u.s. i would to the nuclear deal struck in july ten to fifteen. iran's president hassan rouhani has hit back saying the speech was full of false statements and baseless claims he says tehran will stick to the nuclear deal. they use foreign policy chief federica mogul rini who was a king figure in negotiating that iran deal is also backing it she says it's not a bilateral agreement and the u.s. can terminate it. now france's candidate has been named as u.s. schools new director general audrey as soon a the french former culture minister was up against. a bill. he was also previously his country's culture minister well as a lay is a former minister for culture and communication before her appointment to the cabinet as served as culture advisor to president francois along she's the daughter of andrea soon a current advisor to king one hammad the six of miracle when natasha butler has
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more now from paris where unesco has its headquarters. appointment comes at a very turbulent time for unesco critics say that the agency is in desperate need of reform and it comes just a day after the united states and israel say that they will to pull out of the un's cultural agency they are accusing it of anti israel bias have that's never a good thing for an international organization to be accused of especially one that tries to promote consensus and unity will order a as a way says that she wants to try and restore the credibility of the agency but there is no doubt that she will have a lot of work to do to try and heal divisions and although she has been a culture minister she's been an advisor also to the former french president francois hollande she hasn't perhaps had a lot of experience in this kind of international demain so many people will be watching very closely to see what he can offer but there are some who say that that
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could well be an advantage for youth and freshness could help revive an organization that's been seen as too stagnant in the past kurdish forces in iraq have evacuated a number of villages to the set of coke could and made fears of an attack by iraqi government troops a militia find says john strafford has more from our bill in northern iraq the kurdish regional government ok argy says iraqi government troops and shia militia forces have moved closer to the peshmerga positions the peshmerga have controlled kirkuk and surrounding area since two thousand and fourteen after defending it against when the iraqi army fled. but kirkuk one of iraq's two main oil producing regions is disputed the peshmerga say they will not withdraw and will defend the city and its oil at any cost. how quickly and now ready how large numbers of popular mobilization forces and other iraqi forces arrived in this area
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south of cook this is dangerous and threatens war we did not come here to fight the iraqi army but if any forces try to overcome our front lines we will stand up to them and. the iraqi prime minister hydrilla body denies his forces have moved into the area to take control of the oil fields from the peshmerga our armed forces cannot and will not attack al citizens whether arab or kurd he said it's been more than two weeks since the kurds celebrated the referendum on secession from iraq. since then turkey says it will gradually take control of its land border neighboring iran has made similar threats. the federal government has banned international flights to and from the kurdish region of iraq and a federal court has issued arrest warrants for members of the kayla g.'s electoral commission and now the k r g says it is under straight from the same forces it
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worked with to defeat eisel in northern iraq. the peshmerga say they have voluntarily withdrawn from an area south of kirkuk in order to ease tension with nearby iraq eat government forces but with thousands of pressure being deployed to kirkuk and neither the k r g all the baghdad government willing to talk face to face unconditionally about the results of the controversial referendum there are mounting fears of a potential new conflict in northern iraq stuff at al-jazeera the bill at least fifty four people have been killed in severe flooding in northern and central vietnam where the three hundred homes have collapsed in floodwaters and landslides this weekend more than thirty four thousand houses have been flooded officials say is one of the deadliest weather disasters to hit the country easier. firefighters in the u.s. are continuing to battle those wildfires that have killed thirty one people across the state of california dry windy conditions are making it hard to bring twenty
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separate blazes under control hundreds of people have been injured and four hundred are still unaccounted for around three and a half thousand homes and businesses have also been destroyed. and tens of thousands of penguin chicks have starved to death in antarctica in what experts are describing as a catastrophic breeding season it's the second bad season in five years for the breed of adelie penguins with all but two of the chicks dying and experts say it's caused by unusually high amounts of ice late in the season with adult penguins having to travel further for food conservation groups are calling for urgent action on new marine protection in the east antarctic region which is home to about thirty six thousand of those adelie penguins. at least two protesters have been shot dead in kenya after more demonstrations against the electoral commission their place to use tear gas to disperse opposition protests in the country's three main cities the
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contests have been banned kenyans are due to vote in two weeks time in a rerun of august presidential election which was unarmed by the supreme court opposition leader while a dingo pulled out of the race this week he says the election board had failed to institute reforms to guarantee a free and fair vote for me to miller has more now from the capitol and i will. scale protests have continued in different parts of kenya and that's despite a ban on protests taking place in the central business district of the three main cities the opposition says banning these protests is unconstitutional and they want to continue demond ing electoral changes from the electoral body now we understand that at least two people were killed in the bondo town in the western part of kenya when a group of dimon. strangers tried to storm a police station that's when police opened fire now the concern is that they could
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be excessive force by the police in these demonstrations if we look back to demonstrations in the week immediately after the august eighth elections a human rights bodies released a report saying at least thirty seven people were killed at that time and it's only in all of these cases besides two that police report indicated police used excessive force we expect to see more demonstration in the coming days as the electoral commission prepares for a rerun of the presidential of vote on the twenty sixth of october south africa's supreme court of appeal has upheld a high court willing to reinstate seven hundred eighty three old corruption and fraud charges against president jacob zuma a day back to before he took office in two thousand and nine tanya page reports it took less than fifteen minutes for the supreme court of appeal to reject the president's latest attempt to avoid corruption charges. dismissed.
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the charges relate to allegations during a multi-million dollar deal from the one nine hundred ninety s. they were controversially dropped in two thousand and nine clearing the way for jacob zuma to become president the reason given by the prosecutor at the time was that secretly recorded phone conversations showed political interference last year the high court ruled the decision to drop the charges was irrational and they should be reinstated some legal experts say with the supreme court now dismissing his latest appeal the ruling must be enforced his action over the last decade smirk over this provoked him to avoid the. actions of a man who has a lot to answer. so in this light. the national prosecuting authority of public prosecutions are.
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insisting that in fact jacob zuma be served with an indictment and appears in court at the soonest available. but the n.p.a. the national prosecuting authority sees it differently it says that because the supreme court didn't explicitly say the charges are reinstated that means it's able to reconsider the investigation. judge lewis did not instruct the m.p.'s it is one of the canals that we took them out on a piece that the court has not instructed to reinstate the charges it must be said the matter to the n.p.a. frequency relations this is an important decision because it's being interpreted differently by the opposition democratic alliance which is doggedly pursued the president and the n.p.a. it's not as decisive as it might same ultimately there are still several options available to president zuma who has always strongly denied the allegations the
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national prosecuting authority says it will do the right thing and follow the law but some opposition parties say its current here is an ally of president jacob zuma making the prosecution of a president who is facing mounting opposition seem unlikely tinier page al-jazeera bloemfontein south africa. that said you are up to date b. can't find much more about the stories we're following at our website the address is debbie debbie debbie del al-jazeera dot com. let's take another quick look at the top stories u.s. president donald trump has laid out an aggressive new strategy on i won but he didn't pull the us out of the nuclear deal struck in july twenty fifteen he wants congress to find a way to punish iran for its ballistic missile program in addition to its nuclear activities and he said he will not certify that iran is complying with the deal
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which he has to do every ninety days. we cannot and will not make this certification we will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence more terror and the very real threat of iran's nuclear breakout that is why i am directing my administration to work closely with congress and our allies to address the deal's many serious flaws so that the iranian regime can never threaten the world with nuclear weapons iran's president has me has been quick to hit back saying from speech was full of false statements of base this claim he says tehran will stick to the nuclear deal the u.s. foreign policy chief who was a key figure in negotiating that agreement is also backing the deal federica mobile really says it's not a bilateral agreement and the u.s.
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can't terminate it francis can it will be unesco's new director general audrey as a labor french former culture minister was up against cuts as hamad been abdu'l as . he was also previously his country's culture minister. kurdish forces in iraq of the accu ated a number of villages to the south of cook cook amid fears of an attack by iraq government troops and militia fighters because of accused iraq of getting ready to launch an offensive to seize kurdish held oil fields around the city which baghdad denies. but these two protests as in kenya have been shot dead in war demonstrations calling for reform of the electoral commission this use tear gas to disperse opposition protests in the country's three main cities kenya as a jew to vote in two weeks time and a rerun of all this presidential election which was a not for the supreme court. today that's all for me for now up front is coming up next.
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with fake news and russian trolls dominating the headlines the founder of wikipedia jimmy wales says the news is broken but he can fix it i'll ask him how. i met the house and also on the show the palestinian activist nonviolent resistance has led him to be dubbed the palestinian gun the israel is about to put him on trial in a military court i'll ask him what he thinks the future holds for the palestinian struggle but first in an era of trump fake news and russian propaganda tech giants
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such as google and facebook are struggling to find an effective way to stop the spread of this information the founder of online encyclopedia wiki pedia says he has the solution and is launching is a news outlet tribune but will it work this week headliner from london jimmy wales . jimmy wales thanks for joining me from you're about to launch a project called wiki tribune with the bold objective to quote fix the news to combat the rise of fake news facebook has just announced they're actually in this thing we could pedia with you founded to help combat fake news so how big a problem do you think this really is is fake news in your view the threat to truth and democracy that some seem to think it is. yes i do i think it's a it's a fairly serious problem and it's a broader problem than just what i would call pure fake news i.e.
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these websites that have popped up that offer completely counterfeit stories and completely made up nonsense there's also the broader problem of a variety of relatively low quality media which is competing with the more traditional more respectable media in a really aggressive way for clicks and ad revenue and so forth which is really putting a lot more pressure on journalism than it has already experience which has been quite a lot of us like and just on the counterfeit stories tech giants like facebook and google really seem to be struggling with this epidemic of fake news just recently after the las vegas shooting stories about fake suspects and fake motives were trending on facebook were coming top of the search results for google news it does seem to be the case that even today these multibillion dollar search companies and social media companies all failing and failing miserably at stopping the spread of false information of dissent from ation. yeah that's true i mean i'm sympathetic to
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the problem that for example facebook faces because if people are sharing things without properly looking at themselves and it things are circulating very quickly through networks of very naive consumers people aren't sophisticated about the news well it's a tough problem for facebook and i think in a slightly different set of historical circumstances we would be all very upset if facebook had announced two years ago we're going to decide what's good quality enough for you to share we're going to decide if the news meets facebook's approval before you share it who said no facebook is trying to dominate the world but i'm i'm pretty optimistic that in another couple years time that piece of this puzzle can be solved and will be solved in the same way if you remember a few years ago everybody was in despair that spam was ruining e-mail and you know every time you open your email you got fifty completely random nonsense fake you know scam e-mails and so forth that problem has been almost completely eradicated
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through technology and it took a while for the companies get really serious about combating it but once they did they did make progress and i think that this this is a very similar situation mark zuckerberg the facebook c.e.o. and founder initially downplayed the role that facebook may have played in influencing the results of the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election in your view how decisive a role did facebook google twitter and the rest play in delivering the white house to donald trump i think it's really hard to say i think it does appear to played a significant role i do think that the you know the russian influence that has been uncovered so far indicates a fairly high level of sophistication this wasn't as simple as simply paying for as a said donald trump was great it was really more about very complex strategies of voter suppression of you know running ads that were pro hillary but associated her with. negative groups in the minds of certain voters it was
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a very sophisticated operation in terms of a large p.r. campaign i think that did have an impact how large i don't think we'll know for ten years i think historians will have a lot to write about about this era and you mentioned how sophisticated the russian operation seems to have been in terms of infiltrating kind of google facebook this we discovered kind of the you tube google angle in terms of are you surprised not just how sophisticated was but the these guys the big companies were not able to see it coming we didn't spot this all into way after the election yeah yeah i am surprised i'm surprised that it took them that long to notice and it's not like any of these companies is a great fan of donald trump by in fact if i had to guess about all the founders they probably all went in voted for hillary it was really more a matter of being asleep at the switch and not realizing that this scale of what could happen was happening so how does your new project we keep tribune proposed to solve this problem to me. one of the things is that the advertising only business
11:36 pm
model has been incredibly destructive for journalism you see even quality news outlets are under a lot of pressure to chase after clicks which attempts people into inflammatory stories into headlines and a lack of seriousness and so i'm launching with the tribune with no advertising the main reason for that is to really focus the attention of the organization on saying look we need people to read to the bottom of something we've written and say wow i understand the world in a different way this is something important this is something i should contribute to and pay for so that's one element is really looking at how can we adjust the business model the other element is really bringing in the community we know from the world of we he's. so on that. communities can come together and do really good quality work of course it isn't perfect nothing's perfect but that we have a community who take things very seriously and who really try hard to get it right and i think we can generate the same thing in the world of news even though today
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most websites that you know the most we see of community is just you know here's the news story and at the bottom here is the.


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